Dave Burgess Was Still Framed

April 24, 2012

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I have been doing a lousy job on the site recently because I have been working on a book about Dave Burgess. You already know who Burgess is. If you don’t you can either google his name or search for his name on this site. There remains a little controversy about the man. There is some controversy here because Burgess was a Hells Angel. He always wanted to be a Hells Angel. And not everybody loves the Angels.

I think Dave Burgess is more important than club politics. If a cabal of secret police can do what they did to Dave Burgess they can do that to any American. The people, the public at large, have a right to know that this is how their government has come to define the relationship between itself and the people. Burgess has said something like, if they can do this to me they can do this to anybody. And, in a society that so histrionically pays lip service to “freedom” and “democracy” this kind of conduct cannot go unchallenged.

Burke Quote

I am not a fan of Edmund Burke and I think his most famous words have become a tired cliché. But it is a fact that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” And, I think his less well known statement that, “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one” might explain why I think the Burgess case should be important to more than just Hells Angels.

I have been pulling several loose threads trying to find out who framed Burgess. I expected to run into the ATF. I did not. Frankly, I was disappointed. Writing this book would have been a much easier if I found Ciccone or Koz or Jimmy Packard or one of those psychos was mixed up in it.

An obvious candidate for the framing is an FBI task force based in Las Vegas that was reorganized shortly before Burgess was framed. A second candidate is the Department of Homeland Security and that one just astounded me when I stumbled onto that. The Department of Homeland Security! It is also very possible that the framing of Dave Burgess was a crime of opportunity that was imagined and realized entirely within the state of Wyoming. The Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation’s Internet Crimes Against Children department had a 100 percent conviction rate during the years from 2005 through 2010. As I asked one very informed source, “How does this stack up against the conviction rate in North Korea, do you think?”


Inevitably, in all these child porn cases except Dave Burgess’, Wyoming DCI ICAC can offer an explanation as to how the porn got on any computer or piece of hardware. In Burgess’ case the child porn simply appeared. It had been loaded onto the hard drives in a highly organized fashion but none of it had ever been opened.

There is actual evidence that Burgess never looked at any of it and the logical inference is that Burgess never knew any of it was there – which happens to be what Burgess has said many times and is what everybody who knows the man thinks. There is also some indication that after Burgess was convicted the evidence that was employed to convict him was destroyed.

Burgess was accused of having between 60,000 and 85,000 images of child exploitation on his hard drives. None of this library was ever entered into evidence. It was simply testified about as what federal justice calls “evidence of other wrongs.” Around the time the DCI ICAC was discovering this hoard of filth, a Homeland Security Officer assigned to ICAC was testifying in another trial that the entire ICAC “library” of child pornography totalled only 50,000 images including videos.

Wyoming ICAC is an unusual institution. It is a federal program and it is almost entirely federally funded. When President Obama passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 most people thought the new law was intended to create new jobs by rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. In Wyoming, a half million dollars of that money went to fund the salary of an additional ICAC cop for four years. That is how the President is rebuilding America. By guaranteeing the future salaries of cops who frame people for the most loathsome crimes.

To Write Or Not

In my opinion, there is quite a lot to the Burgess story that the public at large has a right to know. I can’t even begin to describe here how blatantly Burgess was framed. He was lynched because he was a Hells Angel and because he talked back. A friend of Dave Burgess’ described Dave as his “own worst enemy.” When authority said sit down Burgess usually stood up.

Burgess has, probably, one appeal left. The Supreme Court refused to consider his case in 2010. And understandably, there are some very informed sources who are afraid that I might screw up Dave’s last chance at appeal by revealing too much about what was done to the guy – or that I might betray some club business or something like that. So I am trying to be discrete.

But if I don’t write about Dave Burgess then who will? Matt Joyce? Julien Sher? Kerrie Droban? Nils Johnson-Shelton? For example, the transcript of Burgess’ trial is still sealed. Most of Burgess’ case is still sealed. It is not a case that any reporter with a voice loud enough to matter is likely to write about unless I write about it first.

As recently as six weeks ago I thought there was an outside possibility that Burgess might have had at least an interest in child porn. A possibility. Some of the discussion in still secret hearings (so I have never seen a transcript because I am a good citizen – but I do know a psychic in Dubai who is pretty good) is disgustingly graphic. I even talked to a couple of people with academic insight into the personal characteristics of men who look at child porn and of men who molest children.

