Special Memory Trial Underway

July 23, 2012

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The trial of eight members and associates of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club accused of assaulting five members and associates of the Mongols Motorcycle Club in the Special Memory Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas in December 2008 started its second week today.

The brawl erupted when a wedding party of Hells Angels crossed paths with a wedding party of Mongols in the main lobby of the busy chapel. The assault lasted slightly more than a minute. There were numerous eye witnesses and the whole fight was video-recorded.

The defendants are Jeffrey Murray, John Merchant, Dominic Orlando, Frederick O’Dell, Brandon Young, James Sexey, John Dawson and Armando Porras. Five more defendants named Charles Goldsmith, Brad Goldsmith, Joshua Ramos, Joseph Gennuso and Samuel Murray should go on trial July 30. Collectively, the 13 men are charged with Conspiracy to Commit Assault, Battery or Provoking Commission of Breach of the Peace; Attempted Murder With Use of a Deadly Weapon With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; three counts of Battery With a Deadly Weapon With Substantial Bodily Harm With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; Battery With Substantial Bodily Harm With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; Assault With a Deadly Weapon With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; Coercion With Force; and Coercion With Force With Use of a Deadly Weapon.

Video And Objections

During the fight the Mongol groom and his best man were stabbed. The video presents a problem for the defense. It clearly shows that two men held the groom’s arms while a third man stabbed him in the stomach. The defendants have maintained all along that they acted in self-defense.

The defendants were indicted in July 2010 and they are all free on bail. The onset of the trial has been delayed for multiple technical reasons. The most recent delay was the result of defense objections that the current Clark County District Attorney, Steve Wolfson, might have improper knowledge of defense strategy. Wolfson was a defense attorney when the men were indicted and worked for a firm that represents two of the defendants. That objection went all the way to the Nevada Supreme Court which ruled against the accused.

Gang Enhancements

There has been little news of the trial. The last public document was released six days ago in the midst of jury selection. But the prosecution’s case is familiar. With the video providing little doubt about who did what, prosecutors seem most interested in securing “gang enhancements.” Gang enhancements can add up to 20 years to the sentence any defendant may receive.

As usual, the state has been slow to discover all the evidence it intends to use against the defendants. Prosecutors have sought to portray the Hells Angels as racists but last week the judge in the case, Michael Villani, ruled that he is “inclined to exclude the swastikas and SS bolts” from evidence that can be shown to jurors. Lance Maningo, Brandon Young’s attorney, moved for a mistrial and was denied. And Judge Villani has generally ruled as if he intends to try the defendants for the reputation of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. An unnamed “expert witness” will testify for the prosecution.

This trial is expected to last for another two weeks.



31 Responses to “Special Memory Trial Underway”

  1. grd Says:

    hey de[master]bater.why dont u mind your own fkn business.or go talk talk to a black and white guy about it.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Eric Von Zipper,



  3. Eric Von Zipper Says:

    Does it surprise anyone that the recent raids on MC’s and the recent high profile news articles of MC member’s trials in Nevada are precursors to the impending trials over the Nugget brawl? How perfectly timed to influence and taint the public opinion and potential jurors.

  4. JIM666 Says:

    @ Red&Gold
    I knew I couldnt possably be the only one, lol, and yea it,s a bitch trying to get back on your feet after shit like that
    @ PigPin
    Your rite


  5. PigPen Says:

    “What constitutes a particular club as a criminal gang”

    The patch on their back, plain and simple. One guy jaywalks, they all jaywalk and let’s tack on racketeering for good measure. One guy gets a parking ticket, it’s conspiracy to promote gang activity across state lines. It doesn’t take much, seriously. Every jackleg pork chopper is looking to turn a simple moving violation, into the next book or movie and make himself out to be the hero. And they have the resources to A. take their time getting all of their evidence together, hence the not so speedy trial process. B. have the luxury of spinning one little charge, whatever way they want to present it, so that can invent new charges and C. they know we all can’t afford to hire a team of lawyers, afford to take a year off of work for a trial and know it’s just easier and faster to plead to a lesser charge and either way, they got you for something.
    That patch on the back, is a bullseye in more ways than one.

  6. Red&Gold Says:

    KK…he must be ground crew…we’ve all seen Air Force pilots look just before taxi for takeoff at the ground crew, and look at their fist to see if their thumb is sticking straight up.

    The crew chief looks at the pilot then agrees with a thumbs up, and confirms that it is there, salutes and the Air Force pilot then takes off. Not until I talked to an Air Force flight surgeon did I ever know the true reason for this time tested tradition. This is the last link in the Air Force safety net to confirm just prior to takeoff that the ground crew does not have both thumbs up their ass.

