Old Ladies Get Show

June 26, 2012

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One of the lesser known but more ominous signs of impending apocalypse is when The Aging Rebel runs a notice for a casting call. Lock your doors. Load the guns. Fill the bathtub with water.

Yesterday this page got the following press release by email:


An award winning production company is looking for women who are married or dating bikers to be featured in a television documentary series to air on a female-centric network like Lifetime or TLC. The series would get past the myths and misconceptions of the biker lifestyle and show women who are devoted wives, hardworking mothers and loyal to the old fashioned values of the biker community. If anyone is interested in participating or finding out more about the show, please email Aurelia Boyle: [email protected]

Who What

Aurelia Boyle is Director of Development for a production company called RIVR Media. RIVR Media is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company mostly makes family friendly home improvement shows like Blog Cabin, Trading Spaces and Classic Car Restoration. They also make Whale Wars which is almost a hit and World Series of Poker which airs often enough that it should be a hit. The company used to be called Bagwell Entertainment.

The proposed American show has nothing to do with the Australian television program Biker Wives. A promotional video for the Australian series follows this story. Boyle said, “I don’t want our show to be like that.”

Boyle works in Los Angeles and she answers questions cheerfully. She told this page that she hopes to develop a reality series that would show the stresses wives and girlfriends of motorcycle club members must go through on a day to day basis and in times of crisis, like when SWAT shows up just before dawn to haul Daddy away. “I see these women as strong and capable,” she said. “I think there are stories here nobody else wants to tell.” The RIVR Media show does not yet have a name and has not yet begun production.

This show might also be an interesting opportunity for the wives and girlfriends of men who have appeared on other reality television shows like, for example, The Devils Ride, to have their own moment in the sun.

Now you know. This page is only the messenger. Do what you feel. I’m talking to you Bikerchic.



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  2. fayettenamhoe Says:

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  3. fayettenamhoe Says:

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