The Devil’s Ride

Fri, Apr 13, 2012

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The Devil’s Ride

Finally! A brand new, ridiculous thing to mock.

A production company named Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television has created a “reality” television show called The Devil’s Ride and they have sold it to the giant funhouse mirror that calls itself Discovery Channel. The “logline,” which is what entertainment entrepreneurs call a story after it has been boiled down to old bubblegum is: “It’s a bike club. It’s a brotherhood. It’s THE DEVILS RIDE.”

This improvisation on the ever fuzzier concept “reality” is a about a three piece patch club called the Laffing Devils MC. The club wears a white on red patch and has at least three chapters – in San Diego, in Santee north of Dago and a Nomads chapter, or charter, or lodge or whatever they call it. The Laffing Devils’ television program debuts May 8 at 10 p.m. after a show about fishermen called Deadliest Catch. “For the first time Discovery goes inside the world of motorcycle clubs,” the press release explains.

Episode Uno

The Devils Ride,” the promotional copy continues, “sports a diverse crew but one bonded by a commitment to each other and the club. Meet Laffing Devils president Gipsy, who must balance the club’s growing ranks with pressure from older members to maintain the status quo. An ex-Marine who served in Iraq, Gipsy credits the club for helping him deal with the emotional scars of war. Then there’s club VP Billy the Kid, who waits in the wings wondering if he’ll have the chance to lead the Laffing Devils. And younger member Snubz breaks all the biker stereotypes with his degree in finance and a full time corporate job.

The Devils Ride finds the Laffing Devils not only in open conflict internally but also at risk of losing their homebase. The Laffing Devils’ unofficial headquarters is the auto body shop owned by fellow member Hawkster but police pressure might force the club to find a new home. Moving is going to cost the club money so Gipsy seeks out security work for the Laffing Devils guarding a liquor store in a very dangerous part of town. Will their new responsibilities pit the club against one another?

“The Devils Ride also covers what would-be members must do to prove themselves to the club before they can be ‘patched in.’ In order to earn his spot, prospect Charles is out on an official club task of protecting some of the club’s wives and girlfriends, or ‘Ol’ Ladies’ on a night out. When a pushy photographer gets too close for comfort, blood boils and the situation gets physical. Will Charles’ actions protecting the women earn him the respect of the young blood and, more importantly, earn him his cut?”

Gratuitous Dylan Thomas Quote

“The force that through the green fuse drives” this flower is a production company called Bischoff Hervey Entertainment which is basically two guys named Jason Hervey and Eric Bischoff.

Hervey is a former child actor who appeared “in over 250 commercials for some of Americas favorite brands” – always a reliable strategy for ensuring the mental health of any young buy. Hervey also appeared in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Meatballs 2 and two seasons of Different Strokes. He eventually did some business with Time Warner’s World Championship Wrestling which is how he met Bischoff. Bischoff portrayed an “on air character on the highly successful USA Network Series ‘RAW.’ He worked with Vince McMahon’s WWE from 2002 through 2006. Bischoff is also the author of the New York Times bestselling book Controversy Creates Cash.

Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television “specializes in the creation and production of television content. BHE has created, developed, and produced both television pilots and series for NBC, VH-1, CMT, A&E, E!, TruTv, and SPIKE TV, including two seasons of the hit series Scott Baio is 45…and Single and Scott Baio is 46…and Pregnant on VH-1, and Home Again with Billy Ray Cyrus on CMT. In 2008 BHE produced Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling for CMT.”

Can’t wait for the special RICO episode!

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  1. ruffrider Says:

    Hasen Jasen, Bring the Basen.

    Earp Slop, Bring the Mop.


  2. OneEye Says:

    How much credibility can you have being a club that puts their shit out on front street in a reality (wink, wink) show? I can’t imagine that way back when clubs were in the nascent stage and they were segregating themselves from mainstream society that they could, in their wildest night of drinking and debauchery, ever have imagined this. Graves must be spinning right now.

    “…to the giant funhouse mirror that calls itself Discovery Channel.”
    Ha ha ha ha!! A quote for the ages!

  3. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Isn’t there another club that flies a nearly identical patch to the one in that pic? White and red with a red devil’s head center patch? Am I remembering something incorrectly?

    YYZ Skinhead

  4. RVN69 Says:


    The sound of me puking! It is beyond my capability to understand why a club would put their shit in the street like this.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

  5. Gar Says:

    Uh-oh…Clay and Jax ain’t gonna take this lightly!

  6. observer Says:

    “Reality” has always been a little confusing for me anyway. What’s next, maybe a LEMC “reality” show? And then maybe a “reality” show about these shows? And then…?

  7. BigV Says:

    YYZ: Nope. You’re not imagining it. RDMC. Good eye. Sheee-it…

  8. Austin Says:

    If this Sh*t was coming over an antenna for free ~ I still wouldn’t watch it. Every now and then I think I might get TV again, but then….. I remember the expression on the kids faces the day (in about 1998) when I picked up the dykes and cut the cable off at the wall and their world turned to snow. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

  9. IrishDragon Says:

    Seriously? What the fuck? The end times are near!


  10. rookery Says:

    The reason you dont do this sort of stupid shit with your club, whatever the money offered, is that you sign away any kind of control over how your patch is legally protected. And if you were originally smart and had copyright and trademark on your patch registered so no third party could ever use it or display it without permission well im sorry but you just flushed that down the shitter as well. The HA, being better advised than some, Dont even allow members to post any kind of Deathhead themselves on social media sites. If a member post that image it weakens your grip on your trademark or copyright because you as member or charter have allowed a third party to use your image with out signing a contract.(and you thought you just press send huh) If an old lady does it or any other third party posts a picture of you or your patch on any kind of media site well thats a different legal kettle of fish. you just can’t do it yourself. Allowing yourself to be filmed without a battery of lawyers advising you is kinda fatal………….Oh and I bet the shows shit too……

  11. Grumbler Says:

    Will prolly DVR the first episode if only to see WTF it’s all about.

    Sonny Barger’s book, Dead In 5 Heartbeats, will be filmed in AZ this year. It’s fiction, not reality, and has real MC members in the cast. Supposed to debut this Fall.

    Tom Hardy signed-up for a ’60s Outlaw Biker flick as a wounded Vietnam veteran who returns home to SF in ’69 during the Haight Ashbury days, and becomes the leader of the most violent MC in CA. Same producer from SOA.

    All this media attention is gonna make us even more visible targets for LEOs whether wearing cuts or not.

  12. rollinnorth Says:

    YYZ Skiinhead, Big V
    Also, Diablos MC

    I fear the madness in Greenland NH on Thursday PM – Friday AM will make for more SWAT style police actions, not just serving of warrants.


