The Bandidos Bar Menace

March 19, 2012

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A politician in a blue suit named Tim Vasquez crushed a small businessman named Alex Suarez this week in San Angelo, Texas.

Vasquez (above) is the San Angelo Chief of Police. He went to work for the department as a dispatcher when he was 19. He was elected Chief in 2004 and he obviously enjoys his job. He is now running for his third term and he has assembled a resume that reads like a parody of resumes.

The Good Guy

The official San Angelo Police Department website brags that Vasquez “received a B.S. in Organizational Leadership, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Mountain State University.” He holds something called “a Master Peace Officers license and has over 2700 TCLEOSE hours and holds several TCLEOSE certifications.” That self important acronym means Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education. The greater part of modern policing is the proficient use of stupid acronyms. You aren’t supposed to understand them. You are supposed to be intimidated by them.

“Chief Vasquez graduated from the FBI’s L.E.E.D.S. (Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar) in June 2008,” his department explains. “Vasquez currently serves as Region 6 Director for the Texas Police Chiefs Association and will take the elected position of Sgt. at Arms for the TPCA in October 2010. Chief Vasquez was awarded the ‘Outside The Box’ award by the TPCA in 2006 for the implementation of the ‘See Its Me’ program, a program designed to fight Forgeries and Identity Theft. This SAPD was awarded the ‘Innovation Award’ in 2006 by the San Angelo Chamber Commerce.”

There are many more sentences like this but you probably already get the idea.


San Angelo, in the great West Texas void between Midland and San Antonio, is a broken city for all the same reasons that many American cities are now broken. The Chamber of Commerce describes  San Angelo’s problems like this: “Over the past 10 years, San Angelo has seen a transition in its economy from manufacturing into more business and personal services.” By “personal services” the chamber means San Angelo is eager to pour you a drink. Urban redevelopment in downtown San Angelo means replacing “empty store fronts” with bars and pubs. “Business services” means “happy hour.”

Last year San Angelo had a population of 93,200. Three hundred eighteen residents were bartenders. The city had 47 establishments that sell beer, wine and distilled spirits by the glass. Together these bars generated approximately $1.6 million in income for San Angelo.

The Bad Guy

Alex Suarez is, by most objective standards, as good a citizen as Vasquez although his resume may be less inflated and more plain spoken. He hasn’t been accused of criminality or immorality. And, he has been trying for months to open a bar called the Throttle Down Saloon. It would be a biker bar. It wouldn’t be the first biker bar in town. It would be the first biker bar in San Angelo that permits patch holding patrons to wear their cuts.

Chief Vasquez does not approve of the idea — presumibly because police need enemies as frogs need flies. Last January, Vasquez asked the San Angelo City Council to help him just say no to Alex Suarez. It was the first time San Angelo has ever turned down a new bar. “This is the first time that I can remember the city and the City Council having an articulable reason to take a stance,” Vasquez, who seems incapable of speaking like an actual human being for even a moment, explained.

Vasquez objected because Suarez is affiliated with the “nationally known outlaw motorcycle gang Bandidos.” Affiliated mean Saurez holds a patch.

Suarez appealed the rejection with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. A commission agent noted that he had “Spoken with applicant who stated he would have club meetings of the ‘Bandidos’ at the location applied for.” Suarez, who was unavailable for comment, apparently tried to explain that he is not necessarily a criminal simply because some Bandidos have been convicted of crimes.

Vasquez, the Magna Cum Laude cop, may have cheated in his logic class. “The whole basis for his (Suarez’) argument was just because his brothers in the club are involved in criminal activity, it doesn’t mean he will be,” Chief Vasquez told Matthew Waller of the San Angelo Standard-Times. “We don’t try to get in the way of businesses and new businesses, but we’re definitely going to try to get in the way of criminal activity.”

Waller elaborated that “the Bandidos have ties to Mexican drug trafficking organizations, has contact with incarcerated members and has military-trained members.” Waller also explained that the Bandidos MC is a “gang” and that “Gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions and up to 90 percent in several others.”

