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Sun, Jun 24, 2012

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More Laffing Devils Newz

The closer one looks at The Devils Ride the uglier this show starts to look. The Devils Ride, in case you just got home from a long bit in Chiapas, is the train wreck reality series from the great satan of reality programming, Discovery, and its frolicking imp Bischoff Hervey Entertainment. The show documents the exciting adventures of a San Diego motorcycle club named the Laffing Devils.

So far The Devils Ride seems to have offended a majority of motorcyclists and television enthusiasts in this hemisphere, from real live bikers to Hollywood producers. The show is not just bad. Actual people have been damaged by it. It is impossible to putt through San Diego County on a Saturday afternoon without bumping into a dozen men who have been damaged in one way or another.

Free Deron

The best known of these men, at least among bikers, is a large, pleasant patch holder with the Peckerwoods Motorcycle Club named Deron Jaffe. Jaffe found himself in a fight with two members and an associate of the Laffing Devils May 14. Jaffe was charged with four felony counts and five gang enhancements for his part in the altercation. The Laffing Devils were not charged.

On Friday those charges led a San Diego SWAT team to raid Jaffe’s home at dawn. “My daughter had her friend over for a sleepover,” Jaffe said. His lawyer theorized that the raid was intended to try to find something to pin on the Peckerwood. The police found what everybody has in his house. None of it turned into contraband no matter how hard the cops wished and tossed the home’s contents upside down.

The show has also infuriated Sons of Anarchy producer Kurt Sutter who said, “I know Devils Ride has exploited SOA and is now using me for more exposure.” It may also have offended a well known, retired Hells Angel named Rusty Coones who appeared in two of the six episodes that aired this Spring.

Ashi Fachler

But arguably, the man who has been damaged most by this ridiculous interpretation of biker reality is a part time photographer named Ashi Fachler. Fachler is the hospital patient in the photograph above. He took that photograph and it is published here with his permission. Fachler is also the “prying photographer” seen in the video that accompanies this story. Discovery posted the video on YouTube and has used the clip to promote The Devils Ride. The video shows Fachler being beaten by multiple assailants.

A show cast member named Prospect Charles, who was one of the assailants in the clip, explained the beating as follows: “Somebody was posing as a threat so we had to do a dance.” Fachler threatened Prospect Charles by standing on a public sidewalk in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter and attempted to photograph the camera crews that were video recording three women who played the roles of old ladies in the show.

“I was walking through the district and I saw an interesting scene,” Fachler recalled. It was 9:30 p.m. on Friday, January 27. “Two camera crews were filming some women. The women were sitting outside. I thought it was an interesting scene. I raised my camera to take a photo and the (female) director asked if I was with the press.” Fachler, who is a member of the National Press Photographers Association, was not on assignment that night so he said he wasn’t. He had no idea what was going on. “I didn’t even know they were bikers,” he said.

The Felony Assault

“Suddenly a guy behind me started pushing me,” Fachler continued. “I said, ‘Get your hands off me!’ I thought if I said it loud enough they would turn the cameras in my direction.” The cameras did not turn.  Instead the cameras recorded the “old ladies” reactions. “Somebody from behind punched me three times. All this was prior to what happened in the television episode.”

Then the cameras turned. “I had two guys on me. I had no idea what was happening. One of the guys was the prospect. That’s when I hit him with my very expensive camera. The footage was edited to portray me as an aggressive photographer attacking a biker. I’m 44-years-old and I’ve never been in a fight in my life. They abused my image for their profit.” Fachler can be heard on the video yelling for someone to call the police. There were no police on scene.

Fachler was knocked down. “While I was on the ground at least five people, two guys and three old ladies hit and punched me. One of the old ladies broke a glass on my head.” Fachler suffered a broken nose, a broken cheekbone, broken ribs and a broken ankle. He limped away from the cameras and called the police himself.

No Charges Filed

When the police arrived they talked to the director before they talked to Fachler. He asserts she lied. The cops, “treated me as the aggressor,” he said. “They wouldn’t bring the ambulance to me.” The police parked the ambulance away from the scene so as not to interfere with the filming of this essential show. “I had to walk a block on my ankle to get medical help.”

As of June 24, police have still not filed charges against anyone who beat Fachler on national television. Fachler is still undergoing physical therapy for his ankle. Speaking about Deron Jaffe, the patch holder who fought with Laffing Devils four months later and earned a world of hurt for it, Fachler said, “Please tell him thank you.”

Anything else?”

“Yes. I want people to know I am not an actor. I was not paid by the show. The beating wasn’t staged. I am not connected to the show in any way. I was just walking down the street and tried to take a picture.”

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  1. Dirty D Says:

    Rebel –

    Outstanding reporting. The double standard illustrated by your reporting disgusts me beyond belief! I’m glad Mr. Jaffe was able to defend himself against the same group of people that violently assaulted Mr. Faschler. I hope the DA in San Diego stops these Laffing Devil characters from assaulting more people.

  2. Shyster Says:

    So let me understand something here. This shit happened January 27th of this year and the DA has not filed ANY charges on the prospect and the broad who cracked the photographer over his skull with a glass/bottle!

    I ain’t no cop caller trust me on that one. But whatever “threat” the photographer posed was clearly over when he was cracked over the head with the glass. That’s a straight up ADW. And then the prospect gets pummeled while he’s on the sidewalk?! That’s clearly a battery at minimum.

    And the DA didn’t file? Like the Chinese couple who named their retarded newborn …. Sum Tings Wong.

    Maybe San Diego PD handed it off to The DHS ass monkeys. Fuck everybody.


  3. Screwdriver Says:



  4. OneEye Says:

    Well hopefully prospect and the cunt old ladies will both get their come uppance. I hope things work out for Deron Jaffe.

  5. Snow Says:

    What a bunch of douche bags, sue the bastards. Free Peckerwood Deron. Shit can this piece of shit show.

  6. OneEye Says:

    Why is it that these bad asses needed multiple people and had to hit this photographer and they had to do it from BEHIND?

  7. swampy Says:

    Wait a fucking minute! Isn’t “Jipsy’s” ol’ lady supposed to be a San Diego cop? Was she one of the Cunts on scene that night?


  8. Screwdriver Says:

    nope she couldnt be on the show…

  9. Screwdriver Says:

    my atty is representing deron, will keep you all posted..

  10. Shyster Says:


    I’m sure your atty is on the ball. I would subpoena the unedited video to show that the Laffing Devils are a vicious threat to all mankind. It is clear that they are true 100% domestic street terrorists. Gypsy’s wife likely pulled the strings on that one. She and Gypsy are obviously the shot callers of this criminal organization. They too would be served with a subpoena.

    It should be clear to any jury that Deron was only doing Gods work by saving us all from these Devil’s on two wheels.

    Do the right thing Hawkster and crew. Do the right thing.


  11. Vikingtrotter Says:

    This is proof that the Laffing Devils are a COP SHOP CLUB…..Pig fuckers one and all.

  12. Screwdriver Says:

    Shyster, oh yes he is, also represents
    one of the big clubs down here..

  13. Screwdriver Says:


  14. TigGirl Says:

    I know how protective I am of my camera. If that photog felt so threatened that he used his camera in self defence, I would have to think that he was in fear for his life…like SERIOUSLY in fear for his life.
    This bunch if half-wits are barely more than a riding club & they think they should behave like that to someone in a historic area that attracts tourists while they are shooting a tv show?
    I don’t want to insult retarded people, but I can’t wrap my brain around the absurdly retarded behavior of the LD.
    Shaking my head…

  15. dago peckerwood Says:

    Thanx a million for everones support at the fundraiser! There was a huge turnout and all your generous contributions will go a long way towards making this shit right.Plus it was one hell of a good time!

  16. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to dago peckerwood

    Was a great time. Won’t identify myself on this site because some don’t need to know. We were the club sitting near the back door. L&R to you all.

  17. Charlie Says:

    Maybe Hulk Hogan and Bischoff could call in Sean Penn, he’s a jackass who likes too take a whack at photographers. His ex OL madonna could flash her crusty old tits about too. Better than this douchebaggerry. I live in the East county of Dago never seen one of these clowns.

  18. Leatherneck96 Says:

    The shit just keeps getting deeper and deeper with these clowns from the show. Dago Peckerwood, did not know about the fundraiser until now. I will donate to the cause when I get paid Friday.


  19. things that make you go hmm Says:


  20. Stevo Says:

    Wasn’t the President of this show filmed bragging about this assault to another member? Isn’t that collusion? Or at least aiding and abetting? It would be ironic if they got RICO indictments off that, deliciously ironic.

  21. (btb) back to basics Says:

    To Stevo

    what they will probably get is medals for stirring up shit in the MC community.

  22. Stevo Says:


    What they will definately get, my friend, is their come uppance.


  23. Phuquehed Says:

    @things that make you go hmm – You hit it right on the head, man. I said it too about 6 or 7 years ago about how it seems everyone and their pet fucking poodle is getting tats. They think it’s ‘cool’ and that’s the *ONLY* reason they get them…that and the fucktards have more money than they should be allowed. In the cases of all these asshats getting tatted, I say ‘Stupidy should be fucking painful enough to make one want to commit suicide for it!’

    @dago peckerwood – Man, I sure wish I lived about 1800 miles closer, I’d have done what I could to show up and help contribute. Sounds lame, but it’s honest. At least it sounds like your spirits are still good and you’re not letting it get you down too much. Stay strong man, you got a bunch of people around who care.

    The Slappy Dildos and their cunt OL’s, along with the used cumbags who were running the making of that part of the ‘show’ that night, *ALL*, should meet a fast-moving cement truck as they step out on the street to cross it. Them and their fucking offspring so that nothing even remotely similar in DNA will survive to become more scumbag dog-shits on the street wasting my good air. Even better, the whole crew of the Slappy Dildos and from Discovery who let this happen and paid off the pigs to keep it quiet, the complete families of each person involved, should have a nice big picnic together in Balboa Park and a 747 develop a bad malfunction and drop on them all as they’re enjoying a slice of watermelon. If all of them burn up in flames, good – just so long as the zoo and the rest of the Park is undamaged.

    Yeah, I really hate shit-holes like those who let that happen and the backstabbing pussies who had to gang-up and beat on one man for no reason.

  24. Tooj Says:

    And the trend of attempting to put away every free thinking man continues. Now we have an “official rat club” complete with police protection. Isn’t that scary? Will SDPD call the Laffing Dilrods to assist in crowd control? Perhaps concert security???

    No offense folks, but I think I’ll stay slickbacked. I figure fairly soon I’ll be the minority…

  25. Doc Jones Says:

    When the photographer got touched up a little I didn’t think much of it. That type of stuff happens every now and then. The problem for me is how the LD’s got away with it. When this type of crap happened with me or my partners and the person or persons involved talked to the cops, we faced charges. We were always considered the ones at fault. This makes me beileve that the LD’s have members who are cops. Also, Deron gets into a scrap with some of them and he gets busted, not them. Nevermind that there were several of them trying to beat him down. Hmmm…..come to think about it, there were several of them beating on the photographer. This club has all the makings of a pile of shit. Rats or cops? Maybe both!!

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  26. Rebel Says:

    Dear Doc Jones,

    Right. If I kicked a guy in the head with a shod foot on national TV I would still be in jail.


  27. 10Gauge Says:

    Fuck the camera guy…The world has enough paparazzi. If he tried to take a picture of me or my ol lady without asking politely, I would beat him down too! And that self portrait makes him look like a real pussy.

  28. OneEye Says:

    @10 Guage: understandable, however your ol lady would have had to bail you out that night and you would have been facing assault charges. These douchebags are cop, and TV channel, protected and do this with impunity. The fact that one cunt is tied to LE is just the icing on the cake.

  29. cerati Says:

    Dear 10Gauge,

    I hear you, but the “morality” of what the camera guy did is not the point, the point is if you or I did what LD did to this guy, we would be in a world of legal and financial hurt (unlike the prospect who DID).

    With a production company that was behind one side of the pro-wrestling boom of 96-98 behind this show, it makes everything LD do come into question. Their comments on their Facebook page only prove how “real” they are. Maybe they’ll challenge Gypsy’s club to a steel cage match next season.

  30. JIM666 Says:

    10Gauge Says:
    June 25th, 2012 at 3:00 pm
    Fuck the camera guy…The world has enough paparazzi. If he tried to take a picture of me or my ol lady without asking politely, I would beat him down too! And that self portrait makes him look like a real pussy
    Id love to be beside you when or if that ever happens, ya know id have yer back to say the least, but as far as these clowns go the lucid dildos mc fuck them too. For the Peckerwood hope things turn out in your favor man , just remember eather way this goes, you were the stand up man here not these punk ass pussys, they will never be respected.nor admired by real men, only posers will follow them
    and id say most of them would turn there backs to this shit,
    anyway this kinda shit happens everywhere,according to law now nobody can pull someones storebought or b/s patch w/out repremands behind it,that is unless the p/h is stand up and dosnt call the law, but i guess in that case he wouldnt b e giving his patch up too easyley,
    anyway good luck man best wishes your way,
    f.t.f. f.t.p. f.t..ldmc.ahahahahahahahahaha

  31. 10Gauge Says:

    I do not disagree with any of you…But I am tired of all the motherfuckers in this world that have the I can do whatever I want “its a free Country” with no consiquences bullshit attitude. I think Trace Adkins says it best when talking about free speech- ” The first amendment?… Thats meant to protect you from the government not me…I will excersise my right to give you a good ol country ass woopin…”

    Also I do not wish jail on someone just because I for sure would wind up there. Convictions against ANYONE is BAD for EVERYONE!

