Another South Carolina Angels Bust

June 7, 2012


Nineteen members and associates of the Rock Hell City Nomad Charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were arrested earlier today. The arrests and 23 searches were simultaneous with the unsealing of an 91 count, 80 page federal indictment that charges the accused with racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, federal narcotics crimes, Hobbs Act robbery (which is robbery that affects interstate commerce), money laundering and firearm crimes.

Most of the raids were in York County, South Carolina which is near Charlotte, North Carolina. Until they patched over in 2008, the charter was God’s Few Motorcycle Club.

The lead agency in the raids was the Federal Bureau of Investigation but the case was actually made by a stew of state, local and federal police called the South Carolina Hells Angels Task Force. Participants in that included the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; Lexington County Sheriff’s Department; Lexington Police Department; Rock Hill Police Department; York County Sheriff’s Office; Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office; State Law Enforcement Division; Gastonia, Police Department; Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department; Gaston County Sheriff’s Office; and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation as well as the FBI.

The accused are Daniel Eugene “Diamond Dan” Bifield; Mark William “Lightening” Baker; David Channing “Gravel Dave” Oiler; Bruce James (Briuce-Bruce” Long; Richard “Little Mark” Thrower; David “Yard Owl” Pryor; James Frederick “Big Fred” Keach, Jr.; Frank “Big Frank” Enriquez, Jr.; Donald “Brooklyn Donnie” Boersma; Lisa Ellen Bifield; Johanna Looper; Kerry Chitwood; Carlos Hernandez; Ronald Dean “Big Ron” Byrum, Jr.; Trent Allen Brown; Bruce Ranson “Diesel” Wilson; Thomas McManus “Uncle Tom” Plyler; Jamie Hobbs Long; and Somying “Ying”Anderson.

Cop Speak

In the press release that announced the case FBI Special Agent in Charge David Thomas said, “The significance of the extensive and long-term investigative efforts that resulted in the arrests today represent the FBI’s continuing commitment to the dismantling of organized criminal organizations. By working in a joint environment with federal, state, and local counterparts, we send a clear message that such pervasive criminal activities will not be tolerated.”

United States Attorney for the District of South Carolina Columbia Division Bill Nettles was quoted as saying, “Today’s arrests and seizures are an important step in our ongoing fight against criminal gangs operating in South Carolina. This investigation is also another example of what can be accomplished through a close partnership among local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.”

The Indictment

The indictment calls the charter, “a criminal enterprise whose members and associates engaged in criminal activity, including narcotics distribution, arson, trafficking in stolen property, money laundering, extortion, prostitution, firearms violations, and conspiracy to do the same.”

The case may be aimed at the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club as a whole. The indictment also references “dues and assessments” paid “to the national Hells Angels” and the club’s “East Coast Officer Meetings.” The indictment states, “The ECOM agenda items included, but are not limited to: Hells Angels Chapter updates, Hells Angels world events, Hells Angels world votes, and Hells Angels financial matters. In addition, Hells Angels Chapters were required to pay Chapter dues to the Hells Angels national officers for the Hells Angels worldwide organization.”

In addition to many other interesting facts, the indictment alleges:

“The Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter also raised money from the sale of support gear at parties, including items such as t-shirts and stickers. These funding techniques were used to fund the continued operation of the Chapter and the international Hells Angels organization. Funding from members was also used to create a legal defense fund to cover members’ criminal legal fees resulting from prosecutions for conducting club business, including acts of violence. Funding for the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter was also generated through illegal activities, as members and associates engaged in illegal activity pay a percentage of proceeds of, or surrender some of the assets derived from, criminal activities to the Chapter and leadership. Additionally, individuals engaged in illegal activity with members and associates of the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter paid kickbacks to the Chapter and its leadership in exchange for conducting illegal activity with members and associates of the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter.”

