Paying Michael Kramer

February 22, 2012

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Michael Christopher “Mesa Mike” Kramer has been one of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ most important assets for more than a decade and he has been paid like it.

From December 2001 through December 2008, the last year for which The Aging Rebel has obtained figures, Kramer was paid or reimbursed an average of almost $60,000 a year to assist in the infiltration, entrapment and prosecution of members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Arizona and California. Kramer continues to assist in the prosecution of two former club brothers named Kevin Augustiniak and Paul Eischeid.

Augustiniak pled guilty to second degree murder in October 2011. He later unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw that guilty plea. He will probably be sentenced in March. Paul Eischeid was arrested in Argentina in February 2011 and is fighting extradition. Both men were implicated by Mike Kramer for the notorious, October 2001 murder of a woman named Cynthia Yvonne Garcia

Cynthia Garcia

Mike Kramer was one of many members of the Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club who patched over to the Hells Angels in 1996. He was also a methamphetamine addict who murdered Garcia in an apparent drug induced rage on the evening of October 25, 2001.

The extent to which Augustiniak and Eischeid participated in the crime is unknown. The only witness to the crime who has spoken about it is Kramer. A fourth eyewitness to the murder was an Angel named Richard Hyder. In May 2002, Kramer who was driving a truck, ran over Hyder, who was riding a motorcycle, and Hyder died. The event was officially determined by police to be an accident. A person with knowledge of the accident calls it “suspicious.”

Kramer has stated that Augustiniak knocked Garcia down and that Augustiniak and Eischeid then began licking her face. He has also alleged that Augustiniak and Eischeid together stabbed the woman more than 20 times and that Augustiniak tried to sever the woman’s head.

America’s Most Shocked

America’s Most Wanted described the crime as: “A group of HAs” was loitering at the Mesa clubhouse “when they decided to send somebody out to scour the streets for some women to bring back for the party. Cynthia Garcia, was a 44-year-old mother of six who happened to be out and about that night when she got the invite to party with the bikers back at their clubhouse. Cynthia, a mother of six, had been through some rough times. She had been in abusive relationships with men, and had struggled with alcohol problems. But, by all accounts from her family, she was a sweet person at heart…. As the party continued inside the club house that night, an inebriated Cynthia started ‘mouthing off’ to some of the Hells Angels. Police say the bikers warned her to keep quiet. When Cynthia kept talking, one of the Hells Angels allegedly knocked her off of a barstool. Then, a confidential informant told police that he, Eischeid and another biker began beating and kicking Cynthia until she was bleeding and unconscious. Then, police report, they tossed the woman into a car trunk, and drove out to the desert where they took turns stabbing the woman until she was nearly decapitated. The gang left their victim’s corpse to rot in the desert.”

Sources with indirect knowledge of the crime have alleged that Kramer was the principal aggressor in the murder, that Kramer knocked the woman down and tried to kill her, that he ordered Eischeid (who was a prospect) and Augustiniak to beat the woman and that Kramer then ordered his “accomplices” to put the unconscious woman into his car.

In A Jam Call John

Cynthia Garcia’s body was found on October 31. Kramer approached ATF Special Agent and full time biker investigator John Ciccone on November 26. Ciccone immediately debriefed Kramer. Both men would later state that Kramer did not mention the Garcia murder until months later.

Since Kramer was a felon he could not legally carry a gun. So, Ciccone immediately contacted Assistant United States Attorney Rod Castro-Silva to obtain a waiver for Kramer. Kramer transferred his membership from the Hells Angels Mesa, Arizona charter to the Angels San Fernando Valley charter. And, on December 1, 2001 he became a registered ATF Confidential Informant and the principal ATF asset in an investigation of the SFV Angels called Operation Dequiallo.

During Operation Dequiallo Kramer collaborated with ATF undercover agents Darrin Kozlowski and John Carr. In April 2002, Ciccone, Kozlowski and Carr followed Kramer to the annual River Run in Laughlin, Nevada where Kramer met an ATF Agent named Jay Dobyns. After a well publicized and deadly fight between Hells Angels and members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club during the Laughlin event, the ATF began an adjunct investigation of Hells Angels in Arizona. That investigation was called Phoenix ATF 7805040-02-0049. The lead undercover agent in 7805040-02-0049 was Dobyns. Both of those investigations and three associated investigations were later renamed Operation Black Biscuit for a segment about Dobyns on America’s Most Wanted.