    As far as the other bullshit cop calling that happened to the Peckerwood. I agree 100% with all that has been said here. I hope this shit gets straightened out the best way it can. Unfortunately in Cali the DAs can follow through whatever the fuck they want. Hopefully the LDs will make it absolutely clear that NO CRIME took place. It was all a missunderstanding, and if called to the stand, they will not cooperate. FTP

  32. Phuquehed Says:

    @10Gauge – Thing is, the photographer guy was taking pics of the *film* crew doing their thing, not the laffy dildos doing anything, and besides, the laffy dildos aren’t a MC, they’re a phony RC and only pulled the shit they did because it was them *and* the film crew *and* knowing the film crew/producers would cover their asses if they acted real tough at 5 or 6 on 1…at least that’s the way *I* read what happened, he was just taking pics of a TV filming going on, something any Joe would not mind doing, especially if one saw some fine babe actresses sitting around waiting for the ‘action’ or whatever the hell they say to ‘em.

  33. swampy Says:

    I can’t help but wonder at Lapping Dildo prospect “Charles.” I can’t quote him word for word; maybe I should try to find that episode on youtube. The one where he talks about having “differences” with his former club and wanting to belong to a “real” MC. C.I. from another part of the country? Some guy that worked security for that wrestling outfit that produces that piece of shit show? I find it hard to believe he hasn’t been called-out by someone as “that’s ole so-and-so” that used to be a ******** M.C. Reject from a bonafide cop club?

    While I’m on the subject of cop clubs. It’s pretty offensive to drilling crews(among others) to have a bunch of fat SOFT looking cops calling themselves ROUGHNECKS MC. Those pricks ought to try standing on a steel drill floor or harnessed 90 ft. above, on a “monkey board”, with cold rain running down your ass, for 12 hours a day. NO power tongs, iron roughneck, top drive unit, etc. etc., doing the work for them. Maybe they should call themselves FLUFFNECKS MC instead.

  34. RIDEZ Says:

    @10 gage

    The photographer isn’t and wasn’t a paparazzi. Those guys sell their photos for money. Those guys stalk celebrities. He was just walking down the street. He saw something interesting. He doesn’t know them and they weren’t wearing colors.

    If your willing to beat up someone walking down the street and go to jail for that your no better then the LAFFING DILDOS. They did the same thing to protect the OL that were eating at a restaurant. Because everyone knows the dangers of eating at restaurants.

    If your willing to beat someone up for nothing and go to jail for it be my guest. But learn there are consequences to your actions. No one needs to ask your permission on a sidewalk. Grow up! You ain’t that important and you don’t own the sidewalk. Or go beat up every tourist that points a camera in your direction. You’ll have a lot of time in a cell to think about your actions.

  35. bob Says:

    Wow,photog’s beatdown included abuse from Lapping Dildos ‘skanks.Tuff shit.I think Connie Floppers(seated far left) has a future on the xHamster site,if she has not already made an appearance ,or two,there.

  36. 11c_infantry Says:

    I don’t know why, but I can’t stop watching the show as much as I hate it. I guess it’s like watching a train wreck – it’s horrible, but you can’t look away. Anyway, if the producers would run a disclaimer at the beginning of the show saying something like “Notice: the following hour will be painful if you’re a real biker because the cast will do everything ass-backwards,” then it would be a lot better for everyone. Maybe then the LDs and producers could explain things like allowing a camera into church, turning on a founding member when he steps down from the pres position, having a member with a cop-wife, letting a brother get on a bike and have an accident even though everyone knew he’d been drinking a lot, having an obvious she-male in the VP position, and allowing cameras to roll during a felonious assault. Ah well, I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath hoping they’ll market this train wreck as an educational tool.

  37. bob Says:

    everybody everywhere is a cautionary tale for somebody some-fuckin-where(yeah,channelling Kerouac;”it’s an anywhere road,man”.)

  38. 10guage Says:


    It doesn’t matter to me the samantics of whos privacy he was invading. The fact is he was trolling around with his camera like the rest of these paparazzi jerk offs. I believe in journalism and have more than one friend who makes a living with a camera, but this prying eye paparazzi shit has gone way too far. So he got stomped… Who gives a fuck?

    Say cheese,

  39. Screwdriver Says:

    Peckerwoods MC Help a Brother Out!
    Go to website, enter and go to shop online. You will find a donation button.
    Thanks for your Support!

  40. Doc Jones Says:

    Swampy……Good point about Charles. When I think about it, there’s not one member of the Laffing Devils that I would have felt safe with when I was involved in crime. I don’t see any of them holding their mud even in a petty situation. It also seems to me that these days they have a big target on their back. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are being taxed and at some point they give up whatever it is that they are trying to do.

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  41. Phuquehed Says:

    @Doc Jones – You nailed it there – they have no clue what they’re trying to do. Just another group of morons who sold their pathetic lives to hollywierd for a few dollars, 26 people around the world ‘love the show!’ and they figure they now have fans and they feel that makes them a real somebody.

    I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep at night *knowing* my every move was nothing but a lie and bullshit phoniness…but that’s just me, heh.

  42. Glenn S. Says:

    Tooj says: “No offense folks, but I think I’ll stay slickbacked. I figure fairly soon I’ll be the minority…”

    Maybe that’s the idea behind these shows. Make the clubs look like a bunch of inept, stupid assholes and nobody worth a shit will want to join any of them. I am soooo understanding why the well-established clubs insist on vetting every group of bikers that want to form a club.

    Best wishes to Dago Peckerwood. Maybe his lawyer can think of a way to use this latest incident in his defense, maybe to show a pattern of law enforcement bias.

  43. RIDEZ Says:

    @ 10gage

    “It doesn’t matter to me the samantics of whos privacy he was invading. The fact is he was trolling around with his camera like the rest of these paparazzi jerk offs. I believe in journalism and have more than one friend who makes a living with a camera, but this prying eye paparazzi shit has gone way too far. So he got stomped… Who gives a fuck?

    Say cheese,

    You are such a biggot! You claim only paparazzi “troll around with a camera” and you never took into account that this happened in the GASLAMP QUARTER, downtown San Diego where hundreds of people “troll around with cameras” on a daily basis. You also claim to “believe” in journalism and have “friends who make a living with a camera” (which sounds vaguely as believable as “some of my best friends are black/Asian/Hispanic” or any other excuse used by biggots and racists to justify their world views.) Do you think journalists come with a vest that says “journalist” on it? In today’s day and age of citizen journalism, when almost everyone has a camera on their phone and news websites use more and more footage taken by “regular citizens” your old-world views of a journalist, I presume with a Fedora and a press card stuck in it, are, well, old-fashioned.

    “So he got stomped… Who gives a fuck?” I’ll tell you who gives a fuck. Society. Bikers included. Anyone that believes in freedom of expression (the same freedom of expression that allows jerks like you to post here). Journalists like Aging Rebel that have sites like this and that need photos for their sites. The photographer himself surely gives a fuck and so does his family, his doctors and his attorneys. Anyone who believes in right and wrong gives a fuck. Because in their world people don’t just beat other people up.
    You don’t give a fuck because your a bad-a$$. We know you are. You don’t need “low life” photographers taking YOUR photo. We get that too. But when a so-called MC commits felony on national TV it gives YOU a bad name. Or maybe a worse name than the one you already have. Every citizen will look at EVERY BIKER, including your sorry a$$ as a potential felony-commiting-beat-up-anyone-I-like group of people. Forget charity work – that’s the ONLY image you will have.

    Your comments prove that you are no better than these clowns (the LAFFING DILDOS) and that you too are willing to commit crimes for what you assume is “wrong.” I just hope cameras are rolling when you do so so that your a$$ can be thrown in jail so you can think a little longer and a little harder about whats right and wrong, and about “was it worth it.” Tell DAGO PECKERWOOD how bad-a$$ you are. Let’s see what happens then. Maybe he’ll have a camera in his hand when you do so. Maybe then you’ll “give a fuck.”

    I suggest you keep your comments to yourself. You’ve made enough of a clown out of yourself already.

    I will step off my soapbox now.

  44. Gringo Says:

    Is it just me or has the world gone to shit sense they discontinued Quaaludes? Ok back to our regular scheduled programming!

  45. Rebel Says:

    Dear Gringo,

    No 714s, no more nodding out. No nodding out and sleep deprivation just makes the psychotics who run Hollywood worse. The crazier the Hollywood psychotics get, the crazier television gets. The crazier television gets, the crazier the world gets. Don’t let the world get crazier. Take a stand. Give Hollywood psychotics their ludes back!


  46. Gringo Says:

    Never underestimate a good nodd , these days its ibuprofen for me..

  47. Tim Says:

    WE should “BOYCOTT” The fucken show, what the fuck,make their rateings go way down,Its a fucken soap opera.Jive asses.

  48. Tooj Says:

    Glenn S.,

    I can’t really say if I’d be considered “worth a shit”, but I can say that there is nothing about this show that I relate to the MC world in any sort of way. I remain Independent because the LDs aren’t the only ones who thrive on high drama (read: “much ado about nothing”).

  49. Biker Chick Says:

    You guys are full of shit and spreading lots of misinformation here.

  50. Junior Says:

    Recently had some PD sitting across the street (but within the right of way)taking pictures of an event on private property. This always pisses me off and they always say it’s for “timelines”, but this time I decided to dig deeper. What I found was that when you are on public property (sidewalk, street, govt building) anyone can take your picture legally. If you are on private property they must have your permission to take your picture, if they take your picture without your permission, it is illegal for them to keep that picture once you demand they destroy or delete it. Pictures of Trademarked items require permission to photograph as well, whether in public or on private property. Next time fuzz is sitting across the street taking pictures of you on private property, stroll over and demand they delete any and all pictures of you on private property. If they refuse, take a picture of them, get their name, badge # and dept., and if necessary one can file a complaint with their dept. The only rights you have are the ones you stand for beligerently. If we start filing complaints with PD’s about this picture taking stuff, eventually, they will have to stop but not until enough people “call em out” on it -Junior

  51. Junior Says:


    I am one step ahead of you. Dropped my cable and satellite years ago. Cant even stand regular channels much anymore. I recommend the rest of u fukers do the same and get out the house and do something productive instead of planting your arses in front of a box of pretty flashing colors. -Junior

  52. 10Gauge Says:


    That you Ashi? Or are you his ol lady? Biggot? I assume you mean bigot. Very interesting choice of words. Now you’ve really hurt my feelings. Did I hurt yours? Regular citizen journalists…Yes I do know about them. The ones that take pictures on their cell phones. Like the nice citizen journalist that ran his Prius into a pack recently so he could post pictures of the “bikers” on his boob tube account. Please. Freedom of expression is so important to you isn’t it. Ahhh except when I have a differing perspective. Then I am just a jerk. A pretend tough guy right? I assure you I am very real and if you were in my presence you would be more polite. That is just a fact. But here on the internet it doesn’t matter right?

    “The photographer himself surely gives a fuck and so does his family, his doctors and his attorneys. Anyone who believes in right and wrong gives a fuck. Because in their world people don’t just beat other people up”

    Now we get to the meat of the matter. “The doctors and attorneys” Everybody is looking for a payday. What a surprise.

    “Every citizen will look at EVERY BIKER, including your sorry a$$ as a potential felony-commiting-beat-up-anyone-I-like group of people. Forget charity work – that’s the ONLY image you will have.”

    I really hate to burst your bubble but that stupid show is a hit and the morons that love to watch it actually cheered I am sure when you got pummeled on the TV. The public doesn’t give a shit! I already live with that prejudice. Where you and I do agree is this show sucks, and it is bad, and nothing good can come of it.

    Now you should stop pretending. Your last little comment about a member who posts here and is a member of a respected club gives you away. You see no one who truely “RIDEZ” would say something so pathetic and stupid. We live in a world built around RESPECT.

    I still don’t give a fuck about you. You are insignificant. You however should be more appreciative. My comments will generate some additional interest and you will make a few coins. That is why you were walking around with your camera. No thats right its for a more noble cause. Documenting the human condition right? How noble of you.

