Another South Carolina Angels Bust

June 7, 2012


Nineteen members and associates of the Rock Hell City Nomad Charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were arrested earlier today. The arrests and 23 searches were simultaneous with the unsealing of an 91 count, 80 page federal indictment that charges the accused with racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, federal narcotics crimes, Hobbs Act robbery (which is robbery that affects interstate commerce), money laundering and firearm crimes.

Most of the raids were in York County, South Carolina which is near Charlotte, North Carolina. Until they patched over in 2008, the charter was God’s Few Motorcycle Club.

The lead agency in the raids was the Federal Bureau of Investigation but the case was actually made by a stew of state, local and federal police called the South Carolina Hells Angels Task Force. Participants in that included the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; Lexington County Sheriff’s Department; Lexington Police Department; Rock Hill Police Department; York County Sheriff’s Office; Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office; State Law Enforcement Division; Gastonia, Police Department; Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department; Gaston County Sheriff’s Office; and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation as well as the FBI.

The accused are Daniel Eugene “Diamond Dan” Bifield; Mark William “Lightening” Baker; David Channing “Gravel Dave” Oiler; Bruce James (Briuce-Bruce” Long; Richard “Little Mark” Thrower; David “Yard Owl” Pryor; James Frederick “Big Fred” Keach, Jr.; Frank “Big Frank” Enriquez, Jr.; Donald “Brooklyn Donnie” Boersma; Lisa Ellen Bifield; Johanna Looper; Kerry Chitwood; Carlos Hernandez; Ronald Dean “Big Ron” Byrum, Jr.; Trent Allen Brown; Bruce Ranson “Diesel” Wilson; Thomas McManus “Uncle Tom” Plyler; Jamie Hobbs Long; and Somying “Ying”Anderson.

Cop Speak

In the press release that announced the case FBI Special Agent in Charge David Thomas said, “The significance of the extensive and long-term investigative efforts that resulted in the arrests today represent the FBI’s continuing commitment to the dismantling of organized criminal organizations. By working in a joint environment with federal, state, and local counterparts, we send a clear message that such pervasive criminal activities will not be tolerated.”

United States Attorney for the District of South Carolina Columbia Division Bill Nettles was quoted as saying, “Today’s arrests and seizures are an important step in our ongoing fight against criminal gangs operating in South Carolina. This investigation is also another example of what can be accomplished through a close partnership among local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.”

The Indictment

The indictment calls the charter, “a criminal enterprise whose members and associates engaged in criminal activity, including narcotics distribution, arson, trafficking in stolen property, money laundering, extortion, prostitution, firearms violations, and conspiracy to do the same.”

The case may be aimed at the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club as a whole. The indictment also references “dues and assessments” paid “to the national Hells Angels” and the club’s “East Coast Officer Meetings.” The indictment states, “The ECOM agenda items included, but are not limited to: Hells Angels Chapter updates, Hells Angels world events, Hells Angels world votes, and Hells Angels financial matters. In addition, Hells Angels Chapters were required to pay Chapter dues to the Hells Angels national officers for the Hells Angels worldwide organization.”

In addition to many other interesting facts, the indictment alleges:

“The Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter also raised money from the sale of support gear at parties, including items such as t-shirts and stickers. These funding techniques were used to fund the continued operation of the Chapter and the international Hells Angels organization. Funding from members was also used to create a legal defense fund to cover members’ criminal legal fees resulting from prosecutions for conducting club business, including acts of violence. Funding for the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter was also generated through illegal activities, as members and associates engaged in illegal activity pay a percentage of proceeds of, or surrender some of the assets derived from, criminal activities to the Chapter and leadership. Additionally, individuals engaged in illegal activity with members and associates of the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter paid kickbacks to the Chapter and its leadership in exchange for conducting illegal activity with members and associates of the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter.”

The indictment accuses this charter of:

“Assisting, supporting, and obtaining assistance and support from, the regional, national, and international Hells Angels in their activities, including: legal matters, rivalries (such as the rivalry with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club), exchanging information about current membership, exchanging information about criminal investigations, relying on other Hells Angels Chapter members to assist the enterprise in furthering its criminal conduct, and aiding and protecting other Hells Angels’ members in their criminal activity. Using the enterprise to facilitate the possession and use of controlled substances. Funding the operation of the Hells Angels. Promoting a climate of fear and keeping victims, potential informants, witnesses, and others in fear of the Enterprise and in fear of its members and associates through violence and threats of violence.”


