Laffing Devils War Of Words

Fri, May 25, 2012

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Laffing Devils War Of Words

The public relations war between the fictitious Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club and the putatively real Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club entered its fourth day this morning.

The Laffing Devils is the subject of a Discovery Channel “reality television” show called The Devil’s Ride. Discovery is working the club like a pimp works a crack whore and the line between the motorcycle club and the television program has disappeared.

The show may possibly now be an embarrassment to the club. This page has made multiple attempts to solicit comments about the show from both the producers (Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television, LLC) and individual patch holders. An unidentified member of the LDMC emailed, “Things are a bit hectic right now. But we are always wanting some good publicity.”

Apparently, the club got what it wished for. Discovery is now hawking 13 pieces of merchandise that are intended to milk additional revenue for the network.


Some of the merchandise blatantly insults and trivializes motorcycle clubs as institutions. For example: “Head on down the road with the Laffing Devils on the reality show The Devils Ride. This Devils Ride Skull pullover Hoodie bears a skull-and-spears icon in aviators. Controversy abounds between real-life motorcycle clubs and fictional motorcycle clubs when the line between the two is smudged by reality….”

For $27 plus shipping and handling, Discovery will sell fans of the television series “The Devils Ride Respect Old Blood T-shirt .” The piece of cloth refers “to founding father and Laffing Devils’ President Gipsy stepping down from his spot, the Devils Ride Respect Old Blood T-shirt calls to the loyal. With the promise of new blood in the Brotherhood, there’s sure to be some change. Watch it go down in this official tee as realities clash….”

For the same price, small boys of all ages may own a “Devils Ride Part Of The Brotherhood” shirt. This thing symbolizes that the wearer has “lived life all pumped up on a level of intensity that normal life can’t match. The Devils Ride Part Of The Brotherhood T-shirt is about the answer to those questions. The Laffing Devils motorcycle club is largely full of guys who looked for answers and found them in their motorcycle club.”

Qui Es Mus Macho

The entertainment news show TMZ created more controversy, and publicity, for the show this week after Kurt Sutter, the lead producer of Sons of Anarchy, tweeted “watched DEVIL’S RIDE. probably get in trouble for saying this, but I’m pretty sure my SOA actors could kick the shit out of this ‘real’ MC.”

TMZ then quoted a club patch holder as saying, “I am concerned that Kurt’s creative mind is stuck in make-believe land with his recent comment on Twitter. Here’s a reality check for ya Kurt…. I am sending a personal invitation to your pretty-faced Kurt Cobain look-alike star Jax (portrayed by Charlie Hunnam) to come down to San Diego and prove your point. And tell him to wear those shiny white kicks too. I hope he’s a size 11, I could use some new shoes.”

Sutter responded to that by tweeting, “the reality is that hunnam is probably the toughest fucking dude on my set. newcastle street kid. he’s the last guy I’d ever pick to fight.”

In the last two days, Sutter who also has a new show on Discovery called Outlaw Empires, has stated that he believes that he has been exploited by the network. Yesterday he tweeted, “i know devil’s ride has exploited SOA and is now using me for more exposure” and “LACTATING DEVILS, fake MC is now threatening actors. wow, they are so fucking BADASS. gigiddy. TMZ you complete me.”

Sutter Explains It All

This afternoon Sutter posted a video on YouTube in which he further explains that he has an argument with the Discovery Channel but not the Laffing Devils. Sutter said:

“No one at the network (Discovery) ever mentioned this outlaw motorcycle project they had in development – not to me, not to my producing partners at Studio Lambert, nobody. Nothing was ever said. And I didn’t hear about it honestly until somebody started tweeting about it and I guess some of the trailers had already come out.

“And suddenly I’m watching the promos for this show and I’m seeing scenes that were taken directly from, you know, Sons of Anarchy pilot. You know, a guy in a barbershop watching bikes go by. And, suddenly it all felt a little covert and quite honestly a little duplicitous. And, I just felt like, you know, when suddenly the network is billing this show the, you know, real life Sons of Anarchy and stealing the concept in terms of…uh…not stealing the concept but going after clearly the audience that watches Sons.

“And because I was associated with the network (Discovery) because I had this project going on the obvious assumption, and I think it makes sense, is that people would assume that either that was my show or I had something to do with that show. And, I just felt like the network had to be aware of that and perhaps that’s why they never mentioned it. And it was just, you know, it just felt like kind of a shitty thing to do. And you know, obviously that’s what happened and people assumed I had something to do with that show and I didn’t. And, now I feel like, well, did they only get in business with me on Outlaw Empires because they knew they were doing that and it was somehow, some way of doing this…you know… branding thing so…and tapping into the Sons audience.

“So, suddenly I just felt like, I don’t know, I just felt like duped, quite honestly. And, pissed off you know? So, then I felt like that’s, that I need to, uh, I need to distance myself from that. You know, that’s not a show I’m associated with. It’s not a show I want to be associated with. I don’t do that kind of reality TV. Outlaw Empires is a documentary series based on the lives of real people. So I just felt it was important for me to distance myself and I do that by how I usually do on Twitter by making some sort of snarky, absurd comments.

“And then what happened, as usual, is that comment got fed back to the guys that were doing that reality show. And they said some things about me and that got spun out in a certain way that I’m sure wasn’t the truth either because it was fucking TMZ so it is what it is. And of course these guys are gonna respond in a big way when they have some fucking douche bag with a camera calling them out in front of their friends. So, it just went ugly which is fine if the blowback is only on me. But, then they started harassing Charlie (Hunnum) and emailing him. And then, once again, I’m always taught the hard lesson of that when it comes to Sons of Anarchy it’s not me, man. I’m not the show. The show’s this bigger entity that impacts the lives of hundreds of other people.”

“So that’s what went down. I don’t know those dudes (the Laffing Devils). I don’t want to know those dudes. And I know they are a support club for a bigger club and I guess inroads have been made to clean things up so everyone feels like they’re being heard and respected and that’s fine. That should all be done. And I support that and will do whatever I need to do to make that happen. So that’s what went down. And for me the biggest culprit in all this is Discovery. I hate to be the guy that goes, ‘Oh the evil empire network did it.’ But, you know, I don’t know what else to say.”

And, that bullshit is what happened on the motorcycle outlaw frontier today.

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  1. Muck 1%er Says:

    Shapin up to look like a lovers quarrel between the Black Widows and the Wild Hogs. If it wasn’t so fuckin stupid, it would almost be laughable.

  2. sled tramp Says:

    Muck 1%er-
    LMFAO….that was a great comparison.I’m headed to a three day run with oiled wimins wrestlin’,wet T-shirt contests and all night bonfires on the river.And ya know….I kinda doubt if I’ll see any brothers with flipped brim caps.Hope you have a great weekend amigo.Hope to see you soon.

  3. ~RK Says:

    Lotta words for “sorry, I fucked up and retract my statement.” The whole thing is stupid, and both of the new shows suck big fat donkey dick anyhow. I hope they do fight, that might be worth watching.

  4. anonymous Says:


    Come on now, lets not go knocking “flipped brim hats”

  5. Gringo Says:

    i decided to check them out on my daughters facebook and on their page they are catchin a ton of shit , hahahaha it doesnt take a call to the psychic network to see these mutts aint gonna last , but hey what the fuck we need an updated version of the sharks and jets..

  6. BigV Says:

    This pretty much tells me Sutter WAS the asshole who commented on Rebel’s page 2-3 years ago. Same bullshit bravado, same running and hiding under the bed when the heat gets on. One day he’s gonna run his mouth to the wrong guy.

  7. sled tramp Says:

    Yer right.What was I thunkin’.My opinion of someone sporting such attire is dependent upon the person wearing it.Say happy B day to our mutual friend.Hope you are well.
    Yer Pal,

  8. swampy Says:

    Well, Mr. Sutter, how does it feel to have a television show about a bull shit fictitious, full of drama, motorcycle club rammed down your throat? Kind of ironic if I may say so.

  9. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    “Part Of The Brotherhood”? So, a hang-around or prospect can not call a patched member of their traditional MC “brother” until patched, but for a small fee someone can buy a shirt and be part of the “brotherhood”? Not to mention the other shirts like “Don’t Test the Brotherhood” and “Fight for the Club”.

