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June 24, 2012

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The closer one looks at The Devils Ride the uglier this show starts to look. The Devils Ride, in case you just got home from a long bit in Chiapas, is the train wreck reality series from the great satan of reality programming, Discovery, and its frolicking imp Bischoff Hervey Entertainment. The show documents the exciting adventures of a San Diego motorcycle club named the Laffing Devils.

So far The Devils Ride seems to have offended a majority of motorcyclists and television enthusiasts in this hemisphere, from real live bikers to Hollywood producers. The show is not just bad. Actual people have been damaged by it. It is impossible to putt through San Diego County on a Saturday afternoon without bumping into a dozen men who have been damaged in one way or another.

Free Deron

The best known of these men, at least among bikers, is a large, pleasant patch holder with the Peckerwoods Motorcycle Club named Deron Jaffe. Jaffe found himself in a fight with two members and an associate of the Laffing Devils May 14. Jaffe was charged with four felony counts and five gang enhancements for his part in the altercation. The Laffing Devils were not charged.

On Friday those charges led a San Diego SWAT team to raid Jaffe’s home at dawn. “My daughter had her friend over for a sleepover,” Jaffe said. His lawyer theorized that the raid was intended to try to find something to pin on the Peckerwood. The police found what everybody has in his house. None of it turned into contraband no matter how hard the cops wished and tossed the home’s contents upside down.

The show has also infuriated Sons of Anarchy producer Kurt Sutter who said, “I know Devils Ride has exploited SOA and is now using me for more exposure.” It may also have offended a well known, retired Hells Angel named Rusty Coones who appeared in two of the six episodes that aired this Spring.

Ashi Fachler

But arguably, the man who has been damaged most by this ridiculous interpretation of biker reality is a part time photographer named Ashi Fachler. Fachler is the hospital patient in the photograph above. He took that photograph and it is published here with his permission. Fachler is also the “prying photographer” seen in the video that accompanies this story. Discovery posted the video on YouTube and has used the clip to promote The Devils Ride. The video shows Fachler being beaten by multiple assailants.

A show cast member named Prospect Charles, who was one of the assailants in the clip, explained the beating as follows: “Somebody was posing as a threat so we had to do a dance.” Fachler threatened Prospect Charles by standing on a public sidewalk in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter and attempted to photograph the camera crews that were video recording three women who played the roles of old ladies in the show.

“I was walking through the district and I saw an interesting scene,” Fachler recalled. It was 9:30 p.m. on Friday, January 27. “Two camera crews were filming some women. The women were sitting outside. I thought it was an interesting scene. I raised my camera to take a photo and the (female) director asked if I was with the press.” Fachler, who is a member of the National Press Photographers Association, was not on assignment that night so he said he wasn’t. He had no idea what was going on. “I didn’t even know they were bikers,” he said.

The Felony Assault

“Suddenly a guy behind me started pushing me,” Fachler continued. “I said, ‘Get your hands off me!’ I thought if I said it loud enough they would turn the cameras in my direction.” The cameras did not turn.  Instead the cameras recorded the “old ladies” reactions. “Somebody from behind punched me three times. All this was prior to what happened in the television episode.”

Then the cameras turned. “I had two guys on me. I had no idea what was happening. One of the guys was the prospect. That’s when I hit him with my very expensive camera. The footage was edited to portray me as an aggressive photographer attacking a biker. I’m 44-years-old and I’ve never been in a fight in my life. They abused my image for their profit.” Fachler can be heard on the video yelling for someone to call the police. There were no police on scene.

Fachler was knocked down. “While I was on the ground at least five people, two guys and three old ladies hit and punched me. One of the old ladies broke a glass on my head.” Fachler suffered a broken nose, a broken cheekbone, broken ribs and a broken ankle. He limped away from the cameras and called the police himself.

No Charges Filed

When the police arrived they talked to the director before they talked to Fachler. He asserts she lied. The cops, “treated me as the aggressor,” he said. “They wouldn’t bring the ambulance to me.” The police parked the ambulance away from the scene so as not to interfere with the filming of this essential show. “I had to walk a block on my ankle to get medical help.”

