Crushing Diamond Dan

June 20, 2012

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Despite an astounding 345 court filings in the last month, there hasn’t been much real action in the Hells Angels RICO case in South Carolina. Formally, the case is called United States of America versus Bifield et al.

The United States Attorney for the District of South Carolina, William N. Nettles, has made a conscious decision to complicate the case in order to sow confusion and discourage news coverage. It is a shame that none of the national newspapers are interested in covering this prosecution because it appears to be unusually dirty and the big papers might have the means to prove that.

In the first place there is reason to believe that defendants are being coerced into cooperation. Federal defendants are always coerced and they usually end up cooperating but the rumored coercion in this case is alleged to be particularly immoral and may actually be criminal. Secondly, the case exemplifies what a lawyer named Andrew Carlon called the sadistic state, “which wields power, most fully realized through the infliction of pain, as an end in itself, the human beings in its power merely means to that awful end….”

The human being chosen to suffer in this case is lead defendant Daniel Eugene “Diamond Dan” Bifield. Bifield (photo above) is an unusually well liked and well respected member of his club. The point of this case is to hurt him. It is impossible to comprehend the case that bears his name without understanding that.

Diamond Dan

Bifield, a New York Hells Angel, was incarcerated in the Bridgeport (Connecticut) Correctional Center on federal gun charges in 1981 when he was diagnosed with kidney stones. The condition is often very painful. At the time Bifield was technically a federal prisoner although he was in a state prison. And, he popped up in the lead feature story in the Sunday, March 15, 1981 edition of the Hartford Courant. The Courant story described numerous rapes of young, white male inmates at the hands of black inmates in the Hartford City Jail. Jailers frequently exploit racial tensions and use sexual assaults to intimidate and control prisoners. The practice is so well known that it is the inspiration for thousands of jokes on late night television.

“Mark Elliott of Hartford, a white,” the Courant reported, “recalled that an attempted shakedown of him by one group of minority inmates last summer ended abruptly, simply because of a silent appearance at the scene by another white – Daniel Bifield, leader of the Hell’s Angels in Bridgeport. Bifield is 6 feet, 3 inches tall, and his record of gun possession convictions and of pending extortion charges had led federal officials to describe him as the most dangerous criminal in the state.” Bifield’s alleged interference with the way America’s jailers run things annoyed the prison administration in Bridgeport and they refused to do anything about his kidney stones.

So Bifield checked out.

Escape and Flight

On September 23, 1981 Bifield gained access to an adjoining cell and escaped through an open window. Days later, U.S. Attorney Richard Blumenthal (now Senator Blumenthal) announced that Bifield’s body had been found in the East River. Bifield was in Bridgeport at the time and saw the announcement on television. He moved to the Bahamas where he had a photo taken mugging with a .357 caliber revolver. Bifield sent the photo to Blumenthal. He moved to Denver in January 1982 and he was captured there by U.S. Marshalls on February 5.

He was incarcerated in the U.S. Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois which had been built in 1963 to replace Alcatraz. He suffered what can only be described as punitive incarceration. He was locked down for 47 hours out of every 48. Although he was technically entitled to 30 minutes outside his cell each day he was rarely allowed that yard time. Guards refused to speak to him. He was a row mate with John Gotti. After seven years he was transferred to the federal penitentiary in Allenwood.

In August 1997 Bifield, his then wife and others were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering. While in Allenwood, Bifield allegedly joined a scheme originated by two other federal prisoners to file false income tax returns. Inmates allegedly applied for fraudulent tax refunds and split the proceeds with the originators of the scheme and the check casher on the outside. Bifield’s share went to his wife. When they were caught he took the blame for her. She took a plea deal. He was sentenced to another 11 years in prison and when he was finally released his ex-wife was long gone.

South Carolina

Bifield was sent to a halfway house in South Carolina in 2008 and formed the God’s Few Motorcycle Club. That club became a Hells Angels charter at exactly midnight on December 31, 2008. The federal investigation of the charter, including an undercover federal police officer and a paid confidential informant, began in early summer 2011. The investigation was always about getting Diamond Dan. Which is why the investigators waited until Bifield was married before they went after him.

