The Devils Ride Renewed

Wed, Jun 13, 2012

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The Devils Ride Renewed

The Discovery Channel announced Tuesday that The Devils Ride, a campy parody of outlaw motorcycle clubs, is officially a hit and has been renewed for a second “season.” The first season lasted six episodes and it is not clear which of the original cast members will return. They are all terrible actors.

The Discovery press release said, in part:

Discovery announced today renewal of its hit Tuesday night series The Devils Ride for a second season. The Devils Ride goes inside the world of motorcycle clubs with the members of San Diego’s The Laffing Devils. Airing after Deadliest Catch, The Devils Ride averaged over 2 million viewers each week. Produced for Discovery by Bischoff Hervey Entertainment with Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey serving as Executive Producers, The Devils Ride wraps up with its season finale tonight at 10 p.m. e/p as the club sees a final showdown between ex-president Gipsy and new club head Billy the Kid.

“All season long trouble as been brewing within the club’s ranks as members were forced to take sides between the warring leaders. And while power struggles persist, personal struggles tear at the club’s war vets, many of whom wrestle with post-traumatic stress.”

War vets and PTSD? So really, the producers have no shame.


From the opening credits of episode one, The Devils Ride has been insightful about three piece patch motorcycle clubs as Jersey Shore is insightful about Leonardo Da Vinci and as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer is insightful about the Civil War. Nevertheless, young and middle aged men tuned in each week to learn what the motorcycle club world is “really like.” For example, in episode five viewers learned that shrewd patch holders avoid gang enhancement charges by simply stripping off their cuts before punching a fool in the mouth. In earlier episodes viewers learned it is no thing to hit people in public as long as your crime is being recorded by a television crew.

This season, The Devils Ride told a simple-minded story about a San Diego motorcycle club called The Laffing Devils. The show’s scripts assert that the club is about five-years-old. The club has been around since at least 2010. It was founded by an alleged bounty hunter named Tommy Quinn whose name on the road is Gipsy – spelled like that, in the fashion of Ebonics. Numerous critics of the show have stated that Quinn is married to a San Diego cop and that as that fact became well-known in the club world the Laffing Devils were told to dump him. The Aging Rebel has been unable to verify that Quinn is either a bounty hunter or married to a cop.

LDMC patch holders like to meet in wine bars where they smoke expensive cigars while sipping expensive glasses of wine. The cigars and wine epitomize this production. Anyone who has ever had either a good glass of wine or a good cigar knows that the two flavors do not mix particularly well. Neither the cast members nor the producers seem to care. Instead, the wine, cigars, cute hats, immaculate cuts and expensive motorcycles – apparently, nobody in this club rides a Dyna – all represent what the show is really about: Conspicuous consumption. The point of this thing, after all, is to convince people to buy shit they do not need. And, the most important job of the cast members has been to model that shit like the long legged glamour girls on The Price is Right model fur hats.

Television Writing

The show’s first season was all about the expulsion of club founder Quinn, his replacement by a vacuous martinet named “Billy the Kid” and Quinn’s establishment of another motorcycle club called the Sinister Mob Syndicate MC as an act of revenge. It was a professional wrestling story arc. Coincidentally, the producers have backgrounds in professional wrestling.

The decision to renew the show appears to have been made almost a month ago. Since then the program and its producers, Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television, have unabashedly chased fame. That chase has involved a contrived feud with Sons Of Anarchy show runner Kurt Sutter, optimistic press releases, the peddling of many tee shirts and hoodies and increasingly tense relations with real San Diego area motorcycle clubs.

Just before Memorial Day Discovery began selling The Devils Ride clothing. The expensive rags include a “Devils Ride Part Of The Brotherhood” tee-shirt. The shirt is intended to symbolize that the wearer has found “a brotherhood like the one you found in the military…. What do you do when you have lived life all pumped up on a level of intensity that normal life can’t match? The Devils Ride Part Of The Brotherhood T-shirt is about the answer to those questions. The Laffing Devils motorcycle club is largely full of guys who looked for answers and found them in their motorcycle club. They draw strength and security from one another. It’s all part of the brotherhood.” And viewers can share in that brotherhood by buying a shirt for $26.95 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling. Although that might be a small price to pay for instantly becoming a combat veteran and an outlaw badass.

Sutter Flame War

The public argument between the LDMC and Sutter amused the nation and promoted the show for almost a week. Sutter thought the Discovery show was exploiting his FX show so he tweeted: “watched DEVIL’S RIDE. probably get in trouble for saying this, but I’m pretty sure my SOA actors could kick the shit out of this ‘real’ MC.”

A The Devils Ride cast member then told TMZ “I am concerned that Kurt’s creative mind is stuck in make-believe land with his recent comment on Twitter. Here’s a reality check for ya Kurt…. I am sending a personal invitation to your pretty-faced Kurt Cobain look-alike star Jax (portrayed by Charlie Hunnam) to come down to San Diego and prove your point. And tell him to wear those shiny white kicks too. I hope he’s a size 11, I could use some new shoes.”

Sutter tweeted back, “the reality is that hunnam is probably the toughest fucking dude on my set. newcastle street kid. he’s the last guy I’d ever pick to fight.”

So everybody on television has demons. Everybody who plays an outlaw on television is a bad ass.

Sutter went on to tweet, “i know devil’s ride has exploited SOA and is now using me for more exposure” and “LACTATING DEVILS, fake MC is now threatening actors. wow, they are so fucking BADASS. gigiddy. TMZ you complete me.”

Then, that tempest in a teapot ended as quickly as it began. Sutter has denied any hidden interest in The Devils Ride.

Let’s Get Physical

The best known example of tensions between the Laffing Devils and members of other motorcycle clubs was a fight on May 12 between Deron Jaffe, a member of the Peckerwoods Motorcycle Club, and two patched members and one supporter of the Laffing Devils. Jaffe explains, “I was defending myself against three of them and since I’ve seen them committing felonies on television, with no backlash from the police, I felt threatened by this self-admitted outlaw motorcycle gang.” Jaffe also has stated that the two patched Laffing Devils voluntarily surrendered their cuts to him with the understanding that they would be returned to their chapter president. Jaffe was arrested on two counts of suspicion of robbery and two counts of assault and battery. And, since he is a member of a motorcycle club that does not have its own television show Jaffe was also hit with five gang enhancements. So far the case has cost him about $25,000. He is currently free on a $276,000 bond.

One obvious question is which of the Laffing Devils pressed charges against Jaffe. Which raises a second question about whether a real motorcycle club handles its own business or has the police handle their business for them. And, a third question – did the Laffing Devils avoid gang enhancement charges by voluntarily removing their cuts before they fought Jaffe?

Meanwhile, in the other reality, the reality that is not all about empty materialism, the Peckerwoods Motorcycle Club will hold a fund raising party for Jaffe on Saturday, June 23 at Lacey J’s Saloon and Grille in Santee California. The bar is at 8861 North Magnolia in Santee. The party costs $25 to attend. About his current encounter with television reality, Jaffe has said, “There is no justice. Just us.” Multiple attempts by this page to talk to any current member of the Laffing Devils, cast members of the show and employees of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television have been ignored so it is unclear at this time whether members of the Laffing Devils will attend the fundraiser or whether the production company plans to send a camera crew.

Free Rusty

The Discovery Channel has repeatedly stated that the television show is about a “real” club. And, the show has tried to prove that the Laffing Devils are “real” with a couple of appearances by the very large, very real and apparently retired Hells Angel Rusty Coones.

Coones is the former President of the Orange County (California) charter of the Hells Angels. He was arrested on federal drug charges in June 1999. He was at least entrapped and he was sentenced to eight years in prison. One of his earliest and most stubborn defenders was celebrity bike builder Jesse James who was recently married to Sandra Bullock and who has some show business connections. After he got out of prison Coones made some show business connections, too.

Coones has always been a master bike builder and about a year ago he built a custom motorcycle, with a huge engine, for Kurt Sutter. Sutter filmed Coones and his business partner, Rodrigo Requejo, building the bike. “My first impression: ‘Fuck, he is big,’” Sutter told the OC Weekly. “Then I was struck by his enthusiasm and genuine love of bikes and the motorcycle subculture. Plus, he was a huge Sons fan. We became friends when he started talking about bikes.”

One episode in the first season of The Devils Ride featured Coones sending a group of Laffing Devils to repossess a bike for him in Las Vegas. Presumably, Coones was compensated for his appearance.

Coones learned to play the guitar in prison and he also began writing songs. He now plays lead guitar for a heavy metal group named Attika7. The group’s songs have been placed in episodes of the Sons of Anarchy and Coones second appearance in The Devils Ride was to play with his band in the Laffing Devils’ new club house. Producers obviously thought Coones’ appearance would lend credibility to the Laffing Devils outlaw image. For most viewers, Coones appearances probably did make the show seem more credible.

Next Season

The extent to which the Laffing Devils will participate in the next season of The Devils Ride is up in the air. It is a lock that something called the Sinister Mob Syndicate MC will be prominent whenever the show returns. The SMSMC is the new “club” founded by Laffing Devils founder Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn. The plot of this year’s season has been a bogus conflict between the Laffing Devils and the Sinister Mob. And, the registration of the Sinister Mob’s trademarks hints at when the show was actually renewed and what the show is really about. Please don’t be shocked but it turns out the show is not about journalism or truth. It is about clocking dollars.

The trademark registration for “Sinister Mob Syndicate MC” was filed by Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television, LLC of 1754 14th Street in Santa Monica on May 18, 2012. That application lists Tommy Quinn as the last listed owner of the mark. That application was withdrawn and re-filed on May 24, 2012. The most recent application does not include Quinn’s name.

According to the more recent application the word mark or logotype remains unchanged. The club logogram, the picture mark, is described as “a skull design with small symbols around it and long horns that curve down behind the skull design. The words ‘Sinister Mob’ arching over the top of the skull design. The word ‘Syndicate’ under the skull design and the letters MC to the right of the skull design.”

The application states the marks will be used to sell “Motorcycle merchandise, namely, t-shirts, sweat shirts, hooded sweat shirts, tank-tops, sleeveless shirts, hats, caps, underwear, leather jackets, leather clothing, bandannas, gloves, patches, chaps, jackets, gloves, rain suits, coats, vests, shoes, boots and belts.” Right. Sinister Mob Syndicate MC underwear.

The domain name was also registered by someone named Collin Tims of Gualala, in northern California, on May 22. Attempts to reach Tims were unsuccessful but he has no obvious connection to the television show.

There Can Be Only One!

Last night’s season finale was as tooth grindingly painful to watch as the previous five episodes. Obviously, to borrow a phrase from Clint Eastwood, the show has “too much talk, talk. Not enough bang-bang.” The actors in this show talk too much because none of them have anything interesting to say. So, none of these guys is exactly Gary Cooper.

Although, there were two semi-real moments in last night’s show. One portrayed the tension that always pops up for patch holders who are committed to both their wives and their clubs. Since motorcycle clubs are most of all a way of being a man, the logic of much of what happens in them eludes women. And last night’s show featured almost a minute of wives complaining about their husband’s commitment to their club. The second semi-true moment, added as a footnote to the episode, showed club reaction to the death of a club brother. This addendum was spray painted with phony pathos, maybe for the benefit of humanoids who don’t understand that the death of a family member is usually sad.

Everything else in the show was as blatantly scripted, blocked, acted and recorded as an episode of General Hospital, which is what the The Devils Ride really wants to be. Most of this concluding episode was about the divorce between Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn and the club he founded. There was an attempted repossession of club property that was obviously scripted and photographed in takes. New club President “Billy” tells old club President “Gipsy,” “there’s only one grey and red club in this town.” Gipsy vows not to back down. Laffing Devils openly talk about going to “war.” So a kid could write next season’s story bible.

Meanwhile, a real club member named Deron Jaffe is in a world of legal hurt because he stumbled into TV land while being what the Laffing Devils pretend to be.

But give credit where credit is due. The Devils Ride has accomplished something in six weeks that Sons of Anarchy tried and failed to accomplish for four years. And that is, make Sons of Anarchy look like Hamlet.

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  1. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    “’All season long trouble as been brewing within the club’s ranks as members were forced to take sides between the warring leaders. And while power struggles persist, personal struggles tear at the club’s war vets, many of whom wrestle with post-traumatic stress.’

    War vets and PTSD? So really, the producers have no shame.”

    Yeah, that got on my wick too. I make jokes about my own PTSD but I would never exploit nor trivialize anyone else’s.

    YYZ Skinhead

  2. RK Says:

    So the producers expect me to believe that a single man of less than average size strolled into a “Real MC” clubhouse with 5 patched members, disrespected them, had the door shut on him, and didn’t get his ass handed to him?? Not even by the fella who laid out a paparazzi in he middle of the Gaslamp in episode one? Come the fuck on…

    I dont watch too much television but I watched every episode to see how the lifestyle & mc world would be portrayed. The producers managed to squeeze every stereotype, urban myth, & bit of drama thats ever been thrown at the biker community into less than 6 full hours of television. The entire show is an insult to the motorcycling community.


  3. Rashomon Says:

    I’m still disgusted by this posting that YYZ found – what a bunch of fuckwits.

  4. swampy Says:

    Rebel said:
    “Right, SINISTER MOB SYNDICATE MC underwear.”

    Rebel, I wonder if the “fly” will be located in the backside of the underwear? If not I guess they can wear them backwards.


  5. Stevo Says:

    The one single thing that grates me the most is this-even assuming Tommy Quinn’s wife is a cop-if another club told me to ‘drop’ one of my brothers never mind my P, I would tell them to get fucked. These punks bleat about loyalty yet dropped their P and founding father like a hot potato. I have looked into the LDMC and it’s obvious they were a club long before TV showed up so they have no excuse to act like such milk sop poufs. They may as well fold, they look like fags to the whole biker world.

  6. Jesus Says:

    Rumor is Sandman is riding with the H.A and lots of dudes dropped there cuts.

  7. Doc Jones Says:

    Dago Peckerwood……Now I have a better understanding of what happened to you because of these pretenders. If I understand it correctly, a couple of them handed over their cuts to you then ratted on you because they punked out their club and their manhood. That’s common when dealing with scrap. I have learned over the years that if you are involved at any level with this type of scum, you will most likely get told on. What happened to you is disgusting!! These punks gave up their patch then ran to the cops. FUCK…..this makes me puke!! Hang tuff DJ, at least you know what you’re about. MUCH RESPECT!!

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks CA.

  8. Diocletian Says:

    I sent a message to the artist that originally made the design that “sin mob” is using, not sure if the image is protected but if it is hopefully they have to stop using it or something. The guy who made the image does a lot of artwork for underground metal bands, now someone is trying to profit from his work….maybe they can throw him a few bucks or something at least.

  9. Grumbler Says:

    The Devils Ride was humongous pile of manure burning for 6 solid weeks until it was finally extinguished after polluting the air with a foul stench from coast to coast. Respects to Dago Peckerwood.

  10. sherides Says:


    You crack me up (again).

    “And that is, make Sons of Anarchy look like Hamlet”
    Damn I hope Sutter reads that!

    Respects to Dago Peckerwood indeed. Hope the benefit goes well.