As of June 24, police have still not filed charges against anyone who beat Fachler on national television. Fachler is still undergoing physical therapy for his ankle. Speaking about Deron Jaffe, the patch holder who fought with Laffing Devils four months later and earned a world of hurt for it, Fachler said, “Please tell him thank you.”

Anything else?”

“Yes. I want people to know I am not an actor. I was not paid by the show. The beating wasn’t staged. I am not connected to the show in any way. I was just walking down the street and tried to take a picture.”


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  1. Canadian Chief Says:

    The show is fake, the club is fake. A show created to appeal to bikers, but is so bad and so obviously fake, it insults me. Soap opera for men. They’re all a bunch of fucking actors. And bad ones, at that.

  2. John Doe Says:

    AHAHAHAHA you little punk but hit someone with a camera after they ASKED you to move along and you started screaming and acting like a punk and got knocked to the ground and now your crying about it? YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED maybe the knock to the noggin should have knocked some sense into you and you should have left it alone instead you acted like a little kid throwing temper tantrum and got a spanking like you deserved. That was the weakest PURPOSED beating I have ever witnessed a real man would have went home and put ice on it but you act as if you were entitled to disrupt their set and that slapping around you rightfully deserved, and was handed, mangled you beyond recognition. Be a real man and grow some balls.

  3. 10guage Says:

    Yup it was all about the Benjamins….surprise…surprise

  4. Old School P.H. 619 Says:

    This was the last post I read, just for reference. “Northern 1%er Says:
    April 19th, 2013 at 4:54 am”
    I was Born and raised in S.D. and still reside here! Exposed to the Biker/MC world very young. I can remember when the clubs DIDN’T wear STATE bottom rockers! and 3 clubs used to go to the same bar in O.B.
    That should be enough for those of you who know, and to those who don’t “Your opinion of me is none of my business”
    I am a patch holder. Have friends in Various clubs.I attend A LOT of events, fund raisers, overnighters,etc etc..
    So to tell you how I got to this site in brief.

    Recently attended a National/Local MC event… OK, wait let me clarify. A nationwide club, Local chapters event. It was the usual stuff, Beer, Food, Band, Women, Kids. I saw something that sparked me to do a little research on the net. Well 1 1/2 hours and 10 webpages later I stumble on to this: More Laffing Devils Newz | The Aging Rebel‎
    Jun 24, 2012 – Dago Peckerwood, did not know about the fundraiser until now. ….. JOE WOOD, MISSION GORGE ROAD SANTEE, CA
    OK Look to mention The Peckerwoods and the LD in the same sentence yet conversation is like WOW !!! WTF? I had to click. So like I said above I read all the posts to this one: Northern 1%er Says:
    April 19th, 2013 at 4:54 am.
    Roughly late 2011 I started seeing the LD pop up here and there, no big deal, until 1 day a brother and I were @ The ******* drinking a beer and 3 LD’s rolled up and rushed in like there was going to be a beat down and introduced themselves to us turned around and left!!!
    Odd behavior it was to me and to my brother. So we talked a lil bit about it and realized that neither one of us had heard anything about the LD. Also understanding that clubs were popping up every where at the time and why that was being allowed to happen. I said To myself “No Fucking Way” LD colors were to close to the dominant 1% club, All their bottom rockers said NOMADS.. Now I also know that some new clubs have gone through the COC to get the green light. So I made a few calls and well nobody could really verify/validate them or from whom they got permission/greenlighted.. So I Googled them and found out “Allegedly” they formed in 04 and based out of Santee. Of course after that I just let it go and figured it’s really none of my business. Heard a few times of LD sightings but only on the road etc etc…. 10 months later the buzz is they are doing a show on bikers here in S.D. I’m still going “Who the F*** are these guys” Ok so I figure WOW I’m just really out of it or I’m just on a need to know basis. Obviously I didn’t need to know. This whole time my BULL SHIT radar is pegged!! So everyone is going to watch the show, for various reasons. Well me to I mean “WTF” First show opening scene they are downtown, I thought I had lost my mind !!!! Then I realize this isn’t no real MC. I mean really most Bikers & Clubs stay away from downtown like the plague ESPECIALLY wearing cuts..
    OH my bad I forgot to tell you I know Ashi the Photographer !!
    I’m going to cut this off here. That show did NOBODY any good except for the actors, and if there is 1 the endorsing club. The general public already has a preconceived outlook on Bikers that wasn’t good but it seemed to be fading. NOT NOW!!! the general public thinks thats how ALL CLUBS ARE … HMMMMMMMM I wonder if we could class action sue Discovery !!! In closing I have never seen a LD since but the sicker side of me wishes 1 or all would show up any where. We have ALL BEEN DISRESPECTED by LD and Discovery channel……
    After the hideous failure the got 1 thing right….. THE “LAFFING” part.
    Peace out
    Much L & R to all S.D. MC’s

