Rochester HA Case

February 27, 2012

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Another shoe dropped a couple of weeks ago in a case against members and associates of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Rochester, New York.

In the inverted world of federal justice, the real investigations never get started until sometime after the arrests. Prosecutors usually tell judges that the defendants cannot be freed because a superseding indictment is “imminent.” In fed-speak imminent usually means about the time it takes for an elephant to have a baby. The long delay between the first and subsequent indictments also gives prosecutors multiple chances for headlines.

A superseding indictment in the case titled USA et al. v. Moran et al. exemplifies that investigative and public relations strategy.

First Indictment

The first indictment, unsealed on April 28, 2011 after six months of grand jury testimony, charged five defendants with racketeering. Like most federal indictments it is a wonderful tale crafted of magical prose that is sure to remind readers of Harry Potter. And, there is no better way to summarize the tone and substance of its accusations than to directly quote from the document. So live with it.

The first indictment begins:

“At all times material to this Indictment: The defendants, Robert W. Moran, Jr. a/k/a Bugsy, and James Henry McAuley, Jr. a/k/a Mitch a/k/a MTM a/k/a Mitch the Mooch a/k/a Mitch the Menace, and Richard E. Riedman a/k/a Eric, and Timothy M. Stone a/k/a Tim Bob, not named herein as defendants, and others known and unknown to the Grand Jury, were members and associates of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, Rochester Charter (hereinafter ‘Hell’s Angels’), who were an enterprise, as defined in Title 18, United States Code, Section 1959(b)(2), namely a group of individuals associated in fact that was engaged in, and the activities of which affected, interstate commerce (hereinafter ‘Hell’s Angels Enterprise’). The Hell’s Angels Enterprise constituted an ongoing organization whose members functioned as a continuing unit for a common purpose of facilitating their criminal activity.”

Confederation Of Clubs

So, to summarize so far, some guys with great nicknames belonged to a motorcycle club and sometimes, like everybody else in America, one or more of them broke one of our nation’s many laws. Further, after all these years prosecutors and others still insist that the Hells Angels don’t know how to spell their own name.

Back to the first indictment.

“Members of the Hell’s Angels Enterprise claim to control a territory within New York extending from Rochester, New York, to Interstate 81 near Syracuse, New York. Within this territory, the Hell’s Angels Enterprise expected other motorcycle clubs to request and receive their permission to ‘fly their colors.’ As a prerequisite to receiving their permission, members of the Hell’s Angels Enterprise required members of other motorcycle clubs to support the Hell’s Angels by attending events that they sponsored, purchasing items that they offered for sale, and paying dues to the ‘Rochester Area Coalition,’ which was a coalition of motorcycle clubs in the greater Rochester area led by the Hell’s Angels. Members and associates of the Hell’s Angels Enterprise used violence and threats of violence to promote and protect the criminal activity engaged in by various members of the enterprise, to discipline enterprise members and associates who violate Hell’s Angels rules, to punish Hell’s Angels members and associates who have fallen into disfavor, to retaliate against rival gangs, to punish those who did not show proper ‘respect’ to the Hell’s Angels, to punish those who informed law enforcement authorities of illegal activities engaged in by Hell’s Angels members and associates, to establish and control their territory, and to promote and enhance the Hell’s Angels’ prestige, reputation and position in the community.”

Baseball Bat

So again, to translate, the Rochester Hells Angels is a preeminent motorcycle club that acts just like every other motorcycle club or fried chicken franchise in that they claim a territory. They adhere to a certain moral and ethical code that is adhered to by every other motorcycle club in the world including the Night Wolves in Russia who never get indicted. They like it when people go their parties and since they believe in peace, not war, they want other clubs to join their local confederation of clubs.

Finally, this fine example of prosecutorial prose gets to the point:

On May 31, 2006, the defendant, Robert W. Moran, Jr. a/k/a Bugsy, and an individual whose identity is known to the Grand Jury, drove to Spenders bar, located at 1600 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, New York, in Moran’s 1995 Dodge RAM 2500 pick-up truck. On May 31, 2006, after the defendant, Robert W. Moran, Jr. a/k/a Bugsy, and an individual whose identity is known to the Grand Jury entered Spenders bar, the defendant, Gina Tata, indicated, in sum and substance, that one of the patrons at the bar, Victim 1, a person known to the Grand Jury, had threatened to kill a member of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. On May 31, 2006, the defendant, Robert W. Moran, Jr. a/k/a Bugsy, repeatedly struck Victim 1 in the head and body with a baseball bat.”

Additional members of this motorcycle club heard rumors of the alleged assault and failed to immediately report the rumors to the police.

