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Wed, May 9, 2012

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Ride Devils Ride

Watching The Devil’s Ride, the new reality series about a motorcycle club in San Diego is a little like watching a classic horror movie. Just as a horror movie audience wants to warn the characters on the screen (“NO! Don’t unlock that door!) I kept wanting to shout at the patch holders in this show. “NO! Don’t do it man! Don’t appear in this show!”

I get this thing. I so get it.

American infotainment consumers now have a surplus of choices about how they will waste their empty and worthless lives including such free, high quality and readily accessible videos as “Amateur Wife Spit Roasted,” “Thai Hooker Tubes,” “Tiny Petite Blonde Swinger,” “Amateur Ex-Girlfriend On Hidden Cam” and “Undercover Female ATF Agent Turned Out By Bikers.” Go ahead. Google that last one right now. This review will still be here when you come back.

Bikers Better Than Porn

Biker shows promise something more than mere porn. They promise a vicarious life most viewers wish they could live which is more than a vicarious ten minutes. “They think we’re some kind of barbarians,” one of the show’s patch holders explains about the reaction he gets when he walks into a bar wearing his patch, “and it does feel good.” Of course it does. Biker shows mirror the national mood.

Five years ago most biker shows were about building obscenely expensive and virtually unridable custom motorcycles. They simultaneously invited viewers to pretend that they were skilled enough to build a custom bike and sell it to an unsuspecting celebrity then become rich enough to afford one of the things to pose on for themselves.

Now after at least a half decade of national frustration and humiliation the same demographic is eager for respect. Now your high school math teacher and the accountant next door want to pretend that they are dangerous, that they don’t have to put up with what they must put up with each day. So the biker niche market has become Jay Dobyns’ vicarious murdering of Mongols and Gangland and most of all Sons of Anarchy. Kurt Sutter who produces the most successful of these shows has said that his intentions are “vicarious badassary.” He has grown ever richer by becoming a whistle in the American boiler. And the producers of The Devil’s Ride unabashedly hope that there is enough steam for them to grow rich, too.

Producer Speak

“They are not a gang, but I will tell you they are a fierce group of individuals,” the new show’s executive producer Jason Hervey told Realscreen, a webzine “about the global business of factual entertainment.”

“When you have (Sons of Anarchy as) the only show that it (The Devil’s Ride) can be compared to, there are things that are in that show – gun-running, drug mules and murder – that’s a really tall order to be compared to, and if we don’t produce our show right, people can feel like they’re let down if that is not what’s delivered,” he explained. “The bottom line is if anyone is a fan of kick-ass drama or action in their shows, they’re going to love this.”

Hervey told Realscreen that the Laffing Devils initially scoffed at his invitation to become celebrities. They are reported to have told him ,“We aren’t the fucking Kardashians, brother – we’re the real deal.”

“They take a lot of pride in their club,” Hervey said. “There is a lot of respect and protocol that goes into interacting with them. Essentially there was a big process about trust, because they didn’t want to look silly or do a ‘typical reality show.’”

The Show

Atypical or not the shows overflows with biker clichés. These guys either spend a fortune on cigars or the stogies come out of the production budget. Everyone knows that smoking a cigar while riding a motorcycle is the second most macho thing a man can do – exceeded only by having a woman sit on your lap cowgirl style while you sit on your motorcycle and smoke your cigar. The words “prospect” and “respect” are repeated endlessly like a dying man’s prayers. There are hints that the club is having trouble with the police. It seems unlikely that they really were having police problems when the show was filmed.

I was prepared to regard the Laffing Devils, the club at the heart of the show, as a posse of clowns. They are obviously not. The show would be easier to watch if they were. Instead, they appear to be a fairly predictable third generation motorcycle club. The first generation of clubs was heavy on World War vets. Clubs became what they are when Vietnam Vets came home. And, now clubs are changing again with an influx of veterans from the endless three-headed-war that has featured Iraq, Afghanistan and The Global War on Terror. The Laffing Devils are a three-headed-war club. And from 110 miles away I can see that they have been seduced by the bitch goddess fame.

Obviously this five-year-old club agreed to participate in this “reality series” in order to raise their profile, attract women and prospects, and finance their growth. One of the two key plot points in the first episode was the renting of a spacious, new club house. Ideally stupid infotainment consumers should believe that the Laffing Devils covered this by sending a couple of brothers out to guard a quickie mart one night. Odds are, that new clubhouse was in the production budget, too. Odds are almost as good that it was in the original pitch meeting with the network. And, the parties that club house will host and the liquor the revelers will consume are probably in the production budget too.

And The Not Show

The other plot point is the resignation of the club’s president. It is portrayed as the result of a split between old members and new ones. That’s even a plausible idea. Those splits happen when motorcycle clubs grow too fast. But it is likely that this reality show has caused a more important division in this club.

A couple of years ago, sitting in a bar with a Mongols patch holder who was about to go to prison, I asked him what he thought had gone wrong with his club. He said, “When the television cameras show up, the club has about eight months before the busts start. Eight months tops.” I agreed with him.

The Devil’s Ride is at least as boring and silly as everybody knew would be. But it turns out that this club, the Laffing Devil’s, is kind of interesting — as traffic accidents are interesting. The Laffing Devil’s have everybody’s attention now. And it will be fun to read the headlines they make in the next year.

The show is on the Discovery Channel Monday nights at ten.

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  1. IrishDragon Says:


    I googled that title. All I got was queeny and gay dobyns.


  2. Dannyboy1%er Says:

    Rebel it was like watching the Wildhogs movie except they were funny. These guys never ride around Dago, they’re as bad the Gunfighters MC, hey I would love for this group of HOG chapter rejects to come on the Rosarito Run this summer. Me and my friends would love to take their bikes and women and show them how it’s done. Gypsy you ain’t the only one that served in the Corp. I’ll flick your cigar ashes on your patch when I’m done with you Devil Dog.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    The Laffing Devils…the name alone sounds so fucking queer that I’d rather light a match to my home than have it turned on (and I’m *STILL* so fucking glad I no more have a teevee in the house!).

    Like IrishDragon said, all I found searching too was about that little pussy Dobyns and how he whines so much.

  4. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    It must be reality, since none of the people in it are actors.

    “Amateur Wife Spit Roasted”. LOL.

    YYZ Skinhead

  5. Stoney Says:

    At least SOA has better actors. That was an hour I will never get back.

  6. RVN69 Says:

    Good story. Not that it matters but I agree with you on the 3rd generation of clubs and the bitch godess Fame. A motorcycle club putting their shit out there on National TV is strikingly similar to the Marine snipers pissing on the dead terrorist then posting it on youtube. Do what you gotta do, put don’t post it on fucking youtube!! And don’t do it on National TV.

    Not really intended as a knock on the younger guys, but they all seem to believe if it ain’t on youtube or tv it didn’t happen, everything they do, stupid, good or criminal has to get a million hits. Sooner or later they will learn the sad truth while vacationing at a federal resort.

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”

  7. Glenn S. Says:

    I didn’t watch the show, I’m seeing how long I can go without cable since Charter is all that’s available in the condos where I now reside. But I’m guessing that the club will go mom and pop, if its not already. They’ll have no time to ride, and will be making the talk show circuit. And being special guests at family friendly “biker” events (“get your picture taken with…”) Hell, it’ll probably sell its cuts on commercials:

    “…but WAIT! If you act NOW, you’ll get a free faux get-back whip with your purchase of a Laffing Devils cut! Call now! Operators are standing by!”

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dannyboy1%er,

    Well I don’t know this club and I am assuming that the series is edited to make them look like something they are not. So I gave them the benefit of the doubt. My first reaction was that they traded some face time on TV for a new clubhouse and whatever money the club made from this thing.

    When you catch up with them please save the blonde with the sleeve on her left arm for me.

    Nothing will ever be as bad as Wildhogs.


  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Phuquehed,

    Kerrie Droban. The search terms point to Kerrie Droban.


  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear IrishDragon,

    Kerrie Droban. The search phrase points to Kerrie Droban. She is actually married to a Glendale, AZ cop, which is how she got the access to write her book about Dobyns.


  11. Junior Says:

    Rebel wrote: “The Laffing Devil’s have everybody’s attention now. And it will be fun to read the headlines they make in the next year.” “The show is on the Discovery Channel Monday nights at ten.”

    They don’t have my attention. Thank God I got rid of cable & satellite TV years ago.


  12. troyez Says:

    I watched the show and thought the whole time “this seems really fake, something is not right here.” I know it’s a tv show and reality shows are mostly fake, but something just is not right about it. Every club member I’ve ever known has (rightly) been tight-lipped about club business, but the guys on this show have flung the doors wide open and invited Hollywood into their business. Plus some of these characters seemed pretty cop-like to me. I’m probably just being paranoid but this show is weird. Isn’t a pro wrestling promoter involved too?!

  13. IrishDragon Says:


    Thanks for the clarification. I saw that bitches name, but didn’t put it together. I was blinded by “porn eyes”. I really thought I was in for some crazy shit.


  14. IrishDragon Says:

    I hope for this club’s(if it is a legit club) sake that this is all for a clubhouse and some extra flow. But even then I predict that this will destroy the club(if it is a legit club).


  15. observer Says:

    This embarrasses even me.

  16. DocB Says:

    Watching this show was like watching somebody on acid dancing too close to the edge of a cliff. You know what’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of time.
    They’re making a huge target of themselves and probably aren’t packing the gear to hack the load. Read Dannyboy1%er’s comments one more time. There’s prolly a bunch of leo’s adding names to their list to.
    “If the right one don’t get ya the left one will”

  17. Proud White Infidel Says:

    Laffing Dildoes

  18. Grumbler Says:

    Am inclined to believe that The Devils Ride will eventually become a cultural phenomena on how a reality tv show led to the disintegration of a purported motorcycle club for social media anthropologists.

  19. Fuck Cops Says:

    I think this mc is gonna pop up every where. Weekend warriors and rubs are gonna want to be bikers and this is their chance. I bet the “club” has already been emailed thousands of time by dudes saying they want to start a charter in some lame little town. That’s my take on it. And I have no respect for any club that puts their personal shit out on front street. Fake motherfuckers.

  20. funny$hit Says:

    I watched, I laughed, I listened, I learned nothing, it was a comedy right? They say they are ex-cons, ex military and ex-addicts, yet they show the guns they have? Only a cop club would be willing to show the guns they have.. Everyone else would be more secretive and would be harassed if they showed them. Then a “FOUNDING FATHER” steps down as Prez on a National show? What a wimp… This is NOT reality it is all hollywood…

  21. Junior Says:

    If other reality shows are any indication of the nature of this reality show, then it is fake as hell. I know some of the people involved in the “Lizard Lick” reality show and theres nothing real about it, every fight, every punch and everthing is staged. Fuck “reality” TV. For all you zombified TV watching MF’s: Turn off the sets and get off your asses and get out into the real world, there you will find “reality”.And while you’re at it drop that fucking cable or satellite subscription, its turning your mind to shit!



  22. swampy Says:

    I’m in agreement with everyone else that think this show will be their(LD) demise. A motorcycle “club” only started 5 years ago? Although, the founding members(I can’t remember if I heard the words “founding fathers” – I was half out of it.) kept refering as if they had been around 40 years or so. The President steps down after only 5 years? Not much leadership to begin with in my opinion or maybe not leading by example. At least a couple of their ole ladies did good portrayals of “Gemma”[sic?] from SOA.

    I will be adding to my collection of used satellite dishes real soon. I’m going to buy a bunch of those little decortive sticky mirrors and attach them to the convex side of the dish – solar HOT water for the shop and barn.

  23. Diocletian Says:

    America loves a good train wreck, thats why these “reality” shows always do well.

  24. James Alfred Quiroz Says:

    The Aging Rebel believes that James Alfred Quiroz (JAQ) is a present or former policeman and probably a federal policeman. His comments here shuld be interpreted as being for entertainment purposes only.

    It’s up on youtube at for those that haven’t caught the show.

    There’s a lot of negative comments about the Devil’s. So, I’m not going going to add anymore. I for one am happy there is a show like this. These guys do not claim to be 1%’s and even avoid the California rocker altogether. As someone who is not in a club, this show is very helpful. I’ve always viewed members of 99% clubs as bitches. The show left me with the impression that these guys would be willing to commit serious actions to protect their brotherhood. I didn’t expect Charles the prospect to behave the way he did. I would bet that Charles would not allow a Hells Angel to pull his patch.

    Most importantly of all it showed me the inner workings of a club. And because of this detailed information it raised more questions than answers. For instance, “what makes a 1% club?” The obvious answer is that they are outlaws. But what the hell does that even mean? Because to me, the Devils could be seen as 1%’s. These guys are ready for war. These guys do not wear support patches on their cuts. They do not wear other clubs support clothing. These guys seem to only want to exist as Devils. Can someone clarify what I’m saying. Have some mercy on my notions of Clubs. When I see a Club Member without a 1%, I automatically think I can kick his ass, because he’s a pussy.

  25. things that make you go hmm Says:

    oh my god what a fucking shit bag of a joke,i want to puke how fucking lame, i love all the cool names like gypsie,sandman, hawkster. what did dude say were ex military ,felons ,drug addicts…shit and bullshit.i would be very leery to have anyone filming club stuff,not cool,way lame. well get ready yall because of shows like the sons of malarchy,and the devils ride kids will think these are bikers,lamest show every.i had to see some previews and some of those cats look like cops.gangland filming is club entrapment funded by you know who.this is really bad news people come on.never heard of this mc in ca till this show,something is not right, it smells way fishy.

  26. Grumbler Says:

    A couple of comments posted at other sites claim that Gipsy’s old lady is a Sandy Eggo cop.

    These guys, based on what I observed, aren’t a scary looking bunch compared to, say, the 6’5″ 285-lbs Rusty Coones.

  27. Rebel Says:


    Attention all Vietnam and Legacy Vets, all Red Devils, Ghost Mountain Riders, Midnight Riders, Unknown Locos and others! Long time police poster JAQ (now calling himself James Alfred Quiroz) thinks you are all pussies and he can kick all your asses!


  28. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    I was thinking “are they a pork club?” That would explain a lot, including the fact that they are willing to tell the universe what goes in within the club, and the fact that the show is an unholy hybrid of Gangland and SOA.

