Are The Vagos Next

May 23, 2012

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The Department of Justice may be about to drop the hammer on the Vagos Motorcycle Club. The Feds have already begun a concerted effort to poison the jury pool in Los Angeles.

The smoking gun is a report on the Fox television affiliate in LA that aired Sunday night. The ATF maintains cordial relations with various News Corporation subsidiaries including the Fox Television Network. The propaganda piece was reported by Peabody Award winner Chris Blatchford. Blatchford has previously reported on the so-called Mexican Mafia and the Mongols Motorcycle Club for Fox.

The report was titled “The Green Nation is on a mission to replace the Hells Angels as the Baddest (sic) outlaw biker gang.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has enjoyed its greatest successes in Los Angeles in its ongoing war on motorcycle clubs. The ATF agents with the greatest expertise about bikers are in Los Angeles. They include John Ciccone, Darrin Kozlowski and John Carr. All three of those men have participated in multiple investigations of the Vagos during the last 15 years.

During the last two years the ATF has hidden behind local and state police in California, Arizona and Nevada in investigations of the Vagos. There is currently an ongoing federal investigation of the club. There have been numerous, significant indications that the current investigation began as early as 2008. At present, at least two former Vagos, Jacob Cancelli and Stuart Gary Rudnick appear to be cooperating with federal officials.

Blatchford’s Hatchet Job

Blatchford begins his report with video of a large pack of Vagos and the voice over narration: “Outlaw bikers. Three hundred deep. Rumbling down a freeway in Nevada like they own it. Blocking off other traffic. Running a series of red lights with total disregard for the law. All, are members of the Vagos outlaw motorcycle club also known as The Green Nation.” The report goes on to characterize the Vagos as “A ruthless criminal motorcycle gang that has been terrorizing our community for years if not decades.”

A “former Vago now dead told Fox 11 News he was good for at least three murders himself.” The former Vago, whose identity is concealed (photo above), is interviewed at length in the report. “I left a lot of victims in my wake,” he brags. “I shot a guy one time because he wanted to quit. I said, okay, here you go, BAM! I shot him. Now you quit. That’s like that, you know. That’s, that’s Billy the Kid stuff, ya know. These guys are, they’re treacherous. They’re not regular people. What’s inside of ‘em, most of ‘em, is kinda dark. They ain’t got no feelings. It’s not about nobody else or nothing.” The anonymous turncoat makes the RICO argument that the club is a for-profit racket. “What they’re about is the money, the money and the money. And, they don’t care how they make it.”

Blatchford quotes Ciccone like this: “Law enforcement intelligence sources tell us what the Vagos want to get now is more territory and clout. That’s taking them into Hells Angels turf and what they’re getting and giving is a fresh trail of blood.”

In addition to a disregard of traffic laws, psychopathy and racketeering Blatchford accuses the Vagos of sexism. He explains footage of women riding on the backs of bikes with, “Even their own women, as you can see spelled out on the back of their jackets, are branded property of the Vago who owns them.”

Charles Falco

Blatchford also interviews “Charles Falco who infiltrated the Vagos for two and a half years.” The informant is the subject of a book titled Inside Out: My Life Undercover with the Vagos by emerging biker authority Kerrie Droban.

Droban has previously published books about the Hells Angels, Running With The Devil: The True Story of the ATF’s Infiltration of the Hells Angels, and the Pagans MC, Prodigal Father, Pagan Son: Growing Up Inside the Dangerous World of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. Former ATF undercover agent Jay Dobyns, who is the hero of Running With The Devil described Droban as “someone with no access to the biker world” who “relied exclusively on her interpretation of public documents.” A movie based on Droban’s book about the Angels is in pre-production.

Droban’s book about the Vagos was sold to Thomas Dunne, an imprint of MacMillan Publishing, last November for an undisclosed sum. It will be edited by Rob Kirkpatrick. Droban’s literary agent, Jill Marsal, politely declined a request to comment on Droban’s book for this story.



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27 Responses to “Are The Vagos Next”

  1. Dale Sinclair Says:

    Most of y’all have got it right, the gov is a giant giant gang with more resources than anybody can match ,they do anything they want and if you don’t have the money to match them ( and who does) if you do then you’re broke when it’s over . It’s not just about race either, it’s got to do with class and poverty. When I went to prison I was still white but I was also poor. We don’t count as equal. I wish all off the MCs would see the light and stand together against the real enemy and I know a few have tried but we all got to stay the course or they will always do what they always have . If they can’t get you with what they have then they make up something for it , like RICO to get the Mafia, which was wrong but know they use it against everything else now , the Patriot act was for terrorist, they played on people’s fears , people gave up their rights for safety. But it was never meant to be that way , we should be free and safe but now we need to be safe from the powers that be . We will never have what we were promised again unless we stand as one ,quit fighting amongst ourselves, and stand up together for the rights we were promised. We don’t have to go about it with violence because there are enough of us and we have what they all want , they all want the power from the people, together we have that but to get it from us they would have to change the way they act . And they would eventually. , they are hungry for that power.

