Attention El Lay Anarchists

Wed, Mar 7, 2012

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Attention El Lay Anarchists

It has already been a long, dry spell for the devoted followers of the motorcycle outlaw television series Sons of Anarchy.

It hasn’t been so bad for me because I don’t actually watch the show unless I am about to write something cruel and snide about it. But I know that many people who stumble onto this web site love the show. And, I also know that mentioning Sons of Anarchy equals web hits. So here goes.

An annual Los Angeles event called PaleyFest (spelled just like that) sponsored by The Paley Center for Media, will stage a panel discussion with Kurt Sutter (above), his old lady Katey Sagal and other cast members of Sons of Anarchy tonight, at 7 p.m. at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, on Wilshire Boulevard between La Cienega and San Vicente. Excellent tickets cost $75 each. Less excellent tickets may be available for as little as $20.

Fans who can’t get to Beverly Hills in time or who can’t afford a ticket can stream the event live here.

Paley? Juice? Chibs? Stuart?

The Paley Center and Fest are both named for William Paley, the broadcasting pioneer who built CBS. The panel discussion will also feature the actors who play the characters “Juice,” “Chibs,” “Unser” and “Chucky” which may be important to those of you for whom those colorful names ring a bell. The panel will be “moderated” by Stuart Levine of Daily Variety.

I have never been certain what Sons of Anarchy is about. The press release for this event states:

“Hamlet on a Harley? Really. Integrating provocative riffs on Shakespeare, creator Kurt Sutter has infused his dark biker series, Sons of Anarchy, with dramatic questions of rightful succession at an outlaw motorcycle club in Charming, a crazed fictional town in northern California. For four seasons Sutter, a former executive producer of The Shield, has explored loyalty and family with a frank narrative freshness as Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) realizes his father was murdered by strongman and former club president Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), who then married his scheming mother Gemma (Katey Sagal). With masterful twists of deadly betrayal involving drugs and gun running, Sons of Anarchy has become the most-watched series in the groundbreaking FX universe of morally challenging dramas.”

That didn’t help me but I’m stupid so maybe it will help you.

Fans Want To Know

Fans of the show have already started submitting questions to the panel and at least some of those questions are interesting. Very early this morning, for instance, an anarchist named “Kamie K.” asked:

“Does the cast have any thoughts or observations about how the show may have effected viewers’ opinions about motorcycle clubs? Specifically romanticizing outlaw biker life, exposing laymen to the distinctive lingo and customs, and making the lifestyle seem sexy and exciting to normies who may want to play dress-up, get tattooed, buy motorcycles, and pretend to be badasses now that they’ve seen it on TV?”

Enjoy the show. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry! Enzyte Bob will wonder how you do it! Remember to return here regularly for all the latest, breaking, exciting Sons of Anarchy news. Don’t forget to click some ads before you go.


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  1. Gar Says:

    Was browsing around the other day and read that the character named “Happy” is played by an 81 member named David LaBrava. The article I read said he started out as a technical advisor on the show and wound up being cast. Interesting, no?

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Gar,

    Yes it is. That is a fairly profitable job.


  3. RVN69 Says:

    Believe I read he is also a talented tattooist and mechanic. The financial renumeration he receives most probably beats working for a living. Still not interested in the show, guess I am not anarchist material, my neighbors will probably be glad.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare.

  4. OneEye Says:

    He also used to write for Ol’ Skool Rodz under the name Jimmy Carbone. I used to like those articles. I have a question for the cast: Are there matching track suits and a comet’s tail in season 5?