    YYZ Skinhead

  29. Grumbler Says:

    Rather than watch The Devils Ride, I’d suggest A Conversation With Daniel R. Wolf, the only anthropologist ever to choose an outlaw motorcycle club as the topic of his doctoral study, as it’s an excellent interview:

  30. dannyboy1%er Says:

    Thanks Rebel, btw OUT BAD, was a great great book, look anyone around a club knows that these guys will not be able to fly a Nomad Patch, especially in DAGO, thats HA and Mongol country. This is made for TV, these guys would seriously get hurt. Im sure the producers reached out to the local clubs and made a payment, or there film crew runs deep with off duty police officers. Lastly I lived in DAGO, I’ve never seen these guys around town, SWEETWATER HD, SD HARLEY, BIGGS HD, OCEANSIDE, WATERFRONT, ETC 163, 805, 5 AND 15 FWYS where I ride. Think about it, would anybody want to be associated with these dudes? I live in National City, If these fools were at the Liquor Store they would eventually get hit up or some Sureno would step to them. Whats sad is people will think this is actually real. Showing off guns like they did is inviting a Federal Investigation. Maybe CICCONNE wants this out to help spread his fucked up gospel about continuing to fuck with MC’s. No one breaking the law with half a brain is going to openly flaunt like these clowns. The last big mouth that did was that P.O.S DOC CAVAZOS and look where he ended up. Its all TV trust me.

  31. Junior Says:

    Why do you post here? really, why?

    Larger clubs seem to be getting away from wearing a 1% patch, i dont see it on many east coast angels anymore. Some smaller clubs around here wear a 1% patch cuz they apparently have something to prove. The patch dont mean shit and not all 1%ers wear one. The person behind the patches ability to defend it & himself means more than any fucking patch. My club doesnt wear a 1% patch, but we have all killed for uncle sam and most of us live as 1%ers. We have pulled 1% patches out in cali and will continue to do so when disrespected, fucked with or provoked (never unprovoked). I’d challenge you to step to any of us and call us a pussy, u may just end up eating teeth, brass or glass and gettin stitched up in the hospital.

    Why dont u find another site to fuck with u jackass, nobody wants u here anyway.

    – Junior

  32. Junior Says:

    U woulnt post as JAQ now would u?

    That last JAQ post makes me wonder.

    – Junior

  33. Rebel Says:

    No Junior,

    No, I’m not JAQ. Geez. The guy is a cancer. The fact that he most recently borrowed the name of a painter in Tucson suggests a couple of gay, ATF caballeros in Arizona to me though. Hi Jay, you fucking mope.


  34. Screwdriver Says:

    On your last post Rebel, rt on the money…
    ML&R Philip

  35. The Creep Says:

    I started seeing the Laffing Devils at swap meets and such about a year ago. How their VP acts on TV mirrors the club’s real life comments. “We don’t wanna step on any toes. We mean no harm! We’re not an HA support club! Please just let us hang out for a while!” It’s all the same excuses and bullshit another “club” called Douche LaRouche (do a google search on them if you’re up for a laugh) keeps giving the big guy’s in town. Just lip service until they can slither back into the shadows. I expect to see the LD’s out in force at Costa Mesa Speedway next weekend. I hope some of them will even decide to get on the track with me. Also, I was quite surprised to see Rusty in the preview for the next episode. Meh, to each their own.

  36. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Speaking of gayness and JAQ, I got a perfectly shitty gay wildcard poker hand earlier today. It was gay because it wasn’t a straight. The first three cards were, of course, J-A-Q.

    YYZ Skinhead

  37. James Alfred Quiroz Says:

    Gain insight into the mind of a federal cop! James Alfred Quiroz (JAQ) is an active or former cop who comes to this site to stir up trouble. He has commented here for months using using a variety of names. In this case he has borrowed the name of the significant and well known Tucson painter Alfred Quiroz. He comments through proxy servers to conceal his identity and most of his comments are specious. Others are actually astute, as when he goes off about how great Rebel is. JAQ’s comments should be read for entertainment and intelligence gathering purposes only.


    I’m sorry, let me explain myself. I’ve always had the utmost respect for Military Clubs and consider them on par with 1% Clubs. Prior to the laughing Devils program, I didn’t have respect for the rest of the 99% Clubs. My lack of respect for them derived from two factors which I use to value a Motorcycle Club. These two factors are (1) Blood and (2) women. Blood, has to do with sacrifice and commitment. There is no greater sacrifice than to lose one of your brothers in a war, and there is no greater commitment than to have to put your freedom and life in jeopardy to protect your brothers and retaliate for your club. Life is the ultimate price. Factor (2) women has to do with the attractiveness of women which a club attracts. And as Rebel can testify, there are no hotter women than the Mongols’ women. Hot women are always attracted to the strongest clubs.

    After the show, I have found a new respect for non-1% clubs.But, I have come to question the whole 1%-thing and wonder what it truly means to be a 1%.

    I love this website and love Rebel’s articles and perspective. I have a lot of respect for the people that post here. I worry a lot for some here, even though they post under monikers they are very easy to identify. One example is shyster. I would never hint at who he is, but our enemies can very easily find him in 2 google searches. My point is that that we shouldn’t allow too much of our personal information on an open forum which will be virtual forever.

    Take Care, and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I have no disrespect for all Military Clubs.

  38. Shyster Says:

    I recorded the show and saw it this morning. If these guys are not actors and they are truly a club, that transferring of firearms shit in front of the whole world was a huge mistake. Shit, Johnny Law don’t need an affidavit for a search warrant, all a pig has to do is play episode one for an unfair, partial, and un-detached magistrate.

    Even the pendejas at the DHS and Berdoo PD could get a cross dresser to sign off on the warrant.

    What really is depressing to me is the typicality of these fucken reality shows. It’s the same shit with a different subject matter. 10 minutes into it and it all looks the same. You know what I want to see? I want to see a reality show about deficators. That’s right. A show about people taking shits. Call it Shithouse. Episode 1 will introduce the characters who will all live under one shithouse. Episode 2 will be about who took the biggest shit on Tuesday. Episode 3 is all about stench and who can clear the house with one dump, etc, etc…

    Fucken reality TV has gone downhill ever since The Don Adams Screen Test was taken off the air (Steve M. – this last one was for you mf’er)


  39. Gringo Says:

    Ok shyster I’m in , I’ll get the beer , you run to taco bell game on man!

  40. ruffrider Says:


    For the stench episode can I bring my dog?
    Great idea.



  41. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shyster,

    Yeah, the way these things go is that the producer comes up with an outline. A crew or crews shoots many hours of footage then a writer creates the episode from that available video. The writer is expected to adhere to a plot formula. So it doesn’t bother me so much that this club is portrayed the way it is. The writer and director did that not the club. They are just following the reality formula. If the writer doesn’t stick to the formula he gets fired. He gets paid less than other television writers, too.

    The thing about this club is that nobody seems to have heard of them. Yet there they are on national TV? Why?


  42. matt d Says:

    I saw the premiere episode. I am filing this with all SOA that I watch. All TV and no reality.

  43. Vikingtrotter Says:

    “The thing about this club is that nobody seems to have heard of them. Yet there they are on national TV? Why?


    To be as cynical as possible…….Maybe it’s a new way to suck in real 1%ers by the PD……….These guys are the honey and the bees are the surrounding MC’s,,,,,Eventually someone is going to get into their beaks and regulate, and when that happens….Well, we all could be hearing about new arrests in DAGO related to the LD’s aiding ongoing investigations…….

    Yeah, thats just be cynically paranoid.

  44. junior Says:

    I dont buy that the hottest women flock to the “baddest” club. Mongols are just a younger club (younger avg age) which means their women will be younger on average. Angels for the most part seem to have an older average age, so you’re gonna see older women on average. -Junior

  45. Phuquehed Says:

    JAQ, you’re a fucking imbecile. Please test the warning label on a plastic bag.

    @Shyster – I’ll make a big crockpot of ham hocks and butter beans. Me and my buddy ran his OL out of the house and then their grandkid a few minutes later! This stuff gets to ya fast too. I’m talkin’ like 15 minutes after you’ve eaten. Problem is, it’s so good ya don’t wanna *stop* eatin’ it! This stuff’ll put a man on an even keel against dog farts, gar-awn-teeed!

  46. Rebel Says:

    Dear Junior,

    I have seen some pretty hot women gaze on many patches with lust.


  47. Shyster Says:


    Ham hocks I have had but never with butter beans. I think I will pass (no pun intended).


  48. Stroker Says:

    I’m gonna jump in here and answer JAQ’s question about 1% patches,
    not to placate him, but maybe just for information’s sake. The whole
    phenomenon of wearing a 1% patch seems to have really caught on in
    the last 5 years or so. Before that you would see ‘em, but not everyone
    wore them. Most of the older clubs didn’t bother with wearing ‘em,
    although younger members in those clubs nowadays may affect the patch.
    What it means now, is IMHO the product of law enforcement, and their
    needs to identify us with our own labels. Ergo, if we fly a 1% patch,
    in the eyes of LE we are a gang. Period. I was told this a few years
    back by the slimeballs that publish the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang map,
    a map that purports to show every MC “gang” in the country. When I
    asked (via e-mail) why my club was listed as a “gang” the answer I got
    was that we identified ourselves as a “gang” because some of our
    (younger) members wore the 1% patch. And yes, I think a lot of the newer
    clubs today who may be trying to establish their “creds” may have taken
    to wearing the 1% patch to try and look hardcore.
    I don’t wear one. Never have. Never felt the need. I know who I am,
    and I know who my club is. I persoanlly don’t feel the need to advertise
    myself or my club as a “gang”, if that’s how the LEOs are intent on
    interpretting the wearing of it.
    As most of the older posters here know, all the 1% means is what the
    AMA guy said back in the late 40’s after the Hollister “riot”….and
    that was that 99% of all motocyclists are law-abiding blah-blah-blah.
    It was taken as inference that the other 1% were trouble makers, or
    back then it was more thought of as “mischief-makers.”
    Now it’s become a flag, or symbol to wave under someone’s nose for
    attention, good or bad. As a founder of my club, I don’t demand the
    younger members remove the patch, but I won’t wear one myself.

  49. Concerned Says:

    Everybody should pay attention. If you look closely you will see support stickers for a large club. Also you will see members of a large club in
    the episodes. Now ask yourself who is friends with the producer? Which big club has members appearing on it? Looks to me like some lames got taken advantage of and are being taxed all in the lure of 15 seconds of fame. Also their colors used to be red and white, now red and gray. Lets hope these lops don’t drag another club into a rico violation. Watch how in the future episodes focus becomes about business (bring your bike here) and who actually has ties to that business. It really surprises me to see someone back this show, especially with the respect that they want. All for the love of money and fame.

  50. Junkyard Says:

    A few years ago I was heading back home to SD, while fueling up in Gila Bend, AZ and as it happens, the LD stopped at the same station. They were making some noise and enjoying their pit stop. There was maybe 6 of them in the group. Never hearing about them, I turned to my wife and told her I was wondered if they were a new club, possibly one created by the ATF.

    This past year I have seen the LD a couple more times, they have grown large in number, which made me suspicious once again as to what they are all about. To amass such a number so quickly, did they prospect a lot at once, did another club patch over? Maybe someone used a bit of miracle grow?

    I was told by a source that they are a HA support club, I do not know how much truth there is to that.

  51. Stevo Says:

    You know what I see when I read about this stuff? An intentional watering down of the biker life. SOA and the LD’s are attracting those who would have previously become HOGS to the ‘dark side’. They want the patch, the pseudo attitude and the respec’. But if they don’t get it they WILL run to the musgarers. The town I live in has a 30 strong SOA ‘Charter’ and the locally dominant (real) club doesn’t interfere with them at all, because they will get grassed. Soon enough wannabes will don a patch with impunity and it will all be over. Look at the Californa bottom rocker for an example, once it was fought for and men died over it, now it’s all over the place like a rash.

  52. Rebel Says:

    Dear Junkyard,

    Ahh! Gila Bend! What a desolate stretch of road. I once spent a night at the rocket ship motel there.

    The Laffing Devils strike me as a real motorcycle club that was made to look more foolish than they are by the conventions of reality TV. Even the New York Times authority at large Neil Genzlinger heaped scorn on them and also, I suspect, on many people who read this page.

    “The Laffing Devils, in contrast,” Genslinger wrote the other day, “seem to have no founding grievance, no formative caldron (though some are military veterans). They are just a bunch of guys — mostly white, mostly middle aged, from what we see on ‘The Devils Ride’ — with loud bikes and an excess of belligerence who spout platitudes about brotherhood and bonding that are more appropriate to soldiers in a foxhole.

    “’We have the mentality of knowing that I know he’s going to be there beside me, and I’m going to be there beside him,’ a founder known as Danny Boy says. Be there for what? Mostly for support in trouble of their own making, it appears.

    “Club members, still thinking it’s the 1950s and motorcycles are a symbol of something other than eardrum damage, ride around seemingly waiting for anyone to look crosswise at them. At one point a member in training punches and kicks someone who he decided was taking too many photographs near a table full of club members’ female companions.

    “Guns, testosterone, an aggressive posture toward the world and a chip on the collective shoulder. What could go wrong?”

    I suspect that the “founding grievance” of this club is smugly fatuous guys like Genzlinger. I don’t know what the relationship the Laffing Devils have to other clubs in Dago. I don’t need to know. I notice they are all alive and seem unafraid. All I know is that if I ever run into any of these guys, if this club survive this show, I expect them to treat me with respect. So, I am going to give them their respect. Sutter and SOA and so on is just unabashedly Hollywood, so that show is fair game because nobody real is involved.


  53. Rebel Says:

    Dear Concerned,

    Looking beyond the bullshit, I assume this club got a new clubhouse, some cigars, a little fame and, I hope, a fully stocked bar. This could be an ATF thing but I don’t think so right now. Maybe.


  54. Junior Says:

    Did you say that there is a sons of anarchy “charter” 30 strong in your town? WTF!? Do they actually own & ride motorcycles? What does “grassed” mean? Im an east coaster and never heard “grassed”, I assume you mean harassed or jailed by LE, please clarify. -Junior

  55. Dexstarr Says:

    I know almost nothing about 1%’ers don’t claim I do. What I do know is Production, Both sides, the “Real side” as we call it and the Porn side. Porn is easy. Girl “A” will do whatever for X amount of dollars. You shoot it / edit it and your done. The Discovery ch is not so fast. I am sure this show was pitched at least a year ago if not more. The Discovery ch. big hit “Gold Rush” was pitch 3 years before it was aired so if this hold true for Devils Ride that means the club was only 2 years old when the first pitch was made to someone. I believe this show is a made for TV show bike club and someone at Discovery bought it hook line and stinker!

