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May 3, 2012

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Homeland security now means you can’t legally enter the United States if you are a foreign national and the State Department knows you are a fully patched member of the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos, or Mongols. Apparently prospects are okay. Apparently Pagans, Vagos and Night Wolves are okay.

The prohibition is found in the United States Department of State Foreign Affairs Manual Volume 9. It is an update to the Immigration Act of 1990 which defines “the inadmissibility of aliens seeking to enter the United States to engage solely, principally, or incidentally in espionage, sabotage, or activities to unlawfully oppose, control, or overthrow the Government of the United States.

The Policy

The regulation, codified as INA 212(a)(3)(A)(ii), prohibits members “of a KNOWN criminal organization” from entering the country and specifically names “the biker gangs the Hells Angels, the Outlaws, Bandidos, and the Mongols. If an active member of one of these organized crime groups applies for a visa, you must suspend processing the visa application, deny it under INA 221(g), and submit a request for an advisory opinion to CA/VO/L/A.”

The State Department “began considering organized crime membership as a ground of ineligibility in 1965, when Attorney General Katzenbach concurred with a recommendation by Secretary of State Rusk that an alien’s membership in the Mafia was sufficient basis to find the alien ineligible under then section INA 212(a)(27).” The prohibition was last refined by a secret agreement between the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security last year to extend ineligibility “to active members of the organized crime group known as the Yakuza, and the organized biker gangs Hells Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos, and Mongols.”

“The basis for these determinations,” the manual explains. “was that these groups operated as permanent organized criminal societies. Active membership in these groups could reasonably be considered to involve a permanent association with criminal activities and, therefore, could reasonably support a conclusion that any travel by such an alien to the United States could result in a violation of U.S. law, whether as a principal or incidental result of such travel. Therefore, while the ineligibility as a matter of law related to the specific nature of the trip, the basis for making the finding gave a reasonable basis for treating this as a blanket ineligibility which would apply to every application for entry to the United States.”

Making Lists

One obvious problem with this policy which will keep us safe is that some foreign patch holders may remain unknown. So early in 2012 Homeland Security and other federal police agencies began collecting the names of foreign patch holders in the four named clubs.

The identities of these men has been collected from foreign police sources and from intelligence gathering at biker events in Europe. Members of several American federal police forces have participated in this intelligence gathering which relies heavily on photo ID checks at the entrances to European biker rallies.



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37 Responses to “Homeland Security”

  1. Sieg Says:

    They tape the plastique to tbeir cunts, JJ-they don’t bave any balls.

    5 TO 1

  2. jj solari Says:

    i notice they’re still letting members of the Islam gang in. but the back of their clothing is empty of letters and drawings so i guess they’re ok. they have explosives taped to their balls but there’s no letters or drawings on them so not a problem.

  3. Amy Irene White Says:

    I don’t know any gang members. I do know some people who belong to motorcycle clubs called Hells Angels, Bandidos, Outlaws and Mongols, however.

  4. Glenn S. Says:

    Hitler’s Jew-bashing was an extreme example of a political trick: offer the sheep an enemy, real, contrived, or exagerated, and promise to protect the sheep from the enemy and punish the enemy. And then if somebody complains, they must be taking the side of that enemy and is therefore a traitor. But at least in Hitler’s time, one was either of the enemy (a Jew) or was not. Here and now, its the “terrorists”. The government has made into law that if one is accused of terrorism, that person can be indefinately detained without trial. The president has, by executive order, determined that the government can summarily execute anybody, American or foreigner, that it calls a terrorist. (Don’t think the next president will rescind this. Everybody thought Obama would restore the Bill of Rights and look at what he’s done.) And the word: “terrorist”, unlike “Jew” is pretty subjective. Already, garden variety law enforcement agencies are taking their “war on terror” weapons and tactics and using them on the guy that might be selling a little weed to his acquaintences. And the news media underreports and mis-reports the inevitable tragedies, just as I’m sure they did when some SS-Untersturmfuhrer fucked up and got the address wrong and sent his squad into an Aryan home where some hausfrau happened to be carving a turkey and didn’t drop the carving knife fast enough.

