Steve Ruiz In Custody

February 27, 2012

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San Jose police took former Hells Angel Steve Ruiz (booking photo above) into custody about 7:30 p.m. Saturday night at a Days Inn in Fremont, California.

Last December San Jose police announced that Ruiz was “hiding” in either San Jose, Campbell, Fremont or Gilroy, California. “We believe he’s in any one of those cities,” a police spokesman said.

Steve Tausan

Ruiz is a suspect in the shooting death of a Hells Angel named Steve Martin “187” Tausan at a club funeral for San Jose charter President Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew in San Jose’s Oak Hill Memorial Park October 15, 2011. Tausan was former member of the San Jose charter and the Sergeant at Arms for the club’s Santa Cruz charter.

Approximately 3,000 mourners attended Pettigrew’s funeral and the cemetery was surrounded by police. Tausan became embroiled in an argument with another Hells Angel at the service. Tausan knocked the man down. The man shot Tausan and was immediately disarmed by other mourners and stripped of his colors.

Some mourners carried Tausan to the police perimeter seeking first aid for the wounded man. Witnesses have accused San Jose police of delaying that aid. Tausan died within the hour and was buried in the same cemetery on October 29.

The Search

After Pettigrew’s funeral, police assumed Tausan’s killer had been murdered and his body had been concealed in Pettgrew’s coffin so Pettigrew was exhumed.

The next day police announced Ruiz was their only suspect. They stated that he was “actively avoiding arrest” with a woman named Christel Renee Trujillo and that the two were probably in a gold or pewter Chevrolet Suburban. At the time police said they believed Ruiz might have fled to New York or Arizona.

Police changed their story within days and announced that Ruiz was probably still in or around San Jose. Militarized police wrecked a house in Stockton on October 22 in an attempt to locate Ruiz.

The Capture

Ruiz checked into the motel about 5:30 p.m. Saturday. A press announcement released Sunday morning simply stated, “On Saturday, February 25th, 2012, San Jose Police Homicide Detectives developed information in their investigation revealing Suspect Ruiz’s location.”

Two hours after Ruiz checked in at least 12 members of the San Jose Police “Covert Response Unit” arrived and surrounded the motel. One of the cops then called Ruiz from a phone in the motel lobby.

At a news conference Sunday, San Jose Police Sergeant Jason Dwyer said “They surrounded the Days Inn Motel, called him and he came out and surrendered without incident.” Dwyer also said, “It’s ironic that he didn’t flee very far.”

Dwyer was closed mouthed about how police found Ruiz other than to say that the officers who apprehended him had “worked 28 hours straight.” Dwyer added, “If someone helped him evade capture, we’re going to come after them.”

Ruiz was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail.


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16 Responses to “Steve Ruiz In Custody”

  1. Psycho Says:

    When I click on “posts” at the “subscribe line I get this error:

    404 | Page Not Found!
    Sorry, but the page you were looking for is not here.

    Any thoughts

  2. Psycho Says:

    First of all, my condolences to the family.
    Help me understand one thing;
    If it was another club that shot Steve 187, you can be sure that he would not have left the cemetery in one piece. Isn’t it worse when the offender is your brother? I know Its none of my business and it is HA business but I’m trying to understand how come we would kick the fuck out of someone for looking at us in the wrong way but take no action against a brother killing another brother.
    All this rambling is to say maybe it wasn’t Ruiz!
    Respect to you all

  3. Glenn S. Says:

    Self defense would be the logical legal strategy. Whether its true or could be made to appear so in court is anybody’s guess. Under normal circumstances, it would be plea bargained to manslaughter and about 5 years. But in high profile biker cases, the prosecutions seem to prefer sensational trials, at least if there’s blood on the ground instead of a convoluted maze of esoteric laws where they have to convince a jury that the defendant is guilty of taking a nap or feeding his dog in furtherance or racketeering.

    Ciccone might be expending his energies in a different direction than trying to charge Ruiz under RICO. My guess is that he’s trying–hard–to turn him. If he could do this, he’d have a ventriloquist’s rat at his beck and call, and getting the charges against Ruiz dismissed would probably be an easy one given the believability of self defense. Ruiz, having lost his patch, his support network, and the life he chose, might be easier to turn than the next guy.

    Condolances to the brothers and other loved ones of Steve Tausan.

  4. JAMES Says:

    I feel as some others, RACKETEERING will be tossed into this, and from what I had read about the incident such as cleaning up the crime scene, how many will actually testify for the prosecution? As with ABLETT, there was no self defense case there it was as REBEL put it RACKETEERING was what he was convicted on, should be a bit interesting. And REBEL keep up your great work as to keeping the public informed, if not for you most would have no idea what is going on in our world, thanks, JEFF

  5. low rider Says:

    Gona be intresting how this case turns out? Racketeering? Now days with ciccone and the curupt DA,s n ATF, i wouldn’t doubt it simple case of self defense or manslaughter turns into some RICO conspiracy, the guy who hit him at one point was a real

  6. IrishDragon Says:


    It would’nt suprise me at all if Ciccone finds some way to add all the extra shit.


  7. msvickie Says:

    i agree it was not the right place for anything like this but im pretty sure the ruiz dident start it it came to him i could be wrong but i dont think so

  8. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Right on James, exactly, the one who fucking started it.
    Hey Observer, thank you much for your contribution. That was an excellent piece of work. Roy

  9. JAMES Says:

    No matter how you cut it, a funeral and in public is no place to take out your aggressions or put blame as to who is or should be the responsible party, it’s sad to know any club member would have acted out or shown a display of this kind, meaning the one who started it as well as the one who ended it.

  10. Junior Says:

    OneEye: From what I remember Ruiz was pissed with his club brother Tausan because Ruiz felt Tausan bore part of the blame for the death of pettigrew. I could be wrong her but that’s what I recall, someone correct me if i’m wrong.

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear observer,

    Thank you for this. I hadn’t seen this report before. Witness X and witness Y. I am surprised that these two are cooperating with police.


  12. OneEye Says:

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around shooting someone dead after getting knocked to the ground.

  13. Dave-O Says:

    Is Ciccone involved in the case? As far as the racketeering bit would go that would be one hell of a stretch.

  14. JIM666 Says:

    lmao @ RVN69 Me too, Im sure he,ll try

  15. RVN69 Says:

    I wonder how Ciccone will work “racketeering” into this case?

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

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