  56. sled tramp Says:

    RE: Stroker on diamonds
    I wear a naked cut.Not a ton of tabs,nothing but a tab over the one pocket, a side hash,and my patch.If someone can’t figure out who I am by my patch,they’re too stupid to be impressed with a window show on the front.Besides of which,they’re really only gonna see my patch on my back anyways as I fly by their cage.One piece,three piece, diamonds or not.It’s all about what new people think is old school or outlaw.Like magazines telling readers that everyone back in the day rode a suicide shifter.(nope).
    I’ve worn levi and leather cuts,different shaped patches and tabs in both clubs I’ve history in.When you get lit up, it’s alllll the same.Unfortunately, these days,the collective stupidity level of citizens,cops and new riders is about the same.
    “I know who I am,
    and I know who my club is. I personally don’t feel the need to advertise
    myself” does an excellent job of summing up patches.It’s the inside not the outside that counts.If you think you aren’t man enough without a patch,that it,and only it,designates one as a true biker, you’re a fool.
    I see guys riding shiny, chromed bikes,fancy cuts, a million patches etc…I see guys on simple, plain, well thought out sleds who wear Carhart jackets and levis with no patches or stickers to be seen and they ride like they’re one with their bike.I used to see guys at Bragg wearing 201 profile suits strutting around and back at the Ranch,some beat to shit exhausted trooper with no patches.
    Guess which of these guys gets respect and a free beer.

  57. springerman Says:

    On a nice putt in the January FL sunshine I stopped at a bar and was greeted by a nice man wearing a SOA cut off tee, as we exchanged pleasantries I asked “are you a real member” to which he replied “don’t you worry about it”. I laughed real good all the way to my seat and all the way through several beers. Still laugh pretty good when the thought crosses whats left of my mind.

  58. BigV Says:

    To be grassed is to be snitched on. The IRA used to refer to informants as grasses- as in “snake in the grass”. An informant in a really important position would be a “super grass”- ie Martin McGartland in the IRA or someone like Wayne Hicks, James Brandes, Rueben Cavazos, Ron Howerton, or Alex Caine.

  59. troyez Says:

    Junkyard said:

    “I wondered if they were a new club, possibly one created by the ATF.”

    My exact thoughts at first blush; in the first episode I thought many of the members had a cop-like look to them, they seem like undercover cops to me. Back when I was young, dumb, and full of _ _ _, and I was into (gobs of) drugs, my buddies and I were approached by a narc cop at a bowling alley where he tried his damnedest to get us to sell to him! The way that narc carried himself came right back to me when I watched the show! I have a nose for this kind of thing (no pun intended), and I will not be surprised if these guys aren’t setting someone up somehow. I might be having a flashback of paranoid thoughts though.

  60. troyez Says:

    As usual, I’m humbled and I learn something important by what Sled Tramp writes. If you’re new to this page and want to learn something, look up Sled Tramp, Rebel, and RVN69 – I do.
    Thank you gentlemen!

  61. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    “I suspect that the “founding grievance” of this club is smugly fatuous guys like Genzlinger.”

    Reading Genzlinger’s review and then this statement was a sort of crystallizing moment.

  62. troyez Says:

    All right, after watching the second episode of “The Devils Ride,” I’m going to retract my “cop” theory. Whatever the deal is, I’m suspending judgment, because I know better than to make a call on something before all the facts are known, and I was unfair in my judgment. Plus Rebel thinks they’re for real and that should have been enough to set me straight.
    Now I’m gonna sit back and let you all do the speculatin’ for me.

  63. Junkyard Says:

    As with any club, I would like to see them grow and posper. I do wonder if they will survuve the ides of reality TV and not turn them into a bunch of “stars” that attend rallies just to sign autographs. I have no knowledge of their beginnings, but my first impression of them has waned. I would not be surprised to learn they are good folks.


    Your website is a gem, please keep up the good work.

  64. observer Says:

    Remember The Monkees? They were a made for TV “band” that couldn’t at first even play their instruments. Somehow they actually became real. Wonder if these guys will.

  65. Grumbler Says:

    Okay, if they were actually a LEMC, there’s NFW in hell Rusty Coones would’ve contracted a $40K bike repo with ‘em.

    Now we have the ex-Prez turning in his 3 piece patch and starting a whole new MC.

    Guess I’ll stick around for the 3rd episode.

  66. troyez Says:

    That’s why I retracted my statement.

  67. sled tramp Says:

    Gee Troyez…..
    Appreciate the compliment.Very nice of you.Thanks.
    I walked in tonight to find I’d neglected to remove the record command from the DVR and had episode 2 going.Figured with all the postings of late,what the hell….
    Well, they named it right…Laffing.I sure as shit was.
    The new P damn near swallowed his tongue he was gulping so hard when told to go and get or else.He looked like a little kid getting the come to Jesus lecture after getting caught in the john with an old sleazyrider mag.
    I know all I need to know now but still don’t care.

  68. Stevo Says:


    Grassed on = Snitched on, in this case I mean that the SOA members would go straight to the porkers if anyone threatened them never mind took their patches. And yes, there’s 30 of them SOA in my town, all yuppie types, stockbrokers and the like and they ride top-end brand new HD’s. I say ride, what I mean is trundle down to the seafront en-masse on a Sunday morning when it’s sunny and dry. To them that cut is no different to a genuine HD jacket or a HOGS patch, they aren’t being anything except clueless, they are just a patched fan club.

  69. Gringo Says:

    Well dammit now I’m watching this show of dysfunctional dorks , have I fallen prey to peer pressure or is this just a case of rubber necking looking at a fucking trainwreck ?

  70. Caretaker Says:

    I’m going with the “trainwreck” theory…
    If you put asside the fact it’s supposed to be real,it is actually a decent show…
    As a side note,way off topic,anyone have any advice for a 30 something soon to be grandpa? Just found out my oldest (step daughter) is expecting,and i’d trust anyone here before anyone else outside my club brothers.


  71. Stoney Says:

    They need to fire their writers They suck. At least Kurt Sutter can write a plot and has actors who can act. Everything Is forced on this show. But I will still watch for the lAffs :>)

  72. sled tramp Says:

    I was 30 something when the oldest approached me one Thanksgiving and asked how I felt about being a grandparent.”Well, yeah, someday I’d probably lik….why are you asking?”,Fortunately for him, there were a number of witnesses around the table when I came across it with a carving knife.
    The grandkid’s 16 now.Been a few since and I’m happy about being the gray beard.Just go with it and be supportive.It’s like anything else,it is what it is,you’ll always be wrong unless someone needs something and family stuff gets more expensive.

  73. Rebel Says:

    Dear Square Verbose Doc,


    I think Genzlinger is correct that motorcycle clubs are 50s style institutions. I disagree that America is nearer to perfection now than it was in 1958.

    Now off to court in Santa Ana to watch a smugly fatuous judge and 14 lawyers argue about how many Mongols can dance on the hed of a pin.


  74. Caretaker Says:

    Thanks sled.


  75. Dante Says:

    I saw 30 minutes of it last night and all I can say is ugh, what a crapfest.

  76. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    Which are the “hottest” women is simply a matter of perspective. I just flirted with a comely lass who started to tell me about her grandchildren…

    (Sigh) I’ve gone from MILFs to GILFs…


  77. 10Gauge Says:


    Congrats…I am a thirty something myself but no granchitlens (yet) that I know of…I only know you from your words here but you seem as solid as they all I can say is ENJOY…It has been my experience that you have no choice about the family you are born into…But the family you create can be as dedicated, loving, and fulfilling as you make it…it aint easy but nothing worthwhile is.

    Strength, Respect, Honor

  78. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Great article and thread, but it is impossible to read the title and not think of a certain Wilson Pickett song. You know, the one I call the astronaut song (though he wrote it about a car). “All you wanna do is ride around, Sally (Ride, Sally, ride).”

    YYZ Skinhead

  79. Adamal the Animal Says:

    I have been visiting this site for a few months now and greatly enjoy reading both rebels informative articles and the responses given thereafter. I will be the first to admit that I am nieve about the intracies of being a 1%er and would hesitate to call myself a biker at times but one thing I do understand is respect and loyalty for a brother. This is what drives me to the phenom of the 1% life. It’s truly an awesome thing more powerful than money or who claims what territory or whatnot.
    Ok brown nosing intro over with here is what I’m thinking. Ok yes the laughing devils may be real and yes I’m sure they are getting Paid to do this. I think it’s entirely possible that they have no idea what they are getting themselves and their associations into. Let’s say in theory this show becomes a huge reality hit. Now let’s say the writes stage something in the season finale that actually is reality. What if one of these guys does something really stupid “in the name of the club”. What if real RICO charges are dealt as a result. Millions of viewers will have just witnessed the ATF get a hard on and get a conviction on national tv.
    Millions of viewers will immediately realize that the fun, young laughing devils are bad people and by guilt by association all clubs are bad people. The ATF didn’t just convince a jury of 12 that MCs are guilty of crimes/RICO but a viewership of millions of potential future jurors.
    Maybe a bad example but look at WWE wrestling. The writers can make you love a guy one week and want his blood the next. Maybe I’m thinking to much into this and should just watch it for what it’s worth. A good chuckle..

  80. Caretaker Says:

    Thanks… She’s the oldest of 3… I have her (16) a 4yr old and a 2yr old. They’re a handful but well worth it.

  81. iw brutus Says:

    We recently seem to be having a more trouble with the local law here in central Texas since these shows (SOA, Gangland, Devils whatever)are on.

    One of my brothers got stopped on the “I couldn’t see your inspection sticker” bit. The cop went into the: all 3 piece patch clubs are “outlaws”, how long have you been a “known associate”, you’re wearing a support patch (I do and I don’t care what anyone’s opinion of that is {JAQ please feel free to call me a pussy if you’re ever in Texas}). The cop kept him roadside for an hour and he had to have his bike trailered home (apes were too high) or he’d have it impounded.

    I haven’t seen that kind of crap (at least outside of Williamson county) since the 80’s. I directly blame stupid people (cops) who belive all the shit they see on TV. It is an election year and we were all expecting a little more hassles, but not quite this obvious.

    Don’t watch this shit! If the ratings drop the shows will get cancelled, and maybe TPTB will move on to the next “danger” of the day. Please don’t support this garbage even if it is funny, entertaining or whatever excuse you may have to watch! I like a good train wreck as much as anybody. I just don’t want to be on the train with my brothers when it happens.

  82. Rebel Says:

    Dear Adamal the Animal,

    WWE is an excellent analogy! The producers of The Devil’s Ride used to work for the WWE.

    Thank you for kissing my ass. Felt good.


  83. JIM666 Says:

    Congratz Caretaker, best thing about grandbabys is= you can give em back when ya get tired of playing
    Im almost 50 and have 4 kids from 22 to 3 lol, hopfully no grandkids in the near future,,lol The oldest and youngest are boys the girls are 10 and 12
    Good luck and enjoy

  84. Grumbler Says:

    iw brutus – you got it right WRT a correlation btw those shows and LEOs. Unfortunately, given their popularity and ratings, we’re gonna continue to get increased scrutiny by Barney Fife and company.

    An old trick for those with apes is to have ‘em just loose enuff to muscle downwards to the legal height when stopped. Police harassment, for me, started right after I built my first chopper with apes and 10 over forks in ’69 — that’s when the B flicks like The Wild Angels (1966), Hell’s Angels on Wheels (1967), Born Losers (1967), Devil’s Angels (1967), Angels from Hell (1968), The Savage Seven (1968), and Hell’s Angels ’69 (1969) were not exactly family friendly movies.

    FWIW, the May 15th DEVILS RIDE premiere episode, Vegas Repo Mission, was the #2 original primetime cable telecast among Men 25-54 and Men 18-49 in delivery, behind only DEADLIEST CATCH.

  85. BadMagic Says:

    Adamal the Animal,

    On the flip side, the populace could see the bias and profiling and harassment by the alphabet gangs. Like “Out Bad” but not nearly as good.


  86. converge Says:

    after watching the 2 episodes that aired. i was questioning if the clubs was actually real or not. so my internet searching led me here. i have gained a good amount of information on mc in general just from reading each news story and its comments that lay below it. having a friend that was on a reality tv show, and asking him questions about how he saw the inner workings in motion. i came to the conclusion that they probably real but are getting played more then they are getting paid. they tape thousands of hours and edit into what they want.writers have free will to do what they want with the footage when you sign that line. the single speaking parts are where they get really played. getting asked questions about certain parts that annoyed,pissed off and generally upset about something. discovery the puppeteer and they are the puppets so i think alot of the series will be staged(come on if someones going to throw a bottle at you its not goin come from behind and land on the ground 8 ft behind you).

  87. 10Gauge Says:


    3 Already!…Man does time fly.. for sure…Hope all is well with you.

    I am still getting good use out of the Fuck You Gangland shirt.

    Strength, Respect, Honor

  88. Caretaker Says:

    Thanks all… I appreciate thr feedback and advice. Yall ever in jersey ya got a place to crash.


  89. Oso Says:

    Goldsboro Williams

    Thank you sir! Thought i was the only one struggling with this.
    MILF vs. GILF

    Have some raisin pie, my treat :)


  90. Dago Says:

    I have lived in Dago my entire life and have never seen this club riding around town. I saw the show, my first thought was…..FAKE! Somebody told me that they were wearing 1% patches, I feared for them. After watching the show looks like they weren’t. We all know who can and who cannot wear 1% patches in cali and MOST cannot. Anyways, I don’t know these guys and like I said have never seen them riding around town but I will reserve judgment. I don’t really like the idea of a club having a TV show though but its entertainment i guess.

  91. jimmy superfly snooka Says:

    I think the diamond patch wearing by clubs differs state to state. some states all OMC’s wear them, some states none of them do. Back in the day just having a 3 piece patch told everyone who you were. I think with all the influx of LEMC and VMC’s more and more clubs are putting them on to differenciate themselves from the jokesters out there and wannabes. We all know 1% is a lifestyle we live. L&R Rebel, love your work and great job on Skip’s obituary you did up.