Last Tuesday a county judge named Mike Brown denied Suarez a liquor license again.



41 Responses to “The Bandidos Bar Menace”

  1. Michael Says:

    I am barely coming across this article 5 years later, HA; To read it and learn the principles in which he (Suarez) was denied, is despite the message those whom denied him believed him to perpetrate, is violation of his civil right to peaceful assembly or freedom of association. I’M NOT CLAIMING SAME BELIEFS(in case statement), JUST TO BE USED AS EXAMPLE FOR PURPOSE OF THE POINT THAT NO MATTER THE CAUSE, IF IT IS NOT DOING ANY HARM TO OTHERS AND WITHOUT EVIDENCE OF WRONG DOING THEY CANNOT MAKE JUDGMENTS ON THIS CRITERIA ALONE…[(Village of Skokie v. National Socialist Party (1978)] The “gang”(SMH) they “claim”(ROLLING EYES) is such a bad influence has ACTUALLY RAISED MONEY AND TOYS for such charities such as TOYS for TOTS. To deny them a place to gather to meet and express thoughts and ideas is clearly a violation of the FIRST constitutional amendment in the Declaration of Independence.
    “The only purpose for which power can be RIGHTFULLY EXERCISED over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.”–John Stuart Mill ‘ON LIBERTY’
    By denying him on the presumption that it is criminal in nature, is AGAIN, VIOLATING THE FIRST AMENDMENT under SECTION 9 NO BILL OF ATTAINDER or “EX POST FACTO”. Just for those who aren’t aware of what this is…it is an act of declaring something illegal WITHOUT a judicial trial. Thus is arbitrary punishment based on “activities that were NOT substantiated with ANY TANGIBLE evidence” to base this on. That is like saying I can’t open a bar because I have relatives in prison, therefore I must be criminal and engage in such activities as my cousins. It’s prejudicial and biased. I wish he would try again… On the plus side he(Vasquez)is OUT OF OFFICE NOW….Should make a go of it again….

  2. Jim Parks Says:

    Good luck to Brother Suarez. May his beer joint ride the foamy waves of the brewski main forever. The deal is, the First Amendment is purported to guarantee an absolute right to adorn one’s body with what one chooses, practice any religion as a matter of free choice and associate with whom one may choose. Unfortunately, the city dads, the G and the Courts haven’t heard of that little doo dad here in the Lone Star State. Any time one mentions Constitutional rights these toad-stickin, squint-eyed cocksuckers got to snicker like a bunch of sorority sisters sniffing poodle dog shit. Reminds me of the queerinos in the Hollywood movie business who chuckle while they line up a spoonful of toot when they say, “I have great respect for the written word.” Sure you do. Cheerio, oh, my brethren and sistern. May the force stay out your bidness. – Legendary Jim

  3. Dan the Man Says:

    cops are weenies. By the standards they’ve used to link All Bandidos to the Mexican cartels to border violence, you could easily link the ATF to those same cartels via things like the “fast and furious” gun walker scandal,

    Any objectivity on what a criminal is, same as “terrorist” has been lost to a whole giant subjective game of “because we said so”.

  4. Glenn S. Says:

    My apologies for starting the whole mess. My point was to illustrate that the authorities pick and choose which organizations containing some individual criminals with elements of secrecy they persecute and which they support. If a Mason were to apply for a liquor license in the jurisdiction being discussed, he would likely have no problems. Masons’ crimes are never prosecuted under RICO, and their membership in the organization is never used as an excuse to lengthen a prison sentence. Multimillion dollar investigations are never conducted to see what the Masons are up to. Individual Masons are not recruited/blackmailed/hired by the government to instigate crimes that other Masons will be arrested for. Indicea searches are not conducted to locate and confiscate Masons’ rings.