The indictment accuses this charter of:

“Assisting, supporting, and obtaining assistance and support from, the regional, national, and international Hells Angels in their activities, including: legal matters, rivalries (such as the rivalry with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club), exchanging information about current membership, exchanging information about criminal investigations, relying on other Hells Angels Chapter members to assist the enterprise in furthering its criminal conduct, and aiding and protecting other Hells Angels’ members in their criminal activity. Using the enterprise to facilitate the possession and use of controlled substances. Funding the operation of the Hells Angels. Promoting a climate of fear and keeping victims, potential informants, witnesses, and others in fear of the Enterprise and in fear of its members and associates through violence and threats of violence.”


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63 Responses to “Another South Carolina Angels Bust”

  1. 10guage Says:


    You make some very succinct points. I had no idea about the importance of Fort Sumter having anything to do with the customs office, or how the emancipation proclamation was tied to Foreign political support and pressure. I try to learn something new everyday. It’s unfortunate after all of these years the truth can not be taught to our children no matter how destructive it may be to the image and legend of our historical figures. We are All Americans and it’s time all of the true heros should be celebrated.

    Strength, Respect, Honor,

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    Man, I hope I’m not the only one who likes anchovies on their pizza! I’ll be sittin’ at the ‘kids’ table again if I am. :)

  3. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Not Surprised,

    We must definitely meet some day. I’ll bring the beer, you bring the shine!

    YYZ Skinhead

  4. Shyster Says:


    Honored to make your list. Since everyone is offering to buy you a beer how about I offer up pizza! Pizza for all! Glad to be in the company of like minded folks.


  5. Caretaker Says:

    You’re black? I couldn’t tell from your pic (the gadston post) you look more hispanic than anything in that pic. My appologies if i’ve said anything offensive. I respect you,and your posts always teach me something.


  6. Not Surprised Says:

    YYZ you are one of my favorites on here. Like to meet you one day.

    Sled you mentioned reconstruction. Since I know you have ties in this area, and if you haven’t done so, please look at a guy named Major Lewis Redmond. He was from the town I grew up in and was the most famous outlaw you never heard of.

    Organized the moonshiners in the area to resist the taxation of home made liquor families had made and sold for 100 years.

    Fact is one of the first “ATF” agents killed in the line of duty, Alfred Duckworth a federal revenue agent, also from my hometown, was shot point blank by Redmon about a mile from where I currently reside.

    Don’t want to give too much away for the curious, but suffice it to say, if they were to maake a movie oout his his real life, it would dwarf Bonnie and Clyde and the truestory of Butch and Sundance. It is a stiry waiting for the right author to make a million from……..

    Bill, thanks for the kind words. Big V, good list. Proud to be in such fine company. Speaking of white liquor, they still make the real stuff around here. Good for what ails you and many mountain folk stock it to this day for “medicinal purposes.”

    They tell me (not that I have first hand knowledge) that a swig of shine cahsed by moutain stream water is about the best drinking a man can do…………

  7. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Not Surprised, BigV, Sled Tramp:

    Props for all the posts on Civil War and southern history. I would trust the word of a guy whose ancestors fought in the war rather than a textbook propagandist. Juneteenth is coming up, so the posts are particularly well-timed.

    I was going to post something on the Irish slaves too but it was already better articulated than I could do with my pill-filled brain. All of the Celtic nationalities were considered niggers at that time just the way blacks were, and Irishmen still joke about being the “niggers of Europe”. That explains part of why there are so many black Americans like myself with Irish, Scottish and Welsh last names.

    BigV, happy to make your “beer list”. My list is a lot like yours. I brew my own beer, so of course I would tap a keg fer yah.

    YYZ Skinhead

  8. Muck 1%er Says:

    Thanks Big V.

    I’d be glad to have a soda pop with ya anytime. Had to give up the alcohol. Wasn’t a very nice person and haven’t been to jail since I quit drinkin. (Knock on wood)

    It’s nice to have Rebels house open to us. A place where folks from beginners, all the way up to players in the diff major league teams can come and speak their minds. Even to the point of having heated conversations, yet maintaining a modicum of respect for each other and the host.