  5. Northern 1%er Says:

    The laughing dildos are a joke and if it wasnt for the rubs it would be gone by now. All of a sudden its vogue to be a badass biker and america cant get enough> i watched one show in the first season i think when they got there new clubhouse and since i dont watch fiction portraying reality i havent tuned it again. I hope the real clubs in Dago get them to go away or at least hire some better actors like sutter the wannabe poser did.

  6. hermit Says:

    Austin, You would probably say the same thing about my buddy for riding a Goldwing in shorts and flip flops. Except he had his first Harley 38 years ago. In 1984 we picked up a ’39 45inch flathead in boxes. Which he rebuilt into a beautiful bike, he painted it himself. Most RUBs would not have a clue how to fix anything on their bikes. Tell me what is wrong with these two statements, no help for Austin. I had a wannabe biker tell me he was on his 3rd Harley. I asked what the other 2 were? He said he had an Iron Head and a ’52 Panhead. I asked what size the pan was and he said 62″. Second a sign on a bike in Madison,WI said ’48 Knucklehead. What is wrong with these claims or signs?

  7. Va.Bob Says:

    [email protected] are you talking about? All H-D models since the mid-80’s require very littleof that “time and devotion” you mentioned.

  8. Drew Thompson Says:


    I’m not going to take the bait on metrics vs. Harleys, certainly not in this crowd!

    Besides, who cares if I’m a nerd on a Yamaha or a nerd on a Harley? Other nerds don’t know the difference!

    I will concede that I don’t have the time or mechanical skills to keep an older Harley running, though I’d probably do better than some would expect. Nowadays you can find anything on line anyway. (You mean there’s more than just porn? Oh, yes there is!) Hell, some guy on YouTube already showed me how to work on a Twin Cam engine! (I really dig that stuff!)

    I do have more mechanical skills than most nerds do. I had to keep a ’70s Yamaha 125 running as my main transport back in the day. Back then I hated it because the bike chose the schedule not me, so if it was 10:00 at night, cold and raining, too bad, I was doing points or fixing the carb if I wanted to get to school or work the next day. (That was a TWO stroke engine with an oil injection system! Zing! Zing-a-ding-ding-ding!)

    Can you imagine a Yamaha Enduro 125 on the freeway? Throttle all the way open, balls out… 55 MPH! (Well, that was the speed limit back then.)

    On my newer bikes I have managed to do exhaust, air kits and fuel management upgrades on them. (Pretty basic stuff for you guys, I’m sure.) But if you’re talking about cracking the case and replacing gaskets and stuff, well, I don’t want to have to do that too often! I’ve read about those older Harleys. Someone tell me if it’s true or not! (Different metals, temp changes, oil leaks…)

    The thought of building a bike from the ground up is very intriguing, and I think that would at least earn me a little respect in the biker world. I have fantasized about doing that before, and I believe I could figure out most of it especially if there’s a manual or info on line. Man, I’m going to think on that one, save my pennies, and clear out some space in the garage. No welding or fabricating, mind you, just basic bolt on stuff to build a basic no frills Softail. Hmmm…

    I’m sure you old timers feel the same way about all the newbies on brand new Harleys as we nerds felt when the Internet opened up to people who couldn’t install an operating system if their life depended on it, and had neither courtesy nor respect for what came before them. (The guys who stayed up all night writing the software and creating the standards that became the Internet today. It’s been around since the ’70s, you know.)

    Back then you had to be in the military, at a university or work for a computer company to even know about the Internet.