  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear observer,

    I think a camera crew should follow me around. For all I know, I already have a camera crew following me around. Rebel patronizes his local,independent bike shop. You know, for good. Then Rebel sits around Bartels for eight hours while real, live, competent mechanics and welders fix his bike. Rebel laughs sardonically at the motorcycle salesman who approaches him while he kills time in the showroom. Rebel stares at a computer screen for about 16 hours. Rebel is writing about a guy whose girlfriend accused him of being a “mouse potato.” Rebel identifies. Rebel has two messages on corrlinks. One enquires, “Did you read that stuff I sent you yet?” Rebel reads 105 pages of documents on the George Christie case, 200 pages on the Mongols property forfeiture case, and 40 pages on a Pagans illegal traffic stop case. Rebel’s love life becomes a country song. The song is “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town.” Rebel hits on a woman at Trader Joe’s. The woman threatens to hit Rebel back. A 20-year-old bag boy wonders aloud, “Is there a problem here?” Rebel meets a couple of sources at an art museum in Los Angeles. Rebel meets many people at art museums these days on the theory that the ATF can’t find any art museums in LA. Because most ATF agents can’t spell “art.” Rebel curses at a gas pump. Again. Rebel attempts to go on a motorcycle ride with some guys, takes the wrong exit, comes and goes through anonymous streets for about an hour, then is told by a parking lot attendant that “the pack pulled out 15 minutes ago.” Rebel reads a letter from a hotel that advises him: “To promote an enjoyable and safe event for everyone involved, several casinos have established a ‘No Colors’ policy for all visitors during the event.” So no support shirts. Are the forbidden colors red, black, white and green? Rebel goes for short ride accross the Palos Verde Peninsula and wonders aloud,’Boy I sure have been seeing a lot of gray Crown Victorias lately.”

    Sounds boring and banal doesn’t it? I bet a reality show about me would still be more interesting than a reality show about these guys. I bet a reality show about you would be a hit.


  14. observer Says:

    Rebel: Was just going to thank you for your treatise on “outlawry” on the Out Bad page(didn’t even know of the word before), when I saw your post here. Thanks for all that, and all the other pearls you lob into our paths. Those of us lucky enough to have found you and your place here are definitely enriched, albeit perhaps equally disturbed. A reality show about you is sort of what goes on here, like a mind-cam or something, and it draws a pretty “interesting” and spirited flock. A reality show about me would probably get less hits than The Dish Washing Channel, which, I’m excited to suddenly realize, leads me to my dish washing poem! I once, not even stoned, I don’t think, stood up at a poetry reading and read a couple pieces of my trite crap. One got a few chuckles and a few claps. The dish washing poem guy was better, I think. He said this:

    Doing the dishes. In theory, it takes 15 minutes. In practice, it takes 20 minutes. In reality it takes a lifetime.

    Your indulgence is appreciated, the well-earned booing rings mercifully unheard.

    Dan The Man: Great note also on Outlawry, whereby one is subject to the law but without its protection. That rings with menacing clarity these days.

  15. things that make you go hmm Says:


  16. RK Says:

    That’s real cute.. Almost as pretty, crisp and clean as all their cuts looked in the promo. I think I just threw up a little.

  17. observer Says:

    Rebel: That audible musing of the “20-year-old bag boy” is the kind of alarm that makes you wonder for a sec if your version of “reality” isn’t just a bit out of sync with the other humanoids in your space. It’s kinda scary, I know.

  18. troyez Says:

    You’re one busy cat! Thanks for all you do to keep this page up and running – if I had to read hundreds of pages of court documents I’d be asleep quick, fast, and in a hurry! I believe you’re right, most ATF agents can’t spell “art,” but they can spell “betray,” and “obfuscate.” (see “Fast and Furious” testimony) Funny thing that.
    All this and you have time to partake of the sardonion plant! Careful with that, that stuff’s lethal – a heavy price to pay for a sinister laugh.
    If Sutter calls about that reality show I’ll watch, only because you’ll be the star and because you’ll demand exclusive control of casting – you’ve gotta hire Sled Tramp!
    Much respect and thanks to you my friend

  19. Squirts Says:

    Haven’t seen the show (probably a lot of nothing) BUT, I would like to pose this question (respectfully and not as a smart ass). How different is THIS MC from another MC who, in the 60’s “put their shit on front street”, ala Hunter Thompson? Thompson’s work, based on what he saw (and probably twisted up) is considered “gonzo”, so we take a 20th century written piece, add cameras and we have a 21st century form of “gonzo”. I am NOT comparing the two clubs (disrespect most definitely not intended); just the format. I, and many, many others have read that “fine piece of literary work” that Thompson put out in ’66. It was funny, idealistic and raw… But was it REAL? I dunno. I was still shitting my diapers in ’66 (and getting damn close to bein’ back to shitting in them in ’12… But that’s for a different rant). I only ask this question after reading all of the negative comments about this show (whatever it may turn out to be). The die was cast in ’65… Thompson made a buttload of money and the MC never got its beer. How is this any different? Respects

  20. OneEye Says:

    First I think there would be an obvious difference between the two scenarios. Firstly, I would recommend Hunter Thompson’s book as mandatory reading for an insomniac workshop. It’s a book written by an author with “artistic licence.” That was back in the day when courts of law still adhered to hearsay and that is what his book would be considered. Especially when he himself indulged as much as anyone else.
    This is a television show in an age where Sons of Anarchy, an inane comedy/drama gets quoted as evidence in trials. You have an M/C, for whatever reason, putting the things they do ON FILM. Now, if LE ever try to build a RICO case or substantiate anything on the club, I imagine their first words would be “roll the tape.” Add the fact that “you sign away any kind of control over how your patch is legally protected. And if you were originally smart and had copyright and trademark on your patch registered so no third party could ever use it or display it without permission well im sorry but you just flushed that down the shitter as well” (Rookery). Also add the fact that the public’s perception that gets spoon fed by the media and LE fortifies the stereotype used to create the very necessary villain that bikers must be.

  21. Glenn S. Says:

    How about my personal favorite (for the reality TV show): Biker rides across town to work, and is forced to ride at exactly the speed limit whilst cages zip around him, because a cop has firmly planted its marked car two feet from his taillight (Could it be the “Known Associate” on the back of his support sweatshirt that he got at a charity run?) Cop refuses to budge, even to persue the soccar mom in a miniature tank going 80 in a 45 while applying makeup or the hoopty full of young black males with no license tag. Or maybe, biker attends a fundraiser or a funeral, and has to run the gauntlet of black SUVs with government camera crews. Biker parks in the only empty parking space and some 20-year-old princess in Daddy’s sports car shoots him a look of disgust and asks why he has to take up a whole parking space. Biker decides to ride on a poker run, only to learn that the route is exactly the same as the last dealership sponsored poker run week before last, and all the stops are convienience store parking lots, so as to hurry bikers back to the dealership to spend money there, while waiting two hours for the winner to be announced. Biker goes to visit his aging parents in Florida, and learns that his parents’ senior citizen condo complex has a “no motorcycles” rule. Biker strays into a municipality that has a whole lot of esoteric town ordanances concerning motorcycles, all carrying an $896.00 fine.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Another fucking joke of a show that I get to make fun of and more people who will watch it that I get to laugh at and debase.

    If you start a ‘club’ show, Rebel, I want in too. The alphabet souptards will be watching me 24/7 because I’m always popping pills (I won’t let ‘em see that they’re my legal pain meds). Look (and probably smell) like I should’ve been named Pigpen since it never seems I can stay clean for more then 3 minutes, my bike is the same and is later found I would’ve been nick’d that if I’d had any friends. Don’t give a shit who hears my opinions being spoken…loudly…whenever I have one and about anyone and anything. And have an total, utter complete disrespect for 99.9% of leo’tards.

