Clifford Park “Skip” Workman

April 2, 2012

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Clifford Park “Skip” Workman died Saturday in New Harbor, Maine. He was one of the last of the original Oakland Hells Angels and his life was interesting and fully realized.

Skip Workman joined the club while he was still in the Navy. After a nasty motorcycle accident in 1957, Sonny Barger rebuilt his bike for him. Before assaulting a policeman became a felony in California, Workman was famous for punching out cops. “Skip loved hitting cops,” Barger recalled in his memoir Hell’s Angel.

The novelist Ken Kesey introduced Workman to LSD in 1964 when that drug was still legal to possess and consume. He has been reported to have had the same acid vision time after time, of a fire breathing dragon in front of American flags. “The dragon was keeping time with the music, “ he said, “and sometimes the dragon would be blowing the bugle and the notes would come out of the bugle.”

He appeared in the movie Hells Angels ’69, which the studio American International decided to produce instead of Easy Rider. And his double wedding at Bass Lake in 1970, with club brother Edward James “The Deacon” Proudfoot, was covered by the Los Angeles Times in a feature titled “Hells Angels – Homes, Wives and Paychecks.”

Skip Workman may be best known for confronting Hunter S. Thompson on television after the publication of Hell’s Angels. (See video below.) He characterized the book as “60 percent cheap trash.”

And, all of this only hints at the man Skip Workman was. He moved back to New England in the 1970s. He left the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in 1981 after what he called “a severe case of spinal stenosis” kept him from riding. He spent most of the last 30 years in his home town of New Harbor and he devoted much of his energy to helping “Disabled American Vets who are being screwed by our government.

Skip Workman was born April 20, 1938. He was 73. He is survived by his widow, Shelly Workman and three sons Robert “Bobby” Boutelle, Jesse Workman and Gary Workman. Funeral services, which are incomplete at this writing, will be arranged by the Strong-Hancock Funeral Home in Damariscotta, Maine.

Clifford Park “Skip” Workman made the world richer and better.


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103 Responses to “Clifford Park “Skip” Workman”

  1. WR Says:

    Ride On Skip…

  2. Lovely Says:

    Good Bye Massachustts. Good Bye Wellesey.Bye california. Very cool Man is go Home.


    I had the pleasure of knowing skip,
    i moved up to new harbour from florida with eric workman {his son r.i.p.}. i was 16 or 17 “89” skip took me in, he didnt say much {he didnt have to!} we stayed in the house and 1 of the cabins and did our chores, skip always made sure when times were tight we had what we needed. he was a great person from the short time i spent there. At that age it was a pivot point in my life. im very thankful for the experience of knowing skip and eric {r.i.p}
    if anyone remembers me from that time, give me a shout [email protected]

  4. Lovely Says:

    R. I. P. Skip

  5. Dave Perry Says:

    My friend Clifford “Skip” Workman of New Harbor Maine. I was thinking about him recently so decided to look him up, only to find he had recently died. I knew Skip later in his life when I lived in Maine, I live in Virginia now, during the early ’90s. He was a member of my sponsorship line and I spent many weekends at his house hanging out, shoot assault rifles, and even camping. He held an annual camp out for a few years and was a tireless servant for those in recovery and an advocate for our American Veteran heros. His home was always open to friends and strangers who became friends. I never got the opportunity to ride with him because his back was shot from riding hard tails all his life, but I did get to ride with him in his ‘Vette a number of times. I was in Maine last Summer but didn’t look him up. I wish I had.

  6. Cap'n Bill Says:

    R I P Skip

  7. DirtyBruin Says:

    I only knew of him from reading Sonny Barger’s memoir; sad to see the men of that era leaving us.

    Condolences to those who knew him.

  8. Little Cricket Says:

    Only met you once Skip and I really liked you.
    Rest in peace Skip. I bet your riding your Harley now!

  9. Marines MC Says:

    Condolences & respects to Mr. Workman and his family. Veterans everywhere appreciate what you have done.