  92. Woodstock Says:

    Damn. Haven’t heard raisin pie mentioned in many years. Remember it from back in the dazes when Easyriders was still a straight up motorcycle rag. Wonder if miraculous mutha is still out there drawing flies?

  93. Glenn S. Says:

    Just an observation, but it seems like, back in the ’70s and ’80s, around here (SC), every group of men who got together and decided to start a motorcycle club wore 3 piece patches. I recall one that formed as a chapter of a lesser-known club, and the requirement to do so, and be fully patched, was simply to party three times with the mother chapter that was based in another state. (That club still exists, the local chapter does not.) Some of those clubs still exist as 3-piece, non-1% clubs and are respected as such. A couple of them became charters of a major club that is now preemminant around here. Most folded for various reasons. Nowadays, smaller, newer clubs wear one-piece patches as RCs but some of them seem, to me, as serious or more so than the fly-by-night three piece patches of days gone by. Such structure and hierarchy seems, to me, to be an effective way to insure that a fly-by-night group will not sew on three pieces and make deals with terlvision networks that will become the embarressment of every biker, independant and club member alike.

    Gods, I can’t stop for a burger these days without some idiot walking up to me and asking if I watch Sone of Anarchy. One was even “helpful” enough to tell me where they sell the tee shirts.

  94. Thd one Says:

    What a bunch of bullshit…… The wild hogs are more of a outlaw biker club than this crap.

  95. things that make you go hmm Says:


  96. rollinnorth Says:

    “Here we come, ridin’ down the street,
    we get the funniest looks from,everyone we meet.
    Hey, hey we’re the…”

  97. ruffrider Says:

    I don’t know. These people look mean to me. Glad I live in norcal but I still fear for my….fear for my…. fear for my….I don’t know but I’m scared of something

    Respect for some


  98. Muck 1%er Says:

    Dunno ruffrider. I was in Redding last summer and ran into some insignificant dumbass who was ridin in a borrowed soccer mom van, while sportin his own club vest, but wearin a support shirt of the laffin devils. I asked where they were from and he said they have a chptr right there in Rdg. So…better beware. Lmfao

  99. Vikingtrotter Says:

    So, I found their website and at the bottom of their home page I find this:
    …side note: We are also considering investor’s for the site and club. We are looking to grow!! Fact is that now we have the series on TV we feel its best to capitalize on it. If interested shoot us an email and we will look into it on an individual basis…

    Investors? Really? You have to be kidding……Are you an MC or a silicon valley startup?
    Very douchy-douch if you ask me.

  100. Fade2Black Says:

    Eric Bischoff/Discovery isn’t even attempting to hide how fake and staged this show it. Thought the guy “Rick” getting his bike repoed looked familiar. He is custom bike builder “King Of Flames” Dave Perewitz. Hes been on Discovery before in biker build off. He has a bunch of vids on utube. Unless Dave and “Rick” are twins with the same voice. Its Dave Perewitz.

  101. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Just discovered that the guy in Vegas that had his bike repoed was none other than Dave Perewitz. A wellknown bike fabricator.
    Dave also has worked for the Discovery Channel in the past for Biker Build off. So,this show is getting even more fishy.

  102. observer Says:

    some pretty funny comments from Youtube trailer vid:

    That is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on youtube. I noticed the comic sans but thought I was imagining it. Also just so everyone knows, this show is totally fake. And I’ll tell you why. Dave Perewitz the famous, wealthy bike builder was in the last episode playing a guy getting his bike repo’d. So please call for it to be cancelled. They’re making the rest of us look bad

    when you put yourself out there to be a bad ass your just looking for some two really show who is imho

    The few. The Gay & Proud. The laffing devils

    I think Walmart sells those Devils patchs in their sewing department..12 for 16 bucks or somethin like that….Don’t forget the tax..

    Hey dimwit,,, there about as real as Bozo the clown show..Get a clue..Real my ass..


    LMMFAO,, This club couldn’t even take on Romper room….I’ve NEVER seen such B/S in my life..These idiots all wanna be TV stars…And I thought SOA, was a bunch of B/S..Tossing lights against the wal at their new clubhouse wall….Lmao..WOW !!! Where,, oh WHERE do I run….Telling the cab driver to back up.My teeth are chatterin as I write this..HEY !!! Devils I know this 14 yr old clubhouse that are takin up some of your turf…..GO,GET UM…

    VicPres- lmao!! Love it.

    I like how they had dave perewitz play the role of a guy getting his bike repo’d like no one would catch that it was custom bike builder dave perewitz

    The new Pres Billy the Kid. When he was introduced to Rusty Coones. I though he was gonna throw up, pass out and have a coronary. Memo to Billy. That’s what a real leader looks like. The new VP scrub, or what ever the hell his name is. Saying that’s one big mo fo talking about Rusty Coones. Ya especially if he’s 6’5 or 6’6 285-300 all muscle and a legit bad ass and you are 5.3′ 135 playing dress up wanna be biker

    These fucking ass clowns couldn’t be ole ladies to real m/c. Im sure they would like to try. All these faggot names billy the kid. gipsi

    what a fucking joke.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

  103. Vikingtrotter Says:

    So,here is something that was just shared on the LD FB page. It looks like the producers are using actors from SOA to appear on the LD show. They are using extras that fit the biker ‘look’.

  104. Phuquehed Says:

    That website Vikingtrotter found….you can tell it’s new as there’s no fucking content anywhere yet. How long have they said they’ve been around? “We’re always looking for new members!” – no self-respecting MC would EVER do something like that, which goes to show that LaffingDickheads and UrineOrder are nothing but wannabe bullshit clubs, and yes, I *DO* laugh my ass off every time I see anyone wearing a Urine Order patch and I try to make sure they hear me and know I’m laughing at *them*. (same as I laugh my ass off when I see one of those moronic cars a ‘brutha’ has put together that sits 3 feet off the ground so they could fit those moronic wheels under it and they suddenly wonder why the mechanics of the car aren’t working right and wearing out so fast). Fucktards one and all. Proof there is no god and that the shallow end of the gene pool is simply getting muddier and muddier by assholes who make up shows like these ‘reality’ things and people with no money but what little they have spend it on imbecilic crap.

  105. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    When I first saw the show, my Bovine Splatter meter was pegged. I tweaked the Google search parameters to exclude newer items to see if anything came up prior to the promotion and buzz with minimal results which kind of confirmed my suspicion that this little venture was planned. As others have mentioned though, if you look at it as manufactured entertainment, it’s almost digestible and can even be comical. The (staged) drama of the “blue car”, the humor of the faked repo, and the Stalinesque voting scene (“Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything”,) all appear different though that filter. On the other hand, there is the image of douchebaggery that will inevitably be replicated among folks wanting to “play” MC with their patches ordered off of the LD store, soon to be powered by Discovery Channel I bet, which affects the MC world.

    Speaking of Discovery Channel, I just visited their Devils’s Ride page to make sure I was correct on them doing the show and noticed a featured link titled “What Are Motorcycle Club Colors” which led to the following page on one of their sub-sites: It reads like it was composed after a “research” session that consisted of watching several episodes of Gangland.

  106. ruffrider Says:

    Thanks Muck. Now I know what I’m scared of. I guess the reason I never see their patch is because their rideing around in soccermom vans. I couldnt afford the fines myselfe.

    Respect where it is deserved


  107. JIM666 Says:

    10G glad to hear pm me your addy and i,ll send ya out another shirt, things are going ok got rid of the ol but still have the kids,,,,,,lol, hope all,s well w/ you & yours, Respects, Jim

  108. Vikingtrotter Says:

    From the comments link. It looks like a REAL Dago MC…Just took the cuts of several Laffing Devils………..Should we call them Crying Devils now?
    If true. It didnt take too long did it?

  109. rollinnorth Says:

    Weird. This seems almost like a promo for an upcoming episode.

  110. Rebel Says:

    Dear Vikingtrotter,

    I am trying to see if I can get enough information about the Laffing Devils to do a story about them. Sometimes, even simple tasks take days.


  111. BadMagic Says:

    Hey Rebel,

    Why not just ask them. They don’t seem particularly shy….


  112. Grumbler Says:

    Well, since Gipsy is supposedly starting a new MC, I can see this becoming another variant of Paul Sr vs Paul Jr American Chopper. Maybe it’ll eventually evolve into a modern day West Side Story with romance, music, dancing and a rumble between the Jets and Sharks. Gong!

  113. Phuquehed Says:

    @Grumbler – Well, with any luck they won’t be singing…the rest (except maybe for the dancing) I can at least barely tolerate…okay, no romance either, ’cause nowadays they’re probably all fags…and the music better be something other than Julie fucking Andrews…

    On second thought, they just all need to jump off a pier into shark infested waters and let this whole joke of a show end on a good note.

  114. Vikingtrotter Says:


    Goodluck with that.

  115. Sonofa1%er Says:

    I grew up with a 1% dad, he’s still kicking in the mc today and I will say that this crap needs to go away. I am in no way a biker I’m a poser on a metric bike, for personal reasons only a son of 1 can understand. But this show embarrasses even me.

  116. Luke Says:

    Rebel –

    You are one cool, smart dude. Much respect. I just happened upon the 3rd episode on TV, and even knowing the show would be absurd and unrealistic, I gave it a shot. It was obviously scripted, but that wasn’t my concern, as I understand exactly what reality TV is and how it works and how it gets made. My questions were: did they pre-exist and sell out or were they created from whole cloth, and how would real MCs react and perceive the LDs? This article was the best I found for answering those. You and some others on this thread explained it all quite well. Thank you. I just learned a lot.

    – Luke

  117. Rebel Says:

    Dear Vikingtrotter,

    Well, here is the whole conversation so far:

    Dear LD Webmaster,

    I write about bikers a little bit and I would like to make the acquaintance of you guys.


    TO ME
    Things are a bit hectic right now. But we are always wanting some good publicity. Where are you located?

    Dear LD Admin,

    I am in Torrance. I know where San Diego is. I am guessing you do not know who I am. I have a site at You guys are on television so I have written a couple of stories about you already and you can read those, and the comments about your club, on the site.

    I would like to do a story about the club, rather than just the TV show.


    So far they are still busy.


  118. Xara Says:

    The best thing about the show?

    Watching it led me to do a goolgle search, which in turn led me here.

    Nice site, Rebel.

  119. Luke Says:

    Guaranteed there are contracts in place to prevent any of the guys you see on the show from saying anything to the press or public that would undermine the narrative of the show. It is, not surprisingly, an awful lot like pro wrestling; not quite fiction, not quite real, just an exaggeration. The “characters” of the show are just slightly modified and edited versions of the real people (mostly, some are pure actors, who also sign contracts that prevent them from giving away the plot before the show airs ). But for the illusion to stay in place, they cannot break the spell by acknowledging the pretense. Hulk Hogan always stayed in character.

  120. Vikingtrotter Says:

    “I am in Torrance. I know where San Diego is.”

    You know, Rebel. It’s that subtle humor of yours’ that is such a treat to read.

  121. JIM666 Says:

    Damn Rebel I stayed a couple nights in Torrance back in 1990 also checked out Hollyweird,cool place to visit,being from the east coast,,,, I keep typing shit on this thread but so far none of what I typed has anything to do w/ the thread title, I just really don`t have anything to say about this LD whatever it,s supposed to be,altho some of the comments here are amusing I find the show/club “not”
    shit not even interesting,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  122. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jim666,

    I really live in Redondo Beach but the bitch chased me accross the city line. Still haven’t gotten my .44 mag back either.


  123. ANARCHY Says:

    respect, Steve

  124. Gringo Says:

    roofied and robbed like a punk what a fuckin soap opera …

  125. ANARCHY Says:

    priceless !!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Rebel Says:

    Dear Anarchy,

    Thank you very much. I appreciate this.


  127. Rebel Says:

    Dear Gringo,

    Let me see if I have this right. The President of a multi-chapter, three piece patch, motorcycle club was in a bar drinking alone, with his cut on, and then he rode home alone? No brothers, no prospects, no hang arounds with him?

    I beseech the Laffing Devils to hire me as a security consultant for about a minute so I might make a couple of suggestions that might help prevent a recurrance of this unfortunate incident. All due respect to the LD.


  128. sled tramp Says:

    LMFAO…..the guy in the video without a Prospect rocker looks like Lou Costello of Abbott and Costello.Explains a lot….I love the brim up caps they all seem to have to wear.Look like a bunch of skaters that still live with their mommys.

  129. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Just asking–I know that sometimes people are involved in the bail bond business, but it appears that the ex-president of the LD’s is and has been a “bounty hunter” and a clip on the Discovery Channel site shows him and another individual with a badge, subduing and detaining some woman who missed a court date (after which he describes the thrill of the hunt).

    Would that make him law enforcement or not?

  130. shovelNY Says:

    This just keeps getting better………………..

    Nuff Said

  131. sherides Says:

    The Ol Man and I watched the first 3 episodes of this show last night.

    He kept looking over at me and asking “these are real bikers?”.

    All I could say was, “Yes Dear, these are real made for TV Bikers”. They are not to be confused with any actual 3 PC Patch Holders we may come across in our travels.

  132. rollinnorth Says:

    Man, the publicity flacks at Discovery Channel are working overtime. “Memo to Kurt: dis Sandman…”
    Maybe Sutter’s Outlaw Empires isn’t pulling in the ratings, although, come to think of it, it’s the Devils’ show that ran back-to-back episodes in the middle of sweeps week. What a crock.

  133. Gringo Says:

    someone needs to let Boys Scouts Troop 116 know that “P” is comin for them big time!

  134. Grumbler Says:

    Okay, now we have Gipsy as Prez of the newly minted Sinister Mob Syndicate MC, and the LDMC is balefully regarding it as a spiteful neon light flashing DISRESPECT. What’s next, a vicious paintball attack in a dark alley?

  135. rollinnorth Says:

    In that dark alley where they throw bottles at you, I’ll bet.

  136. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Gringo Says:
    May 23rd, 2012 at 10:37 pm
    roofied and robbed like a punk what a fuckin soap opera …

    ….I guess thats what you get when you go cruising at gay bars….

    On another thing. Gotta love what Sutter is calling the LDs (Learning Disablity MC)!/sutterink

  137. Vikingtrotter Says:

    kurt sutter‏@sutterink

    LACTATING DEVILS, fake MC is now threatening actors. wow, they are so fucking BADASS. gigiddy. TMZ you complete me.