    AOL (America On Line) and in some ways Al Gore were our “Sons of Anarchy”, and the internet was suddenly opened to people the purists didn’t feel “earned” the right to be here. (Al Gore did NOT invent the Internet even though he tried to rebrand it as “The Information Superhighway”!)

    Oops, wrong forum to get on a computer soap box!

    Oh: We need to keep the thread on topic: I bet the LDMC just takes their bikes to the Harley dealership to get their oil changed. Wouldn’t want to get oil on those nice new cuts!

    Another nerd sign-off:
    Never open e-mails from strangers or click on any links you don’t recognize. Your bank will never send you an e-mail asking for your password or personal details.

    Sorry, as usual, I start with one sentence, and write a book.

    Thanks for making me feel welcome here.


  9. Austin Says:

    @ Drew re;

    (You see, to me, SOA is no more accurate about MC’s than “The Office” is an accurate portrayal of the paper industry.)

    Don’t harsh my buzz, man – I’m seriously down about The Office right now.

    “I’m really a PSUB (Poor SubUrban Bike owner), which is why I don’t have a Harley.”

    Not sure re: the newer ones – but I think the real reason PSUB’s ride metric is because PSUB’s aren’t mechanically skilled enough, or have as much time and devotion to lavish on their ride as Harley bikes require. Those precision riding machines demand proper respect and attention before they will perform.

    You are funny. Please come back.

  10. Drew Thompson Says:

    OK, here’s a shocker:

    I actually DID learn most of what I know about biker culture just from watching the previews of “Devil’s Ride”.

    Now, hold on, before you get all riled up, sit back down for a minute and let me explain… (Some of you already started typing, didn’t you?)

    You see, the previews (they show ’em when I watch Fast ‘N’ Loud) were so ridiculous to this citizen / nerd / motorcycle enthusiast, that it brought me to Google, which brought me here, where I learned:

    Riding motorcycles doesn’t make you a biker. I’m a motorcycle enthusiast. (Other nerds call me a biker, and I have to correct that.) I learned to ride when I was about 10, so I’m reasonably confident on a bike, but just because other nerds think you’re a bad ass doesn’t make you a bad ass. (The world does need nerds, otherwise who’s gonna fix your computer so you can read Rebel’s post on adjusting a clutch cable?)

    Sons of Anarchy isn’t just another TV show, so don’t wear your SOA shirt while riding, or at events that attract real bikers or you may get your ass kicked, even if it was NOT your intent to pretend you’re a real biker. (You see, to me, SOA is no more accurate about MC’s than “The Office” is an accurate portrayal of the paper industry.) OTOH, on charity rides, including the biggest in So Cal, the Love Ride, I saw many SOA shirts as well as many genuine MC cuts, and not one ass whuppin’ took place. So, I think it’s good to know that even the intolerance of fake SOA gear may be overblown as long as the wearer isn’t being a jackass.

    Yes, I own an SOA shirt or two. Studio store, ya know. I’ll only wear it at computer swap meets where no one gives a shit about SOA.

    I’ve learned this about real MC’s, both here as well as real world experience on rides: Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit. I almost hit some Vagos on a charity ride once, when the line stopped, but I didn’t. I kept my bike up during an emergency stop, and slid up between two of ’em. All I got was the waving finger warning (index, not middle), as I regained control and resumed my position. Courtesy and respect. That’s all you need! (And control of your bike, of course.)

    I wave at riders when I’m out there, because there are lots of citizens out there like me, just riding because it’s fun and cool. Some wave back, some don’t. Who cares. No one’s ever threatened me for doing that, and no MC’s have ever run me off the road as I saw portrayed once on, I think, Weeds (another “accurate” portrayal of everything).

    People may think I’m a RUB, but I’m really a PSUB (Poor SubUrban Bike owner), which is why I don’t have a Harley. (I saw a neighbor buy a brand new Road King fully loaded, without knowing how to ride. A few months later, it was sold, not one mile added to the odo. Sad… A failed RUB!)

    About the photographer, I was shocked to find out it was NOT staged with some WWE style actors, and he was a real guy who really got his ass kicked. I get the rage here over the hypocrisy of TV actors being able to whollop on someone who’s not in on the show, in front of witnesses (including a TV crew), and even air the footage without having to pay the price. I didn’t think that was possible, which is why I assumed the photog was an actor.