    – Marines MC

  10. Lovely Says:

    Love & Respect

  11. Lovely Says:

    Whi??sis Pik from 1969!!! I
    Lovely Pik. Clifford likes nici today

  12. Caretaker Says:

    @ lovely,
    Perhaps you should try posting sober? Might be a good idea…

  13. Lovely Says:

    He is never Died. love Clifford Whi Ever

  14. CHARTER OAK MC Says:

    R.I.P Skip, one-of-a-kind. ML&R to his family and Club Brothers.

  15. ToSlick Says:

    R.I.P. My condolences to his family and brothers

  16. IrishDragon Says:

    R.I.P and condolences to his friends and family. Sounds like the world lost a great man.

    “Yeah” show some respect you bitch.


  17. yeah Says:

    Who cares

  18. Occam RS Says:

    My condolences to the family. I’ll miss his wit and insight on the other end of my computer. RIP

  19. Jill Stefani Says:

    My Deepest Condelonces to Skip’s Famiglia & all His Brother’s…A Legend Gone But Not Forgotten MLR Always RIP

  20. Tim Says:

    Rest in Peace Workman, love and respect to his wife and Kids, and The Hells Angels, I very sorry you lost a Husband , Father, And Brother. Tim D. oh and the video was great, I have seen it many times, and its LMAO time when I do, Never get involved In another mans problem with his wife or dog, LOL, I hope the Angels got their copy of the book as well as the BEER. Tim D.

  21. Sorcerer745 Says:

    That is a great video shows that just because your a biker doesn’t mean your a illiterite like people believe a great biker and man showing what he stands for no matter what or who says

  22. JIM666 Says:

    Damn I really hate to hear this, I spoke to him over the net a little over a year ago, he really was one of a kind, R.I.P. Skip, Condolences & Respects to Shelly,Bobby,Gary and Jess,,now maby you can ride again Skip,

  23. Linda Stephenson,Bishop Says:

    RIP Uncle Skip. You and my dad are having a few beers together I am sure!I remember when you lived with Me my Dad Scraggs, my mom and my sister. You will be missed by many.

  24. Oilslick Says:

    Never met Skip, though I do know a few that remain from that era. I’ve heard a few stories firsthand. This world would be a better place if more people like these men existed. Condolences to his family and brothers and friends. R.I.P. Skip Workman


  25. Glenn S. Says:

    My deepest condolances to the brothers, family, and friends.

  26. Susie Q Says:

    Thanks for making a difference in the world Skip!!! gone but not forgotten!!Rest in Peace…………

  27. Snow Says:

    RIP Skip Workman

  28. Storm Says:

    RIP SKIP..

  29. observer Says:

    Just chanced upon this insightful and thoughtful take on that video, and Skip. The comments are an encouraging read as well.

  30. Dan the Man Says:

    “don’t think Hunter Thompson’s Hell’s Angels is a dependable primary source.”

    As much as I HATE to say this, and I love his work, Thompson was a fucking poser. Yet another yuppie shit, looking for story with the same attitude and posture a cat looks for a mouse. He loved shooting guns, and posing with them, but this kinda machismo he made for himself is full of shit. His journalism lacked any sort of ethic or objectivity and gets lost in his eclectic style of self-aggrandizement. He always needed someone elses life and culture as a backdrop to place himself.

    That said “Hell’s Angels” is a great book, and hunter thompson writes great books. I am willing to bet their are some chunks of truth thrown in there too.

    Men like Workman are the type that are “real”. Inspiration to us all, from a forgotten era.


  31. Mike the Bike Says:

    I met Skip in the 70’s when I was a teenager. I was intrigued by his words. The coolest memory was the time Skip and a bunch of us went to Manchester, NH to Sonny’s book signing. That was something I will never forget. Thank you for signing my book the same day Sonny did.
    You guys are my heroes.
    Love and respect forever,
    Mike the Bike

  32. Jack Sharkey Says:

    “Skip” – here is to 40 years of freindship. Thanks for all the help with the VA and I will miss you. L&R – Sharkey

  33. rollinnorth Says:

    “Tribute to my friend, Clifford P. Workman:

    This man has dedicated his life to helping all veterans with their rights and pensions. He served with Disabled American Veterans as the past state Commander, also chapter commander. He helps 2 chapters even though only a member of one. Was appointed Aid to the Governor. Very active in the Legion and holds various positions. Taken vets into is own home, given money, rides, and advocacy to many veterans in need.