    I come here every day that I can, to keep abreast of the real story, as I can’t trust the mainstream media and also to gain knowledge from some very intelligent folks who post here. Several of whom, retain much more knowledge and wisdom than myself.

    What I don’t understand is this…Knowing that LE from diff agencies and areas of the world read and regularly monitor this site, how could any self respecting or honorable LEO, not have to re-think his position and his career.
    I know that I wouldn’t be able to continue to blindly follow down the path after reading here about the sorrow and destruction that my cohorts have wrought upon so many honorable men and their families.

    Again…Thank you Rebel for all that you do here. Every time I come here, when I’m done…I remember the words of the late Paul Harvey. “Now you know the REST of the story.”

    Much Respects to the honorable ones here,
    Muck 1%er

  9. sled tramp Says:

    Big V,
    Thanks,appreciated although I’m perty dern sure I’m already on a bunch of lists…..I can see the alphabet agency butt nugget assigned to montitor this page and note all revealing information…hmmmmm family Confederate…..patch holder….obviously long time uppity asshole….hope your legal has improved.
    sled tramp

  10. Glenn S. Says:

    Big V, I’m honored and flattered to make your list, and to be here among y’all. There’s more wisdom here than at Harvard, more balls than in the trash can in the neutering room at the animal shelter. Beers for any of you I might meet.

    Thanks for laying out the welcome mat, Rebel, and for everything else you do.

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    @BigV – I’d be honored man! And yeah, it’d have to be at *least* twenty…one beer would just get me thirstier.

    I also agree with you about most everyone who posts here…they’ll speak from their hearts and damn the torpedoes. One knows right where they stand with anything they say, and I’d be just as proud to have a case or two of beer with any of them also. I come here and don’t have to hear about someone bitching like a little girl that a drop of rain got on their bike and now they have to wash it – for the third time that day…or any of that other kind of crap. Most everyone here in Rebel’s home is, in my eyes, honorable…a rarity in the majority of people on the planet nowadays.

    So, I guess it all comes down to it being Rebel…he opened his home and allowed us fuckers in and even tells us to stay and say what we want (you wouldn’t believe how many forums I’ve been kicked out of for speakin’ my mind, and at least 8 times from just one particular forum! – not callin’ your place a ‘forum, per se, Rebel)…don’t get much better people than that. Thanks, Rebel, for not kickin’ us out, heh. (isn’t all this called ‘waxing melancholy’ or some such thing?)

  12. BigV Says:

    Phuquehed/Yochannon: I have to have a beer with you some day. Maybe twenty.

    Anything written by Phuquehed makes me smile because he’s 100% saying what he thinks without regard for what any little mealy mouth shithead is going to say or think.

    Same goes for just about everyone on here. NotSurprised, Glenn, RVN69, Hose-A 1%er, Muck, Sledtramp, YYZSkinhead, Shyster, AnarachyFactory, Troyz, Muck Sohn, AVAGOFFAVAGO, Fayettenam Hoe(MIA?) and of course our grand poohbah and the knight of our lifestyle: Rebel.

    This place is an amazing collection of people that make me feel some glimmer of hope for our collective future.

    No disrespect meant to anyone not mentioned, my brain just isn’t what it once was.

  13. Bill Says:

    Phuquehed: I’ve been anticipating your impassioned and informative response on this. I appreciate the true sharing of stuff that matters to you.
    Not Surprised: Thank you also for your informed and brutally poetic commentary here. Your “shovel full of quick lime in his face” ranks right up there with something along the lines of ” the father kept his children’s pictures in his wallet where his money used to be”, from a comment on an obituary here a while ago, as one of the heaviest things I’ve ever seen written, anywhere.
    BigV: I’m in your debt for this over-the-top illumination of what this thing is all about. Your “it was a trade war which went HOT” tells me this was more than just a matter of economic incompatibility. It isn’t hard to imagine bullets flying after that statement. The victors always write the history books, so it is no surprise Lincoln is portrayed as he is. Thank you very much for all of that.