  5. Bookworm Says:

    Perhaps the most absurd thing that I have read lately.
    “Some critics get it, Ken Tucker, Matt Zoller Seitz, revel in the giddy truth. Sepinwall and others continue to bang their heads against a wall, applying a level of analysis that is best reserved for a David Simon show. The Wire, we ain’nt, nor do we aspire to be. For the record SOA is an adrenalized soap opera, it’s bloody pulp fiction with highly complex characters.”
    Thats funny. The Wire is in my top 2 as far as shows go. Sutter wishes he could compare the two. Despite the african American theme, the Wire seeps with American desparation.With the Dream being long gone and all. The uSa is hard on people.
    But i think sutter has invited some wierdos to the party. Faulty underminers who can at least pretend to ride harleys, get too high and do stupid sh**. Invent a strut, wear white t’s, shoes and tell everyone who will listen that they are connected. Its like the old thing that when the mainstream grabs to your culture, then that means your culture is done. That was the swan song. In interviews, Sutter seems to cuss alot. I am guessing that makes him feel more edgy and outlaw amongst the Hollywood elite. Also with his edgy tattoos=a white dude who sports maori and zulu symbols. Its funny how he portrayed the biggest bad a** on his show for the last five years. I bet he and peggy Bundy get a laugh on that. Maybe next year he will be shanking midgets. Super violent midgets who had it coming because they wronged samcro. But i disagree with his show, so i dont get it.

  6. OneEye Says:

    that seems typical of people in general; to appropriate from another culture or sub-culture because they have no identity of their own and a need to be cool. They conjure up a mindset of what THEY think it’s all about and don’t really get it. For instance, how many people do you see with Von Dutch paraphanalia? Howard was anything but a cool clothes type of guy, nor did he believe in making large profits, but someone else who knows nothing of this man, or his credo markets it, and the public think it’s cool. When it come to PHers it’s even worse: rock band T-shirts that are formatted as a 3 piece, SOA shirts with a state designation The public swallows what television and the media feeds them and you have many ignorant people trying to assume a persona and they misunderstand the gravity of the situation. Midgets, eh? I’m liking it so far.

  7. rollinnorth Says:

    Not just any midgets, but “Super violent midgets who had it coming…” Thanks for the chuckle, Bookworm.
    OneEye, you are right about how “the public swallows what television and the media feeds them” especially when it comes to select groups that the government has decided to target.
    Out Bad, and the rest of Rebel’s work, shows how much the “news” media, the “entertainment” industry and the courts are manipulated. Thank you, Rebel.

  8. Paul Citizen Says:


    Do you get a few cents from clicks on the YouTube videos to the right, or are those just another free benefit of this fine site?


  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paul Citizen,

    All the videos are just here for your amusement. At least 99 percent of them are youtube links. I don’t get a penny for putting them here.

    All revenue for the site comes from three block ads on the right sidebar. At the moment two of those ads are for the School of Business at Arizona State University and the third is for something called I don’t know what that is. The ads are sensitive to the viewer. I don’t pick them. Google adsense picks them. The revenue for those three ads basically defrays the cost of the documents I buy to try to stay informed about different stories. Federal documents cost 8 cents a page. So, for example, looking at the docket for an involved case to see what documents are available generally costs about $2.40. Then I can find the documents to download them. State documents are usually much more expensive and have to be purchased at a clerk’s office in person. Like, an affidavit awhile back cost $125. A complete set of discovery for the Cavazos case cost about $6500. Often, interested parties give me documents. The ad revenue for the site usually amounts to about $300 a month.

    From time to time guys are afraid to click on videos or ads. All the links are safe.

    Complete disclosure.


  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bookworm,

    Let me just say that I think that almost all of The Wire rang true and was artfully done. And, I thought the Heroin addict biker with AIDs played by Steve Earle also rang true. I wish David Simon would have done Sons of Anarchy. Maybe Simon will hear about Chuck Zito and those two will collaborate.

    I think Kurt Sutter is a very nice Hollywood executive and I think most of the time when he speaks publically he is speaking as a Hollywood entrepreneur not as an artist. I know he is not fond of being compared to David Simon or any of the other artists that contributed to The Wire. Sutter has always struck me as a genuinely nice guy. I take broad shots at him here, because he is a big target, but I hardly hate him. Some real, live outlaws, like Sonny Barger seem to genuinely like his show.

    But Sutter is still an entrepreneur rather than an artist. His truth has pictures of Benjamin Franklin on it. I believe he is motivated by money. Not everybody is. Artists aren’t.


  11. sled tramp Says:

    Man….ya go to all the trouble to accessorize properly….