  53. Rebel Says:

    Dear Biker Chick,

    I am not full of shit and I am not spreading misinformation. Every word in this story is provably true. I did not say, for example, that the reason why the Laffing Devils and the production crew got a pass from the cops on this nationally televized, felony assault was because some members of the club may have ratted out another club or clubs (I have not named the club or clubs) because that widespread allegation is not provably true.) Even though I have heard that allegation from several sources I cannot prove that is true which is why I didn’t state it and am not stating it now except to lend context to the provably true things I did state.

    The facts are that a private citizen, who thinks of himself as a “street photographer,” not as a paparazzo, lawfully stood in a public place and lewfully pointed his camera at a television shoot. He had no idea who the women were or who the production company was. Like everybody else, he never heard of the Laffing Devils. Then he got his ass kicked because he pointed his camera at San Diego’s newest big shots.

    The mystery is why the five people who were video-recorded assaulting him were never charged. As I stated above, there is widespread speculation that the Laffing Devils and this television show are being protected by the San Diego police. Despite that speculation I haven’t seen any proof that that is so but the allegation certainly is plausible. I think it is a matter of public record that Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn’s wife works for that police department. I have also been told that both actors and undercover police officers appeared in episodes of the show this season. You seem to think you are very informed. You tell me. Why have there been no charges filed in this case? How come Deron Jaffe of the Peckerwoods MC got the book thrown at him for allegedly assaulting two members and one associate of the LDMC but the Laffing Devils were not charged?

    What’s up Biker Chick?


  54. Rebel Says:

    Dear Junior,

    All due respect but I think you are wrong. If you are in “plain sight” you are fair game. If a woman strips in front of her picture window I can take a picture of her as long as I don’t trespass and I don’t have to give the photo to her. Right now federal police, not the Army but police, are taking pcitures of everybody from Predator drones. If you are outside you have no “reasonable expectation of privacy.” The police can and do stand accross the street from most biker events and take photos. There is nothing you can do about it.


  55. Rebel Says:

    Dear Biker Chick,

    By the way, I know which Laffing Devil lives in Palm Springs. I haven’t mentioned his name because i don’t know that he has done anything dishonorable or underhanded. But you let him know, if you happen to run into him, that I think it is very rude to accuse me of spreading misinformation. Whether you believe me or not, I have taken it easy on the LDMC. If they don’t want to be news that should stop trying to be news.


  56. Not Surprised Says:

    it is gonna be really hard for me personally, to give a shit about someone being beat up that I have no connection with. That’s just the way it is. It isn’t that I am an unfeeling, unthinking brute, it is that there is so much injustice, I need to limit my reaction to it.

    The photographer in this incident, did nothing wrong, and he gets a kudos from me for the head smack he gave with his camera. He is an adult, and he is a man. He can handle his own shit the way he chooses.

    What i DO give a shit about is the “selective prosecution” of people like the Dago Peckerwoods What I DO give a shit about is the persecution of Diamond Dan Bifield and his wife.

    So to you RIDEZ, branch out a little. You have apparently experienced a minute smattering of what some of us on this board see, live with, and suffer under everyday. I wish Mr Fachler a speedy recovery and would urge him to use his talents in the future to help rectify some of the wrongs discussed in this thread.

    My friend 10 Gauge has an abysmal record of being politically correct. But he is free to call them as he sees them, which he very much does, and for that he has my respect.

  57. RIDEZ Says:

    “That you Ashi? Or are you his ol lady?”
    Nice try bro, but no.

    “Freedom of expression is so important to you isn’t it. Ahhh except when I have a differing perspective. Then I am just a jerk.”

    Yes. And yes, you are just a jerk. You can’t have a differing perspective. Wait. You CAN have. But when your differing perspective is against some law you have to pay the price. You can have a differing perspective on the laws of your MC but you and I both know you’ll pay the price. You can have differing perspectives on the laws passed but pay the price. You can decide that NONE of societies laws apply to you (1%) but pay the price when the man comes knocking on your door.

    “A pretend tough guy right? I assure you I am very real and if you were in my presence you would be more polite. That is just a fact. But here on the internet it doesn’t matter right?”

    I never back down from big talking’ tough guys like you. you think your tough? Come over here. You don’t know what MC I’m in and seem to have no respect for anyone but yourself. You, your MC, your friends, can all swing your dicks in my direction. I’m not impressed. For every tough guy there’s someone tougher. For every tough MC there’s a tougher MC. You don’t know me but talk to me like your my dad and I’m your child. You are a real guy, that’s for sure. Just not real TOUGH guy. Real tough guys don’t hide on the internet. I bet your father beat you so much while demanding “respect” now you think this is the way people talk. Post your real name and address and I’d be happy to be less than polite to your face.

    “The photographer himself surely gives a fuck and so does his family, his doctors and his attorneys. Anyone who believes in right and wrong gives a fuck. Because in their world people don’t just beat other people up”
    Now we get to the meat of the matter. “The doctors and attorneys” Everybody is looking for a payday. What a surprise.”

    Right. According to you the photographer got beat up so that attorneys and doctors can make money. Your view of the world is so full of shit you only see brown. Wake up! After all when you decide to beat me for not respecting you, you will need an attorney to help you get out of the slammer. You think your brothers in the MC will help you get out? They’ll have a fundraiser and raise HUNDREDS of dollars for your defense. Congrats! If you don’t want to help your attorney make money, don’t use one. You show the system! After all your a tough guy! You can take everyone on! You by yourself! You show those mean mean DA’s how tough you really are. Then show the AB how tough you are when they come knocking on your cell door. Show the world! Your one big tough guy!

    “Every citizen will look at EVERY BIKER, including your sorry a$$ as a potential felony-commiting-beat-up-anyone-I-like group of people. Forget charity work – that’s the ONLY image you will have.”

    Some bikers are respected. Some not. I don’t care how people view me but the actions of the LAFFING DILDOS are effecting EVERY biker! EVERY single one! This is not so much how the public views us, its more about the fact that any PIG COPPER may decide its a good day to tell me my helmet isn’t DOT. Or check my documents. Or stop me because I “look” suspicious. The LDs make YOU look bad. Or WORSE than you already look. YOU just don’t get it.

    “Now you should stop pretending. Your last little comment about a member who posts here and is a member of a respected club gives you away. You see no one who truely “RIDEZ” would say something so pathetic and stupid. We live in a world built around RESPECT.”

    You don’t know the meaning of the word RESPECT. Never did. Never will. Respect, brotherhood, and rights are all foreign to you. So the only reason your wouldn’t beat him up is you RESPECT him? I call bullshit. You confuse “respect” and “scared.” Your scared of DAGO PECKERWOOD. You don’t respect him. You’re just scared of him because he’s a bigger and tougher guy than you. I RESPECT HIM. When he had a beef with the LAFFING DILDOS he took care of business. If I could I’d donate to his fundraiser. What did YOU do for someone lately?!

    “I still don’t give a fuck about you. You are insignificant. You however should be more appreciative.”
    You still don’t know me. You assume you do. And like I said, “appreciative” of what? That you LET me comment here? That you didn’t find out who I am and come beat me up? That you let me be in your presence? What exactly am I to be so appreciative about?

    “My comments will generate some additional interest and you will make a few coins. That is why you were walking around with your camera. No thats right its for a more noble cause. Documenting the human condition right? How noble of you.”

    No idea what your talking about bro. No idea.

    I’ll beat up anyone who has it commin’. Photographers don’t have it commin’. I don’t care what you say. Pussys beat up photographers. Not tough guys like you.

  58. bikerchic Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    I have much respect for this forum and the freedom to post opinions and info. I asked that my original post be deleted, which you did not honor. I am speaking solely for myself, out of frustration; and reacted with frustration. I tried to take care of it, given the channels you provided, and you posted it anyway. That said, I am frustrated that there are 3 sides to every story and this forum seems to be heavily tilted toward just one viewpoint. That is all. I prefer to read information with actual resources quoted. I do not condone any illegal action taken by any one – but there are numerous viewpoints and sides and with the internet, opinions get posted and reposted as fact. The truth can be known, I suppose, by only those who were involved. Thanks for taking the time. Again, I am speaking only for myself.

  59. RIDEZ Says:

    See Rebel’s response to Biker Chic: “The facts are that a private citizen, who thinks of himself as a “street photographer,” not as a paparazzo, lawfully stood in a public place and lewfully pointed his camera at a television shoot. He had no idea who the women were or who the production company was. Like everybody else, he never heard of the Laffing Devils. Then he got his ass kicked because he pointed his camera at San Diego’s newest big shots.”

    Maybe he should respect you too? Maybe he shouldn’t post things like this? Maybe you are one of the LAFFING DILDOS and you just don’t like how we turned the heat on to your guys actions. Keep your misinformed a$$ firmly planted on your Corbin seat and quit bugging us with your bullshit. Now ride into the sunset. Quietly please.

  60. Doc Jones Says:

    RIDEZ…..I’ve been around since the early 70’s and while I respect your right to your opinion, I just don’t see what’s the big deal with camera guy getting lumped up. I also think that it’s embarrassing to have your lumped up face posted on a site like this or anywhere for that matter. Hell, I’ve had my share of lumps and have also given a few. Big deal, who cares? It just is.

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  61. Rebel Says:

    Dear bikerchic,

    I am sorry I did not see your request for a deletion before I replied to your comment. Once I take the time to reply to a comment, as a rule I do not delete the comment. I will if I like you and know you. I did not this time. I thought your comment was rude. I also thought you raised the issue of my credibility. And, since you probably said what numerous Laffing Devils fans think, I thought it was an appropriate opportunity to respond to those television zombies.

    Let this be an example to you.


  62. bikerchic Says:

    It was rude, and I am sorry. Lesson learned. And please don’t think I was questioning your credibility; I was not. I was reacting without thought to the many opinions that are then taken as fact. Thanks again for the forum.

  63. 10Gauge Says:


    I dont worry about paying the price. Never. The way you swing back and forth between having me locked up and kicking my ass gives me a headache. The way you name drop and pick fights with motherfuckers you do not know.. shows you are either stupid or niave.

    By the way…come over to where? Im in Nor Cal and easy to find.

    I will NEVER be your “BRO”

  64. Rebel Says:

    Dear bikerchic,

    You are clear with me. Next up, a story just for you and other biker chicks.


  65. Red&Gold Says:

    I do not have an opinion on this…to be honest, I never made it through one episode…But it seems from what I read here some photographer was taking photos of all the camera men taking moving photos, and a prospect smacked the guy taking photos, of the people taking moving photos, because the photographer was taking photos of the people that the camera people were taking moving pictures of???? Ummm…okay….

  66. Tooj Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    Not once have I seen you post anything near the definition of bias. You would then have to say that a Chicago sports writer has a literary bias by reporting about the Chicago Cubs by not reporting about every single angle to the perceived complexities of a baseball game. Or that a Dr. has a bias because he/she writes medical journal summaries concerning medical procedures.

    The word I’m searching for: perspective. Writing from a perspective in an honest and factual manner.

    Unlike you, I can very eloquently step on my d*** in nearly any real life social situation or social media outlet. So if “You guys are full of shit and spreading lots of misinformation here.” includes me, so be it. I don’t recall doing that to someone who goes by bikerchic or bikerchick by way of any commentary.

    It was said in the past that a room full of chimpanzees with typewriters could eventually produce the works of Shakespeare. Thanks to the internet, we now know that this is not true.

  67. Bill Says:

    This is one of the most nuanced and complex threads ever. Photo guy gets thumped by bogus prospect on National TV, and half the not-a-cop-callers are already feverishly writing up the prosecution’s case. Prospect’s bogus “club” is so intensely disrespected it’s wished they’d receive some proper societal “justice”. A Peckerwood’s tangle with said club has brought just that down on him, and the gallery calls “foul”, wants the bogus club to pay the same for thumping photo guy. Then someone jumps in with, basically, “screw the photographer”, which is a whole other angle, that touches a sympathetic nerve among many. However, to his defense, though still opposed to the bogus club, comes another opinion. There are battles here within battles. The only consensus is the all around contempt for the LDs. A few years back here in the SF Bay Area, someone rear-ended an erratic driver on a local busy freeway. Turns out the car in front had a small white dog more or less at the wheel, and when the pissed off guy in the car behind, who was about to be charged with this accident became aware of the cause of it all, he snatches FiFi from the loving grasp of the horrified owner and tossed it to its death onto the roadway. This freaked out the whole Bay Area for a few weeks, and at first I could only think what a hideous brute this guy must be. Then, when I glanced through the comments thread of the first article about it I saw, I was greeted with “Fuck little white dogs”, and somehow the universe seemed back in balance again.

  68. (btb) back to basics Says:

    Let’s get back to the issues of the article. Fact… (1) The laffin devils are nothing more then a TV show MC now. We in the MC community do not even recognize or acknowledge them anymore. (2) Deron (who I know and call my friend) is facing some serious charges and has incurred a lot of expense over this whole thing. Who’s at fault? You decide. The cops and DA will continue to pursue him and the rest of the Woods. They’ve had it out for their club from day one. Some of us will be there to support him though this ordeal. (3) The camera guy was well within his rights taking pictures. Which leads us to a very important point that all should know and be conscious of…. No-one has a right to privacy in public. That includes taking pictures or audio recordings. Which leads us to point (4). The camera guy was assaulted which means charges should have been filed against those committing the assault. I know with my “criminal” record, if I was the one committing the assault, I would be held without bail and unquestionably back in prison.