    The SoA merchandise is at least for a “make believe” club. With these shirts it is (apparently) a real club. This could be be construed as a person possibly making statements about being part of a brotherhood that shouldn’t be tested because the club is worth fighting for? That almost seems a little more dangerous than soft colors for a fictional club.

    Not to mention, I’m thinking this from the West Coast where the red and white wouldn’t look so out of place in a crowd. Imagine some poor schmuck wearing something like this in regions where those colors wouldn’t be the norm. Someone looking to prove something might read more into it, regardless of any lack of intentions from the wearer other than to “look biker”.

    As for the LDMC, I imagine the “club” doesn’t really have anything to do with coming up with those slogans, but the cheesiness does end up reflecting on them. If they truly are a traditional MC and not a fabrication, I wonder if they are regretting the Pandora’s box they have opened up with this whole thing.

  10. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Discovery Channel…..Master.
    Laffing Devils, Kurt Sutter….Puppets.

    DC Pulling the strings like a BOSS!

  11. OneEye Says:

    Kurt, it is better remain to remain silent and let the world think you’re a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. However, I guess it’s a little late considering you never shut the fuck up and we all KNOW that you are a pompous fool. Newcastle street kid? Hey, can he score some Newcastle Brown Ale?

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    That moronic fuck didn’t say a damned thing. Nothing in that whole diatribe made any fucking sense.

    I’ve got a pet fucking peeve against people who have to say “you know” every other word. It shows a complete lack of intelligence goes into the thinking before the mouth starts working. Sutter is one of those imbeciles. If stupidity is what gets one paid well in hollywood, I’m gonna turn into Forrest Gump and go get fucking rich!

    And yeah, flipped-brim caps are stupid. Might as well wear a watch cap all the time since it’ll cost less and won’t look like you don’t know how to operate an object one buys to shield the eyes from the sun.

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear swampy,

    It was perfectly ethical for Sutter to appropriate and exploit Chuck Zito’s idea for a show about a motorcycle club. Apparently it is not ethical for Discovery to do that with SOA.


  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear anonymous,

    Man, this younger generation coming up! Flipped brims? What next? Skinny jeans?


  15. Grumbler Says:

    Sutter has little to say and takes much in sayin’ it. I used to wear a watch cap anchored by aviator googles well before CA hadda helmet law (squint at my avator). Was influenced by Then Came Bronson.

    My most prized headgear issa grey beret my old lady got me as bday prezzie in 1990 from the Roots Canada store in Vancouver, BC. Has Canada flag and beaver onnit. MotoJournalist Clement Salvadori, a former green beret, wrote about ‘em:

    One last thing, let’s hope the clueless general public, emboldened by Sons of Anarchy and The Devils Ride, doesn’t start approaching real patch holders as celebrities and touch their patch while trying to snap a pix with ‘em.

  16. Dan The Man Says:

    Everything Kurt Sutter knows about Motorcycle Clubs is what he learned talking to Hells Angels and Vagos, Motorcycle Clubs. He never prospected and patched in any club.

    Now he’s got the nerve to compare his bunch of actors with a real MC, with the sole connection of being on television. Like the TV star he is, he makes a big show about being tought, then when he thinks no one is looking trys to skimp out and save face.

    I also love how he set Charlie Hunman to try and do his dirty work. If you’ve ever watched interviews with some of the actors they try and distance themselves from their characters. I wonder if they told him in addition to playing a patch holder on TV, he’d have to defend his TV prop cuts to the type who do this in real life.

    The man runs his mouth at the LDMC like they are just more hollywood actors, on another TV show, and they’re just a cheap knock of HIS idea. I mean HE had the idea for motorcycle clubs in general right?

    I’m also pretty sure the only reason this guy has the audacity to say what he does, is because Sunny Barger, David LaBrava(happy from the show), and dozens of other HA and Vagos who work on or for his show, and are intrested in staying employed as such allow it.

    One of these days SOA is going to go off the air. Sutter’s TV magic just might wear off and run into a bad season were fans abandon the show. The gravy train stops, and if LDMC is still around they’ll still be MC patchholders and vauge notion of somebody status and of more importance to some larger MC than some washed up loudmouth writer.

  17. Dan The Man Says:

    ‘Not to mention, I’m thinking this from the West Coast where the red and white wouldn’t look so out of place in a crowd. Imagine some poor schmuck wearing something like this in regions where those colors wouldn’t be the norm. Someone looking to prove something might read more into it, regardless of any lack of intentions from the wearer other than to “look biker”. ‘

    actually happens all the time with another club you might have heard about. Only they sell their own “support” gear, which many people outside the biker world thinks is “cool”. These people have no idea where turf lines are drawn and frequently cross them with support gear. Bad things happen.

  18. Charlie Chingon Says:

    Kunt Studderer, WASP (What A Stupid Puto); amusing use of the Thesaurus to mask an inability to articulate. Here’s an idea, Kunt, silk screen some hoodies with a limp wrist graphic and the caption: “You know”, I’m not a prophet, but I see someone putting Kunt’s dentist in a higher tax bracket.

  19. Bookworm Says:

    Kurt sure talks about his feelings alot. He says “I just felt like” alot in the article above. People who talk like that usually spend alot of time in therapy and have a shrink on speed dial.
    Maybe the devils ride is a hit show and that bothers mr sutter. Maybe it is pulling in more ad $$$ than his show outlaw empires. Im just guessing. As far as this fluffy bullshit on the frontier, sometimes no news is good news. Because the real news about real people and mc’s tends to be tragic.

  20. rollinnorth Says:

    Dan the Man:
    Sadly true about support gear.

  21. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Im so happy I dont live in DAGOland……..I mean its bad enough that today I saw 3-patch wearers sporting Black Knight, Blue Knight, Red Knight, Green Knight and even Flaming Knight MC patches…….I just bowed my head in a very sad way.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear rollinnorth,

    Incidents like this happen every few years. One of them was part of the prosecutions case in the Ablett trial.


  23. Unconcerned Says:

    As for the “Laughed at Dildos”, heres some history on those fools.
    Their founder is married to a cop, Rusty approached the Angels to do a show and they told him no so he found a bunch of lames to make his money and promote the 81’s businesses. As for an independent club (what a joke)they are trying to take the money and run. Most if not all their members are business owners making good money yet when an opportunity presents itself to make more they jump on it. While Rusty and Fuzzy from the 81 get their payday. All of the so called things they do are staged. I don’t know about you but when I crack a dude in public I go to jail. Just another farce, It saddens me to see ” A well respected member of the mc world” support or contribute to something that dilutes the very fiber they claim to be about. And the repo of a bike from vegas, sure didn’t look legal so I guess that was staged too. The only way to combat these situations is not to support it in any way, shape or form. But hey there is no such thing as bad press, which sparks interest, get viewers and put money in their bank accounts.

  24. rollinnorth Says:

    A few years ago, I took a ride into a neighboring state to visit the Moving Wall. I wore a favorite old red shirt (plain – no lettering – not a support shirt) without a thought. After my visit, I strolled down to the main drag of this resort town for a slice. As I was finishing, I noticed a large group of patch holders from a big club (which I now know has a clubhouse in that area) come around a corner across and down the street and gather at a sidewalk vendor. Suffice it to say, red is not the favorite color of this club. I quickly realized the situation, gulped the last of my drink as one of them looked in my direction, headed up my side of the street back to where I had parked and headed home. You can’t be too careful.

  25. Grumbler Says:

    I’ve a mesh tex vest in colors of a local dominant MC and striped tee in colors of another local MC, but it’s all good cuz they cancel each other out. Whew!

  26. Glenn S. Says:

    I go out of state, I leave the support stuff at home.

  27. Slam Says:

    The only truth I’ve witnessed in all of this was this simple statement, “Billy’s A Bitch!!”

    I want that t-shirt!!!!!!

  28. Craig Says:

    Devil’s Ride / Laffing Devils = the new, improved SOA. That would be the Sisters of Anarchy.