  5. jrnr Says:

    i agree and i will apologize for “hijacking” the thread. was not my intention. i felt compelled to state my opinion, as did junior. not trying to speak for him, but from my standpoint, all is good. i also agree that the article topic is of the utmost importance as it shows just another example of many that the pigs have “carte blanche” to persecute and demonize every day citizens simply because they ride a motorcycle or wear a patch. fuck all you LEO bastards and i don’t give a shit which alphabet agency your from!




  6. RVN69 Says:

    ” AVAGOVFFV Says:
    March 31st, 2012 at 9:44 am
    What a waste of a good thread… It sure went off topic fast bummer because it was a subject we all have a common interest and connection with.

    Just my brain fart for the morning

    Viva Los Vagos”

    Actually no brain fart, you are dead on. The original thread had nothing to do with the “Masons”. Both Junior and jrnr are certainly entitled to their opinions on that subject, I just don’t see the connection between that subject and the cops preventing a biker, legally entitled to do so from opening a business.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

  7. sled tramp Says:

    I once had a fella back home in Oakland lament to me how it was ironic that we’re raised to believe pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps to create a better life by hard independent work with minimum government interference was the American way.He’d been born in poverty to a family of 12.Dropped out of school and given his options,became “an independent businessman”.Taught himself the work,created a rather large “buisness company structure”,had multiple employees (dozens actually that would otherwise have starved),paid vendors and various sub contractors as it were,became prominent in his community,contributed to the local church and street programs (one has to balance) and ran his business on fair dealings based upon market value and directed towards customer satisfaction and repeat business.
    And then,along comes the government trying to shut him down.
    He thought that somewhat amusing…..

  8. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    What a waste of a good thread… It sure went off topic fast bummer because it was a subject we all have a common interest and connection with.

    Just my brain fart for the morning

    Viva Los Vagos

  9. Junior Says:

    Jrnr: I agree with your last post. We’ll just agree to disagree about masons.

    Caretaker: apology accepted.



  10. Caretaker Says:

    Yeah,you’re right,i was pissed off and having a very bad day… I probably shoulda kept my mouth shut (as usual.) Point I was trying to make was they ain’t all bad guys. My apologies for the grow some balls comment.


  11. jrnr Says:


    like i said early on in our discussion, i do believe that from a philosophical standpoint we’re not all that different. we simply have different views about who masons are, what they believe, etc. i dont have any problem agreeing to disagree with you or anyone else. i think this is a great site and provides a very important service for all bikers, and even non bikers, on who the real enemy is. you and i aren’t the enemies here. everybody that i have had the pleasure of reading on here doesn’t always agree, however there is still mutual respect. the exception is the obvious trolls, pigs posing as bikers, or just the shit stirrer in general. let’s not lose sight of why we enjoy being on this site in the first place. just my two cents.



  12. Junior Says:

    That was my post, and that is where I roam at times. …”trying to create some bullshit conspiracy theory” …what the hell does that mean? I guess you think i was creating a conspiracy theory, but i dont understand why and it dont really matter, and i dont really care…and for all that I know about NC, they could be a bunch of incestuous sheep fuckers like you said, i dont know, I aint from here.

  13. jrnr Says:


    Junior Says:
    March 19th, 2012 at 8:49 pm
    Rebel: You got a hot & a cot & shower here. Wake co. NC, bout 30 miles west of I95. Ill email u my phone #.

    i guess i know because assuming this is you, YOU told everyone. maybe before you start trying to create some bullshit conspiracy theory, make sure you know what you’re talking about. i dont pretend anything!

    have a nice day


  14. Junior Says:

    Jrnr: what made you think that i am in NC? Perhaps you arent who you pretend to be. Junior

  15. Junior Says:

    Caretaker: apparently your reading skills are defecient. The incestuous child molester mason was my greatgrandfather, i never met him because he died before i was born. Glad that all masons you’ve met are such great guys, my experience has been the opposite and i’ve met hundreds and known several dozen. You also said “stfu and grow some balls…quit being a pussy” … if i need bigger balls and am a pussy then what would that make the 4 masons who got a beat down by me & friends? what led you to believe that i need bigger balls? My courage and willingness to t.c.o.b. when necessary has earned me a pretty mean reputation, i think you are just pissed and trying to find some way to upset me cuz u dont like what I have to say about masonry; and as for the masons getting the 2 rings back: come and get ’em.