  7. Muck 1%er Says:


    Lol. I feel your pain

  8. Roy Buchanan Says:

    @ KK: Hooooaaaaah!

  9. KK Says:

    Just sitting here, reading some of the posts, puffn & sippin, and here I thought when I served the USAF had some of the brightest minds out of our service branches, not to mention the best food(Metal utensils too).

    This old jarhead keeps learning something everyday.


  10. Sin City Blackest Says:

    @RG The fucked up thing is shit like this has become the court systems main method of “doing business” now a days. And it makes me fuckin sick. Half my family has had something like this happen since the Patriot Act. America the free though right?

  11. Red&Gold Says:

    @ JIM666

    Ain’t that the truth!! I’ve spent lots of time locked up only to have my life totally fucked up, disrupted,stuff gone, house gone,job gone etc.., before they drop all charges…That’s how they always do it if you can’t afford bail or a bondsman’s fee ( or you’re denied )! Even if you win, you’ve lost…and even if they lose, you don’t win…

  12. Sin City Blackest Says:

    I normally sit back and read the bad ass articles and funny shit commented on them with out posting but I had to on this one:

    First of let me clear this up before someone tries to pull a card I don’t fuckin have: I am not patched nor do I want to be but support the 1%er “code” if you catch my drift.

    I AM a USAF veteran (Iraqi freedom/endruing freedom)with combat experience. I’m bringing that shit up becacuse I SUPPORT the rights of MCs to do as the constituation intended… give us all the right to our likes and dislikes, opinions, etc. I pisses me the fuck off when people start talking about shit they nor anyone they know, know anything about. I grew up around bikers, although not one, I hang out with quite a few. MOST OF THE TIME them niggas (no I don’t mean that racially, more like the word homie lol) are just like hangin out doing the tings they ALL like doing. Drinkin, smokin, fuckin, and being the 1%er they boast so proudly. The problem is, the media spins half the shit they do to get a story/ratings. It’s why most newspapers talk half as much bullshit as someone like msmbc or the local news will.

    That’s like if I decided to make a news special for PETA. I have no idea what they stand for other than what niggas have told me about em. As far as I know, they are a bunch of tree huggin, fur coat hatin, vegan pricks that need not tell me what I can eat or wear (but that’s my fuckin opinion.. I’m not going to try and convince anyone it’s fact).

    I agree with some of the shit that’s been said about such as a right to a speedy trial (which for the most case only occurs in white collar crimes or cases where the media stands to gain more than anyone.. at least that’s how it is here in Sin City). I also agree that it was fucked up what happened to Jim666 and Phuquehed. It’s shit like that that makes me wish I could stand fuckin school enough to become a criminal defense attorney because it really gets to a nigga.

    I also agree that Rebel does do a pretty decent job informing us 1%er’s or supporters (such as myself) of the things the media in our cities won’t tell us. With that said I get why a lot of you think Debater is po po. Nigga does talk like a cop, so I researched the ip. (it’s what I do.. so the fuck what lol). What I found out that dude is actually a chick. She’s an ol lady actually. (I ain’t gonna out her cause that for her to do… I just was lettin ya’ll know her story checks out). I might have already met her if she fa sho was at the trial yesterday (as I was).

    What she did was just take the article the news wrote and just post it her, that’s probably why the shit sounds like a Harvard essay lol. Now as far as the dick sucking comments, that’s between ya’ll to find out, I’m not about that shit homie lol. I mean from what I heard niggas had their dirty laundry aired out for the world to see and that’s on them, if you get me, ya dig. You ain’t gotta be a cop to find out that shit though. Shits all over the internet pimp.

    Anyways, I can tell you MY view on what I saw yesterday if anyone gives a shit. My ass was actually confused most of the time. I listened to this woman (Linda Formica or Formichael I think her name was)on this 911 call the niggas played in court sayin something about niggas gettin stuck and then you hear Mongols in the background blamin 81s.

    Now once again before someone says something retarded I AM NOT A PATCHED ANYTHING (although I do go my on family you feel me lol), but where I’m from niggas don’t talk to pigs. Shit my nanna don’t talk to pigs, under ANY circumstance.
    I have a quick question to any 1%er reading this that understands where I’m comin from: When did snitchin become the norm in this mothafucka? I’m not saying don’t get help for ya fallen nigga, but snitchin? I don’t recall Martha Stewart’s ass snitchin. I don’t remember Lil Kim or any so called slick backed non-supportin 99%er(or what ever name you wanna call a non 1%er I hear all the time lol) snitchin. I tell you what, that shit don’t ride like that where I’m from or that’s another conversation.

