Outlaw Murdered

November 19, 2008

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Joshua C. “Chewy” Embry, a member of the McLean County Chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, was stabbed in the heart outside a country music bar called the Six Strings Club in Bloomington, Illinois last Saturday night.

Police found Embry bleeding in the street about 11:35 pm. A security guard at the club attempted to administer first aid by applying direct pressure to the wound but was unable to stop the bleeding. The dying man was transported to Saint Joseph medical center and pronounced dead at 12:26 Sunday morning.

College Town Brawl

The death probably had nothing to do with motorcycles, the byzantine vagaries of outlaw club rivalries or the biker lifestyle. The 5’10”, 300 pound Embry was probably killed because his appearance and prowess frightened a college student.

Bloomington, Illinois is the home of mid-major Illinois State University. Illinois State’s 2008 enrollment is estimated at 20,400 students and the Six Strings Club is a popular student hangout. The official motto of the club is, “Ass Kickin’ Country” and Embry was apparently stabbed during an ass kicking brawl outside the bar that involved an estimated 30 combatants.

Three days into the murder investigation, none of the approximately 28 witnesses to this murder have yet come forward. Bloomington police have announced no suspect or motive in the case. The brawl was recorded on a surveillance video camera outside the bar but the Bloomington Pantagraph reported Wednesday that local police were still “analyzing” that “video footage.”

Candlelight Vigil

The Six Strings Club closed Tuesday night and a candlelight vigil was held in the street outside in memory of Embry.

The dead man’s father, Robert L. “Scrappy” Embry, called the tragedy “the worst thing I’ve gone through.” Joshua Embry’s boss, Bruce Pedigo of Joe’s Towing and Recovery in Bloomington, called him a “very pleasant and caring individual.”


Joshua Embry was born Nov. 4, 1982 in Normal, Illinois.

He is survived by his parents, Robert L. and Cathy L. Embry; his fiancée, Sheena M. “Sugar” Dow; his brother, Robert L. Embry; his sister, Heather L. Anderson; his uncle, Jerry “Redneck” Roberts; a niece, Madison G. Embry; two nephews, Matthew Jackson and Michael Gazelle; and his maternal grandmother, C. Diane Berkley.

Joshua C. “Chewy” Embry was 26.

Requiescat In Pace

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7 Responses to “Outlaw Murdered”

  1. The Enemy Says:

    Well this is a sad and touching story i grew up with josh n his fam n south gate n if im not mistaken so did the boys involved n this Josh Hendricks, Trevor Hendricks, Aron Claycome, Denny Hendricks r all the reason of all of this happening and Josh Mcguire since u wanted to run around town claiming ur the one who did it late that night at winners n have the odasity to be one here tryn to claim sympathy.. FUCK U!!… have u n the past four years took a step back to see where these boys r at today.. well let me fill u n a little bit Josh H is a hereon addict, Trevor H is now one too n Aron has left state cuz he knows he is the one who got chewy where it counted the most “I gutted him hes leakn… hes not going to make it bro” sound familiar?? do u know that a person who is not a true killer can not live with their self’s for instant these boys r living their life’s day for day shooting up hereon tryn to wash the sight of what they saw that night out of their head…. but too u boys n everyone else on their side I HOPE U ROT N HELL N IT NEVER LEAVES U… i hope every day josh is there over u making ur life as miserable as possible cuz the shit i have watched his brother mom sister n father go threw day after day year after year that has past since josh has been gone is beyond incredibly sad to see…. such a great man n fam n they couldn’t even get closure to know someone was paying but like i try to tell Robby to ease his mind to try too keep him pushing… is that they r look at the life of misery they live they cant even stand too see their self’s… N good i hope it eats ur heartless SNITCHN ASS every day for the rest of ur lifeless selfs!! Good day to u n chewy ik ur riden down the beach line on ur bike watchn over all ur fam n friends… ride on mr!! xoxoxo

  2. Sieg Says:


    Someone saw, someone knows, someone needs to get right.

  3. joshua vandgraft Says:

    josh was my cuzion on my mos side of the fam it was no fucking kid who did it it was thise boy the hindrixs her in blooming ton the outlaws have a s.os or a smashon site for that shit all the out laws know thay didit but no one has narked about it yet thay wanna hadel it pesonaly and i know them fuckers are good as dead. rip cuz thise mutha fuckas days are numberd

  4. Joshua McGuire Says:

    My Condolences to the Embry family I truly understand the pain, ecspecially since I lost my brothers when I was in jail for a year that all know was bs because i m an innocent man I hope that all the violence can end because we are all the same, they say everything happens for a reason and i hope Josh and Blake are together in heaven shootin shit ridin an living eternal life 2gether I hope that everything can just move on so we can try to fix whats broken and be happy its hard knowing that a brother died for know reason, mine died of an overdose.RIP 2 all of our BROTHERS

  5. Loweed Says:

    I hope that the “He was just a towny” mentality doesn’t stop an honest College student from coming forth. Murder is murder. Josh Embry worked hard and enjoyed his scoot and partyin with his friends on the weekend. Sound familiar college kids? Sound like you? Hopefully who ever stuck “Chewy” doesn’t find you with his knife next time. Do the right thing. Talk to the police, get this killer off the streets

  6. Curious Says:

    In some venues a band of drunken college kids is no less dangerous than a band of outlaws.
    The only difference is that most of them can afford big time attorneys.
    Just like the boys on the canoe team. (yea i know, it’s not a canoe)
    I think they should all be held responsible if in fact those cameras show the evidence in favor of it.
    I’m beginning to wonder why places even have cameras at all if theyre so hard to read OR whatever the problem seems to be.
    I know we have cameras at work too and after dark they go black & white so you couldnt identify anyone clearly if your life depended on it.
    Someone needs to invent some higher tech sh*t so they can serve thier purpose and solve some crimes.
    Maybe someday they will. Or maybe they already have and theyre just too expensive, but how much is a life worth anyhow??

  7. Banger 1%er Says:

    Rest in Peace Brother – GFOD

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