  12. 10Gauge Says:

    I hate that I have to stick up for this soap opera…..But I will say there are plenty of very real motherfuckers out here that wear tennis shoes, flat billed hats and dickies..yes some even have tribal tattoos….your idea of stereo typical biker is becoming the ecception rather than the rule out here in Cali especially with the young bloods…I am not saying weather it is a good or bad thing but it is a fact…and the strut of which you speak is modled after a very real man indeed….Just my two on the subject as I get sick of hearing the same old song and dance about what “real” motherfuckers look like.

  13. JIM666 Says:

    what`s wrong w/ tinnis shoes ????? lol

  14. Rashomon Says:

    I got a great deal on a pair of Chippawa’s the other week. Give or take a few blisters while they settle, I’ll still be wearing them 10 years from now. Regardless of who wears what – a good pair of boots is a beautiful thing.

  15. IrishDragon Says:

    Sled Tramp,

    Thanks for the link man. It’s good to hear that there is someone from my hometown trying to help out the biker community. Although more likely then not that politician is really just tring to help himself with more votes.


  16. sled tramp Says:

    Was out fer a lonnnng warm ride,coming into town I noticed a group of patches at the local gas station so always curious,I swung in.Iron Spartans.(?!)Never heard of ‘em but was immediately amused by their swaggering,Imabadass airs and so on…given their overall appearance,their S.O.A. attitude and so on coupled with having some sort of metal in their rocker name,I guessed them to be a cop club.Got home,looked up the name and yup,L.E. based.
    Another group of cops wanting to play three piece.
    Guys,make up yer minds OK?
    Ya really looked pretty lame playing dress up and pretending.Next time I’ll run up all breathless and gasp,”WOW! DUDE! Are you like Jax Teller? Can I git yer autograph? Big day for me”.

  17. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ Sled Tramp,

    Always somethin new and excitin in this life of ours. Fuckin dumbasses. Lmao

  18. RVN69 Says:

    Iron Spartans, where do they get those names? Lame patch, I guess it is supposed to be badass. Says they got a chapter here, but I have never seen them, they must not get out much.

    sled tramp Says:Ya really looked pretty lame playing dress up and pretending.Next time I’ll run up all breathless and gasp,”WOW! DUDE! Are you like Jax Teller? Can I git yer autograph? Big day for me”.

    Please get video, you know they look on their faces will be priceless.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

  19. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    No shit. The paradox I usually wear, I have worn since 2003. Unfortunately that was the year Doc Marten started outsourcing. ):-(

    YYZ Skinhead

  20. Stroker Says:

    Awww….c’mon. SOA is a cartoon. I like cartoons. Of course it ain’t real. Fire up a fat one, and enjoy it for what it is (and isn’t). It’s got some of my favorite things in it: motorcycles, guns, hot babes (and I count Katey Segal in that one) and intrique. OK. It’s shallow, not-hardly-believable intrique, but I’d rather watch it than any of
    the lame-o “reality” shows they’ve got on every channel. Intelligent?
    Nah……………but I don’t care. I think mindless blood guts and gore
    with a few gratuitous explosions is great tv. But that’s just me.

  21. RVN69 Says:

    Stroker Says: Awww….c’mon. SOA is a cartoon. I like cartoons.

    Stroker, As my New Yawrk friends would say, “Not for nuthin” but that particular cartoon has been introduced as “evidence” in trial, some of which affected people who have posted here. Were it mindless drivel that was not used in court against real patchholders I would grant you that, but it is.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

  22. Caretaker Says:

    Wait,seriously? S.o.a is being used as evidence? I can see it now…”all motorcycle clubs are criminal organizations because this made up tv show says so” guess that means all cops are good guys,superman is real,and you really can jump a 79 dodge charger 300ft with no ramp… (tried that last one once… Did not end well…)

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear Caretaker,

    To the best of my knowledge, Sons of Anarchy has not been directly used as “evidence.”