    I mean, this is NOT the world of non-cop-callers, this is the world of TV, actors and lawyers. When a TV show commits a crime for real, in public, especially in a place frequented by tourists, it should be punished.

    This isn’t outlaws playing by outlaw rules, this is citizens, supposedly playing by citizen rules, no different than if Curt Sutter decided that SOA needed a little improv, and had one of his actors attack a citizen who didn’t know it was coming! Sue the sum’bitches!

    To those of you who think you know what happened from the video alone (that the photog started it), re-read Rebels article so you know what happened off camera. Editing changes the WHOLE story. I believe he got assaulted because of the TV show. I don’t even think the “real” LD’s would have started shit on their own. “Reality” TV directors can be dicks and instigate shit for drama. I’d be interested to hear whether the prospect was “coached” by the production crew to start shit or try to act more aggressive, which he may have taken too far.

    As far as I can tell, LDMC was, at one time, a harmless citizen club, so I wouldn’t expect any hard core shit to happen. Why wouldn’t they want a camera crew in their clubhouse if all they were doing was drinking and talking shit? I’m guessing it was the TV production that made them pretend to be 1%ers.

    Rebel, I’m not of your world, so thank you for providing this forum, and for your excellent reporting, so I can learn the truth. I knew this show stunk even by “reality” standards, and it looks like I was right. Thanks for digging and reporting the truth to us.

    Here’s a clue to people watching “reality” TV. (Those who came here for the same reason I did.) When shit starts to “go down” and the camera suddenly starts waving around and all you see is quick shots of shoes, the sky, blurred pans across a couple of guys “dancing”, that’s a pretty good indication that shit didn’t really “go down”!

    So, now I’ll sign off with a saying you guys don’t hear much around here:

    Always back up your data. Back up often. A reliable backup can save you hours of recovery time if your hard drive fails.

    Thanks again for letting me into this world. I’ve been stuck here for days, thanks to Rebel’s excellent writing, and the lively discussions here.

    To all veterans (and I know there are a lot of you here):
    Thank you for your service!

    “Drew” (Still alive as of the last episode.)


    Reading all these comments over breakfast had me laughing like a drunk Santa the day after X-Mas & SMDH like I’m prone to seizures. I agree with so many posts & factoids presented here but hey I got jokes so ……..


    YUP, SURE DO!!!!!!!


    I could fill 10 pages with of crap, errors, falsehoods & BS I’ve seen but you guys covered it for us prior to.

    Were even sensitive w/ Hangarounds, &all the issues with that but if anyone was close to being serious about this show & MC life, well, I hope your seat is comfortable & Ride On. O, and watch your 6 Poser


  12. Adolph Says:

    Warthog said: “And then in SOA style Sin Mob is going to burn off Snubz’ LD tattoo. Should have allowed him to black it out, but then they let him keep it anyway. What a joke.”

    That’s when it was so so obvious they were phony. They watch SOA and think that’s how an MC works. Then when it looks like they’re actually going to do it, we hear tough guy (snicker) stubs scram, “Do it, do it”. Give me a break.

    Stubs is also worried simp mob might find out he a snitch, hmm, then maybe he shouldn’t have shown it on TV methinks.

  13. WARTHOG Says:


    I think they’re locking up the wrong guy. They should be putting me away for watching this stupid shit.




  14. Jim666 Says:

    Put down the remote and quietly step away from the tv.

  15. WARTHOG Says:

    Jesus this show is fucked up. I don’t even recognize it as the MC world I know. Maybe things run differently in Dago? Why did SMSMC go to a dominate club to ask their permission to go to war with the LDMC? Just kick their asses if that’s what you want to do.
    Now last night the LDMC goes to the Brotherhood 1%er MC because the rumor has it their club is in disarray and it’s affecting all the local clubs. Really? Why is that? And if they don’t get their shit together all the local clubs are going to get involved. Why is their club business all over the city?
    Snubz is bad out, but they’ll allow him back in if he infiltrates the SMSMC? Come on! When you’re bad out, you’re out for life. And then in SOA style Sin Mob is going to burn off Snubz’ LD tattoo. Should have allowed him to black it out, but then they let him keep it anyway. What a joke.
    This fuckin’ show is giving me a headache, but I can’t seem to be able to stop watching it. Guess it gives me something to bitch about.