    The citizens seem to support this sort of thing.

  5. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Funny how only one of the individuals on this list is even half-Jewish (the Oracle dude).

    YYZ Skinhead

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Square Verbose Doc,

    Yeah. That’s who fucked with my life. Not yuppies, not politicians, teachers, cops, lawyers, judges, economists, authorities or hard hearted women. It was the Jews. Fucking Jews. At least at last I know.


  7. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    That was beautiful.

    PS Do you have to know the secret handshake to get it, or can anyone attend?


  8. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Hi, Just A Que…uh, I mean Slapstick!

    Find a Jewish 1%er and tell him that. I wanna watch the results.

    SVD, I’ll be there as well. Pastrami is delicious.

    YYZ Skinhead

  9. RVN69 Says:

    Been off your meds long?

  10. sled tramp Says:

    Hmmmmmm……appears we have a couple of new trolls and shit stirrers.

  11. TigGirl Says:

    SVD, Good one, as usual.

    Slapstick, you don’t actually believe that drivel do you?

  12. swampy Says:

    jcfromnj, I never really delved into Mencken. I believe he coined the term “Bible Belt.” I know he was popular during the 1920s and ’30s when German culture was considered “high fashion” and his publication,”The Mercury”, was widely read by college students during that time. I also believe that I read where he would later renounce Adolf Hitler.

    Glen S., I’m on board with the “religious text” and forcing it on others – I don’t care what anyone believes – just don’t try to rub it off on me.

    Slapstick, the only reason that the the Rothchilds(Red Shield) were spared is because they worked for the Nazis handing over other Jews.
    By the way, the word “holocaust” comes from ancient hebrew meaning “burnt offering.”

  13. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Slapstick:

    I’d stay to debate your love of humanity and marvelous antisemitism with you, but I have to be at our big “control the whole world conspiracy meeting” before sundown. Dr. Evil is going to be our guest speaker, and we’ll be serving some nice pastrami afterwards.

  14. slapstick Says:

    Go figure.
    Who is their greatest threat? Who is the government worried about? Or better
    the long nose bankers that bribe and blackmail!
    Religion is a propaganda tool to pit people against each other while the Authors smile.

    Most white males are pussified and are no threat. Club members are part of the
    few who really could get pissed off!
    If they stopped fighting each other and woke up to see who the real enemy is!

  15. Glenn S. Says:

    I don’t give a shit which religious text somebody believes in, as long as they don’t try to make me believe in it too, and as long as they don’t try to make me live by the rules in their text. But most religions have some set of specifics regarding dealings with others. Often those specifics include killing non-believers, or forcably converting us, or making us live by their religious laws, or, at the very least, shutting us up. Christian, muslim, jew, its all the same: “We are God’s chosen and everybody else is shit, because our bronze-age text says so.” One sect flys airplanes into buildings, one has tortured, burned, hung, and otherwise killed non-believers for most its recorded history, another one tries to assume control over everyone by taking over the financial world. If humanity succeeds in destroying the world, it will probably be the result of a “my God is bigger than your God” war. Meanwhile, the churches shelter baby rapers. A day doesn’t go by when the biased media doesn’t let slip the fact that yet another priest, youth pastor, church bus driver, etc. has molested another child or ten of them.

    But the governments believe the bigger threats are people who love to ride motorcycles. Go figure.