    But it has been frequently cited by police, prosecutors and journalists as if it were more insightful than I personally think it is. I can’t blame the show for what prosecutors make of it. In this time of mass media in American History, public opinion is shaped by sound bites rather than paragraphs or essays. Television shows and motion pictures are now deliberately scripted so that they can easily be translated into foriegn markets. And it is easier to translate “Mongo kill now” into Greek, Kipchak and Russian simultaneously than it is to translate “Whenas in silks my Julia goes, Then, then, methinks, how sweetly flows That liquefaction of her clothes.” Like, you know, wuzzup with all those “th” sounds? (It is intended to mimic the sound of a woman taking off her silk clothes — in case you missed that day.)

    The worst example of a mass media phenomena being used as both an investigative and prosecutorial asset is Gangland. Televized Gangland clips and outtakes– OUTTAKES have been introduced as evidence in a couple of racketeering cases — most notably in the Mongols case US v Cavazos et al. Doc Cavazos’ memoir was used as evidence in that case as well. Julian Sher, as an authority on motorcycle clubs and particularly the Hells Angels, has particpated in seminars to train cops on how to better prosecute people for belonging to motorcycle clubs. Mainstream book publishers and mass circulation magazines have also participated in an implicit conspiracy to portray clubs as a much greater danger to public safety than they are and to portray individual members as cartoon action figures.

    The problem with SOA is that it poisons jury pools. In my opinion. Although I also think it is very plausible that clips from the show will actually be shown to juries in some future case.

    Whether that happens will probably depend on how stupid the court appointed attorney in that case happens to be. Some of those guys are practically saints. Some of them deserve to be hung in suspended cages in a public place where people can hurl garbage at them.


  24. OneEye Says:

    “Unfortunately that was the year Doc Marten started outsourcing.”
    The year I stopped wearing them. Pity.

    I am astounded that a fictitious drama television show would be considered as evidence in a court of law. This isn’t some shows where you have ex-members airing their shit out on front street for whatever reason they would do that. It’s fiction! Bad fiction, at that. Well, who knows, maybe the next time some cop tazes someone do death or an innocent gets executed by some gung-ho, SWAT member in black fatigues during a pre-dawn, for the safety of the public raid they can use The Shield as evidence.

  25. OneEye Says:

    Let me rephrase that, I stopped buying Docs, but I still wear the Brit made ones I have.

  26. RVN69 Says:

    I may be confused, but I believe that the show was introduced in a criminal hearing as an example of the criminality of motorcycle clubs. I believe the case involved a chapter of a particular club that a regular poster belongs to. I really don’t want to get more specific, it would be up to that person to clarify if they wish.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear RVN69,

    It could be and I don’t remember it or I never saw it. Do me a favor, if you feel like it, and email me the specifics.


  28. sled tramp Says:

    I can personally attest that the show has been used against a member of a club in front of a jury by a D.A. as an example of daily life in an M.C.
    That’s as far as I’ll go with it.
    There has been a number of comments and requests for “Patches” input on various subjects here of late.Primarily from what I get the feeling are non riders or newbies.
    There’s really no other way to put this.
    It’s none of anyone’s fuckin’ business what goes on in clubs.If you don’t know then it doesn’t concern you,ain’t for public consumption and you should probably just walk away physically or cyber wise from asking.This has been said before.I’ll say it too.
    Club business ain’t YOUR business.That goes for ANY club including clean and sober,religious or VESPA groupies from Hell.If they want to talk to you about stuff it’s their call but asking in open forum is flat out rude and disrespectful.I try to inject a bit of levity now and again,leaving the insightful comments to those that can string a sentence together but this shit rankles me no end.
    There are posters here that I hold the absolute highest respect for and that’s because they’ve earned it.They caution others to be respectful and exhibit a bit of protocol.
    I’m a bit more direct.
    That said,I’m going back to patching it up with my girfriend.Damn,outa rubber cement again……..

  29. anon Says:

    SOA as evidence in a trial? Jesus Christ.

    Any defense attorney in such a case needs to introduce The Shield into evidence and request to the judge that the jury be instructed to treat any testimony by police officers as perjury to cover up crimes committed by the police to frame the defendant and/or obtain evidence illegally.

    I mean, shit, Kurt Sutter was involved in both shows. So, if one is real, the other has to be, too, right?