    Around my house, we have taken to calling the LD the Laffing Dufus’s MC. It just keeps getting stupider and stupider.

    Next season we’ll learn just how badass the SMSMC can be.

    I’m surprised that Sandman’s Wife lets him out to ride….

  11. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    There’s the Discovery Channel for you. Exploiting bikers is bad. Exploiting sick and dead kids for bikesploitation is unforgivable. Disco doesn’t care whom/what they hurt.

    YYZ Skinhead

  12. Tooj Says:

    Ever wake up and realize you put something into someone you wish you hadn’t? And it’s still snoring next to you?

    Yeah, it’s been like that…

  13. RedfromSD Says:

    So not sure what the real deal with this whole Sin Mob Syndicate is. Maybe they’re still in trying to sort out marketing campaign, but I was at a benefit last weekend and Gipsy was there with some other dude following him around neither were wearing cuts or patches of any sort. I parked two bikes down from his, thought it looked familiar. I was really surprised to see a handicap plate on it. Tough enough to ride a suicide shifter, smash up a clubhouse and tackle bail jumpers but disabled enough to need priority parking?

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    Fucking ‘SMSMC’, and all I can keep thinking of is ‘Office of Redundancy Office’ for some reason.

    I could probably get shit-canned for this, but I can’t give too much respect for/to anyone in that show who just shows up to *purportedly* give some ‘real lifeness’ (yeah I know, not a real word but it fits what I mean at the moment) to it just for a few bucks. To me that’s nothing more than selling out what was ones life at one time. I personally couldn’t do it, and it’s probably why I got no friends – because I take shit like that serious and won’t cut no slack for nobody. No body. Period. Fuck ‘em if they can’t handle the truth and the life the way it started and the way it’s meant to be and stay. (or if I wanted to add brevity…fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke, and joke ‘em if they can’t take a fuck.)

    Anyway, I just glad I don’t have a boob-tube so I’m not even tempted to waste a precious minute on that crap. It’s turned into the fucking turd that won’t flush, is what’s happening.

  15. Vikingtrotter Says:

    During the FB live chat with Gipsy last night. He stated that he personally designed the Sin Mob horned head icon. I posted that how can you say that when it is known that another artist did it and he is seeking an attorney to seek renumeration. I know he read it but he did not comment on my post.

  16. Budweiser Says:

    Rebel- Great Article. I look forward to your coverage of the Peckerwood case.

  17. Night Rider Says:

    While watching the show last night it dawned on me that all that was missing was Kevin Nash riding up on a Jesse James cutsom, to the strains of ‘Voodoo Chile’, with Hulk Hogan riding bitch and the rest of the NWO coming in on Vespas.

    I’m also curious as to how much of the ‘success’ is tied to the show following Deadliest Catch. I figure most watchers are like me, and are too lazy to switch channels, not to mention the whole ‘car wreck’ aspect of watching the show.

    Rebel – great site and aricles. Found my way here thanks to a post on huliq.

  18. DirtyBruin Says:


    Back in the ’90s, Eric Bischoff had a brilliant story idea when he was working for WCW – the whole “NWO invasion” thing wrapped around the fact that they’d just hired a couple of wrestlers away from the competition. Believe it or not, it had never been done before in pro wrestling, and (for a while anyway) it was an enormous success.

    The interesting thing is – Bischoff seems stuck on trying to use that same template to try and get the same level of success; I see this whole spinoff of the SMSMC (which makes me think of “Text Message M/C?! Huh?”) as a similar “plot” to Bischoff’s biggest success. (Or maybe it’s more like splitting the NWO into two factions. Whatever.)

    And yeah, I expect to draw some flames for actually knowing this crap – what can I say, sometimes mindless entertainment is useful. At least pro wrestling generally doesn’t insult bikers, unlike this latest venture.

  19. IRISHPUNK Says:

    Is it not possible that the Producers of this steaming pile of shit went to the cops and reported the incident with Dago Peckerwood ? After all they couldn’t have anybody running around with “their” property right ? Maybe the Producers have more interest in who’s holding on to “their” cuts then the “Brotherhood” of The Laffing Dildos, if any cuts from the SOA set were taken I guaranfucktee you Sutters company would be pressing charges in a heart beat …

  20. Doc Jones Says:

    IRISHPUNK……You may be right, but, the problem I have is if the cuts were handed over by members, regardless of the circumstances, that shows those members to be classless pieces of shit. If the cuts were stolen the same thing applies……..they should never have been left in a place that was not secure. I don’t know…….maybe to some so called clubs their patch isn’t as important as it has always been with the 1% clubs that I’m familiar with. If it were me, I would rather die than give up my patch. I liken it to ratting……I couldn’t live with myself if I turned rat. I’m not in a club but if I was, I would always protect my patch. I have too much pride to walk around as a gutless wonder!! Maybe the dildos should consider giving up on trying to be somebody.

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  21. Mr_Riot Says:

    My OL finds it funny I have been watching this show because I sit there vociferously criticizing every move made by the characters. As someone else said, it is much like watching Nascar… just waiting to see someone hit the wall.
    Much like the other posts here, I believe it is obvious that these guys really are not aware of the history and traditions of club life. The fact is, they started out before this show was a twinkle in Bitch-Off’s eye. BUT, they were f’d up from the get go. A prime example of what happens when a group of guys with no club experience think they are gonna get together and start a club simply by sewing a 3-piece to their vests. I for one would find it hard to prospect for any club knowing that my pres. never prospected for any club or paid his dues to get where he is. Here in SD we have so many clubs, we have reached the saturation point. It is really sad to see a small group sell-out the culture in this way.
    We all watch and enjoy SOA because it was readily understood it was a fictionalized drama. This latest dramatization of club life is being sold to the masses as reality, and that is where lies the root of the problem. If you spend even a little time scanning the internet (yea I know we all hate to admit it, but keeping informed through smart use of the internet is becoming a necessity) it would seem very few people respect what these guys are doing, but most don’t even know why they shouldn’t respect them. Every armchair cowboy thinks they know what clubbers are all about and how they should act, thanks to SOA/Gangland bullsh*t. This bothers me a lot. It feeds directly into what the LE community want the masses to believe about bikers and clubs, and further perpetuates the stereotypes presented to them.
    The most dramatic thing going on in my life is the day I organize and pay my bills. The tense moment where I figure out if I am in the red, or in the black. Will there be enough cash left in the account to get the kids to school and keep food on the table this month? Find out next week on….”Blue Collar Biker.”

  22. cerati Says:

    Another gem of merchandise (besides the Devil’s Ride motorcycle gloves):

    “Fight for the Club Tshirt – They say the police don’t really like them. The police get nervous. The Devils Ride Fight For The Club T-Shirt is about that. Prejudice threatens the club and they find themselves having to defend the right to their brotherhood. Fight for the club—fight for freedom and independence too. It’s what this country is supposed to be about.”

    Good story Rebel. Respect.

  23. Rashomon Says:

    I guess that’s why they’re called the laffing devils – they’re laughing all the way to the bank and no doubt laughing at us for watching their crap show. Un-fucking-believable.

  24. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Night Rider,

    I hope the post was mine. Lots of the commentors on Huliq seem to agree with the folks round here so I figured they would like Rebel’s articles.

    Upsilon Upsilon Zeta Dermocybe

  25. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Okay, here is the link to the post.

    I tried to edit the above post to add the link but it keeps crashing my damn browser when I click “edit”.

    YYZ Skinhead

  26. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    Just found this site through a Harley site I go on to. Lovin the articles and the info on this turd that is The Laffing Devils.

    Discovery and the wrestling puke should be ashamed of themselves.

  27. IRISHPUNK Says:

    Doc Jones,

    Your right, if it was a real club & brotherhood they wouldnt have rolled over and gave up the cuts. Obviously Deron can hold his own and proved it, but the Laffing Dildos had him out numbered and they still gave it up ? I’m guessing in their 15 pages of “by-laws” they are so proud of someone forgot to mention not giving up the colors. This show didnt mention shit about by-laws or protocol until about the 4th show, which by then they had been getting all kinds of shit about violating and not knowing anything about all over the net. Seemed to me that they may have done some re-editing to get these last few shows ready to air.

  28. anarchist Says:

    I caught a couple of minutes of this show when it started, and I thought WTF?!! These aren’t 1%ers, except maybe Juice — Sandman, maybe was, but is too respectable now. The rest are a bunch of wannabes. Then I saw the “Run” to Vegas for the repo. That crap made Dog the Bounty Hunter and his paintball guns look good.(BTW–they don’t) Get real. I grew up in Milwaukee and I can tell you that Billy Boy don’t have a Milwaukee accent.Maybe he was there for a party, but he’s no homie. Anyway, the acceent–it’s pretty distinct. If these guys are bikers, then so is Tim the Toolman Taylor.

  29. Rashomon Says:

    @YYZ – Upsilon Upsilon Zeta Dermocybe – that’s pretty funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

  30. Rebel Says:

    Dear cerati,

    Yeah, this club sure is loud for a bunch of guys I never heard about until they were on Discovery.


  31. a fan of your site Says:

    They (ldmc) claim the may incident never happened. I guess until they man up and get everything in the open it’s all just noise to go along with a show that makes riders look ridiculous. both independents and members of MC’s.!/DiscoveryChannelsTheDevilsRide/posts/331072986966982?notif_t=feed_comment_reply

  32. me Says:

    they remind me of a bunch of boys getting together after work to b.s. nothing bad-ass about them, just a bunch of drama queens trying to be bad-ass. reminds me of that movie the little rascals, only the little rascals were better actors, lol.

  33. FatBob Says:

    Tim “The Toolman” Taylor is a biker, used to run with the ‘Wild Hogs”!…’member?


  34. Slam Says:

    Rebel wrote:
    >>”Anyone who has ever had either a good glass of wine or a good cigar knows that the two flavors do not mix particularly well.”<<

    In all honesty, the above quote from Rebel is worthy of more discussion than the "Clown School" that is the 'Devil's Ride!' WTF Rebel???? No Port and Bolivar's for you when you come to Houston!

    Much respect Dago Peckerwood.

  35. Rebel Says:

    Dear fan,

    Yeah I saw the comments on the facebook fan page. I stand by the story.


  36. Vikingtrotter Says:


    Just dip the non-sburny end of a cigar in a Port and you’ll see that it does mix. But dipping it in a good bourbon is waaaaay better!

  37. a fan of your site Says:


    I don’t know either party from a hole in the wall but if I were a betting man, I’d say your article is pretty spot on. The fact they wouldn’t comment (i saw your post about them blowing you off) speaks volumes.

    Thanks for the story.

  38. jcfromnj Says:

    “a campy parody” you damn them with faint praise! You hit on something though, there is a lot of Woody Allen introspection going on. Can’t wait for the next episode, just how much bizarro biker world parody can I take before I just give it up altogether? I’m going to start selling fictional biker clubs with pre designed colors, and a fictional history to go along with it. Could be be the “Next Big Thing”

  39. things that make you go hmm Says:


  40. 1%er San Diego Says:

    Tommy AKA Gipsy is a bitch that will carry a voice recorder and use it to have his Wife a San Diego Police Department Patrol Officer Quinn and have charges on you. TOMMY will sell himself off to anyone with money. A member from the LDs told me that he did not have a bike for the first two years of his time in the club. This will soon come out. He has slithered into club houses that have soon after been raided, I dont know what to think about this LOL. With people like this you cannot trust him or anyone that hangs with him. I cant stress enough DONT TRUST HIM……or he will get his wife on you.

  41. TigGirl Says:

    Skip Houston & come to Dallas. We will make sure you have a good time.

  42. james Says:

    thing that gets me about this every time it shows them at the club house and having their “rumbles” it is always the same people the same 10 or so never see any would think a real club would have more members than that.especially a club that is branching off into another chapter

  43. Vince Says:

    Those guys are lame as fuck. I watched one episode and wanted to throw up. We call them the Laughing Stalk. A couple of good guys, oops they quit! The rest I consider rats, informants, other clubs rejects and trash. Saw a plug for that lame fest show calling them the real life S.O.A. I heard they were told they could only fly their colors downtown or in Allied Gardens and Del Cerro . They thought they could fly that shit in Escondido and started some shit with a real club, the Peckerwoods. I hear it was 3 of those dumb fucks talking shit to one Peckerwood, he came out on top and The Laughing Stalk called the cops and pressed changes. Now dude is facing serious prison time over shit that those lames had coming. Real Bikers handle their own shit, they don’t call the heat. That club won’t be around for a second season. There is a benefit for the Peckerwood they ratted on at a bar in El Cajon, I forget the name but it’s on the web. I saw that dude had to spend 25Kthe so far in legal fees and is out on 270K bail. If the Discovery channel had any class, they would go to the benefit for dude and put that shit on the air.

  44. Vince Says:

    Laffing Dildos? Awesome! Why didn’t I think of that?

  45. Vince Says:

    Laffing Dildos? Awesome! Why didn’t I think of that?

  46. Vince Says:

    Just saw a post on this site that said It’s unclear wether or not the Laughing Stalk will attend the benefit for the real life bad ass, down like a motherfucker club guy, are you fucking kidding me? My crew and I are Independents, and we are attending, it would be a race between me and my guys, and everyone else to see who gets to pound them first, oh but wait! If they showed up it would be with cops and feds as backup. Beware all of high tech Person of interest / Enemy of the state style spy shit. They will clone your phone so every time you get a call their phone rings and they listen, track you, feed all you and your contacts # into the N.S.A. style shit they have looking for patterns. They will send young hot chicks, joe blow types, guys that look like bums, and inked up biker looking people to listen to your conversations at bars and try to get close, so beware. I’m not club affiliated but they did ALL that shit to me when I was on parole. Don’t forget bugs and tracking devices on your car and laser beams bounced off glass. All you have to do is be seen with people who are being looked at or call them once or twice and it’s on. I lived this shit I’m talking about, so check who’s within earshot when your talking shit with your people at bars. You will be surprised at who you might find trying to listen in. Anyone can clone your phone with a hundred $ program you can buy on the internet. They just need to get within 30earshot feet of you to do it. No warrant, they just know what your up to and can be at the right place at the right time so beware.

  47. onikeeg Says:

    My favorite part was the hangaround who never rode. At least I wasn’t the only one to share that sentiment. These guys must make more money than me that’s for sure. Brand spanking new Cadillac’s, expensive cigars, custom roadkings. My Dyna is the nicest vehicle I own and I have barely customized it.

  48. Duece Says:

    Did anyone notice when their “brother” passed on, they had his ashes in a zip lock bag!??!! WTF! At least Walter Solbcheck from the big Lebowski had the decency to at least put Donnie in a coffee can lol!

  49. RK Says:

    That was one of my favorite parts too Onikeeg. That and when the douche VP rolled up in his cut to a multi-club event sponsored by his club at a drag strip. Those coupled with the fact that “one of the fastest growing clubs in California” had only one prospect and a short term hangaround, that didn’t ride, who may have been working days with Gipsy’s wife.

