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May 22, 2012

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There were a couple of small headlines over the weekend that illuminate the lines between bikers and mainstream America and between reality and TV.

One of the headlines described an unfortunate incident in Belmont, California which is south of San Francisco and the other sat over a story datelined Rexburg, Idaho which is north of Idaho Falls near Yellowstone National Park. The fact that there were headlines at all says something about the world’s simultaneous love and hate for motorcycle outlaws.

Belmont Video Opportunity

Shortly after 8 a.m. last Sunday the 19-year-old driver of a Prius (yes, of course it was a Prius) caught up to a pack of about 20 motorcycles ridden by members of the Original Kings Motorcycle Club and club friends. Both the pack and the Prius were travelling north on the 101 Freeway. Excited to witness real bikers riding in a real pack the still unidentified teenager (who cannot be drafted to fight in Afghanistan but who can vote for President anyway) used his smart phone to video record and document this highlight of his life. Presumably, his friends wouldn’t believe something this cool had actually happened to him if he just told them about the bikers.

When traffic slowed the aspiring videographer swerved left, struck one of the bikes in the pack, hit the center divider, bounced off, struck a second motorcycle and caused two more bikes to crash before he finally stopped in the center lane.

Concerned for his safety, uninjured members of the pack ran to his assistance. Reportedly, some of his rescuers established that he was conscious and had not suffered a traumatic head injury by gently shaking and slapping him. Another rider looked into the teenager’s eyes and asked him to identify common household objects including a knife.

By the time police arrived many of the riders had left the scene. The teenager told California Highway Patrol Officers that he could not identify any of his would-be rescuers and he was cited for distracted driving. One 43-year-old biker was hospitalized with broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Two more were treated for abrasions. A fourth biker suffered a broken leg and was evacuated by chase truck. None of the bikers was cited or charged. Police said they were withholding the teenage driver’s name out of “concerns for his safety.” His safety.

Rexburg Child’s Wish

Eighteen hours before that about 400 bikers gathered Saturday afternoon at Rexburg Motor Sports to grant 7-year-old Wesley Johnson’s dying wish to “belong to a biker gang.” The little boy suffers from a particularly nasty kind of brain cancer.

Well wishers included members of the Brother Speed Motorcycle Club’s Idaho Falls Chapter and the Pocatello chapter of the Empties Motorcycle Club. As the big pack of riders was about to depart five unidentified members of the Brother Speed allegedly assaulted two members of the Empties. An unidentified, 57-year-old member of the Empties suffered facial fractures and other injuries. His 50-year-old club brother fired a warning shot into the ground from a 9mm pistol.

As of Tuesday morning Rexburg police had still not released any names. There have been no arrests.

Participants contributed $6,000 to help defray Wesley Johnson’s medical expenses.


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13 Responses to “Scenes From A Subculture”

  1. Bookworm Says:

    Just like the asshole in Belmont, teens and 20’s are constantly putting their lives on blast via the internet. I was at a place where a bunch of 20 somethings were and even though the place was dark there was constantly lites everywhere from the idiots cell phones. They were telling everyone thru text and social sites where they were and what they were doing at that very second. For visual proof, the same people had flashes going off for pics of them making rapper faces and drinking shots. I was somewhere else when some 20’s were constantly told not to film the dancers. I thought they would of just known better, but they dont.
    Unfortunately, this little prius asshole injured people,messed up some riders beloved motorcycles, and cramped up the riders morning. I totally agree with Grumblers post above and the charges he mentioned. But instead, Im sure LE will try to spin it back on the riders somehow.

  2. Glenn S. Says:

    That’s funny, Troyez.

    Overheard yesterday: “Yeah yeah yeah. All of you are exposed to second hand smoke. But everybody is exposed to first hand stupid.

  3. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Kickass video. The bikers have hearts bigger than their mills. That little kid is damn tough, too.

    YYZ Skinhead

  4. JIM666 Says:

    Fuckin Prius driving Idiot, Great vids looks like the kid had a great time, something he,ll surley remember

  5. things that make you go hmm Says:

    4 years ago on my way to a karate tournament in las vegas my family and i pulled over on the side of the road so my little boy and i could take a as we finish here comes a pack of hells angels mc holding my sons hand, i waved and so did my kid ,well some of the angels waved back,this was the weekend of there run at the angels road house.that was so very cool ,and very much americana ,thank you hells angels mc ,that moment is something me ,and my kid will never forget you guys are american legends and i was lucky enough to have had a positive experience on my way to vegas , made a beginning of a great trip , much respect to those men.

  6. Glenn S. Says:

    My stepson works with a f…, uh, gay guy that told him he got a Prius just so he could tell people what kind of car he drives with a gay lisp: “I drive a Priuthsss.”

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured bikers. Here’s hoping that “common household item” will be seared on the Priuthsss driver’s memory forever. Fucking idiot.

  7. Austin Says:

    @ erudite hillbilly – I had the same reaction right here;
    ‘looked into the teenager’s eyes and asked him to identify common household objects’
    fine blogging BTW –

  8. Grumbler Says:

    Distracted driving the only lameass charge? I’m no lawyer nor do I play one on the ‘net, but 4 counts of vehicular assault despite being a fucking Prius, causing an accident, injuries and property damage plus an indefinitely suspended license would be a good start.

    The fucktard was prolly gonna upload the video to YouTube and Facebook.

    Noticed the Phuck It’s MC and their skeleton middle finger patch in the Rexburg video, too. Bet the local LEOs in Pokie take a dim view of it. snickering

  9. OneEye Says:

    That just makes my fucking blood boil. Some asshole filming while he’s driving. Get well wishes to the injured parties and my only hope is that your paths cross again.

  10. North man Says:

    What an outstanding day for that kid
    And yes the PH’ IT’S came to support the cause
    I was unable to attend but some of my brothers had the honor to be there

  11. BadMagic Says:

    Saw more PH’IT’S that any other club in that video…


  12. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Ha! “Concerned for his safety…” Man Rebel, I honor thee and thou skills of wit! I literally laughed out loud when I read that and am thankful I didn’t have a drink of coffee in progress!

    After I finished reading everything, I watched the video and went the opposite way of laughing. Man, that’s powerful stuff there.

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