    And, for that matter, it must also mean Sutter is the head of the Armenian mob and a major BHC guy who snitched, right?

  30. BadMagic Says:

    Even more “chicken shit” tactics…… Pun intended.


  31. Rebel Says:

    Dear BadMagic,

    This case has been going on for awhile. There is an ever more fuzzy line between reality TV and the maintenance of peace and order. I almost wrote about this in September but the case was stale even then and it is about a very big issue.


  32. BadMagic Says:

    Not to detract from the topic at hand…. I was just reading another story on video recording cops and came across this gem:

    But Charles Britt, a local defense attorney who also is a former law enforcement officer, expects the intimidation to continue, no matter what happens in court. Police will continue to arrest first and ask questions later, he said.

    “When I was a rookie,” says Britt, “I was taught, ‘You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.’ Nine times out of 10, these charges get dropped anyway, but so what? You still go to jail.”

    Never heard “You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride” before. Another inside prejudice like Biker 101.


  33. Stroker Says:

    Finally got a chance to check back on this thread. RVN69, no offense taken on your concerns. And following the thread a little further I sense the undercurrent of frustration with this show that first manifested itself with the show’s introduction, which was along the lines of: How DARE they try to portray our lifestyle! So the question here seems to be, how do we, patch-holders, and real bikers treat this affront to our sensibilities? Do we boycott the show? Do we (as I posted elsewhere on this site some time ago) act as our forefathers did and rip/burn/slash the colors off the backs of anyone seen wearing them in “our” public? What exactly are we supposed to do about this cartoonish attack on our lifestyle?
    It would suck big time if me or anyone of my crew or yours, were to encounter a trial where this show was held up as evidnece to punish us. However, I am a staunch advocate of American freedom of press, and while this show may present some problems for those of us living the lifestyle, what exactly are any of us proposing we do about it? For my part, I will continue to watch it for it’s “cartoon” value, but also to keep up on it and stay knowledgeable about it’s many twists and turns, the better to be informed about the snake in my backyard, as it were.
    So with sincerity, I would pose the question here, what do any/all of you respected posters here suggest is the proper etiquette in dealing with SOA from our point of view? Just curious……….

  34. KK Says:

    A Male Fairy Tale

    Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess, “Will you marry me?” The Princess said, “No!!!” And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and banged skinny long-legged big-titted broads and hunted and fished and raced cars and went to naked bars and dated women half his age and drank whiskey, beer and Captain Morgan and never heard bitching and never paid child support or alimony and banged cheerleaders and kept his house and guns and ate spam and potato chips and beans and blew enormous farts and never got cheated on while he was at work and all his friends and family thought he was frikin cool as hell and he had tons of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up.

    The End


  35. Rebel Says:

    Dear KK,



  36. sled tramp Says:

    Me too…snorted my coffee….shit that was funny…

  37. JIM666 Says:


  38. observer Says:

    More epic than Beowulf.

  39. Rebel Says:

    Dear Observer,

    More macho than El Cid.


  40. observer Says:

    “El Cid, being the Chuck Norris of his era, used the army he now ran to beat the army he used to run that he had previously used to beat the army that he was now running. I’m not certain, but I think he may have just walked on to a battlefield with a sword and glared at people till they decided to lay down and die.”

  41. IrishDragon Says:


    That was great shit!


  42. Austin Says:

    Marriage is like a game of cards, it starts off with 2 hearts and a diamond and by the end you wish you had a club and a fking spade!