  138. Vikingtrotter Says:

    So Sutter has a Youtube page and he says that he will discuss the LDMC beef and how its damaging his SOA brand! hahaha!It most likely will be titled WTF Laffing Devils.

  139. sherides Says:

    What’s he gonna do, sue them for copyright infringement because there is an LD member named Juice and an SOA member also named Juice?

    I find it highly amuzing that Kurt Sutter is offended by the LD.

    Soon there will be an episode where the LD are patched over to the SOA.

  140. observer Says:

    What would happen if you wore this into a SOA bar?

  141. Rebel Says:

    Dear Observer,

    This fucking show just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Gonna have to do another story. I would have written it today but unfortunately none of the LDMC wants to talk to me, or you, even anaonymously.


  142. Vikingtrotter Says:

    I am sooooooo hoping these RUB douches do a ride up to the Rock Store in Agoura or Neptunes Net in VC and have a stink-eye stare-off with the SOA T shirt RUBs….Actually, I am waiting to see the first guy there wearing a Devils Ride T-shirt and I’m going to have to post a photo of him here for your amusement…

  143. Vikingtrotter Says:

    There are SOA bars? good lord!

  144. Hose-a 1% Says:

    Do any of you remember Eric Von Zipper and his”club”.They were in those old beach movies.I think they merged with the Black Widows from the Clint Eastwood movies and are now the L.D.M.C.LAUGHING DOUCHEBAGS.Looks like soa have some real competition.WHAT A FUCKEN JOKE.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. retired F.T.F.

  145. hooligandoc Says:

    Hey Rebel, was cruisin the web trying to beat the filter on my work internet and found this TMZ article. Seems ole kurt sutter now has the attention of the Laughing Devils…Maybe SOA and the Devils could duke it out on one of their “real” shows…

    Hope all is well. – doc

  146. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Frankly, I think the Laffing Devils have alot more in common with the Satyrs MC than a regular MC.
    Probably, explains why their Prez ended going to some bar getting ruffied, robbed and ended up in a ditch, unconcious (a deleted scene is shown on the FB page with him explaining what happened) ……I bet his butt hurts too.

  147. Nico Says:

    I like how they Pretend that Sand Man punk can fight. God I want to beat on his face. .

  148. ANARCHY Says:

    Not sure Mob Syndicate MC will happen they didn’t buy up the domain . show biz buy up domains years ahead .
    Respect, Steve

  149. observer Says:

    Vikingtrotter: Isn’t the rufie thing a date-rape drug? I’m also thinking we’re not getting the whole story here. Maybe with Obo’s latest endorsement, these guys are looking to catch some serious political wind right now. Perhaps they’ll be the honor guard at the first gay biker wedding in the white house.

  150. Stevo Says:

    I’ve said it before-and I’ll say it again. This show and SOA are designed to flood the MC scene and water down it’s seriousness. It won’t be long before there are LDMC chapters (franchises?) popping up everywhere and any real 1%er who takes their patch or touches them in any way will be reported to the lettermen and we all know that will end up in RICO. The men putting up these patches may not be any more guilty than HOG’ERS of being ‘agent provocateur’ but they will sure be used as such by Ciccone and his batty boys.

  151. tre' deuce ronin Says:

    Don’t take this as any kind of disagreement with any of the negative comments, but that wasn’t Perewitz! Dave is bald as all hell, and the guy getting his bike repoed had spikey hair. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t staged…just not Dave Perewitz!

  152. BigV Says:

    Stevo: I agree and I feel the same way about the little fools who read The Horse and go out and buy the reproduction Satan’s Slaves SFV and Straight Satans patches and adorn the cuts they haven’t earned with 1% cueball and diamond patches. I love how I’m “a pussy” and not a “real biker” because I don’t own or ride a hardtail.

    I hate how something I love and actually live has become cheap, pimped out by Hollywood trash who have always held us as beneath scorn, and used to generate cheap heat on some kayfabe “reality” show.

  153. Glenn S. Says:

    I’m on month 3 of Having No Cable. I see I’m not missing much.

  154. Glenn S. Says:

    Okay, I watched a couple of the clips on the show’s website and it occurs to me that anyone who wanted to harm that club can easily learn their strengths and weaknesses. But now they are protected by fame and, as has been pointed out, as such are more mainstream than outlaw. I imagine they are getting some perks like free tattoos, shiny shit for their bikes, the clubhouse, or studio, or whatever.

    My guess is that, real club or not, the minute the show is cancelled, the club will be too.

  155. Vikingtrotter Says:

    WHo know that Southpark did a show on the Laffing Devils….

  156. Rebel Says:

    Dear Nico,

    I haven’t even seen the third episode yet and already I am sick of this fucking show and these fucking guys. Now they are a fashion line of tee shirts.

    Sorry I missed you last weekend, by the way.


  157. Rebel Says:

    Dear Doc,

    Yeah, now I have to write a story about all the Hollywood bitch slapping that surrounds this show.


  158. Junior Says:

    I watched the “roofied & robbed” clip. That was my first experience with that show (and my last). All I have to say is thank God I dumped that satellite and cable subscription years ago. Is the punk that got “roofied” the LD president!? WTF, You’re kidding me right. FTF FTP FTLD. -Junior

  159. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Yes, Junior.

    Thats was their pres………can you believe it?

  160. Grumbler Says:

    That reality demented show brings to mind El Topo (The Mole), which issa weird 1970 Mexican western film, thanks to all that inexplicable and bizarre shit like roofied and rolled.

  161. jrnr Says:

    just read an article that says prez “billy the dick” has already stepped down. i can hardly stand the wait of who will now step up and accept the “honor” of being the next “p” of the laffing dildos. what a fuckin joke.


  162. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Jrnr,,,,,Post a link to the article, please.

  163. jrnr Says:


    my bad. it wasn’t in the article, it was one of the comments at the end of the article, i think the eighth comment. sorry.


  164. Stroker Says:

    Held off commenting on this til now, just watched the 2nd episode last night. Made it thru to the end, only by gritting my teeth and fighting my finger on the remote, which kept trying to switch channels. Felt I had to see the friggin thing thru to the end, to, like give it a chance to go somewhere. It didn’t. On the surface, it looks like a legit club, that is being used by Disco channel to further stereotype and use the biker lifestyle to generate interest/viewers/money. Looking kinda between the scenes, I’ve noticed a few things. OK. We all agree it’s a scripted (by the Disco people) show, using (maybe) real bikers, to sort of ad-lib their lines to lend credibilty to this lame attempt to show the biker/club lifestyle. But, there’s noticeable holes here and there. Like, don’t these guys have bylaws to guide them thru their voting process? I mean Billy, the new Prez decides on his own, to vote by secret ballot. Most well-established clubs have bylaws that dictate things like voting protocol, so there would be no question about secret or otherwise voting. Gipsy steps down as P., then you hear he’s “retired”, and no argument from him (really). What’s up with that? as far as the bike re-po goes, that whole thing was just total bullshit.
    Who drove the van up there? All of a sudden there it is! Nobody seems to know what’s right or wrong, just a lot of whining and posturing.
    I can hardly wait to not watch this show again. I feel like BigV……
    the lifestyle I know and am part of, is being whored out by people who really have no idea what it’s about, and only care about their own fleeting appearance on tv, or money, or maybe to set the stage for some future RICO action we can only guess at now. In fact most of these guys look like LEOs. Maybe something there? If, by some strange quirk, these guys are for real, they should get the fuck off the tv, and away from the mechanizations of the Discovery channel, and the lame fucks who set this shit up. They ain’t doin’ any of us any favors. I’d rather watch SOA then this maudlin boring travesty of a mockery of a sham, of a mockery of 2 shams!

  165. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Interesting watching Sutter’s WTFSutter video blog,,,,,14 Part 1
    Basically saying that DC kept the LD show a secret……He also says that LD is a support club for a much larger club.

  166. dago peckerwood Says:

    the LD are a support club for the cops.they started out a somewhat decent bottomfeeder.they flew white on red,indicating they were someones bitch.after it became public knowledge that gypsies wife was a san diego police officer things got sticky for the laffing dildoes.after pressure from real m.c.’s gypsy was voted out,snd the dildoes changed thier patch to grey on red.the show on t.v. is pure unaddultrated b.s. the disc. ch. rented them a clubhouse for two months to film the show.all the down members quit when the show started filming,and all the others have either quit or gone into hiding since.the bike repo in vegas was purely staged,those lames couldnt take candy from a baby.i got confronted by two of them and a supporter on thier poker run. after a couple minutes of self defense by myself and an agreement that i wood return thier colors to thier dago prez. they gave me thie cuts.the police were called and i was arrested for 2 counts of strong armed robbery,2 counts of assault, with 5 gang free on $276,000.00 bond.some motorcycle club huh?im sure once all is straiaghtened out in court justice will prevail….hahaha there is no justice,just us

  167. dago peckerwood Says:

    let me clarify: i was defending myself against 3 of them.and since ive seen them commiting felonies on t.v. with no backlash from police i felt threatened by this self admitted O.M.G. oops i meant 3 counts of assault,o well whose counting anyway? L&R to all real mc’s…and fuck all the posers…peckerwoods mc

  168. Rebel Says:

    Dear dago peckerwood,

    Please email me and tell me more.

    Good luck with this bullshit.


  169. whitefxrp Says:

    I watched the first two seasons of SOA cos someone gave them to me on a disc,that was enough for me. I have’nt seen any more SOA or this Devils ride programme but something I have noticed,and I blame these TV show is that guys in my and surrounding areas, who would never,ever,consider hanging (or in the past be worthy of hanging) with MC clubs have started to,and some of the big clubs are actually embracing them,some are going through very short prospecting periods,getting full patches and all of a sudden they think they are badass,disrupting events,trying to intimidate people who have lived this lifestyle for many many years,demanding respect for a patch that took them only months to attain and generally being thugs who don’t ride much as its safer to ride around in a blacked out SUV.Quite often many of these guys don’t last very long after they get patched,when they realise its a serious lifestyle they Bail out,I’m fed up of these Wannabe car driving fucks,I hope they find something else on Discovery or whatever to model their sad lives on and fuck off and leave our lifestyle to the “REAL” bikers

  170. Phuquehed Says:

    @dago peckerwood – Man, I sure hate to hear that shit happened to you and all because you were the one with the balls and stood up to those cock sucking punks. Best of luck with it and I hope you stay free.

    And *that* is reason enough for *anyone* with a smidgen of sense to realize that those faggot laughingdildo’s is/are a bunch of BS pussies and *need* to be shown disrespect at every turn they make. Nothing but little stinkin’ cunts.

  171. puterindabasketchief Says:


    Couldn’t agree more with your observations and opinions. See the same thing in my AO. Another result of all this bullshit is every tom, dick and dumbass wants to start a new club with no understanding of history, class, or protocol. It’s epidemic.

    Plus, you see a lot of guys with way more miles on a bar stool than in the saddle joining clubs who are readily passing out patches to gain numbers. I believe the term is pigeon patches.

    And these are the same fucks who didn’t have the mud to join an established club in their backyard for decades. Now they want respect by roughing up old ladies in bars and acting out what they’ve learned about being in an MC by watching TV.

  172. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Hey! look what I found while trolling the tradmark licencing website.
    I was looking to find info for Sinister Mob Syndicate MC. The new MC started by Dypsy doodle.
    Guess who actually owns it?
    The producers of the show.Its so new. they havent finished the application yet.

  173. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Supreme L&R for Dago Peckerwood!

  174. Rebel Says:

    Dear Vikingtrotter,

    I bet The Devils Ride, Season 2, will be all about the Sinister Mob Syndicate.

    Good job dude, by the way. Very, very nice piece of reporting.


  175. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Dear Rebel.

    Coming from a master such as yourself. Thank you.

    With all of the negativity aimed at the “Learning Disibility MC”, I actually feel that they will be experiencing many more,”teachable moments” as I call it by a multitude of individuals such as Peckerwood,the longer this show goes on. Also, if this group is/was a support group of the big 3-patch group. It doesnt reflect well on them. But, you never know. Money sometimes has a way of blinding you from your loss of dignity and respect from your peers.

  176. Budweiser Says:

    Is “dago peckerwood” part of an MC or just a regular civilian? I got to hear more about this confrontation?

    Rebel- Did you watch last night’s show?

  177. HLVNV Says:

    What are the chances the whole show is a Ciccone influenced effort (with Discovery Channel) to make MC’s look like buffoons and thereby remove some of the mystique and vicarious desire to be like the MC world felt by many civilians since the 60’s (which has only been enhanced by Sutter’s nouvea-Hamlet SOA POS). Might as well use the media to make us look like criminals and fools at the same time. Who knows, might have an impact on future jury pools.

  178. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    The Peckerwood Motorcycle Club has chapters in California and, I believe, Arizona.

    Nope. Didn’t watch the show. I probably will. I am losing respect for these guys fast. The show may be renewed for a second season and I suspect it will center more around “Gipsy’s” Sinister Mob Syndicate. Sinister Mob Syndicate, in case you are just catching up, is a trademark owned by the production company.

    The Peckerwood patch holder now has huge legal bills and I am trying to find some way to get him a decent lawyer. No luck so far.


  179. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    After seeing the first ep I wondered if they were LE. It turns out I was incorrect, the “founder” is just married to one. Humongous difference.

    YYZ Skinhead

  180. Fuck Cops Says:

    These guys are gonna get themselves hurt. They wanna go nationwide? I’m pulling patches if I see them. Fucking punks. Their VP seems like a whiny bitch. And if anyone called my P a bitch, especially on national TV, I’d definitely handle that ASAP. They fall in the same category as iron order punks.

  181. Screwdriver Says:

    Rebel, I live San Diego County, have PRIMO ATTY,
    helps the big club down here.. Hit me up at my email..
    Will get the ball rolling…

  182. possible fucktard Says:

    Ok I’m behind the curve as usual but hustling hard to get caught up to the pack so I’ll make a couple comments. Gila Bend is where the great depression meets Mexico. The junkyards and abandoned trailers and empty warehouses is the town. Gas up and keep going or you may get stuck there forever like the twilight zone. As for the Laughing Devils,this shit is bizare and embarassing. If they’re “real bikers” I’ll stick with posing and if it’s all Hollywood I’m a proud possible fucktard to refuse to contribute to this crap in the minds of ignorant people.Kurt Sutter dissing the LDMC is like Godzilla versus Mothra.Pass the popcorn. I rode all day around my home in southern AZ today. The bikes my only wheels now so sometimes I’m hauling a milk crate of groceries and sometimes I’m hauling a babe around the desert to catch a romantic sunset. I never worry if I’m for real on two wheels.Just if my ice cream or passenger’s heart is melting.