    Wouldn’t that kinda shit sell like hotcakes in New Guinea?

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear Troyez,

    I love you too, Troyez. You are in the show, in a recurring role, as soon as I get the show.


  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear observer,

    Long ago I had to come to grips with the fact thatmy real is not “the real.” Usually I try to shut up and cooperate. Sometimes I “act out” “inappropirately.”


  25. observer Says:

    Rebel: I know exactly what you mean. I suspect the same of most others here too. It’s like, we’re all here, because we’re not “all there”, or something.

  26. RVN69 Says:

    Rebel Says:
    April 15th, 2012 at 9:40 am
    Dear observer,

    Long ago I had to come to grips with the fact thatmy real is not “the real.” Usually I try to shut up and cooperate. Sometimes I “act out” “inappropirately.”


    HMMM, Rebel, you sound like my VA shrink. He spends 1 hours every week telling me that my reality is not the actual reality. I spend 1 hours every week telling him that he is a nice incredibly naieve person who is going to walk into a chainsaw one day and wonder “What the fuck just happened”.

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both”

  27. 10guage Says:


    Turns out “inappropriate” is both a relative and subjective term. You are in good company here My friend…as we speak the language of the wind…”Wah was hot sos lop wuh wuh is is is ” And as you already know it is deffening from within the eye of the hurricane . In many ways , with all that has been learned and all that has been lost, it is surprising we hold it together for any time at all.

    Strength, Respect, Honor,

  28. BigV Says:

    Now, I may get my ass kicked the next time I see some people for saying this, but I will anyway:

    A lot of clubs did it. Most of the books are no longer in print, but Thompson and the earlier articles in “Men’s Adventure Magazines” kicked off a whole genre. The only one most people know about is the Thompson work, because it was the most well known.

    The Big 4- except for the Pagans- authorized writers and journalists to come around and either write about them or film them. As did a number of smaller clubs.

    The Outlaws had “Outlaws Forever” by Rock Conte. Conte attempted to replicate the experience Thompson had with the Angels with the Chicago chapter of the Outlaws. He rode to South Florida with them and unwittingly witnessed the Red & White Outlaws and some Iron Cross become Black & White Outlaws. Hell, he even stayed with some of Big Jim’s family.

    The Bandidos have extensive history documents that were kept and shared among chapters, if only because a few people over the years were either supposed to write a book or film the club. Neither a book nor a film was ever completed. Some of the news footage of Mother and later of Step-Mother still exists. Ed Winterhalder used his access to the history books to do one of the better treatments of their history.

    Thompson of course covered the Angels. But that was nothing new. From the time of Hollister, MC’s had been covered by Men’s Adventure Magazines and also by skin mags.

    The Pagans- so far as I know- never let anyone around and there never was any sort of history or coverage on the club. They had been burned by the media so many times by 1971, even, and they had the leadership and the sense to not trust anyone.

    Even overseas, the genre was big. You can find Euro and Aussie fiction in the “Hell’s Angels” genre. They’re biker exploitation books that go back to the early 60’s.

    Kurt Saxon wrote a book on the Iron Cross- like Outlaws Forever- it was a self published and still indy published affair. There was someone who had hung around the Iron Cross of Atlanta back when 10th Street and Peachtree was the Tight Squeeze. I’ve seen their notes and an early draft in a collection held by an older woman who was hippy back then and who had a thing for a patchholder named Gypsy. The author was a guy who wrote for either the Atlanta Gazette or the Great Speckled Bird. I know he died of an OD. There was an attempt to write about the Vagos at one time- before Keith Ball ever wrote his book on Vago Terry the Tramp.

    What am I trying to get at here ? It’s been a whole bunch of clubs that tried this. A whole bunch of ‘em got burned. Not just the Angels.

  29. Austin Says:

    Where can I audition for the part depicting the scene at Trader Joe’s? LM*AO!

  30. Rebel Says:

    Dear Austin,

    Follow me around. Something stupid usually happens. Often, my stupid spills onto other people.


  31. swampy Says:

    Hell, why didn’t they just hire the Iron Order to do a “reality” motorcycle club show? Now, I’m fixin’ to pour me a little buttermilk and take a couple of hits from a joint just to settle my stomach.

  32. Austin Says:

    Hey Rebel, I just left Vancouver this am for Cali, moving on to Kalamazoo in the am… Please check your email in a day or two.

  33. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    For your hypothetical casting call, you are gonna need a prick cop… I already know the lingo, and nature has ensured that I have the right length of hair… All I have to do is shave and practice mumbling, “Dirty Hippies.”


  34. jtthompson Says:

    I ride with the kansas sidewinders here in kansas . Weve kicked about all the asses one could kick in this state and think some tv exposure about that would rock

  35. Glenn S. Says:

    Rebel says: “Long ago I had to come to grips with the fact thatmy real is not “the real.”

    Yeah but, its probably more real than “their” real.

  36. Antonio Andolini Says:

    A dear departed friend once told me, “I’ve spent most of my life trying to escape reality, now they’ve got virtual reality!”

  37. Rebel Says:

    Dear JTThompson,

    Be careful what you wish for, partner.


  38. Rebel Says:

    Dear Goldsboro Williams,

    I really think the reality show about me has potential. You can be a judge.


  39. swampy Says:

    Rebel, okay, call me a dumb fucking redneck, a retard or whatever but I guess I’m starting to have trouble distinguishing between reality and “reality.” And that worries me. Please, someone clarify for me if this show is based on an actual M.C. or a fictitious one. Either-or, it’s a stupid idea.

    With the highest regards and the upmost respect,

  40. corrupt Says:

    Yes, it’s a real club.

  41. swampy Says:

    Corrupt, thank you. Pardon my ignorance of television subject matter. I’m actually considering disconnecting my sattelite service and using my dvd player for movies. I’d rather listen to a little good music around the house and shop/barn anyway. Too much ill and idle-minded crap on tv these days and I didn’t know what this “Devils Ride” was based on. I meant no disrespect toward none.

  42. IRISHPUNK Says:

    Another Bullshit show on tonight … Courtesy of the Bio Channel

    Gang World: One Percenters
    Uncovers the criminal culture of motorcycle gangs such as Hell’s Angels, Mongols, and Outlaws. For decades, these clans have been linked to countless beatings, kidnappings, and murders, and today they are using the power of their image to spread their deadly message around the globe.

    Upcoming Airings
    April 18 10:00 PM EDT

  43. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    There is yet another episode of Outlaw Bikers featuring the HAMC on the same channel right before Gang World. Yesterday the Bio Channel ran a marathon of Outlaw Bikers, with at least three separate HA episodes.


    YYZ Skinhead

  44. sled tramp Says:

    I have a question…
    In that these shows (S.O.A.,Gangland,Outlaw Bikers et al) seem to be thriving,why is it nobody has approached ME to star in such fare?
    I assume the following would be appropriate for “The talent” on these sorta of shows:
    Groupies.Now, I KNOW ol’ Jen at ATF loves to picture what I look like,probably has a few of her fellow sophisticates wondering too,not to mention all those bored housewives…
    Green M&M’s. I figure this type of status would be right up there with Rock Stars.Contracts calling for micro brews and giant shrimp.
    A new sled every season with personal wrench.If Jax gets one….my agent’s on it as we speak.
    My name as a Producer.More dinero and I get to hire my personal ass sistants.VERY personal assistants.For me and my brothers who naturally, I must hire as extras.
    I mean really….all this real life experience just demanding to be exploited and they’re hiring fakes to portray us.
    Hell, they’ll probably hire Bruce Willis to play me and I won’t see a cent.
    Dern Hollyweird…..