  29. Doc Jones Says:

    So….I watched the Devils Ride and was amazed about the repo job they did. As was said by the “Voice of God” Rusty is a well respected biker in the MC world. Rusty said if they didn’t get his bike, they were going to have a problem with him. Seems to me the Laughing Devils were being clowned. It also seemed to me that their new president was pretty nervous when he was talking to Rusty. This is what I got out of watching the show. Are the Laughing Devils a support club?

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  30. Gringo Says:

    why didnt Rusty go re-po his own shit?

  31. Screwdriver Says:

    according to my sources, IT`S all Scripted and Staged FOR TV and RATINGS

  32. Doc Jones Says:

    Gringo…..I was wondering the same thing.

    Screwdriver…..It makes sense that it’s scripted for TV. The thing is, in my humble opinion, the script makes the club look weak. I also noticed how neat and clean all of the members are. I don’t know….maybe it’s just a sign of the times and things to come. Seems like everything is changing these days………..

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  33. jcfromnj Says:

    Hey Folks, couldn’t we all just get along and be as superficial and bottom dwelling as I am about this and just watch the frickin shows and just drink beer and get all wrapped up in the melodrama. The reality of the of the life is never matches up to the hype anyway.

    10 PM EST, that’s all the insight you’ll ever need….

  34. Screwdriver Says:


  35. Every regular guy Says:

    One of the worst shows I have ever watched. Comical. Is the audience supposed to believe Billy and Snubz are leaders of men. D-bags. If this is an MC, pro wrestling is real… O wait, Eric Bischoff created it… It is pro wrestling

  36. Pissed Off Says:

    Mr. Kurt Sutter,
    I am a full patch member of the Mongols M.C. Your comments on the “Devils RIde” are a perfect example of the hypocrite your are. You accussed the show of being a “fake M.C.” What about your show “Outlaw Empire” and a particular actor named “Bill” in your second episode, who you led viewers to believe was a former member of the Mongols? He is an actor. How do I know this? I am a actor as well. For 20 years, which is long enough to have worked with “Bill” many times. I also know he is NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN a member of the Mongols M.C. You led viewers to believe he and his “club” were commiting some pretty outrageous felonies. Now I know what you are going to say. You never mentioned any club names. True. You just used stock footage to make your point. Anyway, back to MY point. Putting an actor in a interview situation was pretty smart. You can just call it a recreation, correct? At least that is what you will claim in court. Care to comment? I think you might. Your ego far out weighs your inteligence.

  37. Rebel Says:

    Dear Pissed Off,

    Really? Now I am going to have to watch that show. I just watched the third episode of Laughing Dildos last night so I am still an episode behind on that must see TV.

    For awhile there, I thought I might not have to watch every, single, piece of crap biker show on cable.

    Fabricated smear, huh? Gee, if we can’t count on Sutter to tell us the truth who can we trust?


  38. dago peckerwood Says:

    Unfortunately i watch these shows the same way i have to look at a car crash and binge drink,because i cant help myself.It turns my stomach that these lames even get their 15 min. of fame.I personally took interest in the disrespect and lack of protocal displayed by these laffing dildoes and i will further elaborate after my court case is dismissed.In a nutshell I was in a mutaul combat situation with 2 of them and a supporter.The police were called and i got charged with 3 counts assault,2 counts robbery,and 5 gang enhancements.What happened 2 the good old days when clubs handled thier own biz?…These laffing dildoes are done in dago!…Im currently free on $276,000.00 bail….Im $25,000.00 into bail and tow bill,not to mention lawyer bills. So if anyone wants to contribute all help would be greatly appreciated…go to our website and buy a shirt or hat..they are sick..and anything donated over the cost of the support gear will go to my legal defense fund….thanx for your support….L&R to all real bikers

  39. Pissed Off Says:

    You’ll love it. It’s another vehicle for Kurt the “Skirt” Sutter to get attention. He is the host who has based his show on “research”.

  40. Vinny Says:

    Dago Peckerwood…

    That sucks. Respect to you for doing something about these fuck-tards. Met some of your brothers (and possibly you) in Yuma… good times! Would like to help, but as an independent… I don’t really do “support gear”. You have plans for a benefit ride/party or anything? Let us know.


    Found this site through my disdain for SOA and LDmc… love it. Keep up the good work.

  41. Hellsbells Says:

    To Dago Peckerwood check out the events page on this link

  42. Rebel Says:

    Dear Hellsbells,

    June 23, 1 p.m., Lacy J’s Saloon, in Santee, California, $25 a head fundraiser. I will be there.


  43. observer Says:

    Damn, I have to work that day.

  44. Screwdriver Says:


  45. JAMES Says:

    Watched this show last night, and I must truly admit, “WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT” television is getting worse than ever, I see a whole new trend of WANNBEES getting ready to come out of the woodwork and from under rocks to start up clubs because they saw all about it on the television, also one that see often in smaller clubs where the one guy is unhappy because he is not in charge wanting to branch off to start up a whole new club, so he can be a big fish, is there no end to this? I will be hoping to see SPRINGER back to late night for educational tv. I only thought S.O.A. was dumb, this one takes a close first.

  46. Slim Says:

    I think you guys might see some of the opposite effect from these shows. Guys like me who may have had the slightest inclination to join a club will hold off. I have been approached by a couple of small support clubs in my area. After seeing this garbage and the responses from this site and patch members of the dominant club here in MI., I think I’ll just stick to doing my own thing. Nothing good can from this, the whole biker community will suffer greatly because of these shows.

  47. sled tramp Says:

    And there it is….in an already dwindling pool of potential members,it is increasingly obvious that all that would have any interest in a club (independents,viewers,new riders et al)are getting at best,mixed messages about club life. My “mentors” as a new biker of 16-17 steered me away from clubs so I wouldn’t let my young sponge noggin get over it’s head.
    Independence has it’s benefits or at least most of the benefits (loose wimins,parties,help with wrenching etc..)should one associate with a close group of guys that ride together.And,with increasing scrutiny from L.E. because they don’t have a life,one could legitimately claim that club life has more pressures than one needs on top of a job,family etc..
    But here’s the other side,In a real club,not one of TV origins,There’s a very tight brotherhood 24/7.One that extends to our families if the world goes bad (if I got waxed,my brothers would be the first ones to comfort my widow. Uh….just trust me on that one).If one breaks down at three AM in Choke-A-Chicken Squat n’ gobble,a brother will stand there in pouring rain and help you.I call my people or they call me every single day.My blood family doesn’t call me for months on end (well, they all owe me money but still…).
    And perhaps most importantly,I TRUST them.Something that in my life,has never come easily if at all.This has come from weighing them as individuals through the Prospect period and mutually shared experiences.Trust is earned, not given with the patch one paid 50 bucks for at the stealership.
    There are three types of riders in my experience,those that want but don’t have the sand or qualities and will run their mouths but slink off when we show up.Those that are perfectly happy to ride alone or in a small group for the riding experience like H.O.G. or ABATE, and clubbers.
    Either one has a clubber attitude and inclination or one doesn’t.
    Before you decide club life couldn’t possibly benefit you, seek out a member of a club or make the rounds of club houses and donate a couple bucks for a beer and meet some people.
    You might be surprised to meet honest guys that don’t lie to you,are genuinely interested in your possible interest (it comes with cautious attitude,they won’t know you).Stay quiet,be a sponge and listen.Who knows…

  48. JAMES Says:

    Well said “SLED TRAMP” clubs aren’t for everyone but you never know until you have been around awhile, I always thought I wanted no part of it until I was around more and more, now 31yrs. later I still made the right choice to join the one I joined. HONOR AND RESPECT TO ALL

  49. swampy Says:

    Pissed Off, “Kurt the skirt” Sutter? LMAO! Man, you’ve got to let me borrow that.
    With the highest regards and respect,

  50. grumpy Says:

    is this for real,i know im laffing.

  51. Vinny Says:

    Hells Bells… will try to be in town that weekend. If I can’t I will donate.

    Sled Tramp… very well put. There’s lots of reasons these shows are bad for MC’s and bikers in general, but I hadn’t thought of it that way before. That said… there are also lots of guys like me out there as well… I want to be in an MC, but have enough respect and understanding to know that I have made choices in my life that preclude me from giving a club and my brothers enough of my time and energy to do it the right way (for me, it’s the work I do). When I retire or make a change that frees me up… I will prospect and earn it. Until then… I’ll keep going to the small rides and runs I enjoy and seeing/meeting the best people I’ve ever known or partied with.