Anger Issues

Because of his violent and volatile nature, Kramer was a difficult snitch for Ciccone to control. Although, the extent to which Ciccone actually tried to control Kramer is now impossible to judge.

Two incidents illustrate the extent to which Ciccone enabled Kramer’s worst instincts. A month before Laughlin, on March 28, 2002 Kramer saw bouncers drag a man out of a bar. Kramer, who was drunk at the time, ran to the man and kicked and stomped him. “He was screaming like a little bitch,” Kramer later bragged. The beating was captured on an ATF recording device hidden inside a cell phone battery.

In another incident, Ciccone ordered Kramer to buy four machine guns from a man in Woodland Hills, California for $3,000. Two of the guns turned out to be replicas and the other two were completely inoperable. After Ciccone chided Kramer for buying junk Kramer returned to the gun dealer’s house and stole a motorcycle from a man named Peter Joseph who was staying at the residence. When Joseph complained, Kramer beat Joseph with a baseball bat.

Ciccone covered for Kramer throughout Operation Dequiallo. Although he was a raging alcoholic and crank addict, Ciccone formally reported that Kramer “has never used methamphetamine in the past while working on behalf of the ATF, does not have a drug history and has never been convicted of a drug offense.”

One ATF internal report states that Kramer and Ciccone had “daily contact,” that Kramer “learned by trial and error” and that “he did what he could to make John happy.”

Reward And Retirement

After Black Biscuit ended, Kramer was paid a secret sum by the ATF and was enrolled in the United States Marshall’s Witness Relocation program. Kramer was also given a sentence of five years probation for the murder of Cynthia Garcia.

Excluding performance bonuses, the ATF officially paid or reimbursed Mike Kramer $197, 220.05 for his contributions to the (largely unsuccessful) infiltration of the Hells Angels in Arizona and California.

The Marshall’s Service spent $99,079 to relocate Kramer in March 2004 and protect him for the rest of that year. Of that amount $29,572 was spent on the actual relocation, $6,931 was spent on “documents” and $14,644 was spent on travel. From January 2005 through December 2008 the Marshall’s Service spent an additional $118,776 to preserve and protect Kramer.

This page has not yet learned the amount the United States of America spent to preserve, protect and defend Mesa Mike Kramer for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. The official federal bill for Kramer from December 2001 through December 2008 totals $415, 075.05.



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38 Responses to “Paying Michael Kramer”

  1. RtC Says:

    @Freebyrd, go to the HOME PAGE & click on CONTACT!

  2. Freebyrd Says:


    I am new to your site and was curious about a few things. I recently moved from Mesa, AZ and depending on a few things I may have a little bit of information for you to have for your write up. Please let me know if you are interested thanks in advance.

  3. FNU LNU Says:

    So…. this Mike Kramer is still out there, somewhere, among the public?

    I know the ATF was paying a professional rat to buy and do drugs in Operation On The Road Again. A CI who said he had been a Devils Diciple in Boston and a former Outlaw, patched into the Pagan’s on LI, and brought an ATF UC in as a hangaround.

    I think his picture is on the Mongols official website. I wonder why their isnt a photo of the ATF agent any where? Or the ATF agent who pretended to be his old lady?

  4. Cowboy Says:

    I can’t believe it’s true there was a time when if a man could love another man without being gay Mike loved me for some reason and ibwould say he WAS the best friend I had, but now you could definitely things are different. I miss The Mesa Mike I knew

  5. Teresa Says:

    My brother ROBERT TUTOKEY.. let him disgrace MY FAMILY NAME!!

  6. Teresa Says:

    You are looking for Paul?? Im sure if you ask my brother he would know.He’s the dumbazz who helped him escape and go live hiz life like nothing happened. Paul used my family name…THAT I CAN NOT BELIEVE…My brother has better family/human values.Thanks to all thiz I do.not have anything to do with my only sibling. 9mnths my brother got..I know he did not have anything to do with the murder but Cynthia’s family still has no closure that is wrong in my eyes……like the newspapers called him…WANNA BE…My prayers still go out to her family ..I wish I could say Im sorry to her 6children she left.Such a brutal & for what?? So you find Paul ….