Bifield’s present wife, Lisa Ellen Bifield, has been indicted in the current case. The investigation began sometime before Lisa Bifield announced on her Facebook page that South Carolina State Police had subpoenaed a copy of the new couple’s marriage license. A friend of Bifield’s who is not a Hells Angel (no Hells Angels were contacted by or spoke with The Aging Rebel during the preparation of this story) said “I knew exactly what that meant and I cannot believe Danny didn’t. I’m sure he knew but his bride naively, did not. Already they were getting RICO info.” As long as a year ago federal police were planning to leverage a massive indictment with multiple defendants into the plea and bargaining agreements that would seal Dan Bifield’s fate.

There are no indications that anyone in the case has begun to cooperate but time is on the government’s side.

“He’ll do it again,” a source said. “and, Lisa will either be told by him to ‘make the best deal you can but only include me or he’ll take 100 percent of the blame on himself again. In fact, I am sure that right now, he is counting on the feds making some sort of deal for his old lady and he is probably smiling that he is two steps ahead of them…. Danny will likely die in prison, barring some miracle. But if that happens he will die with a smile on his face and he will die a Hells Angel.”

This case is not about anything the government says it is about. It is not about racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, federal narcotics crimes, Hobbs Act robbery, money laundering and firearm crimes. This case is about burying Diamond Dan Bifield so deep nobody will ever find him again. No matter what you read or hear on television, this case is about human tragedy as an end in itself.

Trial is currently scheduled to begin August 9 at the United States Courthouse in Columbia, SC. It will be continued while Diamond Dan Bifield fits this terrible load he must carry to his broad shoulders.



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  1. Marty McLaughlin Says:

    Both of my boys ride Harley Davidsons, and knew of Diamond Dan when he lived in the Bridgeport area. After reading about him in The Biker Times in 1988, I allowed my 18 year old daughter to date him. He’s only guilty of acting a little rowdy, and smoking some reefer, and they fucking send him to jail? I Say Free Danny Bifield !!!

  2. Dirienzo Says:

    Uncle Danny I wish you nothing but the best.. one of your oldest and best friends son COO COO MIKE..

  3. chris cortner Says:

    how long before the 1%ers and other enemies of the feds storm the prisons holding these guys to break them out? no fellow brother left behind to rot in a cage. as I have heard it put “die for something or live for nothing” give your enemy something to fear. take hope though, the current system will not last…history proves time and time again what becomes of democracy. your time is coming.

  4. RLG Says:

    Dear swordfish,

    Please type something like a personal nick name into the Name (required) form field. Not “ageing rebel”.

    Bad spellers like me thought you were a script kiddie trying to pose as Rebel.

    I do not speak for Dan, but I don’t think he can read this website at this time. I see over at there is contact info posted for him:

    Just trying to be helpful!


  5. ageing rebel Says:

    dan swordfish is ready to help

  6. Glenn S. Says:

    Rusty Sea said: “I hope you’ve changed your views on “the state” paper.”

    Yeah, I have. Back in the ’90s, when I was in prison in Columbia, I read The State daily and was somewhat impressed with the fact that their articles did not always repeat the official version, and sometimes asked pointed questions of power. Comparing The State to my hometown paper, The Greenville News, made The State seem damn near radical. They printed a series of articles on police brutality in Cayce, SC (a small town adjacent to Columbia) that led to the resignation of the police chief (although the #2 pig stepped up and nothing really changed). But times have changed and I’m saddened to see that The State has gone the way of the rest of the mainstream media in that it will not speak the truth about the government.

    Ringo said: ” Let’s not forget what we really hate. It’s not the Government.”

    I believe that it is. As a whole, the government enforces leash laws with more zeal than it does the Bill of Rights. If there are any good people in government, they refuse to stand up to the asshole element, which makes them about as bad, in my not-so-humble opinion. While I’m sure that there are exceptions, the “noble public servant” type has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. Elected and appointed offices are bought and paid for and law enforcement agencies are nothing more than the enforcers for corrupt politicians. They go after groups like motorcycle clubs because the government feels threatened by strong men who band together and will stand up for their freedom. They go after everybody else to further the illusion that they are the only thing standing between the sheep and the slaughterhouse. We’d do a lot better with a dramatically downsized caretaker government that focused on keeping the roads in good repair and protecting the country from real threats from without (as opposed to furthering “American interests” overseas).

  7. Ringo Says:

    As a tragedy as this is.. And, So many other cases. Let’s not forget what we really hate. It’s not the Government.. It is the criminals within. I love what our government stands for. I want the criminals OUT. Someone aught launch a rico case against the criminal elements operating in disguise acting as agents. Remove the oath of office of the head of the snake. The rest will fall as co-conspirators.