  52. Hiitsmec Says:

    I’m reading all these comments and some(most) have made me laugh, so thanks for that, IT’S A FREAKIN’ TV SHOW! Entertainment MAN! So serious and seriously, MC clubs, it’s a way of life some people choose and a TV SHOW should not be taken offensively. If you choose that way of life, YOU are PART of SOMETHING bigger then YOURSELF and a TV show would not even be worth the attention some are giving. The brotherhood you speak of sounds like really good friends. Ya know, the ones you call at 3 am when you’re on the road and your vehicle(bike, truck or car) just won’t go and they come to help you out no matter how far! The United States of America is the most wonderful place on earth just for the freedoms we, the PEOPLE, have and the choices we CAN make! Thank you all for the entertainment and Blessed Be!

  53. Glenn S. Says:

    The job thing is a big one for me too, Vinny. I do industrial maintenance and engineering (welding, fabrication, electrical, designing machinary) and have been at my job for 12 years now. I like my co-workers and managers and they like me and accept me as I am. I don’t dread going to work. It pays me enough to have all I need and most of what I want. Most importantly, it pays me enough so that I won’t do shit to end up back in prison and I’m on my third “strike”. I recently tried to move to another state and found that employers were very interested in me because of my skill set, but then slammed the door in my face when they found out I am an ex-convict. I’ve been clean, sober, and basically law abiding for 15 years, but was more employable the day I got out of prison in 1995 than today. They NEVER mark the “debt to society” paid. So I lose this job, I probably won’t be able to get another one like it. I only know how to do one other thing, and that’s be a criminal. (I could probably be a paralegal, but I have no credentials).

    But the club life attracts me, for the reasons I’ve heard here. If I were 30, it would be a no brainer. At 53, I’ve learned to give major decisions the careful consideration they deserve. Probably the answer might be in one of the smaller support clubs than the dominate. I’ve decided to take this year and decide.

  54. sled tramp Says:

    At different levels or tiers are different responsibilties to one’s club and one’s self.Why did you buy a truck instead of a car,a Dodge rather than a Subaru? It make take you years to feel completely comfortable with the idea of prospecting and possibly, it may never feel right.By attending events like poker runs,fund raisers etc, the difference between clubs and member’s outlook will become apparent.We all have jobs.Most have families or at least family responsibilities in some way,some of us have women that live to be around club life and some members have to fight their way to the door to get to club life.Top tier clubs are just that.Club is life all else falls below to a great extent.Lower clubs are usually family/jobs first,do club stuff as much as possible,some even tend to be almost a hobby thing.We all need to vent our lives,you may play golf.I ride through traffic at 80 mph to be with my brothers in our sanctuary from life that we call a club house.I know when I walk in the door, I’m home,I’m accepted and I’m loved.Personally,I see a flyer for an event and I get stoked because it’s going to be something with my club family.I have friends in different clubs like we all do,it’s not an isolation mentality.One can move in a large social circle,biker and citizen,have a job and make sure little what’s my kid’s name has you at his birthday.Or you can live on your bike and put 25k on annually.
    Explore.All clubs are different,chapters/charters are, within their specific clubs, different.Members are people too and the greatest strength of members is a common denominator that we want to be there,we want to feel this way about our club brothers.How many “men” do you know that will walk over and REALLY hug another guy.That will drop anything and everything to get wherever they need to go to help a brother without hesitation 24/7.
    We all say,when I retire,when it’s right….I think personally, that life is what you make it.If it interests you, check it out while you can,otherwise there’ll always be something that can justify putting it off.

  55. Vinny Says:

    Sled… I hear you. You MAKE time if something’s important to you. I just happen to have one of “those jobs”. I move to a new city every 6 months or so… and rarely know where the next job will be. I’m effectively homeless… I live in a 5th wheel and keep a second bike in a storage place in So Cal to ride with friends when I’m “home”. I’ve had offers to prospect and be given special consideration for my job… just make a trip to Church or a ride every 6 weeks or so. But honestly… if I was patched in a club, I’d think that was wrong, so I won’t accept the offers. Benefit of my job is I’m well paid and will be able to retire early. Then I can go back to the life… full time. I’m comfortable with that trade off.

  56. wildwest08 Says:

    Dago Peckerwood,

    All the respects in the world for being righteous in punking the laughing dickwads out!! heard it through the grapevine and never laughed so hard in my life. I hope you elaborate when the smoke clears. It is a true disgusting testament to where our club culture “that we in true clubs earn the right to be a part of” is headed when shit bags like these are what the civilian population sees on their flat screens. I can think of a few of those chumps I wouldn’t mind socking up! I wish Sutter and the rest of those bloodsucking money mongers would have just stayed away……No real club would ever put their business on front street if they wanted any respect at all in our world. Respects to all who earn it. Good luck in your case! Respects to you and yours….

  57. Hawk Says:

    Who gives a shit? Where is the ride to? Where is the party at? Where is the good times? Everybody that is in an MC knows everyone that is in the mc’s. They Know who is real and who is fakin”. Over time , the truth comes out.
    As for people. They are known by reputation, over time.Some are hard to figure out. But over time they will be exposed. Takes 2-3 years. Sometimes 5. Watch long enough and you will see the true person.
    As for guy’s that have been around….. one in particular…. In bigger respectable clubs, for a long time… a friend of many….. go easy on them. They are not stupid individuals. Hell we all need to get paid. Which takes me to my next point.
    You got suits that are real and those that fake. You got cops, that are real and those that fake… etc. You got men that are locked up because these fakers call them outlaws. Outlaws to what? The fakers laws? The different between the patch that’s locked up and general population… is the patch never bought the bullshit. The ones still buying the bullshit are free. OR ARE THEY? 1 patch! O law.

  58. things that make you go hmm Says:


  59. 28yr ranger Says:

    i highly respect my diamond back friends , but its the diamond clubs that have ‘helped’ cause this wave of idiots putting on patches . to be in a diamond club one must be a financial asset , willing to kill fathers mothers etc or deal lbs of coke or run prostitution rings have no career turn your back on your blood relatives and basically put his freedom on the line EVERYDAY , for what , brotherhood? watching people i care about go to prison to never ride again or die . thats brotherhood ? not to me …. im highly trained at killing and will do in SPLIT second for a brother or family before myself , however it will be a justifiable situation , not because of a damn patch or color or selling drugs in my area . maybe i dont get it. but i do get this …. these rinky dink clubs popping up are only getting worse . and the way these slapdicks conduct themselves are watering down what the hard core badasses have fault and died for . good luck with the whole patch thing guys . i respect what you put on the line everyday , i cant do it . . . much love to some friends in the black in white nation in tulsa and much love some friends i have in the red and gold in san ant. . . .

  60. tough skin Says:

    Am i understanding this right rebel , that there is an angel allowing this laffing dildo show ? i called it at work , i said these guys had to be a ‘silent partner’ or something or they wouldnt be badassing on t.v. ….lmao , yelling at a guy for spewing club business while at the same time they are on national tv…. i sure hope that no one would allow/condone such a dumbass thing to happen as they have brothers that have died and went to prison in cases where these type dillweeds were the source of. Thats not my territory , but if anyone can pass a message to these smiling devils , have them make a run to kansas and be sure to invite the sidewinders here they’d make a perfect couple almost to the tee , 1.charter prez step down (after iron horseman chumped at the coc) a BIG drunk dumbass that THINKS he a badass , 3. the new prez quoted as wanting a hundred members ….so for any doubters out there … these born again tough punk bitch clubs are everywhere …and in kansas the gaywinders are allowed to exist only by the big boys here …. so i assume these clowns are allowed to exist because of the big boys in cali … ive never patched but have been brothers with 3 of the big 5 , and have run in the circles for 32 yrs but have kind of always wanted to deep inside , but now , these pig clubs and wannabe clubs have ruined it for me , ive taken ALL patches off the back of my vest cause i dont want to be mistaken for a dildo ….sidebar} big 5 should ally before big brother does you in …..

  61. Rebel Says:

    Dear tough skin,

    I don’t know the extent to which an Angel is “allowing” this laffing dildo show.