  69. HLVNVMC Says:


    “You don’t know what MC I’m in and seem to have no respect for anyone but yourself.”

    “After all when you decide to beat me for not respecting you, you will need an attorney to help you get out of the slammer.”

    I’m having some difficulty reconciling these two statements (unless your in a cop club). Hmmmm

  70. Not Surprised Says:


    Uou are baaically full of shit lol

  71. swampy Says:

    “You guys are full of shit and spreading lots of misinformation here.”

    Biker Chick, where do you get YOUR INFORMATION from? Lapping Dildos facebook page? Come on, princess, put down the nail polish and safely pull over to the side of the road, take out your Iphone/Ipad and INFORM us.

    RIDEZ, if that is even your correct name/handle/a.k.a.(here we go with those “z” ending words again). 10GAUGE is entitled to express his opinion – just as you are. However, your’re the one who has been OVERLY disrespectful to him, his comments and opinion.

    “You, your MC, your friends, can all swing your dicks in my direction.” – posted by RIDEZ – June 26th, 2012 at 2:33 p.m.

    RIDEZ, it is a crime to solicit your ass, for sex, over the internet.

    “You don’t know what MC I’m in.” – same post as above.
    Does “your MC” know that your’re trying to start shit? I call bull shit. Your’re trying to “bait” someone.

    How would I have handled it?….can’t say….I’m not Charles. I know one thing; I wouldn’t have come out of it, legally, as WELL as ol’ Charles. I’m like most everyone else. I wouldn’t even have known/heard of these LD fools if it wasn’t for that for shit tv show.

  72. JIM666 Says:

    HLVNVMC Says:
    June 26th, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    “You don’t know what MC I’m in and seem to have no respect for anyone but yourself.”

    “After all when you decide to beat me for not respecting you, you will need an attorney to help you get out of the slammer.”

    I’m having some difficulty reconciling these two statements (unless your in a cop club). Hmmmm
    @ HLVNVMC Thats exactly what i was thinking, when i read this comment to 10 G

    RIDEZ says,If I could I’d donate to his fundraiser. Well RIDEZ heres your answer to that,”
    help the man out,
    Now if these fucks would just go away things could be restored to normal
    oh yea “FUCK LITTLE WHITE DOGS”, maby that,ll help,,

  73. RK Says:

    Damn, I hit the road for a couple days and missed all the excitement.

  74. Caretaker Says:

    Ok,tried to keep my mouth shut but I just can’t anymore…
    Ridez-shut up and go away. Period.

    Bikerchick-unless you’re swingin on a pole,go away. Unless you’re planning on sticking something in it,keep your mouth shut.

    Ldmc-get fucked

    There,that’s bound to piss someone off. To all the regulars,trolls excluded,respects.

    Back to my irish coffee,

  75. Caretaker Says:

    Almost forgot…

    Dago peckerwood-
    Good luck and my support.



  76. Junior Says:

    You are correct, when in public spaces where you are lawfully present you have the right to photograph anything that is in plain view.

    When I stand on the private side of the public/private property line, I do it for a reason. That reason is because I do expect privacy when I am on private property. If I didn’t want privacy or didn’t expect privacy I could easily walk about 30 or 40 feet and cross over to the public right of way, but I ususlly don’t.

    Drones taking pictures from above is fairly new and theres probably no higher court rulings on this issue yet. If the air above my property is public property then I guess the same would hold true, but I dont like it. Next time I see a drone flying around my neck of the woods I think that may be a good time to work on my marksmanship skills once again. -Junior

  77. Gringo Says:

    Wow! I’m seeing the future winner of the Darwin award!

  78. Junior Says:

    To gringo:
    su proceso de pensamiento es jodido. Battled govt & bureaucrats since they robbed my family when i was an 11 year old boy, but I got my revenge on govt. In recent times sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but I can always hold my head high knowing that I did the right thing! Authority thinks it knows what is best for me, but I don’t need a big brother. I know the difference between right and wrong, and don’t need any fucking body telling me what to do. Do you?

    If you encounter an unmanned aircraft above your property, how do you know that it isn’t there to kill you? How would you know if it has the ability to fire on you or not? In that case, most people, myself included, would have a genuine concern for their own safety and life and would have no choice but to eliminate the threat. You strike me as the type that would see the drone and think to yourself “o, its not here to harm me, its just taking pictures”.

    Don’t appreciate you telling me that I’m a suicidal idiot deserving of a morons Darwin award because I want to take on corrupt government. Fuck you and Fuck Government! If more people would turn off the goddamn TV and take on corrupt govt instead of hiding in their perceived “safe house”, this country would be a better place. Those who ridicule others who don’t waste their time, and do stand up against corrupt government don’t deserve to live in this country.

    Gringo, How much television do you watch in any given day? I watch NONE, fucking ZERO, haven’t watched a television program in several weeks. Where do you direct your free time? Do you prefer to be entertained, or do you prefer the more difficult challenge of gaining knowledge?

    I cherish my liberty and yours. I have put my life on the line defending this apathetic nation of ingrates. If my liberty is threatened again, I have no problem putting my life on the line, again. Your comment leads me to believe that you are one of the ungrateful apathetic types who overvalues his own existance. Ungrateful for my sacrifice to this country and unappreciative of my strong desire to eliminate big corrupt government, and too apathetic to rise to the challenge and lead.

    “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams


  79. Gringo Says:

    Junior be sure to have your sister/wife video tape your heroic stand from a safe distance when you start plinking away at a gooberment drone , it will be YouTube gold , I’m pretty sure I seen something similar once it was with Wyle E Coyote and an ACME rocket , but go for it your results may very you fuckin idiot..

  80. Caretaker Says:

    Can’t we all just get along? Dayum…


  81. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to Caretaker….

    Thanks man. You made me laugh. I hadn’t done yet today.

  82. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to Caretaker….

    I forgot the word “THAT” between done & yet.

  83. Junior Says:

    You still havent answered the question: If you encounter an unmanned aircraft above your property, how do you know that it isn’t there to kill you? How would you know if it has the ability to fire on you or not?

    O, thats right, you are the guy that sees the drone and thinks to himself “that things not here to harm me, its just here to take pictures, look honey, isnt that cool”.

    I may be an idiot, but at least I’m not GRINGO!


  84. BadMagic Says:


    A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Find out just what the people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.
    — Frederick Douglass, civil rights activist, Aug. 4, 1857

    And obviously,

    Bodily decay is gloomy in prospect, but of all human contemplations the most abhorrent is body without mind.
    Thomas Jefferson

  85. Tooj Says:

    Living not far from the gated community called Leavenworth (you must be indicted to be invited), I got helos flying over my place all the damn time. Wonder if .308 rounds would change the pattern or invite trouble? LMAO

  86. Junior Says:

    For Gods sake, and at all costs, don’t do anything that would invite trouble, we wouldn’t want to cause any problems now would we. …Cant we all just get along. [Geez] .

  87. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Fuck little white dogs? Yuck.

    YYZ Skinhead (I think that may be anatomically impossible)

  88. Grumbler Says:

    @Caretaker – Am a British Subject (Canada), and got to say this is the first time I’ve seen A.C.A.B. aka All Coppers Are Bastards posted here. Unfortunately, whenever I used British slang like, say, gormless twit, nobody knew WTF I was saying. Heh. Respects.

  89. stroker Says:

    Not that I’m any kind of expert on the subject, but from what little I read, them fucking drones generally fly pretty high, and you usually can’t see ‘em. Somebody from Iraq/Afghanistan weigh in here…..could anybody seriously take a shot at these things and have any expectation of taking one out with the closet armament most of us have? I ‘spect you’d have to have a radar guided 50 cal to even get close, and even that would be problematic. But then again, what do I know?! The only thing me and the drones have in common, is sometimes I fly pretty high too.

  90. Caretaker Says:

    Where in canada? Might be migrating to toronto soon…


  91. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Caretaker and Grumbler,

    ACAB is a common acronym among skinheads and punks as well. The (English) skinhead band the 4-Skins said it a lot.

    Grumbler, I wasn’t aware you were Canadian. You must be hot and sexy then. B-D You probably know where I got my screenname.

    YYZ Skinhead

  92. Tooj Says:

    (Note to self: do not drink beverages while reading comments.)

    Three things:

    1) My granddad (RIP) fired upon a drone. Hit it. Never heard jack. Wonder how often that happens?

    2) Guys like you, Junior, are necessary. You got me off the ledge, man.

    3) Skinhead, it is anatomically possible and don’t ask how I know.

    thanks folks, I’m doing three shows a night…

  93. Grumbler Says:

    @Caretaker – Was born and raised in West Vancouver, BC near the Calipano Suspension Bridge. Family migrated to Carmel, CA when I was 9. Respects.

  94. Grumbler Says:

    @YYZ Skinhead – actually, have no clue how you got your name. My oldest daughter is totally immersed in the punk rock culture, and her BF owns a concert venue, The Shredder, with pool table (coffin hanging above), video games and skateboard ramp in Boise, ID. I’d think that I’m more like a stallion put out to pasture these daze. lol

  95. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Don’t worry, I am afraid to ask.


    YYZ is the airport code for Pearson airport in TO. My second fav band Rush wrote a kickass jazz instrumental called “YYZ”. It took me this side of forever to figure out that it is pronounced “Why Why Zed” and not “Why Why Zee”.

    YYZ Skinhead

  96. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    I forgot to add that I very much want to live in BC. I have been to some states I really dug, but I couldn’t imagine living where I couldn’t see all the stars above the Pacific and smell that fresh sea fog. My first long ride on my future trike shall be up the 101 to The City at night.

    YYZ Skinhead

  97. Junior Says:

    Tooj: Great post. -Junior

  98. RVN69 Says:

    Well, go away for a long ride and all kinds of shit happens.

    Ridez: We can all have different opinions about if the photog should have gotten his ass beat, I don’t know him so it is hard for me to feel any sympathy. Further no real patchholder here is saying that they would call the cops, what they are doing is pointing out in various ways the total hypocisy of that guy catching a beating on national TV and no one being charged with anything, and Deron Jaffe having a confrontation with 3 LD’s with no reports of any ass whupping and getting hammered with gang enhancement charges along with all the other bullshit charges. If you can’t understand that I don’t know what else to say.

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both”.

  99. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Good to see you back. Was worried about you.

    YYZ Skinhead

  100. sled tramp Says:

    My uncle got fed up and moved to Whistler,Canada 40 years ago.Loved it till the day he died.If I may,try moving to Portland or SeaTac for a year,get used to the weather.What’s all this about Canadian guys? Really……gee, I feel soooo inadequate now.My California surfer self ain’t never gonna be the same…..

  101. Caretaker Says:

    Where ya been,man? Ya missed some good shit here…


  102. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Sled Tramp,

    When I went to Seattle it rained most of the time I was there. Of course I love rain, so I would fit right in except for wondering what Mt Rainier is going to do.

    I think there is something in Canadian air that makes Canuck guys sexy. Most likely, pot smoke. Mmmmm…Canadian weed…

    YYZ Skinhead

  103. Phuquehed Says:

    I got all this shit beat…$117 for a tiny bottle of pills, two small bottles of a liquid antibiotic and $15 in gas to get two puppies from slowly croaking from starvation by a parasite called coccidia(sp?) that the friggin’ vet said she’d never seen so many in a single drop on a slide under a microscope in her 21 years of practice.

    I’m so fucking pissed off I could beat a few lapping dildos! Oh, wait…they need it just for GP!

  104. Doc Jones Says:

    Phuquehed……..Sounds like you had one hell of a day!! I’m old and tired but if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to tag along with you and slap a few lapping dildos myself. I need to feel young again. Just for GP of course!!

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  105. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    RVN69 Says:
    June 27th, 2012 at 4:57 pm
    “Well, go away for a long ride and all kinds of shit happens.”

    You got that right. Glad to see you back!

  106. swampy Says:

    RVN69, glad to see your’re back. I have missed your insightful comments. Hope all is well.