  43. Glenn S. Says:

    That was a great story, KK, but realistically, it probably went more like this: A prince asked a princess to marry him, thinking she was strong, smart, and horny; a worthy companion for his journey through life. As soon as the wedding was over, the princess developed back problems and had to quit her job. Her back always seemed to hurt when the prince wanted her to participate in bedroom acrobatics. She became depressed, and complained about everything nonstop. She became unable to complete even the simplest tasks and the prince had to micromanage her every move, lest she get lost in a silo. (Somehow, however, she found it within herself to find her way to women’s clothing stores near and far, which became the only places she wanted to go.) Although she bought clothing constantly, her day-to-day wardrobe consisted of an old robe and loose pajamas. All of a sudden, she began to dislike the prince’s friends, and projectile whined when the prince spent any time at all with them. She got the idea that if the prince would sell his motorcycle, he could use the money to buy something both of them (in other words, she) could enjoy. The prince refused, and instead bought her a motorcycle, which she said she wanted but then refused to take the time and effort to learn to ride. The prince started to spend more and more time away from his castle, and eventually met a younger princess, but he forgot that the original princess was just like her when they first met. He left the first princess for the second, and the first princess got a lawyer, who herself was a princess, but so ugly that no prince would have her. The lawyer princess hated princes for rejecting her, and saw her mission in life as making them pay. She told the judge that the first princess was disabled, and needed alimony forever. The judge awarded everything but the old basket case shovelhead to the princess, who later miraculously recovered from her back problems, lost weight, went back to college, and got a job as a women’s advocate. The second princess dumped the prince for somebody with more disposable income. The prince restored the old shovel, figured he got the better end of the deal, but had to deal dope to pay the alimony. Eventually he was busted when a stripper he was fucking ratted him out to get a simple posession charge thrown out. He was sentenced under “3 Strikes” and locked in the dungeon forever.

  44. Glenn S. Says:

    And the moral of the story is this: The institution of marriage has not served men well. Best just let the gays have it. That way, we can get a good laugh out of the future reality show: “Gay Divorce Court” while we’re sitting in jail for non-support.

  45. swampy Says:

    Glen S. said: “The institution of marriage has not served men well.”

    Marriage is a fine instittution as long as a man doesn’t mind being institutionalized. I was freed in ’85…never went back.

  46. Muck 1%er Says:

    Hell, I like marriage so much…I did it three times.
    Of course, I’ve always had to learn things the hard way.
    When I split with the last one, I asked her to never divorce me. She asked why not and I told her that as long as we are still married, I don’t have to worry about gettin drunk with some bimbo and wakin up married and doin this stupid shit all over again. Been 15 yrs now and this is the best marriage of the three. She lives in one state and I live in the other. We wound up bein good friends due in part to the fact that I quit drinkin. Lol

  47. sled tramp Says:

    Muck 1%er-
    I married,divorced and married the first one,the second one shot me in the chest.I’m still with her but I keep eyes in the back of my head at all times.Ain’t love grand?

  48. Rashomon Says:

    I guess I got off easy with only one – not that I’m paying any attention but here’s my home page –

    and I’m a very happy camper.

  49. RVN69 Says:

    Just got back from 3 days on the road, beautiful story KK, I needed a laugh.

    Sled Tramp, That must be love, only ever had one woman shoot at me,she missed and I ditched her as fast as I could! Then wore body armour around for a couple of weeks in case she came back!

    Potius Moir Quam Foedare

  50. Muck 1%er Says:


    That must be some awesome woman. Never had one shoot me (yet). Had em swing various hard objects at my brain housing group and the 2d one tried to bayonet me. Gotta hand it to ya. You’re a braver man than I to stay with a woman who has already put a leak in your air pocket housing. Lol

  51. Austin Says:

    Rashomon – Happy? – HellsFire, you’re a short timer! Congrats on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
    @ observer – Great link for El Cid. History I could understand

  52. OneEye Says:

    I have been institutionalized 4 times, but I swear this is the LAST one, ha ha ha ha! Some guys hit a home run and others get to home plate one base at a time.

  53. Glenn S. Says:

    Congrats, Rashoman! I’m not sure I get the concept of alimony in a time where there are more women in the workforce than men, where women are affirmatively promoted and hired, and of “I am woman, hear me roar.” (Guess the song wouldn’t have been so popular if it went “I am woman, hear me whine.”) Let me guess, she became “disabled” during the course of the marriage, and couldn’t work? Perhaps before the ink was dry on the marriage license?