    Rusty Coones has appeared, to the best of my knowledge, in one episode. I believe the man is also trying to promote his band so that might explain his appearance right there. I have heard that he was somehow connected to the production company but as far as I can tell that is just speculation. So as far as I know the Angels or any one Angel are not responsible for this program.

    Yes I have noticed that it is a really stupid show. And, as far as I know the production company is most responsible for how stupid it is.


  62. Rebel Says:

    Dear 28yr ranger,

    Since I am lazy, and I am distracted today by yet another calamity in my fucking life, let me just throw out a little passage from the beginning of a book in progress called Framing Dave Burgess.

    “At the dawn of the third millennium in cyberpunk America men yearn for the vicarious experience of being motorcycle outlaws. Being a motorcycle outlaw is a way of being a man in the same way that being a Viking, a Knight, a Junker or a Samurai were ways of being a man. Motorcycle outlaws are ambassadors from a classic culture with numerous rules and taboos. At a time when Americans are nagged a hundred times a day about the terrible consequences that follow driving without a seatbelt, drinking too much, smoking tobacco, talking back and using “inappropriate” speech motorcycle outlaws still fight duels with Bowie knives. A professor of literature named Anita Arvast recently looked at this culture and concluded that “it is in some ways a highly complex culture of civil libertarians that is ironically paramilitary, although it is rarely depicted as such by the media or understood as such by the general public.”

    “Arvast is a little wrong. The motorcycle outlaw frontier is a Western movie that is thoroughly misunderstood by news media but increasingly exploited by entertainment media. Kurt Sutter who produces Sons of Anarchy, a television show about a motorcycle club that is intended to represent the Hells Angels, describes his interest in bikers as “vicarious badassary. I was a shy, fat kid and I always wanted brothers who would stick up for me.” Sutter’s show is very popular among young and middle-aged men. Several cable television conglomerates regularly include sordid and sensational documentaries about motorcycle outlaws in their programming. For at least the last 30 years, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has exploited the image of motorcycle outlaws to sell its bikes. American publishing has enriched and promoted fistfuls of writers to explain and comment on this culture. Most of these writers know only what policeman have told them. One of them, a former prosecutor and fledgling poet named Kerrie Droban, has sold books about the Hells Angels, the Pagans and the Vagos. Of her first book, Droban has said that her goal was to give readers ‘the vicarious experience of being a Hells Angel.’

    “More and more, Americans live their lives vicariously. They know their world, they experience war and sport, they comprehend their economy and their government mostly from mass media like cable television and the billion blossoms of the internet. In the last decade, they have begun to know life through video games which are computer simulations of life. The obvious problem with simulations of life is the same basic problem the earliest computer programmers discovered. They called this basic flaw GIGO which is an acronym for “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” Increasingly, citizens in all the first world nations have become like the mob in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave: People in chains, condemned to face a blank wall and informed by flickering shadows of reality. One small and minor result of this mass delusion is that almost everything everybody thinks and says about motorcycle outlaws is wrong.”

    Thanks for reading and commenting,

  63. Grumbler Says:

    Rebel – Rusty Coones is on twitter, and does have a connection with The Devils Ride:!/rustycoones

  64. Rebel Says:

    Dear Grumbler,

    I know he has appeared on the show. I know he has a music career to promote. I still don’t know that he makes any money from appearing on the show as opposed to just the publicity. Maybe he does. He just doesn’t have a credit. At least i don’t think he does. The credit would be like “Executive Producer Rusty Coones” or “Based on an Idea by Rusty Coones,” or something like that.


  65. Grumbler Says:

    Rebel – Not once has Rusty Coones, AFAIK, worn a cut during any of his televisioned appearances on the show. BTW, The Devils Ride is a hit…

    Yes, The Devils Ride is over-the-top and, at times, the Laffing Devils are ridiculous, but that is what is making them a hit for the Discovery Channel:

  66. Caretaker Says:

    The shows a hit… You gotta be shittin me…

    Caretaker 1%er

  67. Grumbler Says:

    Caretaker – It looks to be more of a minor hit with 1.03M viewers vs 2.99M viewers for Deadliest Catch. The biggest hit, which I watched, was the 3 part mini-series Hatfields & McCoys which got 13.13-14.29M viewers. Source:


  68. sherides Says:


    What did you think of the Hatfields and McCoys?

    That was definitely a brutal feud.

    Some things are still stuck in my brain (and not in a good way).

    In regards to the reality of Reality TV. In my opinion, Swamp People is about as real as it gets. Gators ain’t about to put up with “Fake”.
    I am still bummed about Mitchell’s passing.

  69. sled tramp Says:

    “What did you think of the Hatfields and McCoys?”
    I once married ,divorced,married again the same woman.The second wife shot me in the chest with a .357 (claiming accident).
    The Hatfields and McCoys have nothing on me…..
    I’ve known a direct descendent from both families.Male McCoy and female Hatfield.Both strong personalities,hard core individuals.
    And,if I do say so, she was extremely hot so that gives Hatfields an edge.(I need to uphold my standards you understand).

  70. things that make you go hmm Says:

    to 28yr ranger.. well said man ,very well said best of luck.

  71. Rebel Says:

    Dear Sled Tramp,

    We should talk ex-wives sometime. So yours actually shot you? Well mine had a .44 mag.


  72. sled tramp Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    I once worked a bridge job where a guy had been married for a couple years,divorced,a few years later remarried to another woman.For some reason the ex and his then current got along well and they all shared a social life.One day he returned home to find the second wife had moved in with the first wife in a girl-girl relationship.They ended up with the house he was paying off,both got alimony.He ended up living in a trailer under the bridge working 7/12’s without a penny to his name.
    Same job site-had two guys on my crew rooming together that shared the same ex wife.
    I guess one could say that there equally weird stories from the other side of the fence but I’m tellin’ ya’s….monastic life has it’s appeal.

  73. Stevo Says:

    My brother and I were discussing the fat Laffing Devil with the underbite last night. I was of the opinion that his name is short for Sandwich Man because he’s such a lardass. My brother insists his name is short for Sandbox Man because he’s full of shit. The truth must be out there!

  74. Doc Jones Says:

    OK…..I’ve had it!! I’m sick and tired of hearing about the Laffing Devils being scrap. My brother in law and I will be patching over from the largest bike club in the world…..the beloved and highly respected HOGS!! Think about it……giving up our HOG patches to become Laffing Devils!! We will not belong to a puny 1% club, we will be true 99% members of a true 99% club!! Don’t fuck with us, we be bad!!

    Just for the record, my favorite TV shows are Duck Dynasty and Swamp People.

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  75. Rebel Says:

    Dear Stevo,

    Yeah, that guy is kind of impressed with himself. His club should have called him Woof Woof.


  76. Rebel Says:

    Dear sledtramp,

    Monastic life has its appeal but I prefer to take my chances with women. Everybody knows how dangerous women can be but what are you going to do?


  77. Grumbler Says:

    sherides – I thought that the Hatfields & McCoys mini-series was very good and compelling, despite being being based more on a true story for dramatic license than historically accurate. It was a feud that lasted 28 years. Incidently, it was filmed in Romania.

    Am looking forward to the next mini-series, Vikings!, which chronicles the Norsemen as they fought their way through medieval times. It’ll debut in 2013.

  78. KK Says:

    Sled Tramp,Rebel,

    Why do bad decisions with woman make the best stories, damn.

    What do you guys have those hairy thick chests and old USA made vests on to absorb a .44 and .357, holy shit. More power to ya,lol. I found it annoying with the occasional verbal ear beatings (where ya been,club this ,club that) and the old frying pan on occasion at times with the ex. No real weapons per say ever aimed at me by her, lucky me.

    Paying alimony to both babes, odd shit thier. Did he at least bed both at the same time? I hope so.

    Sled, I couldn’t find the post(brain fried all week here) but I thought what you wrote about joining a club and what it holds was right on man. Enjoyed the post a great deal.


  79. Tooj Says:

    I’m hoping we have some sort of review if the LD’s show for the Schoolgirl Run today. Unfortunately, it sounds like the review would include how many folks they called the popo to arrest.

    Stuck in the middle of the country and couldn’t get there myself.

  80. Rebel Says:

    Dear KK,

    All women are crazy.