  14. sled tramp Says:

    Yeah,had a bunch like that.Poor farmers working 10 hilly acres,no slaves,more enlisted than came back.I always find it interesting to tell people that The Federal army of occupation was in place and committing atrocities
    against American citizens under “Reconstruction” until 1873.And the reaction of folks when I explain that New England got rich transporting slaves to the south from Africa before Abolitionists gained any voice.And that blacks owned blacks,Indians owned blacks and so on.What we learn in school is BS.Federally subsidized schools as in Federal army as in victors write history.
    Then,as now,stand up for your rights,your representation as a citizen,piss off the Feds in any way and see what happens to ya.Enough of this thread,just wanted to comment.

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    It had nothing to do with slavery. The yankees still had two slave states *after* the war while Forrest united the Klansmen to protect southern soldiers returning to their homes from yankee soldiers marauding and pillaging and killing those same soldiers and their families, and to ward off carpet-baggers.

    The slavery thing meant little about the war because when I was young (7 – 10) an awful lot of us white kids had to get our asses out in the cotton fields and pick. There were *always* more white kids and grown-ups than blacks, but no blacks ever said anything smart-ass to us either about that work or we’d stomp the ever lovin’ shit out of every one standing in the area and heard what the black boy said…and that was just us kids doing it! While they lazied around and were good for nothing and bitched that they had no money, us white kids were wearin’ the skin off our hands and breakin’ our backs to earn some spending money and some scratch for home too (for me personally it was spending money but I had a couple of friends who were very poor and their money went to their parents for important things). Too, most Southern folks did *NOT* have slaves. Many whites were damn near as poor as the slaves that the rich whites had. Few of the slave owners messed up their slaves because that meant spending extra money doctoring them back to health and a loss of labor in any capacity which equalled a loss of income any way you slice it.

    This is as far as I’m going to say about anymore of this particular subject as I’m a Southern boy and proud of my heritage as one. This subject is too easy to get tempers flared up over, heh.

  16. Not Surprised Says:

    Truth is when the great potato famine struck Ireland and there was a mass exodus to this country, it became cheaper to hire out an entire family of immigrants than to own, feed and clothe one slave. Northern industrialists sold their chattel down south for huge profits then condemned the south for slavery.

    SC without question, did not ever see the issue as about anything other than state’s rights (over simplistic), and let’s not forget that when this “united states” was formed, it was formed from 13 or so independent entities who were INVITED to join and thus felt legally entitled to UNinvite themselves as there was no law prohibiting it.

    Lincoln himself stated for the record that if upholding slavery would preserve the Union, he was for slavery and vice versa. The average Union troop saw slaves as potential contenders for jobs when the war ended and had little sympathy. It is an historical fact that the military classification for slaves was simply, “contraband”, which in reality was no better than being “property” in the first place.’

    Anything else is just futile romanticism and revisionist history.

    No one did right by blacks from either side.

    Most people think the US was the last country to outlaw human slavery but it was actually china in 1904.

    In the day and time, SC did the right thing

  17. BigV Says:

    Slavery was not an economic advantage, really. When you look at the number of households holding slaves, the number of slaves in bondage, and the standard of living that was maintained for them- it was not all that different from sharecropping. Economists who do economic history have found that there is significant evidence that the sharecropper system was cheaper for farmers than slavery was.

    The economic and rich man’s side of the Civil War is that it was a trade war which went HOT. If you look at why SC seceded it was because Lincoln was going to re-institute the tariff level that has become known as the Tariff of Abominations. That would have crippled the agrarian South’s ability to export, and the South was the only part of the country which was doing any exporting. Remember, the North is in the Industrial Revolution and their stuff isn’t competitive with the more advanced European industrial machinery and it isn’t logistical to ship it. If it isn’t clear why re-instituting a high tariff would cripple the South, remember the South is King Cotton and King Agriculture and we exported significant amounts of both goods, making up a huge portion of our farm’s incomes. What does any country do when they have to pay another country(ie the United States) a high tariff ? They also tariff in a tit for tat strategy.

