Oregon Biker Season Opens

April 17, 2012

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An anonymous, Oregon couple drew first blood near Eugene Sunday as the state’s biker killing season got underway. Police described the couple as a man and woman in their 20s. The biker, who police also refused to name, lived.

A witness named Dena Turner saw the botched kill. “This car just … flew by me,” Turner told Portland television station KOIN. “He flew into the middle of these motorcycle riders, and forced this guy off the road – and he wrecked.” Turner stopped to aid to wounded biker. “I was stabilizing his head until the ambulance got there,” she told the CBS affiliate. “And he was coherent, he wasn’t in shock.”

The driver of the Toyota Corolla “didn’t stop at the scene of the crime,” the witness continued. “He ran a guy off the road and kept going.” It is possible the Corolla driver did not notice that his intended victim was riding in a pack until it was too late. His actions indicate that he did know that a pack of bikers can be dangerous prey.

Hey! You! Stupid!

The pack included members of the Brother Speed Motorcycle Club. Two of them, Kenneth J. Cornell and Phillip A. Davis pursued the hit and run driver and attempted to arouse his attention. The men followed the Corolla for almost 20 miles. Cornell pounded on the car with his bare hands. Davis allegedly struck the Corolla with a get back whip. He succeeded in breaking the car’s rear window with the simple device but the driver still refused to stop.

A get-back whip (photo above) is four-foot-long leather braid with a quick-release hook on one end. The hook is used to fasten the whip to a motorcycle’s rear brake lever. The device is usually only decorative. However it can be swung by the braided end to garner the attention of motorists who attempt to bully or harm bikers. Occasionally, the whips may cause minor cosmetic damage to cars when they are employed in this manner.

As the Corolla and the two bikes approached Eugene an impromptu task force that included officers of the Oregon State Police, Lane County Sheriff’s Office and Eugene Police Department stopped all three vehicles on Highway 126 near West 11th Street at Beltline Road in Eugene.

Victims Saved, Bad Guys Cuffed

“They were extremely frightened,” Oregon State Police Lieutenant Gregg Hastings told the Eugene Register-Guard about the attempted murderers in the Corolla. The young couple was hugged and released. At this time it is unclear whether they will be offered trauma counseling.

Cornell was charged with harassment, menacing, reckless driving, recklessly endangering another person and unlawful possession of a controlled substance. Davis was charged with harassment, menacing, reckless driving, recklessly endangering another person and criminal mischief in the second degree.

Amber Johnson, who was riding on the back of Cornell’s bike was arrested after she slapped the hand of a Eugene Police officer who she believed was touching her inappropriately. She was charged with harassment and resisting arrest.


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43 Responses to “Oregon Biker Season Opens”

  1. Road Whore Says:

    Long as I’ve known (been in the saddle for about 45 years now) it’s always, and everywhere, been called a get back whip.

    Ride Free

  2. RtC Says:

    @ his property, Hey BOY, It’s ALWAYS been called a GET BACK WHIP! Where the
    fuck did you garner your lack of knowledge?! Fuckin’ DOUCHE BAGS that can
    type. Your generation,(16 & under) ALWAYS screw up facts & phrases.
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    @his property – How is it *your* word on what the object is is correct and everyone elses word is wrong? Who the fuck made you suddenly the expert and where is it written that it is so?

    Oh, and if *you* are going to write anything, learn about punctuation and how to use it better than you do now, fucktard.

  4. his property Says:

    It’s a payback whip….not a get back whip….if you’re going to write. ..get your shit right

  5. Revolt Says:

    City of Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns email: [email protected]
    Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy: [email protected]

    City Council Members:
    George Brown: [email protected]
    Betty Taylor: [email protected]
    Alan Zelenka: [email protected]
    George Poling: [email protected]
    Mike Clark: [email protected]
    Pat Farr: [email protected]
    Andrea Ortiz: [email protected]
    Chris Pryor: [email protected]

  6. RVN69 Says:

    Special circumstances=biker

    asshole trooper=repetition

    idiot cops=oxymoron

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”

  7. two hands Says:

    Sled Tramp I would like to meet you in person. Totally love ur view on this matter. Maybe someday down the road we will run into each other.

    Anyway this all has been a total freaking travesty. Anybody up in Portland on the 12th of May there is a couple of benefit’s going on to help the situation. Knuckleheads Bar and Grill is one. Stop by for a good time and help these brothers out.