  2. Bob in K. C Says:

    There is not a bigger bunch of club members than our own so called federal government. Band together brothers or we ALL doomed

  3. Ditch witch Says:

    True true true! But, the brain dead sheeple fail to see it.

  4. slapstick Says:

    The fix.
    Germany switched currency
    Started all new banks
    ran the jewlry bankers out.
    Made all imports use German money.
    The economy boomed.
    The Jewish control in Russia ” England and USA started ww2
    The world domination is Jewish they are your problem

  5. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    After that went viral the congressman’s office issued a statement that he meant that as a rhetorical device. Then they issued a statement saying that he was having a reaction to his meds. I think he is just a moron.

    You have to give that Admiral credit for professionalism though. I’m afraid I would have choked on my laughter.

  6. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Oh lord! thagt video is hilarious……If I was Admiral. I would have said, “Congressman, Guam is an island and not a boat. Are you on any medication right now? I say that because you speak like you are not sober”……Then I would get up give two thumbs up and collect my discharge papers and go to Disneyland.

  7. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    Not just the justice system, but the whole government. Every time I start to have faith in our representatives, I watch this and then come to my senses once again.

    Talk about stupid people taking over…

  8. Glenn S. Says:

    RVN69, No honest, informed, reasonably intelligent, and open minded person could do anything but charactize the “justice” system cynically and pessimistically. The fact that anybody smart enough to wipe his or her ass without getting shit all over their hands would think differently is too much to wrap my mind around. Its like some surreal, Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole alternate reality that proves beyong doubt that the stupid people are taking over the gene pool. And it keeps getting worse.

  9. RVN69 Says:

    Always happy to share my cynical, pessimistic attitude about our justice system and government.

    “Sometimes the majority just means all the fools are on the same side.”

  10. justintime Says:

    dont you think that the major clubs live and ride now more legit than ever before im in a club ,a top bill club and im more safe and prepared than ever.we always think were gonna get hit.hit people in the pocket and they wont be able to ride. cases are expensive bail is outrages.but i know america isnt free anymore . all we wanna ride and party with righteous isnt organized crime. we all have jobs.familys, kids,what happened to freedom of assotiation and freedom of assembly….

  11. Glenn S. Says:

    To often, the lawyers are overworked, taking or being assigned too many cases to give each one the attention it deserves. Or they plain don’t give a shit, or they’ve figured out just how much a client can afford and it isn’t enough to merit 100% of the lawyer’s time and effort. Those who might get into the legal profession for honorable reasons and to fight and win the good fight are often themselves convicted felons and are barred from the profession in most jurisdictions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when I helped my fellow prisoners with their appeals, the most glaringly obvious grounds for post-conviction relief was “ineffective assistance of councel” 95% of the time. Less affluent or middle income defendants cannot hope to match the resources of the prosecution, and that tends to manifest in areas like jury selection and expert witness testimony, two areas that are important, but difficult to use as grounds for appeal. Yet the media reports every instance of a wealthy celebrity defendant beating the case as if the defendant bought justice with the aid of corrupt and sneakily clever lawyers. Jury pools are heavily influenced by this, and tend to believe that the prosecution is made up of noble crime warriors while defense attorneys are just a bunch of educated criminals. Popular entertainment reinforces this with TV shows like Law and Order, CSI, ad nauseam. And the sheep, who believe government is too inept to fix health care and are aware that, despite the government’s best “intelligence”, it was wrong when it said that Saddam Hussain had WMDs, cling to the belief that law enforcement is always honorable and right.

    The stupidity is too ingrained in the culture.

  12. Junior Says:

    RVN 69:
    You are probably right, when push comes to shove, the masses will probably “default” in favor of Govt. Thanks for the reminder. -Junior

  13. sherides Says:

    Last October I served on the Jury of a Road Rage Case. (I volunteered to be the Foreperson).

    RVN69 and Shyster are 100% correct. Most Americans have blind faith that the Govt is always right.

    One of the arguments in the case was over the prosecuter wanting to put the Police report into evidence, the Judge shot that down as the report being “heresay”.

    One of my fellow jurors (whose Son in Law was a cop), needed to have it explained to him why this was. Apparently, he had never read a police report before. We then explained how most reports are embellished or flat out lies. Some of the best fiction you’ll ever read. It was like we just told him that Santa and the Easter Bunny weren’t real.