    Why was Fort Sumter where the Civil War started ? What was so special about it ? THE CUSTOMS HOUSE WAS THERE. It was a symbolic action as well as a very real one.

    Why else was the Civil War fought ?

    *Because Lincoln was the greatest tyrant ever seen. Lincoln did not want Maryland to secede, so in one of the only times this has ever happened, he ordered allowed US Armed Forces to fire upon and massacre US Citizens. Lincoln orded the Armed Forces to attack US Citizens in US States. Check your Constitution, check your laws. That is treason. He committed treason and he is celebrated for it.

    *Because of what the United States of America WAS. United means UNION. A Union can be dissolved- voluntarily. Think of a divorce. It was no different for a state to dissolve it’s Union with a central government.

    *Because they came here. They came to our homes and they told us what to do, they told us we’d quarter their troops, we’d be subject to taxes that we opposed and would only hurt us. A good portion of the 13 Colonies that fought the first war of independence were Southern, they weren’t going to stand for the same things that Britain did, only 70 years later coming from our own countrymen. So they dissolved the Union.

    On Slavery: Robert E. Lee wanted to get rid of slavery. A good portion of the Confederate Government wanted rid of slavery- they knew it was an abomination and it was a millstone around the collective necks of every Southerner.

    Slavery was not really an issue until the Emancipation Proclamation. Why did the Emancipation Proclamation happen when it did ? It happened in 1863. If the Civil War was about slavery why didn’t it happen in 1860 ? Well, because if you read Lincoln’s Campaign Platform and speeches- he promised a constitutional amendment to guarantee slavery in perpetuity. He was tremendously hateful towards those of dark skin color- you can read what he thought about blacks. Robert E. Lee wanted to free every slave and have them be able to enlist if they so desired to fight the war and be rewarded, he saw them as more than capable people of high intellect, moral character, and leadership ability. Lincoln only did the Emancipation Proclamation because France and Britain were about to step in and give aid to the Confederacy to help fight the war, and by suddenly making the war about slavery, he could have the moral high ground and could make Britain and France look bad to their abolitionist populations if they did aid the South. By making the war about slavery in 1863 Lincoln was able to rewrite history and keep France and Britain from aiding the South, and it turned the tide of the war against the South.

    *The Confederacy was about freedom. Read the Confederate Constitution. You’ll be surprised, especially if you’re familiar with the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution, pre-14th Amendment.

    The Civil War wasn’t a war about slavery until 1863. It was about much more. Check out what I’ve said above and educate yourself if you do not believe me.

  18. Bill Says:

    Junior: So maybe slavery figured into it after all, but not from any Northern moral high ground, but rather because it gave the South an intolerable economic advantage. Thanks

  19. Glenn S. Says:

    Not Surprised, you are probably correct when you say that grand juries in York and Lancaster counties haven’t heard any “real Rico talk”, but my guess is that the feds might shy away from having any case heard in Richland county when they have the more rural counties avilable. The redunancy follows the teachings of Josef Goebbels that if one repeats something often enough, people will believe it. I read the indictment from WBTV’s website and it does appear dumbed down and repititious.I hope the defendants have good, out-of-state legal representation.

    Sled Tramp, here’s to shooting Yankees over seafood in Charleston. Been meaning to ride down there when I can find the time. My late biological mother and her late husband ran whorehouses there for awhile. I didn’t find her until I was 36. They called her Lady Kay, and she led me to believe my anscestors too fought in the war. My knowlege of my family is thin, so if anyone here knows anything about Carolyn Byrd Melissis Brown, aka Lady Kay (that, of course, doesn’t involve anyone’s business) please drop me an e-mail at [email protected].

    Support for 81, respect to all here.