  16. slapstick Says:

    Wake up
    It was..Germany that
    Went from a wreaked econemy to the riches
    In Europe after they thru the Rothchild
    Bankers out..
    It also forced them into war. The enemy
    Is Not German!
    Who runs the banks
    Controls home land security

    Jewish racism

    “The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.” -Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b

    “The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the the dog more than the non-Jew.” -Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30

    “Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therfore he will be served by animals in human form.” -Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855

    “A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal.” -Coschen hamischpat 405

    “The souls of non-Jews come from impure sprits and are called pigs.” -Jalkut Rubeni gadol 12b

    “Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human.” -Schene luchoth haberith, p. 250 b

    “If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog.” -Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b

    “Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals.” -Talmud Sanhedrin 74b

    “It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile.” -Sepher ikkarim III c 25

    “It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah.” -Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5

    “A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.” -Talmud, Abodah Zara, 4b

    “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” -Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

    Jewish Hatred of Non-Jews as Expressed in the Talmud

  17. slapstick Says:

    Wake up
    It was..Germany that
    Went from a wreaked econemy to the riches
    In Europe after they thru the Rothchild
    Bankers out..
    It also forced them into war. The enemy
    Is Not German!
    Who runs the banks
    Controls home land security

  18. jcfromnj Says:

    Swampy; H.L.Mencken: some pretty hi brow shit to be sure…A Libertarian of sorts from what I’ve read

  19. Oilslick Says:

    Wasn’t sure which thread to add this link to. This one is as good as any. Interesting comments at the end of the article. Is Joe Citizen waking up?

    http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/09/opinion/navarrette-police-brutality/index.html?hpt=hp c1

  20. Junior Says:

    No, Wake the FUCK up America!

    The fundamental law of the American Republic, the Declaration of Independence plainly states that our Rights are ordained by God. Unfortunately the State and Federal Political Class from the earliest days of the Republic, attempted to subvert this lawful fact, and manipulate the statutory process in defiance to known constitutional limitations. Read the Alien Act enacted on July 6th, 1798, and the Sedition Act enacted on July 16th, 1798 by the federal political class in an overt attempt to suppress America’s liberties.

    In contemporary America this statutory corruption has become the public policy of the elected and appointed political class sitting under the federal and state capitol dome. A public policy that few Americans comprehend due to their singular failure to sit down and read the history of America which is found within the historical documents starting with the Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress issued on OCTOBER 14, 1774, where it is plainly stated, the protestation challenged the willingness of the British Parliament to bind America’s liberties under the force of statutory law.

    There is a solution to the corruption that sits within the State and Federal Public Ministry. In order to overcome the known statutory corruption that radiates from the bench of the “Court”, the officers of “administrative agencies” and by the hands of the elected political class itself, comes from relearning constitutional knowledge on how to stand the rule of law within the legalistic lands of the administrative state. – Junior

  21. rollinnorth Says:

    “The 2009 federal prison population consisted of:

    Drugs 50.7%, Public-order 35.0%, Violent 7.9%, Property 5.8%, Other .7%

    Drug offenses are self-explanatory, but the public-order offenses also fall under the victimless crimes category. Public order offenses include such things as immigration, weapons charges, public drunkenness, selling lemonade without a license, dancing in public, feeding the homeless without a permit etc..”


    Wake up, America!

  22. chevyweight Says:

    RE: Glenn S.

    Here’s some stats –


    U.S. prison population dwarfs that of other nations
    By Adam Liptak
    Published: Wednesday, April 23, 2008

  23. Glenn S. Says:

    I’m not sure of the statistics, but I’d bet any American is far more likely to be falsly arrested, convicted, and incarcerated for a crime than to be killed by terrorists.

  24. IrishDragon Says:


    Unfortunately you are right. The end times are now. The powers that be are tightening the noose more and more. Its really sad that the sheeple don’t even see this happening. The ones that do just don’t care.

    Bikers are the new target/threat of the police state. Just like the hippies in the 60’s.(except bikers aren’t pussies and are willing to fight back.)


  25. Junior Says:

    I am constantly being told by major media that I am under threat of “terrorism”. Well, I feel that I can stand toe to toe with any “terrorist”. But, I do NOT feel that I can stand toe to toe with my country’s government. I fear government, not terrorists and that is a very sad but true state of affairs when the “Citizens” (or should i say denizens) fear their own government more than anything else. It shouldn’t be long now before this nation completely implodes, i may even see it in my lifetime! Exciting times huh.

  26. Charlie O Says:

    Homeland security is for cowards and Germans.

