Oh Ten Phoenix Crash Case

June 12, 2012

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The case against a Phoenix trash truck driver who killed four motorcyclists more than two years ago may finally be resolved this month. The truck driver is Michael J. Jakscht. (See photo.)

Twenty-six months ago Jakscht was charged with four counts of manslaughter, five counts of aggravated assault and seven counts of endangerment. Those charges were later reduced to include only four counts of endangerment. He was previously tried in August 2011. Jurors split nine to three on whether Jakscht was guilty or not and the judge declared a mistrial. Jury selection in Jakscht’s second trial began last week.

The Accident

On March 25, 2010 Jakscht ran his 23,000 pound trash truck over and through a pack of eight motorcycles carrying nine people. The bikes were stopped at a red light behind an SUV and a pickup truck at the intersection of 27th Avenue and Carefree Highway near I-17 in Phoenix. The trash truck did not stop for about 50 feet. It crashed through the SUV and rammed it and three other vehicles into the intersection. It was one o’clock in the afternoon and visibility was limited only by the curvature of the earth.

Six of the nine people in the pack were seriously injured. Todd Faasse, who was riding at the front of the pack, was knocked out of his boots and thrown about 20 yards. He sustained a broken back, a dislocated neck, broken ribs and a concussion but he survived. Three of the riders, Clyde R. Nachand, Stephen Punch and Daniel L. Butler, died quickly if not mercifully. They were trapped under Jakscht’s truck. After the collision the SUV and the trash truck both caught fire and Naschand, Punch and Butler died in the blaze. Phoenix Fire Deputy Chief Frank Salomon called it “a horrific scene.” A woman named Dayle Downs-Tonotchi died the next day. She had been riding at the front of the pack next to Faasse.

All of the victims were members of a very informal meetup group called Krusers. Krusers organized short, long and overnight rides for people who wanted to get in the wind and make new friends. All of the victims were impeccably good citizens. Nachand was a retired Navy Commander. One of the injured was a Phoenix Fire Captain named Ernie Lizarraga.

Jakscht never applied his brakes but he passed a field sobriety test at the scene. He was also given a blood test after the accident which later indicated that Jakscht was under the influence of methamphetamine when he ran over the motorcycles. It was Jakscht’s second accident in two weeks. He was previously cited for “failure to control speed” after running into a stopped car in Scottsdale.


Jakscht took the stand during his first trial and apologized for the accident. He said he blamed “mechanical failure” for the tragedy. He claimed he “slammed on” the brakes before the accident but the brakes failed. “I’d say it (his truck) was fine throughout the morning, then gradually it just pulled to the left,” he said about how he aimed right at the pack of bikes. He told the jury he had inspected his truck’s brakes before he began his first run that day but that the brakes seemed to fade as the day wore on. “When I put the brake on, it made a sound,” he said. He described himself as “…in shock, I was numb,” about the moments after the accident.

At the first trial, one of Jakscht’s two attorneys, Robyn Varcoe, argued that her client had not used methamphetamine but had only taken diet pills. The judge in the current trial, Joseph Welty, has already stated that he will not allow the diet pill defense this time.

The case is still not a slam dunk for the prosecution. Although the standard by which a person can be determined to be intoxicated by alcohol is set by statute, there is no standard to determine whether a driver is intoxicated by methamphetamine or simply has the drug in his system. By law, if the jury decides Jakscht’s was voluntarily intoxicated, he acted in “reckless disregard” of the consequences of his intoxication and he is guilty. If he was not intoxicated but only had methamphetamine in his system, he is probably not guilty.

So Jakscht’s fate at least partly depends on how much methamphetamine  a jury decides is too much meth. “You are not here to decide if this was a bad accident,” Varcoe’s co-counsel Jennifer Willmott, told the jury yesterday in her opening statement.

Everybody already knows it was a horrible catastrophe and the victims of it were clearly not at fault. The question now is did Jakscht do it? Or was the real culprit the trash truck?


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7 Responses to “Oh Ten Phoenix Crash Case”

  1. Number 9 Says:

    Jack SCHITT did this with intent. I was biker #9. Somehow I was thrown, unconscious, 50 feet away and by a miracle of grace survived, while 4 of my friends died a horrible and tragic death ((not to speak of the crippling injuries, endless pain and emotional suffering)). . . the unspeakable horror I witnessed when I regained consciousness will haunt me all my days . . .while my friends were burning . . . alive. . .Jack Schitt was using a small fire extinguisher and spraying it “into the sky”, toward the top of 25 foot flames “above” the truck cab, while my people were dying literally, at his feet, under the front of his truck . . .

    It turns out Jack SCHITT had 500% the therapeutic dose of Meth. He was also a repeat offender of heinous acts like this.

    I year later I met another of Jack Schitt’s victims up in Overgaard at The Cabin. She was T-boned in her car by Jack Schitt’s truck so hard it knocked her head out the window.They settled in court and there must have been a “gag” order on the case. There should never be a Gag order on these cases . . .How many other Jack Schitt-repeat offenders are being covered up by lame laws that protect them. It is the public that needs the protection.

    This dreg of the earth has a history of operating heavy equipment under the influence, multiple accounts. He deserves no less than life in prison or better yet, a public hanging would be nicely appreciated, after a long drag behind my bike down Carefree hwy.