    I had to keep repeating to the other 11 people in the room, the Prosecuter has not proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, over and over again. If you think he has, you need to explain to me why you think that.

    We did find the Defendant Not Guilty.

    Odds are that if the people on the jury have had no exposure to law enforcement and this country’s court system, they will assume that the government/Prosecuter are correct.

    As one lady in the jury pool put it, “if he’s being accused, he must be guilty of something” Most people think like this. (she was dismissed).

    I think the jury selection process is a very important part of a trial.

  14. Shyster Says:


    You are 100% correct. Trust me on this one. FE.


  15. RVN69 Says:

    You got way more faith in your fellow man than I. I know they all bitch and moan about the goverment around the bar or whereever, but when push comes to shove they still believe down in their whining little hearts that the government know best.

    But that is just me.

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”

  16. Junior Says:

    Or a jury thats sick of big government. From my p.o.v. that wont be too hard, more and more people are getting sick of big brother.I’d say the chances are about 50/50 -Junior

  17. RVN69 Says:

    Big V, Thanks for that post.

    The absolute egotism of Cuntcione would be in keeping with this turn of events. Broadcast to the club that you intend to bust them, that you will use the same game plan you have used effectively against other clubs and let them know that there is nothing they can do about it.

    Fuck the ATF and all the other Alphabet agencies.

    Junior, the problem with your theory is that first you would have to get a judge or jury that actually gave a shit that a bunch of bikers were getting their rights violated.

    “I am not an angel, not am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”

  18. Junior Says:

    If this pattern is so then some are being deprived of Constitutional rights such as right to a fair impartial trial, & others i’d think. I’d really like to see a club or person put an end to this. – Junior

  19. Shyster Says:


    I don’t see any Federal Lawsuit on these facts surviving a motion to dismiss by the fucking Government. But then again, what do I know. ;-)


  20. Junior Says:

    Any Vago: Mention this pattern of media stories occuring just before club/biker trials to your lawyer. Also, have the club run this by a deprivation of rights lawyer. I hope you vagos can be the first to kick their fucking teeth in & prove this shit on the record. FTF FTG – Junior

  21. Junior Says:

    Shyster: weigh in here: If one can prove the gov attempt to taint all jurors in the LA area (e.g. establish a gov pattern with videos of these news stories & corresponding trial records soon afterwards), isnt that a pretty good deprivation of rights suit? …42usc1983 or sumthing close i think.

  22. USMVMC Hacker Says:

    “We live in a police state where the slightest deviation from the mean values of being a vapid, empty, stuff-chasing, average sheep will land you in jail. If you are a dissident voice in Amurika your are guaranteed to be fodder for any of our nation’s several million strong beds in our lovely for-profit people warehouses that are now part of multi-billion dollar prison state that we taxpayers happily and ignorantly maintain for the rich oligarchs that now run the world we live in.

    Cliff Notes: We’re Fucked. End of Story.”

    Quoted for truth. Corporate and political greed coupled with rampant consumerism and the general publics ignorance and apathy have fucked this country.

    Well said BigV.

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear Phuquehed,

    I was surprised it was Blatchford. I don’t think the guy is Edward R. Murrow but in the past he has appeared to have good sources in La Eme, he had some rapport with Doc Cavazos, he claims to have arranged a peace pow-wow between the two groups and he has been very polite to me. And, he has that nice Peabody Award.

    It sure looks to me ike the ATF is behind this hatchet job. I know it is sweeps month for television ratings so I understand why Fox in el lay is running a sensational story about the Vagos. (My favorite part of the story was the big pack moving onto the freeway as a pack exemplifying the club’s contempt for traffic laws. How else do you move a big pack onto a freeway?) What I think is interesting is that the subject of biker authority Kerrie Droban’s book should pop up in Blatchford’s piece.

    I know I am a paranoid guy but that is objectively just a little too much synergy to be pure coincidence. So I thought I should maybe mention it out loud.


  24. Glenn S. Says:

    Big V said: “We live in a police state where the slightest deviation from the mean values of being a vapid, empty, stuff-chasing, average sheep will land you in jail. If you are a dissident voice in Amurika your are guaranteed to be fodder for any of our nation’s several million strong beds in our lovely for-profit people warehouses that are now part of multi-billion dollar prison state that we taxpayers happily and ignorantly maintain for the rich oligarchs that now run the world we live in.”

    Couldn’t have said it better. And the very character traits that made America strong and special are being progressively criminalized, especially if men with those traits band together in love and brotherhood. The latest generations are not raised to be strong and smart, but to obey. They say we’re free because we can vote for anybody we like (unless we’ve broken one of the ever-increasing number of laws in most states) but who to vote for? I don’t see anybody running for any office that actually supports freedom in its original meaning. And even if someone came along that did support freedom, how would we know? The media can’t be believed. Yeah, we are fucked. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that it will get better in my lifetime.

