Always A Snitch

May 11, 2012


There’s always a snitch. The top secret search warrants were unsealed Wednesday and it is now obvious that there were at least two snitches in the great, Myrtle Beach, Hells Angels, marijuana manufacturing law enforcement triumph code named “Operation Red Harvest.“

The case is clouded in official secrecy. So far at least 34 people have been arrested after being accused in a 226 count state indictment voted out of a grand jury last month. The jury ran wild the charges which include possession of a weapon during a violent crime, third-degree assault, battery by a mob, kidnapping and unlawful use of a telephone. At least five indicted men are still unnamed. They are at least potentially unaware of the secret charges against them and so are described by the police as being “at large.”

Club Tattoos

Operation Red Harvest began late in 2010 after an unnamed member of the motorcycle club was voted out and ordered to remove or black out a single club tattoo. When he refused, as is sometimes the custom, his former club brothers removed or blacked out his tattoo for him. The second anonymous informant is a former club associate or prospect who was also reluctant to remove a patch holders only tattoo. Nationally, state and federal prosecutors have increasingly labeled such incidents, including patch repossessions, as “kidnappings.”

The original informant told authorities that a man named Thomas Doucette was growing marijuana in a storage shed on his one-acre property. The acre held a double-wide trailer, a single-wide trailer and two small buildings including the shed or “grow house.” Police refer to this wooded homestead as “the Doucette compound.” The out-bad former member also told police that the homegrown weed was being sold in a bike shop called Wild Child Custom. The shop is now called Dunes Cycle. A corporation named Hells Angels Red and White owned the building but not the business. Prosecutors theorized that the club was profiting from those marijuana sales and that the records of those sales were being stored in the Myrtle Beach Hells Angels clubhouse. Those three locations were among the 11 raided by a small army of police April 30.

Extrajudicial Punishment

During the paramilitary raids police recovered three “bales” of marijuana and three dead marijuana plants from “the Doucette compound.” The weight of the confiscated marijuana has not yet been described. The police also took all the personal computers, cell phones and cash they could find from all the searched locations. Police also “seized” a scale, surveillance cameras, legal firearms, a bullet proof vest, filing cabinets, club meeting minutes, other club records, thumb drives, a satellite dish, two sets of brass knuckles, Hells Angels cuts, two printers, a glass pipe, more than 200 tee shirts, earrings, framed photos, old Christmas cards and burned trash. Police took $2,000 in cash, two cell phones and a “a plastic baggie” containing “a white rock-like substance” from a 26-year-old woman named Christina Baker. No marijuana was seized from any location except “the Doucette compound.”

As is common, the marijuana conspiracy charges allowed police to realize two goals. The first was to extra-judicially punish members of the Myrtle Beach Hells Angels for being Hells Angels by confiscating their money and their property. The second goal was to gather intelligence on the club.

South Carolina police are vigorously banging their drums over this two week old case. And, the local press continues to enthusiastically and uncritically amplify every allegation the police make. So all the accused are also being punished with public shaming. There is a slim possibility that this soap opera may eventually even feature a trial.


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66 Responses to “Always A Snitch”

  1. james dean Says:

    As i have said for years they have plenty of gang members that snitch soon as heats gets turned up they r not loyal at all

  2. John M Hilliard Says:

    Hells Angels charges dismissed. One man plead to one fistfight.

  3. Grumbler Says:

    @Rambler – LOL! I’ll play some queef sound clips on my PC with both speakers and subwoofer going full blast after the old lady splits for her afternoon shift. Will make sure both house cats are listening, too.

  4. jrnr Says:

    Rebel wrote:

    “He is sort of our crazy Aunt Lucy, screaming her ass off down in the basement. He is part of the local color.”

    LMAO, that’s a great description. I too believe it’s some fucking cop doing what cops do. If there isn’t some citizen or family to unjustly terrorize, then come here to terrorize this site.



  5. Rashomon Says:

    Rebel – you’re probably and unfortunately right. I’m not sure why they bother though. It reminds me of the old Groucho Marx line – “I didn’t come here to be insulted – really, where do you normally go?”

    Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do.


  6. 11c_infantry Says:

    Well, I guess it must be pretty obvious to most thinking people why Jay Douchebag Dobyns might want to start trouble for MCs. Most of the trumped up charges he brought against a certain club didn’t stick, so he’s desperate to make patch holders look bad.

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rashomon,

    Yeah, I see. If it is that easy to bounce around from proxy to proxy it is probably Dobyns. But when JAQ started coming around he was using commenting from a location that had recently been vacated by Vegas Metro. He was also trying to start a fight between a patch holder in Vegas and me. That was last December. JAQ sounds like Dobyns. Whether he is or not I believe JAQ aka Just A Question aka Guess Who aka James Alfred Quiroz etc. is probably a federal cop.


  8. ruffrider Says:


  9. Rambler Says:

    @Grumbler, thank you for the sound bites. Just played it in bed next to my ol using my Blackberry. She said “what the fuck” the dog is at the foot of the bed with his head cocked and I was laughing til had tears in my eyes as I moved my self-entertaining ass to the spare bedroom for the night.

  10. Tooj Says:

    …and the queef cycle is complete.

  11. Rashomon Says:

    Rebel – you can download the tor browser bundle which unzips to a directory and if you go to that directory and run firefox it logs in to their network and bounces all over the place – it’s stuff anybody can use these days. Not saying it’s not one of your fan club but it could be anyone.


  12. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jrnr,

    This time JAQ is using a proxy server in Sweden. I am guessing he is Dobyns. I suspect he resented the chapter I wrote about him in Out Bad. This is what ATF Agents get paid $160,000 a year to do. Our government in action. JAQ is kinda amusing if you are in the right mood.


  13. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    OK, the last ten or so posts made me laugh all my medicinal rapper weed smoke out of my nose.

    YYZ Skinhead

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tooj,

    No, I am anti-crank. Eat some Shrooms.


  15. sled tramp Says:

    The old lady Kweefed one time,told me that was the only blowjob I was getting that night.

  16. jrnr Says:

    I for one want to thank JAQshit for coming back to supply a little comic relief. What’s the matter, you getting bored playing with your pussy. Now run along back to your gay porn, dick breath.


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