    I think half the niggas on this site are legit, MC enthusiasts, that come to this site to do as Rebel intended: Speak their mind, chat with like minded dudes (and ol ladys) about shit the media and general public label as taboo or unamerican (when really if anyone picked up a fuckin history book they’d realize our country was founded by rebels who were sick of how the current government treated them so they rebelled and found their own set of laws and guidelines… sound familiar?)

    This trial is being used as an example. That’s why this thing is twice as big. I attended the trial to show my support but mostly to paint a picture of what today’s MCs stand for. I think it’s fucking a joke to compare them to bloods and crips (them niggas cause harm to any and everything in front of them regardless of innocent people getting herd: ie: drive bys). Most brawls are patch on patch crimes where only the intended get hurt. The media needs to stop trying to make something bigger than it really is. Long story short: STOP SNITCHIN, STOP LYIN, STOP WHININ, and STOP ALL FEDERAL MANDATED CRIMES… SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MC and fuck the rest of em.

    I’ve ranted long enough. Holler at me I be on for a while fellow rebels

    -Sin City’s Blackest

  13. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ Roy

    Nope. “M” is not me. The only name you will see me use on here is Muck 1%er

  14. JIM666 Says:

    WideGlide Says:
    July 25th, 2012 at 10:17 am
    “Promote the activities of a criminal gang”? What constitutes a particular club as a criminal gang? Does a club have to be on a certain list before the alleged incident took place or are the Prosecutors using this for anyone who gets in a fight that has a patch on his back?

    Ive asked this question myself,as far as being charged w/ gang inhancements, well I beleave that is just some idiot like Steve Cook or Billy Queen or Jaybird, comming up on the stand and stating they read a book or seen a P/H somewhere and that intitles them to be an expert on mc,s so they then commence to throw a big pile of bullshit about the clubs involved to the jury
    altho there are lists that these socalled experts have compiled on mc.s what gets me the most is the fact that none of the clubs have ever been convicted of being a criminal enterprise, but they always fall back on that term for a charge, personally I cant see that or any charge existing untill the later is first proven,,,,
    also the use of te word “gang” well ive never seen a patch that had a “gang” cube I know mine has an “mc ” cube but knowwhere does the word “gang” exist, the rite wording to the rite people can and usually will speak volumes, thats why they use that word for one along w/ the phraise “criminal enterprise” that get,s the people in the jury seats all intense. Inturn makes it easyer for the prosuction to paint a scary pit. of a “BIG BAD MOTORCYCLE GANG FULL OF MURDERING RAPESTS”
    when the true fact of the matter is anywhere at anytime w/ anybody shit can happen no matter of who you are or what if anything you belong to, but stating that is not gonna be a scary as stating the latter,and will have less of an inpact on a jury.
    Convictions, that is what all these ABC “gangs” want
    and they will go to any linghts to get them

    Respects to most here
    F.T.F F.T.P. F.T.G.

  15. ghost Says:


  16. M Says:

    Talk is cheep….

  17. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Yes M (Muck?), probably a cop.You’re funny Debater.I think you’re going to see the OJ effect this time. Remember when Nevada got a second shot at him? They didn’t miss. I’d bet Nevada hasn’t forgotten public perception that the Angels pretty much walked away from Laughlin with impunity. They’re probably drooling at this chance for a second shot.
    Thanks for keeping us updated on the trial, Debater. There is definitely a connection to that sad day,9/2/08. Aren’t several of the lead defendants from the Bay Area? RB

  18. Debater Says:

    Trial continued Tuesday, a day after Pitaro told the jury the Hells Angels “acted reasonably under the circumstances” when they perceived danger from members of a violent organization that he said had “a well-deserved reputation for violence.”

    Pitaro told jurors that tensions between the rival clubs were high at the time. Three months before the Las Vegas fight, a Mongols member from Modesto, Calif., killed a man authorities called the leader of the San Francisco Hells Angels chapter. Christopher “Stoney” Ablett was convicted and sentenced this year to life in federal prison without parole in the September 2008 stabbing and shooting death of Mark “Papa” Guardado.

    Pitaro said that before the wedding chapel encounter, Mongols who had been indicted in Las Vegas on federal charges were found to have pictures and background checks of local Hells Angels.

  19. Shyster Says:

    Jim666 and Phuquehed,

    I’m truly sorry for what happened to you. You both have my forever utmost respect.


    Go fuck yourself.


  20. M Says:

    Debater, is a fucking COP or Lame…. You don’t know what really happen. Your best bet, is to stay out of the 1%ers world!!! you sound like a fool saying that shit…..

  21. Debater Says:

    This was clearly self-defense for the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. If the Mongols knew they were their which clearly they did and if they were in fear for them selves then why didn’t they leave ??? Also in reports a known Mongol member was raided and in his home he had a cork board with pictures of the Hells Angels and their Families along with home addresses work addresses and license plate numbers . Now why in the hell would they have that information. Sounds like a hit list to me. So who are the real trouble makers.