    Teresa Lownds, New harbor, Maine”

    Condolences to those who knew and loved him.

  34. 10Gauge Says:

    My respects to all who knew and loved him.

  35. things that make you go hmm Says:

    old school cool ,men like that are like the last of the mohicans, a mans man. ive seen this video on you tube before so very cool.much respect god bless.

  36. Philo Says:

    The bad thing about getting old is watching those you looked up to pass away.


  37. sherides Says:

    Condolences to the family and friends of Skip Workman.

  38. Grumbler Says:

    My deepest condolences to Skip’s family, friends and brothers. Have copied/pasted this comment from theselvedgeyard:

    Mike Salvio
    August 28, 2010 2:17 pm
    I knew Skip Workman (the Hells Angel in the video with HST) back in the ’70′s after he’d moved from California. Were in a bar, him and I with two friends, and two guys got up from the bar and came to our table and wanted to start a fight. They started on Skip. They didn’t seem to care about the other three of us. Skip didn’t want to fight, he wasn’t that kind of person. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t though. There was us four against them two, but he still didn’t want to fight. As these guys kept up I saw a tear come from Skip’s eye. He just wanted to leave, so we left. When we got outside Skip saw the car that belonged to the guy that was causing the trouble inside. So he opened the guys car door and pissed all over his seat. Remmeber, he’s still a Hells Angel.

  39. Rebel Says:

    Dear observer,

    I don’t think Hunter Thompson’s Hell’s Angels is a dependable primary source. I wrote about it for a paragraph or two in Out Bad. How can you not like Skip Workman?


  40. Rebel Says:

    Dear Charlie,

    I believe Skip Workman was survived by his second wife.


  41. RVN69 Says:

    R.I.P. Skip Workman, condolences to friends and family. A man from a different era, when the American Republic still existed. Now both have passed.

    Le anpetu kin mat’e kin waste ktelo

  42. Bobby Blood Says:

    Condolences to the Workman family, as well as brothers and friends. RIP. Much L&R

  43. Johnny Sharkey Says:

    Love & Respect to you Skip. It was a foocking honor to have known you as you are and to have met your sons and to have inked you and your family… I will miss you.

  44. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    We just lost a piece of old school America. RIP

    YYZ Skinhead

  45. Charlie Says:

    RIP Skip. I recently saw that LA times article and i believe it referenced the woman who survied him as his wife, as the bride he took in 1970. (Correct me if i’m wrong.) Regardless a family man, and an activist for a group that needs our voices more than ever: our veterans. With veteran unemployment at 16% on the books, if you are in a position too hire them, then get em on board. If you know of work that matches their skill sets, refer them to the job. If they’re disabled then stand up for em. But i don’t need to tell anyone reading this the obvious. Oh, and if any of you ATF gooses are snooping about. Stick it in your ear and hang up all the blood in blood out bullshit you pander about. Skip is living proof you can go out in good standings from your club and lead an honorable life. Unlike the cockroaches you hide Johnny boy. Just my 10 cents. Cheers Rebel. Keep shining the light.

  46. observer Says:

    That video is priceless. Skip comes across as the man of the house, Hunter some kind of weasel.

  47. Caretaker Says:

    Not many posts here bring a tear to my eyes… This is one that does. R.i.p skip, my condolences to his friends,family,and club brothers…

  48. sled tramp Says:

    Skip and Deakon are sitting up there drinkin’ and laughin’…..

  49. troyez Says:

    I didn’t know he was such a strong advocate for veterans, wish I could have met him before he passed. God Bless his family and brothers.
    Rest in peace Skip.

  50. OneEye Says:

    Condolences to the Workman family, as well as brothers and friends. RIP.

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