  45. Junior Says:

    Just want to echo the sentiments that TV is way overrated and the end times are definitely near. What’s next? some reality show about tow truck drivers towing away cars for non-payment? …O, damn, they’re already making that show (Lizard Lick towing) in my back yard in NC. BUT, their “reality” isn’t real at all, they stage everything. In one episode they referred to the 97 Roadhouse bar as one of the meanest biker bars in the State, and staged a fight between a “patron” and the tow truck driver, all fake as shit, and completely staged,,, but hey at least the RUB’s quit coming around. ….hey, maybe reality TV isnt all that bad after all. Junior

  46. swampy Says:

    All of these “reality” shows are scripted – Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Swamp people, Storage Wars, etc., etc., etc. The one being filmed in my “backyard” on the A&E channel is “Duck Dynasty.” It’s about a family of “holier-than-thou” inbred ass clowns that make and sell duck calls. The inventor of these calls likes to refer to himself as the “Duck Commander.” Well, Mr. Dick Commander the next time you tie my elderly old buddy’s hoop nets up in a tree, just because you didn’t like where he placed them, on a public water way, you might not get away with it!

  47. chevyweight Says:

    YYZ Skinhead Says: “Isn’t there another club that flies a nearly identical patch to the one in that pic?”
    BigV Says:” Nope. You’re not imagining it. RDMC”
    rollinnorth Says:”Also, Diablos MC”

    Don’t watch TV but when I google “laffing devils MC” the first result is a Wikipedia “list of gangs from sons of anarchy” one of them is “Devil’s Tribe Motorcycle Club” ,, you can view their logo here:,r:2,s:0,i:74

    – not trying to disrespect anybody, that’s just what google came up with,,, it’s not my fault.

  48. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Whoa! Apparently Fox went after whoever was selling that bootleg gear:

    This is the second best reason to not sell SOA paraphernalia.

    YYZ Skinhead

  49. Gringo Says:

    i was approached resently about a reality TV show , didnt have anything to do with the lifestyles of the poor and infamous but more about my thriving midget porn business , but what the fuck i might have to call her about some reality TV..

  50. Squirts Says:

    Respects to OneEye for addressing my question about Thompson’s work compared to television “reality” pieces today. BigV, I’m hearing you. Gringo: Midget porn? Really!!?? I’m down with that! =)

  51. Lethal Says:

    I just read a good biker book called god forgives daddies don’t. It gives you a look into the outlaw biker life good read

  52. 1% Says:

    Same shit as S.O.A Just another show that was researced a fake Mc was created to display the lifestyle of being in an Mc. They are going to glorify it to make money. Thats all that it comes too.

  53. .... Says:

    While I do not agree with the filming of the show/club I can verify for the skeptics that this mc was around before the thought of filming had even been an idea. I know this because I know one of the members and his family well. But while many feel it is a joke/fake/etc we must remember to each their own. It is their lives we don’t HAVE to watch it. :)

  54. BigV Says:

    Dear Lethal or should I say Mr. William Pike: Sell your bullshit fantasies about 1% Clubs and “Wings” and Bikers murdering women and girls elsewhere. Your “careful research” into “the crime and ritual some outlaw motorcycle gangs practice and commit to earn white, red, green, and purple wings is real, down to every last detail” is little more than main stream media bullshit and your lurid fantasies.

    Your book may have taken two years to write but I imagine that’s because it takes a while to keep whittling your crayons to a point. Fuck off with your spam.

    By the way, remote control AK-47 on an RC car to shoot up a clubhouse ?

    And the Devil with 666 on the Patch ? You do CBC copyrighted the Triple Sixers patch when they filmed Last Chapter I and II ?

    Just a warning to anyone who considers wasting any money on this shithead’s work.

  55. Wolff Says:

    Another “Dog the Bounty Hunter” type show .
    Entirely scripted and produced for maximum entertainment(?)
    Funny. In Hawaii, they roadblock the area Dog will confront somebody, tell onlookers
    they are filming, then you see the episode on TV looking like it
    was a surprise.

    Same shit . My respect for mc’s is vanishing , at least my list is getting shorter.

  56. cmf51495 Says:

    For a small price you to can own a patch to wear “as seen on Tv”. I agree with others. In the real mc world you wouldn’t put your shit out to the world.

  57. Chopps Says:

    All I can say is….WTF. Real bikers are laffing at this shit. And to all those wanna be 1%ers that wear SOA shit around…. real 1%ers think ur an asshole. If u wanna support a bike club, Support a real one. Most clubs have their support gear for sale either at their clubhouse other or online.
    Support 81!

  58. JSDiamond Says:

    BigV is right on. This is nothing new. A lot of well known clubs (1%ers and non 1%er three-piece) participated in movies and television shows from the 60s to now, and not just as extras. Clubs and club business has been made public before now for cold hard cash. Money is a motivator. No big deal. Lots of well-knowns have been cashing in for years. Try google or Amazon for books or DVDs about m/clubs sometime, and then pop a cold one and enjoy the long list. P.S. To Sled Tramp and Rebel, great posts.

  59. Shooter Says:

    Was wondering what the hell this was all about. I did notice that the center patch is very similar to a 1% in my area who out of respect shall remain nameless. Maybe they will run into each other while filming some day, now that would be a show

  60. Red Says:

    Ummmmmm This is nonsense. No REAL motorcycle club/brotherhood, 1%ers or not is going on national television and letting people into their world…. That’s a FACT…. Whether they have anything to hide or not, they aren’t about the media and don’t want their words twisted or exaggerated. Trust me on this. This is NOT REAL. And if it is… Just like the Ching-a-Lings, they won’t be a club for long…. So Silly

  61. Squirt Says:

    yeah i heard about this show and figured the “reality” part would be funny and that gang world one percenter was on again last night and i got a picture sent to me this morning…. guess i was on it too although i’m not or wasnt in a 1% club we still got treated all the same but i’m with ya rebel we could do some desert scenes out here too…. biker rides to school…. biker rides home and does homework hahaha

  62. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    They are flogging that Gang World 1% ep to death and back, along with that “Outlaw Biker” series that spews shit about Canadian bikers. Californians dry-heave when the Gang World announcer says the Mongols are from “Montebella”. Ugh.

    YYZ Skinhead

  63. WJ Says:

    So…what’s the real story here, how come in 20 minutes of web searches on these guys all I find is a myspace page and links to info about the show? WTF is up with that.

    They a real club? They like the Monkees back in the 60s and made up for TV or what. Guy on the video trailer says, if you wanna know more you gotta join the club…Shit I can’t even find the club. lol

  64. Irishmarine Says:

    What kind of cash are they bringing in guarding liquor stores? What a friggin joke. I would call them sellouts but they are just wannabe MC. Charles protected their Old Ladies??? What? From a photographer? Can’t wait to see SNL spoof it.