    I said it before, I watched all six episodes, but I watched it for an entirely different reason than to be entertained. I watched it from the educated observers standpoint wanting to see how things from the club lifestyle would be portrayed on tv for the general public. I could go on and on and on and on with biker stereotyped flash points. It’s really kinda of embarrassing, and like many of us feel, it was like watching a train wreck. Towards the end, it was so bad I was appalled, but I couldn’t turn away.

    Rebel, if you get down Htown way get in touch with me. Me & the boys will get you took care of and give you a three star experience.


  50. Grumbler Says:

    OTOH, got to say that FAST N’ LOUD, a new DISC series about car flippers, is most excellent.

    Doesn’t hurt that the Owner and head wrench of Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas ride customized Harleys.

    Not sure if I get the so-called patina look on the ’53 Olds by sanding and clear coating the surface rust. Rust never sleeps. A faux patina using copper paint is another story.

    One of their next projects is painted inna heavily metalflaked green color that looks an inch thick.

    I’ve got the itch for an old GMC peekop.

  51. Rebel Says:

    Dear Vince,

    Yeah, the name of the bar is Lacey J’s Saloon in Santee. It is in the story you are commenting about.


  52. 10guage Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I will try to not talk about business too loud at the bar! And by the way I think you might wanna get some sleep…The article above covers everything you posted about that very real motorcycle club member and his bullshit legal problems.

    Speaking softly at the bar,

  53. BigV Says:

    Dear Things That Make You Go Hmm: Rebel is practicing something called discretion. You see, a lot of folks in this life do a what the Brits call, the leisure of Her Majesty. Rusty spent some time like that. Even when you are out there are often draconian rules on who you can associate with and where you can be, often for long periods of time. So the safest thing to do, is be discrete if you are discussing an issue like affiliation.

  54. back to basics Says:

    The Laffing Devils aren’t worthy of my discussion. Law enforcement love this shit and are probably also posing as bikers, posting comments and feeding into the hype… divide and conquer. The attention from the real threat to the MC world and society as a whole keeps getting diverted.

    At this very moment in the United States, this has become the norm …. Law enforcement officers are involved in criminal activity. In addition, these individuals are involved in violating citizen’s civil and constitutional rights and they have more latitude to cause death, physical, financial and emotional harm to U.S. citizens than any other organization. Their actions are overlooked and encouraged by their department leadership, making those individuals complicit in the crimes.

    America’s #1 Terrorist Threat is Law Enforcement

  55. Stevo Says:

    The incident with the Peckerwoods Patch didn’t happen, it’s all lies, lies I tells ya, lies. I know this because one of the Laughing Stock’s ol’ ladys is saying so on Facebook. Add ‘Having their ol’ ladys knowing club business and broadcasting it on Faecesbook’ to the list of charges against these idiots.

  56. sled tramp Says:

    “Speaking softly at the bar”
    You know the difference between a Pub and a Bar?
    A bar is what you hit someone with as they leave the Pub….

  57. Chuckie Waters Says:

    I think I came across something that may be some proof that these guys (or at least some) are actors.

    If you look at Danny Boy’s twitter page @DBDannyBoy, one of his first retweets is “@mptalentgroup: MPT talent Danny Boy debuts on Tuesday, May 8 on the Discovery Channel. Like, tweet, share, etc. #DannyBoy…“.

  58. onikeeg Says:

    Ol lady’s knowing their business. Hell the whole public does, except for that poor prospect. The prospect was about the only one who wasn’t allowed in on their biz.

  59. Rambler Says:

    sled tramp with your permission, I’ve gotta use that this weekend lmao

  60. Rebel Says:

    Dear back to basics,

    You’re new here, right? Yes cops break laws. We cover that sometimes when we aren’t all tied up covering Hollywood. Cops, post here openly and they are allowed their say. Some federal cops, particularly ATF post here trying to stir up trouble and I actually keep a watch out for them. For a classic example, search the site for T-Dogg. Of course, there are FBI and ATF lurkers.

    Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting.

  61. sled tramp Says:

    Have a nice weekend.BTW..what does one call a Biker babe with a runny nose?


  62. back to basics Says:

    To Rebel, new here no.

    Thought it was time to speak out. I don’t have an ego, so, all I will share about me is that I am a member of a noted club (which club doesn’t matter). What I see is once again shame has been brought onto the MC community. Laffing Devils were warned prior to their “look at me I’m a biker” TV shit that nothing good was to come from all this. Laffing Devils told me they had final say in the filming edit. They were still warned it was a bad idea. They kept stressing that their whole intent was to bring positive attention to the MC community and our (MC’s) struggles with LE, well, they lied. Bottom line.

    Laffing Devils is done in the MC community. They are viewed as nothing more then another SOA. Sinister Mod Syndicate will never be recognized as anything other than another SOA.

    Will there be animosity in the MC community? Hell yea, they exploited us all.

  63. Stevo Says:

    BTB-The plot thickens.

  64. Rebel Says:

    Dear back to basics,

    I have repeated this before but it is worth repeating again. A guy whose club was on television told me that he knew his club was in trouble when the camera crews showed up. That club survived but it was a much more important club than the Laffing Devils.


  65. back to basics Says:

    To Rebel

    There were some clubs that got all caught up in the exposure. I can’t speak for their motives.

    You didn’t see our club on the show. Laffing Devils and Discovery channel were warned that if either show up at any event where we are, we will not be filmed or recorded. I will give them both this credit, we were not shown.

    I have spoken with members of other clubs that were not as assertive as we were and wish they could take their 30 seconds of fame back. Unfortunately for them, it’s a bit too late.

    Then, there were others that were excited about being filmed …. well, I sit back and chuckle. “Look at me I’m a biker”

  66. rashomon Says:

    Sled – did you hear about the two biker babes chatting the morning after a party at the club house? One says to the other “damn, my mouth tastes like the bottom of a bird cage” – her friend says “i’m not surprised – you had a cockatoo in there last night”

    Have a good one all.

  67. theoutsider Says:

    I am a lone wolf. I have never been a member of an MC. Watching this series has made me sick to my stomach. The producers have made this into a completely unrealistic representation of Bikers, and MC’s. When I first heard of this show, I had the delusional thought that Discovery Channel would show what being a biker, and a member of an MC was really about. Guess “Howleywood” will never put together a true documentory about Bikers and the Biker world. Much RESPECT.

  68. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Best joke ever on this website.

  69. articfreez Says:

    This show has set back the motorcycle community back many years. I ride and know alot of people that ride and these jack wagons decide to portray all motorcycle enthusiest as criminals. This show realy needs to go away.

  70. justjim Says:

    Craven Moorhead,

    you will never be and know one can explain how it is to be one of us.

    Love & Respect to those few who deserve
    Just another pissed off combat vet
    Just jim

  71. Rebel Says:

    Dear theoutsider,

    A guy named Nick Mead, who is not very famous but who is a real documentarian (google him), is making a film about a respectfully regarded, retired member of a very large and well known motorcycle club. I agreed to say a few words in the film because I thought that doing so might help this former club member gain some public sympathy. (The former club member has some problems. He has been forbidden by a federal judge in open court from talking to me. My face is never in this film. The guy shot me from the back riding my bitch Dyna and on a beach at sunset. I am kind of a private person but I thought it was something I could do.) My sense is that Nick Mead genuinely wants to tell the truth. So, I said “sure.” We will all find out together if Mead gets it right or not. I do not know if the film will even find a distributor or an audience. I don’t expect it to exactly drown out Sons of Anarchy, The Devils Ride or Gangland.

    I talk to a half-dozen producers and screen writers a year. Most of them want to know what I know. I think they are usually kind of disappointed in me but I want them to talk to somebody besides Jay Dobyns and Billy Queen. I never get paid. It is just some time I give away because I keep hoping that somebody with a louder voice than mine will eventually get one of these things right. Maybe, eventually, somebody will.


  72. theoutsider Says:

    Dear Rebel.
    My fear is that this show will, for the sake of ratings, continue to make Bikers and MC’s out to all be criminals and thugs.
    Over the years I have learned that as a general rule, Bikers are the most caring and giving people.
    I have been pulled over on the side of the road just to have a smoke, and had other bikers stop to make sure everything was ok. But have had a car break down on the interstate, and not even the cops will stop to check.
    Bikers do so much for the community’s they are in. Benefit runs are happening almost every weekend in San Diego. But unless we get 4000+ bikes together, the media and no one else notices.

    Ride safe.
    The Outsider.

  73. Screwdriver Says:

    Stevo Says:
    June 15th, 2012 at 10:02 am
    The incident with the Peckerwoods Patch didn’t happen, it’s all lies, lies I tells ya, lies. I know this because one of the Laughing Stock’s ol’ ladys is saying so on Facebook. Add ‘Having their ol’ ladys knowing club business and broadcasting it on Faecesbook’ to the list of charges against these idiots.


  74. Dark Rider Says:

    A lot of you guys are talking about how this MC isn’t the real thing because they are not tough enough bla bla bla. A Motorcycle Club is a group of men who all enjoy riding motorcycles. That’s it. There is no brotherhood, there is no dissing and dis respecting there is no taking care of business in a REAL Motorcycle Club. All those are childish notions for boys in men’s bodies that haven’t understood it’s time to Really be a man and grow up. You’re all a bunch of wannabe thugs who deserve to be in jail or dead with that attitude. Better you than the person your gonna wind up hurting. You wanna be in a social club fine, but dont let yourself be taken in by the MC social club that is actually a thug gateway to hell and prison. The Laffin Devils may be just an MC thats not onto drugs or crime and if thats true, then they are a better MC than the Hells Angels and deserve 100 times more respect. Sadly however, I think the show hides some dirty dealings with the club and some of those guys are really up to no good.

  75. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dark Rider,

    There is no issue that the LDMC is not a one percent club.

    But one issue is that they are a three piece patch club so they live in the outlaw world or as most guys put it, the mc world. So, they are obliged to stay within certain boundaries to keep them clear with the people you call “wannabe thugs.” One of those implicit rules for a club like the Laffing Devils would be that the members of the LDMC refrain from selling guns, drugs or women. That is not necessarily only the LDMC’s rule. That is a general rule within this counterculture. Another rule might be something like no cops and no cop wives. Okay?

    A second issue is that the LDMC apparently broke some of the rules of the mc world. I am not going to discuss any of that with you here.

    A third issue is that this club and its members have been exploited and heavily promoted as representing the mc world.

    A fourth issue is that, as they were presented on television which is certainly different than how they might appear close up, many readers do not like these guys or their club. As presented on TV, they are a little mouthy and phony.

    My hunch is that you have a very incomplete understanding of these issues. You sound like you learned everything you know about this motorcycle counterculture from watching television and from reading books by authors like Jay Dobyns, Billy Queen, Julien Sher and Kerrie Droban. I also suspect that you really liked the show, thought it told the truth, and you are offended that various commenters on this site think your impressions are naive.

    You say, “The Laffin Devils may be just an MC thats not onto drugs or crime and if thats true, then they are a better MC than the Hells Angels and deserve 100 times more respect.” Surely, if you watched this show, you noticed that the producers and network did their best to associate the show with Rusty Coones. Do you know who that man is? He is a perfectly law-abiding citizen but he does have a fairly public history. And, those past allegations against him lent verisimilitude and glamor to the show. You should also be aware that most one percent clubs have certain rules about drug consumption and sales. And, that at least several one percent clubs compel members with drug problems to get into rehab. Sometimes, those clubs pay for that rehab for their club “brother.” “Brother” is not an empty word or just something to print on a tee-shirt.

    Don’t make statements like “You’re all a bunch of wannabe thugs who deserve to be in jail or dead.” I have a much better understanding of who reads the stories on this site and who comments here. The list of readers ranges from very respectfully regarded members of one percent clubs on several continents through reporters and cops to academics, writers and film makers. The people who write the books you admire and the people who make the programs you esteem probably read this site. And none of them are as aggressively offensive as you are. In fact, for all I know you are Julien Sher. In my experience, he is kind of a piece of work.

    Please immediately find the nearest Hells Angel, get all up in his face and tell him that the Laffing Devils are a much better motorcycle club than the HAMC. Will you do that for me Dark Rider? Promise?

    God I hate Sunday mornings.


  76. Hooligan Says:

    So, I have to chime in on this article, as much as I hate the show and what it’s done negatively to the MC world. First, Laffing Devils are a real MC, but not an outlaw club. An associate of mine used to sell bike parts and bikes to members of the club, back when the club first started. Also, I ran across Billy and the Elephant Bar & Grill back in March before the series aired. His bike was in the parking lot and he was sitting up at the bar. I shot him a look because he had some patches on that looked very similar to Diablos M.C.. Their colors are Red and Grey, not white and red. Billy avoided eye contact. Now, with their actions and behavior on TV, it’s no surprised other clubs are trying to pull the LDMC’s patches. These guys disgraced themselves on TV and made themselves look like complete morons for the almighty dollar.

    Another major issue is Bischoff/Hervey Ent. Eric Bischoff was a failure at being the vice president of WCW and a writer/promoter for WCW,WWE and TNA He’s been fired from all three due to how low their ratings dropped while he was employed by those companies respectively, although I think he is still employed by TNA, but removed from a position of power). The only thing Jason Hervey did that was noteworthy was play Wayne in The Wonder Years. He then went on to be senior vice president of media and communications for HealthSouth Corporation which subsequently went under due to a massive fraud scandal. So, it’s no surprise this club has become a joke after signing with the two most horrible producers of TV shows (Their list includes I Want to Be a Hilton, Scott Baio Is 45…and Single, and Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, all shitty shows).

  77. Phuquehed Says:

    @Rebel – You talked way, way over Dick Rider’s head man…quit using words like ‘the’ and ‘if’!

  78. MWMC Says:

    Rebel, beautiful and articulate response to the “dark rider”. Takes a measured and experienced hand to softly guide a flock versus snapping necks…respect, as always from your All American, Men Of War, MC, VETERANS

    Dark rider. I guess the MWMC is a bunch of “wannabe thugs” too eh, we are not so much into what you believe are a “real” MC….but we show our FUCKING RESPECT to patch holders of all types of MC’s. Many of our Fathers and blood brothers were/are patch holders of 1% clubs and non 1% clubs ……but know your audience…we marvel at your almost impressive level of opinion and confidence, although your right at the level of a soccer mom with an unearned sense of entitlement as far as we are concerned without the 5k post kid rack, all we feel for you dark rider is righteous indignation.

    Rebel, Gentlemen, Patcholders, indy’s, and all worthy of buoyant respect, a happy fathers day to you all, from your friends at the MWMC

  79. Caretaker Says:

    Dark rider-
    Let me take what rebel said and add a big fuck you. You’re a know nothing, wannabe PUSSY! Come find me.

    Fuck you,
    Caretaker 1%er

  80. RK Says:

    Dark rider,
    All the members & families from my charter of my club got together today at our clubhouse to celebrate fathers day. I was the only one who didn’t have his children present because my cunt of an ex-wife basically stole my 5&6 year old sons from me and hiked her ass half way across the country… You know who made my day bearable today; my brothers & their wives along with mine. You know who called me today to tell me happy fathers day?? My club brothers from all over the country.. What the fuck do you call that?

    By the way, don’t disrespect other clubs.. it’s not polite.