I will tell you this now with absolute certainty and without even a shadow of a doubt in my mind: David Burgess was framed.



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  1. Not Surprised Says:

    Did a bit of research on HSI-ICE and I was rather stunned. The old Naturalization and Immigration agency (INS)and US Customs office merged into Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and made the the foot soldiers of Homeland Security.

    ICA can now investigate and separately prosecute ANY crime under Title 18 of the USCJ. They have the combined authority of FBI, DEA, ATF, IRS and jurisdiction anywhere in the US.

    Their asset forfeiture division is better than any other agency, and ICE shares the proceeds on a 50/50 split with all local LE. ICE are “super agents” and by comparison DEA FBI ATF may assign an entire division to a case, ICE “deputizes” local and state LE which allows them to assign just ONE ICE agent. Sort of like when Spartan king Leonidas was asked by neighboring nations for military assistance, he sent one man. ICE can call on the assistance of any other alphabet agency’s expertise without having to give up jurisdictional control of the investigation.

    In addition Homeland Security is budgeted with billions to allocate and “grant” local LE to fund ongoing operations or purchase tactical equipment.

    And here all along, I assumed HSI was more about thwarting external threats instead of yet another mega agecny

  2. rollinnorth Says:

    Thought of Dave Burgess and your work when I saw this “news.” Apparently, the ever-expanding reach of the feds has ICE handling child porn cases.

    Looking forward to the book.
    Thanks for the site and all your work!

  3. Road King Says:

    Up until a year ago, I did not know Dave Burgess, but I heard the stories, and knew of the man. Years ago, I would drive past the Ranch as I lived in Reno. Dave and I sat and visited about years past, and how close we had been to each other but never new one another. We talked about the Ranch, motorcycles, and the house Near Reno. We even talked of his brothers and friends of his that I had met or talked to over the years. Anyway, Dave is doing well considering the interior decorator he has now. Dave is calm, but you can still hear the bitterness in some of his conversation. In addition, I know he misses his girls. He talks of them often and you can tell he is proud. I know he is quietly waiting for the time to come so he can go back to a life that I believe was stolen from him. Is he innocent? none of us are! But when you listen to what he says you can tell there is a lot of fabrication done by the cops, and with the way it all went down. Bottom line he was not given a fair treatment. I listened to his story and read some of his posts before they went out, which is his touch to world outside. It just didn’t ad up, and what he said just made sense as to what he was doing, where he was headed and all the rest of the shit he went through. Bottom line is I believe him and do not have to, it is because I see the man behind the words. When you are visiting the resort they call Bastrop you have lots of time to observe and visit, besides there is no reason to hide anything there as we are all looking through the same bars. My vote is for Dave, and I hope that at some point someone takes the battle and gets his ass back home where it belongs. Let the man get back on the road and enjoy the life he has left…. “As he said “I have enough good memories and fun to last anyone for a life time”. He just wants to chill and enjoy his friends! If this gets to Dave I am sure he will remember the short timer!

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shasiti,

    Yeah, there is a chapter about the Mustang in Framing Dave Burgess.

    Thanks for commenting,

  5. Shasiti Says:

    Like I have stated before I have know David most of my life. Met him when I was 20, I’m 54 now. We were together for several years and when you live with someone in their house for any length of time, you learn their habits quick. I went everywhere with him and played on his computer just like everyone running through the house was allowed to. WE had parties all the time. Those pictures were never on his computer. He was totally framed. The IRS, DEA and TAF had him under survellience way before he became a HA. It all started because of Joe Conforte and him owning a brothel. Go back that far and start your research. Always start at the begginning.

  6. Shyster Says:


    Those “whips” are referred to as slungshots by LE. In my State they are outlawed under the Penal Code. If one must have one then you are correct to advise the zip tying of it onto the handlebar which makes any Potential use of it as a weapon ineffective.


  7. Not Surprised Says:

    Been awhile since I posted. One fact about the Burgess case that keeps rolling over and over in my mind anyway is what evidence is there really of a frame up?

    When you consider the staggering amount of individual images supposedly found, you have to say this was the “mother lode” of child porn busts. I mean one of the top 10 of all time. To be expected to believe that a state cop just “stumbled” onto this by virtue of a routine traffic stop is unfathomable. It just doesn’t happen.