  20. Junior Says:

    IMHO, the civil war was about money. The facts indicate that the northern states were dangerously low on cash and the southern states were very prosperous. Money, the root of all evil. -Junior

  21. Bill Says:

    Not Surprised: Yet anther angle, basic employment. All this “death for glory” is so pedestrian at its roots: lies (politicians’) and money. Thanks

  22. Not Surprised Says:

    To whoever asked what the Civil War was really about, it was about what any politician or rich man says all wars are about. But to my great great great grandfather it was about the $35.00 enlistment bonus he got so his family wouldn’t starve.

    He was 51 when he signed up in ’63 at Pickens, SC with 2nd SC Rifles with his oldest son. Within 6 months they both came down with tuberculosis (disease killed more men than combat in this war), and saw his boy buried in an unmarked mass grave at the Confederate Hospital in Richmond; shovel full of quick lime in his face.

    Old man survived it all and lived to be 90, nothing short of miraculous for that day

  23. Not Surprised Says:

    Big V, thanks for the comments. I am well thanks, despite the very bad news from Rock Hell City.

  24. Not Surprised Says:


    I would wager its been many, many years since an empaneled Grand Jury in York county, Lancaster or Richland County has heard any “real” RICO talk, if ever. Would you agree?

    Intentional redundancy may have actually been a smart move. That was my point. The language in this indictment actually does seem geared down a few notches.

    I was born in Greenville SC and currently reside in NC. No problem about not having your respect.

  25. BigV Says:

    South Carolineans are not disproportionately ignorant. Americans in general are, though.

    How else do you explain the juries, the electorate, the politicians, the general state of injustice ? And all the people who continue to tolerate it and support it ?

  26. Abraham Iker Says:

    South Carolinians can’t be disproportionately ignorant if so many of us are on Rebel’s site.

  27. sled tramp Says:

    Ancestors fought the brits and indians in the Pendelton district/Abbeville.Others rode with Forrest in TN.Mount Creaseman in N.C. was named for an ancestor,we started Mars Hill College,my cousin used to run the Confederate Museum in Greenville.
    But that all aside, A dinner in Charleston under a full moon eating seafood is well worth shooting Yankees over.

  28. Glenn S. Says:

    As a native South Carolinian, I’ll add by cent and a half: SC has its good points and bad, like everywhere else. We have a history rich in disobediance and rebeliousness. SC fought the Revolution mainly as a guerilla force, inflicting devastating losses against the British (Google Gen. Francis Marion) and, as Junior pointed out, later became the first state to seceed from the overbearing federal government. Like just about every other war, that one became a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.

    Sadly and unfortunately, like everywhere else in the USA, the wolves became sheep. Here in SC, IMHO, religion played a large part. In the 1930s, fundamentalist preacher Bob Jones Sr. was given a large plot of prime real estate in my hometown of Greenville, where he built a fundamentalist Bible college and modestly named it after himself. Bob Jones University expanded, but was non-accredited. A BJU degree became respected around here, but was not worth the paper it was printed on anywhere else. Fundamentalist religionists all over the country sent their offspring to BJU, and they stayed after graduation, forming a fundamentalist core amongst the movers and shakers. Fast forward a couple of decades and you have BJU alumni holding a lot of elected and appointed and bereaucratic positions in SC. They’re law ‘n order types, big on obediance to authority. The state has a one-party government (Republican). Republican primaries are often de facto general elections. With the exception of Gov. Nikki Haley, the Republican politicians are of the authoritarian, religious right, law ‘n order, worship the rich variety (as opposed to libertarian). Gov. Haley is presently under investigation for corruption by her Republican colleages.

    This state locks up more than most any other, and for longer. Juries convict a higher percentage of defendants than in most states. The citizens tend to believe someone is guilty because law enforcement says he is. Every proposed Tough New Law passes the legislature with little debate. Authority is king here, and the citizens are willfully ignorant on the subject.