  7. magen Says:


    Please and thank you

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Scared to Death,

    I sympathize with your distress. I can’t save you but I did have a couple of thoughts while reading your comment.

    1) Usually, traffic accidents that result in significant damage get reported to the police or an insurance company. Did you report the accident to your insurance company. Is your deductible less than $4000?

    2) If you paid some guy you don’t know a total of $4,500 in cash it is gone now. I can’t help you with that.

    3) It looks like you are from Arizona where it is legal to carry. So carry and learn to hit what you aim at.

    4) All due respect, this story seems just a little off to me. Your husband is 5’0″ and weighs 150? Maybe I just live in a very grey world but this tale of a helpless victim terrorized by a gang of large and vicious Hells Angels seems a little on the Billy Jack side to me. I don’t really have any opinions about it. It’s always something. For me it is usually lawyers or banks or some other damn thing. For you it was a ravening pack of psychotic outlaws.

    Email me if you have any specific questions I might be able to help you with.

    Good luck,

  9. Scared to death Says:

    Help me if you can! Two and a half weeks ago my husband was leaving work at about 2am, when he was driving out of the parking lot a moter cycle came out of no where and laid his bike down. My husband didnot hit him nor did he cause him to lose control. My husband jumped out of our truck and ran over to see if the guy was ok. Well let me first say my husband is 5 ft tall 150 lb and 52 years old/ this guy was about 6’2 240lb. He jumps up throws my husband into out truck and picks him up by his FACE. Tolld my husband he was going to pay to fix the bike. about this time my husband see’s about 10 of his buddies that want to beat the crap out of him. He new it was not his fault but was not about to say that. My husband told him we have very good insurance. And he got really mad and threw him back into the truck. told him he is wanted by the law and his name is not going on anything! All these guys were stinking drunk! He told my husband he was taking our trucj our he was go to call the next day and tell him how much he wants. he got our address off my husbands licence, then went threw our truck and veried that it was the right address (GREAT THE HELL F*****aNGELS HAVE OUR ADDRESS!!!) My husband came home so scared. they told his if he did not show up with whatever money they wanted they would come to our house and get what the want, truck and any thing else maybe even his wife. He was shacking so bad. I had never seen him like this ever. He is a strong man. The next day he call said it will cost $4000 to fix the bike. told him were to meet him and then they will take him to show him why it is costing so much. Told him to come alone. Lucky for us we had a little over $5000 saved for emergencys. ( this is not exactly what we had in mind), so my husband decided the best thing to do was just pay it and get it over with. I said ok. So he went. gave them the money told them he didnot need to see the bike he was ok with the $4000. Well they insisted he go. Once he is in the car the make him turn off his cell phone so no one can track them, then they blindfoled thim so he could not see where their clubhoudr is. I freaked for two hours while his phone was off . then they let him call me and then drove him. back. The guy had on a cast on his arm and said sam will need to pay the dr bills. sam said I have given you all I have, My wife and I are both disabked and live on social secuity. Please just use ny insurance. The guy looked my husband dead in the face and said if you think you and your wife are disabled now, see what will happen if you ask me about that that again, I will call you in the am and tell you how much. he did/ $ 500/ my husband paid it. the guy said they were cool and he was hitting the road. My husband does not want to file a report. because there reakky is not much we can give them to help us. and if it gets back to the hells angels then God only knows what will happen. we can’t move. they have all our money/ So instead I have my gun in every run I ‘m in. You just , any thoughts

  10. 10Gauge Says:

    Hey gregg

    “The good people dont live and breed like biker animals”

    You are now officially off of my Christmas list! ….Oh and you are an asshole.

    Another biker with hurt feelings…LMFAO…

  11. Gregg Says:

    I agree with Karma. They got what they deserved. As with regard to Rebel’s comment, “With bikers guilt is founded on accusation. I think all the good citizen’s should be very afraid, personally.” The good people dont live and breed like biker animals and truly dont need to be afraid. It is the outlaw bikers who don’t play by the rules, not the rest of us. And if we have to slither around on our bellies with you a bit to nail your asses, so be it. In this case the ends justify the means. I know this is falling on deaf ears, but who cares.