    This is not necessarily ‘evidence” of a frame up but it IS evidence that a third party or parties KNEW that hard drive was in the vehicle. I say evidence not proof. I say this based on the mathematical probabilities of the stop. This is point # 1.

    Point # 2 is that the vast majority of the images were still photos. peddlers of this material traffic in video almost exclusively, not still photos. Check the facts and data. The desire for explicit and graphic motion picture material drives the market and there simply isn’t any money in photos. Still images are what the Feds store in their child porn data bank. Hundreds of thousands of them to be exact. No one who was transporting this material (knowingly) would chance the severe penalties if the material were not worth the financial risk. Stills are low tier. Think about that.

    Point # 3 is history itself in these type busts. It is federal law that upon seizing this kind of material even if it is a state bust the feds have to identify and attempt to locate and rescue each child featured. This is a huge project and usually involves authorities across several countries. Not one single time when an amount of material this huge was seized has there EVER NOT been massive media coverage and extended “man hunts” because historically there are always several other involved in a trafficking enterprise of this magnitude. This is true 100% of the time. No such manhunt was undertaken, no search for victims still in darner. The ONLY possibility this was NOT done is because the children in those images were already know to the feds as being safe.

    LEO very rarely deviates from established investigative protocol, particularly when it is a crime involving child porn. Ask any investigator, especially a federal one.

    These three facts (and they very much ARE facts) are enough to cause any rational person to cast doubt on the entire thing. None of this of course was ever presented to a Wyoming jury nor will be.

    There is no credible law enforcement officer out there who has had at least some fringe involvement in a big child porn bust who will deny what I just said.

    The traffic stop, computer search and discovery of the hard drive in the vehicle did NOT go down the way the govt says it did, that much is almost beyond reason.

    Dave Burgess was set up. The after-the-fact action or inaction proves this.

  8. grumpy Says:

    just fyi rebel.if a rider is got a whip hanging from there handle bars or any where else with a large clasp on the end as they all do, you can be pulled over and have the whip taken and turned in to the local da for a weapons charge,a gross mistaminer.as this happened to a friend of mine here in lyon county.and to fight it you need a lawyer,which aint cheap.its just a way for cops to fuck with us even if there isen’t any law found anywhere about it,ive checked.but yet they can be sold on the net to anyone.also the local gang unit is got extra money to keep them busy fucking with us.so this may be old info to some, its something that anyone carrying a whip, cant have a heavy clasp on the end,if you want to have one for show it can be legle to zip tie it on.

  9. Cap'n Bill Says:

    I’m in. Let us know when and how much. Once again, I enjoyed your other books!

    Oh, not to advertise, BUT there is another book out called ‘Living The Life’, by QBall & Sorez The Scribe. It’s a picture and poem book which is very well put together!

  10. Gunner Says:

    Just found this site as I just finished reading “Out Bad” and had to know more about the writer. I have been reading the comments and shaking my head. I never realized how deep the governments hatred for us is. I have been working for my patch for a while now. I have seen some of this first hand and am learning to deal with it. But I am also seeing something very encouraging, we are coming together and I thank you rebel for being a voice. I look forward to the day when all clubs, regardless of past differences unite to stand up to this injustice. I hope to be a part of this because it sickens me that the country I served would treat its citizens like Dave Burgess and others like this. there is no place for egos in the justice system, yet they seem to reign. I think they go after the Dave Burgesses of this world to silence them. Their biggest fear is that we will unite and drag them out into public exposing them as the frauds they are. I have had the opportunity to hear the low rumbling within the biker community, regardless of patch, a common theme is emerging. For every voice they still 1000 will shout out. If we are true to ourselve and our brotherhood then as men of honor we must not go out quietly.


  11. Beatnik Says:

    Keep up the good work,Rebel.

  12. grumpy Says:

    i would have say that anything tony tait said is not worth shit.

  13. grumpy Says:

    i dont no if he is innocent or guilty,it is not for me to judge.but if you have ever read ha’s into the abyss book,you will see that a person in the club at the time was a child mollester, if you can believe the writings in that book,and according to the book that person was still wearing a patch,wtf over.

  14. sled tramp Says:

    “Dyrdek then throws his cousin Chris “Drama” Pfaff under the bus — claiming Y&R is 100% owned by him … so “if you need to stomp anyone out, stomp this guy out.”

