The Vegas COC Suit, Take Two

June 28, 2012

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There was an error in a story published here two days ago. The story was titled “Southern Nevada COC Sues Vegas Metro.” You can read a corrected version of the story here.

The original version of the story stated:

 The Error

“In August 2011, a biker named Robert Barreto, Jr. honked his horn at and flipped off the driver of a green car after that car failed to proceed through a controlled intersection in Las Vegas when the light turned green. Afterward the driver ‘tailgated Plaintiff Barreto for some distance and appeared visibly upset. As a result, Plaintiff pulled into a Circle K convenience store in order to avoid further confrontation, however, the green vehicle followed him there.’

“The driver of the green car as ‘off duty Officer Darren Walker, who was wearing plains clothes, drew his weapon and pointed it at Plaintiff. Plaintiff yelled for help. Officer Walker ordered Plaintiff to the ground and identified himself as a police officer. Officer Walker ordered Plaintiff to put down the knife, but Plaintiff was not carrying one. Officer Walker called 911 and additional officers arrived on the scene. Plaintiff was unjustifiably arrested and taken into custody even though he was not carrying any weapons.’”

The story implied that Barreto is a party to the suit.

Barreto is not a party to the lawsuit and The Aging Rebel apologizes to Mr. Barreto for the error.

How And Why

Last night this page was told by Stephen P. Stubbs, the attorney representing the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs and the other plaintiffs:

“Your story was based on an erroneously filed complaint. My staff accidentally, initially filed the wrong document. After the error, the correct complaint was filed immediately after and a motion to strike was filed to remove the erroneous filing.”

The story was corrected this morning to reflect the revised filing.

Stubbs Speaks

When asked to comment for this correction Stubbs said:

“Since September 2011, we have been talking with law enforcement in an attempt to correct the unconstitutional behavior. They were unwilling to correct anything. After being challenged by Detective Joseph Gagliardi to file a civil lawsuit, we are happy to oblige him.”

“This case is about protecting the Constitutional rights of all bikers, regardless of which patch you wear.”

“In the words of the Beastie Boys: ‘You got to fight for your right to party!’ We want to make sure that bikers can frequent any establishment where the owners welcome them. Property owners should dictate their own customers, not law enforcement.”


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4 Responses to “The Vegas COC Suit, Take Two”

  1. Jim666 Says:

    Well said Sieg

  2. Sieg Says:

    To the PIG posting above, since the pigs insist on filing civil suits and making false-arrests on any pretext, then what better way to fight back than to entangle them in their own corrupt, shit-stinking “justice” system?

    As far as “unrecognized local patched clubs”, there is nothing in the suit about any club, except for the largest criminal conspiracy in the country today-PIGS.

    5 to 1

  3. rebelstillyoung Says:

    Wait I thought clubs handled their own business…..? Especially the 1% clubs that make the confederation. Civil suits? Really? while they dictate to others what they can and cant wear locally? while they dictate that only they can wear certain patches under threat of violence? So for now on unrecognised local patched clubs will just receive a cease and desist order from the confederation?

  4. Junior Says:

    Sure would like to see Detective Joseph Gagliardi be the reason (or dept scape-goat) that the department get a six or seven figure judgement slapped on em. Maybe then he will be pvt Gagliardi. Hey pvt Gagliardi, Gag on this u pinko fag! <—8 -Junior

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