The New, Improved, Dialogical Saloon, Wine And Cigar Bar

July 12, 2012

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If you have been to the original Dialogical Saloon you know what to do.  The commodification  of bikers, Laffing Devils, RICO, Cop Clubs, RUBs, one percenter diamonds, Sons Of Anarchy, old ladies, funny noises women make during the physical act of love, farm animals, alphabet soup police, which is the very best motorcycle club of all, is Harley doomed, noise pollution, helmet laws, heavy metal versus hound dog country?  What about The Moonshine Bandits? You tell me what the news is.

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4,959 Responses to “The New, Improved, Dialogical Saloon, Wine And Cigar Bar”

  1. Shovelhead Says:

    Johnny Rotten,
    Yeah, I have that big car size battery on the side. I’m changing the bike around this winter from the full dresser style with bags, windshield etc. to a stripped down no front fender Bobber look. Since I can’t afford a dozen bikes in the garage, I change the one I have into different styles every few years.

  2. Johnny Rotten Says:


    you runnin the big honkin side mount?
    or the smaller fx size ?
    my 78 fl is fx size in a horseshoe..
    runs everything flawlessly.

    i used batts. plus
    2 year warranty
    goin on 3 years no issues

    plus i jus saw they have a 10 % off gimmick…

    heres some ideas fer the honker

    as was mentioned oddysey, or scorp are good as well..

    best of luck


  3. Shovelhead Says:

    Thanks Base!

  4. Base Says:


    I have had good luck with Odyssey, they more than likely have a stock size replacement for you bike.

    My Shovel is far from stock, have a softail oil bag with filter so battery is much smaller.

    An alternative, this placed open an outlet here a few years ago. Had never been in there then my kids Key Phob quite so went in there for that. Looking around they have a bunch of options for motorcycles. Prices vary, as do manufacture’s & country of orgin.

    Easy starts & smooth roads

  5. Shovelhead Says:

    Thanks! Must have to order the battery, don’t see it in any parts store up here.

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    Thanks Man. I know there’re some out there but wanted to hear from someone who uses one and knows!
    I know many may not understand but when I ride the old Beast, It brings me back to another time. Even though the modern age is all around me, the wind on my face and the sound of the old Shovelhead is still the same.

    Ride Free


  7. Sieg Says:

    Shovelhead, yeah, Scorpion YIX28L. Works like a charm.

  8. Sieg Says:

    Shovelhead, I still fork a 1970 FLH, and I changed over to the sealed battery a few years ago…no problems at all. I believe it’s the Scorpion xplor references, I’ll check and let you know.


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