  16. hermit Says:

    Tonight’s episode had me wondering when Frankie and Annette would start signing Beach Blanket Bingo. A car race? Jeez that was used on 50’s sitcoms and bad beach movies in the 60’s. Elvis even did a few of the car race movies.

  17. Frequent Flyer Says:


    I used the work the parking lot at Giants/Jets games at Giants stadium (they call it something else now they built some monstrosity).
    One day I was working the handicapped parking lot. I would see car after car with handicapped plates pulling in, and then I’d see the driver walk out of the car. Most of ’em were just fatasses. Then I see a van, with the hydraulic lift, taking a kid with cerebral palsly or something, being taken from the van in a wheelchair. And I’d say “yeah, thats who this parking lot is for”. It would bring a tear to my eye. It just makes me sick all the people who abuse that license plate when there is nothing wrong with them. Bastards can park at meters and not get a ticket, get the first spot at the mall or Walmart. I could never do something as despicable as that. Taking advantage of disabled people (LEGITIMATELY DISABLED). Scum of the earth. It’s the same type of “man” who put on womens clothes to get on a lifeboat while the Titanic was sinking.

  18. old & stoned Says:

    no action figures yet,, but if you play the ‘what’s your biker name’ game, there’s a probability it’ll come out ‘Butterscotch’. no shit.

    So then *Butterscotch* can go plink down his hard earned coin for a OC chopper bobble-head for his intimidating sissy bar.

    I have a hard enough time biting my lip when I SOA swag on the street, it’s gonna entertaining to see this crap on someone’s back.

  19. Wolfheart Says:

    I had hoped this show would not get a 2nd season, but the production company must feel they have a seller with their plot of club(laughing stock) against another(simpletons mob), all fighting over colors of their patch or some personal vendetta. Looks like a bunch of clowns rolling around on crap bikes trying to be tough guys. In reality it is a bunch of dimwits trying to sell themselves and create an image.

    I thought the laughing stock was bad enough, now we have some other clowns that raise the comic value of this crappy show in simpletons mob. What the heck is a sargent at arms, known as diesel, doing driving a truck that has a permanent disability plate on it? A sargent at arms of an MC club that is disabled? The guy shouldn’t even be riding if he is disabled unless it is a trike, and a disabled person is not going to take care of business when needed. Being a Fat tub of lard does not make one a bad a$$.

    As for sandman, looks like his poor wife has children and not a husband, I have known 9 year olds with more sense and that are more intimidating. The only thing I would care to se more of from him is his wife, I’d give her a thrill she hasn’t had in a LONG time.

    When do the laughing stock and simpleton mob action figures start coming out? Bunch of no talent actors.

  20. bob Says:

    “Somebody was posing as a threat so we had to do a dance.”
    He actually said that?
    They need new writers.
    By the way,cabbage patch?

  21. Phuquehed Says:

    Aaawww…isn’t that cute? Patwick coming here and puffing up his chest to protect the Laughing Cows and their OL’s and the teevee crew. You must be the go-fer on the set, right Patwick? It’s common knowledge that go-fer’s are idiots and you sure proved you’re an idiot with your post.

  22. Jim666 Says:

    @Slider ;

    can you read ?
    There is not one real biker here that thinks they “laffing dildos”
    are a real club.

    Dumb ass

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear patrick,

    Look at the video again. You might also want to investigate slightly and talk to the victim. Please don’t call me a moron again.


  24. patrick Says:

    You people are about as stupid as the camera guy who deserved what he got..#1 there were 5 women they were filming not 3. #2 the prospect was the only guy that kicked his ass and that was after he was hit with the camera the other guy just pushed him..#3 there was only one woman that hit him…it shows that in the video…morons

  25. Slider Says:

    Just a thought here, I ve known alot of patchholders in my life. Real one. And I an’t think of a single one who would stand up in front of a video camara of a national network (cable) and knowing chance a RICO rap on himself and his club by performing or participating in any feloneius activity for the sake of a buck or entertainment of the masses. But y’all have your fun believng in this bullshit. The first season was interesting to say the least and almost believable. The first show of the seacond season? What a joke, So, Gypsy got voted out of his new club by the other guy? ya right. Prob quit the show ’cause Discummery Channel wouldn’t give him a raise. And the preveiws of up coming events. Felony Arson and Felony Assault on camera. Really? SOA is a fictional club and published as such. Laffing Dumbasses? If looks like bullshit and smells like bullshit, must be bullshit. Coome on DC try again with some else.

