Invaders’ Woe

June 5, 2012

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There is woe and then there is the woe of the Invaders Motorcycle Club. The Invaders, who think of themselves as “the biggest little club in the world,” are a Midwestern club with, at last count, 10 chapters in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Colorado.

Since 2006 the club has been a target of both local and federal law enforcement. One federal case filed in 2009 was the result of investigation that began in 1994. During that time, members of the Invaders were alleged to have either bought, sold, given away or smoked a whopping 1,000 kilos of marijuana – Satan’s drug of choice. The club as a whole has also been accused in the press of manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine – which was President John F. Kennedy’s drug of choice


Most of the current cost of being an Invader stems from the 2007 murders, in separate incidents near St. Louis, Missouri, of men named Alan Henry Little, Randy Greenman and George Whitter. Little was an Invader and his murder remains unsolved. Multiple federal police forces including the Drug Enforcement Administration initiated a policy of harassing every Invader they could find until the murders were solved. Eventually, two of the killings were closed.

Three members of the club, Edward “Special Ed” Boroughf, Herman “Oz” Ozwalt and Steve “Sticky Steve” Morris were charged with the murders of Greenman and Whitter a year ago.. Boroughf pled guilty to the charges last January. But, like most crusades, by then the crusade against the Invaders had already begun to generate its own momentum. Which may explain the current ongoing battle between the club and the Portage, Indiana Chief of Police.

A Safe Environment

An unspcified chapter of the Invaders has been accused of attempting to use a former smoke shop at 6720 Melton Road in Portage as a clubhouse. Last April the Police Chief, a man named Troy Williams, issued a press release in which he accused the Invaders of renovating the vacant building. “There have been renovations done inside and they’ve painted the exterior with their colors,” Williams told the world. “Currently they are in violation of city code.”

Williams’ release, which seems to have been ignored by most newspapers and television stations, explained, “As chief of police it is my duty to ensure a safe environment for our residents, and we will avail ourselves to all local, state and federal resources to accomplish our mission. We are proactive on safety in Portage, and we will exhaust all legal remedies to notify our residents of any and all potential threats.”


Huffing, puffing and letters printed out on official stationary did not work so yesterday the city of Portage filed suit against the building’s owner, Peter Stamper. Stamper is accused of failing to obtain the an occupancy permit for the building and with maintaining a “public nuisance.” The process of obtaining an occupancy permit in Portage involves filling out a form and paying $100. The form includes a space for the applicant to describe the building’s use.

Yesterday Stamper told Bob Kasarda of the Northwest Indiana Times that he had filled out the form but the city simply ignored him. “The city is totally unrealistic,” Stamper said.

There will be a court hearing on the matter July 27. The city wants Stamper to pay a $100 a day fine and to reimburse the Portage for the cost of suing him.



13 Responses to “Invaders’ Woe”

  1. DIRTY Says:

    To Lowrider:

    It was actually at the QT off Midrivers, I remember it clearly. I will apologize for being new and arrogant, however I’m already going to hell in a handbasket, and I’m enjoying the ride, and we have a support club that prays for me. It’s nice to have friends, you could of been a man and told me to fuck off, seeing how I was maybe 25 talking to a grown man, I must have looked scary that day.

  2. Lowrider Says:

    I’m a civilian. I’m pumping gas at cave springs and hwy 70. In comes a lone invader. Now I’m wearing a white collared sleeveless shirt that has HARLEY DAVIDSON on the back that is clearly a HD shirt. This moron walks up to me and threatens me never to be seen with that shirt on again. Really. Trying to intimidate innocent civilians. This is why no one likes the invaders. You’ll all burn in Hell. Enjoy your time here while it last.

  3. Molasses Says:

    WOW fuck the Invaders Hey keyboard toughguy have you every one up close and said that ? Just wondering?

  4. A biker Says:

    Always find a big mouth on the Internet, hey why don’t u try to say ffuck your club to any bikers face let alone a 1%er see what happens , sounds like you seen some guys get into it while you stood back did nothing and now you come onto the Internet to talk tough. im sure you and the cops can find something better to do, let these guys ride, real bikers are getting to be rare

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    What the fuck is an “undercover racist”? Sounds like someone’s OL got some better dick and now he’s PO’d at the giver of that dick.

  6. Debbie Says:

    Ri think “ffuck thr Invaders” is a jealous chicken shit! Being a girl I would kick his ass and chase him down with my hand friend! Best watch his mouth, we will find him!

  7. Fuck the Invaders Says:

    FUCK the invaders mc! They aren’t more than 200 members total and there all meth addicts or undercover racist because they only talk shit on the internet or in groups of 10 or more. I saw a 1% club in Missouri tell them they aren’t shit and they don’t own SHIT in missouri. needless to say they yelled to cause a scene and got the police called before the other club could beat there meth addict asses. long story short.. FUCK THE INVADERS!!!

  8. LV Tripper Says:

    Still hoping the Midwest chapter gets cleared. Miss riding and hangin with the old crew. You know who you are (when there were 5 looked like 20?) Good luck brothers!

  9. Squirts Says:

    GW, Yep… 15 yrs! All that time and the boys down the road got popped for WEED! Local media played it up Big Time, too…. Forget that the area is decimated by heroin and meth. But then, we all know that weed is THE gateway drug…(rolling eyes)… The local sheeple were duly impressed and can sleep much more soundly at night knowing that the pot heads are behind bars (while the meth heads are stealing every ounce of copper they can find (sheesh)… Respects

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Junior,

    Satan sings like a bird.


  11. Junior Says:

    I didnt realize that marijuana was satans drug of choice. Rebel, how’d you get satan to admit to that? I dont know how you do it…you must be VERY well connected, i mean who else could get satan himself! Rebel, keep up the good work man! – Junior

  12. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    I hate it when people renovate…

    On another equally ridiculous note, did I read your article correctly? A 15 YEAR time span between the start of the investigation and the prosecution? C’mon, you’re yanking our chains.

    Then again, it is silly enough to be real.

  13. Vikingtrotter Says:

    That dudes a douche.

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