  8. rick3ree Says:

    I live in Eugene’s neighboring city… sad to say that I didn’t hear bout this shit on my local new. Then again I can’t afford the register guard and work parst the six o clock news. thank you rebel for posting the fucked off reality that is Oregon’s cagers

  9. sled tramp Says:

    Ok, a little ranting is in order…..
    Kenny and Philip are still in jail.Kenny,who has never been in jail beforea day in his life is being held under special (bullshit) circumstances.The cops seem to want to make this case an example along the lines of CA’s possession of a cracker law.Currently in Orygun, we can carry these on our bikes.The freaks that ran the Hessian down and were pursued by B.S.M.C. in an effort to stop the cage were released.And a comment from an asshole trooper ,”Those kids did the right thing by calling us”.
    Tonight,there has been a rash of smash and grabs in Eugene.A woman had her car broken into,through a lot of her own detective work found out where her ATM card had been used locally, tracked down the thieves,got their pics off their Facebook account,went to the Sheriff’s dept and presented the cops with the I.D.,pictures and addresses of the thieves.
    The cops said,”Well, we aren’t going to do anything about it,fill out a form,this isn’t important.Oh well”.
    So, folks,if you want to pull some crime with noooo chance of doing time,head to Eugene Oregon.Where cops are so far beyond incompetent I watch the news for comedy relief.As much as I hate cops at any level or in any form, these idiots amaze me.
    Of course if you’re a biker trying to help a downed brother and you don’t have a record…….
    Well, you’re completely screwed.

  10. IRISHPUNK Says:

    Git ’em Rebel, Git ’em !

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear XYZ Skinhead,

    Yeah, that piece of work Burroughs. I have known about him for a long time. Another piece of shit cop. That motherfucker better duck, too.

    I wish I could write faster.


  12. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    sled tramp,

    Precisely. Those pigs have such a hard-on for bikers, as do the puppet media, cruising men’s bars and drooling over their patrons. I’ve seen less gayness driving through the Castro than in the various biker “documentaries”. Whaddya bet at least some of them are members of LEMCs?

    YYZ Skinhead

  13. sled tramp Says:

    Accidentally caught the show and stayed for giggles.I almost choked my coffee seeing my brothers on screen.I don’t know if we should be flattered or disgusted.Hell, we’re always on somebody’s camera…what the hell.Hollyweird here we comes.
    BTW, we notice cops like to cruise bars frequently.’Course,ours have tattooed wimins and whiskey and theirs have ferns.

  14. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    I saw the Eugene pork in that copy-and-paste stroke of genius Gang World on the Bi-o Channel. They kept cruising a biker bar where Mongols and IIRC Gypsy Jokers were standing around talking to each other, which is apparently some horrendous federal crime (under RICO, of course). Oregonian tax bucks at work, gentlemen!

    YYZ Skinhead

  15. JIM666 Says:

    what I see comming out of this is Cornwall will spend eather a shit load of $$$ trying to get out of a drug poss. charge or some time behind bars because of a few pills, and the bastard that started this shit will go on about his way, and probably get a new windshield
    Good Luck to the B.S.M.C.


  16. Phuquehed Says:

    That PoS rag doesn’t have/allow ‘comments’ either I notice. No way to let the eugene pigs know they’re a bunch of shit-stain pussies and to have that useless fuck-fart of a prosecutor know s/he’s wasting my good air and should test the warning on a plastic garbage bag and let us know an hour later if it’s correct or not.

  17. IrishDragon Says:

    Of course there still locked inside. Because there bikers/bad guys. Fuck the sheeple!


  18. sled tramp Says:

    Register-Guard’s website is a pain, here’s the story:
    Driver in crash released from jail
    He hasn’t been charged, but two motorcyclists remain behind bars

    By Jack Moran

    The Register-Guard

    Appeared in print: Friday, April 20, 2012, page B1


    A 27-year-old Springfield man was released Wednesday from the Lane County Jail after prosecutors failed to file formal charges against him in connection with a crash involving a motorcyclist on Highway 126 near Veneta.

    Christopher Jacob Jenson left the jail at 5 p.m. Wednesday, about 26 hours after he was booked into the facility, jail records supervisor Sue Stahl said.

    Stahl said prosecutors could decide later to charge Jenson. Patty Perlow, Lane County’s chief deputy district attorney, did not immediately return a telephone message Thursday afternoon seeking comment.

    Oregon State Police on Tuesday arrested Jenson on suspicion of reckless driving and recklessly endangering another person. Police alleged Jenson was driving a car on Sunday that cut in front of two motorcyclists, causing one of them to lose control and crash.

    Police identified the crash victim as Valentin Camarillo, a 66-year-old motorcycle club member from Roseburg. He was hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening.

    In an alleged act of retaliation, two men who belong to the Brother Speed Motorcycle Club chased down Jenson’s Toyota Corolla as it neared Eugene, police said.

