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June 15, 2012

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Long ago in another millennium, as Harley dealerships came to resemble the gift shops of Gatlinburg, crusty old bikers complained that the whole biker counterculture had become a “fashion show.” The grey beards were startled by the transformation of things people believed, felt, thought, loved and did into a pile of consumer goods.

Way back then, 15 years ago, nobody imagined that a cable television program called Sons of Anarchy might eventually exist. Today the same crusty old bikers who were offended by Harley-Davidson chatchkas still can’t believe that a television program called The Devils Ride actually exists. If you are one of those traditionalists you should stop reading now before you get the uncontrollable urge to fix the next suit you see with a one inch box wrench.

Reader Discretion Advised

Sons of Anarchy merchandise is coming to a mall near you. The FX roman a clef inspired by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club will be selling SOA branded products in retail stores like Spencer Gifts, Kohl’s and J.C. Penney.

Sons of Anarchy is the most successful show in the brief history of FX. It averages about 5.5 million viewers each week. It was the third best selling DVD release among all television shows last year. Online sales of merchandise connected to the show have increased about 70 percent each year since 2010. “There are different audiences buying the products,” Jeffrey Godsick, President of 20th Century Fox Consumer Products, said in a press release. “They range from the show’s fan base to people who just like the counter-culture biker attitude to people who are weekend bikers.”

“It was a unique strategy,” Godsick explains. “We started the entire consumer products program as a way to reach the fan based audience and as it grew we saw an opportunity to create products that related to the biker culture and the essence of the story. As the audience has grown, so it has continued the evolution.”

The Sons of Anarchy line will now add leather and denim jackets from Pistol Clothing, apparel and accessories from Changes, men’s clothing from Li & Fung USA, jewelry from Salesone International, headwear from Concept One, and infant clothing and swimwear from Calhoun Sportswear. Merchandise will also include barware, home décor, toy motorcycles, games, stationery, calendars, posters, stickers and a Sons of Anarchy trivia game. The items will be sold in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe including Britain.


This Fall “select” Harley dealers will begin selling Sons of Anarchy motorcycles. Bartels Harley-Davidson in Marina del Rey, California will produce 100 Limited Edition bikes. Bartels has a long association with Hollywood and with celebrities.

The newly branded bikes will be unveiled at this year’s Sturgis Rally. One of the many press releases that trumpeted this marketing blitz described Sturgis as “an event that will precede the airing of the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, which will begin this September.”

“The rapid evolution of the Sons of Anarchy retail campaign has mirrored the show’s exploding popularity,” Godsick said. “We started this campaign in 2010 with an effective online-only campaign and are now going full throttle to connect the right retail partners with the show’s growing and passionate audience.”

Put down the box wrench.


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170 Responses to “More Hollywood Crap”

  1. Coe Says:

    I know this is way past the expiration date on this thread, but i have to say this to that idiot *BOOK*.
    Bud, I also love BLS, but you are WAY off and are clearly TRYING to be a poser. “they are a mc and all ride harley’s” NO. They are NOT an MC they are a fucking rock band. Secondly – “The lead singer uses a patch cause thats his club” Are you fucked?? IT’S NOT A CLUB DIPSHIT. It’s morons like you who make BLS fans look like idiots. ONLY wear your vests to concerts, if you wear them out and about, you deserve the hard knocks education you’ll get. And Zakk Wylde, btw, is not a biker, niether are BLS fans. Do you see what I said numbnuts – BLS FANS – not BLS MC members. CAUSE IT’S NOT AN MC DIPSHIT. FUck, I try to respect other Black Label fans much as I can but buddy you are a fucking poser who deserves to get smacked upside his fucking head.
    I wear BLS tshirts as well, but I dont strut around thinking “oh look i’m a biker!” you fucking fuck.
    Sure us fans refer to eachother as family members, but I hope over the last couple yrs you’ve educated yourself to know how stupid you sound and how wrong you are.
    It’d be as stupid as a BLS fan putting a Prez/VP/SA flash on their vest. REALITY CHECK IDIOT: IT”S A FUCKING ROCK BAND NOT AN MC. Either get educated or shut the fuck up and stop making a fool out of yourself and giving being a fan of a kick ass metal band fronted by one of the sickest guitarists in the north america a fucking bullshit rep like being one of these SOA posers. You seriously SERIOUSLY are one fucking moron.
    Was I offensive enough? GOOD. Now get straight on your bullshit bud.

