More Heat On Cervantes and Ciccone

July 2, 2012

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The Cavazos brothers continue to shout back at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Former Mongol Motorcycle Club member Alvaro “Al The Suit” Cavazos and his brother, former Mongols President Ruben “Doc “Cavazos, were both quoted in a feature story that ran in three Los Angeles newspapers Sunday. Neither man is currently a member of the club.

The newspapers are the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pasadena Star-News and Whittier Daily News. They are collectively called the Pasadena Newspaper Group and they have a combined Sunday circulation of 319,000. The story was written by Tribune Metro Editor Frank Girardot. You can read it here.

Fast And Furious

Girardot links alleged ATF corruption in the Mongols case to alleged ATF corruption in what is usually called “Operation Fast and Furious.” Fast and Furious was an ATF scheme to enforce the law by breaking it. As a result, the ATF allowed the shipment of thousands of American firearms into Mexico where they were used by narcotics traffickers.

This instance of apparent ATF corruption became a national story after one of the guns the ATF allowed into Mexico was linked the murder of a Border Patrol Agent named Brian Terry. Last month, a Congressional Committee led by Representative Darrell Issa recommended that Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, be held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over secret ATF documents. Last week, the House of Representatives did find Holder in contempt. It is the first time in United States history that an Attorney General has been charged with Congressional Contempt. Terry’s family is also suing the government over the agent’s death.

Al Cavazos (photo above) equates that instance of ATF corruption with several incidents that occurred during the ATF investigation of the Mongols called Operation Black Rain. “I’ve sent a letter to the Terry family explaining my issues with the ATF,” Girardot quotes Al Cavazos as saying. “My situation ain’t as bad as theirs – she lost a son – but we have to do something to stop the government from lying.”


Girardot indirectly quotes the two Cavazos brothers as saying that the Mongols racketeering indictment “relied on false testimony from Montebello police Sergeant Chris Cervantes and his partner, ATF agent John Ciccone.” Girardot references a shooting that occurred during Black Rain at a topless bar called Nicola’s on April 8, 2007. The Aging Rebel published a brief account of that shooting (linked here) last December 19.

During that incident, according to witnesses, ATF Special Agent John Ciccone and ATF Tactical Field Officer Chris Cervantes cynically stood by and watched as a gunfight erupted. That gunfight was then used to prove that the Mongols is a criminal racket. Cervantes is a former Los Angeles Police gang investigator and a current Montebello, California cop.

Girardot states, “The shooting and its aftermath played a large role in the ATF’s case against members of the group.”

Pressuring Doc To Cooperate

The story also directly quotes Doc Cavazos. For three years, there was widespread speculation that Doc Cavazos was informing on Mongols in order in order to get a lighter sentence. The Department of Justice encouraged that speculation in order to coerce defendants in the case and their court appointed attorneys into making plea deals instead of fighting to prove their innocence in court. Federal District Judge Otis D. Wright secretly sentenced Doc Cavazos to a stiff 14 year sentence last September. Cavazos has told this page that he did not inform on his former club brothers and that Judge Wright held the sentencing hearing in camera in order to portray Cavazos as a cooperative witness.

The Aging Rebel has been told by informed sources that the sentencing hearing was held in secret to specifically prevent this page from reporting the sentence. During the last four years there have been numerous incidents in which Justice Department officials and federal judges have forbidden accused men from talking to this page. This official shunning is not peculiar to the Mongols. For example, Federal District Judge Jacqueline Hong-Ngoc Nguyen has warned former Hells Angel George Christie not to talk to this page while his legal battle in her court is ongoing.

The length of Doc Cavazos’ sentence was leaked to Associated Press reporter Greg Risling. Risling reported that Cavazos’ sentence was “light.” This press manipulation and propagandizing is typical of virtually every federal undercover operation and the federal court cases that follow those investigations.

After sentencing, Doc Cavazos was incarcerated in the Corrections Corporation of America operated California City Correctional Center. After The Aging Rebel reported Doc Cavazos’ location earlier this year the former Mongols president was transferred to Federal Correctional Institution La Tuna in Anthony, Texas near El Paso.

In yesterday’s story, Girardot reported: “In order to get him to cooperate with the ATF, Ruben says authorities placed him in the general population of the La Tuna Correctional Facility and hinted to other prisoners that he’s a snitch.”

He directly quoted Doc Cavazos as saying, “The government is hoping that I would ask for safety in return for – if not cooperation – at least my silence when it comes to my criticism/exposure of the ATFs corruption. I would rather die than lie for the ATF.”