    One of the bikers allegedly pulled his motorcycle next to the Corolla and used a metal hook attached to a leather whip to shatter the car’s window, police said.

    Motorcycle club member Phillip A. Davis, 36, of Portland, was charged with unlawful use of a weapon, reckless endangering and reckless driving, police said.

    The Brother Speed member who was arrested along with Davis on Sunday evening is identified as 54-year-old Roseburg resident Kenneth J. Cornell. He faces charges of reckless endangering, reckless driving and illegal possession of oxycodone.

    Davis and Cornell remain in the Lane County Jail.

  19. RK Says:

    I would have acted the very same if had been one of my brothers and sadly… I would have expected the same treatment by the LEO’s here in Texas. I am in disbelief that Cornell’s passenger was charged and that the kids in the car have been offered trauma counseling.
    I don’t know why this shit shocks me anymore.

  20. RVN69 Says:

    A Prius?? A fucking Prius, shit how long will it be before we read about Eugene PD being in a high speed chase with a 10 speed bike that got away!!!!!! It sounds like Takoma Park in Maryland. Right next to Washington DC in Montgomery county. Can’t kill rats there got to live trap them. They wanted to only buy from companies that had no involvement with Nuclear energy, so they were going to buy Volvo’s but they found out they cost so much they needed like 12 but could only buy 3 or 4. Got to love those weirdo hippie pseudo new age fucks who make futile gestures because it makes them feel good.

    Saw that the cagers were finally picked up and charged, maybe this will lead to reduced charges against the bikers, but I kinda fucking doubt it.

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil. I am the bastard stepchild of both”.

  21. sherides Says:

    Hope the fallen rider is making a full and speedy recovery.

    I’ll scratch “get back whip” off my wish list and stick with the marbles in my pocket. As far as I know they’re still legal.

    Those darn things do have a habit of jumping out of my jacket whenever a vehicle does something silly in my “space”.

  22. sled tramp Says:

    Eugene PD is a very bad PD even as PD’s go.At one time they held some sort of record for lawsuits against their officers..A few years ago,they got tasers which they then proceeded to use at every opportunity.And I do mean EVERY opportunity.This is the PD that had a pair running up to cars wearing a giant Cat in the Hat top hat dressed in pajamas and robbing folks in broad daylight over and over for a couple of weeks.All of which occurred in a 4 block area yet the PD couldn’t figure it out.At one time a couple of years ago, a buddy back east sent me a clip of east coast news telling their viewers “If you want to pull a crime, go to Eugene Oregon where the police are completely incompetent”.This comment was based upon having built a new,huge,state of the art jail,Eugene couldn’t afford to run it so out of dozens of cells,they only could open 4-6.The chief got on local TV and stated that his department was incapable of handling their duties and that criminals had a free hand.
    Naturally,the good citizens of Eugene weren’t happy.
    Their newest gig is,in keeping green (big hippy/new age crystal kinda town),the P.D. went and bought Prius’s for patrol.All these red faced cops driving around…..
    The OSP were the ones that initiated the stop and they’re not much better.

  23. 10Gauge Says:


    (And as a heads up as it relates to this story)
    Out here in Cali be very careful as they are looking for these during their “courtesy” road side interogations catagorizing them as “slung shots” under ca12020….and it very well might earn you a free stay at the county or even state hotel. I have even heard of them charging it as a felony.

    FTP, FTF
    Strength, Respect, Honor

  24. things that make you go hmm Says:

    the movie fast and furious ruined many young people to drive in that fashion ,on the freeway every lame in a asian make rides youre tail ,makes foot close passes ect,this is when im driving a full size truck… this makes my want to ride away from the city towns ect,and of to the mountains or dessert.people more than ever cannot drive because they were taught by people who could not drive,fucking scary.my condolences to the family,and club .much respect be safe.

  25. Colleen Patricia Williams Says:

    No surprise. Bikers here in Oregon are barely considered human. BS, but that’s the way it is, particularly in Eugene, the home of the designer hippie.
    Eugene PD is a corrupt organization. In fact, I’ve lived in Roseburg, Eugen and Portland. Oregon cops are a bad bunch over all.

  26. Alkasazi Says:

    Ouch, hope he heals up ok. Not a fun way to start the season. I shot pictures for a Brother Speed wedding a few years ago. Good guys, fun to party with.

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear anonymous,

    Yeah, the Eugene PD is way out of control and has been for years.


  28. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Fucking cagers. It isn’t that hard to give a biker room. I always do it because I am enclosed in something that has four wheels and a biker is exposed on all sides on something with two wheels. I’m only surprised it was a car and not a ShitUrineVomit. Fucking pigs, attacking the victims as usual while the attempted murderers get off scot-free. They won’t protect the people, and they don’t want us to defend ourselves (which is why they don’t want us to own guns).