  22. WideGlide Says:

    “Promote the activities of a criminal gang”? What constitutes a particular club as a criminal gang? Does a club have to be on a certain list before the alleged incident took place or are the Prosecutors using this for anyone who gets in a fight that has a patch on his back?

  23. JIM666 Says:

    @ Shyster I was arraigned,givin counsel but also was held w/ out bond for a little over 4 months till I had my date at which time charges were dropped
    so I lost 4 months on my life for nothing, meantime lost my job my home bike car, and countless other things, while waiting inside a jail only for them to drop all charges
    you thing I got anything for my time ?
    Im sure you all know that answer, same shit happens to a hell of a lot of others, I for one think you should be completly reembursed for any and all losses occoured while waiting on trial espeacially if found innocent or charges are dropped

  24. Phuquehed Says:

    @Shyster – I’m not doubting what you’re saying, but my bud got royally fucked. For some reason the system just didn’t work right in his case. It didn’t help that all the local county pigs knew him for someone who would try to whoop your ass (the pigs’) if you fucked with him *for no good reason*. He’s as honest as I am and if he’d done something wrong he’d let the pigs do their job at that time, but this particular time they fucked him over. None of us had the resources to fight this shit, though as I said I did give the pigs hell every chance I could, just enough to let them know we knew what they were doing.

    You gotta remember, I’m here in the middle of the woods and the good ol’ boy system still is strong and healthy here. You get on a county job only if you’re related to someone already there…doesn’t matter if you know what the fuck you’re doing or not. It’s also the reason the pigs never even made a report on my being assaulted in my own front yard – and I’m disabled (doesn’t mean I *won’t* fight, I tried, it just means I am no good at it any more). It’s just the way shit works here, unfortunately. It’s the way they got rid of our local club that used to be here for a dozen years +…they just fucked them up one night and literally they were gone in a day, just gone, not a word from anyone.

  25. Shyster Says:

    Jim666 and Phuquehed,

    I have never ever seen a case where the accused IN CUSTODY has not been brought before a Judge in 6 days or less. Even a Thursday morning arrest will be brought to court no later than Tuesday afternoon in California State Court. The longest I saw was six days from arrest to arraignment. In cases where the in custody accused asks to go to the medical ward then even that case will take no more than a week to be arraigned.


  26. Phuquehed Says:

    JIM666 is right. My buddy spent something like 6 months before he even *saw* a courtroom.

    I was supposed to be there, per the summons as the one and only witness (and was told I’m a hostile witness because I was gonna tell the truth and not lie to get my bud convicted of bullshit attempted murder charges!).

    I had to wait for an hour and a half on those fucking hardwood benches, my back getting more painful by the minute (and I’d forgot my pain meds).

    They finally brought him in and he was in front of the judge for less than 5 minutes! I didn’t hear anything said as I was sitting in the back, but they took him away and I had no need to be there. I stood up and cussed the judge and every cop in that room, in the hallway as I was leaving and down the steps of the courthouse outside. No one said a damned thing to me about it either, though my buds momma who was still on the second floor said she could still hear me outside telling every cop in the square what fucktards they all were, lol.

    Found out that my bud just that day in court was told he was being charged with attempted murder. His fucking lawyer didn’t even tell him. He ended up doing a year in the county jail and then one day was just let loose. No apologies, no reasons, nothing. Just let him out, a year of his life wasted for absolutely nothing, not even a mark on his record about it.

    Thing is, he told me he *did* ask for the speedy trial and that was what he got instead. Us monetarily poor fuckers get to get fucked that way I guess.

  27. JIM666 Says:

    John Says:
    July 24th, 2012 at 7:50 am
    I believe everyone has the right not to waive time and demand a speedy trial

    @ John, I dont know about that, I once spent 4 months in jail waiting on my day in court,

  28. John Says:

    I believe everyone has the right not to waive time and demand a speedy trial, I know that option was always offered to me.
    I think the guy in Colo. only had his first hearing.

  29. c8652 Says:


    Right on.


  30. Shyster Says:

    There is a very simple line of questioning that can defeat any gang enhancement against any accused MC member. Due to obvious trolling here by the State/Feds I cannot in good conscience post it.
    Fuck everybody.


  31. Phuquehed Says:

    Why is it that persecutors country-wide, think of MC’s as ‘vicious gangs’ and every alphabet soup fucktard pig is gunning for them, and when they do go after them it takes *years* to get to trial, and yet when just two days ago a fucktard nobody who did something far worse than most any MC’s have done in years gets to get his shit started already?

    The people in the MC’s that have to wait so long should also sue those persecuting them for *not* getting their speedy trial they’re guaranteed in the constitution.

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