  15. rashomon Says:

    Unfortunately with the onion browser being available for iphones and ipads now you can use the tor network without knowing much about it – send in the clowns as they say.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rashomon,

    Yeah. I really fell for that one. I just assumed this clown James Alfred Quiroz was a painter in Tucson, but he is using a proxy server in the Czech Republic. I guess I wasn’t vigilant enough.

    I’m going to have to meet this mother fucker at some point.


  17. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Rashomon, I think you are correct. Good eye. I ought to have figured it out but my brain is foggy before my morning nicotine fix.

    YYZ Skinhead

  18. Rashomon Says:

    James Alfred Quiroz = JAQ methinks or maybe it’s just a strange coincidence.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear James Alfred Quiroz,

    See, this is another example of why nobody likes the Iron Order: because you all seem to be stupid, aggressive cops.

    Tell you what pal. How about if I lock you up and take possession of your house for 24 hours and then I search it. I bet I ccould find anything I want. I bet if I had limitless resources I could find a leather bound volume of your love letters to Osama Bin Ladin in your fucking couch.

    Christ, stupid motherfuckers get on my nerves sometimes.


  20. James Alfred Quiroz Says:

    I believe he is 100% innocent. I’m sure everyone in a motor home/RV has a hard-drive in a couch. I think that there is absolutely nothing suspicious with Dave Burgess having a hard-drive in his couch. There couldn’t possibly be anything illegal on the hard-drive. How many of you have a hard-drive in your couch? This is normal behavior, right???

  21. DirtyBruin Says:

    Rebel: Thank you for your concern about your work possibly having negative consequences for Mr. Burgess. When you feel you can publish without hurting his chances, be assured I’ll be buying a copy of the book. The man was framed for one of the most heinous crimes imaginable – and which, it seems likely to me, was chosen precisely because those who framed him figured the accusation alone would cut him off from support.

  22. ruffrider Says:

    In Cali a collapsable baton is the same as brass knuckles. You are

    better off with a pistol


  23. jrnr Says:

    “Deputies are still looking for the suspect but they’d also like to talk to the Red Devils motorcycle member. Metts says his actions should be commended and he may have information that could help their case.”

    what a bullshit statement that is. i bet money that they want to talk to the member so they can arrest him for an illegal weapon, attempted battery, no turn signals, illegally parked motorcycle, attempted manslaughter, inciting a riot and anything else they can roll into some sort of rico case against the club. fuckin cop assholes



  24. Glenn S. Says:

    Yeah, marijuana, which does far less harm than booze. Probably a whole lot of time involved for what are essentially political offenses. And if the cops are successful and shut down the charter, probably a bunch of young black males with Uzis will take over the trade and shoot one another and innocent bystanders over who gets to sling quarter bags over by where the pavillion used to be. Great photo ops for the various sub-species of swine, bunch of golfers who were never in any danger will feel safer, and now there’s yet another reason to boycott bike week, see if mom and pop and the kiddies can keep the expensive tourist trap afloat.

    Think I’ll go buy some more 81 support tee shirts. My symphathies to the arrested.

  25. Hose-a 1% Says:

    Big H-A bust in Myrtle Beach yesterday.Check out Myrtle Beach Sun Times.com according to the article over 200 hundred indictments.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. retired F.T.F.

  26. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Sled Tramp,

    Props for posting. I am astonished that a mainstream media source would even consider running a story about an anonymous biker hero. It’s a fat FUCK YOU to Gangland/Gang World/Gang Galaxy et al.

    YYZ Skinhead

  27. Phuquehed Says:

    @Charlie – You said “Also, i started too write this because i saw the ever nauseous ass Kurt Sutter’s post had elicited 32 responses to the mere 12 too comment on a standup fella who is doing it hard. As a side bar: i was in Dago yesterday and spotted A cool panhead on PCH. The dude had a 3 piece cut and i looked to see what club and was gobsmacked to see the tool was wearing an SOA store bought cut.”

    You can’t look down on *anyone* who doesn’t think they should comment on this thread. I asked once on this site about writing to the asshats who prosecute any particular case and I was told that it’s best to not do so as it could screw things up. Besides, not everyone is going to simply take the word of a bunch of people posting on a website that a man is ‘innocent’ or ‘guilty’ just because *they* say so (I personally believe he is innocent because I’ve read enough from many of the posters on this site to respect their opinions greatly and find Rebel’s writings to be right on the money).