    YYZ Skinhead

  29. Nihilist Says:

    Dead on correct, Glenn. The system, by its nature will never self correct; it is designed to self-perpetuate even if it leads to its downfall, like a cancer. At least, until the host decides to rid itself of it. Even M/Cs who try to their damnedest to exist outside of it cannot escape its foul clutches.

  30. Glenn S. Says:

    The pig fondles the woman and she pushes his hand away and then they arrest her for resisting arrest. Franz Kafka should have lived in this place and time.

    Best to realize and accept that the system of courts, cops, and government is not unbiased, but the enforcement arm of societal norms that don’t include riding motorcycles and most especially don’t include riding motorcycles with others. Yeah, shine a light on it at every opportunity. But every time I’ve expected the system to self correct, I’ve been disappointed.

  31. IrishDragon Says:

    Of course the victims become the bad guys. More bullshit from those that serve and protect.


  32. Phuquehed Says:

    …and of course the courts and fucking pigs will say the bikers should have called the law instead of trying to stop the murderer themselves, and the courts and the fucking pigs will never understand that stopping a bike, then digging out your cellphone, *if you have one!*, and finally getting the asshat person on the other end to stop telling you to ‘calm down’ and get their ass getting some pig units after the murderer in the car…the car is gone and all that’s left is some dead bikers and zero justice.

    And people wonder why I despise pigs everywhere I go and deride them every chance I get. The only pig I leave alone is the one who is on many of the PGR missions in the small area I stay in/go on. We’re not buddies, and he’s still a fucking dingleberry on an ass hair (couple of stories about why), but anyone who does PGR missions is off-limits, at least during the mission, heh.

  33. Nihilist Says:

    “The young couple was hugged and released.” Awwww…Hah!

    What’s up with the scumbag po po patting down a woman the way he did? Doesn’t their department have some kind of policy regarding that? Just call for a friggin’ female officer if you have to, fucking asshole! Better yet, learn to understand the situation for what it is. Was the female in the car frisked too? Maybe she didn’t her-ass him the way Amber Johnson did.

  34. anonymous Says:

    Sounds eerily similar to a situation that happen in the very same area almost four years ago to the date. Looks like the EPD is at it again.

  35. sled tramp Says:

    The biker that went down suffered broken ribs and severe lacerations and was a member of another M.C. traveling with B.S.M.C..The story has been huge in the area with everything from radio call in shows to schools to gas station discussions.The overwhelming majority is in support of the bikers with OSP looking like shit.The road this occurred on is a straight shot for 11 miles between Veneta and West Eugene.I find it ridiculous that OSP followed the cage all the way into West Eugene so the bust happened near the WalMart where the evil biker menace could be arrested in a more public setting.If they were so concerned about the cagers maybe a quiet 5 miles out would have sufficed.I’m as surprised as anyone at the responses but once in a while it’s nice to hear some positive words from citizens.Many if not most people are outraged.I appreciate you putting this out there.This happens,to Brother Speed M.C.,my brothers,your brothers etc..all and any of us would react the same way after being attacked.
    When a brother is attacked………well….I don’t care WHO the fuck doesn’t wanna play…..Game on.
    And I like to play.

  36. Glenn S. Says:

    Build a better get back whip and the world will beat a path to your door.

  37. Grumbler Says:

    Oregon State Police arrested the driver, but the two charges didn’t include hit and run. Hopefully, the patch holders will see their charges dropped or reduced asap:


  38. observer Says:

    Hunter Thompson opines of outlaw bikers: “their real motivation is an instinctive certainty as to what the score really is. They are out of the ball game and they know it.” Now, whether or not these guys ever actually feel this way, what I am seeing in this incident, and what they too undoubtedly see, is that whatever the game is, it is incontestably rigged against them.

  39. OneEye Says:

    Typical. Cunts go free, the wronged get arrested and the cops are fucking clueless.

  40. RVN69 Says:

    “A witness named Dena Turner saw the botched kill. “This car just … flew by me,” Turner told Portland television station KOIN. “He flew into the middle of these motorcycle riders, and forced this guy off the road – and he wrecked.” And of course it was the bikers that got arrested.

    “Amber Johnson, who was riding on the back of Cornell’s bike was arrested after she slapped the hand of a Eugene Police officer who she believed was touching her inappropriately. She was charged with harassment and resisting arrest.”
    You just know that pervert was feeling her, probably used to be a TSA agent.

    Fucking cops every time I think they can’t go any lower.

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil. I am the bastard stepchild of them both”.


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