  81. pretjah Says:

    hey the boxing scene with sandman might have been corny and staged….but that dude is deadly accurate with an orange construction cone….i wonder how many takes they had to try to get it where he hit the van? B-)

  82. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Okay, this is really uncool.

    YYZ Skinhead

  83. dago619 Says:

    Vikingtrotter, if you have a problem in with DAGOland, stay the fuc# out! Kiss my flipped hat. We are not represented by LDmc.. We been here for a long time and ain’t changing for anyone. Been around the world and there is nothing that comes close to DAGO.

  84. dago619 Says:

    Hey toog , LDs never showed up today for the schoolgirl run. None of them even came in dark. Even if they did, my sights were on the tight asses and plaid skirts.

  85. bob Says:

    always borrow footage when you can.Now I get it:Sandman is Curly of the Three Stooges.

  86. Mike Says:

    What they are are sickly old men trying to relive there youth and earn there JD CARDS all over again. They are the laughing stock of bikers but at the same time make a comedy show.This comedy show which was only a SIX show season may or may not come back next year for six more but i really don’t think they will. There just a bonch of wimps and want to be tough guys..Which there far from that.

  87. Rebel Says:

    Dear Mike,

    I think the show will be back because it is making money.


  88. Tooj Says:

    dago619 said: “my sights were on the tight asses and plaid skirts”

    well played, man. i have it on good source that this is an event of many to enjoy when in dago.

  89. dago619 Says:

    The show sucks. They fuckd up bigtime. I doubt they will show their asses again. At least without a police escort.

  90. Vikingtrotter Says:

    You stay classy San Diego.

  91. around Says:

    what’s with this billy guy,
    i can’t believe he goes to Gypsies house with like 5 guys
    late at night!
    the man Gypsies is home with his wife and kids ,and this jerk billy the whatever? shows up!
    billy the want to be actor is lookig to be a tv star!should go through the nyc jail system.
    he would be washing under wear,

  92. Doc Jones Says:

    around……washing underwear is right up Billy’s alley!! The thing that gets me is that I keep watching this show. I keep thinking that something is going to break loose and I continue being disappointed.

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks, CA

  93. Rashomon Says:

    Maybe next year they can start another club called Piñata MC with a nice motto like “placere non meum patch” – shows like this will continue so long as people watch them and TV writers aren’t capable of an original thought.

    It’s a bloody sad state of affairs indeed.

  94. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    In case anyone is wondering where Disc…Sinister Mob got the “inspiration” for their patch: Beherit Black Metal patch

    YYZ Skinhead

  95. AMBER Says:

    its a made for t.v. show and not a good one. they are paid actors

  96. Doc Jones Says:

    YYZ Skinhead……I have no idea how you find out the things that you do but you continue to amaze me!! I’m at the point where I wonder what the next bit of information will be that you share. I really appreciate your input!!

    Doc Jones

    Fair Oaks CA.

  97. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Doc Jones,

    Happy to oblige. I love researching and reading in general, so when I see articles and threads on Rebel’s site I trail the info to find out more about them. I got the patch info from one of the Huliq threads about The Devil’s Ride. The bikers on Huliq detest the show as much as we in Rebel’s saloon detest it.

    I only wonder where Rebel gets all the obscure facts that he posts. I have learned a lot (and not only about bikers) from reading his articles and reading the replies. That sort of thing keeps me here. That and the camaraderie that comes from knowing people like you.

    Much respect.

    YYZ Skinhead

  98. HB Bound Says:

    Did anybody else notice pretty boy Billy’s pee pee swell to solid rock in Rusty’s presence. What a joke this youngster is. They turn on Gypsy and then that little intimidated dork wants his patches back. He’s an insecure little whiner. “Waahhh they won’t respect me if you’re around Gypsy.” I can’t believe these older members didn’t tell Jesse James’ employees (Billy, Sandman,Juice etc.) to go back to West Coast Choppers or wherever that guy is nowadays. I don’t have the heart to even get in to Snubz, that poor guy.
    When I was a little girl, I came home from school to bikes in the yard and guests sitting on towels, so they didn’t dirty my mom’s couches. These guys are too unscathed. That’s a rough life and the older guys look too polished.
    It has been drilled into my head to Keep My mouth Shut!! Never mention names and club names either. Every chance they get, they talk about how dangerous and well respected Rusty is. I’m sure they have probably had to edit out their slips and saying too much.
    When that Investigator was poking around due to Charles protecting the ol’ ladies the week before, what does the almighty PREZ Billy do?
    The idiot sends Charles out to take the PI’s picture and pics of his license plate. Way to throw him to the wolves!!! I know, let’s send the guy there trying to get info on, maybe the camara men can loan him their footage.
    Oh,one more thing, why are they worried about a leak? First of all, they are their own leak. Second of all, these fabricated bikers don’t do anything badass or illegal anyway. Okay, maybe a couple misdemeanors, fighting in public, drinking in public, making a mockery of real clubs, etc.
    Billy quit being such a wussy!!! You keep whining when Gypsy shows up places and don’t have control over shit. The reason I keep watching is to watch Gypsy drive Billy crazy. Also,to show my teenagers how not to behave and to never follow idiots like these. As far as Rusty goes, I can’t figure out why he is involved in this. There has got to be some major benefit for him. It’s funnier than shit watching them all kiss his ass though.
    Maybe he’s making bank being a consultant. What a good way to keep the real MC world undercover by steering Hollywood wrong. From what has been said, he is the only real person on this show.

  99. Grumbler Says:

    Discovery Channel oughta have the Laffing Devils patches velroced on to expediate a scripted patch pulling par-tay next season. I kill myself. They should added to the list:

  100. Screwdriver Says:


  101. Screwdriver Says:


  102. Muck 1%er Says:

    I couldn’t give a shit less personally about what happened to Billy, or the laffin dildoes either for that matter. They are a disgrace to ANY real mc in my personal opinion. As for Rusty…I’m sure he has his reasons for doin what he does and I don’t consider it any of my biz, so I wont be callin him. Thanks for the info.

  103. AMBER Says:


  104. 10guage Says:

    FAKE and disgusting…I watched the last episode and the timeline didn’t make any sense. So he turned his shit in but won’t give up fuckin paperwork? Nevermind how fake it is it is just poorly written and hard to follow. Most of these reality shows are just fake bullshit like all of those fake repo shows. Now we have a wrastlin promoter giving the world his take on club life…WTF? not to mention listening to their ol ladies bitching….what a fucking embarrassment…And that little midget nerd stubs Is a joke. No wonder he rides a caddy cage he can’t reach the ground. There is no way this show will come back. No way.

  105. Budweiser Says:

    Screwdriver- What happened to Billy?

  106. Anon Says:

    I think Charlie Hunnam played a gay kid in his last gig. I guess gays can be tough. But in general a gay kid from Newcastle is still not in my book as the toughest around.

    The part about support club for another club. Is Sutter saying the Laffing Devils is associated with the Hells Angles? Good reason to back track…

  107. Screwdriver Says:


  108. Muck 1%er Says:

    Well Screwdriver,

    I could swear that you are in the know well enough to be an insider with the laffin dildoes. Or am I wrong?

  109. Muck 1%er Says:

    Fuckin auto fill bullshit. The word broham was absolutely not sposed to be in there

  110. Fuck Respect Says:

    This is the gayest show on television. There is altogether too much hugging and they need to stop saying “brotherhood” every other word. And the red Chuck Taylors. Just a bunch of queers on wheels.

    And founding fag Gypsy has ruined a perfectly good Electraglide with those ridiculous apehangers and the suicide shifter. Someone needs to rip those earrings out of his ears because they scream “I’ve never been in a fight.”