  8. RustySea Says:

    Respectfully to Glenn S.
    I hope you’ve changed your views on “the state” paper. These sob’s couldn’t tell the truth or investigate were the smell was coming from, if it was sitting on there face and wiggling . Just my experience with the pro prosecution , pro bible belt paper.

  9. Junior Says:

    Jim: My 8 year old daughter is a year ahead of where she is supposed to be, she skipped second grade, went from 1st to third and she still feels unchallenged. She has no desire to force her way of life down other peoples throats, so therefore, she will probably never become a kop.

    I Can’t let mindless trolls have the last word in an old post like this either! -Junior

  10. JIM666 Says:

    @ Junior ,I dont know your daughter but Id say if she,s like mine she,d be pissed that you even used her as an example in the same context or even same sentence as a cop,,, lmao
    As im sure at even the young age of 8 yrs she has more self respect, dignity,disapline,moral, controll, common sinse, “shit I can go on ”
    than any cop ever has,
    jus missin w/ ya, ,,,, even tho im sure it,s true
    Respects, Jim

  11. rollinnorth Says:

    This troll “Thomas” is either LEO or a pawn of one. Just following a script; talking trash. FTP, FTF.

    Respect to those who deserve it.

  12. Junior Says:


    You are as transparent as my 8 year old daughter. You are nothing but a pig trying to convince everyone here that your 3 piece suit makes you a man.

    You are lame. Cant you kops use your brain when writing posts like this, or is leaving your brain in your locker with your street clothes mandatory? O, i almost forgot, kops become kops because they couldn’t succeeed at something productive, and instead of opting for welfare you chose to be a public burden by way of public “service” just like all those others whose brains didnt completely develop inutero. I got something that needs servicing Thomas, cum get some -Junior

  13. Junior Says:

    How do we know you are telling the truth? Where are the facts to back up your statements? Maybe you are right, maybe you are just trying to stir up shit. -Junior

  14. Thomas Says:

    Attending Tuesday’s trial were various prosecution and defense attorneys involved in the federal Hell’s Angels case. They came to study what sort of a witness Bifield would make when she appeared on the witness stand. She appeared to have the makings of a good witness – sitting upright, no hesitation in her answers and positive and specific in her assertions.

    Looks like she has alot of snitching to do, motion of discovery is back, Lisa bifield is goin to rat on at least six of her hubby’s 81 brothers, along with a few others. A certain red devil has also turned out to be a big red RAT!!! What I don’t understand is why you people are honoring rats. I can see Dan, he wrote nothing against his brothers, but he let a rattin ass woman know his business. People like that deserve to be in prison just for being stupid. If she didn’t want to rat then she should have not been involved in the first place.

    She is already testifying against Joseph Ard, and even though he has a fucked up crime, a rat is still a rat. Fuck the police to hell and there families too, I hope that they and all of there friends associates and family become nothing but rotting corpses for me to piss on an that means all the rats too. Talk all you want but she is a rat. This is one of the links for her.

  15. GONZ Says:

    The funniest thing about AJ Blues is that he used to call himself Country AJ.Then when he couldnt play country all that well he started raping the blues.

  16. PAIGE Says:

    Brittany I know your mom and have for over 20 yrs. I also know your aunt lynn I heard what happen to your mom threw susan beck . This is terrible my heart hurts for you and your family. Be strong like your mom always was things will work out they only want him and they are just doing what they can to hurt his close family and she just happens to be one person he truely cares for hang in there be strong.

  17. bob Says:

    impressive footwork,BigV.Looks like this showbiz dude missed a good opportunity to STFU.

  18. JIM666 Says:

    @ btb
    Yea so far anyway they gave me a lawyer go to trial on the 13th of sept. looks like i,ll have to do the leagle reserch tho,,lol, thnx

  19. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to JIM666

    Good to see you are online. Hope it all worked out for you on Friday.

  20. JIM666 Says:

    Here is the link to the “BIG HOUSE CREW”

  21. BigV Says:

    AJ Blues Productions:!/page_object/page_object_photos/artist_890319?sel_photo_id=2770959&onphotoview=increment_lp_photo_views

    Note on Picture Below: The old man is a newscaster named Joe Pinner for WIS in SC, the other guy self identifies as AJ Blues

    I’m PDS(pretty damn sure) that’s the same one running his mouth here as his Facebook is crowing about the Doghouse being closed.

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