    To digress, Big V, I was riding home from work last night about midnight. Saw at least 35 Greenville County sheriff’s marked cars in and around the parking lot of the BP at 85 and 276. That’s probably about 75% of all Greenville County deputies on duty at any given time. Which means either something big went down last night or some cop got himself killed.

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    Yeah, right…we’re supposed to believe a “former Vago” was speaking anonymously. It could have been *anyone* blacked-out talking, and they *way* that person is talking – ‘they this’, ‘they that’ – sounds *exactly* like what some alphabet soup cunt would have the Fox people let them say. He’s talking about ‘them’ instead of ‘we’, like when he was, supposedly, in the club.

    Such bullshit.

    Fucking cunts like that Blatchford bitch who suddenly out of nowhere know all about bike clubs. I bet he doesn’t bitch like a little girl at recess being chased by some boys when a pig funeral goes down the street and everyone pulls over to wait for it to pass and it’s 5 miles long and takes a half a fucking hour!

    Fuck you Blatchford, you ignorant, lying, stinking cunt. Fuck you alphabet soup pussies who’d rather be fucking with children and scaring them than doing anything good for this country!

  26. BigV Says:

    History for People Who Do Know What Irishpunk is Speaking About:
    The ATF did this with the Outlaws a couple times: the archival footage that Gangland uses of younger Chris Bayless(shot somewhere around Columbus GA when he was attempting to get over on the Iron Cross- unsuccessfully I might add) was a precursor to the RICO’s that eventually destroyed a number of lives in close succession.

    They then telegraphed that their intentions to doing the Angels, trying about everything they could to fuck with the San Diego, Sonoma, and Orange County chapters, before fabricating crimes against former Angel George Christie and his entire family culminating with the past three years of intense persecution against the club.

    In ’96-’98 articles were pushed out via the AP and other news organizations that the Long Island and Jersey people were the most cruel, evil people in existence- then whammo. A simple trip to an Upstate Bar becomes a key piece of a racketeering indictment that left an honorable, peaceful, and decent man in prison for 12 years. Philadelphia and New York ran stories about James Digregorio before the shit hit the fan in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Magazine did a goddamn COVER STORY about the lying, snitching, moron. A simple bar fight nearly turned into a RICO against the Pagans in Florida and one of the men is still doing time for a f*cking bar fight. Stories started appearing in OH, WV, MD, and PA about a month before Operation Zutar hit, explaining what an evil group the Pagans were. Yet nothing was said when Charles Nichols(RIP TOMBSTONE CHARLIE) was denied medical treatment, denied the use of his CPAP, and was not properly monitored or medically evaluate. One little shitty AP article made note he died in custody- they ignored his murder, they ignored the murder of James Hicks, they murdered Derek Hale. Most recently, you had New York and Pennsylvania , the media misrepresented and misreported everything they could about the two stories. No one in the media ever considered that the BS in NY was entirely fabricated by Agent Provocateurs- down to the phone calls and ideas presented in the case. No one in the media said turkey about the fact that Mr. Katona had bought a house in an auction that was previously occupied by some folks who lost the house due to their drug distribution activities. It was also fine by the media when Mr. Katona was denied his ability to work and feed his family, pure conjecture was enough to keep Mr. Katona from being allowed to resume the job he held for 6 years and from which he had garnered glowing work performance reports.

    The same shit has happened over and over and over: to the Bandidos in Texas as recent as last fall and this spring. To the Sons of Silence. The Galloping Goose and El Forastero MC’s. Now it’s the Vagos.

    Next time it is you or me. After that, it’s Mr. Modern Middleclass.

    We live in a police state where the slightest deviation from the mean values of being a vapid, empty, stuff-chasing, average sheep will land you in jail. If you are a dissident voice in Amurika your are guaranteed to be fodder for any of our nation’s several million strong beds in our lovely for-profit people warehouses that are now part of multi-billion dollar prison state that we taxpayers happily and ignorantly maintain for the rich oligarchs that now run the world we live in.

    Cliff Notes: We’re Fucked. End of Story.

  27. IRISHPUNK Says:

    POS Falco was wearing “his” cut too, they should have labled him as an infil-TRAITOR.

    I know this has been mentioned before, about a month before the shit hits the fan, the ATF starts pushing the media to “air dirty laundry” about the club that’s next.

    I’m guessing these stories will start hitting more prime time news spots instead of 11:00 pm as it gets closer to D-day.

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