    With the highest regards and respect,

  107. Junior Says:

    phuquehead: I probably sound like a fuckin know it all, but o well, …beside studying a fucking lot i raise goats & dogs too, next time just use ivermectin paste or syrup available at any tractor supply store or any local feed & seed. I use an equine ivermectin paste on my puppies and in that concentration it only requires about a pea size amount for a puppy, the whole tube treats a 1500 lb horse and it costs about 4 dollars. Ivermectin is what those doctor types call a broad spectrum dewormer good for dogs, sheep, goats, horse & cattle. Be careful not to overdose, its hell on their nervous system if u do. -Junior

  108. Junior Says:

    tooj & gringo seem a little strange. They smell foul & squeel often. -Junior

  109. Doc Jones Says:

    RVN69 and RK……welcome back!! I love this site!! When Phuquehed mentioned an issue, Junior was quick to offer help. The regs on this site are very supportive of each other. Even though most of us only know each other from our posts, there seems to be a tighter bond than the Laffing Dildos and there so called brotherhood. I bet T-DOGG is scratching his fleas wondering why we continue to give each other respect and support while his so called brothers threw him under the bus. What a great job Rebel did putting this site together. Who would have thought that this site would evolve into what it is today? Thanks and much respect to Rebel!!

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  110. Snow Says:

    @ phuquehead
    what Junior said is true, Ivermectin is the active ingredient in most all wormers that vets use, including heart worms. It’s available without prescription at any feed (agriculture) store and costs a third of what the vets charge for it. I used to raise bulldogs and used the cattle version for over 20 years with no worm problems. Good luck with the puppies.

  111. Snow Says:

    What Doc said, lol. Ride safe, ride free

  112. Glenn S. Says:

    RVN69! Great to hear from you again. As usual, you’ve cut to the heart of the matter, that the problem is not that some citizen got his ass beat, but that law enforcement operates under a double standard.

    I’m not sure the court will allow this to be used in Dago Peckerwood’s case, but it might be used to show that the television show’s decision makers, acting in conjunction (conspiracy) with the laffing devils and LEO, have encouraged and sought out conflict between the laffing devils and others to promote the television show and add to the plot; that the citizen and Dago Peckerwood were both unknowing victims of the production company’s efforts to make the show more interesting. This would lay the foundation for questions posed, under oath, to LEO regarding what sort of agreements exist between the production company and LEO, and who within the law enforcement aparatus is involved. Are the show’s producers acting as agents of LEO in an effort to stir shit up and then arrest selected parties? Is LEO acting as agents of the producers to grant de facto immunity to the laffing devils, and to take their side in conflicts, so that the made-for-televion “MC” will feel free to start shit?

    I’ve seen cases where just asking questions that might prove embarresing to LEO and monied interests prompts prosecutors and courts to dismiss charges.

    Doc Jones said: ” Even though most of us only know each other from our posts, there seems to be a tighter bond than the Laffing Dildos and there so called brotherhood.”

    I agree, and am honored to be amongst you.

  113. Phuquehed Says:

    @Doc Jones – I bet you’re not much older than me, even if you’re a Vietnam Vet (all the ones I know are still kickin’ around pretty damn well and they only average about 8 years older than me, some as much as 13 though too) plus I’m a gimp, in a bad way, but it still don’t stop me from doin’ what needs to be done at times, so I think it’d be a blast if the two of us ol’ timers smacked one or two of those jagoff’s around and then went and tossed down a few beers afterward.

    @Junior and Snow – Yeah, I used to raise and train horses too, and know about the ivermectin (though I usually killed worms in the horses the ol’timey way by giving them a ppouch of Redman chew). Problem is these parasites, the coccidia, aren’t worms…some wierd kind of parasite. It doesn’t react to ivermectin (or at least the vet said so, I trust her, she’s a good one). Her biggest concern at first was that all the symptoms are extremely similar to distemper, but when she saw the coccidia, she knew it was okay and not distemper. Soon as I heard ‘coccidia’ though, I asked if this means my flock of chickens is gonna be dead in the morning and she said coccidia doesn’t cross species though almost every species has a form of coccidia that can attack it.

    Ain’t this some wierd shit…talkin’ puppies and chickens now in here when we were raggin’ those lapping dildos to hell and back?

    I’m with the rest of ya though, in believing that if the greater part of all who post in here were to get together, it’d be one hell of a good time and I’d bet good money not a one of us would worry about anyone coming up on our back to fuck us over in any way. I think too though that it’s *mainly* because of the age of many of us and how we grew up and what we grew up around and how we learned things about our fellow man and all. The younger of us don’t have the same priviledge we had, which is a shame, but there are at least quite a few that *are* trying to learn from us older ones the way it was and they’re doing pretty damn good at ‘carrying on’ the old, good and *right* ways of things.

  114. Tooj Says:

    Strange – check.
    Smells bad – check.

    Well, two out of three ain’t bad Junior.

  115. Grumbler Says:

    @YYZ Skinhead – A startling number of relatives and family friends relocated from Vancouver to Victoria or nearby on Vancouver Island. It’s the so-called banana belt of Canada. I’d like to visit Kamloops again as it’s a pretty cool town. The Hope, Kamloops, Banff, and Radium Junction loop is amazing, and that’s how we eventually discovered Idaho on way back to CA. You could hit www dot city-data dot com/forum/canada … good info.

  116. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Lemmie in on this…
    After you are finished with your anti-biotic/ deworming therapy. Make sure that you give your dog some probiotics. THose are good bacteria that are needed to re-seed the GI-Tract. What they do is fortify the immune system, prevent diarhea and are needed in nutrient absorbtion. They also help prevent bad bacteria from establishing a colony in the GI Tract. You see, Anti-biotics and Dewormers are the napalm of medicines. They not only kill the bad bugs. They also kill the good bugs. Often, after deworming or antibiotics use. Animals, get sick again from other organisms of opportunity.
    You guys arent the only ones with an animal background….

  117. swampy Says:

    Junior, I see you know your livestock pretty well. I raise Nigerian Dwarfs and I DON’T bother with pasturization; I just keep conditions clean and never had problems with Mastitus. I get my eggs from my Buff Orpingtons – free range. I have a few large pecan trees. I bought a little distilation unit for pecan oil and such. Yes, Ivermectin will take care of both internal and external parasites as well. Of course, as you stated, be careful of dosage, espceially with pregnant does, etc.

    Vikingtrotter, goats require a little copper(oxide) in their diet. It helps with a little “natural” deworming. I hate taking anti-biotics and drink a little buttermilk for the good bacteria.


    I wonder what motorcycle would be a good “platform” for hydrogen? Victory? Motous?

    With the highest regards and respect,

  118. sled tramp Says:

    Now there’s a coincidence…..I also know livestock quite well.Unfortunately,since the uh…”incident”, my attorney advises me not to say how well….

  119. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Found this site a few days ago… Rebel, I greatly enjoy your no-nonsense journalism and provocative topics. I am also enjoying the forum, and the wealth of experience, knowledge, and humor demonstrated therein.

    I live in Dago, and the show has touched quite a few lives in a not-so-positive way. Most unfortunately, perhaps – and this is just hypothesizing without any specific knowledge of how the show came into being – that the LDMC may not have had any idea what the impact of signing on for the show would actually be. Regardless, it is what it is. I can only hope, for them, that it was worth it. Sadly, I sincerely doubt that is the case.

    I had wrongfully assumed that the scene in the Gaslamp Quarter was a “staged for TV” event, and am dismayed to learn otherwise. I am an OL (and a lifetime rider in my own right) and think (again, my own opinion) that being an “ambassador” in public means less likelihood of having to “regulate” in private. That said, it is apparent that the filming of the show changed the way Dago does business… Or perhaps that change-of-business is only limited to SDPD.

    Just wanted to stop lurking for a moment and take the time to relate my appreciation for you, Rebel, and for the folks in the forum. Ride safe, all.

  120. TigGirl Says:

    I’m having flashbacks to my other life with all this agri-talk. I was the girl who had to do the first livestock castration/dehorn/docking, etc. for each Ag class.. The teacher, who was also the long time family friend, figured that he would avoid having to deal with city boys barfing if he had me show them a girl could do it. I’ve wormed a few horses, sheep, pigs, calves & goats too.

  121. swampy Says:

    Sled Tramp, here’s some “hands free” advice: Tie the chicken’s legs to the belt loops on your jeans – nothing like that dying quiver. Just funnin’ ya a little.

    With the highest regards and respect.

  122. swampy Says:

    TigGirl, ain’t nothing like a woman that can rope, ride and shoot!

  123. Vikingtrotter Says:

    By the way, did I tell you that I make my own beer and with the spent grain I then use it to bake my own bread…….How’s that for Man-crafting…….Tigirl, sounds like you were an Animal Science grad too…I also grew up on a commercial farm and I am happy that i’m not in that life now. Too many gub’ment regs for me.
    I remember docking, castrating sheep,goats and cattle back in school and at home.

  124. Caretaker Says:

    I don’t wanna know… Seriously…

    Where ya been?

    Love the show idea :) I reccomend an s&s with alcohol conversion. Buddy of mine got his bike runnin off whiskey doin that…


  125. Doc Jones Says:

    First patch I ever worn was for the Future Farmers of America!! We were tougher than the Dildos!!

  126. TigGirl Says:


    I’m still around, just been quiet & haven’t gotten to travel much lately. My bro-in-law Rick tha Dick died a few months ago & that kinda knocked the wind outta my sails.

    I like the show idea too, but methane gas is knarly. My first year of college was paid in part by shoveling chicken shit. Literally shoveling a ton every evening. I didn’t get many dates my freshman year. Speaking of beltloops…there was this one old farm worker who wasn’t allowed in the chicken barns anymore…something about loss prevention.

    Doc Jones, FFA…yep.

  127. Caretaker Says:

    Sorry to hear it. But late,but my condolences. Gotta try methane…


  128. Snow Says:

    Well hell all this ag talk is giving me flash backs, wait not those kind,lol. I have an assorted flock of chickens, Peking Ducks and a cage full of New Zealand rabbits. Maybe looking for a dual purpose goat or 2 soon. I’m with TigGirl, always plenty of methane gas floating around here, good for the heart, lol. I wore an FFA patch too, Future Fuckers of America, Hell Yea, lol

  129. sled tramp Says:

    My wife was riding bareback broncs and Brahma bulls when I met her.I explained that I considered bull riding an act of assisted suicide and that a coworker of mine at the time had broken his neck twice bulldogging.She pointed out I had parachuted in the service.I pointed out a parachute goes bad once and doesn’t chase you around the arena and stomp you into the ground multiple times.
    I stand by my case.I’d prefer a HALO jump anytime.
    Regarding farm animals…apparently chicks in a petting zoo have more than one meaning.Who knew? I won’t even get INTO dual purpose goats….

  130. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Sled Tramp,

    I still want to ride bulls but I have no idea how to start.

    Dual-purpose goats? I thought they were sheep. Sheep apparently have a multitude of uses.

    YYZ Skinhead

  131. swampy Says:

    sled tramp, bull riders are crazy. I got knocked cold just trying to ride saddle broncs. I still have the scar, it’s right next to the one from the deposit long-neck bud bottle from the seventies.

    Caretaker, yes, alcohol is a great gas – runs cooler & burns cleaner. However, I’ve done BIG oil’s dirty work for them and I know why we don’t have it. I was joking about the hydrogen. I had a little accident with a balloon filled to about the size of a tennis ball with oxygenated hydrogen. That’s more than the amount it takes to make one side of your face baby butt smooth….believe me…lol!

    With the highest regards and respect,

  132. Snow Says:

    Dual purpose as in milk and meat you sick bastards, lol…..

  133. TigGirl Says:

    Unless it’s angora goats, then it’s meat or hair ’cause they are so friggin scitzy, nobody would want to milk them anyway.

    Caretaker, Thank you.
    Much Respect,

  134. jrnr Says:

    sled tramp Says:
    Now there’s a coincidence…..I also know livestock quite well.Unfortunately,since the uh…”incident”, my attorney advises me not to say how well….

    Now that’s fuckin priceless! LMFAO



  135. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Holy crap! I wore that blue cordoroy FFA jacket with pride! It was my first Patch-in! .lol,…………this is too funny.

  136. Vikingtrotter Says:

    I had a scary hang up on a bull back in the 90’s. I got hung up and stomped on and tore up my chest and dislocated my shoulder….Still havent recovered fully from it…..

  137. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Too funny… wore the Blue & Gold proudly in high school too, including a stint as an officer. Now my kids are “legacy” members with jackets of their own.

  138. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Im college I was an FFA judge, on cattle, swine and equine.

  139. sled tramp Says:

    Whadaya mean sick? Why just the other day,my daughter came up to me”Dahahahahahahdyy”. To which I replied,”Oh ewe….”
    Family first.

  140. Doc Jones Says:

    I was parlimentarian and reporter in FFA. I rasied sheep and crops. Come to think about it, a couple of lambs came out totally weird…….Sled Tramp……..were you around Dixon CA in the late 60’s?? Something fishy going on!!