    KK & RVN69: If you are former Devil Dogs then Semper Fi to you as well.

  16. RVN69 Says:

    November 10th, 1775 the birth of a legend.

    Semper Fi Teufelhund

  17. KK Says:

    The earliest records of any Masonic lodge in North America are the records for the Lodge at the Tun Tavern in Philly,Pa.

    Another proud group of Men, started there also on Nov. 10 1775.

    Semper Fi


  18. Caretaker Says:

    Oh,and by the way junior? They want the rings back and they don’t give a shit if you’re still breathing or not when they take em

  19. Caretaker Says:

    I was gonna keep my mouth shut on this one,but now I feel like I should open it. Stfu about the masons, every one I met has gone above amd beyond to help someone when needed. They are kind,respectful,friendly,and will give you their shirt if you need it. You had a bad experience with someone that was a mason? Fine.grow some balls,stfu,quit being a pussy and stop blaming an organization for the actiond of a few members. Seems to me that incest runs in your family…not the mason’s fault. Stop blaming the many for the acts of the few

  20. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    Well, I’ve never walked in your shoes, so our experiences are different; hence our different opinions. Like the other fellow said, I guess we will have to agree to disagree.


  21. jrnr Says:


    i guess we’ll just agree to disagree. i fully support peoples right to their opinion. i dont give a shit that you hate masons, i took exception to being described with words such as freeloader, and incestuous child molesters as a whole even if that was your experience with relatives. subscribing to your logic then i would have to call everyone in the state of NC as a bunch of inbred sheep fuckin retards. but i know that is a ridiculous way to think. maybe that just describes you, maybe it doesnt. i dont know. anyway i’m entitled to my opinion as well, so fuck you!


  22. Junior Says:

    Glenn S:
    I think you are right on. There is a duty to uphold the integrity of the public office you occupy.

    Goldsboro Williams: This jackass subject of the story and I are not philosophical peas in a pod. I have just judged all masons by the actions and intentions of many many masons…3 close family members, 1 very close friend who joined masons 4 years ago, and 4 mason jackasses on a jobsite, and a local judge I know and countless others I’ve met and encountered over the years. They all have an arrogant hier about them and they think they are “enlightened” and we are idiots who can’t find the “light”. Albert Pike, considered to be the founding father of modern masonry tells me in his books that their “light” is lucifer (whoever the hell that is). Their evil nature and arrogance is evident in both my grandfathers, my great-grandfather and my close friend and the 4 masons i encountered on a jobsite and the local judge i know. They are all arrogant bastards who think the world or the “unenlightened” owe them something because they are “enlightened” and “Noble”. Fuck you Noble motherfuckers. Most men become masons because of the benefits that come with belonging to the organization, hence my “freeloader” comment. I aint judging the organization by the actions of one, i am judging the organization by albert pikes writing and by the hundred or so masons I’ve met or known through the years.

    I’ve dealt with masons since I was born into this world. I’m entitled to my opinion and I think it is VERY accurate: All masons are FREELOADERS looking for a freeride & fuck u all including my great grandfather and paternal grandfather (H.C.S.) and you too jrnr!

    Shyster: You can always find a good biscuit in a garbage can, but is that the place to be looking for good biscuits?

  23. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    Glenn – Good point.

  24. Glenn S. Says:

    No, its different. Its Junior’s right to hate Masons, just as it is mine and everybody else’s right to hate nuns, cops, Campfire Girls, or members of the neighborhood watch, and police chief whatshisname’s right to hate bikers and/or members of a particular club.