  183. Budweiser Says:

    Thanks Rebel. I’ve been a casual reader of your site for a few years now and knew you’d have a good discussion of this MC/reality show. I am strangely drawn to this bizarre train wreck of a show. Anything else you can add about their background or the Peckerwood situation would be greatly appreciated. I plan on reading your book on “Operation Black Rain” as soon as I can find the time. Keep up the great work!

  184. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey, right on, Screwdriver for steppin’ up to help out dago peckerwood like that!! Now *that’s* the epitome of brotherhood!

  185. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, I will have to write more about reality television bikers. I think the fact that television producers are now inventing outlaw motorcycle clubs is interesting and compelling.


  186. Rebel Says:

    Dear Screwdriver,

    Thank you very much. Will do today.


  187. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Currently, this is my favorite TV with Bikers (The Clandestine). Its sot in Ireland and it’s a comedy. What is interesting about it is that it’s web-based and its on KickStarter. The more money pledged. The more episodes get made.
    My favorite line so far ws from the office drone looking to get into an MC. ” I sent in my CV of all of the MC clubs and none of them have got back to me. You know what? It can take years to become a fully patched member. I wish someone would call me”.
    “”I pledged a dollar.” Kurt Sutter, Creator of Sons of Anarchy ”
    This is more real than LDMC…..

  188. Vikingtrotter Says:

    The best thing about the Clandestine is that they completely make fun of the Laffing Devils unintentially. Like asking for recruits on the website……The other is “We’ll be normal working stiffs during the day. After work we will be 100% 1%’ers” ,,,, I feel like an outlaw already, look! we’re parked in a handycapped spot”

  189. sled tramp Says:

    Funnier’n shit…….

  190. Vikingtrotter Says:

    LDMC Snubz lays it all out on TV inside their club house about what it takes to prospect……….NnnnnGorsh! Its unbeleeeeebable!!

  191. observer Says:

    I’m guessing that the line between real MCs and the pretenders, whether outright actors, or actor/studio-sponsored club hybrids, is strong enough that the MC members who are helping put this stuff out there just really don’t care about any supposed “blurring of the line”. They know what’s what, and who cares if anyone else gets a bit confused. In fact, if something as lightweight as these TV clubs can begin to take on a badass sort of life of their own, how much more badass are the REAL clubs, which even the blurred-vision public has to know are somehow a few cuts above this cartoon stuff. The whole staged reality phenomenon has been done in sports with The Harlem Globetrotters, and of course professional wrestling, and in music with This Is Spinal Tap and originally The Monkees, who eventually crossed over from fake to real. The outlaw MC is apparently one of the more saleable human commodities at this time, and so they are being reproduced into something that can in fact be sold, TV shows, and as they are helping with this sale, the real clubs are also making money, from this sale of themselves. They are either cashing in, or selling out, which in my opinion is the larger issue here.

  192. DirtyBruin Says:

    Vikingtrotter: Thanks for the tip about The Clandestine – I was glad to see they hit their Kickstarter target, and thus there will be more episodes. Funny stuff!

  193. rollinnorth Says:

    So, this Clint fellow calls them “a family club” and the VP character nods in agreement. There you go. Nice babes. Thanks, Vikingtrotter.

    dago peckerwood, hope it goes well.


  194. Stevo Says:

    I have sat throught the first 4 episodes of Devils Ride now, and am beginning to think we are missing the point. Or points. Are these guys even pretending to be ‘Outlaw’ bikers? Or are they just a back patch brotherhood? Certainly it seems that ‘Gypsy’ wants to distance himself from any naughtiness and just wants to do his own (law abiding) thing. I have seen these type of clubs emerging, they love the image and brotherhood/friendship but aren’t wanting the territory beef. In fact, in a way, they are like The Boozefighters. In South Africa, where I live sometimes, MCC clubs wear back patches, often 3 piece, and admit women. I think these types of clubs are here to stay whether 1%ers like it or not, and the way things are going in the USSA I reckon they will be around long after the Arse Touching Faggots have decimated and banned our lifestyle.

  195. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Rollin, if they are a family club. WHy the 3-cuts? Maybe someone should send them this link.

  196. rollinnorth Says:

    Maybe someone should send that link to the show’s producers at The Disco Channel. I wonder if this “club” even knows what it is anymore.
    Thanks for posting that link. Wish more folks would pay attention to protocols. As the saying goes, “stupidity will be painful.”


  197. yuppiekiller Says:

    I heard that around the 12th or so this month (May) that a LD got his patch pulled from a dominant club and then the LD called the cops and later that day the club member that pulled the patch was arrested for assault and theft. I have looked at local news groups and have found nothing to support this so I was going to take it as just a bs story but the guy that claimed that this happend said he could get the arrest report from the member that was arrested.

  198. Vikingtrotter Says:

    I just discovered that IMDB is allowing people to vote 1-10 on the show. So far the show ranks 1.7 out of 10…..You know thats just way too high. I think everyone needs to go to and start voting.
    On the SinMob trademark front. They registered a .COM and they have listed the trade mark to sell:In International Class 025 (US 022 039):
    Motorcycle merchandise, namely, t-shirts, sweat shirts, hooded sweat shirts, tank-tops, sleeveless shirts, hats, caps, underwear, leather jackets, leather clothing, bandannas, gloves, patches, chaps, jackets, gloves, rain suits, coats, vests, shoes, boots and belts
    ……………..Sleeveless shirts! What is this world coming too? Do they think there are that many Larry the Cable Guy lookalikes out there?

  199. DirtyBruin Says:

    Just watched the first episode, and find myself perplexed that a club only 5 years old is having trouble with worries about the “new generation” not being in touch with the founders’ ideals.

    Not that I have a lot of relevant experience, but that sounds very much like they’ve patched some of the wrong people, and have been letting too many in too fast.

    And this whole thing of putting the club on TV just seems really bizarre, given that I always thought “club business is no one else’s.”

  200. Rebel Says:

    Dear yuppiekiller,

    It was two patches. The incident was covered in San Diego and entered into the public record as follows:

    “Deron Jaffe of Santee was arrested on or about May 12 in San Diego County on suspicion of robbery, and assault and battery.” I believe Mr. Jaffe is currently out of custody on a $276,000 bond and may also face a “gang enhancement” of the charges against him. To the best of my knowledge he acted in self defense and the two cuts were surrendered to him voluntarily.


  201. Screwdriver Says:

    Rebel need, DAGO PECKERWOOD, to call me,
    I need full name, dob, court date.. atty will represent him need to talk asap..

  202. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    There is a guy in Berdoo that is pretty good in regards to the 186.22 charges he may be able to help Dago Peckerwood. Ask Dago to setup a fund like at B of A or somewhere and I’ll toss him a few bucks.

    Mark McDonald – He’s also a former DA so knows the racket in the court houses pretty well.

    Where’s Shyster hiding out

    Viva Los Vagos

  203. Rebel Says:


    I just passed this on.


  204. Rebel Says:

    Dear Screwdriver,

    I just passed this on.


  205. Shyster Says:

    Here I am … Lurking.


  206. Stevo Says:

    Re-Patches pulled and a pilgrim arrested for it. I knew it would come to this. Soon no-one will dare to pull patches, it will be deemed ‘not worth the gaol time/Rico hassle’ and the end game will be here for 1%ers.

  207. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shyster,

    How you doing? How am I doing? Am I being accurate? Discrete?



    IMO the Hells Angels are disrepecting every biker by their involvement/ sponsorship of the Devil’s Ride and Sons of Anarchy. They use their reputation to give these shows a sense of authenticity, but now it seems that their continued involvement in these shows shows that they put the money they’re getting above anything else and don’t seem to care how stupid their club appears,as well as every biker.
    Maybe they’ll do us all a favor and help pull the pin on these shows and do the decent thing and get these Laffing Devils to drop the charges against the Peckerwood MC member and pull all the LD’s cuts?!…but somehow I doubt it. MONEY TALKS with the HA!!!! VERY SAD!!

  209. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    What’s up Shyster, Did you make it to the Green Meanie Berdoo run?

    Viva Los Vagos

  210. sled tramp Says:

    I’m curious as to who pressed charges against Dago Peckerwood.The L.D.’s? If so,I find it both interesting and disgusting that their M.C. uses the cops and courts to handle things.
    Obviously,from the tome of postings on these pukes,they’re not a serious club but when they follow the above procedure to rectify their problems and use the cops to cover their inability to handle their own business,it also reflects poorly upon the club issuing their OK to exist.

  211. Alex Says:

    Not sure if anyone already mentioned this, but the guy they repoed the bike from in Vegas was custom cycle fabricator Dave Perewitz. He’s actually from my neck of the woods in Boston. I can assure you, he def wouldn’t have any problems paying off a motorcycle and he is actually friends with Rusty. The whole show is farbicated garbage. I actually heard that the MC was real until the Discovery channel purchased the rights to the club and now own the club name.

  212. Vikingtrotter Says:

    I tend to agree with Repent and Sled Tramp. This puts HA in a bad light with their fellow MC’s. It cheapens their brand and all true MC’s.

  213. halfcentury1%er Says:

    As a lifelong outlaw m/c member and recently retired chapter President I can’t stop laughing at this idiotic TV BULLSHIT! None of my San Diego Chapter Brothers have even seen these clowns around town. If this is reality we’re DOOMED…

  214. Rebel Says:

    Dear Alex,

    The club was a small, real club in Dago. As far as I know Discovery does not own the club marks. However the production company, Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment, did recently trademark “Sinister Mob SAyndicate,” which is the name of the “club” started by former Laffing Devils maximum leader “Gipsy.” Geez, it is so tedious to even have to explain this show. Now I have to take a nap.

    I’ll write about this pile of bullshit again soon when I know more and have something to say. The show is a relative hit. Viewership is building and the third episode had 1.55 million viewers, most of those in the all important “males 25-54″ demographic.


  215. Alex Says:

    Ahhhh, thanks Rebel. That’s probably what my buddy was talking about. Regardless, the whole show is scripted, albeit entertaining. It’s sad to say, but this show is a breath of fresh air when compared to Jersey Shore, American Idol, etc.

  216. Budweiser Says:

    Why did “dago peckerwood” have the right to “pull” their patches? I’m not saying he didn’t, but if the LDMC is indeed a support club of the HA, I would think that may cause some problems. And not just legal ones. I live one the East Coast, but I was under the impression that the HA and Mongols(and possibly the Vagos) were they only clubs that could “claim” California. Are the Peckerwood’s a duck club for a larger MC?

  217. Stevo Says:

    I was having a ‘but you just DON’T get it’ kinda chat with a fella the other day-who was saying that, in a free country, in 2012, why shouldn’t anyone be able to wear what they want, when they want, without fear of a thug beating them up and stealing their property? I tried to reason with him along Red & Gold’s lines, because we are both ex-paratroopers and thought it may strike a chord. He said to me-so would I beat up a kid wearing an ex-army jacket with my unit flash on? I had to admit that I wouldn’t. And THEN he said-isn’t that mans freedom to wear what he wants, when he wants, the same freedom we fought for? I know it’s not the same but let me tell you this-it’s how a jury would see it. They won’t see protocol, tradition etc, they will see theft, aggravated assault and RICO.

  218. BadMagic Says:


    That would be a good day to wear the same dress as the judge to court. Gavel and all. The Irony is that the jury would probably convict the man BECAUSE they felt disrespected by the dress.


  219. observer Says:

    “wear the same dress as the judge to court. Gavel and all.” <—awesome!

  220. Junior Says:

    We all know that dawning a black robe makes one a “judge”, or, wait a minute…hmmm…maybe its the “taken” and “subscribed” oath that makes a judge a judge. Next time you see a man in a black robe just bow prostrate and enter into worship, that scores big brownie points and you will likely win your case.[end sarcasm].

    Now, for those of you who really wanna learn and can understand: Most “judges” haven’t “taken” and “subscribed” their oath. Most “take” the oath, few “subscribe” it as required by most state Constitutions. Last time I checked, the penalties for impersonating a judge were pretty stiff. Learn to stand the rule of Law within the confines of the administrative state. -Junior

  221. Junior Says:

    Law (spelled with a capital L always means Constitution, or the Supreme law of the land for you foreigners). – Junior

  222. Dan Says:

    It’s more SOA than LDMC, but has anyone seen an Australian series currently airing called “Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms”? It’s a dramatisation of how (alledgedly, I suppose) the first Aussie chapter of the Bandidos was formed by breakaway Comancheros. I’d be interested to hear the opinions of posters here on it. Download links here:

  223. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dan,

    The trailer for Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms is currently about half down the right side of every page on this site.


  224. Wolfheart Says:

    Hi all, I am new to this site, but find it very interesting, and I have watched the LD show and wanted to comment. First I belong to no club, I ride solo, I am not a very social sort and am getting too old for parties and wild all night bashes, I abused my body good while younger. I also wear no patches, I live in the So. Cal area, always wear a fulfface and I do have long hair. I have several bikes, and they are always filthy, as are my steel toed boots I always wear when riding. Have over 26 years of fighting LA traffic. I am not Dr. D1ckhead on a new HD out on the weekends. In fact I am not even friendly unless somebody comes up and starts talking bikes, before that I don’t know you and don’t want to know you.
    I do get the impression that these shows, SOA and now this LD show, are in fact beginning to do harm to the public image of people who like to and do, ride bikes. Normally I wouldn’t give a sh!t what somebody thinks of me or my bikes, I prefer people don’t even look at them and don’t bother me with stupid questions about my bikes. But when cops start pulling me over on my bikes, that is when I begin to get perturbed. In a little over 26 years being a Hooligan and riding like I please I had been pulled over a grand total of 1 time in that period, and I knew it was coming when I ripped around that corner! Now, after these shows have been on I have been pulled over twice! That may not be enough for cause and effect, but I was pulled over for absolutely NOTHING, I had done nothing wrong in the time the cops saw me, all my sh!t is straight, heck, I am getting to be an older guy now but my skills are not too bad, so it wasn’t a riding error either that got me pulled over. I didn’t get a ticket either timeand their excuses were laughable as to why they pulled me over. I think all they wanted was to check who I am. And I believe they are doing it to a lot more bikers now. AND I think it is because of the publicity of these shows and some of the news of what is going on between some of the clubs. This is starting to effect more than just the clubs now. I mind my own business, what goes on with others is their business and I have no right to tell anybody what to do, it is not up to me. But when this sh!t begins to effect me personally, then it is going too far. Heck I don’t even ride HD other than a Buell XB12, but the cops pulled me over on my Hellcat chopper and my Kingpin because those bikes “look” like what a club rider would ride and what those clnwns on TV are riding. Johnny Law is watching those shows, it is appearant, and it is having an effect on his tiny little brain.