    *any other BLS fans that think like this guy @BOOK need to seriously re-evaluate their perception of things.*

    ps: Bands have been using those kinds of logos for years – Motorhead, Skynyrd, even some ZZ Top logos – don’t be an idiot, dont be a poser. Be a fan and love your bands, just dont try to make them into something they’re not just to fit your own fantasies.

  2. Says:

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  3. The Kraut Says:

    Bikes were more fun when all had kickstarts and riding a motorsickle was seen as non-respectable by the fucking civilians.

    Enjoy today…it may be your last

    Respects to all

  4. RtC Says:

    FUCK YOU, MOM! (Put that on a CONCHO for an abandon child who had reached
    MAJORITY! MAYBE you are HIS??!!

  5. Your mom Says:

    I’m surprised you monkeys can read, let alone write.

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Cap’n Bill,

    “Some of you who live through me would lock me up and throw away the key.” (From Steve Earle’s “I Feel Alright.’ Video, at the moment, on the home page lower right.)


  7. Cap'n Bill Says:

    I enjoyed the reference to the coon skin cap thing BECAUSE, as you so eloquently stated, those kiddies were emulating their hero. With that in mind, these grown men could quite possibly be emulating their ‘heroes’, which, like it or not, could very well be any one of US! I’m not a PH but I do ride more than the average bear. I hear more than a few conversations at work like, “Did you watch ‘Sons’ last night, etc., etc.”
    It is food for thought, since I was just layin’ around thinkin’ about shit, ya know…?!

  8. Joseph Says:

    I’m not a biker, but a lot of the shows I go to, and a lot of the bars I go to put me around bikers. I grew up around bikers, and I can always see them grinning at the cheesy dude in the SOA shirt.
    I like the show, but I don’t see the point in wearing a shirt for it or any other tv show. Cable television makes enough money with out me advertising for them.

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Base,

    I think there are about three categories of trolls on here. One I would call the “Jellys,” because they tend to be fans of Sons of Anarchy or The Devils Ride although they aren’t necessarily fans of those shows. The second group I think of as the “Jabbers.” The third, and biggest group of trolls, is the “Cops.”


  10. Base Says:


    Thank you for exposing Ray Holly,,,

    Looking forward to your new book,,,

    Respects Base

  11. rollinnorth Says:

    FTP. Looking forward to the Burgess book, Rebel. Thank you.


  12. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ray Holly,

    Please tone your shit down.

    Because your email address refers to a not famous British actress, Sadie Miller, and your IP bounces back to the Inland Empire, and because you are deliberately insulting to me and the other commenters, I suspect you are a cop.

    Obviously, this is why all you sorry motherfuckers make $100 K a year. I know, “You can’t put a price on safety.” Isn’t that what you unemployable retards usually say. This troll attack in the last week is suspicious. You’re wasting my time. The site will stay up and the Burgess book will get done anyway.


  13. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    My trike won’t be an extension of my cunt. At least I hope not, since that would be rather painful.

    YYZ Skinhead

  14. shovelNY Says:

    ray holly,
    i saw your comments on the loathing sons of anarchy thread and a few people responded to you in a positive manner.
    nobody judged you.
    what prompted your post here?
    you certainly are entitled to your own opinion,you are also entitled to keep it to yourself.
    it’s easy to be rude sitting behind a keyboard.
    you owe an apology.

  15. Base Says:


    Opinions vary!

  16. Ray Holly Says:

    You guys put way too much of your identity in your motorcycles.. honestly I don’t even want to ride anymore because of all of the elitism and judgement. Holy shit, had I known people think like this, i might as well buy a rice rocket.

    Like someone said harleys are an extention of ones dick and I can clearly see it in all of these posts. Guess we don’t ride to enjoy the bike, the wind, or socialize, we want to be bad ass, and exclude and hate all the wanna be’s all day. Shit, if you’re into hating all day by all means be mad, but remember, harley davidson is the one that let all of this happen. They will sell a MC to anyone with a buck. That’s the name of the game.