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  141. Snow Says:

    @ sled tramp

  142. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Maybe there should be an FBA. Future Bikers of America…….In order to train the next gen’ on “The ways of the Biker”…

  143. Phuquehed Says:

    Was a wrangler for a few years and have plenty of stories. Only a few though about how I got hurt from cattle. One time (to skip the long story) the guy helping me hold down a ape-shit crazy heifer, spooked and let her head go. Heifer suddenly has ability to move and jumps up. Other guy is already over the fence and up on a trailer. Heifer turns at me the split second she’s up and chrges me just as I’m not quite standing…right into the 4-strand barbed-wire fence. I’m now on my side and the heifer is now raking my back, back and forth on the fence line. Somehow I happen to see the lasso is still on her but now wrapped somehow and I see that my right leg is under a wrap on her belly and I see the third guy, on the horse, starting to back the horse up to try and pull her off. I yell to not pull the rope! and somehow I get untangled and someone hollers to roll to my left and I do so – it got me out under the bottom strand. My whole back was shredded up pretty bad but not so bad to need hospitalizing. After a minute I was finally able to stand up and my legs were all wobbly but first thing I did was pull out my knife and tried to get over the fence line. The two other guys grabbed me and finally calmed me down enough to get to the nurse and get bandaged up. (fuck…that still turned out long…sorry gang!)

  144. Tooj Says:

    George, and Kenny were driving along in their pickup when they saw a sheep caught in the fence with its hind end up in the air.

    George slams on the brakes, gets out, drops trou and starts going to town on the sheep.

    After a few moments, he stops and says, “Where are my manners? You want some Kenny?”

    Kenny looks around to make sure the coast is clear, thinks a moment, and says, “All right.”

    So George bdends over and sticks his head in the fence.

  145. bigsticknick Says:

    Isn’t this site kind of like “FBA”? I know I have learned a lot reading everyones posts.

  146. sled tramp Says:

    Doc Jones,
    I was across the street at the Milk Farm checking out potential cuties in the neighboring pastures.This was when Dixon was 3 houses and a dawg,not the yuppy tract of today.

  147. Doc Jones Says:

    Sled Tramp……..NICE!! Seems like you know the area. That’s where I went to High School.

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  148. stroker Says:

    OK…OK. Lemme see if I got this straight:

    Sled…………Milk Farm/sheep/dual purpose goats
    Tooj…………Likes sheep (??!!??)
    Junior……….raises dogs and goats
    Doc jones…….FFA/sheep and crops
    Vikingtrotter…FFA Judge/castrated sheep and goats
    Erudite Hillbilly..FFA Officer
    TigGirl……….shoveled chicken shit/castration ag class
    Swampy……….rode saddlebronc raises Nigerian Dwarfs (??really??)
    Snow…………FFA/chicks and rabbits/dual purpose goats

    what should I/we infer from all this? (Don’t tell the LEOs it’s really
    “code words” for our underground nefarious activities!)…..but wait..
    there must be some kind of a connection here…all the abovementioned
    have had experiences with farm animals??! Maybe that’s what all us
    erudite posters (sorry hillbilly) have in common? I mean, maybe our
    stints “down-on-da-farm” has given us our extraordinary skills at
    solving all the problems of our biker micro universe….that must be it!
    We’re all COUNTRY! Hell, I can live with that….ain’t nuthin’ wrong
    with country. And, ok, I was raised on a dairy farm in Connecticut.
    Tig, I bet I’ve shovled more shit than you! Wrung chicken’s necks, shot
    groundhogs, and as for sheep………(no, wait, can’t talk about that ..
    …didn’t happen. NEVER HAPPENED!)

    So…..point is……….uh, WTF, what is the fucking point?! Damn,
    I had it around here somewhere….what’d I do with it?

    Oh well………..

    so………Sled… much for a dual purpose goat?

  149. Phuquehed Says:

    @Stroker – Heh heh…I guess it says we could take care of ourselves if/when the time came. We’d be the badass community takin’ care of our own *and* have bikes still, if we got placed in a ‘Escape from New York’ type deal (the escape from LA sucked!)

  150. Caretaker Says:

    To anyone around seaforth canada-
    Please contact me asap. My 10 yr old step son is missing name’s justin. He took off from foster care an hour ago. Call or text 732 912 0529 asap i’ll send a pic


  151. Grumbler Says:

    @Caretaker – Am sure your 10-year-old stepson will be found within a day or two. Sending good juju your way. Respects.

  152. Bill Says:

    Caretaker: “Missing” kids often hide out somewhere near or even at home. Happened to me once, has happened to others. Hope that’s the case with you.

  153. Bill Says:

    Phuquehed: Nice story, well remembered, easy to see why.

  154. Doc Jones Says:

    Caretaker……Hope all ends well!!

    Stroker………Thanks for that!! I’m still busting up!!

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  155. 10guage Says:


    I ran away more than a few times as a kid, being strong willed like I am. I know that it’s not much comfort to you now. But I am confidant he is fine and will show up soon. Take care.


  156. RVN69 Says:

    Hoping and Praying for the best possible outcome for you and your son. Wish I wan’t 3/4’s of the country away and could do more.

    Respect and Honor

  157. Phuquehed Says:

    It’ll all turn out good, Caretaker, I’m sure of it. And I’m with RVN69 in wishing I too wasn’t so far away so I could help also.

  158. Rebel Says:

    Dear Caretaker,

    I am on the opposite coast but I may be able to do something. Let me know if I can help.


  159. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Prayers for you and your family.

    YYZ Skinhead

  160. Caretaker Says:

    Thanks all,the support is appreciated. Just got a call,cops found him and brought him back to fostercare.

    Respects and thanks,

  161. Square Verbose Doc Says:


    So glad to hear your boy is safe and sound; I hope everything gets worked out for the best.

    From one parent to another.


  162. RVN69 Says:

    Great News

    Respect & Honor

  163. Shyster Says:

    Now that is really good news. God bless your kid Caretaker.

  164. Not Surprised Says:


    Coming to this a bit late, but am truly glad he is back safe and sound. Having been where you are as a father with a kid in some fucking foster home (and not being able to see him), I feel for you.

    I’m sure his “escape” was in large part, wanting to be back “home”. Fucking social services traumatizes more children by taking them out of good homes than parents do IN those homes.

    Step fathers don’t get enough credit. You have my respect

  165. RK Says:

    I’m back, been keeping quiet and enjoying some time with my kiddos. I was on the road picking up my sons from their wicked mother… That cunt kept them away from me for all but 8 days of last year, and has successfully kept them away from me all year until last Friday. That bitch has had the nerve now to take me to court for even more or full custody.. The shit some people have to deal with for their kids is just ridiculous. It makes me want to beat down every dead beat dad I come across…

    Glad to hear your son is safe Caretaker.

    How the fuck did we end up talking about farm animals and whose selling the stump broke goats in the thrify nickel?? Good to be back in touch fellas…


  166. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I know I’m new here as far as commenting, but I have so enjoyed the people who post here. Caretaker, I am so happy to hear your boy has been found safe and sound… So young to just take off like that! He must be a very brave and tenacious young man. I worked in “the system” for many, many years… And I agree with the general consensus here: the system IS the problem. The best of luck to you, Sir.

  167. Phuquehed Says:

    @RK – The person who started the animal shit and double-entendre’s to goats was…(hmmmmm, who to pick on today…) – YYZ Skinhead! (she lives real far away from me and can’t come over and kick my butt! LOL)

  168. Snow Says:

    It’s ok Phuquehed I’ll take my share of the heat, I’m responsible for the goats RK, please forgive me, I promise never to do it again, LMFAO…

  169. sled tramp Says:

    When I met my wife as I mentioned,she was riding rodeo.She seemed to have an inclination for cowboys.I asked her,”Why would you want a guy whose highest aspiration of accomplishment is a 8 second ride?”.
    25 years later…..

  170. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Well, when I read “fuck little white dogs” it made me think of that picture of the guy fucking the chicken while the girl holds its neck, except with one of those glorified rats like Paris Hilton’s. Eeewww. (Cmon, you know you all thought of that pic.)

    YYZ Skinhead

  171. Bill Says:

    Ok, Ok, I first posted the LWD comment. So in a way, I get all the “credit.” But then Phuquehed dropped in with the dog meds and the general animal thing started up. THEN, YYZ weighed in @ the anatomical difficulties involved with a literal application of the “FLWD” thing. THEN, EVERYBODY else showed up with multi-purpose goats, chickens, etc. Best of all I think is Phuquehed’s “ape-shit crazy heifer” tale. And to think it all started with a livestock photog in Dago.

  172. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    P.S. Happy Canada Day to Grumbler and all our other Canadian saloon folks.

    YYZ Skinhead

  173. Junior Says:

    Stroker: great synopsis of the regular posters and their declared AG background.

    I feel fortunte to be part of such a group of fellow bikers&farmer/AG folks.

  174. ~RK Says:

    Looks like I just passed an Alaskan highway post shooting goat blame in every direction for 3700 miles… I love this place… Makes me feel at home…
    Now seriously,…. how bout those stump broke goats? Haha…

  175. Tooj Says:

    Ex-dairy herdsman, and I did a five year stint working with teen sex offenders in a past life.

    Tell you what, they never covered that one on career day in school. The things I heard and the questions I had to ask: “Why did you KILL the goose before you f!$*ed it?”

  176. Doc Jones Says:

    Caretaker………Glad everything turned out OK. I’m all of a sudden working working long hours so I haven’t checked the site lately but I was sure happy to hear your good news!!

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  177. RVN69 Says:

    Thanks to everyone for the welcome back, took a while to do some mental health riding, 6K in 3 weeks. Computer is dying a slow death, Air conditioning took a shit on the hottest day in Georgia in 100 years but I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in.

    This place reminds me of that Toby Keith song “I love this Bar”, I love this place, keep the farm animal tips coming, don’t forget the one about rubber boots and sheep, you put the hind legs in the boots your wearing and they can’t get away. I gotta go look for my old FFA jacket.

  178. Grumbler Says:

    @YYZ Skinhead – Thank you for the Canada Day wishes. Had a brain fart and completely forgot about grabbing a box of canadian maple creme cookies. Had to console myself with a bowl of porridge loaded with brown sugar and warm milk. lol

  179. Snow Says:

    All in good fun and a lot better than wasting our time talking about the limp dildos, welcome back RK, glad everything worked out Caretaker, a late Happy Canada Day to all the Canucks here and aw shit it’s Monday to everybody…..

  180. Tooj Says:

    Another fine method of retribution is “the hungry calf”. Some enforcement personnel would enjoy it too much tho…

    (just another bit o rurality)

  181. viewer Says:

    This show sucks and after reading this it SUCKS MORE !! I hope someone with a brain cancels this BS wanna be show and puts these bastards in jail!!! Not just the guys doing the beating but the fucking show directors and producers as well! You all make me sick!

  182. (btb) back to basics Says:

    To all …. Happy 4th of July. Even with all the obstacles and injustice we are confronted with, I sure love this country. Ride safe.

  183. Diocletian Says:

    I don’t think anyone on this show, or anyone that produces it has the “star power” to keep the cops off of them when a possible unnecessary assault was filmed and broadcast to a national television audience. I agree that the LD are turds, but its possible that this photographer may have instigated it, at least verbally. If thats the case, and if the producers are as careful as they should be, they would have consulted with their lawyers and all that before even showing the fight.

  184. WideGlide Says:


    I think the producers were thrilled they finally had something to show other than a bunch of men whining. A “real” fight with a prospect and all is about the only thing on this show that seemed to be real.

  185. jonny i Says:

    simple… any (alleged) motorcycle club that puts their business on TV is not a real MC. this isn’t some gangland expose pieced together from disgruntled former members and rats… this is a group of douchebags that actually made a CHOICE to be on a reality show (and trust me… my wife works in Hollywood…there is no such thing as a “reality show”)

    good luck to the LDRC… you have no respect for yourselves, so why should I have any respect for you…


  186. Rebel Says:

    Dear jonny i,

    I don’t think the Laffing Devils are members of the Confederation of Clubs in San Diego anymore. They are kind of out there on their own now.


  187. jonny i Says:

    Rebel… i’m shocked… haha!

    keep writing rebel… you keep us informed and at times entertained!


  188. BSA Says:

    I don’t understand how one the laughing devils are not charged for any offense especially when there doing stuff on live t.v apparently,and secondly why other real motorcycle clubs have allowed this to happen and even worse allowed them to be patched without any challenge this would never happen in Australia.

  189. Rebel Says:

    Dear BSA,

    Both the Laffing Devils MC, at the time of the production, and the production company appear to have had suction with the San Diego Police. The Laffing Devils MC is no longer a member of the San Diego Confederation of Clubs.


  190. Black_Widow Says:

    The term isn’t “old ladies” dumbasses, it’s “Ol’ Ladies”, the term “Ol” referring that they are taken, being the wife or girlfriend of the biker, such as how people say “your Ol’ Man” to refer to “YOUR” fater, not “your old man”. Understand shit before you write it up.

  191. The Jug Says:

    Laffing Bitches….er….Devils is not a motorcycle club in any way, shape, or form.

    They are closer to being Real Housewives of San Diego than they are a motorcycle club.

  192. Rebel Says:

    Dear Black_Widow,

    Please tone your shit down.