  81. Chief Says:

    I read this site religiously and Rebel, I appreciate the frankness of you and some of the regular posters. I don’t post often but this idiot Dark Rider needs to seriously reconsider his post. Dark rider, who the fuck are you to tell people who really know what’s going on what to think, you imbecelic Obamaphile? Go back to your little fantasyland put on your little Mickey Mouse Eared helmet and ride when the weather is perfect down to your 5-mile away “biker” bar.Stop believing what’s on TV and get some perspective on real life….ass.

  82. Grumbler Says:

    @RK – My respects to you and your club brothers/families. Hope you get your young sons back ASAP from the ex. Shit like that pisses me off regardless of whether I know the father or not.

    @Dark Rider – Run along now, find another sandbox to play in. That hideously infantile diarrhea dribbling out of your arse could use a butt plug.

  83. Chief Says:

    And another thing there, Dark Rider, don’t talk about the Military and folks with PTSD until you’ve walked a mile with their ruck, asshole. I spent twenty years helping to defend this Nation and have lost many of my brothers due to combat or what they brought home from combat.

    To everyone else, Happy Father’s Day! For all my brothers in arms, past and present, thank you.

    Airborne, All The Way!!

  84. Vikingtrotter Says:

    FYI: Youcan have have serious PTSD and never have been in the the military. All the more reason to NOT be an A-hole to people.
    Lots of non-military PTSD are childhood and marital trauma.

  85. Tooj Says:

    Dark Rider,

    As a troll you hit the mark. Pissed off a few already. But, you’re still only a troll attempting to unsettle folks, no more no less.

    As a source of information…you sound like a brochure written by the government.

  86. Chief Says:

    @Grumbler, Thanks for the correction. Dark rider, you’re off the hook for that one, douchebag troll. @Viking, you are absolutely correct, I did not mean any offense.


  87. USMVMC Hacker Says:

    Dark Rider,

    You have no idea what you are talking about. You are like the high school dropout who tries to discuss physics without having an elementary understanding of the underlying priciples, laws, and the mathematics involved. Want to learn what the hell you are talking about? Spend some time getting to know the clubs and members that you are spewing grossly incorrect information about.

    Allow me to impart the first lesson, If you give respect you will get respect in return. I like to look at the MC world as a mirror. People will treat you as you treat them. You will get what you give, both good and bad. If you can find no comradery or brotherhood, it is because you have failed to give it.

    As a perfect example, look what you have given here on this site. What was returned?


    U.S. Military Vets Motorcycle Club.

  88. sled tramp Says:

    Good morning to my fellow sophisticates….
    Drinking my coffee it hit me that all these well meaning trolls are great for the site.Dark Rider (nice name,look….GOOSEbumps) makes one comment and the thread takes off like a shot.All these cops and trolls make it hard to catch up on threads when I get a sec.Especially since it’s immediately obvious their identity or direction.Ah…I long fer the days of simple posts regarding senseless violence,gratuitous sex and greased midget wimins wrestling …

  89. Caretaker Says:

    “greased midget wimins wrestling”
    DAMNIT now I gotta go and google that… Lol thanks for the laugh


  90. sled tramp Says:

    Well,hell,my sister has to do SOMETHING fer a living….

  91. sherides Says:

    I try to quietly sneek peaks at this place during work hours.

    I just got busted Lauging Out Loud for No Apparent Reason.

  92. Phuquehed Says:

    Hotdamn…I’ve moved up in the world and I’m cookin’ with gas now! Sled tramp called me/us a “sophisticate”! It’s a damn site better than all the shit people normally call me, heh heh. Thanks, sled tramp!

  93. sled tramp Says:

    And,if you could see me,I’m drinking my morning beer with pinkie raised,one must have standards you know.Mine are playing handball against the curb but I hav’em.

  94. oulawjilcott Says:

    does everyone realize this is produced by eric bischoff , former wcw wwe wrestler fame, why in the hell do unot think these story lines are scripted just as in wrestling, all theses guys are sitting back laughing its a joke,no way would anyone goe to ones house confront and walk away much less have door closed on them in clubhouse and then that person walk away in a real MC,i liked the show at first til i saw who was producing or thought of this show, its all BS. and if you guys are former marines f???ing act like it no honor, you shouldnt be scripted.

  95. Marty Tassim Says:

    I find it hard to believe that anyone in the MC “world” didn’t realize that this show was just that, a show.
    I laughed my ass off when the same blue Mustang that was in the highway shots, then parked across the street, all of a sudden was being chased by the laughing douchebags!
    Sure I watch it, and Sons too. Just to see how close they really get to reality.
    To me, watching some of it is more painful than the 15 months I spent prospecting!
    Yeah, 15 months! I couldn’t keep my mouth shut then either!
    I do give both MC soap operas credit though. They have continued to create weekend warriors where OCC has left off.
    And, with all the blogs and negative comments, the attention is here!
    Folks, it’s television. I never post on sites like this, but, really now….
    Watch it, enjoy the entertainment, and laugh your asses off!
    But, please, warn everyone you know, DO NOT wear those fake three piece soft patches in unfamiliar territory!
    The guys who busted their backs, and gave up plenty to earn the cut, don’t take kindly to them!

  96. Arctic Says:

    I’m Ashamed that I watched The Devils Ride (all six episodes) I couldn’t help myself it’s a complete Train Wreck and who doesnt enjoy seeing wrecks! Its ok though, I’m self medicating now trying to get back my self esteem. Should be at 100% very soon. OH SHIT, just saw a commercial for DALLAS. Sweet…They brought Dallas back. I wonder if gipsy and Billy will do a cameo.

  97. Vladimir Vladovich Says:

    I enjoy the show Devils ride, it is just like the Real House Wives of Atlanta that my wife forces me to sit through. Both shows have a bunch of women who are poseurs in their community: In Atlanta they act like they think rich women act, dress, and carry themselves, but the ghetto is always present. In Devils the boys act like a bunch of cackling old women while posing as tough guys withe their leather M.C. costumes on.

    The phony shit doesn’t bother me as every movie I watch is full of phony shit especially those with combat or soldiers. As for the bad acting, we rarely so good acting from anyone anymore. But just like a movie makes me want to kick the bad guys ass, this stupid show gets me stirred up and want to kick the shit out of billy (the guy with the nose)and the bald guy with the squeek voice who is Sgt. I just say enjoy it or don’t watch.

  98. riceburner Says:

    I think Billy is joke. Wanna be tough guy. In the real world he would get his ass kicked in a heart beat. Cool they like riding, but all the fake shit that goes on during the show really sucks. They try too hard to be hard, but it can’t happen, especially for Billy the Moron Idiot.

  99. riceburner Says:

    Another thing, Discovery should give the Devils the axe, and give Gypsy his own show, with all new crew. The Devils are all a bunch of pussies.

  100. Ron Burgandy Says:

    Word on the street is Billy the Kid and DB are trying to patch over to the Mongols and Sandman is already prospecting for the HA’s. Any truth to that rumor?

  101. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ron Burgandy,

    I don’t know. I think former President “Billy the Kid” has kind of a bad reputation in Dago right now. I can’t speak for the Mongols Motorcycle Club but I would be surprised to hear that he is hanging around or prospecting with that club. I have also been told that “Sandman” is not prospecting or hanging around with any club. I don’t know these two guys. All I know about these guys is what I see on TV and what people who want me to get it right tell me. Based on that I think both the Mongols and the Hells Angels might be kind of a big step up for those guys. I don’t know who DB is.

    Thanks for commenting,

  102. sled tramp Says:

    “Word on the street is Billy the Kid and DB are trying to patch over to the Mongols and Sandman is already prospecting for the HA’s. Any truth to that rumor?”
    Uhhhh….would that be Sesame Street?

  103. Tooj Says:

    DB is Danny Boy. Same guy who had his management company put together a page (MP Talent Group) that says they will book “appearances” for him.

    I only know cause I mentioned on his FB page that I wished he and his management luck, he flatly stated he had no management, I provided said link to the management group, followed by the entire thread being deleted and being banned from commentary.

    See Phuquehead? You’re not alone in being ban hammered.

  104. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tooj,

    When Danny Boy is repped by Creative Artists Agency I’ll pay attention to it. When you walk into CAA for a meeting, the receptionist offers you sushi. I bet Rusty Coones can get a meeting at CAA but not Danny Boy or Sandman or Gipsy. You know the thing about these guys is not that they aspire to be Hollywood celebrities. The thing is that apparently everybody else but they can see that they are Hollywood fools. All this grief they are taking for that stupid show. Life is hard but it’s harder when you’re sstupid.


  105. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to sled tramp …

    Why don’t you go ask the HA and Mongols yourself? If you don’t have the contacts to do so than just maybe it doesn’t concern you.

  106. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to sled tramp. Sorry, last post was intended for Ron Burgandy

  107. Doc Jones Says:

    If anyone is interested, the Hessians MC have a great DVD. You can go to their website to purchase it.

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  108. Tooj Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    My point was not inasmuch that Danny Boy was somehow important or repped by anyone important. I think the only value I have found that I certified that these characters are lying sacks of dung. The other thing I have verified via FB is that every fourteen year old in America that has commented on any LD type page is talking about “starting a chapter”.

    I happen to think that staying slickbacked may be the new 1%. Pretty soon the cops will be stopping me for NOT having colors. “Whatsamatter boy, you ain’t wearing no patch on your vest? You some kinda untelevised criminal or somethin?”

  109. sled tramp Says:

    Back to Basics-
    Sometimes posts just hit me funny.Have a nice day.

  110. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to sled tramp….

    “Sometimes posts just hit me funny. Have a nice day.”

    I second that and back to you.

  111. Junior Says:

    Marty Tassim, hmmm, marty taze em. taze em more T


  112. jason Says:

    This whole series was all about fucking actors at one point I thought it was real. All the producers wants is money off of stupid merchandise, so how does the real laffing devils think about it? Also the Guy from hells angels getting his life fucked up from being involved. Again big producers trying to make money off of someones life story that they have nothing to do with. Fuck this show they are trying to make MC look like crap like drugys thieves criminals outlaws and troublemakers they are not all like that. So fuck those bitches making all the money off of someones life story that they should of made some other club and plot line to do a show….

  113. wow Says:

    I’ve spent a lot of time around violent, uneducated men with no significant family ties of their own. They talk and act exactly like this. Nerds who can read and write, and boldly choose not to use capitals? Only around as bookies or lawyers. (Read: doesn’t get to see their personal lives). Unless he stalks them to get enough material to mix with his fantasies…you know, the bitter guy with glasses that nobody pays attention to in the dive bar.

  114. Rebel Says:

    Dear wow,

    I’m not sure what you want to say here. As a matter of fact, and ask anybody who knows me, I am “the bitter guy with glasses that nobody pays attention to in the dive bar.” I work hard to be invisible.


  115. Grumbler Says:

    wow – Seeking self-validation by attempting to impress us with your delusionally self-important insight was, for all intents and purposes, pathetically laughable. Your life as a vulgar little meatslapper has undoubtly compelled you to post socially-retarded diarrhea. *FLUSH*

  116. sled tramp Says:

    “violent, uneducated men with no significant family ties of their own.”
    GEE…get back from a run and here I get lumped into yet another label by strangers…. Please continue to post officer/troll/idgit/have no clue why you’re here/ whatever….
    What is it about Mondays…..?

  117. RVN69 Says:

    What do you think of violent,educated men with very significant family ties? Like my club brothers or Sicilian inlaws?

    I’m sure you would be surprised by the educational level of the average patchholder.

  118. RK Says:

    I agree… The educational levels of the average patch holder would surprise many… It would surprise them even more to find out that most all of us are hard working, family men who really just want nothing more than to work hard, play hard, and be left the fuck alone.


  119. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Most herd animals probably “think” bikers cannot read.

    Rebel runs a most intellectual saloon, that attracts people who haven’t sacrificed their ability to think for themselves. His and their combined writings draw giganerds like me. I have met some awesome minds round these here parts.

    YYZ Skinhead

  120. Snow Says:

    Violent, uneducated? been hanging with those fucking cop groups have you, sucks to be you…

  121. bob Says:

    wow@ very revealing post.If you had “significant family ties” there’d be no tirade from your punk-ass;why roll on the less fortunate?Tough shit about your difficulties with bookies and lawyers,they’re only providing services to humanity.I can see you as the chump picked last or not at all for a sandlot game.And then you didn’t get that bid from the frat you were rushing.Shit man,even Kent “Flounder ” Dorfman got to join Delta House.

  122. Bill Says:

    “wow” smells like JAQ.

  123. willienelso3 Says:

    sled tramp–
    what it is about mondays is that they follow sundays.

    i agree w/ your assessment.

    the troll-ation factor here has increased recently. that may be a good sign. increased readership/traffic rebel? or maybe you’re a thorn in someone’s side.

    respect to those who deserve it,


  124. bikernerd99 Says:

    after reading the column & the comments I would simply say that I am really & truly glad I no longer subscribe to cable TV… sounds too painful to watch…respects & good luck to Dago Peckerwood…

  125. (btb) back to basics Says:

    To WOW….

    Regarding your July 1st, 2012 at 8:00 pm post.

    Why did you want to tell us about law enforcement. We already know what they are like.

  126. JIM666 Says:

    To “Wow”
    I dont think anyone anywhere at anytime could have ever in the history of being, possably be as insignificant as you are rite now rite here in this group of respected people
    thank you for your intrest in us however at this moment we are overly intresting to way too many other people


  127. Glenn S. Says:


    Violent men are generally that way because violence was thrust upon us, often at an early age, and we just got good at it, having but one other choice. Me, I’d sure rather be a wolf than a sheep. As for “uneducated”, there are different ways to acquire an education, living life in the real world being the better, IMHO. My adopted father graduated from college and brags that he never read a book since. I got my GED in prison and still read anything I can get my hands on. There’s a world of difference between “uneducated” and stupid or ignorant. As for family ties, I prefer human ties. Don’t know when “the family” became the smallest unit of humanity but the cultural change sure helped the government shit on the individual.

    As for “the bitter guy with glasses in the dive bar”, you must mean the undercover cop, living life vicariously through others and pretending he is real.

  128. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to JIM666 ….

    The way I see it, “WOW” is only speaking with his own life experience. It must be embarrassing for him to have been getting his ass kicked his whole life.

  129. Rebel Says:

    Dear willienetso3,

    There have been some new readers lately. I think the police are starting to understand that it is self-defeating for them to wear a big sign that says, “Look at me! I’m a cop! You’ll never know because I am commenting from a proxy server in Kazakhstan! All except for Agent Jay, of course. I suspect most of the trolls are new guys who are The Devils Ride and SOA fans.


  130. Junior Says:

    Glenn S:
    You are very right. Speaking from experience: my violent childhood made me who I am today…an asshole with no tolerance for bullies, weakness or bullshit. ;) -Junior

  131. Tooj Says:

    I’m a new reader and far from being a fan of either of those pieces of horseshit.

    Just someone fairly new to where I am and wondering why the scene here is so f’ed up. Digging a bit and finding rat snitches all over this town. Especially when dealing with their brothers. Also finding a dumbass detective that has found fame and an endorsement from the DOJ on being an OMG “expert” who still refers to Hollister as a “riot”.

