Wyoming Biker Panic

May 14, 2012

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Wyoming, a sparsely populated state with a low unemployment rate, continues to enthusiastically seek public enemies. The most recent of those enemies is a chapter of the Sons of Sinners Motorcycle Club in Rock Springs, on Interstate 80 about 100 miles from the Utah state line. The Sons of Sinners maintains friendly relations with the much larger Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club.

The Green River (Wyoming) Star reports that the Sinners clubhouse has “blacked out windows” and “is visible from the nearby Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church.”

Dwane Pacheco, a spokesman for the Rock Springs Police conceded that the Sinners are not “raping and pillaging” yet.

Chris Steffen, the Chief of Police in Green River vowed that the “club will receive our undivided attention,” The Star also informs readers that “owning a motorcycle isn’t a crime” and that “wearing leather isn’t against the law because it functions as important safety equipment.” The paper also categorizes the Sons of Silence as a “Colorado-based criminal motorcycle group.”

All of Wyoming becomes hysterical at the mention of the word “gang” so police use the word frequently — particularly around budget time. About a year ago, Cheyenne formed “CAGE,” the Cheyenne Area Gang Enforcement team. CAGE, which comprises 12 sworn peace officers, “monitors and prevents gang related activity.” Last year CAGE “positively identified 109 gang members living in Laramie County.” Laramie County has a population of about 91,000 and an area of about 2,700 square miles – an area larger than both Delaware and Rhode Island.

Let’s Meet Wyoming

Serious crimes in Wyoming have generally declined for the last 18 years, from a peak of 20,737 serious crimes in 1995 down to 13,746 serious crimes in 2011 – a drop of about 50 percent. During the same period Wyoming’s population grew by about 17.5 percent.

There were a total of 15 homicides, including non-negligent manslaughters, in Wyoming last year and none of them have been proven to have had anything to do with any motorcycle club. Virtually none of the homicides were whodunits.

“Bartender was restraining a drunk male that was starting fights with people. Bartender choked drunk male to death,” is how a report describes a homicide in Casper in January 2011. The homicide in Douglas last August is described as “Domestic Assault; Victim strangled by the suspect.” In Riverton that same month, “Subjects were in town for training and were staying at a local motel where they got into an argument. Suspect shot the victim one time.”

Last year Wyoming spent $406 million on police, $210 million to run its courts and $266 million to run its prisons. Wyoming now has a population of about 568,000 so last year every man, woman, child and baby in Wyoming spent about $1,553 to lock people up and throw away the key. Wyoming currently has a state debt of about $2.5 billion or about $4,400 per state resident per year. These figures do not include expenditures for federal police and federal courts.

Surprisingly, the question of whether Wyoming families should spend $6,200 every year to try to catch clubs like the Sons of Sinners doing something illegal is not a matter of public debate in the state.


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19 Responses to “Wyoming Biker Panic”

  1. Cowboy Says:

    The mc was just there too keep people from rioting , welcome too Wyoming , we support mc around here!!

  2. Donald Unich Says:

    1. It’s Silent Sinners MC
    2. I can’t speak for the outfit as a whole, but the Sons I know are damn fine men who act selflessly to protect their friends and family

  3. Stormy Says:

    Who Wrote This? You have the Name of the M/C Wrong! Must be a Cop Supporter..

  4. James Asbury Says:

    I believe you are writing about the Silent Sinners, a club affiliated with the Sons of Silence MC. I live in Wyoming and have never heard of the Sons of Sinners.

  5. Kaos Says:

    I think its bullshit that everyone freaks out about motorcycle clubs that what they are is clubs not “gangs” I know several people from several MCs they are damn good people I would trust them with my life

  6. Bikerbabe Says:

    My ex is one of the Silent Sinners here in Rock Springs, I find it funny that the Green River Star had the audacity to pin point exactly where their club house is. It is nobody’s business. These men go to work and pay taxes like everyone else. There are roughly 5 MC’s in Rock Springs and I have had the pleasure of talking to at least 4 people from each one. All of them ride to ride and stay out of everyone else’s business. We as the public need to let them live their lives.

  7. Frosti Davis Says:

    A lot of the women of Wyoming, WELCOME the SEXY MC, myself included! The above comment is correct, after a little time has passed, uneventful our sheltered little state will forget the MC is even here. Better yet, if the club joins the Chamber of Commerce, they will be instantly accepted & featured on the back page of our local newspaper! LOL!

