Sweet, Sweet Wine

November 10, 2008

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Biker not look at picture now. Biker read words.

Her name is Sara. Does that answer your first question? Now what do you want next? The good news or the not so good news?

First the good news. Yes, you are exactly right. Sara does want to party with you. That’s why she is smiling right at you. Only you, brother Psycho. That is exactly why she is asking you to take those two bottles of wine from her small, delicate hands. She wants you to open that wine and then the two of you can drink both bottles real fast.

The not so good news is that the two bottles of wine are going to set you back $48.

Come on. Isn’t Sara worth it? Isn’t $48 a small price to pay for Sara to keep her shirt off?

Stop Looking At Sara

The wine is a red Zinfandel called V-Twin Zin and it is being frankly marketed to the “affluent Harley motorcycle enthusiast” which, since we are speaking frankly, may exclude you.

Although, the wine may not seem so expensive if you just think of it as two quarts of genuine Harley synthetic oil. Or, three genuine Harley double platinum spark plugs. Or, four fifths of the genuine Harley-Davidson tee-shirt that Sara is not wearing. Or, a tenth of a night in a really crappy motel room in Deadwood during the Black Hills rally.

And, you understand, Sara goes crazy when she drinks this wine. Don’t stop! Don’t stop! No, don’t stop! Sara wants you to keep reading.

V-Twin Vineyards

Sara’s favorite wine is made by a Momma and Papa company in Santa Rosa, California called V-Twin Vineyards. Scott Del Fava is Papa and his wife Lisa is Momma. They were both born and raised in Sonoma County and Papa Scott worked in the wine business for 25 years before going into business for himself.

His last job was as a “fine wine buyer” in Vegas and he came to the conclusion that the “affluent Harley motorcycle enthusiast” market could use another business one year when he and his wife went to River Run in Laughlin. Many of us have gone to Laughlin and asked, “How much! You’re kidding, right? No? It really costs that much?” And, then concluded that we were in the wrong racket.

Laughlin is also famous for having some of the worst expensive restaurant food in the history of expensive restaurants. Just a guess, but maybe Scott was at the Vineyard Restaurant in the Aquarius when he thought, “Hell. I can make better wine than this.”

So the Del Favas went into business for themselves in 2007 and their first vintage sold out in 60 days.

Bikes, Wine and Charity

V-Twin sells two other red wines called Poker Run Zinfandel and Bike Week Merlot and they all cost about $24 a bottle or $292 a case. Which may actually be about $21 a bottle or $256 a case more than you usually spend on wine. If you drink wine.

On the other hand, it is very good wine. So far the label has won a handful of medals and all the reviews of their products have been good. Nobody has yet had the nerve to call their wines “impertinent.”

And, the Del Favas do actually know where the start button is. And they are only trying to make a living from exactly the same biker demographic as your pal Butch, the “custom bike builder.” And, they are good citizens in the motorcycle community.

They gave away ten percent of their first vintage to auctions and charitable causes. They attend most major rallies and when they do they ask well known bike builders to autograph individual bottles of their wine and all of those bottles are then auctioned off for charity. Some of them have sold for as much as $3000.

Three grand for a bottle of wine. Three grand. Makes $24 sound cheap, doesn’t it?

Also, remember Sara will do anything for a couple of bottles of this wine.

Stop reading words now. Go look at picture again.

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4 Responses to “Sweet, Sweet Wine”

  1. Bill Says:

    “Orbs of Joy”, (http://www.flickr.com/photos/amygunson/8334974587/) indeed. Another dusty treasure from the vault. Thanks, Matt Mcguire for stumbling onto this, and thanks Rebel, for another better year than it would have been without you.
    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  2. Matt Mcguire Says:

    i cant focus on the wine! :D i wonder what does the v twin zin taste like.

  3. Ride Says:

    “Damned Orbs of Joy!”…that’s priceless! Mind if I steal that phrase from ya?

  4. Mike Says:

    Alright; there’s no doubt Sara is one hot vino hawker. Did I click on, and then enlarge the photo? Damn Skippy right I did, but that’s where I part company with the target audience. I’m certainly no “affluent” Harley owner; hell I spent it all on the bike. Once the blood returned to my brain this is what I saw… that multi carat rock some dude put on her finger means he didn’t get that cool paint job with realistic flames and a few “ghost” skulls, and since he spent all his cash on the ring he had to sell his scooter to pay for those lushish orbs of joy. Now since he’s broke, rideless and completely lacking in biker mojo she’ll dump him for the first “affluent” RUB that comes along. Here’s the demographic I fit into…REBEL (Reasonably Employeed Biker Eating Leftovers). $48 bucks for two bottles of wine so I can look at Sara’s knockers?… hell for $48 bucks I can buy enough PBR to make any woman look like Sara; or atleast enough for me not to care! That sounded good; right?? Okay, now for the truth… if Sara stood in front of me like that I’d get that same stupid shit eating grin we all get around a hot chick; I’d babble like an idiot while convincing myself that “I really do sound cool” and I’d pull out my credit card. Damned Orbs of Joy!

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