  65. Logmusic Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only old school scooter tramp who is shaking his damn head at this show. Some of the old blood on the show seems okay – maybe they figure to get paid? But really: WHo the hell makes a series about a club that ain’t even as old as my bike?
    WTF? Seems like a damn joke to me.

  66. Farginiceholed Says:

    I am a current prospect for a national MC. I watched this show for the educational purposes. I learned quite alot tonite.

    1. These boys should be more careful when breaking those fluorecent tubes. Those things contain mercury. That could be dangerous…
    2. When pulling security in the hood, you should always have a 40 in a paper bag in your hand, adds camouflage for blending into an environment and also a good weapon to throw…..
    3. On a more serious note, the new “P” can nominate not elect his “V.P.” I know that elections havent been held yet, It sure appeared that the “VP” was a foregone conclusion
    4. I LOVED the “private” club business behind closed doors meetings with the club officers. THAT WERE NATIONALLY TELEVISED>
    5. We will invite this so called Club to an event held in Reno this year. Lets see if they show, I bet they do… After trailering their bikes in the “P.R” tent and charging $5 for an autographed pic or 35 for a T-shirt.

    Have fun with the S.O.A. spin-off, it’ll last a few more episodes. Maybe the next reality show could be about the think tank that comes up with all of the stupid new reality shows. Titled…. Burn-Out producers and their meth induced psychosis’s

  67. Snap Says:

    These LD’s are a joke. Assclowns and a half. They think they have juice but this show in its first episode shows wanna be tools!

    They need to stop. Im sure ALL the San Diego clubs are about to throw up over this load of dung.

    Dont support them San Diego. Dont go to any of their runs and let them know that what they are doing is a joke!

  68. rocco Says:

    Look…these guys are just normal dudes that ride bikes. They are not 1%ers at all. Now, they are kind of trying to look cool, but you can tell by the way there is not real authority and petty infighting and questioning the president etc. that these guys are weekend hobbyists. Nothing wrong with that, but the show is trying to show these guys being edgy and bad ass…simply a miss. Matter of fact, this show probably puts these guys out as targets from a prospect of a real 1%er club to make some stripes off of.

  69. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Vomit. It’s Sons of Anarchy with worse acting. After getting a closer look at their patch I see that it is grey and red, my bad. At least you can say cock and shit and ass on SOA.

    YYZ Skinhead

  70. sled tramp Says:

    Since I’ve been fighting the flu for 5 days (hence all the posts out of boredom)I ended up watching this out of desperation.
    All of the above comments touch on anything I saw that was weird or obviously staged but the teaser for next week shows a tall guy who apparently isn’t a member asking about a patched member,”What’s going on with…” to the P. And the P straight up quickly reply’s “Well,he and I have some problems we have to deal with”.
    A P talks to a non member about club business.
    So…………….I’s done with this garbage.I realize it’s TV as is SOA,drama for the masses etc but shit like that is just too bullshit to watch.
    And the old P sure seemed like a timid soul to me anyways.Instead of explaining things in a way members are going to understand and handling shit right,he dumps his tab and whines about it.

  71. Grumbler Says:

    I’d like to see a reality show about this MC:

  72. solorider Says:

    maybe I read too many spy novels….but, during the opening shots I see a bit of green in the pocket of one as they pull off. is that who charters these guys? also, was it a slip of the tongue of the prospect who had a problem, indicating with who it was? are they support like RD or Vring in an opposite direction?….Thingz that make ya go WTF!!!

  73. ClubHistory Says:

    YYZ Skinhead: Only one I can think of is Red and Black and the Devils head and that is the Diablos M.C. who I think have been around since 1969 out of Berdoo, same area as Hells Angels.

  74. timidfox Says:

    I was okay with the whole show until their catty crazy “old ladies” were having dinner. Once they opened their mouths it was all over for me. Made the show entirely fake and laughable.

  75. ClubHistory Says:

    YYZ Skinhead, is this who you’re thinking of?

  76. ClubHistory Says:

    Correction, Diablos M.C. has been around since 1961

  77. Nezbien Says:

    Just a front to gain more members/cash flow to one of the many 1%er clubs that are losing/spending more then back in the day. Cops are seizing assests. DEA/FBI/ATF ect are coming down hard on them cause the government needs stats to keep there arrest and incident numbers up for budgets.
    Not a bad idea for a show. Just a little cheesy. At some point one club is going to battle with them and I wouldn’t want to be a producer or cameraman in that area!

  78. justjim Says:

    sled, that tall guy is rusty coones

  79. sled tramp Says:

    Thanks for the clarification.I had to look up who he is (I’m not in CA nor up on 81.Not my business).I still hold though that anyone not a member of an organization should never be privy to information regarding the organization or it’s members.I mean this with due respect to all clubs in any tier.Unless-and I’m not sure as to the club’s affiliation if any (i.e. support club etc which I very much doubt given what I saw)there is a reason to divulge information to another club’s member,one NEVER talks club business to an outsider.
    I really don’t care who asks,better to get an eye dotted than violate protocol.And I expect anyone of experience on the denial end to understand and respect that.What it seemed to me was the V.P. had been chomping at the bit to be P,got the position, and when an outsider asked him something,he got the knee shakes and blurted out information.Which I found disgusting.

  80. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Right. The Diablos and the Red Devils too. Props for the video. I knew the Diablos were old school but had no idea they had been around that long.

    YYZ Skinhead

  81. bdawg Says:

    What are these dumb-shits going to do if a real MC decides to roll on them? The world is full of whanabes, but most of them are smart enough to stay off of tv. I’ll put them in my prayers.

  82. Grumbler Says:

    Rusty Coones as well as his m/c shop, Illusion Cycles, and new metal band, Atikka7, will be on several episodes of The Devils Ride.

  83. ~RK Says:

    What are you guys talking about?? I’m already drooling with anticipation for the next episode! With all the action, excitement and drama in the premiere how could anyone not be??

    Pristine bikes, crisp clothes, big fat cigars, 50 mile rides outta town to the top of the Ortega highway, hanging out in the Gas Lamp, fake titties and switch blades!! I can’t wait to see what’s next, maybe getting a little dirt on those bright white leathers on a trip to Old Town Temecula.. I’m so excited!


  84. Nazi Says:

    My fathers best friend was a Diablo on Long Island back in the 70’s maybe even early 80’s they were a Pagan sister club(not 100% but pretty sure).I think its great how all these guys in puppet clubs are ripping this Laffin Devils club.they ain’t no different than all the other puppet clubs riding around with 1% diamonds,3 rocker, and bandanas over there face every where they go.m ost of those guys weren’t riding 5 yrs ago,& got their 1st tattoo last week!!!!!but now their outlaw bikers!!!! The biker community has turned into real life S.O.A but they claim the show is shit.Respect to the Big 6 outlaw clubs!!!

  85. swampy Says:

    At least a couple of their ole ladies did good portrayals of “Gemma” from SOA. – LOL

  86. 10Gauge Says:

    Sled Tramp,

    I thought the same thing. although I think it might just be the editing..Looks like the founder/ ex P must have”found” himself a new “brotherhood” because in the teaser at the end of the show they show him yelling at the guy Rusty was talking to….along the lines of I built this club and I will burn it down or some such thing and he is wearing a full cut from a different club. No way he had time to earn them.