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63 Responses to “Another South Carolina Angels Bust”

  1. Phuquehed Says:

    And of course we all know that our little Bella *never* drives over the speed limit, *never* runs a red light or stop sign, *never* jaywalks, *never* talks on the phone while driving, well….s?he just *never* does *anything* to break any laws.

    But s/he probably *does* cheat on her old man and goes to church every Sunday to be forgiven for all the bad things and broken laws she’s done so that she can do it all again for another week!

    @Bella – There you sit, you stinking cunt, telling others they should think before doing and how glad you are that some club members are off the street…and you yourself did no thinking before spewing your shit since it’s obvious that most of us regulars here can see you’ve (so far) been able to cheat your way out of being caught up in the justice system in any way and finding out the truth about how it *really* works. I’d also bet good money that you’ve never in your pathetic life even *seen* an Hells Angel member before and that like most fucktards like yourself are just talking out their ass to hear themselves.

    Now, go back to blowing Obama so we don’t have to hear your ill-equipped attempts at intelligence anymore.

  2. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to myaikenbak…

    Wouldn’t a more appropriate question be why aren’t the cops caught held accountable? I think any cop that is convicted of any crime ( that’s the hard part, convicting them ) automatically receive the maximum sentence. They know the laws and took an oath to uphold the laws. No excuse for breaking the laws.

  3. myaikenbak Says:

    Who catches the cops who break the law?

  4. Bill Says:

    “The Crypts”. Rebel: You should maybe set up a “best of” thing here, where some of these zingers could be enshrined. I’m hoping Bella keeps posting.

  5. Red&Gold Says:

    @ Rebel…Yes! (malum in se / malum prohibitum) most don’t understand how it is IMPOSSIBLE to not break “the law” everyday…

    @ Sohn EXACTLY! If the gov’t and the media say we did it, the civilian (who has never had to deal with this legal system) just believes what they say!

  6. sohn Says:

    @ Bella,
    There in lies the problem,you say,”These Hell’s Angel’s (sic) or 81 or whatever else you want to call them broke the law”. The justice system would be fine if there was a “presumption” of innocence. You’ve already stated, prior to the arraignment I believe. that you affirm the governments assumption.

  7. ruffrider Says:


    You are in for a rude awakening. Sorry for you kid.


  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bella,

    Everybody breaks the law everyday. It is the fundamental tenet of modern criminal justice. I am glad for you that you have not yet been prosecuted. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Nobody gets a fair trial. There are no fair trials. It is crip, not crypt.

    Thanks for reading and commenting,

  9. Bella Says:

    It seems the people who have a problem with the justice system are the one’s who probably have broken the law! I think our justice system is just fine, and we are judged in a court of law by our peers! These Hell’s Angel’s or 81 or whatever else you want to call them broke the law and will have a chance for a fair trial in front of their peer’s! Personally, I’m glad they’re off the street’s and locked up where they deserve to be! You guy’s seem to have a real issue with the law(I wonder why this is)! It’s called thinking before you act! I don’t care if you’re a Hell’s Angel’s member, a blood, or a crypt! Breaking the law is breaking the law and you will be caught! Have a nice day!

  10. Caretaker Says:

    Sounds good to me :) i’ll bring the whisky. I just wanted to make sure,i have a tendancy to offend people when discussing race without meaning to.


  11. Bill Says:

    Speaking of pizza and “special” ingredients, some friends who once lived for a while in Texas, would harvest mushrooms from a rainy pasture and leave them with the pizza chef at their favorite joint, while they shot some pool…

  12. sherides Says:


    If we’re having a Pizza and Beer Get Together, I’ll bring some *special* Brownies for Desert!

  13. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    You haven’t said anything offensive. I am not offended by words, I am offended by injustice, which is offensive to anyone with a heart and a brain. I have a lot of respect for you and most of the regular folks on Rebel’s site. It goes without saying that you are on my beer list.

    YYZ Skinhead

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