    Same detective now has a snitch wearing a diamond posted all over his “gang instruction” flyers.

    Rebel, you know whereof I speak, my IPs are true.

  132. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tooj,

    Damn! I missed the gang conference in Vegas. Oh well. At least now I know what Steve Cook looks like. Thanks for the photos.


  133. Tooj Says:

    The first link is the rat bastard showing his method of “inventory” of an impounded bike to protect the accused from having anything stolen from them.

    Funny, it involves opening the points cover and searching the internals of the engine. I bet they get a lot of folks taking apart an impounded scoot to steal points and such. Gotta be glad we’re so “protected” here.

  134. sled tramp Says:

    “Larry is also the founder of Gangs and Ribs International, a non-profit association
    that promotes the sharing of gang intelligence throughout the Law Enforcement
    Well,THAT’s cute….Ribs huh?Looks like a “Q” cook from Flint’s BB-Q..gimmee a break.Big ass (literally) cop waving a tub of ribs for a conference photo? Oh,wait I get it…….the conference is a pork product.
    The other conference has a class on “Biker Women”.I’m kinda thinking it’s conducted in the restroom stalls feverishly poring over copies of “Easyriders”. “There’s gotta be a CODE dammit!….what do these pictures MEAN?!”.

  135. JIM666 Says:

    to BTB after rereading Im thinking your rite

  136. Voice Says:

    I swear watching devils ride is like watching tom and jerry cartoon. The show tries and i do mean tries to show what a MC or being a biker is about. You never hand your cut over. A guy i knew told me when i was young, ” Colors do not run but they sure do kill. Being a biker is not about MC’s or drugs or power, it is about riding and feeling the existence of your soul being one of everything on the road”. MC’s don’t air their business, they stand tall and handle their business.

  137. Rebel Says:

    Dear Voice,

    I still like Tom and Jerry cartoons. The Devil Ride, not so much.


  138. JIM666 Says:

  139. SOL Says:

    What do you expect. This shit is from south Cal.. all I have ever seen come from South Cal. is steers and queers and while these Dumb Asses act like cows that don’t look like steers. The only place any real man would ride with this “Billy” is from behind, you know like he’s inside on time.

    If one of mine acted like any of them, well we would be riding the missing man formation.

  140. SOL Says:

    What do you expect. This shit is from south Cal.. all I have ever seen come from South Cal. is steers and queers and while these Dumb Asses act like cows that don’t look like steers. The only place any real man would ride with this “Billy” is from behind, you know like he’s inside on time.

    If one of mine acted like any of them, well we would be riding the missing man formation.

  141. lmao@ldmc Says:

    I didn’t read all the posts so maybe this has been mentioned/answered before but how is a pres a nomad along with a few other members being nomads but claiming dago? By the way show cracks me up and pissed me off!

  142. Richie Says:

    This show is such a fucking joke..the dumbing down of America via the blue glow continues. These guys are about as badass as a Honda Rebel 250. Snubs in his kakis screaming dude every other word like a highschool chess club VP or self-proclaimed hardass Sandman who gets owned by his wife – LOL..but man those Sin Mob cuts sure are pretty – I can’t wait for the lunchbox and thermos to come out. But as someone else here mentioned they are laughing all the way to the bank – shamefull what this country has become.

    I just love to ride and seeing bikes..I don’t pretend to be a 1%er and really could care fucking less about any of them. I give them their due respect as long as they don’t Fuck with me or my family I don’t care what they do. LIVE TO RIDE..FUCK THE REST OF IT.

  143. Rebel Says:

    Dear Richie,

    You’re very droll. Comment some more.


  144. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Rebel, I wholeheartedly agree that most ( but probably not ALL) the LD folks involved had NO IDEA what they were getting into, and likely have significant regrets. On the face of it here in SD, there have been many changes for their membership – and that can be seen to even a casual observer who has been around for a bit.

    Speaking of here in SD… SOL, I’ve spent many hours in detailed inspection since I read your comment and have quite comprehensively concluded that I am neither a “steer” nor a “queer.” Should I relocate immediately? Or, maybe you could visit… I could sort of introduce you around the good folk I spend my time with and allow you to conduct interviews to solidify your statement. I’m sure if you started each conversation with the key question, “Are you a steer or a queer?”, you would soon have a pretty solid conclusion about the SoCal population.

  145. demonchop Says:

    Checked this program out on YouTube to see what all thehubub was about, I was pissed at what I saw, kmarting this lifestyle/culture out, making a Machery of legitimate clubs , making the rest of society think bikers behave like these douchebags, inspiring other douchebags to join or form new clubs with no prior life experience in the m.c. world, I cringe at this shit, acripted ” reality” Wtf?! That doesn’t make any sense… B.S. at least soa is a fictional m.c. the actors at least get the respect for playing a character people can be entertained by and identify with, laffing devils might be laughing all the way to the bank , but this is the flavor of the week and their cred is for $hit, laff now cry later , because your life in the m.c. community is a friggin joke now , hang it up and ride with the lame Ass super fans of the show, oh sure you’ll get a few free Starbucks as long as ratings are good…you dipshits sold out your brotherhood for ….money….good going

  146. jason Says:

    AGAIN READ JASONS POST ON JUNE 30TH. The devils ride and the new series is a fucking joke. READ about what the producers say that there all actors filming a show about a MC. They were supposed to do like a documentary. BUT THE PRODUCERS are money hungry asswholes they are doing it for MONEY and to sell merchandise hats t-shirts clothes you could even buy a vest with patches with what ever you want like the president of the laffing devils and your name like Poser, or wanna be you could have what ever you want. What a fucking joke.

  147. jason Says:

    READ MY POST ON JUNE 30TH UNDER JASON… The show is a joke the producers are doing it for money, merchandise t-shirts clothing hats vest. SPEAKING of vest you could buy a vest saying your the president and all of the colors and patches and your name like POSER OR WANNABE what a joke. People talk so highly of the show but its all actors and a story plot now they have a new series coming out its a joke its all for money and controversy. THEY ARE ACTORS get over it. This site got off of track its supposed to be about the show not your guys everyday life. WHAT A JOKE read what the producers wrote at the very top, its stupid to like the show and to believe there crap….

  148. jason Says:

    What a joke you guys got suckered into believing its a reality show but yet its a wannabe show of the life of a MC and the ins and outs of a biker in a so called club. Just another stupid show on TV WOW get a life…

  149. Tooj Says:


    I doubt you’ll find anyone here that “got suckered” but you speak pretty freely about a group of folks you don’t even know. “Again read Jason’s post”. Why? I could see it was crap then and it hasn’t changed.

    Hooray for the internet! Keyboard commandos unite. Break out that Capslinger 2k keyboard and you too can be superior to anyone you choose.

    (Just don’t say that shit in person…you know why.) You obviously don’t have a clue as to why this is frowned upon by the club community.

  150. RedfromSD Says:

    SOL is such a tough guy he quotes chick flicks.

  151. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Dear Jason,

    You make me giggle. Please, please, please type some more illiterate comments. Hurry! The anticipation is excruciating!

  152. Kewlas Says:

    Set up by the “Mystery” Collin Tims

  153. Rebel Says:

    Dear Kewlas,

    It looks to me like Tims is “cyber-squatting,” which technically is illegal.


  154. buggs nz Says:

    i think the laffing devils are the biggest ever joke of a club, gypsy made you guys and you shit on him and drop him because your pussy ass prez cant handle the clubs loyalty still being to gypsy. and your pussy v.p snubs aint nothing but a carwasher hahaha. all in all the laffing devils are a club full of pussys and gypsy made the best move starting the sin mob mc . i wanna join gypsy new zealand chapter what do you think?

  155. NZ watcher Says:

    We have just been introduced to this series of the Laffing Devils MC club and this has certainly taken the MC world to a level of a Hulk Hogan dream world of tv entertainment. Too much reality tv going out there live in the real world.

  156. Markus Says:

    I am from Germany and i lock yesterday the First two episodes. And i must say: this is a Peace of shit. If an MC exist in Tibet this Club has more from a Real Mc than this poser MC namens laffing devils.
    PS Sorry for my Bad englisch

  157. Rebel Says:

    Dear Markus,

    Your English is fine. You get the idea.


  158. Markus Says:

    Thank you rebel.
    I think that normaly
    1.all Things that Happens in the Club stay in the Club and don’t go the “normal “World
    2. If your pres say you Must do this and that you say yes and you do it now Not tomorrow
    3. If the pres says tomorrow al Must come to work all come and work
    4. If you don’t make the Things wat the pres Vice ore other Full Patch members say YOU ARE OUT OF THE GAME! So simple are the Things
    That’s the unwritten laws in Germany. Ok maybe in the USA are other MC Lawrence
    Grettings from germany stay strong and hopefully the cops ( in Germany we called Race oranization) are Never there were you Drive

  159. (btb) back to basics Says:


    Discovery Channel’s biker show star arrested

    Thomas Quinn, who was featured on the motorcycle club show, was in front of Grossmont Hospital Tuesday afternoon when police took him into custody for an alleged lewd act with some under the age of 18, according to La Mesa police Lt. Matt Nicholass. (August 29, 2012)

    6:15 p.m. PDT, August 29, 2012

    LA MESA, Calif. – A star of a Discovery Channelshow “The Devi’s Ride” was arrested Tuesday and accused of committing sexual acts with his stepdaughter, police said.

    Thomas Quinn, who was featured on the motorcycle club show, was in front of Grossmont Hospital Tuesday afternoon when police took him into custody for an alleged lewd act with some under the age of 18, according to La Mesa police Lt. Matt Nicholass.  

    “We had information from a parent that initially gave us some information,” said Nicholass. “The detective conducted a pretty thorough investigation and ended up arresting him.”

    Fox 5 tried to contact other members of the club as well as other bikers in the East County Community and were told “silence” is the code of the club.

    “I had heard he was a motorcycle guy on TV and stuff,” said an unidentified man, who told Fox 5 Quinn and his now ex-wife rented a condo from him in the past.  “I know they have four kids… two boys and two girls.”

    The man said the allegations are hard to believe as he always saw Quinn as family focused.

    “I’m surprised to hear that because he has two daughters of his own. Wow.  What a trip,” the man said. 

    The District Attorney Office has the case and will determine whether to charge Quinn.

    As for the show “The Devil’s Ride”, it’s questionable whether there will be a second season.  Fox 5 tried to contact the Discovery Channel, we were told a response will be made in a day.

  160. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    BTB beat me to it. Mr. Quinn is not in custody according to the SDSO “Who’s In Jail” lookup. A news channel just reported that he is in county custody, so perhaps they booked him under a pseudonym. Craaaaazy.

  161. Tooj Says:

    Comes as zero surprise to me.

  162. Base Says:

    Man,,,I thought he was a tool from just his persona on the show.
    This turns out to be true,,, it will push him up into the dirtbag realm. And I have a $0.30 cure for dirtbags.

  163. EX-LD Member Says:

    Fuck Gipsy…karma really does work.

  164. BadMagic Says:

    Would that be the cops daughter?

    “The man said the allegations are hard to believe as he always saw Quinn as family focused.”

    Yet believable because the source is a cop? Female? What do people form their opinions on? The character itself, or the sources character?


  165. ghost Says:

    since tommy “CHOMO” quinn quit the first club he founded, because the members were gettin a little rowdy breakin light bulbs and what not,
    i wonder, if they haven’t already, will the members of sin mob quit sin mob, or will they kick his ass out of sin mob, since no one i know would want a “CHOMO” as a prez, even in a fake ass tee vee club like sin mob…

    dude since your no longer a member, and since your former club is or was a tee vee club, why don’t you fill everyone in on all the behind the scenes action that you feel people of this site should know, i know you want to say something, or you wouldn’t of posted anything…
    i’m interested and i’m sure several others on this site would be too.

  166. ghost Says:

    does this mean the sin mob halloween party at the orphanage is cancelled too, hey chomo the proper saying is “trick or treat” not “dick or feet”, you fuckin lame..

  167. EX-LD Member Says:

    What do you guys want to know?
    The show was not at all what we were told was gonna happen (no surprise there) since a lot of us said we didn’t trust the network. I myself am in the show and not proud of it.(and no, not part of the PW incident) When I heard there was gonna be a second season I got the fuck out. I thought that we had a small chance to save the club after the fiasco that is The Devils Ride. If we had told the network no to season 2, we could have worked on saving our rep and the club. There is no fucking way I can be a part of something that I felt was tearing down the community. What do you all want to hear? The show was fake? Some was..some wasn’t. Did ALL the patch holders know about the side bars being filmed or the stupid ass story lines? Fuck no. Is the SIN MOB a club? OMFG NO! Discovery owns the figure that shit out. If any Sin mob fucks are seen running around SD, I will take their shit myself. As far as I am concerned, The Laffing Devils are a fictitious character for TV.
    I lost a lot of good friends over all this shit. Best thing to happen for me since is getting away from ALL that shit. It’s taken a lot of work, face time and a ton of hugs and handshakes to just get myself out of the ashes.
    I will not be answering everyones questions here. I’m sure there are tons of them. Just know that all the stand up guys in that club left it.
    If Rebel wants an exclusive, he can e-mail me.

  168. ghost Says:

    i just want to know what led up to, and why did that fag billy the squid get booted from the club, and did sandman join the 81..

    thanks for answering// i’ll even say i respect you for walking away
    have a good day!!

  169. Rebel Says:

    Dear ghost,

    You have to ask the club why Billy was voted out bad. I guess he was doing a fucked up job. No Sandman did not joing the big red machine. As of yesterday, he was still a Laffing Devil.


  170. ghost Says:

    yeah i had to ask, i like details, and sometimes i like to stir the pot. i guess my next question would be, who were the three that got their shit pulled and called the cops?????

  171. Base Says:

    Would Sandman be able to join any club?

    Doupt any not made for TV MC would have choreographed boxing matches to make him look like a bad ass or extra fluorescent light’s for him to smash so he could unleash the wild unhinged biker dude that he is.

    Hey maybe he could hook up with OCC? Thoes spoiled rich boys are always breaking shit there!

    Maybe Sutter would let him prospect for SOA?

    Oh wait hes such a hard dude he have to join a gang not Club,,,

    The Apple Dumpling Gang?

    Our Gang?

    Jets or The Sharks?