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47 Responses to “More Heat On Cervantes and Ciccone”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Nihilist,

    Yeah, as well as I am able. Girardot’s story was originally scheduled to run last weekend put it was pushed out of the paper by the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. I have been trying to get some quotes out of Doc this past week. I believe Doc very much resents Ciccone and Cervantes but frankly I am just guessing. Interviewing Doc is like interviewing a barking dog. I think he wants to save the good stuff for his next book.

    I’ll run something about this soon.


  2. Austin Says:

    @Glenn… I agree – That whole business grouping of Walker, Bush with Nazi’s, Bin Ladens etc. onward through Cheney and beyond are absolutely where the real power is. The Presidential politics are just a puppet show to keep people’s attention off what is really going on IMHO.

    Love the “hope-ing” for “change” vs. taking action repartee… be it underwear or presidents LOL


    (btb)back to basics: I’m pleased for you!

  4. things that make you go hmm Says:

    i remember seeing there gangland episode and thinking hmmmm those comments were not to good there buddy could be used in court against you or your club, i thought to myself ,self i think this episode was fed funded .night and day difference between cavasos interview compared to bargers interview, night and day. i do think in the future clubs or investigated sub cultures, cliques ect will interview more like there defence team will answer. i really could not believe reading that cavasos turned states evidence,and maybe im still skeptical, in past incidents with his club and brushes with the law , or in the courts he rallied to provide the best legal defence he could for members of his club so him turning states evidence, rat ,informant, ect seemed out of character for cavasos but there is always good ol self preservation. if what his brother is claiming to the media is true thats alarming , no more than 2012 i would not even be a member of harley owners group, the elks lodge, or the knights of colombus due to rico. rico was even brought up in a prosocution case against the catholic church ,the archdioses of los angeles,rico is way out of control ive known 2 people who have pled guilty to it, and they had no other choice except to plead,shamefull but a true statement would be plead or take more time.well times have changed better to be a nobody,and get fat and old my old timer friend likes to say who me i im nobody… stay free and in the wind.

  5. (btb) back to basics Says:


    Actually, I would have confidence that I did a good job in wiping.


    (btb)back to basics: I see things the opposite of you; hope is a motivator to stand on the line or fight. After all, the reason you wipe your ass is an act of hope that you’ll be around later on to undress and not have to peel your pants off pulling your ass hairs out!

  7. (btb) back to basics Says:


    regarding your statement – “but I live in hope.”

    I don’t know you so I won’t mock you or your beliefs. My experience with people that live in the world of “hope” are people that will never put their ass on the line or fight to change anything. “Hope” is an inaction word. What do you think will happen if next time I take a shit all I do is “hope” my ass will be clean when I finish? Well… I can live in the illusion it’s clean or take some action and wipe it.

  8. Glenn S. Says:

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for the tea party types to stand against Dick Cheney. He’s the point man for the private prisons industry these days. But I’ve been wrong before. I actually thought Obama would do something about the criminal “justice” system, since so many of his bretheren are locked up.

  9. Austin Says:

    @ Glenn ; 2 words, David Kennedy. check him out here;

    There is a big ripple effect to incarceration also… My ex & I lost our first house to a federal lein placed when the charges were filed. Didn’t understand it all then – so continued making house payments for the three years of court/trial, 15 months in prison and some of the 5 years of probation. Take my word for it. If you find yourself in that situation – quit paying, live in it as long as you can, save every penny, then just walk away when the Marshalls come knocking.

  10. Glenn S. Says:

    And, Phucquehead, RVN69, Shyster, Sled Tramp, Muck 1%er, Red and Gold, Not Surprised, YZZ Skinhead, Big V, Swampy, Rollinnorth, Junior, especially Rebel, and others, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  11. Glenn S. Says:

    As much as I disagree with the health care law (a compilation of the worst ideas to fix health care from both political parties in the past 25 years), I think the #1 problem facing free Americans today is incarceration on steroids.

    Neither political party says a word about this and the private prisons lobby becomes more entrenched every day.


    RVN69: My hope is in Jesus Christ; there is no hope to be found in this World aside from in Him. Don’t let “christians” put you off, alot of them are “shit-stains” to quote Phuquehead, but Jesus is real and is the only one that can be trusted!

  13. RVN69 Says:

    Shyster, you gotta love someone who actually speaks his mind, we can always count of Phuquehed to get right to the heart of the matter.

    Phuquehed no doubt you are correct, I’ve been stockpiling ammo, food and water for when things collapse. I think scenes very similar to Greece are in our not too distant future.