    Ride Well!

  225. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Been watching some of the reruns of the LD shows. Now what I find interesting is that the first run of the show where Gypsy shows the SinMob patch. The video is in black and white so you can not see the true color of the patch. In the re-run of the show that will run again right before the new episode tomorrow night clearly shows the patch in Red and Black………….Now, is that governed by HA? Anyone care to pipe in on that?
    On a separete matter. I was at the Rock Store in Agoura on Saturday, and I saw a nice group of ,including some greybeards(Minding their own business) sitting around and people watching….Clearly the NBC stories has no effect with the .

  226. Vikingtrotter Says:

    ah,,,,,,I see mentioning certian club with 5 letters and has green as their primary colors is verboten. Oh well, I understand. but there it is.
    By the way, My Jack Russel Terrior is name Loki,,,,,,and as dogs go, He is completely bad ass! He does not take no as an answer. But, thats how Jacks are.

    Enough hints for ya?

  227. Vikingtrotter Says:


    They go after everyone. After what HD did to Eric Buell. I sold all of my HD’s. They stepped on the one American that was doing real inovative stuff with V-twins. Now, my hope is with that new outfit Motus of NC and hope they use that engine of theirs in a cruiser. I heard they are offering that engine for independant builders right now. I now ride Brit Bikes out of respect for the SAS guys that I did several missions with in the APH’. They all rode too. We made a pact. They would buy American and I would buy British. You know what? The British make some freakin awesome bikes! I have been stopped 6 times in the last 2 years riding by Sheriff and CHP and never given a ticket. But I felt like I was bent over and given a proctology exam.

  228. Budweiser Says:

    Rebel- Did you see my post and question?

  229. Phuquehed Says:

    I saw a new friend I met at a VNVLV rally this past weekend get a small, square ‘MS’ patch pulled by a couple Bandidos. He knew the one who asked him and the one who asked him took him away from us so that he (my friend) wouldn’t be embarrassed, I guess.

    Didn’t seem ‘taboo’ to talk about it after he came back and told us what had happened, even with a small group of patch-holders and a probationary standing nearby just shootin’ the shit. And my friend is in no club, but I guess it was the color of the small patch. I didn’t know Bandidos were in Mississippi either, first I’d seen of them in the area.

    Heh, learn somethin’ new every day.

  230. Dan Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    Hadn’t seen that as I have been mostly viewing recently on mobile. Have you seen the show? Has anyone?!

  231. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    I wasn’t there and I am aware that there is a legal case about this. It is my understanding that there was an altercation among three grown men which degenerated into mutual combat. At the conclusion of that minor dustup, two members of the Laffing Devils voluntarily gave their opponent their patches with the understanding that he would return them to the President of the Dago chapter of the LDMC.

    I believe the Peckerwoods MC has been in Dago for 25 years. I don’t know what their politics are. I usually try to stay out of intra-club and inter-club politics unless I think discussing them is vital to explaining a story.

    Who does and does not wear a California bottom rocker is a matter of club politics. If I have to get into it I will. I sure don’t think I have to bring it up when I am talking about the Laffing Devils. I will say what is common knowledge, which is that after the brawl at Harrah’s in Laughlin the Mongols MC publically gave their permission for any club in California to wear a California bottom rocker.

    The Peckerwoods are not a duck club. And, since you are on the East Coast, I will add that since about 1965 interclub relations in San Diego have been Byzantine. I personally do not understand it. I know Rusty Coombs appeared in an episode of The Devil’s Ride and I have been told, although I don’t know this to be true, that he has some association with the show. I also noticed, since it is also public knowledge, that there was major roundup of members of the Dago charter of the HAMC earlier this year. Consequently, many members of that charter may have more important things to worry about than the Laffing Devils bullshit TV show. Not very long ago, the LDMC wore white on red. Now they wear grey on red. There were three chapters of the LDMC. Now, at least on TV, they are all Nomads.

    Any of that help you understand?


  232. Damon Says:

    For want of a better thread to post it to, this moderated public debate aired on the Australian public broadcasting channel a few hours ago and features numerous senior members from several of the major clubs, the head of the NSW Gang Squad, public prosecutors, journalists and various others discussing the latest ‘anti-OMCG/anti-association’ legislation and civil liberties, recent friction between some clubs, and the current Australian MC culture generally.

    It makes an interesting counterpoint to Brothers in Arms.

    Quote of the day “If you don’t stop hanging around together, we’ll put you in prison and make you hang around together.”

  233. Red&Gold Says:


    colors of gypsies new …ahemmm…”club”….are silver ( or grey ) and red on a black background…Red Lettering on thee…um …well it’s a one piece patch…but made to look like a 3 piece…so I’ll call it the “top” part and “bottom” part…Those are both Red on Black… the center part, a kinda strange locking ram’s skull, is silver ( or Grey) with red…

  234. Wolfheart Says:


    I agree, the Brits make darn fine bikes, I especially like the new Triumphs. I have had a thing agasinst HD since the 80s when they went to the Government whining to increase tariffs on all imported bikes at 750cc and above because their bikes couldn’t compete on their own merits. I believe AMF ownwed them at the time, should had stuck to making bowling balls. This is what happens when a MC company hires marketing people and clothing designers instead of MC engineers. I have no respect for that company and will never own one of their bikes. I also agree what they did to Eric was lowdown, I think they saw the writing on the wall when he started to use the Rotax motor in his Cafe Racer.

    Hats off to your SAS buddies, and what you went through.

    Until that LD show came on I didn’t have many problems with the Boys, no matter what bike I was riding. Now you ride anything that even remotely resembles a club rider bike and they will pull you over to check you out. Especially now many club members are riding without colors, they look like the rest of us. On my standards and sportbikes it is not a problem, but those aren’t the only type of bikes I ride. In my guesstimation the cops are pulling over all bikers, patches or not, that ride what they see as club bikes. We can all agree that most cops don’t know an HD from a Yamaha and have no clue about bikes in general, but they are beginning to watch these shows and profile certain bikes. Big Brother is out of control. Who knows what these guys are thinking, maybe they go home, slap the soon to be Ex around a little, have a beer and watch these shows and then think “Oh yeah, I am going to pull over some bikers, they are always doing something or carrying something, I’ll crack a case and get promoted and some respect.” I personally don’t need the hassles and the BS, or want to spend the time playing Jedi mind games on these simpletons to get them distracted and let me go.

    Hope I don’t get pulled over for riding my chopper this week. It has a Patrick Racing Motor made in Anaheim, OC.

    Ride Well.

  235. sled tramp Says:

    Hmmmm…the Brecon Beacons on a trials bike. Kinda makes sense when ya think about it….Who Dares Wins.
    Now, about that running spoon thing, just wrong.Just wrong…..
    De Oppresso Liber,
    sled tramp

  236. Grumbler Says:

    Wolfheart – You’re probably more likely to have problems in the beach communities of SoCal where LEOs tend to be more anal-retentive. About all I can suggest is to keep a low profile. Choppers do get noticed by the fuzz, and am speaking from experience.

    Was closely followed by a LEO this past Thursday despite making 3 legal lane changes trying to throw him off my ass while enroute to my destination. I tend to avoid direct eye contact with LEOs unless they hit the lights and siren. Was in right turn only lane when he suddenly merged back onto adjoining lane and sped off. Suspect he was running my plate which beats being pulled over.

    At any rate, have my head on a swivel, and will see whether these episodes continue or not. Too soon to tell whether this was one bored cop looking for a little excitement or a whole new stoopid gangland BS policy by the local LEO agencies.

    We’ve had 2 high profile MC traffic stops in this area, many of them were from out-of-state, and we’ve more MCs now compared to a decade ago. One patch holder who recently got pulled over here wisely took the 5th when the LEO asked him about his MC.

    The current level of media saturation and hyperbole about MCs has reach a new nadir in ridiculousness. Even so, I’d rather be Robin Hood than the Sheriff of Nottingham.

  237. Vikingtrotter Says:

    I think I’ll make my own feeder club,….I’ll call them the Surly Squirrels……..Maybe I can get them an animated show on the Cartoon Network…………….Cause, you know thats where this stuff is heading.

  238. Budweiser Says:

    Rebel- Thanks for the information. It did help me understand things better. I hope you didn’t find my questions or comments disrespectful. That was not my intention. I’m just trying to relate the San Diego hierarchy to that of where I’m from. Pagan’s control this area and any new club around here(Philly/NJ/DE and into NY) has to wear the “P” or pretty much cease to exist. There is somewhat of a working relationship between the Pagan’s and the Warlocks who may now be involved with the Outlaw MC.

  239. KK Says:

    Budweiser: Calling any support club a “duck” club is disrespectfull.

    Pagan’s have many longtime, dedicated,strong support clubs that wear the diamond P patch proudly.

    Speculating on a “working relationship” as you stated is between other MC and is club business PERIOD. It’s NUNYA business. Understand that well.

    Have a nice day.

    KK 1%

  240. Rick Says:

    Heres an idea, have this bunch of wannaba douches ride some of Paul Jrs. crap. Then they’ll really look like bikers. Does th MC on their vests stand for menstral cycle, maybe they can start another chapter called the giggling demons

  241. Vikingtrotter Says:

    When I found that trademark website listing for Syn Mob last week. The name Tommy Quinn came up as the last owner. But the address listed the production company. So,after tonights show and some further googling. I discovered that Tommy Quinn is in fact, “Gypsy”. So, when Discovery Channel starts selling Syn Mob gear. He should stand to made some coin from that.

  242. Budweiser Says:

    KK- I meant no disrespect by using the word “duck”. In news articles, books and other literature, “duck”, seems to be used interchangeably with “puppet”, and “support” club. I know of at least two clubs here that use the word proudly to show their affiliation with a larger club. I understand its none of my business and was only stating what I have have either read, seen, or have been told. The Laffing Devils MC and their relationship to the Hells Angels was being discussed here, and I was trying to relate this “reality” show to the real world. I am finding out that may not be possible. You also have a nice day. Take care.

  243. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rick,

    Very witty. Thank you. I am sure that eventually there will be a crossover between the two shows. I gotta write about these fools again. Unfortunately, most information about the LDMC and the production company at the other end of their leashes is top secret.


  244. sherides Says:

    Not sure which episode # I watched last night, but Rusty Coombs brought his Band Attika to play at an LDMC event at the Clubhouse provided by the Discovery Show.

    Based on what the LDMC said last night, Gipsy will now be known as Tommy to them as Gipsy was is Club “Road Name”.

    Lots and lots of people will profit from this reality crap. Hope that this money brings them great happiness.

    I just keep thinking of the saying that “the love of money is the root of all evil” or something like that.

  245. bob Says:

    @budweiser :proudly wearing that patch?Hey,at least ya didn’t call ‘em bitch clubs.

  246. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Found an interesting Q&A on the LDmc on May 8th.

  247. Diocletian Says:

    Its funny that Attika 7 played on the LD show…supposedly their guitarist Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard, Oz, and “of those that have porked tera patrick” fame is going to have a part on the next season of SOA.

    Ive always been a big fan of Biohazard and i hope Evan Seinfeld makes lots of money, but it shows that too much hollywood is crossing over into that show making it look more fake with every episode.

  248. Tooj Says:

    Been watching. One thing stuck out when Hawk asked S.M. to speak up about E County then let him get run over by the Billy Bus later without admitting he was the one to instigate the whole damn thing. Hawk let S.M. look like a loose cannon and later “counseled” him on the importance of his “job”.

    Is this the sort of honesty one would expect to see in an MC?

    (I hope/believe not.)

  249. Budweiser Says:

    Diocletian- I think you may be confusing Evan Seinfeld with Chuck Zito. At least when it comes to being involved with this season of “Sons of Anarchy”.

  250. Peach Says:


    If you would like to help Dago Peckerwood out, here is a link to the website.
    Enter and go to ‘Shop Online’. You will find a donation button at the bottom of the screen for the defense fund.
    L&R Deron!

    Peckerwoods MC Help a Brother Out!
    Thanks for your Support!

  251. TigGirl Says:

    Evan does play with Attica7.

  252. Vikingtrotter Says:

    This is interesting.

    #9Film footage

    Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 2012-06-06.

    Just watched an episode of this crap. What got to me was footage of a group of bikers supposedly on a benefit ride for one of the members deceased daughter. The footage shown was in fact of a benefit ride held for a little boy who is bed ridden with a terrible sickness. This ride was called ” The Ride for Joshia” it was held on 1/22/12. One of the biggest rides in San Diego ‘s history. I know this cause I’m one of the bikers in footage shown. How cheesy is it to steal footage from a Nobel cause to insert into a tv show and implie those riders were riding for another cause? These guys should be ashamed of their part of this disrespect act. They couldn’t get that many riders for their benefit if they tried. Show should be named “Laughing At The Devils “. Biggest joke in the local MC world.

  253. Moving Soon Says:

    I don’t want to disrespect all other MC’s out there, so I will not refer to the Laffing Devils as an MC.

    First off – so you can understand the gravity of the following statement, I do not ride. Laffing Devils has made me embarrassed to admit that I’m from San Diego. This unholy aborted fetus of a club (apparently parented by The Black Widows of Pacoima and the Wild Hogs) is not only bad for real MC’s, but it is also bad for the community of San Diego. It gives outsiders from other states the notion that Dago is ripe with douche bags that can’t even handle themselves, let alone a motorcycle. Funny – found my way to this site when I typed in ‘Laffing Devils + disgusting.’ No joke, the site was the first one listed (War of Words)…

    I hereby speak for all San Diegans when I say that I am truly sorry that this magnificent city (with a very rich MC history) has produced such an embarrassment to the MC community, I want to thank Dago Peckerwood for rectifying the situation. If I wasn’t a poor bastard, I would donate money to your legal fund.