  111. neverwaz Says:

    From sled tramp:

    “At different levels or tiers are different responsibilties to one’s club and one’s self.Why did you buy a truck instead of a car,a Dodge rather than a Subaru? It make take you years to feel completely comfortable with the idea of prospecting and possibly, it may never feel right.By attending events like poker runs,fund raisers etc, the difference between clubs and member’s outlook will become apparent.We all have jobs.Most have families or at least family responsibilities in some way,some of us have women that live to be around club life and some members have to fight their way to the door to get to club life.Top tier clubs are just that.Club is life all else falls below to a great extent.Lower clubs are usually family/jobs first,do club stuff as much as possible,some even tend to be almost a hobby thing.We all need to vent our lives,you may play golf.I ride through traffic at 80 mph to be with my brothers in our sanctuary from life that we call a club house.I know when I walk in the door, I’m home,I’m accepted and I’m loved.Personally,I see a flyer for an event and I get stoked because it’s going to be something with my club family.I have friends in different clubs like we all do,it’s not an isolation mentality.One can move in a large social circle,biker and citizen,have a job and make sure little what’s my kid’s name has you at his birthday.Or you can live on your bike and put 25k on annually.
    Explore.All clubs are different,chapters/charters are, within their specific clubs, different.Members are people too and the greatest strength of members is a common denominator that we want to be there,we want to feel this way about our club brothers.How many “men” do you know that will walk over and REALLY hug another guy.That will drop anything and everything to get wherever they need to go to help a brother without hesitation 24/7.
    We all say,when I retire,when it’s right….I think personally, that life is what you make it.If it interests you, check it out while you can,otherwise there’ll always be something that can justify putting it off.”

    sled tramp – much thanks for putting these insightful posts out there for us motorcycle enthusiasts that aren’t part of the club scene but who might be thinking they could get more out of life in a club. In Ventura we have it all – Dominant, support and a family club. I’m not sure exactly where I might fit in but this post gave me a clearer perspective on the prospect of club life.
    I managed to find something useful in one of these LDMC posts and I thank you for it!

  112. Screwdriver Says:

    Peckerwoods MC Help a Brother Out!
    Go to website, enter and go to shop online. You will find a donation button.
    Thanks for your Support!

  113. hardonforfakes Says:

    What really sucks besides the Pecker Suckers is how many “real” clubs are springing up. The Bitches of Anarchy, Grinning Devils, Pecker Suckers, and others. What I’m reading is trouble brewing between these “clubs”. Get your spud guns and kill, kill. kill.

  114. Rebel Says:

    Dear hardonforfakes,

    Your comment is a little provocative so I had to look to see if you were a cop. As it turns out, I know the greater Westcliffe-Silver Cliff metropolitan area a little so I guess you are okay. Gorgeous country. There used to be a bar near there that I liked. So you know, the Peckerwoods are a real club in Dago and they have been around for awhile. If you have a problem with them, that is none of my business but they are not a fake club. The Sons of Anarchy is totally fictional. The Laffing Devils seem to aspire to be fictional.


  115. Screwdriver Says:


  116. butch Says:

    this laffing devil mc,ever heard of these punks club would never put that business on the street.its bullshit and they’re punks and old men trying REALLY hard to be tough guys.a club that has moves to make ,wouldnt go on a show,so i guess these guys just get together in they’re leathers and lube up and spank each other.cuz they arent making any money

  117. butch Says:


  118. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to butch….

    The laffing devils “club” is done and old news. They sold their souls and the payoff wasn’t what they expected. Another case of Action… Reaction.

  119. RLG Says:

    Just a comment, I used to see Gypsy fly his colors in Dago before the TV show deal started, and long long before they filmed it.

  120. Grumbler Says:

    Heard that there’s a Laffing Devils cut hanging upside down in the SOA clubhouse. =BO)

  121. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to RLG
    August 12th, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    “Just a comment, I used to see Gypsy fly his colors in Dago before the TV show deal started, and long long before they filmed it.”

    That is true. They would hold events and participate in other clubs events. They were respected at one time. That was then and this is now. Greed and ego took over and all that “was” now is lost.

  122. ghost Says:

    the laffing dildos should replace their “mc” cube with a “tv” cube!!!

  123. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to butch ….

    “old men trying…”
    “i have ben riding for years….”

    So butch, how old are you? They (LD’s) are a bunch of youngsters.

    By your definition of them and your grammar, I question if you are even old enough to have a license.

  124. I want to live free Says:

  125. Texasguppie Says:

    It’s all entertaining. I ride with a real MC, one of the oldest in my state.
    My issue is with bashing my “flipped up hat!”…I’m bald and I ride in a state where the sun shines BRIGHT AND HOT nearly every single day, I simply don’t want my head looking like someone poured a bag of potato chips on it!
    I wear a ball cap backwards with the brim “curled” up, not “flipped” up…if I didnt do this the brim would hit the collar of my cut and not stay on my head.
    What makes me a “Biker” is what lives in my heart, my dying loyalty to my club, the willingness to stand next to or in front of my Brothers when the “shit hits the fan” and to ride to spots other than to Denny’s for breakfast on a Sunday morning, then park my scoot in the garage for a week.
    “The Devil’s Ride” and “SOA?” simply entertainment.

  126. VC Says:

    For those of us who have actually lived the life, watching both SOA and Dipshits Ride can be amusing and entertaining at best. I still find it it more appealing than watching 1 of the 10,000 Super Cop dramas the networks seem to be stuck generating every season. I just can’t seem to understand why Sutter would believe having several patch holders on his payroll would entitle him to voice an opinion on anything that transpires in the MC world. It doesn’t Kurt . Tread lightlly before someone teaches you some manners

  127. A. Smith Says:

    This is off topic though relevant at this moment.
    Kurt, In his mind, Rightly so, went off on Fox news. Since his comment bar is no longer allowed to the unwashed masses. I made a blog of my own, to vent back on people that no longer allow comments to there blogs.

    Here is my vent to his vent.

    In resonse to Kurt Sutter Sutterink about News Programs
    Could not Comment on your Sutterink blog. So i made a blog of my own to comment. Thanks for the idea.

    Will start this off with.
    Dig your work, you got a good thing going with the show. Grab that fucker by the tail and swing it around for all it’s worth.

    Now for the rest.
    As a watcher of all that i deem worth looking at, which means not too much. (“Your fine show is one i do like.”) Find me being more of an internet listener, not a talker.

    I’ll be a talker for once.

    There is no win anymore in Politics, be it left, right, or center.
    Our future is now a pre determined Fuckshoot, and we are just passengers on the big ride down.
    We are given the illusion of having choices, (This Over-Educated Apologetic Fuck-Up or that one.) (This power hungry prick or his wife, or if we are real unlucky, Both.)

    This country runs on money generated a long, long time ago, both close and far away. Now we are beholding to the ones that hold the purse strings Be it Presidents or Prostitutes.
    We all have someone above us holding the purse strings.
    “Or Puppet strings if you prefer.”

    If you own anything you pay tax on it. You have a kid you’re taxed, you die no problem! we’ll Tax that ass. Oh and, If you wipe your ass, you’ll pay for the seeds to plant the Corn Cobb, and Tax. Or the for the trees cut to make the paper, and Tax.
    Yes there are lot’s of monotonous pointy headed drones that plod thru life getting there ten minutes worth of the world, on some “Self Serving News Channel.” Take your pick, there are lot’s to choose from.

    They-> “The Sheeples” stand around the, (Insert your object of choice here) “Pun intended”. and talk about whatever their fav. News Channel spouts off as if it all is true. Thing is, the drones just accept it. Saying things like “FML, so what am I supposed to do about it”
    Then they bend over and take it up the ass like always. That’s the norm.
    From a land that spouts off so much about so many freedoms. How free do you feel when yourself has to preface an article like this with a “Disclaimer” about what you are “about” to say?

    The issue is, in “our” country
    the pointy headed drones, have to go through life, trying not to offend/piss off anyone. Those of us that do not care, if we offend are called, “Non Politically Correct” In my case an “Outlaw”. Subject to looks of disdain, or in the case of law enforcement, referred to as a “Scumbag”
    Am sure you’ve seen the downcast looks yourself, more then a few times.

    I’ll take that as a badge of Honor and being a “True American!”
    Would not matter if i where Red, Blue, or Red, White, and Blue for that matter.

    The only way we are going to be free is (in my humble fucking opinion). Would not take much. Spare meteorite, Big Bombs, Giant Solar flare, Attack of the 40 foot tall pissed off Bitch, UFO attack? Our own Government? It’s all out there. Everyone says it is. Would not take much. About 12 hours, from any of these. “Except The 40 Foot Bitch. She would have to stop and tell you why she is doing it first!”

