Dave Burgess Was Still Framed

April 24, 2012

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I have been doing a lousy job on the site recently because I have been working on a book about Dave Burgess. You already know who Burgess is. If you don’t you can either google his name or search for his name on this site. There remains a little controversy about the man. There is some controversy here because Burgess was a Hells Angel. He always wanted to be a Hells Angel. And not everybody loves the Angels.

I think Dave Burgess is more important than club politics. If a cabal of secret police can do what they did to Dave Burgess they can do that to any American. The people, the public at large, have a right to know that this is how their government has come to define the relationship between itself and the people. Burgess has said something like, if they can do this to me they can do this to anybody. And, in a society that so histrionically pays lip service to “freedom” and “democracy” this kind of conduct cannot go unchallenged.

Burke Quote

I am not a fan of Edmund Burke and I think his most famous words have become a tired cliché. But it is a fact that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” And, I think his less well known statement that, “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one” might explain why I think the Burgess case should be important to more than just Hells Angels.

I have been pulling several loose threads trying to find out who framed Burgess. I expected to run into the ATF. I did not. Frankly, I was disappointed. Writing this book would have been a much easier if I found Ciccone or Koz or Jimmy Packard or one of those psychos was mixed up in it.

An obvious candidate for the framing is an FBI task force based in Las Vegas that was reorganized shortly before Burgess was framed. A second candidate is the Department of Homeland Security and that one just astounded me when I stumbled onto that. The Department of Homeland Security! It is also very possible that the framing of Dave Burgess was a crime of opportunity that was imagined and realized entirely within the state of Wyoming. The Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation’s Internet Crimes Against Children department had a 100 percent conviction rate during the years from 2005 through 2010. As I asked one very informed source, “How does this stack up against the conviction rate in North Korea, do you think?”


Inevitably, in all these child porn cases except Dave Burgess’, Wyoming DCI ICAC can offer an explanation as to how the porn got on any computer or piece of hardware. In Burgess’ case the child porn simply appeared. It had been loaded onto the hard drives in a highly organized fashion but none of it had ever been opened.

There is actual evidence that Burgess never looked at any of it and the logical inference is that Burgess never knew any of it was there – which happens to be what Burgess has said many times and is what everybody who knows the man thinks. There is also some indication that after Burgess was convicted the evidence that was employed to convict him was destroyed.

Burgess was accused of having between 60,000 and 85,000 images of child exploitation on his hard drives. None of this library was ever entered into evidence. It was simply testified about as what federal justice calls “evidence of other wrongs.” Around the time the DCI ICAC was discovering this hoard of filth, a Homeland Security Officer assigned to ICAC was testifying in another trial that the entire ICAC “library” of child pornography totalled only 50,000 images including videos.

Wyoming ICAC is an unusual institution. It is a federal program and it is almost entirely federally funded. When President Obama passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 most people thought the new law was intended to create new jobs by rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. In Wyoming, a half million dollars of that money went to fund the salary of an additional ICAC cop for four years. That is how the President is rebuilding America. By guaranteeing the future salaries of cops who frame people for the most loathsome crimes.

To Write Or Not

In my opinion, there is quite a lot to the Burgess story that the public at large has a right to know. I can’t even begin to describe here how blatantly Burgess was framed. He was lynched because he was a Hells Angel and because he talked back. A friend of Dave Burgess’ described Dave as his “own worst enemy.” When authority said sit down Burgess usually stood up.

Burgess has, probably, one appeal left. The Supreme Court refused to consider his case in 2010. And understandably, there are some very informed sources who are afraid that I might screw up Dave’s last chance at appeal by revealing too much about what was done to the guy – or that I might betray some club business or something like that. So I am trying to be discrete.

But if I don’t write about Dave Burgess then who will? Matt Joyce? Julien Sher? Kerrie Droban? Nils Johnson-Shelton? For example, the transcript of Burgess’ trial is still sealed. Most of Burgess’ case is still sealed. It is not a case that any reporter with a voice loud enough to matter is likely to write about unless I write about it first.

As recently as six weeks ago I thought there was an outside possibility that Burgess might have had at least an interest in child porn. A possibility. Some of the discussion in still secret hearings (so I have never seen a transcript because I am a good citizen – but I do know a psychic in Dubai who is pretty good) is disgustingly graphic. I even talked to a couple of people with academic insight into the personal characteristics of men who look at child porn and of men who molest children.

I will tell you this now with absolute certainty and without even a shadow of a doubt in my mind: David Burgess was framed.



