Rudnick Makes A Deal

March 3, 2012

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Stuart Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick (above), the former Vice-President of the Vagos Motorcycle Club’s Los Angeles chapter, pled guilty to a single charge of conspiracy to commit murder yesterday in a courtroom in Reno.

The guilty plea is one part of a plea and sentencing agreement Rudnick has arranged with the Washoe County District Attorney. He will testify against two other defendants when their trial begins next October. Those men are a Hells Angel named Cesar Villagrana and a Vago named Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez. Both men are charged with “conspiracy to engage in an affray” resulting in death. Gonzalez is also charged with murder. Villagrana is also charged with discharging a pistol.

Deadly Fight

The charges result from a deadly fight between Vagos and Hells Angels last September 23 in John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada. Hells Angels San Jose charter President Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew was killed in the brief melee. Two Vagos named Leonard Ramirez and Diego Garcia were also shot.

Rudnick relentlessly provoked a fight with Pettigrew for almost an hour before violence erupted at 11:25 that night. Rudnick, who was drunk, complained that when Pettigrew said “Hello” and slapped Rudnick on the back he touched Rudnick’s Vagos patch. At the time Pettigrew was shaking hands with and greeting numerous Vagos. As he greeted Rudnick, Pettigrew asked, “Hey you want to have a beer?”

Rudnick exploded “You have no right to touch me!”

Rudnick spent much of the next hour complaining to his club brothers and taunting Pettigrew who eventually said, “I don’t need to talk to you no more.”

Moments later, Pettigrew hit the jabbering Rudnick with a beer bottle and the fight quickly escalated. Rudnick was expelled from the Vagos within two days of the fight.

Multiple Cooperators

Rudnick is one of two Vagos who have cooperated with prosecutors in the case. A former Vago named Jacob Cancelli testified before the Nevada grand jury that indicted Rudnick, Villagrana and Gonzalez. Although this is a state case, Cancelli had been convicted of federal fraud charges in Wilmington, Delaware. Presumably, since Cancelli has been in the custody of federal police and he has been talking to police some of the police he has talked to are federal police

Cancelli substantiated what the prosecution believes are the key elements of the affray accusation: That there was “a prior plan to engage in mutual combat” and the brawl was the result of “a challenge to fight” made by Rudnick and accepted by Pettigrew. Rudnick will probably also substantiate those same elements.

The extent of Rudnick’s cooperation with state and local authorities is unknown at this time. After he pled guilty yesterday his bail was reduced from $300,000 to $100,000.

He could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison but if he offers what is usually called “significant cooperation” it is very unlikely that his sentence will be that severe.


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30 Responses to “Rudnick Makes A Deal”

  1. Oncebitten Says:

    Dude jabber was a perfect name for this lame I personally witnessed on more than one occasion this dude running his mouth picking a fight and backing down like a weasel when it came time to produce. It’s a shame a man lost his life cause of this dudes lame ass

  2. credible Says:

    the reason I single you out is because you posted a comment on the silva page something like ” don’t steal from a brother. period.” in regards to $3k. $3k????? what are you a bunch of niggers? killing someone over $3k is the most brain dead mentality imaginable and you are acting as a spokesman for your club basically condoning murder over three thousand dollars….really? its unimaginable the depth of stupidity. At the most dude should have been roughed up a bit and his county or state privlages revoked…..make him move….take his car…but kill him and then post…”never rip off a brother”? hmmmmm.

    with this I leave the retardedness of this entire thing.

  3. credible Says:

    you need some special, internet warrior flash…..perhaps a diamond with a bodily fluid, stained keyboard inside…..

  4. credible Says:

    hey avagovffv, I wonder if your bike has as many miles as your keyboard…..

  5. Shyster Says:

    6 days until jury selection and then the lying rats will show and spin unbelievable fairy tales.


  6. Shyster Says:

    13 days until the trial starts.


  7. credible Says:

    oh yeah…..SLIDER, you are the biggest, loser drunk out there.
    keep pumping out the druggie kids.

  8. credible Says:

    LOL. rats,cops and homosexuals.
    GREEN is the color of ENVY.
    what a sad lot.
    California Vagos, purge the filth you have in Oregon.
    Keep Badger, fuck all the rest….peewee,taz,bambam,hardwire,silent mike. none of them real outlaws…..most of them fags, all of them pretenders.
    Fix your shit you all look like fags up here.

  9. anomyous Says:

    Rudnick is a rat. I new him a long time ago and he was a rat then. He will squeal on his best friend if it saves his butt. He seeks the company of transsexual prostitutes and steels to pay for it. I know first hand! That’s when I kicked him to the curb. The feds should not trust him, his friends if he has any left should not trust him and certainly the folks he rode with should not trust him.

  10. Anytime Says:

    Viva Los vagos!!!!! Trust no one!!!

  11. chevyweight Says:

    pigs never ride solo , if you smell one poking his snout around you can bet another is not far behind ,always need a partner to watch their back. apparently this hold true for internet commenting too. red posted at march 15 4:51 ,, then swede at 5:33 ,, both link to agingrebel.

  12. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    Give it up pig you suck as a internet warrior. Go man up find him and deal with your beef the right way.

    Don’t be a bitch punk

    Viva Los Vago

  13. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    This is for “Red”
    I’m glad you got it all figured out hotshot and not blinded by bullshit.

    Damn where have you been hiding the last five decades when all Clubs have been misled and done dirty by the ones they brought home to become a Brother? Man we really could have used you just think with a nose like yours we all could have of dodged a lot of infiltrations, weak brothers that turned rat and many other obstacles.

    Geeeez we really missed out on your wisdom

    Viva Los Vagos

  14. Swede Says:

    Like I said before………… And its just a matter of time before the other one( who we won’t name because he snivvels like a broad) is found out.. Feel that sting ******? That’s your past coming back to haunt you..