  193. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to Black_Widow…

    My “Ol’ Lady” is old and I need to remind her of that sometimes. The cool thing is we’ve survived long enough to carry that title. :-)

  194. ghost Says:

    in episode 5 at 30:33 there is a mongol in the dildos clubhouse with his patch blured out a few minutes later rusty coones arrives to serenade the dildos lol fuckin weird

  195. Scott Says:

    The assault seemed uncalled and certainly the bitch smashing the bottle on the guys head wasn’t needed. I’d like to meet ‘Charles’ in a dark alley.’

  196. ghost Says:

    if prospect charles was a real tough guy he would have beat the fucking shit out of gypsy the second he threw that bat down instead of letting 70 pound snubby hold his fat ass back

  197. ghost Says:

    if prospect charles was any kind of real tough guy he would have torn into gypsy the second he threw down the bat inside his own clubhouse instead of letting 70 pound snubz hold his fat ass back

  198. ghost Says:

    which two dildos did the peckerwood assault? why aren’t their real names, and their road names being shouted from the rooftops? if they are rats then people should know, even if they dropped the charges it sounds like the da is gonna run with it because the cops were called in the first place, fuck these jerk offs!! also its not gonna hurt derons case a bit if their names were put out there, at the very least they should be shamed out publicly for getting there cuts pulled by one guy when there was three of them if thats really true then i’m pretty sure my sisters could take their lunch money!! fucking putos

  199. The Truth Says:

    Have you seen this interesting tidbit yet?,0,5856595.story

    It’s just so… Sinister!

    Sorry… too soon? LMAO!

  200. Rebel Says:

    Dear The Truth,

    Like watch a train wreck in slow motion, isn’t it?


  201. ghost Says:


    rebel i remember the very first story you did about the dildos ride..
    you said something to the effect of “if nothing else it will just be another biker show to mock” well here we are a few short months later, and i would say this show, and any and everyone attached to it
    is a “MOCK JACKPOT”!!!!

  202. Stevo Says:

    Both of Gipsy’s faecesbook profiles have vanished…fucking dirty bastard, I hope he get’s what he deserves if it is true.

  203. Paladin Says:

    Well, an individual interviewed in the news report, did say that he was under the impression that Quinn was family oriented.

  204. asshole Says:

    every time i won a fight i got arrested at least until my lawyer fixed it why didn’t they

  205. stroker Says:

    Rebel or anybody seen/heard an update on this show or Quinn?

  206. Grumbler Says:

    @stroker – Nothing new yet although there’s a good article by Northwest Harley Blog dated October 5th about Thomas Quinn. Google “The Laughing Devil Tickle Monster” … BTW, I miss Ferrell’s Donut Shop on Ocean. Looks as if they expanded to 3 stores.

  207. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Word on the street has it they are actively filming season two.

  208. corrupt Says:

    I have a friend who lives down the street from where they are filming. They’re in about the 3rd week of filming at their new “clubhouse” in El Cajon.

  209. sherides Says:

    Anyone have an update on Dago Peckerwood’s case? I am more interested in how he came out in all of this than the next season of the LD’s.

  210. Just Some Guy Says:

    I know I am a bit late in writing a letter here, but as I saw it, Tank ( At the time prospect Charles ) was pushing the nosy man back. Then the guy smacked him in the head FIRST with his camera. Still Tank only shoved and pushed, then one of the girls smashed a glass or bottle on his head… The way I saw it, Tank was the last person to throw punches.

    This was, in my opinion, a case of people cloned from idiots slugging it out.

    If that fat chick had not thrown a beverage at the guys head, it would have been the photographer getting in legal problems for hitting someone with a blunt instrument ( or weapon depending on the law where you live ).

    Why is that woman married to “macho” man tend to make more trouble than solve?

    PS: Is there any truth to the article about Gipsy getting arrested? I found nothing to confirm it. I looked for the reporter and station that reportedly told the story the first time, but found nothing there also.

  211. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    “Anyone have an update on Dago Peckerwood’s case? I am more interested in how he came out in all of this than the next season of the LD’s.”

    Second that..

    I can’t believe there is another season coming? Really? I mean, after all the shit those fools more than likely got. They are going another round? Payday must be good.

  212. TC Says:

    I ride all over Dago. Other than seeing that gypsey guy down in OB a couple years ago, I’ve never seen any of them. Do they ride when they’re not filming? Where?

  213. Mopar Says:

    I have watched Devils Ride, and find it very very amusing. I am former Road Captian of an actual MC. We have chapters all of the country including Dago. Believe me when I say, The Laffing Devils are just that. The are the laffing stock of The Dago MC World. And having Eric Bischoff being one of the producers is another big mistake. Look what happened when Bischoff took control of WCW. they went under. Again, The Laffing Devils are called that for a reason, Because they are so funny. No true MC would ever let a Reality show about them ever happen

  214. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Hi all, this is my first post. Let me tell you how I found this awesome blog. I was checking out youtube videos of a 1% club and i was reading the comments and some dude said something like “the laffing devils can kick their asses” and I was like, LMAO because I thought it was a prank. Then someone else responded and I thought, ok the dude had to be being sarcastic but I became intrigued because I was thinking these LD’s actually exist?! So I cut and paste right there on youtube and lo and behold, there they were. The first video I watched it took me about 30 seconds I swear to God no lie I was like, these guys are LOE. So I did some more google searches and I got a link to this blog. So here I am.

  215. Slider Says:

    Just a thought here, I ve known alot of patchholders in my life. Real one. And I an’t think of a single one who would stand up in front of a video camara of a national network (cable) and knowing chance a RICO rap on himself and his club by performing or participating in any feloneius activity for the sake of a buck or entertainment of the masses. But y’all have your fun believng in this bullshit. The first season was interesting to say the least and almost believable. The first show of the seacond season? What a joke, So, Gypsy got voted out of his new club by the other guy? ya right. Prob quit the show ’cause Discummery Channel wouldn’t give him a raise. And the preveiws of up coming events. Felony Arson and Felony Assault on camera. Really? SOA is a fictional club and published as such. Laffing Dumbasses? If looks like bullshit and smells like bullshit, must be bullshit. Coome on DC try again with some else.

  216. patrick Says:

    You people are about as stupid as the camera guy who deserved what he got..#1 there were 5 women they were filming not 3. #2 the prospect was the only guy that kicked his ass and that was after he was hit with the camera the other guy just pushed him..#3 there was only one woman that hit him…it shows that in the video…morons

  217. Rebel Says:

    Dear patrick,

    Look at the video again. You might also want to investigate slightly and talk to the victim. Please don’t call me a moron again.


  218. Jim666 Says:

    @Slider ;

    can you read ?
    There is not one real biker here that thinks they “laffing dildos”
    are a real club.

    Dumb ass

  219. Phuquehed Says:

    Aaawww…isn’t that cute? Patwick coming here and puffing up his chest to protect the Laughing Cows and their OL’s and the teevee crew. You must be the go-fer on the set, right Patwick? It’s common knowledge that go-fer’s are idiots and you sure proved you’re an idiot with your post.

  220. bob Says:

    “Somebody was posing as a threat so we had to do a dance.”
    He actually said that?
    They need new writers.
    By the way,cabbage patch?

  221. Wolfheart Says:

    I had hoped this show would not get a 2nd season, but the production company must feel they have a seller with their plot of club(laughing stock) against another(simpletons mob), all fighting over colors of their patch or some personal vendetta. Looks like a bunch of clowns rolling around on crap bikes trying to be tough guys. In reality it is a bunch of dimwits trying to sell themselves and create an image.

    I thought the laughing stock was bad enough, now we have some other clowns that raise the comic value of this crappy show in simpletons mob. What the heck is a sargent at arms, known as diesel, doing driving a truck that has a permanent disability plate on it? A sargent at arms of an MC club that is disabled? The guy shouldn’t even be riding if he is disabled unless it is a trike, and a disabled person is not going to take care of business when needed. Being a Fat tub of lard does not make one a bad a$$.

    As for sandman, looks like his poor wife has children and not a husband, I have known 9 year olds with more sense and that are more intimidating. The only thing I would care to se more of from him is his wife, I’d give her a thrill she hasn’t had in a LONG time.

    When do the laughing stock and simpleton mob action figures start coming out? Bunch of no talent actors.

  222. old & stoned Says:

    no action figures yet,, but if you play the ‘what’s your biker name’ game, there’s a probability it’ll come out ‘Butterscotch’. no shit.

    So then *Butterscotch* can go plink down his hard earned coin for a OC chopper bobble-head for his intimidating sissy bar.

    I have a hard enough time biting my lip when I SOA swag on the street, it’s gonna entertaining to see this crap on someone’s back.

  223. Frequent Flyer Says:


    I used the work the parking lot at Giants/Jets games at Giants stadium (they call it something else now they built some monstrosity).
    One day I was working the handicapped parking lot. I would see car after car with handicapped plates pulling in, and then I’d see the driver walk out of the car. Most of ‘em were just fatasses. Then I see a van, with the hydraulic lift, taking a kid with cerebral palsly or something, being taken from the van in a wheelchair. And I’d say “yeah, thats who this parking lot is for”. It would bring a tear to my eye. It just makes me sick all the people who abuse that license plate when there is nothing wrong with them. Bastards can park at meters and not get a ticket, get the first spot at the mall or Walmart. I could never do something as despicable as that. Taking advantage of disabled people (LEGITIMATELY DISABLED). Scum of the earth. It’s the same type of “man” who put on womens clothes to get on a lifeboat while the Titanic was sinking.

  224. hermit Says:

    Tonight’s episode had me wondering when Frankie and Annette would start signing Beach Blanket Bingo. A car race? Jeez that was used on 50’s sitcoms and bad beach movies in the 60’s. Elvis even did a few of the car race movies.

  225. WARTHOG Says:

    Jesus this show is fucked up. I don’t even recognize it as the MC world I know. Maybe things run differently in Dago? Why did SMSMC go to a dominate club to ask their permission to go to war with the LDMC? Just kick their asses if that’s what you want to do.
    Now last night the LDMC goes to the Brotherhood 1%er MC because the rumor has it their club is in disarray and it’s affecting all the local clubs. Really? Why is that? And if they don’t get their shit together all the local clubs are going to get involved. Why is their club business all over the city?
    Snubz is bad out, but they’ll allow him back in if he infiltrates the SMSMC? Come on! When you’re bad out, you’re out for life. And then in SOA style Sin Mob is going to burn off Snubz’ LD tattoo. Should have allowed him to black it out, but then they let him keep it anyway. What a joke.
    This fuckin’ show is giving me a headache, but I can’t seem to be able to stop watching it. Guess it gives me something to bitch about.




  226. Jim666 Says:

    Put down the remote and quietly step away from the tv.

  227. WARTHOG Says:


    I think they’re locking up the wrong guy. They should be putting me away for watching this stupid shit.




  228. Adolph Says:

    Warthog said: “And then in SOA style Sin Mob is going to burn off Snubz’ LD tattoo. Should have allowed him to black it out, but then they let him keep it anyway. What a joke.”

    That’s when it was so so obvious they were phony. They watch SOA and think that’s how an MC works. Then when it looks like they’re actually going to do it, we hear tough guy (snicker) stubs scram, “Do it, do it”. Give me a break.

    Stubs is also worried simp mob might find out he a snitch, hmm, then maybe he shouldn’t have shown it on TV methinks.


    Reading all these comments over breakfast had me laughing like a drunk Santa the day after X-Mas & SMDH like I’m prone to seizures. I agree with so many posts & factoids presented here but hey I got jokes so ……..


    YUP, SURE DO!!!!!!!


    I could fill 10 pages with of crap, errors, falsehoods & BS I’ve seen but you guys covered it for us prior to.

    Were even sensitive w/ Hangarounds, &all the issues with that but if anyone was close to being serious about this show & MC life, well, I hope your seat is comfortable & Ride On. O, and watch your 6 Poser


  230. Drew Thompson Says:

    OK, here’s a shocker:

    I actually DID learn most of what I know about biker culture just from watching the previews of “Devil’s Ride”.

    Now, hold on, before you get all riled up, sit back down for a minute and let me explain… (Some of you already started typing, didn’t you?)

    You see, the previews (they show ‘em when I watch Fast ‘N’ Loud) were so ridiculous to this citizen / nerd / motorcycle enthusiast, that it brought me to Google, which brought me here, where I learned:

    Riding motorcycles doesn’t make you a biker. I’m a motorcycle enthusiast. (Other nerds call me a biker, and I have to correct that.) I learned to ride when I was about 10, so I’m reasonably confident on a bike, but just because other nerds think you’re a bad ass doesn’t make you a bad ass. (The world does need nerds, otherwise who’s gonna fix your computer so you can read Rebel’s post on adjusting a clutch cable?)