    As for the wad of dick-cheese who was wearin’ an SOA cut…it’s more than likely some bitch who has more money than they should have since they had such a nice bike but the fucking stoopidity to wear a vest with that dog shit on it.

  28. pizzo Says:

    thanks for the insite rebel
    you have a killer fucken site an i really respect what your doing
    i would be honored to meet yo one day if im lucky enuff
    been a fan of your site for about 3 years just never posted any comments

  29. Rebel Says:

    Dear Pizzo,

    Burgess raised the money in two days. He was in a cash crunch at the time because he was disputing a huge IRS bill on the Old Bridge Ranch. I don’t know who pledged to lend him the money. I do not believe that any of it came from an Angels defense fund. I would be shocked to learn that none of it came from his club brothers.

    I do not know whether the HA is the richest club in the world or not. I do know, as you should know, that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is not a monolithic entity.


  30. East Coast Dave Says:

    Anyone with any common sense looking at Dave Burgess and this whole kiddy porn bullshit would have to realize the facts. First Dave is not a stupid man. He is also a good man. And he also knows the Feds watched his every move. On his web page, Dave’s world, he said he has put up with phone taps, internet taps, surveillance cameras and more, his whole life as HA. The guy stood out and spoke out. IF…and I say if he was going to transport kiddy porn, did anyone actually believe he’d load it onto his huge white motorhome and personally take it across state lines? The Feds know all the HA runs and know Dave will be there. Im sure Dave expected to be stopped somewhere on this trip! Would he really have made it so easy for them to lock him away forever? That fact alone reeks of setup. They should have tossed the case just because it didnt make sense. I was a daily reader of his Dave’s World web page and became a pen pal friend of his. Im on his prison email list also. I will say the man I know from all the years of reading his work and getting to know him through our talks is that his intentions were always good. Not one time did I ever get a bad vibe from him. I trust him. When they found him guilty I knew one one in this country is safe. When they locked him up they only verified all he said about the injustice in this country. Dave is an innocent man. Stay Strong Dave…Stay Strong Rebel….
    Dave Z

  31. pizzo Says:

    my one question is 25 grand to help one of your brothers is really not that much money
    as we all no it is none of my bizz. but im sure the 81 is the richest club in the world??am i wrong???please correct me if i am

  32. Grumbler Says:

    Given what we know about the blatantly corrupted justice system here in the USA, would patch holders and bikers get a fairer trial under the Canadian justice system? And, if convicted, which country offers more lenient sentences?

  33. shovelNY Says:

    i just watched a documentary called “limelight”s about Peter Gatien , a New York club owner who was targeted by the feds and Rudy Guliani.
    It’s pretty obvious that he was prosecuted for promoting a culture that the government does not approve of.
    It.s my opinion that this is the same motivation that framed Dave Burgess.
    Gatien, after a five week federal trial fueled by self serving rats and your usual law breaking undercover federal agents was acquitted of all 26 drug charges by a jury who needed only three hours to reach a verdict.
    Gatien, at the the time was a very wealthy man and was able to afford the services of a very good well known agressive very expensive defense attorney named Ben Brafman.
    Naturally, the government, incensed having lost their case, and incensed that Gatien refused to lie down, went after him again and charged him with tax fraud.
    Gatien eventually took a plea ,served 90 days and paid a huge fine.
    Not content with that outcome they then deported him back to Canada despite the fact that he was a long time us resident and his wife and children are us citizens.
    In the end ,this man lost his livelihood,his clubs,was bankrupted and had his whole life turned upside down and sideways because some powerful people interested in promoting their own careers in politics and law enforcement decided one day to get him.

    I believe this happens everyday in some degree or another and it’s disgusting that the blatant miscarriage of justice that is the Burgess case has not drawn more attention in the media and outcry from the general public.
    If Burgess had a good lawyer he might be out in the free world today.
    The movie “Lime light is available streaming on netflix.
    here’s a link to its website:


  34. observer Says:

    Most here I assume have read this, but in case not, I think you should.
    Dave’s own words, and Rebel’s too. It’s discouragingly dated, but stands anyway as what it is.