    Where the line gets crossed is when the police chief uses his office, that of a public servant employed and paid by we the people, to take that hatred and use that office to deprive someone belonging to a group he personally dislikes of the right to earn the same living enjoyed by Masons, retired cops, and members of any other group that has a name or members of no group at all.

  25. Shyster Says:

    Junior et al,

    I know one (1) mason. This dude would give you the shirt off his back and his last dollar. He is also a patch holder in a Federal Govt. labeled motorcycle “gang.” A real good mother fucker he is.

    I don’t know squat about the Masons. I don’t like what I have read about them on bullshit Wikipedia but that’s just bullshit Wikipedia.


  26. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    If you paint all Masons with the same brush, then aren’t you doing the same thing that the chief in this story is doing? Swap “biker” for “Mason” and you two are philosophical peas in a pod.


  27. jrnr Says:


    what you know or do not know about masonry doesn’t mean shit to me. as in my previous post, the fact that you want to paint anybody who happens to be a mason with the broad stroke of your experiences with a few is bullshit. i can’t disagree that had 4 guys, whether they are masons, bikers, electricians, truck drivers, or whatever came around fucking with us that we wouldn’t do the same thing. i have helped or arranged help for far more people in my life than i have requested help from. you don’t know shit about me, so you can shove your “freeloader” comment up your ass. maybe sometime we can actually have a conversation on this site that’s mutually beneficial, or maybe not.


  28. Junior Says:

    Back around the early 1990’s 4 masons kept fucking with me & 3 friends on a powerhouse job site, so we decided next time they came around & fucked with us we were gonna beat em down. They came around again, we attacked those fuckers & got the best of em and cut two rings off with dykes. I’m not going around looking for masons to attack, but given the same set of circumstances I’d do it again. you say you would welcome my attempt to cut anything off of you,,,well if your half unconscious and lying on the floor you cant do much about it now can you. Did you take an oath to murder and disembowel your fellow brother and bury his remains at the low tide mark? I know that you have. Because I have actually read Albert Pikes Morals & Dogma and researched other aspects of free-masonry I probably know more about masonry that some masons. Is there no help for the widows son? Enjoy your free-ride, freeloader,,,or should I say “easyrider”. Junior

  29. jrnr Says:


    truly sorry to hear that the experiences that you’ve had with masons in your family and your friend have obviously been shitty. i will say that i have read quite a few of your posts on this site over the last year or so and i will say that 99% of the time i have agreed with what you have said. however this time is not one of them. i am a mason and to be painted by your broad brush as evil is bullshit. i too have met quite a few masons that are pricks or just general assholes. i have also met bikers over the last thirty or so years of riding that are pricks. i surely don’t come to this site, or any other, and condemn the many for the actions of a few. for me, anybody that gives respect gets respect. i’m sure there will be other threads on this site in the future where i will once again agree with what you say, but on this topic FUCK YOU! i would welcome your attempt to cut anything off of me.


  30. Glenn S. Says:

    Only in this brave new world would refusing to abandon your incarcerated friends and also having friends who served their country be characterized as a bad thing and a reason for depriving you of your right to earn a legal living.

  31. OneEye Says:

    ‘Waller elaborated that “the Bandidos have ties to Mexican drug trafficking organizations, has contact with incarcerated members and has military-trained members.”’

    I can say the same about law enforcement. Oh well, I guess I can’t expect the high road from someone who has the letters “BS” in his degree.

  32. Glenn S. Says:

    Don’t forget, fuck the mothers against drunk drivers as well. Stupid bitches, getting the law changed so that 18 year old chicks with daddy issues aren’t in the bars half drunk anymore. Busybody cunts.

  33. Shyster Says:


    That is right and just know that you are not included in the everybody of the fuck everybody statement.


  34. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shyster,

    The Aging Rebel, pissing people off for 42 months.


  35. Shyster Says:


    Of all the articles you have posted recently this one pisses me off the most! Suarez is obviously a stand up law abiding citizen who has done nothing wrong except, in the feeble minds of law enforcement, the City Council and Alcoholic Beverage Commission, chosen to wear a patch.