  12. Gregg Says:


  13. things that make you go hmm Says:


  14. Karma Says:

    Ya its fucked up that kramer got off with 5 yrs probation and is probably drinking a cold one as we speak. But he didnt force Eischeid and Augustiniak to do shit. So they are all guilty. Im just glad that Augustiniak finally going to DOC n not federal prison. 1 down 2 to go ;-)

  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear Karma,

    Dear Karma,

    Okay, the woman was entirely innocent. I’ll take your word for it. She was simply set upon by beasts, as Little Red Riding Hood was set upon by a wolf. I think the truth might have been more ambiguous than that but it also might have been just that simple. Does it matter that the man who was responsible for the murder became a government employee and was literally paid to implicate the other men who are now charged? Do you think that also obscures the illumination of truth? If she had been my friend, wife or daughter I would want whoever was responsible for her murder to be made to pay, not get paid.


  16. Karma Says:

    The point is an innocent woman was murdered!who cares who said what or who or when or why every one of those maggots will have their day. ;-)They may have fukd wit the wrong person!

  17. OneEye Says:

    “O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!”

  18. Philo Says:


    “Read about Yves Trudeau or Dany Kane.”

    Good call. Those guys were by far worse than anything they were snitching on. Notice how all the Canadian psycho snitches were violent homosexuals and pedophiles too? I always wondered why that seemed to be the case. Last I read Trudeau was picked up, again, on charges of sodomizing a young boy. That whole scene is fucked up.


  19. OneEye Says:

    This is somewhat tame compared to the Canadian ways of handling things. Read about Yves Trudeau or Dany Kane. What always amazes me is that these informants are giving up people who haven’t committed crimes nearly as heinous as the informants themselves. However, the government sanctions those crimes, so it’s OK.

  20. Dave-O Says:

    If he had anything to do with the Death Row Records investigations he two notches below a dipshit. Every member of law enforcement involved with that investigation slimy wanted to discredit Russell Poole and became completely unconcerned with uncovering the obvious police corruption.(The Rampart Scandal anyone?) Anyway, not to get off topic but this Ciccone character, as well as this Kozlowski clown from what I’ve read, are Joe Pistone style ATF agents.

    If you listen to Pistone’s interviews and read his books he’d have you convinced that the mob still runs the country the way they did back in 50’s through the 80’s. As a result the FBI gets millions of dollars to bust mob guys each year while the Mexican Mafia, Russian mobs, Triads, Yakuza, and several other criminal groups brings drugs into the country, run prostitution rackets, traffic in stolen vehicles and commit several other crimes. These groups are harder to prosecute and are more of a hassle for the Feds.

    Point being this Ciccone guy does the same thing for the ATF. Cinvince the squares and suits in the back office’s that the evils bikers are the biggest threat to national security since Al Queda so the funding keeps coming and Ciccone and his boys get gold stars for putting the bad guys in the can. Out of curiosity is Out Bad the book you’ve got on Amazon, Rebel?

  21. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dave-O,

    Ciccone is in his early 40s. He is from Irons, Michigan. He played second base at Grand Valley State. The ATF was the only police force that offered him a job. He is bright, likable and I wouldn’t trust a word he says. He lives in Glendale. His wife is named Tammy and she is Vietnamese. He puts in a lot of hours on the job. He is short, he wears thick soled shoes and he is self-concious about his height. He is fit. He is not particularly literary or well read but he is very good at pushing buttons. He knows when to flatter and when to bluster He usually wears a soul patch and a little goatee but apparently he can’t grow a mustache. I believe all he has worked is biker cases since after he did some work, or maybe T-Dogg worked, on the Death Row records Investigation. He started by going after the Sundowners. He is officially not allowed to talk to me. I don’t think he wants to. If you are a cop, and you want the law enforcement low down on bikers, John Ciccone is the go-to guy. I happen to know that cops all over the country talk to and admire Ciccone. Sometimes, reporters ask me who else they should talk to and Ciccone is always somewhere in the list of names I give them. You know, as the opposing view. He usually talks to them.

    I know he and Kozlowski gave an interview in Glendale to an eminent guy from a national paper about a month ago. He described bikers as “the worst of the worst.” I told the eminent reporter, “You know everything Ciccone says is a lie. When he says ‘Hello’ it’s a lie.” I suspect the eminent reporter may take me for a nut. Maybe I am.