    Seems to me when you look at it like that. The whole political thing does not matter much anymore.

    Let me ask you like this.
    The bank robbers that threw out all that money, while being car chased this morning?

    Were they Republicans or Democrats?

    Thanks for letting me vent, to your vent.
    Keep up the good work!

    Sorry for any misspellings and or bad punctuation, I’m a listener not a writer.

  128. flint michigan Says:

    All publicity and limelight from the media (print,web,television,etc.) to the motorcycle club world and bikers in general whether good or bad is is going to turn out shitty for all of us. Its.already happening. Stupid showsake citizens look at bikers as tards. Media attention and gangland type shows is just bad period for patch holders wanting to live the lifestlye and not work a “normal” job to support it. (you fuckers know what iam talking about) and posting more than once on this fuct up thread by used up ole bikers is lame. Id rather smoke a doob ride my bike and play.grabass with a whore. Fuck this web shit. I liked it much better in the 70’s & 80’s when we were very few very drunk and high completely psychotic fucked anything that moved and.rode motorcycles. And the only media was a stack of easyriders by my toilet. The citizens hated us and were.scared and we didnt care. So ur all fuking gay. Throw your internet away and ride yer bike witb yer bros.and.fuck some whores. U lame gild

  129. flint michigan Says:

    All publicity and limelight from the media (print,web,television,etc.) to the motorcycle club world and bikers in general whether good or bad is is going to turn out shitty for all of us. Its.already happening. Stupid showsake citizens look at bikers as tards. Media attention and gangland type shows is just bad period for patch holders wanting to live the lifestlye and not work a “normal” job to support it. (you fuckers know what iam talking about) and posting more than once on this fuct up thread by used up ole bikers is lame. Id rather smoke a doob ride my bike and play.grabass with a whore. Fuck this web shit. I liked it much better in the 70’s & 80’s when we were very few very drunk and high completely psychotic fucked anything that moved and.rode motorcycles. And the only media was a stack of easyriders buy my toilet. The citizens hated Use and were.scared and we didnt care. So ur all fuking gay. Throw your internet away and Ride yer bike witb yer bros.and.fuck some whores. U lame fuks

  130. Base Says:

    @flint michigan

    Trolling is an ugly thing.

  131. KK Says:

    flint: We still think your very drunk & high & completely psychotic.

    I don’t know if were all gay, but, your the one who said you fucked anything that moved.

    Take your own advice throw your internet away. NOW.


  132. Jim666 Says:

    That was good KK

  133. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    “…posting more than once on this fuct up thread by used up ole bikers is lame.” In a double post.

    YYZ Skinhead

  134. KK Says:

    Jim666: Damn these trolls huh? Hey I no we have different patched members out here and many who support different patches in all kinda clubs, that being said, I wish you the very best in all the bs you are going thru.

    I hate seeing anyone getting jammed up. I got kinda lost where it was being discussed before so hopefully you see it here.


  135. Jim666 Says:

    @ KK thank you, I feel the same way, we all have one common enemy,
    more attention should be put in that direction


  136. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Jim666, KK:

    Wouldn’t it be great if the entire country figured that out, especially during election month?

    YYZ Skinhead

  137. Glenn S. Says:

    Ah, the election. Don’t think I have a dog in that fight. Reverting to my default position of Fuck the Government, it does far more harm than good. The best and the brightest are not interested in running a pig circus, so we’re left with the guy that signed NDAA or the combination of Richie Rich and Gordon Gekko, along with his severely entitled stay-at-home cunt of a wife that I really don’t want to see on the TV for the next 4 years. Neither one will make the country freer. One believes freedom begins and ends with the markets, the other believes freedom belongs to everybody but, well, people like us. With today’s dumbed down voting citizenry of frightened whiners, we’d do better choosing a leader by lottery, or single combat.

  138. monkey stomper Says:

    both shows suck no truth to real life bejnv a biker patch holder but this is america and free speach but smart people just let this shit go by on the iwannabeabikersuttertrain flip up my hat u look like a little rascal you goof get a live the laff is on you billy get a lifr back at the gas station

  139. andrew Says:

    Seems to me that sons of anarchy have more pull if they can get sonny barger and other hells angels to appear on their show

  140. andrew Says:

    Seems to me that sons of anarchy have more pull if they can get sonny barger and other hells angels to appear on their show. I am born and raised in san Diego and have never seen these laughing dorks. Their fake and their ex leader is a molester

  141. Mike Says:

    I’ve been watching the Devils Ride on the Discovery channel. I don’t the lifestyle, so that’s why im posting this question. Between those 2 clubs, why are they fighting? I can understand about the “colors” , but why do they get pissed when one is in the others territory? What is the disrespect about being in the same town as the other? They don’t have to hang out , don’t have to talk. I’m only trying to understand it.

  142. Rebel Says:

    Dear Mike,

    The show is a work of fiction.


  143. Real Says:

    This is do fake. It’s championship wrestling fake and you all have bought this hook, line and sinker. Santa Claus, tooth fairy, Easter bunny and the great pumpkin.

  144. thor Says:

    This show is a fuckin joke!!!!! Only the HA’s would ever support this shit!!! Ain’t dat right MikeP

  145. Odie Says:

    I’m I the only person that noticed the cuts these guys wear are all completly bright and clean? Would’nt they be dingy and faded{excecpt prospects} Do you think they are really 2nd tier Sag actors? One more thing, whats with all the full face helmets?

  146. noname Says:

    Just thinking after reading about 3 of these posts on this retarded thread about really dumb television that your all a bunch of fake ass wanna be bikers with way too much time on yer hands. Go ride yer sleds or hang in the garage and drink some beer. Conduct yerselvs like real bikers. Fukin lame asses. Every damn one of you. Take yer computers and turn em off and tape an easyriders centerfold over the monitor. Douchebags!!!!

  147. Phuquehed Says:

    You were “Just thinking”? You should give up on that, you’re no good at it.

  148. Base Says:


    A narrow view of the world is never a good thing.

  149. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    @no name

    Obvious Troll is obvious.

    Get back under your bridge, until your IQ approaches at least room temperature.

  150. Frequent Flyer Says:

    I was trying to put my finger on it, but it finally came to me—

    The Laffing Dildos center patch logo is the old Atlanta Braves mascot (the screaming Indian with a Mohawk) or is the brown acid starting to kick in?

  151. 3percenter Says:

    Who is this New Fuzzy dipshit supposed to be with. He’s supposed to be so connected that he can’t even collect a payment from a guy on his own that he needs the Sister Mob.

  152. DagoSSkin Says:


    The fact you don’t know who Fuzzy is confirms your status as a #1 dumbass of the year…He is a Dirty Thirty member of the Hells Angels Dago so show some Respect fuckface…

  153. jj solari Says:

    i was watching the sutter video. or trying to. i think i crapped out after 45 seconds to a minute and a half, advancing the thing from time to time and never getting any relief from the tedium. i am convinced i was watching someone trying to do what they were convinced was a great impression of christian bale. i was so numbed by the performance, and not in a good way, that my eyes kept distracting my dozing-off consciousness by darting around the room. the tattoos are ridiculous. its like someone went into a shop and said “I would like the ‘manly’ assortment, please? something maybe Maiori-ish perhaps? Ya know, things that have no meaning for me personally but look really sort of fearsome and warrior-like? or something?” . i am aware that he is very wealthy and famous. so is barack obama. none of that will stop me from critiquing barack obama. on the other hand mr sutter will never threaten me with jail if i dont obey him. so he certainly has that going for him. as i type this i am wondering and asking myself if there is any way in hell i will be able to just watch the entire video presentation. i suspect there is not. i was actually squirming with discomfort at the little bit i did observe. i have never seen anyone be so strangely droningly intense. its like he was SO WOUND-UP with nothing to say that he was unable to chain-down his inner strange excitement about it. maybe it was the “bronson” thing: “i am so frustratingly wired-up about life on this idiot planet that its all i can do to keep from exploding.” maybe thats it: he is trying not to explode.i suspect that exploding for him would be falling asleep: something the rest of us can do without writhing with frustration about it. we just fall asleep. if only he had managed to succeed at that at about Minute Two of the video. It would have been a lot less stressful to watch.

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