    Looks like a mess to me..

  87. RVN69 Says:

    Ok, I thought what the hell, I’ll watch, maybe it will be worth it. Not so much, seemed to me like 3/4 of the show was pictures of the P standing by himself saying some variation of “I started this club, the young guys all want to raise hell, this isn’t the way I wanted this club to go” the other 1/4 was either the young guys saying they wanted to raise hell, or everyone complaining that the cops were following them.

    WTF If your so concerned for the direction of the club you founded, you don’t quit then stand around and bitch, you stand up and work to preserve your vision.

    The cops are following you, Well yeah, that came with the 3pc patch, just like dogs have fleas.

    Lastly I know who Rusty Coones is, and I still agree with SledTramp. The New P should respectfully tell Rusty that he was asking about internal club issues and that was not something he would talk about with non club members.

    Last thing, the riding sequence thru town was a direct ripoff of SOA, I know because I remeber it from their incessant advertising.

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”


    This show is a terrible advert for M/C’s! It’s wrong on so many fronts, as well as showing the participants up for what they are…..!! So there’s HA involvement/sanctioning in this show and also in Sons of Anarchy?!…well that doesn’t say much for them, though I shouldn’t be surprised!!…there’ll be HA members long laid to rest turning in their graves! Unbelievable!! FTW indeed!…more like bend over for it!

  89. El Jefe Says:

    Got that right Bro…

    ML & R (for those who earned it)


  90. rollinnorth Says:

    Gee, I missed it. Oh well, maybe if I’m home next week, and the cable isn’t shut off, I’ll tune in. I do need a new front tire…

  91. SingSing Says:

    Just saw the first episode of these guys on the boob tube….What a fuckin group of morons…..So many points to hit with these guys! First of all. The transition from one “prez” to another is THE MOST SACRED ceremony or happening in any club and the fact that these guys allowed a fuckin film crew to film it-and cheapen it- is utterly foolish and downright stupid! second, lettin in a film crew into an officer meeting is …….FUCKIN LOSERS AND JOKES! Its no wonder they havent been invited to party with other clubs………NO CREDIBILITY!!!!!

  92. Farginiceholed Says:

    Great stuff posted here. Nice to see some real brothers around here checking these guys. “SFFS”

  93. Bklynchris22 Says:

    My personal thoughts as far as mc clubs, mob wives etc…… If you were really in that life style you would never want any cameras sound ppl etc…. And would never put your business in the street, they may be a real club but you would never see one of the big 4 clubs on ty ( they prob wouldnt watch it) it is gimmicky and to me a weakness. I am from bklyn ny ( sheepshead bay) 100% italian. And when growing up gotti aired i knew ppl that were furious. Taking a great man like mr gotti and doing that was sickning. STOP RICO

  94. sled tramp Says:

    “I think its great how all these guys in puppet clubs are ripping this Laffin Devils club.they ain’t no different than all the other puppet clubs riding around with 1% diamonds,3 rocker, and bandanas over there face every where they go.m ost of those guys weren’t riding 5 yrs ago,& got their 1st tattoo last week!!!!!but now their outlaw bikers!!!!”

    Dear Mr. Nazi,
    I’m not sure who “These guys” are but rest assured,a good many of the regular posters here are not in puppet clubs.And that three piece patches or diamond patches do not an outlaw make.Although our neighbors in blue think so.Personally, bandanas over my face fog my shades and have for forty years.Have a pleasant evening.

  95. ruffrider Says:

    Aw shit, I missed it. Will somebody please tell me who the fuck Rusty Coones is. Stuck up here in Norcal I don’t know anybody famous.

  96. Shyster Says:

    In or around 1983 I was stung by a bee in the back of my mouth while riding. No jokes please. I swear it happened. I must have yawned! Bandanas are a must since I don’t use a full face helmet. That little fucker stung me good.


  97. RVN69 Says:

    “Shyster Says:
    May 9th, 2012 at 9:02 pm
    In or around 1983 I was stung by a bee in the back of my mouth while riding. No jokes please. I swear it happened. I must have yawned! Bandanas are a must since I don’t use a full face helmet. That little fucker stung me good.”

    I had a yellowjacket fly up the sleeve of my shortsleeve shirt one afternoon. I have ape’s, that yellow little fucker must have got me at least 5 times before I could hit the shoulder, find his ass and squash it!

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”

  98. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bklynchris22,

    Well, like I said, the ATF arranged to put the Mongols on Gangland and help Doc Cavazos publish his memoir. Pride goeth before a fall.

    True story. About three years I learned that Gangland, which was a comparatively new show, was planning an episode about a well-known club. So I told the club. They wanted to know who I was and I told them. They checked it out and it turned out to be true. So when the cameras showed up all the brothers were wearing teeshirts that said “Fuck Gangland.”


  99. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ruffrider,

    Rusty Coones owns, or is co-owner, of Illusion Motorsports in Orange County. He has a little past including a nasty jolt. He was a member of a well known motorcycle club and I don’t know what the conditions of his release were so he may not be an active member of that club at the moment.


  100. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    I had no idea that you were behind the club wearing those middle finger shirts. That episode is one of the few Gangland episodes I DVR’ed, specifically for those (censored) shots of the Brothers wearing their shirts, LOL. Awesome.

    YYZ Skinhead

  101. Rebel Says:

    Dear XYZ Skinhead,

    No, I wasn’t behind them. That club was behind them. But I am kind of proud that I forewarned those guys — rightly or wrongly. And, I really liked the shirts.


  102. Old Salt Says:

    Is it just me, or do a few of the “bikers” on that show resemble usedtabe actors? I swear one of them is Adam Baldwin.

    Clean cuts, no real probs from the po-po…my vote is it’s a put-on.

    “Reality”…yeah, suuuuuuuure…

  103. Rebel Says:

    Dear Old Salt,

    Could be. I am pretty sure it is an actual club. I think they had a poker run in Old Town Dago a couple of years ago. Other than that I don’t know a thing about these guys except that they are on TV. I see a fair number of patches. I have never seen theirs.


  104. Sonny Says:

    Just so you know yes they are a real MC Club and ride under the Red & White and in the teaser film for the show thers a part where a older gentlemen who is Not flying any colors warns a couple of the MCs “in the Show” about putting ther hands on him that he can make a call and his homeboys are right around the corner I only saw his face for a second in the film teaser but I 100% definitly know who he is and he is a REAL H.A Member and Does have homeboys in Las Vegas 100% FACT Boulder Choppers However I dont think its appropriate to say his name therfore I WONT but I can Vouch for him and hes definitly NO ACTOR Thats exactly how he is…..

  105. jasonv76 Says:

    This shows a joke and sucks !

  106. Rebel Says:

    Dear Sonny,

    Yeah, everybody gets how it goes. There are multiple clubs in Dago who consider themselves to be preeminent clubs. Whether I have heard of the Laffing Devils or not they have been up on somebody’s radar for awhile.


  107. neverwaz Says:

    In the first couple minutes they flash to a member without a shirt with a full patch and Nomad rocker tatted on his back. That’s a lotta dedication to a club that’s only been around 5 years, no?