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62 Responses to “Dave Burgess Was Still Framed”

  1. Neuro Says:

    End the fedbacon frameup Free Dave Burgess Now.

  2. NyeNye Says:

    Thank you Rebel
    I learn a lot from your prose.
    I have read just about all the different perspectives and have met a few outlaws.
    I am one who seeks truth and wants to know WHY. A character flaw I guess. But I do appreciate your insight and honesty.This Dave Burgess stuff is a whole new angle. Looking forward to reading.
    Happy 2017 Rebel!

  3. Austin Says:

    ***My “Austin” is unaffiliated with Bastrop, although I have sent a card or two***

    I posted a snippet of Dave’s request – Here is the whole thing- Pass it on.

    DAVE’S WORLD BEHIND THE BARBWIRE SPECIAL SHORT REQUEST EDITION ISSUE # 68 OCTOBER 17, 2016 Greetings All, Time sure flies. The Christmas season is almost upon us once again. This will me my 9th Christmas behind the barbwire and again this year I have a special request. Like in years past, we here at FCI Bastrop have a Christmas decorating contest. With your help in past years my housing unit “Austin” has managed to win the contest every year and therefore we got to go first to the Christmas meal.
    So again this year I am requesting Christmas cards from you for or card wall. On the inside of the card just write: “TO THE MEN OF AUSTIN UNIT” (Also if you would like you can put the city or town you are sending the card from and of course sign your name)
    Then address the envelope to me at:
    DAVID BURGESS 41278-048
    P.O. BOX 1010
    BASTROP, TEXAS 78602
    I know it has been awhile since I sent out my last newsletter. I have stayed busy this summer. I’ve been keeping up everyday with my exercise program so I am feeling healthy and lean. I am also still teaching a class (Foundations For Freedom) every week and I am now the longest active member (7 years) of or “Suicide Cadre” here at FCI Bastrop.
    Every day gets me one step closer to the front gate and I am really looking forward to it. I will write again soon and I am looking forward to bringing you some new stories as well as some old stories. So until next time, have fun but try to stay safe, if that is even possible while trying to have fun. At least from what I remember about the world, having fun and staying safe seem to be two exclusively separate things. Blessings to you all, David Burgess still here in central Texas
    PLEASE POST THIS NEWSLETTER ONLINE AND FORWARD TO ANYONE YOU THINK MAY BE INTERESTED IN READING IT. (hopefully I will have a new photo taken for my next Newsletter)

  4. Neuro Says:

    No written message? Can they be anonymous(unsigned) ? How does the card get to you ? We send directly to Bastrop, but put your name at the top? Please clarify.

  5. Austin Says:

    So again this year I am requesting Christmas cards from you for or card wall. On the inside of the card just write: “TO THE MEN OF AUSTIN UNIT” (Also if you would like you can put the city or town you are sending the card from and of course sign your name)
    Then address the envelope to me at:
    DAVID BURGESS 41278-048
    P.O. BOX 1010
    BASTROP, TEXAS 78602

  6. Neuro Says:

    Free Dave Burgess now. He was framed and hung out to dry. I miss Dave’s World.

  7. Ivy Rogers Says:

    Mr. Burgess was always a very good employer and took very good care of me.

  8. autisticsouls Says:

    the Out Bad book was very good and necessary book. I will buy the Dave Burgess book next. I am autistic and ive often had a protector growing up who kept the other bullies at bay. He was his own person and looked after us in our special needs class. Looked after us when the school officials didn’t want to bother. He was a wolf that kept the other wolves at bay. Always in trouble in school and later with other authority figures in life. i recognized his intelligence and he mine. He became a biker. my friend. and i do worry about him because there be some bullies that will crush him although he will always stand up against them. because that’s just who he is. i seen many that are just like him… u be so too.

  9. Jim666 Says:

    @ chokeachicken Bastrope is a federal pen and yes it mostly to further punish Dave by keeping him further from his family and friends.


  10. chokeachicken Says:

    Never mind i confirmed he is in the prison in Bastrop, Texas but i do not understand why he is in Texas. is this the only prison he could go to or is this a scheme by the Feds to keep him from his family and club?

  11. chokeachicken Says:

    his facebook says he is in Bastrop, Texas is this the prison or someone who send stuff to him directly such as cards?

  12. Sarge Says:

    I know for a fact that the cocksuckers set David up, they ( the MAN ) fucked with us all ( and are still fucking with me ) who were in northern Nevada in the 60’s on.

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