  254. mope Says:

    I hear that the laffing homo’s are patching over to the wild hogs

  255. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Ron Jeremy has a tear in his eye,,,,,,,”You stay classy San Diego.”

  256. swampy Says:

    Isn’t this television show(The Devil’s Ride) coming up on its episode finale? What will these guys(LD) do? Will “Snubz” endorse Cadillac? Will “Sandman” become a motivational speaker? Will “Billy” go on Dancing With The Stars? Will “Gipsy” patch John Ciccone into his new club? I MEAN SHIT, THE POSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!! – LOL!

  257. Muck 1%er Says:

    Now that’s some funny shit there Swampy

  258. Vikingtrotter Says:

    So, I guess this had to be expected. When you become a TV show. People end up taking your identity and using it for their own purposes.
    Online gaming group.
    FaceBook Page of said online gaming group.!/pages/Laffing-Devils-MC/306240446134212

    To borrow a british expression: This leaves me gobsmacked.

  259. hillbilly Says:

    these pussies are nothing more than rubs, {RICH URBAN BIKERS}
    but they are getting paid just the same ,theere is no brother hood when it comes to bikers , ya you might have 1 or 2 that think what they are doing is all that life is and would take a bullet for his brother , but would not get that back in return , bikers are not about a fucking tv show and sharing there life about what goes on in a gang of brothers that inner circle getS broke when money gets involved like everything else THE STORY LINE IS NOW A FUCKING SCRIPT INSTEAD OF REALITY , I am the PRZ of P O A MC PISSED OFF AMERICANS MC OF INDIANA


  260. Rebel Says:

    Dear Vikingtrotter,

    Those sites are very strange. The Laffing Devils is an example of why satire is now impossible in America.


  261. Stevo Says:

    Discovery Channel have announced a second series. Anyone know of any painless suicide methods?

  262. JIM666 Says:

    dago peckerwood Says:
    May 29th, 2012 at 9:59 am
    the LD are a support club for the cops.they started out a somewhat decent bottomfeeder.they flew white on red,indicating they were someones bitch.after it became public knowledge that gypsies wife was a san diego police officer things got sticky for the laffing dildoes.after pressure from real m.c.’s gypsy was voted out,snd the dildoes changed thier patch to grey on red.the show on t.v. is pure unaddultrated b.s. the disc. ch. rented them a clubhouse for two months to film the show.all the down members quit when the show started filming,and all the others have either quit or gone into hiding since.the bike repo in vegas was purely staged,those lames couldnt take candy from a baby.i got confronted by two of them and a supporter on thier poker run. after a couple minutes of self defense by myself and an agreement that i wood return thier colors to thier dago prez. they gave me thie cuts.the police were called and i was arrested for 2 counts of strong armed robbery,2 counts of assault, with 5 gang free on $276,000.00 bond.some motorcycle club huh?im sure once all is straiaghtened out in court justice will prevail….hahaha there is no justice,just us

    THNX Dago,
    that says it all rite there.

  263. Vikingtrotter Says:


    Regarding those sites that I posted. What I can gather is that a group of people have taken the Laffing Devils name and logo and are using them as a “virtual” gang in Grand Theft Auto online video game. Now, here is the kicker, they live out a virtual 1%er life and they can actually make ‘real’ money by trading virtual gear…..What a weird weird world we live in. I wonder if there are other online groups using other MC group logos and names on these games.

  264. Rebel Says:

    Dear Vikingtrotter,

    Sure, the Angels, Mongols and Vagos spring to mind. A Jay Dobyns avatar once gave an interview to some other avator in one of these live simulations. The Dobyns avatar refused to reveal his location because, I guess, the simulated Angels might hurt him. This shit is all oover! Where you been man?


  265. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Hey, I’m still rockin the OG-XBOX……I’m not going to buy a new rig until XBOX 720 comes out….Plus, i’d rather be out riding than in the house…I only have that thing for rainy days.

  266. BCSDirt Says:

    Laffing Devils are pretty much gone since this show aired, even more so since Jim666 did his work. The rest of the LD pretty much quit and many are in hiding. The show is a joke. It tried to make these guys look like something they weren’t. I knew a bunch of them from different bars around SD. Most of them were alright guys. The one guy from the show with the huge LD tat on his back, Juice, died about a month ago. If the show does go into a second season, it won’t be with the LD, that’s for sure.

  267. Vikingtrotter Says:

    from a live chat:
    Gipsy, did you design the LDMC and SINMOB logos?

    by Brian 8:30 PM

    Yes Brian I designed Sinister Mob Syndicate and my oldest son drew the LD patch

    by dagogipsy 8:32 PM

    well its been shown that the SinMob center design was copied….

  268. Budweiser Says:

    BCSDirt- Who is Jim666?

  269. sled tramp Says:

    If you have to ask,you don’t need to know.Asking who someone is or club affiliation is not well taken.

  270. Gringo Says:

    when Charlie Sheen gets off house arrest he will be making an appearence and with a sad heavy heart bring his brothers down hard!

  271. Budweiser Says:

    sled tramp- Dude, this is a message board on a website, relax. “Jim666″ copied “dago Peckerwood’s” post about his run in with the LDMC. I was trying to clarify if they are the same person because apparently “BCS Dirt” thinks they are or is confused how quoting someone else’s post works.

  272. sled tramp Says:

    Yeah…DUDE, I’m quite aware of where I am.Thank you though for the GPS.Some of us are a little touchy about new commentators asking who someone is or their affiliation having a history of trolls here.For some inexplicable reason,LE seems to think we/I would answer that here on an open forum.Some regular posters will and have stated their patch.Most for obvious reasons,do not.Many posters here know who I am.Most don’t.See where I’m going?I for example, do not bring my club into this forum,nor do I ask who someone is.On the up side,at least you didn’t call me “Bro”…..

  273. Budweiser Says:

    sled tramp- You apparently misunderstood my question regarding “Jim666″. You also need to stop being so paranoid about LE on this board. God for bid a patched member of an MC mentions their affiliation. I’m sure Ciccone, Dobyns, and Queen will be at there door the next day.

  274. sled tramp Says:

    Either you’re A) A cop (don’t care but fuck ya anyway),B)A very naive newbie used to “normal” forums or C)A Complete idiot.
    In any case, your comment about being paranoid has me LMFAO.I don’t know what YOU’VE been reading here but ya might want to re read it.As regards patch dicussions,many do,and Cuntconne is on here with Dobyns alll the time.Now go buy a fuckin Honda.I’m done with your nonsense.I don’t NEED to be told by your citizen ass what to do about anything.
    sled tramp

  275. Budweiser Says:

    sled tramp- I’m well aware that it is believed and possibly confirmed(in the case of Dobyns) that LE is on this board. I’ve been reading this site occasionally for years. I don’t know what that has to do with trying to figure out if “Jim666″, a screen name mind you, had something to do with “Dago Peckerwood” and the LDMC situation. You obviously don’t understand my question or maybe just want to act tough behind a keyboard. I’m glad your patched and hate cops. Thanks for letting me know that. Better be careful though, Koz might show up at your next event because he figured out who you were from you posting on the comments section of this site.

  276. jrnr Says:


    I have a suggestion. Why don’t you go down to Dago and find a Peckerwood and start asking your stupid questions. I’m sure you will get an answer.


  277. 10guage Says:


    Your question was stupid and inappropriate …Now you are just making it worse.
    Leave it alone. This board is full of very real names and if you do not know them you should keep them out of your mouth.

    Is that clear enough for you?

  278. Budweiser Says:

    10G- No, it’s really not, but I’ll leave it go because it seems like you guys are as confused as “BCSDirt.” Go reread his post and tell me what he means about this “his work.” it didn’t make any sense unless you guys talk in code on here. I’m realizing may be true which I find all the more laughable. Better be careful ATF might be tracking your IP….lol

    jrnr- If I lived closer, I would. As if it would be a huge deal to ask about an event that has already been discussed openly HERE.

  279. jrnr Says:


    It’s not a huge deal to ask about an event that has been discussed here, dumbass. As sled tramp already told you, it’s about someone new coming here and inquiring about someone else’s identity. It’s none of your fucking business. If you want to know the identity of a Peckerwoods MC member, or any other club member, go to that club and ask. You WILL get an answer. Now, if you can be a part of discussions without concern for someone’s identity, then fine. If not, STFU.


  280. swampy Says:

    Vikingtrotter, while I find alot of the links that you post entertaining and informative; I wish that I hadn’t clicked on to the link that you posted on 5/24. Now, I gotta go fuck a chicken just to get those images out of my head and feel “normal” again.


  281. 10guage Says:


    If you feel you HAVE TO point out a mistake or correct someone about their post than just do it strait out. Because you were being all coy and cute about it you wound up stepping on your dick and asking a question that had you done in my presense would have ruined your day. There is no code. We all just live in a world where correcting another man, just for the sake of doing so, has very real consequences. Dig?

    Stop with the pig jokes theft are not funny…harrassment is very real

  282. Budweiser Says:

    10G/jrnr- I’m still not sure what your point is. You keep on trying to win an argument on the INTERNET! Hopefully, you’ve been around the inter-webs long enough to understand that joke. I am sorry. I guess I should have just wrote “BCSDirt- What does ‘Jim666′ have to do with the PWood/LDMC situation besides him quoting ‘Dago Peckerwood'”? How you guys came to the conclusion that I was asking for his indentity is beyond me. Wow.

  283. IRISHPUNK Says:

    Budweiser has got to be a PIG, he basically just asked “if I cant get a incriminating answer with this question, I will reword it this way” …

    Interrogation 101 !!!

  284. Docb Says:

    Roll your windows up, put both hands on the wheel and for god’s sake shut the fuck up!
    You remind me of an old woman who suffered needless pain!

  285. Budweiser Says:

    IRISHPUNK- Yep, I’m a cop. Trying to gather info on a website comment section. The paranioa on this website is insane.

    Docb- Guess that was suppose to be a joke?

  286. JIM666 Says:

    OK here i am what is it you need to know ? I was just quoting what the man said and at the very bottom you,ll see my comment on that, if you need to know something else give me your addy and you can ask me in person

  287. Quack Says:

    Second and possibly last post. I stumbled upon the show while the wife was surfing the channels. TV is her thing. I watched one episode and wanted to just puke. If this is what the civilians want to watch then let them drown in it. They would not know real from imaginary motorcycle club life. TV is for morons and stupid, mindless people anyways. You posters are funny too. Do you even for a moment think you are making a difference? I don’t care and neither should you! Now children, repeat after me, “FTW and everyone in it”.

  288. the truth is out there Says:

    what a piece of work ..Gipsy i hope you get what whats coming to you,0,5856595.story

  289. Thor Says:

    I just read an article written by Hawk of the Lafing Devils. It explained a lot and shows how television and producers can promise reality and then f*ck you over with what is portrayed. I myself have commented as to how a riding club has been portrayed as 1%ers and what a joke that was. His explanation is that they are not 1%ers and never intended for themselves to portrayed that way.

  290. Ray Holly Says:

    Sandman is an asshole. Enough said. I wouldn’t say it to his face though, because he injects his ass muscles with HGH and creatine. I’ve never seen a man in his mid 30’s spout off out the mouth like a high school teenager so much.

    How long would he last in a correctional facility, I wouldn’t know. This “I put people to sleep” bullsh1t would get old in the presence of guns and knives.

    Assholes be assholesl.

  291. inkedupirishguy Says:

    I watched the entire season, hoping (vainly) that it might get better. some of it might come down to poor editing….but a turd is still a turd no matter how it is presented

  292. inkedupirishguy Says:

    as for sutter being offended by the show, think of it this way – at least he is honest enough to own up to his shit being fake. they water down what he created(or stole) and then try to pass it off as reality

  293. Cap'n Bill Says:

    I tried to watch episode 3 (I think) earlier today. I only made it as far as 4 1/2 minutes. It was just too much for my remaining grey matter to digest.
    Maybe some things aren’t meant to be comprehended by some peeples.

  294. Viking 1%er Says:

    Just calling these pukes an MC is a fucking insult to anyone in the MC world from an associate to a PH. I watched 30 minutes of the first episode wouldn’t trust one of the laffing faggots to clean the dog shit out behind the clubhouse. laffing devils mc my ass they are a joke.

  295. Jim666 Says:

    Is this shit back on again ?
    wtf ?

  296. Caretaker Says:

    Sadly,it appears it is… God help us all…

    Caretaker 1%er

  297. Speed Says:

    These guys in the L.D.’s and Sin mob are nothing more than wanna be’s. they want to be bad, they want to be real bikers and they want to be seen as real 1%ers. They are yuppies trying to live another life. None of them understand the meaning of RESPECT or what it means to be a real biker. Sure they can ride and they do ride but what runs do you see them on? What real 1%ers do you see them hang with or ride with? When do they ride outside of their area flying their patches? Man these guys are giving bikers a suck toad name. Talking about the red/gary or gary/red colors on the patch their is one major that owns the color RED and it is not the L.D.’s more like H.A.’s. In the real world any of the stuff they have pulled in this show if it were to be done for real there would be some hurting bodies or dead bodies laying around. I have riden for years and have worn a military 3 piece patch. Some were wanna be’s. I also have riden with some bad boys years ago as a friend of a member & hang around. I guess things have changed and the meaning of a biker has changed, the knowledge of what respect means has disappeared and the meaning of Pride in self, bike and club has vanished. Give me the old days when these words had meaning.

  298. Pillo Says:

    I get it now laffing devils is so fake and staged it makes me laugh at their dumb ass drama queens that they are riding some cool bikes. BTW most of them wanna be actors look like cops.

  299. T-B Says:

    Of all the cop bashing insults I have read on this site, That just might be the worst.

  300. slycechyx Says:

    I was on a charity ride a couple weeks ago & kept thinking this one guy looked very familiar. Then I realized, he looks just like one of the characters on this show. Is Diesel known to hang out in AZ? If it was him, he was not wearing his “cut” from the show.

  301. Brandon sharp Says:

    @slycechyx yeah Diesel dose hang out alot in AZ around Mesa AZ and some other places and so do Grizz they all hang out with rockem at rockems Motorcycle shop

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