    Jack Schitt is a idiot, a drunk and a bike hater. How can you live with the name, Jack Schitt? The media refused to pronounce it correctly, yes, just as it is spelled. I’m certain he got a ration of schitt everytime he would bump into a worthy biker at the local watering hole . . .not to make light of the crime committed, but to shine some common sense on the tragedy . . . this murdering piece of trash, with no friends of his own broke, stupid and angry at an innocent group of “happy, loving, and sober bikers”, having a friendship ride, in the middle of a beautiful day, that he and his evil crack pipe decided to simply run us down. Maybe he thought he’d be less of a dirtbag loser if he murdered the happy people who made him burn with jealous anger and hatred . . .who knows what was squirming deep in the cracks of his doped up, deluded, cynical brain?

    I know this. He was in the right lane to us and stealthily entered our lane at about 40 mph, with out blasting his horn . . .without braking . .. and without SWERVING! There was plenty of other lanes in the right turn and left turn parts of this big intersection.

    We looked and saw him, while he was killing our people and crushing bikes behind us . . . still, we had no time to get away. He continued crushing straight forward down our lane of 8/9 700 pound bikes, even into the truck in front of us . . .so hard that truck also exploded!It was PURE INTENTION my friends, pure murderous intent!!!

    Witnesses saw him walk away with a small bag and come back to the scene with out it. Police let him go until the drug test revealed the meth megadosage (500% beyond therapeutic!) and when they got the call to pick him up . . . they found him happily drinking at a local bar . . . listening to more bikers making Jack SCHITT jokes at him. But this time he was laughing at them . . .

    I think the court finally gave him 18 years . . .I hope he serves them all and I hope he meets a lot of brothers in there to make him suffer like his victims and their families are still.

    I have no doubt, Jack Schitt did this out of hatred. As far as drugs go . . .they are not an excuse, in fact they should triple his time because he tried to brush of his psychosis, as drug influence.

    No rest for the wicked and may Jack Schidt BURN in hell under a thousand flaming garbage trucks.

    God bless all our bikers souls and always remember the fallen . . .


  2. (btb) back to basics Says:

    To neverwaz

    BINGO… I rest my case.

  3. neverwaz Says:

    back to basics – I’ll venture a guess,

    The biker would be interrogated by the ATF in the jail ward of the local hospital, followed by a thorough ransacking of his place and a multi-county raid on members of his club and their clubhouse, complete with weapons put on display for the media. The DA takes the stage listing multiple charges stemming from Operation Crosswalk, including gang enhancements. An episode of Gangland is produced that wraps up the sordid details in a neat little package for the sheeple.

  4. back to basics Says:

    Now let’s put another twist to this story.

    Let’s say it was a patched biker on his bike. He rides through a group of people legally crossing the intersection. People are injured and some of these people die. The biker is under the influence and says his brakes failed. I wonder how the story would read?

  5. DirtyBruin Says:

    Something I don’t get here – meth is illegal; if they can prove that’s what it was and not “diet pills” or decongestants or whatever – isn’t the fact he has an illegal drug detectable in his system enough to call him intoxicated, impaired or whatever, especially considering the severity of the incident? OK, maybe it’s a bad precedent to set – but I have no patience for people who think driving and any kind of drug go together. Hell, if I have an allergy attack that overpowers my non-sedating Zyrtec and have to take some Benadryl – I don’t drive!

    I think it’s convenient this guy is claiming brake failure; I would imagine that given the fire, it would be difficult to prove one way or the other whether the brakes were in working order at the time of the collision(s).

    Assuming that’s the dodge it smells like, this guy should bare minimum get an absolute ban on driving – not to the corner store, not to get to work, nothing – for 10 years or more. I’m sure he’d whine about how “cruel” that is, but I suspect the three people who burned under his truck wouldn’t agree.

  6. RK Says:


    This accident happened less than a week after my move from San Pedro to Phoenix. It shook the motorcycling community there in the valley pretty hard, as did Kimmy’s death a year later. One of the riders who died had purchased his bike the day before from one of the large stealerships in the area. He was out on his first real ride since completion of his MSF Riders Safety Course. Don’t know how true it was, but the local news out there had reported that the driver of the truck had many priors for DWI/DUI. It was a beautiful spring morning out on the Carefree HWY and there was no reason for any of those folks to be injured or die.

    I got hit & knocked off my bike less than 24 hours after my arrival, luckily at low speed and without too much damage to me or the scoot. I got hit again on the 51 a few months later. I can’t remember how many people died on bikes or were seriously injured while I was living out there those couple years. The shit was crazy. In 3 years of living out in La La Land’s South Bay area splitting traffic through everyones favorite freeways I didn’t get tagged not once, not even on the 705. Phoenix is a dangerous place to live & ride, almost akin to the rodeo. I’m glad to be back home in Texas, unless I’m crossing H-Town on the 45, the only place around here where my traffic nightmare continues.

    Fuck this guy. Fuck all the assholes who tag us while not paying attention, talking on the phone, or being fucked up…


  7. 10guage Says:

    Fuck this asshole…..I do not wish prison on anybody…hopefully he will slip in the shower and land on an ice pick a couple dozen times. My condolances go out to all of those who lost loved ones, or their health because of this prick.

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