    Sons of Anarchy isn’t just another TV show, so don’t wear your SOA shirt while riding, or at events that attract real bikers or you may get your ass kicked, even if it was NOT your intent to pretend you’re a real biker. (You see, to me, SOA is no more accurate about MC’s than “The Office” is an accurate portrayal of the paper industry.) OTOH, on charity rides, including the biggest in So Cal, the Love Ride, I saw many SOA shirts as well as many genuine MC cuts, and not one ass whuppin’ took place. So, I think it’s good to know that even the intolerance of fake SOA gear may be overblown as long as the wearer isn’t being a jackass.

    Yes, I own an SOA shirt or two. Studio store, ya know. I’ll only wear it at computer swap meets where no one gives a shit about SOA.

    I’ve learned this about real MC’s, both here as well as real world experience on rides: Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit. I almost hit some Vagos on a charity ride once, when the line stopped, but I didn’t. I kept my bike up during an emergency stop, and slid up between two of ‘em. All I got was the waving finger warning (index, not middle), as I regained control and resumed my position. Courtesy and respect. That’s all you need! (And control of your bike, of course.)

    I wave at riders when I’m out there, because there are lots of citizens out there like me, just riding because it’s fun and cool. Some wave back, some don’t. Who cares. No one’s ever threatened me for doing that, and no MC’s have ever run me off the road as I saw portrayed once on, I think, Weeds (another “accurate” portrayal of everything).

    People may think I’m a RUB, but I’m really a PSUB (Poor SubUrban Bike owner), which is why I don’t have a Harley. (I saw a neighbor buy a brand new Road King fully loaded, without knowing how to ride. A few months later, it was sold, not one mile added to the odo. Sad… A failed RUB!)

    About the photographer, I was shocked to find out it was NOT staged with some WWE style actors, and he was a real guy who really got his ass kicked. I get the rage here over the hypocrisy of TV actors being able to whollop on someone who’s not in on the show, in front of witnesses (including a TV crew), and even air the footage without having to pay the price. I didn’t think that was possible, which is why I assumed the photog was an actor.

    I mean, this is NOT the world of non-cop-callers, this is the world of TV, actors and lawyers. When a TV show commits a crime for real, in public, especially in a place frequented by tourists, it should be punished.

    This isn’t outlaws playing by outlaw rules, this is citizens, supposedly playing by citizen rules, no different than if Curt Sutter decided that SOA needed a little improv, and had one of his actors attack a citizen who didn’t know it was coming! Sue the sum’bitches!

    To those of you who think you know what happened from the video alone (that the photog started it), re-read Rebels article so you know what happened off camera. Editing changes the WHOLE story. I believe he got assaulted because of the TV show. I don’t even think the “real” LD’s would have started shit on their own. “Reality” TV directors can be dicks and instigate shit for drama. I’d be interested to hear whether the prospect was “coached” by the production crew to start shit or try to act more aggressive, which he may have taken too far.

    As far as I can tell, LDMC was, at one time, a harmless citizen club, so I wouldn’t expect any hard core shit to happen. Why wouldn’t they want a camera crew in their clubhouse if all they were doing was drinking and talking shit? I’m guessing it was the TV production that made them pretend to be 1%ers.

    Rebel, I’m not of your world, so thank you for providing this forum, and for your excellent reporting, so I can learn the truth. I knew this show stunk even by “reality” standards, and it looks like I was right. Thanks for digging and reporting the truth to us.

    Here’s a clue to people watching “reality” TV. (Those who came here for the same reason I did.) When shit starts to “go down” and the camera suddenly starts waving around and all you see is quick shots of shoes, the sky, blurred pans across a couple of guys “dancing”, that’s a pretty good indication that shit didn’t really “go down”!

    So, now I’ll sign off with a saying you guys don’t hear much around here:

    Always back up your data. Back up often. A reliable backup can save you hours of recovery time if your hard drive fails.

    Thanks again for letting me into this world. I’ve been stuck here for days, thanks to Rebel’s excellent writing, and the lively discussions here.

    To all veterans (and I know there are a lot of you here):
    Thank you for your service!

    “Drew” (Still alive as of the last episode.)

  231. Austin Says:

    @ Drew re;

    (You see, to me, SOA is no more accurate about MC’s than “The Office” is an accurate portrayal of the paper industry.)

    Don’t harsh my buzz, man – I’m seriously down about The Office right now.

    “I’m really a PSUB (Poor SubUrban Bike owner), which is why I don’t have a Harley.”

    Not sure re: the newer ones – but I think the real reason PSUB’s ride metric is because PSUB’s aren’t mechanically skilled enough, or have as much time and devotion to lavish on their ride as Harley bikes require. Those precision riding machines demand proper respect and attention before they will perform.

    You are funny. Please come back.

  232. Drew Thompson Says:


    I’m not going to take the bait on metrics vs. Harleys, certainly not in this crowd!

    Besides, who cares if I’m a nerd on a Yamaha or a nerd on a Harley? Other nerds don’t know the difference!

    I will concede that I don’t have the time or mechanical skills to keep an older Harley running, though I’d probably do better than some would expect. Nowadays you can find anything on line anyway. (You mean there’s more than just porn? Oh, yes there is!) Hell, some guy on YouTube already showed me how to work on a Twin Cam engine! (I really dig that stuff!)

    I do have more mechanical skills than most nerds do. I had to keep a ’70s Yamaha 125 running as my main transport back in the day. Back then I hated it because the bike chose the schedule not me, so if it was 10:00 at night, cold and raining, too bad, I was doing points or fixing the carb if I wanted to get to school or work the next day. (That was a TWO stroke engine with an oil injection system! Zing! Zing-a-ding-ding-ding!)

    Can you imagine a Yamaha Enduro 125 on the freeway? Throttle all the way open, balls out… 55 MPH! (Well, that was the speed limit back then.)

    On my newer bikes I have managed to do exhaust, air kits and fuel management upgrades on them. (Pretty basic stuff for you guys, I’m sure.) But if you’re talking about cracking the case and replacing gaskets and stuff, well, I don’t want to have to do that too often! I’ve read about those older Harleys. Someone tell me if it’s true or not! (Different metals, temp changes, oil leaks…)

    The thought of building a bike from the ground up is very intriguing, and I think that would at least earn me a little respect in the biker world. I have fantasized about doing that before, and I believe I could figure out most of it especially if there’s a manual or info on line. Man, I’m going to think on that one, save my pennies, and clear out some space in the garage. No welding or fabricating, mind you, just basic bolt on stuff to build a basic no frills Softail. Hmmm…

    I’m sure you old timers feel the same way about all the newbies on brand new Harleys as we nerds felt when the Internet opened up to people who couldn’t install an operating system if their life depended on it, and had neither courtesy nor respect for what came before them. (The guys who stayed up all night writing the software and creating the standards that became the Internet today. It’s been around since the ’70s, you know.)

    Back then you had to be in the military, at a university or work for a computer company to even know about the Internet.

    AOL (America On Line) and in some ways Al Gore were our “Sons of Anarchy”, and the internet was suddenly opened to people the purists didn’t feel “earned” the right to be here. (Al Gore did NOT invent the Internet even though he tried to rebrand it as “The Information Superhighway”!)

    Oops, wrong forum to get on a computer soap box!

    Oh: We need to keep the thread on topic: I bet the LDMC just takes their bikes to the Harley dealership to get their oil changed. Wouldn’t want to get oil on those nice new cuts!

    Another nerd sign-off:
    Never open e-mails from strangers or click on any links you don’t recognize. Your bank will never send you an e-mail asking for your password or personal details.

    Sorry, as usual, I start with one sentence, and write a book.

    Thanks for making me feel welcome here.


  233. Va.Bob Says:

    Austin@What are you talking about? All H-D models since the mid-80’s require very littleof that “time and devotion” you mentioned.

  234. hermit Says:

    Austin, You would probably say the same thing about my buddy for riding a Goldwing in shorts and flip flops. Except he had his first Harley 38 years ago. In 1984 we picked up a ’39 45inch flathead in boxes. Which he rebuilt into a beautiful bike, he painted it himself. Most RUBs would not have a clue how to fix anything on their bikes. Tell me what is wrong with these two statements, no help for Austin. I had a wannabe biker tell me he was on his 3rd Harley. I asked what the other 2 were? He said he had an Iron Head and a ’52 Panhead. I asked what size the pan was and he said 62″. Second a sign on a bike in Madison,WI said ’48 Knucklehead. What is wrong with these claims or signs?

  235. Northern 1%er Says:

    The laughing dildos are a joke and if it wasnt for the rubs it would be gone by now. All of a sudden its vogue to be a badass biker and america cant get enough> i watched one show in the first season i think when they got there new clubhouse and since i dont watch fiction portraying reality i havent tuned it again. I hope the real clubs in Dago get them to go away or at least hire some better actors like sutter the wannabe poser did.

  236. Old School P.H. 619 Says:

    This was the last post I read, just for reference. “Northern 1%er Says:
    April 19th, 2013 at 4:54 am”
    I was Born and raised in S.D. and still reside here! Exposed to the Biker/MC world very young. I can remember when the clubs DIDN’T wear STATE bottom rockers! and 3 clubs used to go to the same bar in O.B.
    That should be enough for those of you who know, and to those who don’t “Your opinion of me is none of my business”
    I am a patch holder. Have friends in Various clubs.I attend A LOT of events, fund raisers, overnighters,etc etc..
    So to tell you how I got to this site in brief.

    Recently attended a National/Local MC event… OK, wait let me clarify. A nationwide club, Local chapters event. It was the usual stuff, Beer, Food, Band, Women, Kids. I saw something that sparked me to do a little research on the net. Well 1 1/2 hours and 10 webpages later I stumble on to this: More Laffing Devils Newz | The Aging Rebel‎
    Jun 24, 2012 – Dago Peckerwood, did not know about the fundraiser until now. ….. JOE WOOD, MISSION GORGE ROAD SANTEE, CA
    OK Look to mention The Peckerwoods and the LD in the same sentence yet conversation is like WOW !!! WTF? I had to click. So like I said above I read all the posts to this one: Northern 1%er Says:
    April 19th, 2013 at 4:54 am.
    Roughly late 2011 I started seeing the LD pop up here and there, no big deal, until 1 day a brother and I were @ The ******* drinking a beer and 3 LD’s rolled up and rushed in like there was going to be a beat down and introduced themselves to us turned around and left!!!
    Odd behavior it was to me and to my brother. So we talked a lil bit about it and realized that neither one of us had heard anything about the LD. Also understanding that clubs were popping up every where at the time and why that was being allowed to happen. I said To myself “No Fucking Way” LD colors were to close to the dominant 1% club, All their bottom rockers said NOMADS.. Now I also know that some new clubs have gone through the COC to get the green light. So I made a few calls and well nobody could really verify/validate them or from whom they got permission/greenlighted.. So I Googled them and found out “Allegedly” they formed in 04 and based out of Santee. Of course after that I just let it go and figured it’s really none of my business. Heard a few times of LD sightings but only on the road etc etc…. 10 months later the buzz is they are doing a show on bikers here in S.D. I’m still going “Who the F*** are these guys” Ok so I figure WOW I’m just really out of it or I’m just on a need to know basis. Obviously I didn’t need to know. This whole time my BULL SHIT radar is pegged!! So everyone is going to watch the show, for various reasons. Well me to I mean “WTF” First show opening scene they are downtown, I thought I had lost my mind !!!! Then I realize this isn’t no real MC. I mean really most Bikers & Clubs stay away from downtown like the plague ESPECIALLY wearing cuts..
    OH my bad I forgot to tell you I know Ashi the Photographer !!
    I’m going to cut this off here. That show did NOBODY any good except for the actors, and if there is 1 the endorsing club. The general public already has a preconceived outlook on Bikers that wasn’t good but it seemed to be fading. NOT NOW!!! the general public thinks thats how ALL CLUBS ARE … HMMMMMMMM I wonder if we could class action sue Discovery !!! In closing I have never seen a LD since but the sicker side of me wishes 1 or all would show up any where. We have ALL BEEN DISRESPECTED by LD and Discovery channel……
    After the hideous failure the got 1 thing right….. THE “LAFFING” part.
    Peace out
    Much L & R to all S.D. MC’s

  237. 10guage Says:

    Yup it was all about the Benjamins….surprise…surprise

  238. John Doe Says:

    AHAHAHAHA you little punk but hit someone with a camera after they ASKED you to move along and you started screaming and acting like a punk and got knocked to the ground and now your crying about it? YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED maybe the knock to the noggin should have knocked some sense into you and you should have left it alone instead you acted like a little kid throwing temper tantrum and got a spanking like you deserved. That was the weakest PURPOSED beating I have ever witnessed a real man would have went home and put ice on it but you act as if you were entitled to disrupt their set and that slapping around you rightfully deserved, and was handed, mangled you beyond recognition. Be a real man and grow some balls.

  239. Canadian Chief Says:

    The show is fake, the club is fake. A show created to appeal to bikers, but is so bad and so obviously fake, it insults me. Soap opera for men. They’re all a bunch of fucking actors. And bad ones, at that.

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