  27. swampy Says:

    Thank you, Glen S., for putting into words what I could not. Athough, I’m not a “fan” of Mencken, here’s a Quote from him.

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed’ and hence clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H.L. Mencken (1880-1956)


  28. Glenn S. Says:

    The German national socialists and their SS did not have the technology of today’s governments or the mass media to spread their propaganda. They had some effective leadership (Heydrich, Goebbels) and a genetically obedient society. Fortunately, the US government is short on effective leadership under both parties. The best and the brightest stay in the private sector. And why shouldn’t they? In the American political system, ideas, intelligence, ideals, and principles are trumped by who you once fucked, and which version of God you guess or say is the correct one. The Germans didn’t care that Reinhard Heydrich had been kicked out of the navy for screwing another man’s wife. And he was so good at what he did that he became the only German leader to be asassanated by the Allies during WWII. Unfortunately, they’ve learned that sowing fear can turn rugged individualists into obedient sheep.

  29. swampy Says:

    Hell, the Nazis weren’t wiped out at the end of WWII, they migrated to the US. I’m sure everyone has seen that picture of pappy Prescott Bush posing with Adolf Hitler.

  30. RVN69 Says:

    Homeland Security, I wonder how many years before they get honest and name it “Fatherland Security” complete with the fancy black uniforms and pretty twin lightning bolts.

    Potius mori quam foedare

  31. troyez Says:

    You took the words straight from my brain!
    “That fat ass stupid cunt Napolitano,” (nice one phuq) Eric Holder, and Barry O turn a blind eye to the hordes of illegal alien gangs crossing the Mexican border because they have plans for turning them into voters! Patched members of bike clubs generally don’t vote for banana republic style dictators, and they generally come into the country through legal means, thus the road block. Notice that Canada has a similar type prohibition at their border crossings – I have several patched friends who have been prevented from entering in the last 5-10 years.

  32. BadMagic Says:

    Ya, arguing @ the airport is like arguing with the cop on the side of the road. Justification for getting shot. I think that their confidence is such they blatantly violate peoples rights expecting not to be questioned. I would think it could be brought up in a suit to have the name removed from the list.

    Anymore it isn’t what you do, it is what they can make what you do look like.

    I don’t have the answers obviously. I do have the passion to fight for the cause.

    Give me liberty…


  33. Rebel Says:

    Dear BadMagic,

    The short answer is that there is no Constitution when you go to the airport. The gubmint can strip search your seven-year-old and cavity search your grandma under the pretense that they might be Al Quaida terrorists. The gubmint can tell you to go back to England if some moron has put your name on a list of verified Hells Angels. Usually demanding anything at the airport is imprudent.


  34. Shyster Says:

    We can no longer state that the beginning of the end is near as it is certainly upon us now. If you wear a patch AND you are an American Citizen who has travelled to and from this country via the Canadian or Mexican borders there is a very good chance that you have already been identified as a D.S.T. in the DHS database.

    The acronym stands for Domestic Street Terrorist.


  35. BadMagic Says:

    Aren’t there court cases the gubmint lost trying to prove a criminal organization? And doesn’t that establish a precedence that no proof exist to support their claim otherwise?

    I would think the burden of proof would be on the government.

    I suppose it is that way, only if you demand it.



  36. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Of course MS-13, coyotes trafficking in human flesh, foreign trucks carrying tank-carloads of meth and coke and the ingredients of same, foreign terrorists, et al can enter this country illegally and ICE turns a blind eye, but heaven forbid that a biker with a patch and a passport come here legally to attend a party for his club.

    Isn’t there some ancient, apparently obsolete American document that states people are entitled to peaceably assemble, regardless of to which “group” they belong and what they wear on their backs?

    YYZ Skinhead

  37. Phuquehed Says:

    Our government leaders learned from the best man! Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Mussolinni, the 70’s and 80’s Shah of Iran. That fat ass stupid cunt Napolitano, the comrade leader of the DHS, must have a lot of time to read and learn from those people.

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