    Never had one to shoot me. My second ex-wife tried, she of the “became disabled during the course of the marriage”. She had multiple personality disorder, which only became evident six weeks after the wedding. My friends used to say: “Wow, you get to fuck a whole lot of different women!” The problem was that when I fucked the stone freak, the rest of the personalities thought I was running around on them, and there was undue chaos and drama. Her clinical counseller told me I was scum for doing so. Eventually, I fucked none of them. Then, after the time she tried to shoot me, I left. She got a lawyer. I lost my house and a lot of money, which I agreed to so as to not pay alimony. She used the money to move three states away, for which I am eternally grateful. That was several years ago, and now I’m married again. At least I’ve been able to stay off the dope.

    A friend of mine says it best: “When a woman marries a man, she does so with the expectation that he will change. When a man marries a woman, he does so with the expectation that she will stay the same. Both will be disappointed. When I moved in with her: “Of course you can smoke here. And I hope your friends will visit. Its your home too!” Yesterday: “Ah, so Mike came by. I thought the house smelled real bad from all the smoke.”

    In the immortal words of Sonny Barger: “Can’t live without them. Can’t use their bones for soup.”

  54. Rashomon Says:

    I lost out big on mine – the sister was a divorce attorney so they froze what assets I had and forced me to pay her legal fees while having no money to get a lawyer for myself. That little thing cost me two grand a month for six years so I’ve been broke from that. I bought a condo with what I could scrape together after the house got sold and now i have the same problems with condo nazi’s that you do and the mortgage is underwater but most of this is hardly unusual these days it seems.

    I consider myself lucky to have my health and freedom so fuck ‘em all if they can’t take a joke.

  55. Pretjah Says:

    Dear Rebel

    i make no bones about liking SOA…knowing full well that it’s as close to reality as Mchale’s Navy is of US Naval men.

    however a few years ago something you’ve said stuck with me and i laugh about it everytime i think about it and have shared it with many people…

    in reference to Ron Perlman (clay on the show) you made the statement (and i’m paraphrasing sorry)

    He walks like he took a shit in his pants, and his face looks like he smells it.

    LOL dude that still kills me!

  56. 10Gauge Says:

    I’ve been with my share of crazy ol ladies…Had one take a bite out of my back after breaking down the bedroom door when I was attempting to sleep off a drunk undisturbed…I never married any of them because I knew they were crazy.

    I don’t know what it is about us men I have seen very respected men marry women who were stone cold insane bitches…I have too much ego for that…I keep my nose out of another man business, as you can’t change someones mind and will just wind up beating the shit out of each other in front of the bar….Don’t ask me how I know that.

    I have been with my current ol lady for many years now, and we got engaged 6 weeks after hooking up. And trust me I know how lucky I am. She is a great lover, friend, partner, cook, confidant, and mother to my children. I always have lways laughed when guys say their ol ladies just are not into having sex anymore. No… they just aren’t interested in having it with you!

  57. Ant Blackwell Says:

    ok i do get why a lot of 1%ers and clubs dislike not so much the show but what it represents.. but as patch/diamond holders what do you say to Sonny Barger, Oakland DL & Chuck Zito who co signs the show ?? do you knock them for getting paid as representatives of their own lifestyle ? we can’t help what the government does, they are gonna do what they want whether right or fuck them.. i feel that this show should be embraced as a salute to the 1%er , yea it can be over the top but we understand thats for entertainment/marketing purposes.. i mean what else even mentions the outlaw culture ? Gangland ?!

  58. shovelNY Says:

    It was just a matter of time…..

  59. Just saying Says:

    Now I’ll say something really snide which will probably get me punched in the mouth IRL:

    From Sonny Barger’s guest Appearances to other HA members being technical advisors and quick google search reveals that the character “happy” is played by an active HA patch-holder David LaBrava. In fact Sonny Barger says that SOA is his favorite show.

    It seems the only reason there is a Sons of Anarchy even exists in the first place is because the Hells Angels themselves both 1) let it 2) want it and love it.

    Now when SOA cast members show up to plug the show in their studio costumes at HA functions, who aranges for this?

    Now you can look at Hells Angels long standing history as the most media friendly image conscious club. Hells Angels ’69?? anyone, Mr Barger’s first film appearance when he plays the same biker role on film. Instead back then, HA was calling the shots. He’s ALWAYS been willing to sell his persona for fame in the same circles you don’t want in your scene.