    Just some ramdom thoughts,,,,,

  172. ghost Says:

    well it was a legit question since at least two hells angels were on the show , rusty coones supposedly retired, and that guy fuzzy that chomo consulted before starting grin mob is also a ha, also it was stated on this site by rebel that he had heard a rumor that the guy with the underbite that thought so much of himself was supposedly prospecting for the ha, it would also make sense because after all the busts tha the sd ha’s have had recently i’m sure they might need more than two members for that chapter… also i didn’t ask the club anything i asked the member that volunteered the info so put that in your pipe and smoke it


    First of all, nice to see gipsy showing his true colors….a child molester. Second, Billy wasn’t booted from the club, he left on his own accord, as did the rest of us. The only one to get “booted” was the child molester. The rest of us left because it wasn’t going in the right direction thanks to the stupid tv show. The club was completely fooled by the network and production. We WERE supposed to show positive aspects of mc life, but EVERYTHING was edited and produced to create bullshit drama that simply didn’t exist. No, DB and Billy are not joining other clubs, nor is Sandman. All Laffing Devils past and present were just a bunch of guys that love to ride and have a good time and respect ALL other mc s; unfortunately a fucking tv show ruined everything we built. Not to mention the crybaby gipsy who has the NERVE to talk shit about his replacement while cheating on his wife (the cop) AND molesting his own kids. Now there is an honorable guy. Joke. Funny how everyone gets in front of a keyboard and talks shit when they have NO idea what REALLY goes on but only what they see on a bullshit tv show. Did you all also believe wrestling shows, or maybe housewife shows? It’s tv. That’s it. Entertainment. Phony crap. Change the fucking channel if you’re so disgusted. No one is forcing you to watch anything.

  174. ghost Says:

    @another ex-ld member

    so who were the guys that got punked by the peckerwood and called the cop’s.. that really happened, so please share that info since evryone here wants truth and honesty!!!!

  175. ghost Says:

    @ex ld member

    thats why everyone who has ever been, or thinks he is a biker, is so disgusted with that show, in your own words it’s fake, phony, shit, that is meant to portray something very real, that much better people than you or anyone in that gay ass club,have died for

    so who were the fags that called the cops on the pecker wood???

  176. Rebel Says:


    Thanks for commenting.

    You guys were used. I happen to know quite a lot about how reality TV works. For the most part, the story lines are worked out by a single writer after the show is shot. The work is not Writer’s Guild approved and pays very poorly. Reality TV is cheap to produce and so it is very profitable for producers.

    Much of The Devils Ride footage was also obviously contrived, probably by Montanna Bischoff. She is Eric Bischoff’s daughter. She was the field associate producer for five episodes. I presume you knew that. Right? Very pretty? Early 20s. Straight blonde hair? What did you think she was doing there?

    The people who comment here didn’t do this ridiculous thing to your motorcycle club. They sure as hell didn’t mug Ashi Fachler and then throw it up on national television to demonstrate what a bunch of bad asses the LDMC are. And, what is the story with Deron Jaffe? Are your people cooperating with the prosecution? The DA is still trying to fuck that guy, you know. It seems to me that one way for the LDMC to regain its good name is to start playing by the rules. Just a suggestion. Feel free to argue with me.



    Yes, rebel, you’re correct. We WERE used. But the last time I checked, no one in our club had ANY idea how networks and producers totally fuck people over and act like your life mean nothing to them. And honestly it’s no one’s fault but our own. However, since you know so much about how it works, why not try giving us the benefit of the doubt? Our club was well established and showed nothing but respect to all other clubs. Many successful charity runs, etc. But because one former member used zero common sense and chose the WRONG bar to attend for a run, the rest were made to suffer. That’s fucked up. The BAR called the police, not a member. The bar patrons dimed him out, not the member. The rest of us had absolutely NOTHING to do with his decision to go there, and I wish Deron the best of luck. We’ve always had nothing but respect for the Woods. What the two morons said later to the police, we have no clue. But no club member called police. I was told a woman named Shannon or Sharon went with sheriffs and confirmed it was Deron. She apparently is a regular at the said bar. All we know, since we weren’t there to begin with……many of us are at least glad we had removed gipsy from our club for obvious reasons. We had received knowledge that he was banging girls at a prospects apt while telling the prospect that if he said anything he would never patch in. So we knew for awhile he was shady. Topped with being married to a cop just didn’t fly with us or anyone for that matter. We tried to give even a little respect to the founder by allowing him to retire, but he continued to fly his colors all around town, much to our dismay, as well as many other clubs. Billy had no choice but to pull his patches. Gipsy’s only way to get back at the club was to talk mad shit behind our backs on film. Well my friends, karma is a motherfucker. Oh, and ghost, you know damn well I or nobody else will mention any names involving another club members legal issues. Out……

  178. Base Says:

    EX-LD & Another EX-LD Member,,,

    Really hard to believe ya’ll as a group did not see it coming. With all the reality trash thats out there.

    Maybe just a little stars & $$$$ in the eyes?

    Oh whatafuck, the damage is done. To you,your Club, other MC’s, and biker’s in general.

    You both came on here to fill in some blanks so respects for that.

    Agree with Ghost would like to know the tools that filed charges against Peckerwood Deron Jaffe. If not willing to post names, can understand that also, being you were club brothers.

    Or was it the production company?

    Were either of you involved?

    Perhaps those involved could take some advice from a wise scooter sage such as Rebel, refuse to coperate with prosecution. And get all charges dropped against DJ. Even if it caused some issue for those people. Now that would be a hell of a thing!

    Redemption is a long hard road, but it would be a start and it is well worth it.

    Will they man up?

  179. PigPen Says:

    gonna have to call bullshit on you ANOTHER EX-LD MEMBER, I don’t really care how you claim they spun this shit to make you look bad, if you all were not acting a certain way, it would have never been caught on film for anyone to spin anything. You ALL knew and saw the cameras in your face, and still decided to act like a bunch of frat boys.
    And the comparison the to WWE falls short, because everyone knows that is a staged show. You clowns were a “real club” by your own words, or you all sure as hell claimed to be. Now all of a sudden, it was made up drama for entertainment? can’t have it both ways captain. Either you are the real McCpy, or you are actors waiting for your next starring role.
    I am willing to believe your pres may have not told you all the details, I fully under stand that, but after shit started going wrong, and cameras were where they were not supposed to be, that’s when you curb the bullshit, and don’t do a fucking thing. You’re under contract? Fine, the camera is on, sit there and let them film you for 12 hours wacthing American Idol and drinking a beer. I have never seen any club members forced to act a certain way for a camera. All the patch memebers I have ever met would have told the cameras to fuck off, not play up to them.
    And if some scenes really were contrived, then you jerk offs still played along with it, and that makes it even worse.
    I won’t be as politically correct as some of my worthy constituents here, you guys were clowns, and made yourselves look like whores for money. You stomped out any credibility you had before the show, and will now bear the scar of this bullshit. You all should have known before any contract was signed, that was a stupid move, but you let your dicks get hard for some money, and the chance to get some publicity for your “club”

  180. ghost Says:

    @another ex ld member

    dude i’m tired and really don’t have the energy to rip you a new one..
    so i’ll be breif, first of all back before camera one showed up you had to vote this in as a club… you don’t have to answer me, but you know the answer to this question, which is, exactly how much money did the club receive, and how much money did individuals receive, to go on tee vee with a bunch of wrastlin people and act like total fools. second smart guy i too was in a reality show, it was a pilot that was on spike t.v. back in 05(filmed in 04) so i too know how it goes. for your information the producers wanted me to do some things that i just didn’t want to do, so i told them to fuck off
    and i was fired, and they cut me out of it as much as possible.. funny thing is, i’m still in two don’t give me the sad victim story. and finally, if what your saying is true about the peckerwood deal then so be it, BUT DON’T DIRECT SOME PUSSY ASS COMMENT AT ME TRYING TO SOUND LIKE SOME STAND UP GUY WHEN ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WATCH YOUR OWN SHOW TO FIND OUT THAT YOUR NOT!!!! if you want to watch my show go to google type in the words “boom spike t.v. then watch the trailer massacre clip i’m the guy that destroys the trailer with the chain saw, then there is a clip of a trailer being blown up and i’m the guy that just stands there and laughs while everyone else ducks and acts like pussy’s fuck you and your gay ass puto riding club!!!

  181. ghost Says:

    does ld stand for learning disabled, i’ve said this bfore your mc cube should be replaced with a t.v. cube

  182. Base Says:

    @ Another EX LD Member,,

    Wrong Bar? Is there such a thing?

    Could it have happened like this:

    Couple people (insert LD member & supporters here) walked into a bar.

    A man {insert Deron here} made a request/suggestion to/of LD member.

    LD & supporter’s pounded thier chest, proclaiming,
    “We men,we on TV,you fuck off”

    Deron “crushed, insulted, intimindated & in fear of his life” hands LD member & supporters their asses.

    The short version:

    LD member & supporters found them selves in a situation they couldn’t/didn’t know how to handle.

    Yes? No? Maybe?

    You won’t mention any club members names that have legal issues. The only one with any legal issues is Deron Jaffe and his name is already out there.Unless there are LD/former members/associates that did press charges?

    Notice your willing drop dime on/name some female and point out shes a regular at that bar. Finger pointing to sway attention in another direction? Real manly of you!

    Actions are much louder than words. You came on here to set the record straight and clear your self. But what have you done to aid the Peckerwoods “Deron Jaffe” in his legal battles? Had a fund raiser? Donated your time,money or shined his bike?

    The road to redemption is long and the way your going it is going to be much longer and filled with potholes. But honestly I do hope you make it because it is possible to fuck shit up then fix it.

    Now gotta get out the door, a rider I really don’t know personally crashed a couple weeks back. Hes been out of work not getting paid & has a family. So going to hit the grocery store buy some food for him & family. Meet up with a couple others and see what can be done to repair his bike and toss money into a hat see if we can’t pay some of his bills. You know take some action…..

    You should try it,,, hell might even balance some scales for you.

    Best of luck to you Another LD Member,,,

    Ride safe everyone

  183. linda Whorton Says:

    I have read every post and I just have to say this…I know many people that just colors VP…just ride…so I don’t know how all this works or producers or television …I didn’t watch it to rip it apart..I didn’t know anyone personally …but I liked the show..from my point..I did see a brotherhood and some honor..without all of knowledge that you all have…and 80% of the people watching were as naive about how motorcycle clubs work…so we weren’t seeing it as you were ….and even with all of the opinions..I’d watch it again….and just one more thing…lets not forget…people change and a man us innocent until proven guilty…just sayin..

  184. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to linda Whorton

    You said ….

    …”and 80% of the people watching were as naive about how motorcycle clubs work”

    And that’s where the problem lies. We do know how clubs work and feel disrespected by what we saw. Those of you that don’t know about clubs, watch this shit and assume that’s what clubs are all about. If you see “honor” and “brotherhood” in what you watched, well, I question your reasoning. If you find the way their ol’ ladies were acting was complimentary, I question your character. Who knows, maybe you also like watching “mob wives”.

  185. linda Whorton Says:

    Oh no u di’nt…you attack everyone that doesn’t agree with you…little boy ..apparently you don’t know how life works…I was just saying…television is entertainment …if you don’t like it.don’t watch it…if you can’t handle a grandmothers opinion …without attacking my integrity,..then apparently you are living too high up on all of that horsepower..I believe one might call that control issues …and I never said a thing about the wives …since you brought it up….it looked to me like they could handle themselves without assistance…maybe you should have a little trust and honor at home first before you hang with the big dogs…

  186. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    I don’t know how clubs work and I was disgusted with the show. It was and is a damn joke. And the so called MC that even had to “vote” on this shit is no MC. I would of walked right when the P came to discuss it. It shouldn’t of gone on any longer than that..

    Then, “this” LD MC was used? Huh? My six yr old realizes that reality TV isn’t even close to reality TV. And that it is all hype and bullshit. What person with any kind of common sense. Especially if they are in a club that has “just wants to be left alone and live” kind of motto. Like I am to believe most MC’s want. Plaster their sorry asses all over TV and all that? What a joke.

    With that said. Yes, I do watch SOA. I take it for what it is , a glamourized Hollywood tv show. If I wanna find out more of the real deal with MC’s. I am not gonna believe shit I see on TV…

    I also watch the WWE and Survivor.. But, never ever would I realize any of that is “real”.

  187. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to linda Whorton …

    You’re in the wrong playground, and don’t pay the “grandmother” shit with me.

    “maybe you should have a little trust and honor at home first before you hang with the big dogs” …. fuck you.

    After you get a sex change and you become a patchholder in a club, or better yet an officer in a club, come back and talk club with me.

  188. ghost Says:

    i almosst posted to granny whoreton this morning, then thought better of it. btb you hit the nail on the head. my grand dad was a mean son of a bitch, one of his favorite things to say was “man, woman ,or child, you come fuckin with me, and i got something for you that i don’t think you really want” hey granny whoreton next time you see a pack of bikers go tell them what you think about them and anything else you got on your mind, unless it’s the laughing dildos you’ll probrobly get knocked on your ass granny or not… have a nice’n

  189. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to ghost ….

    Thank you.

  190. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Dear Linda,

    As the topic of the wives came up, I can tell you the show’s portrayal of the wives was less than flattering from the club community perspective. My ol’ man has never laid a hand on me in our 25 year marriage… But he would be absolutely justified in doing so if I ever acted in such a way to reflect so badly on his club (from MY perspective. I doubt he would ever be so extreme no matter what). But if I were to display such behavior in public in the company of his brothers, I guarantee I would not be invited to join my husband for club functions in the future.

    It was just another example of the shameful portrayal of the MC community on the show..

  191. happy Says:

    Grown men played by a wrestling promoter and reality tv editing (chortle). What is written here by the two of you leads those who know to think you actually are closer in reality to what was portrayed.

    The hole’s getting deeper. Dig faster.

  192. linda Whorton Says:

    Jesus …I was just saying that i respect the biker world…you have blown it way out of what was meant to be another view …for the majority …we don’t know about your club…and if the LD are a joke …then all the better…nothing is revealed…we know its a show…and I am a ‘granny’…and I give respect until I’m insulted. As far as the women…I just took it as they were having a good time..but I’m gonna watch it again to make sure I didn’t miss something…so you all have a nice day…

  193. linda Whorton Says:

    Thanks Ol Lady Rider…I know what u r saying…it would be the same here …been married 39 years…thanks for replying in a respectable way..

  194. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to linda Whorton ….
    And I am a grandfather, a patchholder and an officer in a serious club. What some of you view as entertaining, we vies a total disrespect.

  195. (btb) back to basics Says:


    (btb) back to basics Says:
    September 1st, 2012 at 5:57 pm
    to linda Whorton ….
    And I am a grandfather, a patchholder and an officer in a serious club. What some of you view as entertaining, we vies (view) a total disrespect.

  196. ghost Says:

    hey granny if your gonna watch it again then watch the one where billy and snubz and at least one other member are at a bar talking,
    snubz brings up that he wants to do the car wash, and that fat ugly cow girlfriend of billys blurts into the conversation like she was a member with some rank, and as much as i hate to say it snubz was the vice prez.. i would of knocked that bitch out, theres a reason that women aren’t members, other than the dildos the mc community is a mans world with over 60 years of traditions mostly military vets and people that have been in jails and prisons. these men are not about to listen to some retarded bitch for two seconds, let alone put up with some disrespect like that in public, we are a rough crowd and thats why if you don’t know what it’s about then you better find out or suffer the consequinces… i have no real problem with you, but don’t come on here expecting to get some respect because you gave birth to some one that gave birth.. the world has to many people anyway…

  197. linda Whorton Says:

    Btb. .I get that…the dis- respect of ur patch…I know what you are saying…my point of view was that of most people … I didn’t know there were as many clubs as there apparently are…hell I live in such a rural area that I honestly only ever heard of the Hells Angels…this show just caught my attention is all…and I only caught the last 3 episodes …I didn’t mean to offend anyone …

  198. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Well, that was entertaining.