  108. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    “RVN69 Says:
    May 10th, 2012 at 7:55 am

    “Shyster Says:
    May 9th, 2012 at 9:02 pm
    In or around 1983 I was stung by a bee in the back of my mouth while riding. No jokes please. I swear it happened. I must have yawned! Bandanas are a must since I don’t use a full face helmet. That little fucker stung me good.”

    I had a yellowjacket fly up the sleeve of my shortsleeve shirt one afternoon. I have ape’s, that yellow little fucker must have got me at least 5 times before I could hit the shoulder, find his ass and squash it!”

    Okay war story time …

    Few weeks ago rode up to Utah on the way up we decided that we would party for the night in Mesquite Nevada. The next morning we roll out and not a quarter mile up the on ramp this little fucker went up my sleeve around my back and popped the shit out of me. As I pulled over on the shoulder I was yelling at the split tail on the back to pull up my shirt and kill the bastard.

    All the while she keep saying “what? what?” As I performed some tribal dance straddling the seat also I was being laughed at by some of my crew damn I was pissed.

    After awesome weekend raising hell through Zion and then deeper into Utah it was time to head home so Sunday afternoon we hit Hurricane ate it was cold as fuck and windy out so we geared up then rode on into Mesquite as we exit the off ramp another one stung me in the side of the neck. What are the odds? Get stung twice in the same town within 100 yards of each other.

    Everyone said I needed to buy a lotto ticket.

    Viva Los Vagos

  109. Rebel Says:

    Dear neverwaz,

    Yeah, I saw that too. As far as I know this club has three chapters near San Diego. If the Mongols or the Angels didn’t know about them before they know about them now.


  110. C Mack Says:

    ohh my well guys its working you got a bunch of wanta bees talking Sh*t because they cant or want to do something more power to you.. much love LD’s

  111. wolff Says:

    Wow….what a fuckn joke.a disrespect to all clubs 1% and family clubs…..wooooow

  112. Stevo Says:

    @ YYZ Skinhead

  113. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    I clicked on the link and it said “This content is currently unavailable”. I’m curious.

    YYZ Skinhead

  114. warlords mc dorchester ma Says:

    I watched last nite got a laugh or 2 on the guy from mass with angles on his sleeves he gave up the keys to easy after a promise ille take care of it no Fucn way …..

  115. Rebel Says:

    Dear warlords mc,

    Dorchester, the last bastion of working class Boston, indahouse.


  116. warlords mc dorchester ma Says:

    I take it your from Boston reb..Wffw. 30 years

  117. warlords mc dorchester ma Says:

    Facebook …Warlords mc Dorchester ma

  118. Stevo Says:

    @YYZ-try again…worked for me.

  119. Ampt Says:

    Bikers don’t like Liers:
    Whatever ‘the cast’ (Laffing Devils) are directed to do by producers of this DISCOVERY Channel show, is simply business for them; getting paid. Their job is to fulfill producers scripted story, and portray that…

    That is the key point; “portrayed”. This show’s premise was:
    Viewers will get an inside look at the world of real motorcycle club/MC.
    And DISCOVERY’s involvement would seem to denote credible presentation?

    BUT, as was the case with previously aired “reality show on DISCOVERY”
    (Man vs. Wild: got caught “faking it”);
    this show is not a docu-series!
    Rather “set-up” / “stagged” / ‘storyboarded’ / actor extras…
    All of which is OK, if DISCOVERY presents it as ‘dramatic series’, not actual reality.
    At a minimum “reinactment stories”.

    DISCOVERY should be honest with viewing audience.

  120. justintime Says:

    its sad that tv is exploiting my life style like it was a underage hooker in a third world country.outlaw life style isnt for tv or the weak, theres lifes at stake here .prison terms.losing familys.snitches befriending you and acting like they need your help, hey brother ill help you….boom …boom atf is knocking your door in and there serving up big number dishes for dinner.its really creepy,im in this life an ive never heard about this club.15 years in a major player club and i guess ive seen it

  121. YB Mike Says:

    I am from San Diego area ( Santee ), and I have never heard of that club. probably a cop club trying to stir sh-t up by prostituting their patch.

  122. forreal Says:

    I just heard that someone walked into one of these LD Choads events and came out with 3 cuts. Some other clubs prospect done good that day.

  123. Ampt Says:

    Again, DISCOVERY & Producers clearly “stagging” dramatic storyline (Man vs Wild).

    ‘Faked’ /at best an embellished “re-inactment”: If ‘cast’ member actually had accident, and his ‘fellow cast’ members were alerted by Cops (to come get his bike, and bring it back to ‘fake’ / “rented by producers” Club House); where is that “wreaked bike” ?

    Bottom Line:
    Don’t lie to audience; this isn’t any type docu-series (“documenting actual events”).
    But that’s is what DISCOVERY’s advertising/promotions purport to be presented.
    This show is simply a low budget take-off of SOA (with ‘real bikers’ trying to act)…

    Tell The Truth,

  124. LDisdone Says:

    LD is done. The club was real, but have been getting their asses handed to them everywhere they go in the past weeks. Yes, a few guys got beat pretty bad last week (one guy from another MC beat two guys from LD)and had their cuts taken from them in the process. I know for a fact the club is done. That’s what happens when you let a reality TV producer run your life and show it (and twist things around) for the world to see. From what I heard, they all regret ever getting invloved with the TV show.

  125. Rebel Says:

    Dear LDisdone,

    What damage this stupid show has done.


  126. Squirrel Says:

    Forreal – you heard right.

  127. Middyrulz Says:

    if I see these asshats cruising the “mean streets” of the Gaslamp District (one of the trendiest and most expensive place to party in Dago) I’m gonna try to run them over….then back up….Idiots

  128. SingSing Says:

    I dont even kno where to begin with these ASSHOLES. I think im havin a freakin brain aneurism seeing this shit..After the first three flushes of emotion fade away (all of which are me wishin i were there to tell each and EVERY ONE OF EM (YES, YOU too Sandman)i hafta then listen to the rational side of my brain that leads me to think that maybe, just maybe, collectively we are ALL to blame, for allowin this preponderence of renegade assholes to even fathom their “right” to exist in this insular world of ours. I suspect that we all realize the ease with which we can all be indicted by some citizen “Biker” if we even as much as lay one hand on him, so we instead retreat to these forums and have a circle jerk…Shit HAS GOTTEN this bad! Thankfully there are still dudes like Peckerwood 1%er who let it be known that there are still right side riders who keep the wheels rollin on proper protocol and RESPECT. While i wish i had the $$ to cut this righteous guy a big check to make the govt go and fuck themselves all i can offer is a humble “Thank you man” and athumbs up. Youre a credit to your club. rebel, will you PLEEZE take these guys to school with your wit and poignant analysis…Peace.

  129. Tooj Says:

    Life Magazine cover photo; the Hollister Motorcycle “Riot” of 1947.

    I figure money supplants remembering full well that media could give two shits if what they portray is true. The first clue is 65 years old and some don’t learn from the past.

    Trust the media as much as the cops.

  130. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tooj,

    I am one of the media.


  131. Tooj Says:

    Didn’t butthurtz you, did I? Should have been more specific, I suppose. There goes my card.

  132. Grumbler Says:

    In addition to Rebel, we’ve Tim King of the which has received the Silver Spoke Award by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (2011) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the Excellence in Journalism Award in Portland, Oregon, by the Oregon Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (2010).