  8. Dawgestyle Says:

    You can’t group the people of Rock Springs or Wyoming as being the same as the reporters or police. That’s no different than them saying every mc is a gang or every biker is a hell raiser. We are a scarcely populated state that doesn’t deal with many gangs, robberies or murders. Although looking at some of the laws you would think otherwise. Paranoia runs rampant. Those same laws are some of the reasons the cops are so quick to draw a weapon. Knowing that for every one person in the state there are 7 firearms, and that anyone one that can legally own a gun can conceal and carry. I would be cautious as a cop, but drawing a bead on someone is overkill. I’ve had the Green River PD unholester a side arm on a “firecrackers in city limits” call. Small town reactions are that of panic. Wyoming is a great state, perfect hunters paradise. Vast amounts of space, decent jobs and one of a few states that is actually in the black. Don’t let an article detour you or ignorance of few, the panic will subside and life will go on.

  9. Scoot Says:

    We had three guys put at gun point for what the police stated were license plate violations! When the police told one of the guys “I couldn’t read your plate because it is mounted vertically”. He replied with “I’m sure your buddy can read it through the eotec sight on his shotgun”! He was compliant during the entire traffic stop. PUT AT GUN POINT OVER A VALID LICENSE PLATE! Why? Because he happened to be riding with members of an MC. He’s not even in the club! So guess what! Turns out this same “team” of police officers (I use the term grudgingly) pulled this stunt 3 times with three different guys. These are not police officers. They are thugs. You don’t point a gun at someone for a plate mounting violation EVER! The Wyoming state patrol around Rock springs are dishonest men with no regard for anything other then their self edification. To point a gun at someone without provocation is menacing. In the state of Wyoming that’s a felony. You do the math. You have a patrolman commiting felonies to prove a point (don’t you dare mis mount your license plate in Wyoming!). Oh wait……..I’m sorry…..thoes guys ride with an MC. They don’t have the same rights as everyone else. They are guilty until proven innocent. Never mind the fact that the guy they menaced has NO CRIMINAL HISTORY. You got it sports fans……..he is a normal hard working guy who got a shotgun put to the back of his head for riding a motorcycle. The people of Rock Springs and the Wyoming state patrol should be ashamed of themselves. Never mind the constitution and bill of rights. Here in rock springs and Wyoming they don’t apply if we don’t like the way you look.

  10. jimmie miller Says:

    They need to quit worrying about motorcycle clubs worry about the govnt floodind wyoming out with meth and flying stealth helicoptors in residents areas neighborhoods and causing the crime rates to go up to justify building bigger jails and more prisons.

  11. Red&Gold Says:

    Always find it curious that these little town’s police departments are always pointing out the “Biker gang” problem when it is budget time, but the towns always have big banners screaming “WELCOME BIKERS” when they know folk will be motorin’ thru on the way to Sturgis….it really is all about the money, ain’t it!

  12. Grumbler Says:

    According to other media sources, it’s actually the Silent Sinners MC. Sons of Sinners is a RC in FL. Rock Springs is effin’ cold during the winter months – 6388′ elevation.

  13. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Wyoming was tagged as the Western equivalent of the “Free State Project” and I’d considered it as a “someday” possibility. If they’re judging folks by their appearance though, it doesn’t sound like a very free state. But I guess it doesn’t matter where abouts you go in the States anymore, there are always those willing to “see” threats to have an excuse to suck on that Federal teat.

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    Alphabet soup agencies keeping the pigs ‘scared’ = Pigs running things = The insane and the idiots running the insane asylum.

  15. DesertH-D Says:

    And to think one of the best rides anywhere has to be the eastern side of the Tetons, from Jackson Hole up to and through Yellowstone, out the east side to Cody. Not to mention they got some damn hot cowgirls in that state. They do have fairly reasonable gun and helmet laws…. Too bad. First David Burgess, now this. Another once great state going to hell.

    Damn… one more place off the possible retirement list. Don’t know where we’ll end up… Sure as hell can’t go back to the Cali coast. (Or is the S.o.L. up yet?? haha….)

    Might end up doing a Gauguin yet. Wonder if Tahiti is still like that?? And how much does it cost to ship a bike there? Hhmmm…

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Slam,

    Maybe. These same people framed Dave Burgess.


  17. Slam Says:

    This is probably the most interesting thing to happen in Wyoming in the past 20 years!


  18. The Creep Says:

    Holy shit, I can’t believe that Orange County has 5x the population of the entire state of Wyoming! Ya learn something new everyday.

  19. Junior Says:

    Wyoming RES-idents should swallow another blue pill and imprison those that prefer the red pill. Geez -Junior

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