    But scratch the surface and you’ll find some of the best people in the world. There is a large and active biker community, some in clubs, some not. Get past the rich and powerful and their supporters, and people tend to mind their own business and take no shit. The countryside is perfect for riding, there’s still a large slice of Americana here (just don’t be creeped out if small town Main St. is empty on Sunday), and winters are short. A lot of people who move here from elsewhere see the mainstream culture of ignorant authoritarian religious nutcases and don’t look further to find the real people and the real South Carolina.

  29. Bill Says:

    Thanks, sled tramp, this adds a lot of color, but if “because it could”, is the reason for it all, it seems the whole of humanity is a powder keg, kept in check only by a rough symmetry of power. Maybe that’s all it is, it’s as good a reason as I’ve heard, actually. It’s so obvious it’s hard to see, hiding right there in plain sight. Like Rebel says, we’re all killers, basically untamed by 40,000 years of “civilization.”

  30. sled tramp Says:

    Because 75 thousand Federal troops declared it right to intrude upon the farmers that were getting ungawdly screwed by the industrial north.An American army declared war upon Americans.Screw slavery…screw States rights.When someone decides it’s ok to come to the hollers and go after a poor guy with a wife and 5 kids,20 acres and no shoes,it’s time to get the rifle.If for no other reason,as bikers,see the war of northern aggression as a war waged by the government of the united states against our own people because it could,and was being told where to go because they were going into homes of poor working americans without authority or warrants,dragging out families,shooting unarmed men trying to protect their own…..and yeah,they probably shot the dawg too.
    Gawd bless the south

  31. Bill Says:

    Thank you Abraham Iker; for some reason this war mystifies me even more than others, and since it’s so close to home, it’s like the answer is hiding in plain sight somewhere, but I just don’t think I’ve ever seen it all, though what you say is certainly somehow in the mix. Thanks again.

  32. Abraham Iker Says:

    I agree with Junior here. Although I have to say people are stupid everywhere, not just in SC.

    Bill, my evaluation is that the War for Southern Independence was about states right to self govern.

  33. Bill Says:

    Junior: Serious question, if you will…What, in a nutshell, was the Civil War really all about?
    Appreciate it.

  34. BigV Says:

    Junior: He could have easily just said “the South” and been just as correct. What the South did in 1860 has no bearing on today, I used to believe things would have been different had the Confederacy won- I don’t think that way now. If you look at the average voter- they voted for Nikki Haley. They voted for Mark Sanford. They voted for Strom fucking Thurmond. Look at the pieces of shit my home state of North Carolina elects. The average Southerner is not a freedom loving person- the average Southerner wants to be coddled by the state, taken care of by a social safety net, and they want to be coddled by church and “God” and “Jesus” when they die. We have a horribly backwards justice system, a horribly backwards and vindictive social conservative movement, and perverse culture of entitlement here. I say this as person who would not live anywhere else, and I love my home. Actually, I’d live in California or Colorado, but it costs too Goddamn much so I’m here and I’ll probably die here.

    I know NotSurprised well enough to know you’re taking what he said the wrong way.

    If it had been Charlotte or Hickory or TrAshville or Burnsville he would have said the same thing.

    K** aka NotSurpised: Sorry to have put words in your mouth. Hope you are well.

  35. Junior Says:

    Not Surprised:
    Im a South Carolinian and was insulted by your belief that the terminology being redundant was so South Carolinians could “get it”. So this is the way you treat the first state to secede from the union!? Hey, we may not be the brightest state in the union but we at least had the intestinal fortitude to be the first to secede. Then, when the yankee ships continued to resupply ft.sumter after secession, South Carolinians, again, had the intestinal fortitude to fire the first shots of the civil war right there in the Charleston harbor. South Carolina continues to be one of the few states to preserve personal freedoms (relative to other states) . Dont appreciate your insults directed at myself & fellow South Carolinians. No respect. Junior

  36. gabbythegabster1% Says:

    never be surprized when the ff are involved thankyou

  37. Tooj Says:

    Sure, it’s discrimination. But, I don’t live my life in fear like those folks that feel any MC is a “gang”. It’s the solace I take when this f’ed up stuff appears.