  26. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Hi all, this is my first post. Let me tell you how I found this awesome blog. I was checking out youtube videos of a 1% club and i was reading the comments and some dude said something like “the laffing devils can kick their asses” and I was like, LMAO because I thought it was a prank. Then someone else responded and I thought, ok the dude had to be being sarcastic but I became intrigued because I was thinking these LD’s actually exist?! So I cut and paste right there on youtube and lo and behold, there they were. The first video I watched it took me about 30 seconds I swear to God no lie I was like, these guys are LOE. So I did some more google searches and I got a link to this blog. So here I am.

  27. Mopar Says:

    I have watched Devils Ride, and find it very very amusing. I am former Road Captian of an actual MC. We have chapters all of the country including Dago. Believe me when I say, The Laffing Devils are just that. The are the laffing stock of The Dago MC World. And having Eric Bischoff being one of the producers is another big mistake. Look what happened when Bischoff took control of WCW. they went under. Again, The Laffing Devils are called that for a reason, Because they are so funny. No true MC would ever let a Reality show about them ever happen

  28. TC Says:

    I ride all over Dago. Other than seeing that gypsey guy down in OB a couple years ago, I’ve never seen any of them. Do they ride when they’re not filming? Where?

  29. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    “Anyone have an update on Dago Peckerwood’s case? I am more interested in how he came out in all of this than the next season of the LD’s.”

    Second that..

    I can’t believe there is another season coming? Really? I mean, after all the shit those fools more than likely got. They are going another round? Payday must be good.

  30. Just Some Guy Says:

    I know I am a bit late in writing a letter here, but as I saw it, Tank ( At the time prospect Charles ) was pushing the nosy man back. Then the guy smacked him in the head FIRST with his camera. Still Tank only shoved and pushed, then one of the girls smashed a glass or bottle on his head… The way I saw it, Tank was the last person to throw punches.

    This was, in my opinion, a case of people cloned from idiots slugging it out.

    If that fat chick had not thrown a beverage at the guys head, it would have been the photographer getting in legal problems for hitting someone with a blunt instrument ( or weapon depending on the law where you live ).

    Why is that woman married to “macho” man tend to make more trouble than solve?

    PS: Is there any truth to the article about Gipsy getting arrested? I found nothing to confirm it. I looked for the reporter and station that reportedly told the story the first time, but found nothing there also.

  31. sherides Says:

    Anyone have an update on Dago Peckerwood’s case? I am more interested in how he came out in all of this than the next season of the LD’s.

  32. corrupt Says:

    I have a friend who lives down the street from where they are filming. They’re in about the 3rd week of filming at their new “clubhouse” in El Cajon.

  33. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Word on the street has it they are actively filming season two.

  34. Grumbler Says:

    @stroker – Nothing new yet although there’s a good article by Northwest Harley Blog dated October 5th about Thomas Quinn. Google “The Laughing Devil Tickle Monster” … BTW, I miss Ferrell’s Donut Shop on Ocean. Looks as if they expanded to 3 stores.

  35. stroker Says:

    Rebel or anybody seen/heard an update on this show or Quinn?

  36. asshole Says:

    every time i won a fight i got arrested at least until my lawyer fixed it why didn’t they

  37. Paladin Says:

    Well, an individual interviewed in the news report, did say that he was under the impression that Quinn was family oriented.

  38. Stevo Says:

    Both of Gipsy’s faecesbook profiles have vanished…fucking dirty bastard, I hope he get’s what he deserves if it is true.

  39. ghost Says:


    rebel i remember the very first story you did about the dildos ride..
    you said something to the effect of “if nothing else it will just be another biker show to mock” well here we are a few short months later, and i would say this show, and any and everyone attached to it
    is a “MOCK JACKPOT”!!!!

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