  15. Red Says:

    Yessiree. And those of us who aren’t blinded by bullshit, and know who’s who and what time it really is will continue to sit back and laugh our asses off..

  16. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Thank you. . .

    Yeah most the time it seems those in Clubs tend to look at things from a inside the Club out prospective in doing so we don’t see the writing on the wall with some members.

    We desire to believe in those we patch, make our Brothers and trust that they’re as committed as our best. In reality those few are just there for the ride until things get ugly then they either fail to nut up and be a man or they start ratting everyone else off that held their mud.

    Viva Los Vagos

  17. KK Says:


    “We all get good Brothers and loose good Brothers from dope,prison and other issues. We get what we think are solid good brothers to find they’re slug fuck rats. No Club is exempt we all have experienced it over the last fifty plus years”

    Aint that from the heart & so fuckin true!



  18. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    Thank you for the kind and humbling words this Saturday morning.

    Best to you and yours

    Viva Los Vagos

  19. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    No disrespect intended but it is obvious you don’t know shit due to your previous statement regarding my Club and it’s reasoning for leadership change.

    If you do you should damn well know better than to talk about it here.

    I sincerely make every attempt to be polite, respectful and genuine when I post because of sayings like what comes around goes around and if you show respect you get respect.

    What you have said shows neither respect nor privacy for my Club which I find extremely disrespectful and insulting. As for your comment regarding “power” its never about power it’s about Brotherhood first leadership second.

    I think you should stick with commenting on the stories here rather than the internal decisions of my Club. I know there are stories out there about my Club and others but let’s not forget the internal structure and decisions are their business only.

    I will now comment vaguely about the names you dropped and my thoughts about them since you lit the fire.

    Tramp is really liked and loved by many including myself but it was long over due for a change and those reasons have no place being discussed here.

    As for Crazy Johnny he is the ultimate example of a good man he’s not perfect but he is a solid man and many men should strive to be that daily.

    Even though you didn’t mention him by name you did imply the Vagos Motorcycle Club was weaker in some form now because the changes in leadership and his status was one of those changes.

    Tata is doing a job that’s not a very easy one let alone with the climate and attitudes towards MC’s from law enforcement local and federal as well the general public. The man is trying to be reasonable to everyone inside the Club and out.

    As for my Clubs current situation let me state and be clear that every MC goes though growth cycles, ups and downs, leadership changes that are welcomed some not.

    We all get good Brothers and loose good Brothers from dope,prison and other issues. We get what we think are solid good brothers to find they’re slug fuck rats. No Club is exempt we all have experienced it over the last fifty plus years.

    Viva Los Vagos

  20. any time Says:

    It’s gone downhill since tramp and crazy j went out of power

  21. observer Says:

    AVAGOVFFV: Your posts always bring it, with dignity, and sometimes a bit of poetry too. Your words, and I can only assume actions as well, impart real honor to your club. What you say here usually makes a real difference, for the better, whatever the discussion. There’s a lot of talk on this board about “respect.” You are one of the ones who actually steps up and claims it. It’s a good thing to see in this world.

  22. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    As far as Jabbers being a rat fuck? I’ll wait until the trials start for the guys that seemed to have held their mud in both camps.

    Hopefully this is more lies from the feds and not a rat saving his ass and burning Brothers that were defending their own. It’s fucked up any way you look at it nothing been gained just many losses.

    Rumors are just that no more and Club business is just that no more.

    As for your statement about losing Rhino and Kilo we never lost them they’re still around just in a different chapter now and sad to say for a long time thanks to five rat fuck whale turds but none the less still Vagos and damn good ones.

    Now for your remark that Team Green has “gone down hill”.

    That was very disrespectful.

    You seem to know just as much as the liar ATF punks that continue to stir shit between club and spread propaganda bullshit on the web.

    One thing I do agree with you about is when you said fuck the cops and that he should never open his mouth.

    Loose Lips Sink Ships

    Viva Los Vagos

  23. chevyweight Says:

    – no comment.

  24. TooBusyLaughing Says:

    So, this guy starts a fight – gets everybody in an uproar – somebody gets killed – and he’s turning paper!!!! What a joke! I’m wondering where he was when the fight was over? My guess would be hiding under a table somewhere, or out in the parking lot having a smoke with the gang task force, maybe? Think back…..have you ever seen a big mouth finish a fight? I can’t recall any…..

  25. low rider Says:

    Not to mention jethrow was a amputee he only had one real leg. So rudnick was trying to be a real tuff guy and started this whole thing is now coppin out and others will pay for it. Whats wrong with our legal system, and thats bull the most responsible will have the least repercussions..

  26. Proud White Infidel Says:

    Jake, Jabbers and any other rat motherfuckers- Fuck y’all!

  27. Lawyer'd Up Says:


    “What club throws there (sic) brothers to the wolves and expects him to ride it out”

    Doc Cavazos comes to mind!

    The Green will persevere. They always do.


  28. SKUNK Says:


  29. anon Says:

    Sounds like the Kramer-Garcia case. The main guy responsible cops a plea and will likely send everyone else to prison for a long time. The state gets more convictions, but the responsible parties get a slap on the wrist.

    That’s not to excuse the potential wrong actions of others, but they would have never been in a position to commit these acts if it weren’t for some guys with short fuses and quick mouths.

  30. Helipilotguy Says:

    Sounds to me Rudnick started a fight that was preventable but couldn’t keep his fat mouth shut. Now 2 other guys who were just sticking up for their brothers are gonna swing for it.

    As far as Pettigrew goes hitting him with a bottle, there’s only so much disrespect you can take till you have had enough.

    If a guys a loud mouth in the club he will be with police givin the option.

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