    “I am not an angel nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”

  14. Junior Says:

    For those of you who wish to “dream” and ponder being free of foreign influence on this Independance day:


  15. Junior Says:

    Sad to see the country go to hell before our eyes isnt it. I came of age in the 70’s and cant believe what has happened to this nation since. The 2000 and 10000 dollar/yr “taxes” for possesing guns and riding motorcycles will certainly happen and it’ll be required if you want to maintain your health care coverage, its the next logical step isnt it.
    As much as I dont wanna say this, there seems to be only one glimmer of hope at this point and that is Romney. At least the republicans are claiming they will repeal all obamacare legislation if Romneys elected. Phuquehead: I agree, at that point it’s better to take up arms and take as many govt parasites down with you as you can.
    Hope that one day someone like Ron Paul gets in office and gets enough gold backed “united states notes” into circulation to declare the “federal reserve note” null & void effectively closing the Federal Reserve and removing much foreign influence in govt before he cathes a bullet for it (JFK actually tried this, i got some JFK “united states notes” …) …i believe all major legislation since the New Deal, or maybe even sooner, is heavily influenced by intl banker types pulling the strings of legislators and killing those legislators that oppose them. If we can rid ourselves of foreign influence we will be a better nation for it and should see less communist/socialists legislation. I probably have a better chance of living free in Mexico defending myself against cartel types though. -Junior

  16. Bill Says:

    Dan: They were once asked what their music was about, and the reply was “Girls.” I think their sound is so appealing because they tap into that most primal connective energy on this planet. So maybe they do have a message, it’s just too simple to be noticed.

  17. rollinnorth Says:

    Happy Fourth of July! Let’s recall what it is all about.


  18. Dan Says:

    Unknown Individual / Bill,

    The Pixies are (IMHO of course) a great band, albeit one without a message.

  19. Phuquehed Says:

    LOL! Thanks, Shyster! I learned real early in life, that to sit and not speak your mind when something bothers you, just don’t work and only causes more frustration and nothing ever gets done. It may bother some folks, but those are the ones who are sheeple. Just like when someone actually bitches about what I painted on the sides of my helmets, I tell ’em that I did it just because of asshats like them, heh heh.

  20. Shyster Says:


    As much as I enjoy reading the posts of Rebel, RVN69, Glenn S., Sled Tramp, YYZ, BigV, etc.. I really like reading what you have to say. Like Lee Ermey said in Full Metal Jacket … “hell, I like you, you can come over and fuck my sister.” (though I don’t have a sister).



  21. Phuquehed Says:

    @RVN^( – That’s when I take up my weapon, as our forefathers did against a repressive king and government and off the first cock-sucking pos who comes around to try and ‘enforce’ those new ‘taxations without representation’. Even if you’re the only one with the balls to do it, better to go out knowing you fought the right fight than to cower like a fucking eunuch and let the new communist/fascist/kingly government fuck you whenever it wants. I mean, when it gets to the point you’re talking about, what has anyone to lose, other than their pride and being able to stand tall and be a man?

    Obama can suck the shit from my puppies’ asses and so can the supreme court shit-stains who are helping him be more of a king than a president. I wish, with all my being, that Odamna and his whole fucking family step off a curb to cross a street one day and get wiped out by a runaway, fully loaded cement truck. I’d have a fucking party that’d be hard to beat!

  22. RVN69 Says:

    Repent or Perish,
    My last bit of hope died when the Supremes ruled that States are no longer sovereign entities and cannot defend their borders against an alien invasion. Secondly the same group decided that the government has the right to force you to do, or not do something and if you resist they can penalize you as long as they call it a tax. I don’t know if anyone here as considered the effect of this new ruling on our lifestyle. Say the government decides that riding a motorcycle is too unsafe to allow due the increased health care costs, they could decide that the only way you can ride is if you pay a tax, Say $2,000 a year. Maybe they decide that guns are too dangerous to own because of the health care cost, but you can still own one if you pay a $10,000 tax yearly. Maybe they decide that drinking and the use of certain substances are so costly to health care that before you are treated for anything you are drug and alcohol tested and taxed extra for treatment.

    No, I don’t have any hope.

    “Sometimes the majority means just all the fools are on the wrong side”.


    RVN69: You’re right, it’ll probably make no difference at all, but I live in hope.

  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear The Dude,

    There are three bikes and all three Cavazos filed claims to have them returned. Ruben “Lil Rubes” Cavazos, Jr. withdrew his claim of interest in the bikes. To the best of my knowledge, Doc and Al Cavazos still have claims for the bikes. I think there is a good chance that their claims will go to trial in October. Personally, I can’t wait.


  25. Junior Says:

    – ignore this post, technical difficulty.

  26. TheDude Says:

    Did the Cavazos brother and son ever get their bikes back?