    There is a chapter in Out Bad titled “Ciccone.”


  22. Dave-O Says:

    This question is for anyone and everyone who can answer it, but who is this Ciccone guy? His name pops up in several MC investigations and I know very little about him. I saw a picture of him standing next to that Kozlowski dude and he appears to be about 12 years old.

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dave-O,

    Yeah, Kramer is a piece of work. Most of the ROIs in “Operation Black Biscuit” stemmed from Kramer. I am inclined to think, considering the source of the accusations, that both Paul Eischeid and Kevin Augustiniak are probably innocent. Or, if not innocent, at least innocent of murder. I don’t think Eischied is coming back from Argentina but I think Augustiniak is in a world of hurt. The whole propaganda thing with the ATF is comparatively recent, and it is the principal way the ATF makes cases. With bikers guilt is founded on accusation. I think all the good citizen’s should be very afraid, personally.

    The deal with Ciccone is that he has a history of behaving immorally to make a case. Kramer committed a notorious crime that set off a whole shit storm. And, thanks to “Ciccone’s gang,” the guy who came out of it smelling sweet was Kramer. It is a very cynical take on the concept of “justice.”


  24. Dave-O Says:

    It is very depressing. It was most certainly not my intent to depress anyone, however facts are facts and in my opinion society in general reached a turning point where the tough guys died and celeloid rebels and paper wiseguys took center stage. It’s undeniable that shows like Sons Of Anarchy were inspired and are fueled by the “truer than life accounts” brought to us by the likes of Jay Dobyns, William Queen, AnthonynTait, and more than likely very soon, Mike Kramer. Gangland in itself is a fabrication created by informants, law enforcement officials and media outlets looking to cash in on the MC lifestyle by creating a portrait of organized crime on two wheels through vague and inaccurate statements that they know no one will challenge. It’s the Wikipedia of television. Everyone gets to add something.

    As far as the informant deal goes, it is what it is. Law enforcement agencies get paid to catch bad guys and when they don’t get results(convictions) from their investigations( that cost money) they don’t get funding from the federal government to keep sitting in a van eating doughnuts and snapping pictures of “the bad guys” at a BBQ. Putting an informant on the stand that was there to see it all and can place the smoking gun in the bad guy’s hand makes their job’s much easier.

    Juries buy almost anything an informant says unless the defense attorney can prove in black and white that the informant is lying about something. And as I said, sheep are sheep and an acceptance of this behavior simply because “everyone else is doing it” would be throwing up the white flag of surrender as far as I’m concerned. Don’t go throwing up that white flag boys. But then again, what do I know.

  25. Chiyo Says:

    Man Dave-O that is some depressing shit. It’s come to that has it? Said with respect…

  26. Dave-O Says:

    The fact of the matter is informants are nothing new, to MC’s, the ATF, the FBI or law enforcement in general. Are they hypocritical? Yes. Are they wrong? Yes. But get used to it. Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano killed 19 people, with rumors he killed more including a cop, and was given five years in prison, a new life on tax payers dollars, allowed to keep over 2 million dollars in illegal cash, and a publicist, book and movie deal. The he got busted running the biggest drug ring in Arizona history.

    Just recently a man named Dino Calabro was busted in New York City and had all charges against him dropped in exchange for his testimony against another man. Several of those charges included murder and one of those murders was the murder of a New York City police officer. Calabro now lives in the same house on the same street that he was busted in originally because all the people who would want him dead are now in prison as a result of his testimony.

    On a more familiar note, Anthony Tate, a man dishonorably discharged from the military who couldn’t even spell the word Angels and once wrote a letter to the CIA claiming they “needed people like him” testified against several members of the Hells Angels MC and sent Ralph Barger away for four years on a charge that can only be called entrapment by anyone even vaguely familiar with the case. He was paid over $500,000.00 and his prostitute wife scammed the FBI for $5,000.00.

    My point is get used to this. The 1st one in is the 1st one out. Gone are the days when a guy took his medicine, took his lumps, and served his time on behalf of whoever he represented, and more importantly, himself. The new era dictates that you get in the game, whatever that game may be, make as much progress for yourself as you can, and when you get caught serve up the biggest fish you know for a reduced sentence and a possible book and movie deal to supplement your new life in the Witness Protection Program. It’s not pretty, it’s not nice, and I sure as hell think it’s bullshit, but like most things in this world, it is what it is.