  35. Charlie Says:

    I just wanna say. I firmly believe in Dave’s innocence. I’ve never met Dave but ran across his Dave’s world page some years back. He always posted stuff that was thought provoking and engaging. I learned about Gen Smedley Butler and the business plot from Dave. Civil rights issues as they affect the broader community and things as random as the space program. He’s a keen photographer. Saw a lot of cool bikes and never a young un on his site. And i am a father of daughters. So i would toss him on the BBQ in Hell personally if i believed that was his MO. He’s on FB and has about 5k worth of friends which i think indicates the support he has. Another thing. If you surfed into Daves World it was not obvious that he was a club guy. Just a smart man with an opinion and a passion for the human experience that is living a self determined life. Rebel, keep pushing in concert with his club and his people. And thanks for shining a light on a dark space. Also, i started too write this because i saw the ever nauseous ass Kurt Sutter’s post had elicited 32 responses to the mere 12 too comment on a standup fella who is doing it hard. As a side bar: i was in Dago yesterday and spotted A cool panhead on PCH. The dude had a 3 piece cut and i looked to see what club and was gobsmacked to see the tool was wearing an SOA store bought cut. Like having bolt on tits. Too fat, too hairy, too sad. Especially when you think of the real men in So Cal who have stood up for their patch and paid the price. No matter the color. Cheers Rebel Just my EHO

  36. BigV Says:

    And Sohn: I meant Cowboy in the post above. Dave Burgess was who I meant when I said Wyoming.

  37. BigV Says:

    Mr. Sohn: I am genuinely sorry at the pain your family is has gone through. Your father was known to be an honorable, trustworthy, and generous person- he is a good man suffering a terrible fate at the hands of a corrupt group of shits. When you have never been around, touched, or even discussed drugs and two people who have distributed and been caught red handed can finger you and have never even interacted with you and ruin your life forever- it has become a police state.

    It’s also pretty apparent with what happened with Mr. Brewer’s final appeal that the government will do anything to keep a dissident voice silenced.

    You and your family have faced tremendous persecution from the governments of Wyoming, Nevada, and our lovely federal government.

    Take care.

  38. Sohn Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    I don’t think anyone is against a book, but there is an apeal sitting on a judges desk right now. We, many people including his new attorneys, have put alot of work into it. Timing being my main concern, I would hope that you would consult his attorneys before you release any written work on the subject. I know it was sent to the original judge and he has purposely been stalling, so a little push may help or maybe hurt. I wouldn’t feel comfortable without thier approval and or insight though.
    Thanks, Sohn

  39. Lawyer'd Up Says:

    Write it Rebel and we will read.


  40. DocB Says:

    Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”
    ― Dr. Seuss
    He was framed

  41. RVN69 Says:

    “Todays feds make Reinhard Heydrich look like Barney Fife”.

    All they need is the black uniforms and the runes.

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”

  42. observer Says:

    Yeah Rebel, do be careful. How ironic if it ends up being some of us writing a book about your predicament…

  43. Glenn S. Says:

    Rebel writes: “Burgess has, probably, one appeal left. The Supreme Court refused to consider his case in 2010. And understandably, there are some very informed sources who are afraid that I might screw up Dave’s last chance at appeal by revealing too much about what was done to the guy – or that I might betray some club business or something like that. So I am trying to be discrete.”

    I’ll buy the book as soon as it is available. But concerns that revealing too much prematurely might fuck up a last shot at appeal are reasonable. Evidance could be destroyed or fabricated, witnesses can be bought off or leveraged, I’m sure the government is perfectly willing to do anything and I’m equally sure you are not the type of man who would sleep well if there turns out there was a good reason to hold off on publishing the book. I also hope you take precautions to insure that you are not found to be in possession of child porn on your computer, or a kilo of coke under your bed. They did this shit to Dave Burgess, they would do it to you too. Be careful! Todays feds make Reinhard Heydrich look like Barney Fife.

  44. Grumbler Says:

    “It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.” ― Noël Coward, Blithe Spirit

  45. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Good on you for correctly labelling it a lynching. I was thinking the same thing. I believe Burgess is 100% innocent. I hope your research and your writing can set him free.

    YYZ Skinhead

  46. sled tramp Says:

    What RVN69 and El Jefe said.We all have our reasons for our differences but against a common enemy one reaches understandings with clarity of direction.

  47. RVN69 Says:

    Write the book, I’ll buy a copy and that club and my club have had our differences. Doesn’t matter if he wore a patch I hated, the cops need to be held accountable for their crimes.

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of them both.”

  48. Caretaker Says:

    Let me be the first to say “thank you for writing the book.” dave’s case definitely needs to hit the public.


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