    Maybe you guys should spend more time investing in other avenues for identity other then your motorcycle, which by the way, is mainstream now; that’s right, you’re not cool anymore. I just watched the laughing devlis and they all sounded like a bunch of whinning douche bags.. much like a lot of the commentors on this website.

    I guess when you grow up idolizing real bad asses, and the day comes for you to play the part, but you don’t really know the reason or why you are pretending to be bad ass, confusion, misplaced angst follows.

    casting call for Laffing devils season 2 should be held here.

  17. ghost Says:

    until this week i have never seen one episode of s.o.a, i have had some downtime and was wondering aimlessly around wal-mart, and stumbled onto the season dvd packs and thought i would give it a try,
    i bought the first season, went home and started watching. the next morning at around 7 am i went back to walmart and bought season two,
    i stayed up and watched the whole second season, by that time i felt
    like i was tweeking and made myself go to sleep, after waking up i went back and bought the third season and finished watching that also. i thought that it was a pretty good show, my favorite scene was when opie whacked the atf agent with the uzi, that was truly inspiring!!!! i also enjoyed the sonny barger scene,, as far as the merchandising goes, that just comes with anything that hits cult status, although i personally would laugh my ass off if i ever saw some pussy rub wearing a s.o.a cut, it would be even funnier to see said rub get depatched by some pissed off patchholder from a real club. all in all i think it’s a pretty good biker soap opera, and i also think kurt sutter was right, the s.o.a crew would fuck the laffing dildos up, at least they go all the way with they’re pretend violence!!! and the character happy is a real oakland ha!!!

  18. Wolfheart Says:

    I want to know if every piece of SOA crap sold comes with an authentic SOA Adult Diaper? If I see some clown wearing this crap or riding that crap and they come over to talk(bother) with me, then they better be wearing their diaper.

    LOL Direct from Rebel: “Personally, I think in some future century there is a slight chance that some of this crap I write here may be discovered by a graduate student specializing in Sons of Anarchy studies and he will conclude that I didn’t know shit about shit.” LOL

    if there is a post grad student doing this then I foresee an unemployed advanced degree(Piled Higher and Deeper) dweeb that spent too much time dealing in fantasy. LOL If said dweeb is reading your articles, it better be to learn. This is a rare site which real bikers, slickbacks and 1%ers come to see articles of interest about the MC world, and share our experiences and opinions. Most sites won’t have the unabashed truth which is mostly not Poliitically Correct. PC has nothing to do with MC riders, unless those clowns are posers. Upfront and honest, being who you are, being real are qualities we all respect, yet is so rare to find and is something that puts each of us just outside of society and not easting the crap that is spoon fed to the masses.

    We are stand offish, we distrust at the start, and our loyalty must be earned, as with our friendship. We look at quality over quantity. It is difficult to find others with these values, so much BS out there we put up walls to keep from knowing others and trusting them until they can prove they are worthy of getting to know and have a bond with.

    SOA, LDs and all the fake shows and clubs before and after will always look at us with facination and as inspiration, unfortunately it also allows others to play make believe. On a positive note, these shows do inspire others to get into biking as well, maybe some kid that will grow to be a great MC designer. Maybe even produce a kid that grows to be somebody you can trust and treat as a young brother. Much of the next generation of bikers are watching these shows, for better or worse. Maybe it is for us to take that interests in bikes and bikers they have for watdching these shows and take one under our wings and show them how the truth is different than the fantasy?

    I am waiting for when they have SOA adult diapers at every rally and in every HD stealership on the Planet!

  19. Cap'n Bill Says:

    All eye can say is ‘Like, WoW, man’. I loved Then Came Bronson. Yes, the road can be a lonesome place. No, most of ‘those’ characters won’t get it. Take a ride, folks, it’s good for what ails ya…

  20. HEATHEN - D Says:

    @ Red and Gold

    To further enhance your wish for the days of respect. While drinking at a local So. Cal, watering hole, I could not believe while I standing with another patch holder, A guy with a camera says ” look this way so I can take your picture, I have a radio show ” I fuckin came un glued!!! neatless to say the picture was not taken and the photo guy got a lesson on taking a photo of a full patch MC!

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