    What I say is not an acceptance on my part. And it shouldn’t be on your’s either. But what do I know.

  27. Glenn S. Says:

    Meth has not been my friend, Junior. But there was a time I thought it was. Thought it gave me a hyperawareness that turned out to be paranoia when the law of diminishing returns kicked in, which was right about the time where I had positioned myself to never run out of the shit. Haven’t done any in a loooong time, but it still creeps around in my heart and mind. But yeah, I can say kick back these days.

  28. DocB Says:

    Dear Troyez

    Kramer will resurface on his own. It’s just a matter of time until his history of “out of controol” repeats itself. It will get progressively worse as time goes on.


  29. troyez Says:

    You hit the nail squarely on the head.

    For ratting his brothers out: Kramer got rich, got away with murder, and got to assume a new identity, all on OUR dime. Excuse me, I have to go puke up the bile that has been bubbling in the back of my throat since I started reading…
    We can only hope the location and new identity of Kramer can be uncovered, and that he will be reintroduced to his former club. It will be a tearful/emotional reunion, for Kramer that is.

  30. 10Gauge Says:

    WTF?..Drug use and the ATF…Is Kramer the only one addicted to meth?…Billy wiped his line in the carpet yet was able to drink beer like a maniac for days on end?…Pops claims to be the “white trash man” who was always around to suck down a line and claimed anyone around when powder came out had to do a line “No matter who you is”…and Bird had to claim being addicted to diet pills to cover his erratic behavior and speed induced mood swings and heart attack…not to mention all of them speak openly about drinking heavily and riding…the fact they can say strait faced that undercover snitches can’t and don’t use drugs sounds like a bold faced lie…nah they wouldn’t lie to the public would they???? Meanwhile T-Doggy is freaking out and breaking into cars to steal support shirts and is red faced threatening Mongols and their family members? Sounds like meth induced psychosis to me…too many long nights watching men party through binoculars eh? When in Rome…

    The sick thing is we have no idea…none..They were willing to burn black biscuit to make sure we don’t find out..We haven’t even scratched the surface..Some have claimed there were essentially federal biker hit squads set up in the 70s and after reading “Out Bad” and knowing what I know..I don’t think we can even begin to conceive….By any means necessary..The Great American War Against The Evil Biker Menace FTATF, FTF, FTP
    Long may we run

  31. observer Says:

    Junior: Your observations are somewhat encouraging, I think. Also, your recent defense of the Constitution is very appreciated. That frail and much-battered document still stands, at least in the hearts and minds of right-thinking men, in spite of the proof you offer (Got 3 words for you: “14th amendment”, “New Deal” and “Federal Reserve Act”) that it’s basically on life support at this point. That’s where we come in.

  32. Junior Says:


    I would not loose faith in “humanity” too easily. I believe meth & alcohol & sleep deprivation were probably more to blame than a degradation in “humanity”. I think we all have morality engrained in us, but when you dont sleep for 2 or 3 days and are snorting or smoking meth and drinking plenty of alcohol, morality goes “out the window”.

    Glenn S: Can you say “kick back”? I can.

  33. Glenn S. Says:

    I don’t think Ciccone necessarily believed the rat, I think he just didn’t care. Every time somebody flips, the government has an excuse to access the deep pockets of the taxpayers for yet another high profile investigation. Its not about justice, its about power for the assholes.

  34. RVN69 Says:

    A meth addicted, alcoholic snitch, who but Ciccone would not only believe him, but pay him for his bullshit.

    5 people knew what went on in that room, 2 are dead, and Kramer had at least a part in both deaths, and one is snitching. Kramer is portrayed as having a “quilty” concience and going to Ciccone because he knew what had occured was wrong. More likely it was like they show in those Law&Order shows, “who ever rolls first gets the deal”, and what a deal he got.

  35. Gar Says:

    “Augustiniak and Eischeid then began licking her face”

    What harm could come out of that?

  36. observer Says:

    This whole thing is a most sickening commentary on the state (nature?) of humanity. Cynthia Garcia was only fatally foolish. ALL the rest, including of course the informant’s pay masters, are beyond repulsive.


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