    I certainly hope there is a higher court that will hear the appeal of his liquor license denial. Keep fighting Mr. Suarez. Fuck everybody.


  36. Junior Says:

    BadMagic: i hear ya, and i understand what you are saying and I do agree with what you are saying, but there seems to be a common thread among & between ALL masons that I know, my grandfathers and great grandfather, and one of my best friends as well who recently became a mason. That common thread that i speak of seems to me to be spiritual in nature and borderline evil. I dont see this common thread among or between all (nor most) bikers. So again, FUCK ALL YOU MASONS. I may feel different when I get older but forI now I will continue beating u fuckers down and cutting your rings off because to me you all share a common thread that is the opposite of brotherhood. Sincerely, Junior

  37. BadMagic Says:

    Ya, a little.

    Goes without saying there are others who feel the way you do about bikers. Judge all by a few and you help propagate the problems we are facing. I’ve been painted with that brush a few times. I try to avoid picking it up.

    I hear you. And I empathize. It is a shame to those masons who weren’t part of that. I am not a Mason.

    I have found the most useful place for my energy, faith, and hope for the future, is in dealing with issues within myself that go against what I stand for. If I don’t want to be judged by the organization or groups I belong to, I need to reserve judgment myself.

    Of course you know all this. I don’t mean to come across as if you don’t.



  38. Junior Says:

    Fuck the masons, yeah all of you! I earned the right to say this, both my dead grandfathers were masons, 32′, my great grandfather as well, my two grandfathers were huge assholes with chips on their shoulders and little to no people skills and my greatgrandfather was an incestuous child molester. FUCK ALL YALL MASON MOTHERFUCKERS! YOU’RE ALL LOOKING FOR A FREE RIDE, THATS WHY YOUR MASONS! I wish some of you would come and get me, i need more mason rings in my collection, you scum motherfuckers.

    Damn, did i come across a litle angry?lol

  39. Glenn S. Says:

    Did time with a couple of Masons. Both were in for trafficking, both got a minute and went straight to A-custody when I had to do a lot more time in C and B custody (real prisons) before I got to where they went straight out of R&E (minimum security). That means that there are, gasp!, CRIMINALS in the Masons.

    So why don’t the Masons get the same treatment, I wonder. Yeah, I know, the question is naive, but just to fuck with the assholes, somebody seeking a liquor license ought to make a list of all the felons in the Elks, Lions, Masons, Shriners, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and then compile another list of members of those organizations that have liquor licenses.

    And why haven’t they Ricoed the Catholic Church yet? They’re worse than the man/boy love association for baby rapers.

  40. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    This is exactly why the economy is in the toilet the local and federal government is once again sticking it’s big nose where it don’t belong.

    Enough with the Nanny state bullshit!

    Chief Tim Vasquez needs to find another crusade, all citizens are equal regardless of affiliation or membership in a fraternal organization.

    Chief Vasquez and the town of San Angelo should also do a wait and see before they unload and hammer a guy trying to start a legit business in a proven and time tested venture. The establishment Mr. Suarez plans to open is sure to bring in thousands of dollars in revenue each year for the local economy and I’m sure the Chief will be willing to help find a place to spend it.

    It sounds to me like San Angelo is placing the horse well before the cart and also seems to this arm chair bar owner that there might be a solid lawsuit down the road. No matter what camp your in no one should think this is acceptable, appeal the decision then file the suit Mr. Suarez.

    Best of luck to him on his fight.

    Viva Los Vagos

  41. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuckin’ punk-ass pig, scared of his own shadow and pisses himself when he hears of ‘gangs’ going to possibly be within 10 miles of his pussified body…makes sure all involved in getting a business license don’t allow it to happen. Great, just what this country needs – a faggot, stinking cunt pig *NOT* allowing citizens to have a business here when the country so desperately needs this kind of thing!

    Fuckin’ useless, jack-booted nazi pigs.

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