  199. linda Whorton Says:

    I know that I am on a lower level of knowledge about biker clubs…than most…if I came to California and wore red and would be because I like those 2 colors …not thinking for one second it could be disrespectful …I have no idea what is acceptable or dis-respectful in a club world…when I read about the bikes lining up to stop the protesting by those idiots for our fallen servicemen, I had much admiration. Still do…but honor…this is how I define my honor…my husband has had kidney cancer..and had been very ill…we lived with no income for a year…his sickest first year…I needed to quit work to take care of him…wouldn’t have done it any other way…he has had many complications since his illness …but my ass will not leave his side…found out the other day. .it has probably returned …he’s been my man since I was 17…I have his back…so I know a little something about how you feel..should some bimbo come in to take care of him…who knows nothing about him…I would feel dis-respected and be as irate as as you all are about people that don’t have a clue about what you do…I wont post again..dis-respect is just that…just different circumstances. As is honor and loyalty…we have totally different lives but still have the similar beliefs ..yours is a pledge…mine is a vow …peace..

  200. Base Says:

    linda Whorton,

    It is honorable and noble of you to stand by your man. Myself & most certain others on here wish him nothing but a full recovery. Because everyone has had a brush or has experienced the hell that is this decease and obviously he has a good women by his side and much to live for.

    Wearing certain combination of colors would draw very litle attention from any MC.Unless your one of those Granny’s that fill your cloths out in a alluring way??? Now gang bangers? Could & would be more likely use the color of say a scarf or t-shirt as an excuse to impose thier will.

    If you did wear somthing that resembled a paticular clubs patch/insignia & color combination a patch holder “may” inquire but doupt it would lead to an alterication. Especially with a mature wommen. Unless when they inquired or attempted to explain you pop off with somthing like : “Hey little boy” or question their honor at home and suggested they are not big dog enough to roll with grand ma.(Given you the one eyebrow raised look as I typed that)

    Even as easy going and thicked skinned as I am, if say I excused my self to get by a person someplace and what I got from them was along thoes lines. I may be inclined to express my self with some colorful metaphor or give the one fingered salute as well.

    It is or should be known that reality TV is garbage and scripted drama that often times or all the time shines a bad light on a paticular group or life-style. Why do you think so many Italian Americans have issue with Jersey Shore. Or repo men have issue with shows like operation repo, lizard lick etc… etc…the list goes on & on of the crap that is put out for “entertainment” today. Is a erosion of our society at the very least…. I mean really, Keeping up with the Kardashins? OMG! The Devils Ride! Fogetaboutit!!!!

    (Note: it really does beg to question you as a civialized, mature women who has experienced hardship that you saw any honorable intention from Devils Ride)

    The males acted like phrat boys on a week end binge & the women acting like school yard devas assaulting a person for no other reason than good copy for film.) If you search this site “More Laughing Devils News” or “Ashi Falcher” you will find more on that topic.

    You should also understand that many people on here Patch holders inpaticular & their familys have sacrificed and given much for their clubs, brothers and of them-selves to a level that Jo-citizen could not even begin to comprehend.

    Another suggestion go through the arcives of this site and read,read , then read some more. You may come to understand why….. After that suggest this site to your peers…. Oh and click the links also, please….

    You,your self pointed out that 80% of populace are naive of the life & beleive this is how clubs act & run.(No,thats not a quote)

    That show is so far from the truth. Hell you really can not trust even the news on TV because of the spin factor. Every one should research and seek out the truth. Just as you did coming here to Rebels site.

    If you choose to discontinue commenting thats fine. Your not hurting anyone but then again maybe you are by not expressing an opposing or like minded opinion. It is a flip of the coin. But beleive you would be doing your self a dis-service by not exploring this site,reading the post(or purchasing Rebels books) of many of the honorable & noble people within this community.

    Best of luck to you & your man,,,,,

    Ride safe everyone,,,,,

  201. linda Whorton Says:

    Thanks Base …I will..I really wish I wouldn’t have commented…..bad day here…

  202. KK Says:

    Mrs. Linda, Please stop back & comment. I think we all like a refreshing honest opinion now & then from the good citizens out there. I wish you the best of heatlh to you and yours in the coming days.

    It’s not to often you can speak to someone who has been together as a couple over 40 plus years,congrats. Give your old man a hug for all of us!!

    btb: After reading the posts on this thread I think you owe the lady a few words about the print ear beating you gave her, as an officer of a ” big club” as you stated you are.

    We need as many good citizens as possible on our side btb, we need to educate most citizens with respect imho.

    Perhaps your were having a bad day which I & others can relate to with all the other shit that is going on to us from outside sources.

    I am open & respectfull of your reply.

    KK 1%

  203. BigV Says:

    Ms. Wharton: You have your right to your opinion. Don’t take anything on here anyone says personally. Things come off more harsh than they’re meant to, especially on the Internet.

    Thank you for having an open mind about bikers.

    Thank you for being an example for younger women with your actions in your marriage. My mom is much the same as you, she quit in December to take care of my dad, who has Parkinson’s Disease and who’s condition is deteriorating.

    Not many, if any, of this younger generation of women would do what you are doing. Most women now split when things get rough. I really wish there were more like you and my mom out there to set the right example.

    Take care and comment often. More readers for Rebel shows more marketability, and we don’t often get a point of view from where you are sitting.

  204. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to KK….

    Bad day…. had a few lately. Lost 2 very close friends in the past week and a half. They were good men. See, I’m a grandfather so the grandmother thing I saw as a diversion. What really set me off was the comment about – – “maybe you should have a little trust and honor at home first before you hang with the big dogs…” Coming from someone who has never walked in our shoes, I found it offensive. Don’t insult me or any other patchholder in ANY club.

    You know first hand about the sacrifices we have had to go through on our journey. I take it very serious as I am sure you do too. We all wear our cuts and what they represent with pride.

    Believe it or not, I respect other points of view and different opinions. Will I respond in a manner that some will feel offensive, maybe. Will I attack without being provoked…. no.

    I personally (as i know others also did) advised the LD’s against the filming before they ever set out on their quest for fame. They chose to ignore our advice. So where are we today …. well look at all the drama that has be stirred up. I’m from Dago and all this Laffing Devil shit has caused a great disruption within the community. Fact is, it’s given the cops another reason to fuck with us all.

    Thank you for your thoughts. Respect to you KK

    Hope you and all others have a safe weekend.

  205. linda Whorton Says:

    Btb…if you read my very first post…I said nothing dis-respectful…and was basically told to f… off…that did irritate me…and I am sorry for your loss ….Linda

  206. linda Whorton Says:

    Big V…thanks…that is all it was….my opinion ..but I am becoming more knowledgeable ..

  207. BigV Says:

    Ms. Wharton: You can take things anyway you want to, anywhere. More so on the Internet. BTB is a straight forward guy, as most patch holders are. If he had been telling you to f__k off, he would have said so very plainly, and not minced words. That is one thing about this life. Truth is valued, and so is honesty.

    The entire Dago MC community got hurt by this show. It is a very sensitive issue to some people. I know several people who are getting fucked over in relation to three other stories on this site, and probably I would have responded the same way as BTB. He expressed his rage and his hurt over the situation, and frankly, you went where you shouldn’t have implying something about his club and his family. You did that when you made the comments about home. He merely responded in kind, as the comment seemed directed towards those us posting in this thread.

    Some people can’t take the honesty in this culture. It is one of the reasons why I love the life this culture is. When I grew up, my dad was perceived as a son of a bitch because he didn’t bullshit people and he’d tell somebody a straight answer, if they asked him a question. Growing up, I saw one other guy do that like my old man did. He was a member of the Pagans MC out of Mount Pilot, NC. People who didn’t know him real well, called him Sturgis.

    Sturgis taught me a lesson as a little kid: Be glad your old man loves you enough and respects you enough to tell you when you’ve fucked up. A man who is honest to you, respects you, and respects you enough to try to tell you when you fucked up. From that point on, I saw my dad in a different light.

    That’s all that happened here, in my opinion. You weren’t told to fuck off. The people who post here may not be politcally correct. They may not be tactful, they may not be conscious of anyone else’s feelings. However, the people who post here are honest enough to tell a person who wants to contribute here, when they are wrong. I said some stupid shit one time and a guy named David “Jabba” Gordon set me straight. That’s something we should value. Why ? Because we live in a world of lies and darkness, now. Truth is the light, and sometimes light hurts our eyes when we’ve been in a lot of dark.

    To quote Forrest Gump, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

  208. ChicagoRay Says:

    Thankfully I’m not the only one that thought that was a bunch of scripted garbage. I sat through two horrible episodes then was surprised when I read it was coming back for a second season.
    Yet America loves these scripted reality shows. There are towing shows, car repo shows that are so fake yet try to pass it off as reality that it makes me wonder how easy is it to get a show on TV these days.
    First time I have seen this site, loved the article. Very funny. Thanks for it.

  209. KK Says:

    btb: My sincere condolences on your friends. It’s all good. Some of us have bad days, weeks, hell some of us here have had bad lives as you are well aware.

    I enjoy your posts as I do many others here, to many posters to mention.

    Big V:

    Man nice post, from the heart!

    I’ll be lurking for a while now, take care to both of you.



  210. 10Guage Says:


    I found your post to granny honest, respectful, and strait to the point. I don’t see the problem. In fact it has always amazed me that people can claim such strong opinions and convictions about things they admittedly know very little about. This is a websight frequented by many different types of people from and around the motorcycling community..its not like we are at fucking Safeway. Coming here and commenting here means you are leaving yourself available to be responded to and if one does not wish to wade into the mix as it were, they don’t have to comment. My respect to you.

    Strength, Respect, Honor,

  211. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Condolences for your loss.

    YYZ Skinhead

  212. Snow Says:

    Rest in peace Jabba, we miss you man …… Mrs. Wharton, it’s always better to read, listen and learn before stating what you per sieve as fact. Best wishes for you and your husband, have a nice day……

  213. Skeptic Says:

    Check it out, Gipsy’s got problems:

    Tough to focus on SMSMC next season…..

  214. Lazarus Long Says:

    I think too many of you are taking this stupidity too seriously.

    I LOVE watching this show. I see it as satire,and in absolute awe at all the stupidity and posing that goes on.

    I actually laughed out loud when the club VP brought his high dollar 32 valve Caddy to the drag races,and was confused because people were mad he didn’t bring his designer bike.

    It really is hard to find stuff this stupid that wasn’t supposed to be this stupid. These people really do expect to be taken seriously.

  215. Goldfinger Says:

    Respect to all the Patch Holders & Club Members from Winnipeg, Canada, the Freezing North.

    Excellent posts on this joke of a club, and whats with the wimp they call the VP?, I know women that would drop him in a one on one fight like a cold turd.

    Q – What do you call a hoe who likes to screw bikers?
    A – A Putter Pig.

    One Putter Pig is a biker sandwich but 2 Putter Pigs are a Clubhouse Sandwich. I use to know a few of these Girls hahahaha.

    Just remember “Cold Turds Dont Smoke” and the LDMC is just that, a Cold Turd…..

  216. Poor Republic Trash. Says:

    I saw Devils Ride and I continue to watch SOA. I’d rather watch SOA because at least Sutter can admit that it is only a show and the characters are fake. The Licking Dicks MC and Syndicated Mom’s MC and Stupid ass Eric Bitchoff Won’t. I just can’t believe there were actual people who were naive and gullible enough to believe this steaming pile of Monkey shit!

  217. Dago1%er Says:

    Well what do you know…Sandman is now in jail with 6 felonies including attempted murder, Assault w/deadly weapon, death threats and 2 robbery charges. The curse of the show is alive and well!

  218. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dago 1%er,

    A Robert Johnston who is white, rides a motorcycle, has brown hair and is 5’9″ and 210 is having a bad holiday season. He is in the San Diego Central Jail and has a bail of $755,000. He must defend himself against 12 charges including attempted murder, a couple counts of burglary, running a stop sign, pulling over the stop line at a red light and some other shit — six felonies, two misdemeanors and four infractions. Who among us has not been there? His arraignment on the first of those charges is today. However I am not going to report that it is Sandman until I see the mugshot. Pretty sure it is Sandman but I don’t know. I always thought Sandman was like 6’1″.

  219. sherides Says:

    Any news on how Dago Peckerwood is making out with his case?

  220. Rashomon Says:

    Quite the birthday party regardless – having that much fun and it’s not even four in the afternoon.

  221. sherides Says:

    Maybe he’s 6’1″ when he’s wearing riding boots and 5’9″ in sneakers?

    Rashomon’s right – this guy, whoever he is, had one heck of an afternoon on his birthday.

    Note to self:
    Double check the traffic law in my state regarding stopping behind/ over the white line. Maybe it’s not just a suggestion afterall.

  222. haha Says:

    So this assclown leaves the Lactating Dildoes and is gonna make his own mini-bike club? He should name it the Butthurt Syndicate instead! Their base can be the treehouse his daddy build him. They can all pull up in their Big Wheels and peddle black market sippy juice boxes. At night he can go to sleep in his Butthurt Syndicate footie PJs and his club logo pacifier.

  223. Dago1%er Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    I posted that as I know it is him. I know Sandmans full name and got a call about him the day after he was arrested. Anyways..I like the fact your not willing to say it’s him but I can confirm it.
    I just seen a promo for the second season today. It makes me feel better knowing that they are gonna make this season so much more ridiculous that it will be obvious that these guys are just actors now. It’s funny when you look around the net on this and so many people are wanting to see Gipsy. Guess they haven’t kept up on current
    I just hope that I will see one of these ass clowns on the street wearing one of those cuts. I’m just itchin to strip some shit.

  224. porkchop Says:

    all im gonna say is yes the child molestor quinn aka gipsey is or was a bounty hunter his wife is a sgt for el cajon pd….and im pretty sure the producers ratted out the individual from pwmc unless it was one of the dildos i mean devils… LETS JUST PUT IT OUT THERE THE BIKERS I SOCIALIZE WITH DEF DONT WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE FUCKIN SELLOUT PUSSY ASS CORPORATE COCK SUCKIN SISTERHOOD

  225. Frequent Flyer Says:


  226. old & stoned Says:

    @ FFlyer

    bitchin’!! can’t wait to see the action figures!

    funny, as they show stubz walking off with em, a link shows up to his new LD tat,,,,,,?

  227. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Bischoff Hervey’s “ideas” are played out. This shit is 50 years old.


    Dude Marshall! Ha ha

  228. Frequent Flyer Says:

    @old & stoned

    I’m gonna get the Snubz doll! ha ha

  229. Damon Pope Says:

    Actually, it’s well documented (and obvious, if you’ve passed High School lit) that Sons of Anarchy is a modern, MC-perspective recalling of “Hamlet.” Sutter acknowledges it, and discusses the story arcs as they relate to archetypes. Shakespeare, whoever he really was, would approve, since his plays were written and staged for the common entertainment-seeker.

    In other words, he would dig Sutter and SOA, unless he were working for AMC and felt F/X ripped him off.

