A Brief Apology For Technology

June 30, 2012

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The front page of this site is the gateway into a forest of words. The least of it is the 590 stories and notices that have been posted here over the last four years. Most of this site’s content comprises the more than 16,200 comments (so far) that have been left here by readers in response to the posts.

The database that contains all these words is fairly enormous and within the last two weeks the server that held all this began to slow down and, at critical times, to “terminate processes.” Sometimes these pesky processes were terminated with extreme prejudice and as a result the site has gone down a couple of times. Additionally, the site has generally been slow to load pages and respond to reader search queries. About a week ago the site changed servers and, partly as a result of that, it was down for several hours a couple of days ago.

The Aging Rebel is very aware of the difficulty most of you have experienced reading and commenting on the site and has been working to find a permanent solution that will allow the site’s content to continue to grow without deleting any posts or any of your comments. The site should be noticeably faster for readers to navigate today than it was yesterday. The webmaster for what ATF Agents like to call this “rag for meth addicts” is kind of better with words than he is with computers. Technologically, the guy is a moron.

Additional steps will be taken next week to improve the performance of the site. The Aging Rebel apologizes for any inconvenience these technical problems might have caused you. The worst should be over. Knock on wood.

The good news, at least for most of you, is that the bigger the content here and the more attention it attracts the hotter things get for institutions like the ATF or the despicable Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. Don’t stop. Click the ads and buy the books. All this shit costs money.




19 Responses to “A Brief Apology For Technology”

  1. Hose-a 1% Says:

    Rebel,you’re right.I guess I was just venting this is a good place for it.I’ll just grit my teeth and go about my business.Thanks.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. retired F.T.F.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Hose-a 1%,

    Public opinion follows press coverage. And, in general, most reporters just assume that bikers are vermin who deserve to be exterminated. No reporter ever got fired for taking the side of the cops. It is a lazy way to report.


  3. Hose-a 1% Says:

    Rebel just read on Yahoo about pigs going to the wrong door at 1 30 am. The resident came to the door with a gun and was shot to death.Seems they had the wrong address and killed the poor guy.There are over six thousand post on this on Yahoo.None of which seem to be very much in favor of the pigs and there usual course of action.I guess what I’m getting at is why is it when a patch holder gets killed in this manner does the public except it?I’m not discounting what happen here to this guy.He seemed to be doing excatly what my brother Jimbo 1%er was doing protecting his home in the same way.That seems to be o.k. to shoot him to death because he was a Pagan,but this has over 6,600 angry comments.W.T.F.

    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C.retired F.T.F. F.T.P.

  4. Caretaker Says:

    Got one for smartphones? Lol


  5. Philo Says:

    Hey Rebel,

    Try downloading and running Ccleaner on your local machine. The registry cleaner works wonders and the disc cleaner is pretty good too. Plus, you have the option to overwrite any data on the disc with layer upon layer or 0’s thus rendering most of it unrecoverable.

    You can get Ccleaner over at Cnet.com/downloads. I’ve been using it for years on clients PC’s and have never been disappointed.


  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Just Sayin,

    In you defense, let me just say that this photo of Doc was taken when he was in Dental School in Philadelphia. For additional length and girth, buy more books and give them away as gifts.


  7. Uesque Says:

    Meth addicts? What about us yuppie bikers with our brie and chardonnay? I’m offended.

  8. just sayin Says:

    Rebel ahhh thank you I do feel dumb now considering that in 10th grade I did my history final on doc holiday. Oh well must have been all that new school I have been subjected to by religiously following your site. Just sayin…… Also I’m still waiting for my length and girth maybe I need to click more ads!!!!!!

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Arctic,

    Reading those books also cures baldness, increases both the length and girth of your masculinity by up to four inches (it is a scientific FACT) and gives ATF agents a rash.

    Thank you,

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    You don’t have to cover for me again, Rebel. You can tell everyone it was the alphabet soup pussies fucking with your site because I was getting mean again. Heh heh heh

    Oh well, I can wish, right?

    You do what you gotta do, Rebel. This place is a main deal for me in the early morning (today I got started a little late) and late in the evening, to give me *real* shit going down in our world that the ‘civilian’ rags refuse or won’t give us because they’re controlled by the man.

    No matter what ya do to the site, we’re gonna keep coming here and giving the world the finger, ’cause you’re one of the few who let us do it!

  11. Glenn S. Says:

    Absolutely no apology needed for your efforts to provide us societal rejects with news of interest and the opportunity to comment and interact. As a meth addict (who will celebrate 15 years clean on July 10th), I think you deserve the Meth Addict Seal of Approval, Gold Syringe Version, but as a life member of the Meth Addicts of America board of directors, I understand that bestowing this honor on you might render you indictable for Breathing Free Air in Support of a Criminal Enterprise (an offense hidden deep within the latest version of the “Patriot and Nacht und Nebel” acts, which passed the house and senate by wide margins and was signed into law by Obama at 3AM last Christmas).

  12. Rebel Says:

    Dear Just Sayin,

    The young Doc Holiday.


  13. Magnet Says:

    Better with words than with computers? Rest easy Rebel. The words are what people come for. I myself have never been disappointed on that score. Leave the snappy graphics and blistering search response times to others. You have what they don’t. Content worth reading.

  14. Arctic Says:

    I’ve seen several commenters mention your books over the past month’er two. I saw yesterday two seperate cats commented that the books have helped tremendously with picking up Split Tails. THAT sold me; I’m ordering all your books today!

  15. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    Like IrishPunk said, any delay is insignificant compared to the enjoyment and information that the site brings.

    Bought the books, and considering buying a Filipina single from the ad that keeps popping up… Will you get a commission on that if I do go down that road?

  16. BigV Says:

    Can we make a donation to ease the process ?

    Also, which fed says we’re meth addicts ? Carr ? Ciccione ?

  17. Just Sayin Says:

    Rebel, just a quick question off topic and I apologize in advance if it seems stupid but who is the gentleman in the picture? again I apologize if its a stupid question but its just something I have wondered before while visiting your site. thanks just askin

  18. Tim Says:

    will do, your site is great and very imformative, at first When i couldnt get on ur site last week I thought I did something to get kicked off, I was wondering “what did I do wrong?” Now I know Im kinda broke so I cant buy books Like I would like to do, but I will click on the ads, Thanks Rebel.

  19. IRISHPUNK Says:

    I would rather suffer a few days of your site being slow then not have you online like the big gap we had before.

    I’m pushing your books, site and clicking adds like a MFer.

    Keep fighting the Righteous Fight Rebel.

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