The Second Indictment

The first indictment hung over the defendant’s heads like a rusty axe until a sealed, superseding indictment was returned by another grand jury on February 16. The grand jury that rubber stamped that one wasn’t even impaneled until six months after the first indictment was returned. The government connects the two sets of accusations because both indictments mention the Rochester Angels and some of the defendants are the same. Specifically, it alleges that:

“…James Henry McAuley, Jr. a/k/a Mitch a/k/a MTM a/k/a Mitch the Mooch a/k/a Mitch the Menace, Richard W. Mar a/k/a Rick a/k/a Chief a/k/a The Professor a/k/a Hoki Jamoki, Donna Boon a/k/a Donna L. McAuley a/k/a Dot a/k/a The Queen, Richard E. Redman a/k/a Eric, Gordon L. Montgomery a/k/a Gordy a/k/a Nixon, Jeffrey A. Tyler a/k/a Moses and Paul S. Griffin a/k/a Derby, did knowingly, willfully, and unlawfully combine, conspire, and agree together and with others, known and unknown, to commit the following offenses, that is, to possess with intent to distribute, and distribute, 500 grams or more of a mixture and substance containing methamphetamine.”

So to summarize again, some Rochester Angels and one in California (Rick Mar) shared new school among themselves and their friends. And somewhere in this mix is an unnamed “individual whose identity is known to the Grand Jury.”


The new accusations of drug consumption were immediately announced to the local press. The local ABC affiliate reported that the bar patron was assaulted because “he made disparaging remarks about motorcycle gangs.” The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported the superseding indictment as if it was an original indictment. Dozens of news outlets including the Wall Street Journal reported the superseding indictment as if it was breaking news instead of simply an attempt to bolster a weak case with additional headlines.

All of these  news accounts were based on the same press release. The release, as is customary, states, “The fact that a defendant has been charged with a crime is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.”

The disclaimer did not make it into a single television or newspaper account.


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9 Responses to “Rochester HA Case”

  1. James burns Says:

    my name is Jimmy burns and I have been friends with many of the club for many baby sitter house was next day for years when the club was the hackers.they are all brothers to me and if anyone of them were in trouble and they needed anything day or night I would be there because that’s the respect I have for them and respect for me.

  2. jj solari Says:

    msvickie is a chick. and one who uses ms. so dont expect lot of clarity from someone who likely dont even know what sex they are.

  3. john sharpe Says:

    Fast Eddie,Blackfoot,Joey l,love you all,dead or alive,love you.Your men of honor,respect,and fuck the feds,the filthy gang,no faith.You men are real men with guts and balls.Set the pace for my life when no one else cared.Love you guys,my brothers.Terry Bates,your special brother,you always loved us,.Mr JC,I knew about you when ya ran the hackers,love you,your my brother.Mitch has been put way too far to the grip of govt.Angels,free him,he’s a great brother.Thank you RHA,love ya for helping my life so much..

  4. Chip Says:


    Rebel and all Concerned. Being born and raised in Rochester and escaping to the rural south back in 1999 after 42 years of too much snow and not enough riding weather I have a working knowledge (freindship) with this particular Charter. Back when my kids (5 of em) were still young enough to still be residing with their Mother and I we were among those who attended swap meets and the like (kids in tow). We got to know some of these guys and had, still have, a great respect for their long standing solidarity and Brotherhood. Their Halloween Party was always the best part of late Fall in Rochester.

    Since this last minute round up (the statute was about to run out) it’s been an honor and a pleasure to keep in touch with Mitch and try to support his endurance of the County Lock Up where they have put him and his case on the back burner for years. He’s still there and if anyone is of a mind to, they can contact him via the mail (see for the current address).

    As a similar situation unfolds here in South Carolina we are reminded that time is used as a weapon against those who live an authentic life and defy convention in favor of Freedom or what little is left of it to be had.

    I’d also like to state for the record that Bugsy was never any sort of bully and always was easy to talk to and have as someone who could be counted on to know what I didn’t about wrenching my bike. I’m more or less never in Rochester anymore (42 years was enough) and enjoy the year round riding season we have down here but rest assured that those who plaster “Serve & Protect” on their Crown Vic’s are strikingly similar and the web spun by the Feds is no different down here. I miss the Fast Pack though and wish them all the best.



  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear msvickie,

    I have no idea what you are talking about.


  6. msvickie Says:

    why dont you at least make an effort to talk to a actual hells angel and interview him personally and get his side of it, that would be good jornalisim if all you talk to is the “LAW” your story is gonna be one sided very 1 sided so hey lets try to be a little more equal …

  7. Chiyo Says:

    Same old shit, over and over and over…

  8. Caretaker Says:

    And here we go again… Hopefully you can keep us posted,rebel? This one hits kinda close to home…

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