  230. Rebel Says:

    Dear Damon Pope,

    I don’t know you, so maybe I’m wrong, but I think it is time for you to sober up. You are starting to say the most ridiculous fucking nonsense I’ve ever heard in my life.

    All due respect,

  231. old & stoned Says:

    @ Damon Pope

    FYI,,, the Shakespeare WOULD be pissed. He’s of the same ilk as Aging Rebel. He regularly used his stage and plays as means to lambast, criticize, and embarass ‘the powers that be’ under the guise of ‘it’s just a play’.

    NOT allowing himself to played as a tool for the Gvmt’s misinformation campaign.

  232. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Oh geeez dildo action figures? Cool I need to update, all these Barbie heads are a little out dated.

    Viva Los Vagos

  233. Sam Says:

    I am not a member of a club and have never pretended to be unlike these clowns. I have the utmost respect for those who ride and due to medical issues it something I can never do….so that being said I would like to invite this “club” to come and ride in Philadelphia. I will be the guy sitting with the popcorn to watch the true clubs kick the crap out of you. And if any “devils” are reading this feel free to come at me.

  234. Rick Says:

    Bunch of middle aged losers acting like teenagers. Fucking joker narks! Bikers are rediculous

  235. Grumbler Says:

    Haven’t seen any comments from YYZ Skinhead for quite awhile, but she’d prolly appreciate a couple of upcoming series from the Discovery Channel: Weed Country and Pot Cops.

    I know this biker in Boulder Creek who did the Lost Coast loop from Ferndale to Humboldt Redwoods SP a buncha years ago. He met a couple of locals at the Honeydew Country Store and, without engaging brain in gear, asked ‘em what they did for a living. D’oh!

  236. Jim666 Says:

    Hey Rick are you a ” laffing dildo ” lover ?

    Damn !

  237. john doe Says:

    I am a bike builder / rider in Dago. I dont own a car, but have three bikes. So yes I ride every day and I am at most events. I have never seen a laffing devil or sin mob anywhere except publicized, televized events. Were they a club? yes, a riding club, not a 1% MC. are they a club now, Well that depends, if you mean on or off t.v.

  238. Larry B Says:

    Another not-so-real reality TV Show. Lame ass middle aged men pretending to be bad-ass bikers. Lame.

  239. crazy8 Says:

    Oh shit, they’re back. I just watched the last 30 minutes or so of the first episode of season 2. The Laughing Dickholes v. The Simpleton Mob. Awesome television. Hardly.

    What happened to the founder of The Simpletons?. What was his name? “Gypsum” or something like that?. He must be out buying more cigars and wine for the troops.

    That’s a scary bunch of folks right there. Both clubs. So scary when the fake-ass police drove up to the big alley rumble, all they did was tell the pussies to clear the alley on their PA system. Fight over, bad-asses in the wind. They didn’t even bother to drive up in the alley or get out of the car to identify anyone, check for dope, weapons or smuggled Cuban cigars. I thought I was gonna piss myself cuz I was laughing so hard. If that had been the Red and White v. the Black and White, you can be sure the police would have been in full effect.

    Damn, “Sand Crab” was just about to stick a fool with his Arkansas toothpick. The damn police spoil everything, even if they were in a fake-ass prop car.

    Speaking of “Sand Crab” or whatever he calls himself, he’s a big boy and he might be able to throw the hands a bit, but he’s a typical blow-hard with all his bad-ass posturing and bravado. In tonight’s episode, I saw him run up on a rival with his baseball bat, give him a girly playground shove (instead of a hook to the dome) and tell him to leave cuz he’d be back with some “iron”. Prospect boy didn’t seem too concerned and “Sand Crab” never came back out of the house. He took his bat and ball and went home. He’s quite good at shit-talking and smoking cigarettes like a movie tough guy. He must have had a hell of a boxing career.

    I’ll be watching as the Battle Royale between these two hardcore outlaw groups continues to escalate. I heard next throwdown is going to be at Laser Tag or a paintball field somewhere. It’s sooooooooo scary knowing there are people like these walking amongst us.

  240. crazy8 Says:


    I was just looking at some of the other posts on this thread and I’m inclined to believe “Damon Pope” was the name of a character on SOA. He was the big shot black gangster from Oakland that was killed off last season. Dead people like pope send the weirdest messages.

  241. Flaming Dickholes and the Syphilis Mob Says:

    By far Crazy8’s post wins this entire string. Well said, sir.

  242. 19imperialbeach04 Says:

    I’m from San Diego and I know for a fact that if the laughing doodle rolled into my neighborhood our girlfriend’s and wives would run them off-pussys acting tough I can tell you me and my dirt would never be put in the public’s eye and neither would my clubs.time and place laughing dildos I’m sure I live close enough to your “secret spot”in Coronado to make it worth my while even with gas prices rising daily,bring your girlscouts ill bring my Brother’s.

  243. SATHANAS Says:

    The qeustion about the artwork is what brought me here. The artist has done numerous works for my band “SATHANAS” And I hope he gets compensated for the use of his artwork. I’ll bet not one of the show guys or the guy claiming to have drawn the art work even knows what the symbols around it mean!? A simple google image search will tell the truth about that artwork!!!

  244. NoBS Says:

    Can’t wait for the season finale where both “clubs” make mistake of crossing the Amish Mafia..Now that’s a rumble for the ages.

  245. BARRunner Says:

    Watched the season 2 opener with my girl where the taffy devils face off against the sin sots in the big built-up alley “rumble”. It was good for laffs, maybe that’s why once club is called laffin devils? My girl said that it was the best choreographed fight-dance she had seen since the jets fought the sharks in west side story lolz.

  246. ODIN Says:

    This show is living proof of what happens when two money grubbing jews (producers) come together and figure out how to make even more money off of unsuspecting suckers (you who watch and believe that this show is *real*).

  247. Wolfheart Says:

    I had hoped this show would not get a 2nd season, but the production company must feel they have a seller with their plot of club(laughing stock) against another(simpletons mob), all fighting over colors of their patch or some personal vendetta. Looks like a bunch of clowns rolling around on crap bikes trying to be tough guys. In reality it is a bunch of dimwits trying to sell themselves and create an image.

    I thought the laughing stock was bad enough, now we have some other clowns that raise the comic value of this crappy show in simpletons mob. What the heck is a sargent at arms, known as diesel, doing driving a truck that has a permanent disability plate on it? A sargent at arms of an MC club that is disabled? The guy shouldn’t even be riding if he is disabled unless it is a trike, and a disabled person is not going to take care of business when needed. Being a Fat tub of lard does not make one a bad a$$.

    As for sandman, looks like his poor wife has children and not a husband, I have known 9 year olds with more sense and that are more intimidating. The only thing I would care to se more of from him is his wife, I’d give her a thrill she hasn’t had in a LONG time.

    When do the laughing stock and simpleton mob action figures start coming out? Bunch of no talent actors.

  248. Adolph Says:

    They renewed the laughing dildos but scamman didn’t show up at the race (cough cough). Then we hear he stabbed someone in the back like the coward he is and is in jail.

    Last night’s abortion of an episode had him there again, no mention of that joke of a race (nice how a first time driver gets in first place, hmmm)and him pussin out about driving but here we have him again ‘talking’ tough. If his brothers think scamman is so bad, why don’t the pull his colors and boot him from the club after an ass whipping from the lamest guy in the club just to make it even more obvious that scanman is a wannabe biker and a real time d-bag not to mention puss. It’s always the guys that know deep in their heart that they’re pusses so they talk tough. Sooner or later, someone will take him up on his tough guy routine.

    Sandman, I put people to sleep, really, by boring them to death?

  249. Drew Thompson Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I read the whole thread, and now I dare to add my two cents!

    Well, I would never try to pose myself as a bad ass, just a plain non-affiliated biker who rides a metric cruiser and the only patch I wear says “Joe Rocket” (brand of the jacket). Harley, Ninja, or Vespa, I respect them all. (You never really know who’s on that Vespa!)

    I was not aware of the Season 1 of the fake Devil’s Ride, but could not believe the commercials for upcoming episodes of this show. Two rival “clubs” having a rumble. Something about some guy’s Harley being dragged down the road. Tattoos being burned off. The kind of stuff you see on SOA, but this stuff is supposed to be “the real deal”.

    So, you mean to tell me I’m supposed to believe that these are real “outlaw MC’s” doing all the things MC’s “always do” (according to the stereotype being sold here and seen on SOA), and they’ve allowed full camera crews present to shoot and televise it all? Maybe it’s because I’m from the L.A. area, but I thought EVERYONE knew that you can’t have TV without cameras, and usually those cameras are accompanied by full on crews. (Lighting, sound, etc. Well, even on a low budget project, at least three people?)

    Hell, I could tell from the previews, this had to be crap, but exactly what kind of crap? Just happened to catch me with a laptop on and Google at the ready, so I had to see what the Interwebs had to say about this, because I thought maybe it was a “fake” reality show like “The Office” (scripted show with professional actors pretending to be a reality show as opposed to scripted show with bad actors pretending to be real).

    Imagine my surprise this is supposed to be “real”, and the LD are a “real” MC. Then to find out even the bike being dragged was a “stunt Honda” filling in for a Harley. (I didn’t watch close enough and didn’t see that actual episode.) Yet another fake, contrived “reality” show, eh? Thought so. They just get more and more faked and “acted” than in the early days.

    Anyway, as I said, I’m not a bad ass, and in fact, I’m a computer nerd. (You know, the world still needs nerds to fix all the technology so you can surf the web and buy Harley parts on eBay.) I’m smart enough to know that even if I get that Softail I want some day, I’ll still just be a computer nerd on a Harley. There are plenty of ‘em out there, and we mean no harm to anyone. I think most of us are smart enough not to put on fake “cuts”, but this site was still an eye opener for me.

    My observation has been that a lot of stuff on TV looks real and believable if you know NOTHING about the subject matter. I’m not a doctor, so I’ve enjoyed watching medical shows in the past. But, of course, people in health care laugh their ASSES off at these shows, even the ones that were supposed to be “realistic” because they have all those highly paid consultants to tell them how it “really is”.

    Being a computer geek, I get irritated at how computers and technology are portrayed on TV and movies even though nowadays everyone has a computer or five at their house. I’ll sit there and say “They’re talking about some futuristic government supercomputer, but that’s a 20 year old disk rack! My laptop has more power than that!”

    The difference is, of course, no IT professional wants to do serious damage to the people who insist on adding bleeps and bloops and extra blinking lights to fake computer screens that every sixth grader and their grandma should know is fake.

    Man, it’s unbelievable how the rest of TV is just as fake as this stupid show. American Guns… I can tell most of the moments on that show are not real, even though I believe those are real business owners. They’re just not good actors. Every week it seems there’s some big deal where he has to fly his helicopter with a suitcase full of cash and make that big purchase with that dramatic “bam!” slap of the cash. Don’t even get me started on the over-the-top pyrotechnics whenever they go shooting. Really? A paper target blows up in a giant orange mushroom cloud when struck by a .45 cal bullet? (I know I said I’m a computer nerd, but I have shot a .45! I know how that works.) I imagine at least half of the people who watch that show probably know more about guns than the producers and editors. So, was that computer effects, or did they hire a pyrotechnic crew to wire up the targets?

    At least American Chopper, in the early years, seemed more honest. I think the fights and the bike builds were real. (Say what you will about the quality, what do I know from custom choppers? As a TV show…). Then it got more “produced”, and they said “Fuck the bikes, let’s have more fights and destruction. That’s what our viewers want.”

    Anyway, just more TV fakery. Too bad this particular show just happens to piss off people who really don’t like to be made fun of, and really don’t like fake “tee vee” versions of themselves riding around pretending to be hard core.

    I once bought a Sons of Anarchy T-Shirt because I’m a fan of the show (though I know real MC’s laugh at that like real doctors laughed at “ER”). When I went to the Love Ride soon thereafter, even I, naive as I am just instinctively thought maybe it would be a bad idea to wear SOA apparel to a biker event on my metric cruiser, especially around such a wide variety of real bikers, 99 and 1 percenters alike. I’d hate to think anyone would think I was trying to pretend I was someone I’m not, or took myself as anything more than just some guy who likes bikes. I would be more honest wearing my “Three Stooges” shirt (which I did), and no one fucked with me!

    Anywhoo, I totally get the frustration in seeing something you know and care about carelessly faked for the TV cameras. Hopefully nobody gets hurt because they thought they were just doing a show no worse than “Dirty Jobs” or “Pawn Stars”.

    Oh, don’t get me started on “Hard Snore Pawn”, with the guy throwing his fake computer monitor on the ground, and it was obvious to me they pulled all the screws out of the sucker so pieces would fly apart for dramatic effect. Boy was he pretending to be pissed! (“Cut! OK, that was very real, but it needs more. Can we wire a little explosive in there? I want to see sparks! Great Reality TV, people!”)

    Back to Devil’s Deride. Yes. I did find and watch Season 1 Episode 1 to see how this whole thing started. “We’re drawing too much attention, and the cops are bugging us.” Gee, you think that has something to do with the huge camera crew, lights, and sound people crowding around you? “A photographer is bugging our OL’s and hit the prospect” Really? You’re already famous enough for paparazzi and the show hasn’t aired yet? That has to be a WWE character. “We have to find a new clubhouse because we’re getting too many cops.” Really? For what? Oh, you’re pretending to be outlaws! Besides, there’s not enough room to house the production company, install all the lights, directors booth, all that. (Pay attention to any bike or car building show, and you’ll occasionally see the studio lights they hung in the shop.) Oh: American Chopper already did the “we have to find a bigger place” bit. Twice, I think!

    Honestly, if they had just portrayed this harmless MC as just guys who like to ride, and kept the show about the bikes, the shop, the rides, and occasional harmless “drama” like the one where someone forgets his anniversary (classic sit-com plot they did on American Restoration), or they threw a surprise birthday party for the guy who hates birthday parties (did it on Graveyard Carz), or they have to blow up a junk bike (classic American Chopper, and and everyone likes explosions), I might have been a fan… If it was done well enough to hold my interest. (Show me some more cool bikes, dammit!)

    So, thanks to you guys here, now I have to watch the rest of ‘em just so I can see the “infamous” bar incident, which I’m surprised to hear about. I would have thought the producers would have tighter control and not let the real world intrude on their carefully crafted “reality” show. I’m SURE they had hired security like Pinkerton on set. All these shows do, that’s how I get kicked off so many shows I wander into in L.A.! (I’m a TV and movie geek who’s attracted to cameras and film crews, so I’m familiar with location set security!)

    Wow, look at the time I’ve wasted. I’ve got an exhaust to install. (Yeah, computer geek but I can handle a bolt on Cobra exhaust.)

    Umm, Keep the shiny side up… Ah… Live to Ride… You know…

    By the way, it’s a fake name from another FX show.


  250. Big D Says:

    Ill be straight up.I knew this was at least partially scripted but was on the fence about the realism and i liked it for what it is.That is, until i researched it and read this article and a few others.These jackholes are shit.The story of the Peckerwood mC member really pissed me off.The way this world works theres no way this shit is going down without someone gettin paid off.Otherwise this shit wouldnt even have got off the ground.Theirs rules in this world.

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