    I think Sputnik had it right. Spend your bucks on motorcyclist rights and stop giving bucks to the very same folks that want the American Biker erased.

  38. whitefxrp Says:

    This might appear to be a stupid question,but how much of the USA tax dollar goes to fighting “outside” risks to “internal” risks,does anybody know ? is there anybody that knows,there seems to be a knowledgeable amount of posters here,surely somebody has some insight to whats going on,Australia and Europe seem to being under a lot of pressure the last couple of years as well,maybe its time to UNITE before we are FUCKED by the MAN cos then they will find another lifestyle to lean on,like,wearing sneakers or smoking,Oh Damn ! they already on the smoking thing everywhere,FCUK em Fucktards live life your way

  39. Rebel Says:

    Dear Gar,

    91 counts. My bad. Would have been much more poetic the other way.


  40. Gar Says:

    Exactly 81 counts. Interesting!

  41. Rebel Says:

    Dear Not Surprised,

    The Hobbs Act is all the rage these days. The Hobbs Act is what the feds are using to try to get George Christie. Good to hear from you.


  42. Not Surprised Says:

    Read the entire indictment last night and have to admit, a lot of the language about “working for the enterprise” etc was kind of overdone. But then I had to consider this IS South Carolina and maybe the terminology and redundancy was for the grand jury? So they would “get it.”

    Never read any sort of RICO indictment however that included the Hobbs Act. Mostly just wording standard in a RICO type prosecution. Apparently is is a law form the 1930’s that is only rarely used by the prosecution..

    Lots of good folks involved, really good folks.

  43. Glenn S. Says:

    “According to authorities, the clubs follow a tightly controlled chain of command that includes a president, vice president, treasurer/secretary, and sergeant at arms/enforcer, as well as general members, WIS reports.”

    So do the Jaycees. Corporate America has similar titles, they just call their sergeants-at-arms “heads of security”. And the Masons have a title called “worshipful master”. The Shriners call themselves “nobles”, and have a whole bunch of other titles and a lot of secrets. Then there are college fraternities and secret societies like “Skull and Bones”, whose members include former presidents of the USA.

  44. Tooj Says:

    I’ve been seeing this Boy Scouts of America organization do the same sort of thing. Pay dues and some of it goes to the National Boy Scouts organization. I know some of those little guys are smoking devil weed. We have a conspiracy going on that the FBI isn’t even paying attention to. WTF???

    “Promoting a climate of fear and keeping victims, potential informants, witnesses, and others in fear of the Enterprise and in fear of its members and associates through violence and threats of violence.”

    Ahh yes, I remember the Bush years and the passing of the Patriot Act. I don’t know why they are calling the U.S. Government an “Enterprise”.

  45. Glenn S. Says:

    The Barney Fifes of the world are alive and well and in South Carolina. My sympathies and support to those arrested and to 81 as a whole.

  46. Muck 1%er Says:

    Dammit Sled…don’t give em anymore ideas.

  47. sled tramp Says:

    What a load of shit.Geez, why don’t they arrest us because the sky is blue and call it a day?

  48. Phuquehed Says:

    Someone tell me why in the fuck my taxes, from my already puny-assed disability check are paying for these dumb-shit, sorrier-than-a-rat-fart alpahabet soup fucktards. They’ve accomplished not a gahdamned fucking thing doing this other than to give each other a hard-on and now they’re all sitting around somewhere blowing each other thanking themselves for doing nothing worthwhile to the public or this country.

    My kingdom (what little there actually is) for a governmental law enforcement crew that actually does something that is decent and good for the people and the country. The shit-stains we have now are no better than the brown-shirts of pre-Nazism or Stalin’s KGB!

  49. TigGirl Says:

    Oh My Fucking God!
    The REAL criminals have reached an all time low.

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