  133. Tooj Says:

    Thanks fellows. Good and bad everywhere and I generalized.

  134. Grumbler Says:

    Tooj – You might want to eyeball the current and archived articles, including those about patch holders, at The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies (IJMS):

  135. Tooj Says:

    Thanks Grumbler. That’s a good deal of thought provoking essays and articles.

    The more I contemplate this reality show, the more it appears that even these guys may have started off well-intentioned but it isn’t working so well for them.

    Money itself is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is. So, the question I have is: does anyone think these guys thought much about the impact their actions would have or did the checks and the fantasies of fame and fortune drop ball bearings into their thought process?

  136. SingSing Says:

    What I saw on this last episode-cuz there was nothing else on tv so im guilty of watchin this bullshit outta curiosity i admit- when these ASSHOLES showed up at this guys house and demanded “their” property back I nearly crapped my pants outta sheer fuckin frustration. I woulda taken a fuckin shotgun to them comin up on my front lawn. THESE GUYS ARE A FUCKIN EMBARRASSMENT!!!! I hope somewhere someday in some beautiful shiny wonderful fuckin world these “Bikers” get schooled on the FUCKIN BASICS!!!!!! These guys are embarrassing the whole west side scene. us east Coast guys are laughin at them!

  137. Vikingtrotter Says:


    Don’t gloat too soon. You never know, the producers maybe looking for some group on the east coast to become their TV puppets.

  138. warlords mc dorchester ma Says:

    Want to send out the deepest heart felt condolences to the family of that patchholder juice ..r.I.p. kid you lost your battle or did you ..ride on to the promise land …

  139. HAWKSTER LDMC Says:

    The Laffing Devils is a club of guys from every walk of life. Several former military, a few still active duty. Some own businesses and some have college degrees with corporate jobs. Most have families and are responsible people of society. We came together as many do in other clubs, for the brotherhood, camaraderie and the extended family that many seek.

    The club was founded Dec. 2006, members of the local C.O.C. and trademarked Laffing Devils MC in 2010.

    We have always been known for the support we give to other clubs and charities. We have never been known as or claimed to be a 1% club nor have we ever acted like one. Although many have thought we were a support club, that is not at all true.

    We seemed to be one of the highest respected clubs around because of who we were and how we treated everyone with respect.

    4 years ago the Devils were approached by a film company with the idea, they made a 3 minute promo DVD to send to the networks. Time went by and no one seemed interested and it was all but forgotten. Last summer Discovery Channel came a calling and they started filming last fall.

    Tommy seemed to have made all of the deals with network until he was forced out, then Billy took over.

    People think there was a lot of money in it for The Devils, but in fact, it was peanuts after it was divided up. It is a fact that Tommy took off with as much as he could get his hands on and whatever side deals he had made with them.

    Tommy Quinn AKA “Gipsy” and as he has portrayed on the show, a bounty hunter too, sold the Devils out in more ways than one. First, telling the club he cleared it with the EVERYONE about his wife, Carla being a cop for the San Diego PD. then lying about it in the 1st episode of the show. The bullshit story line of how “Gipsy” left the club, was only known by him, the “FORMER” Prez Billy, and of course the show itself. For obvious reasons, they couldn’t tell the truth as then, that would bring politics in to it.

    Yes Billy is no longer in the club!

    The bottom line is, The Devils were told they would be portrayed as who and what they really were and nothing more, or we wouldn’t have thought twice about doing it.

    After seeing the first advertisement’s for The Devils Ride we knew we were fucked, but by then couldn’t do anything about it but we were still hopefully optimistic that it would turn out as we were told it would. We filmed for months and so much of what we filmed never was shown. The film crew went with us on several poker runs and rides that included charities. We were also involved in the planning for the biggest event I have ever been a part of, that was the world wide known ride called, “100 Bikes For Josiah”. We were a part of 4300 bikes that rode by the boys house, making his wish come true and they didn’t put that on TV.

    I can go on and on but you get the jist of it.

    Unfortunately for the club, the “Devils Ride” show with the assistance of Tommy and Billy, has been all but destroyed. Not saying we aren’t at some fault too, but we never dreamed it would of come to this.
    I also would like to thank all for your kind words for our Brother JUICE may he RIP

  140. Rebel Says:

    Dear Hawkster,

    Thank you very much for commenting. You are, as I am sure you know, the first person associated with the show who has been willing to make a statement about The Devils Ride.

    I appreciate it,

  141. Vikingtrotter Says:


    I heard that you were one of the dudes that had his cuts taken by that Dago Peckerwood at the Peckerwood bar. Is that true? If so, who called the cops on him? Did you do it?

    Maybe you could let Rebel know your side of the story.

  142. sherides Says:


    Sorry on your loss of Juice.

    Until you posted, I wasn’t quite sure if his passing was a “true event” or made up for TV.


  143. Love Wood! Says:

    Peckerwoods MC Help a Brother Out!
    Go to website, enter and go to shop online. You will find a donation button.
    Thanks for your Support!

  144. Lethal Says:

    To bigV or should I say big vigina I’m not William but I do know him he also has white and brown wings so I would say he knows how you earn them about the other comments the book is fiction and only uses parts of truth to tell a story he also says thanks for the support in buying he’s books

  145. robin Says:

    I can hardly wait for the new season. My husband and I are fans of the show especially Gypsy….

  146. BRIAN,KSFFKS Says:

    Just to set the record clear.jtthompson does NOT ride with the KANSAS SIDEWINDERS M/C.I would like to know who this person is…

  147. Rebel Says:

    Dear Brian,KSFFKS

    Has jtthompson commented here? I can’t find him.

  148. Grumbler Says:

    @Rebel – jtthompson Says:
    April 16th, 2012 at 7:55 pm
    I ride with the kansas sidewinders here in kansas . Weve kicked about all the asses one could kick in this state and think some tv exposure about that would rock

  149. RiderX Says:

    Sandman looking at time for a bunch of stuff:

  150. No one... Says:

    @ lethal William Pike is a snitch. He truned on his brothers and is now exploiting the new 1% media craze with his book.

  151. LC Says:

    The Devil’s Ride is all staged by The Discovery Channel filled with make-believe tough-guys and want-to-be hard-core bikers as actors. “Snubz” would have been dead by now, if it were “real life”; but now he has a FB page!! …Get ‘real’ folks!!

    …but I must admit, it is comical to watch!


  152. JL Says:

    It definitely is a fake show. Some how trying to come across as being a real club being shown. Don’t believe it for one minute. First off with Bischoff behind it, it most definitely is a sham. I did some research and have found that the show is taped in El Cajon, CA. The Devil’s club house is just west of N.1st St. On Greenfield Dr. The crazy thing is that the Sin Mob’s club house is east of N.1st St. Also on Greenfield Dr. There’s an automotive shop on the corner that was shown in their last episode. Name of it is Javy’s. Look it up. Buildings match perfectly to their ‘copter view shots. Seriously. The Devil’s club house looks like it was a jet ski repair shop or something. And the Sin Mob club house is called Advanced Auto. It’s right next to Chief Auto Glass. All on Greenfield in the city of El Cajon. Crazy how two rival club houses are right next to eachother. I can prove it. Fake!!!

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