    Lets be frank, if anyone “sold out” or “messed up” this subculture of yours its the Hells Angels(or at least some of them, starting with Mr. Barger and the club seems to be OK with it). They seem to LOVE holywood and movie stars. Or at least more so than any sort of loyalty to some “lifestyle”.

  60. Rebel Says:

    Dear Just Saying,

    I hear you. I think some Vagos are working as regular extras on the show, too. I don’t care. I hope everybody gets paid behind this show. My objections to Sons of Anarchy are that the show poisons jury pools and is often fatuous and trivial. No MC “sold out” or “messed up.” The show doesn’t prosecute anybody. The DOJ prosecutes bikers. The show is Kurt Sutter’s valentine to everybody in the MC world. My impression is that Sutter is trying to be nice. Chuck Zito may disagree.

    As far as the Angels go, they have sort of had fame thrust on them for the last 50 years. I don’t think Ralph Barger or any other Angel has chased fame to any greater extent than anybody else would chase fame. Barger was in one movie and then decades later he was in one episode of Sutter’s show. There was some of what directors call “wild footage” of him in Gimme Shelter and he has probably been interviewed several times on television. Hunter Thompson made Barger a public figure. So what? How many times has Jay Dobyns been on TV in the last five or six years?

    Look man, as soon as Kurt Sutter comes to me and says, “Rebel, I am going to pay you to dress up in a fucking chicken suit and go on TV,” I am going to reply, “Where do I sign? When will the check clear? Do you want me to go cluck-cluck?” Okay? I am all for guys getting paid. The big biggest problem in the United States of America in 2012 is that not enough fucking people are getting paid. Okay?

    Personally, I am much less offended by Kurt Sutter than I am by Julien Sher, Yves Lavigna, the many tentacles of News Corp, Agent Jay or Gangland LLC. And, I don’t care about preserving any “subculture,” “counterculture” or “lifestyle.” I care about preserving the right of Americans to belong to any affinity group or subculture or motorcycle club or political party or religion they want.

    The Angels, because they were thrust into the public eye so long ago, are kind of a special case. One minute Eric Burdon and the Animals and Ken Kesey and Neal Cassidy and Hunter Thompson all loved them. The next minute the national media was equating them with the Manson family. And, all of that was 45 years ago. Mass media are fascinated with the Hells Angels because in stupid television land, “Hells Angels” also means Mongols, Pagans, Vagos, Gypsy Jokers, Brother Speed, Ghost Mountain Riders, Bandidos, Outlaws, Warlocks, Sons of Silence, Vietnam Vets, Highwaymen, DD, Galloping Goose and about 200 other clubs. In the popular imagination “Hells Angels” is a metonym for outlaw biker in the same way Hollywood is a metonym for mass media bullshit.

    So? I am often astoundingly stupid so you will have to tell me. What’s your point?


  61. RVN69 Says:

    Just saying,
    It has been reported that Chuck Zito has accepted a role in the next season, after basically having his ass handed to him in a lawsuit by Sutter. What does this mean? I don’t know, maybe it just means that Sutter offer him a ton of money to be on TV? It doesn’t change the fact that incidents like this are beginning to happen.

    Omnes relinquite spes o vos intrantes

  62. BigV Says:

    Zito has had a SOA banner on his site for a month or so. Mother-fuck.

  63. Rebel Says:

    Dear RVN69,

    Good for Sutter and good for Zito. Sutter did the right thing and Zito will clock some Hollywood dollars.

    When the fuck it gone be Rebel’s turn to get paid? When Lord? When?

    The story you linked states: “Among the many twists in the case is how the idea of forming a gang evolved. Prosecutors said that occurred as Godwin and others were watching the cable-based Sons of Anarchy, a show about an outlaw California motorcycle gang. Defense attorneys argued there was no such influence and that no gang existed.”

    Federal prosecutors have been genetically engineered in top secret government labs to have no shame.


  64. Dumpster Says:

    I know this comes a little late in the game but, Dayum that was funny! Made my day, I even had to clean coffee off of my screen.

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