  27. Junior Says:

    Unknown Individual:

    Doesn’t take much to keep you locked inside your safe house does it, just a few mines planted around your house and you are paralized and rendered completely useless. Bill: You agree with that!? WTF. I suggest both of you reach down between your legs and remind yourself that you are men (or at least males). Another who overvalues his own existence.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    Thomas Jefferson


  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear sled tramp,

    Yep. Cried myself to sleep over it last night.


  29. Rebel Says:

    Dear Unknown Individual,

    I am really not concerned and you should not be concerned for me. When your number is up your number is up.


  30. Rebel Says:

    Dear Swampy,

    I am flattered that some defense lawyers read me and some of them even talk to me.


  31. Bill Says:

    Unknown Individual: I can agree with all that. Nicely said. Thanks. What I was thinking of was the true proximity of everything in “Iraq” to right here in our own streets. The poster I referenced was warning of that danger, and I was echoing it with that clip (from “pixies who don’t fully understand the statements they make.”) <—That's maybe the best description of the Stones, and probably countless other artists of all types, I've seen. Dylan can't explain what he says (or used to say when he could say "it"), and doesn't even try. Doesn't mean there's not something powerful being said, though, even by pixies.

  32. Junior Says:

    This is what happens when theres no judicial accountability and when the govt has the power to tax & audit judges, something the Constitution strictly prohibits. Hell, most black robed individuals arent even judges because they dont Take (verbal) and Subscribe (write&sign) their oath. Last time I checked the penalties for impersonating a judge were pretty stiff. Go get em. -Junior

  33. Unknown Individual Says:


    The Stones are a soundtrack sang by a group of pixies who don’t fully understand the statements they make. However I couldn’t help view the Gimme Shelter clips from Altamont. A group of anti war, peace loving protesters dancing to the songs of musicians who fight with words that ryme. At the same time those that fought in the trenches and now wear patches are spit on and scoffed at for doing what they were asked to do. History repeating itself if you ask me.


  34. swampy Says:

    Junior, I wonder what would happen if some of Rebel’s investigative reporting would start being allowed and heard as “evidence” in certain defense cases? Well, it was a nice “pipe dream” anyway, not to say that Rebel’s work is not worthy of a federal defense case. That federal judge is just part of “the industry” – him and his prison lobby buddies.

  35. Bill Says:

    “It’s different than Iraq, but not by much.”

  36. Unknown Individual Says:

    Careful Rebel. If you don’t watch your step the gangbangers with the power will turn you into a martyr. Walk carefully through this mine field we call life my man. It’s different than Iraq, but not by much.


  37. sled tramp Says:

    I think just knowing all those prosecutors and judges aren’t going to be your facebook friends is hurtful enough…I know the “violent,uneducated nerd” inside you is stung by these terrible directives.

  38. Junior Says:

    Rebel: You apparently have become a “heavyweight”, federal judges and some of societies other unproductive parasites are now influenced by the perceived threat that is your site. Great work Rebel, you should be very proud, really!

    To societies unproductive parasites: I long for the day that you choke on Ivermectin, or bullets. I have plenty of both, and i’m willing to treat you all free of charge. You motherfuckers.
    FTP (Fuck The Parasites) -Junior

  39. 11c_infantry Says:

    Snow: Nope, you didn’t miss a thing. It is bullshit. When the cops are more criminal than the criminals, the old saying “Who watches the watchmen?” really rings true.

  40. RVN69 Says:

    July 2nd, 2012 at 12:54 pm
    Great! Hopefully the ATF’ll be shown up for what they are!

    If an investigation by a congressman and a senator plus holding the AG in contempt doesn’t accomplish anything, I really doubt this will either.

    FTF, All them motherfuckers

  41. Snow Says:

    I’m kinda slow sometimes so let me see if I have the facts straight. The fed is against guns going into Mexico, the Mexican officials agree that they don’t want the guns so in order to stop guns from going into Mexico the fed has the ATF send guns into Mexico, said ATF loose track of the guns they sent. An American border patrol agent was killed with a gun provided by the ATF but because ATF didn’t mean to loose the guns ATF should NOT be held responsible for anything that happens with the guns they provided and lost, of course the fed agrees because the fed is covering it’s illegal ass. Did I miss anything cause it all sounds like BULLSHIT to me….. FTF, FTP, Fuck All The Alphabet Soup Motherfuckers…….

  42. swampy Says:


  43. Dante Says:

    A very interesting article on what likely actually happened in “Fast and Furious” by Fortune magazine:

    Long but well worth the read.


  44. swampy Says:

    I’ve been wondering how the ATF will play Operation Fast and Furious out. Will all become quiet on the front? Or will the “BATFAGentS” begin to really ramp things up in order to justify their existence and actions? FTF swampy


    Great! Hopefully the ATF’ll be shown up for what they are!

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