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February 21, 2012

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RICO prosecutions of motorcycle clubs are always demonstrations of propaganda – or as bureaucrats prefer to call it, “perception management.” To date, there may be no shinier example of perception management than a quickly forgotten publicity stunt called “Operation On The Road Again.”

On September 15, 2010 a Department of Justice perception manager announced:

“Earlier today, two indictments were unsealed in federal court in Central Islip and White Plains, New York, charging 17 alleged members and associates of Long Island, up-state New York, and New Jersey chapters of the Pagans outlaw motorcycle gang. Simultaneous with today’s arrests, federal agents executed search warrants at seven locations on Long Island, including the gang’s local chapter headquarters, a tattoo parlor in Rocky Point; two locations in up-state New York; four locations in New Jersey; and seized 34 firearms and one improvised explosive device (IED). The Central Islip indictment (the EDNY Indictment), filed in the Eastern District of New York, charges defendants with racketeering, murder conspiracy, assault, extortion, drug distribution, witness tampering, and firearms offenses. The White Plains indictment (the SDNY Indictment), filed in the Southern District of New York, charges defendants with drug trafficking and firearms offenses.”

“The charges,” the federal press release explained, “are the culmination of a 21-month undercover investigation led by ATF Special Agents who gained access to the internal operations of the gang.”

One Brand Two Indictments

The fact that there were two indictments in two separate federal districts but only one brand, the “Operation On The Road Again” brand, betrays the essentially contrived and specious nature of the charges. But newspapers throughout the Northeast ran the story anyway because it was an easy and impeccably sourced story to write. What reporter would ever turn down a free, prewritten story? And, what cynic would ever doubt the word of a government spokesman?

The headline in most public accounts shouted the accusation that members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club intended to throw hand grenades at members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. For Christmas.

Jason Nark’s story in the Philadelphia Daily News is a wonderful example of what people who still read newspapers were told.

“The Pagans Motorcycle Club didn’t burn down the boardwalk during a biker rally in Wildwood (New Jersey) last weekend,” Nark began his exemplary lead, “but they did take a few moments to plan a thoughtful Christmas gift for some fellow bikers.

“Unfortunately, ‘Christmas presents’ was a phrase the outlaw motorcycle gang used for homemade hand grenades, federal officials said, adding that some Pagans in Wildwood last weekend were plotting to use them to kill members of the Hells Angels, their biggest rival.

“According to indictments unsealed in New York federal court yesterday, two undercover federal agents infiltrated the infamous outlaw motorcycle gang’s Long Island chapter over the course of a 21-month investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives dubbed ‘Operation On the Road Again,’ and broke up a plot to murder Hells Angels with homemade grenades.”

Plied Their Criminal Trade

Then Nark used U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s freeze dried quote from the government release.

“As this case suggests, violent and criminal motorcycle gangs are not quaint vestiges of the past. Some of the defendants allegedly plied their criminal trade not in the inner city but in quiet communities like the Catskills. I especially applaud the work of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. Today’s Indictments stand as a tribute to the cooperative efforts of law enforcement at all levels.”

Nark failed to mention that the one “grenade” seized in the case was made at the request of one of the ATF undercover agents and given to him long before the arrests.

The bottom of police press releases invariably crawls with self congratulatory quotes. In the September 15, 2010 release Ronald B. Turk, the head ATF Agent in New York bragged:

“Today’s arrests affirm ATF’s commitment to making our neighborhoods safer. Targeting and arresting armed violent criminals remains one of our top priorities and we, along with our partners, will continue this fight. We have targeted several out-of-state firearms, explosives, and narcotics suppliers of this outlaw motorcycle gang and will continue to combat all of these illegal activities. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to the ATF undercover special agents who gained access to the Pagans inner circles. By doing this, they put their lives on hold and at risk to ensure a complete and thorough investigation.”

It is a familiar line of horseradish: Brave agents…worst of the worst…inner circles…gang…blah, blah, blah. As is always the case, perception management, like freedom, is not free. Victims must be rounded up and sacrificed lest the fierce god Con- Gress nibbles at the sacred ATF budget or worse folds the fireworks and cigarette police into the FBI.

The Human Sacrifices

There were 17 human sacrifices collected in Operation On The Road Again. Sixteen of them were Pagans. The Pagans who disappeared into a case named United States v. Ebeleing et al. are John Rickard Ebeling, Jr., Jason “Roadblock” Blair, Ezra Arthur “Izzo” Davis III, Kenneth “Hogman” Van, Diver, Robert “Boston Bob” Hamilton, Tracy Lahey, Douglas “Doc” Yeomans, Derek “Pop Up” Dekker, Timothy “Pita” Fowler, Raymond “Bluto” Hamilton, Edward “Coz” Samborski, Robert “Hellboy” Deronde and Robert “Boobie” Leonardis.

Tracy Lahey also became the lead defendant in a second case called United States v. Lahey et al. Lacey’s codefendants in that case included Doc Youmans, Izzo Davis, a 70-year-old Pagan named Sergio “Cano” Cuevos, Pagans Walter Tarrats and Harold “Wiz” Legg and the lone Mongol in the state of New York, a man named Robert “Commanche” Santiago.

All the men were charged in the initial, and eventually superseding, indictments with multiple offenses including drug trafficking and conspiracy. The two court cases were disconnected in order to frustrate public scrutiny. That ploy worked.

The Cause

The cases were intentionally contrived and made secret in order to frustrate any reporter who wanted to find out what Operation On The Road Again was actually about. It was about was advancing the careers of a handful of ATF agents at the Long Island Field Office. Two of them, the case agents, are Eric Kotchian, a former United States Marshall and Bryan DiGirolomo. Seventeen months after the headlines the names of the two undercover agents who “infiltrated” the Pagans remain state secrets.

From the beginning, it was obvious that the human sacrifices had been singled out for prosecution because of their motorcycle club membership.

Reporters who wanted to cover the story badly enough to actually read the initial indictments learned: “Outlaw motorcycle clubs, also known as ‘onepercent clubs’ (sic) or ‘one-percenters,’ were national criminal organizations not recognized or chartered by motorcycle sporting groups such as the American Motorcyclist Association.”

The Press Gives Up

The one follow up to the initial stories appeared in the New York Daily News on October 6, 2010. John Marzulli reported that “An undercover federal agent faced a ghoulish test to gain the trust of a violent motorcycle gang – burying a dismembered corpse in upstate New York.” Instead of a corpse, “Feds and state troopers found a foul-smelling tarpaulin containing two boots, towels and rotting garbage – but no body.”

“We believe the agent was given a test to see if he would do it and whether he would tell anybody about it later,” an unnamed source (who just might have worked in the Long Island Field Office of ATF) told Marzulli.

Marzulli’s were literally the last words published about the case in any newspaper in the world.

The Lawyers Give Up

At this point, in February 2012, most of the defendants in this case remain incarcerated. So far there have been 196 court filings in named United States v. Ebeleing et al. There have been a paltry 92 court filings United States v. Lahey et al.

The lack of action in the case is explicable only if you allow that most of the defendants must be represented by Rip Van Winkle.

Several attorneys did file what is called a Franks’ Motion in October 2011. Named for a 1978 federal case titled Franks v. Delaware, a Franks Motion invalidates evidence collected using a search warrant that was issued on the basis of an affidavit that lies. The affidavits in the two On The Road Again cases were written by ATF case agents Eric Kotchian and Bryan DiGirolomo.

Significant anecdotal evidence indicates that the affidavits were full of lies. Whether the lies originated with the case agents or the undercovers and whether the affidavits were malicious or just half-assed may eventually be determined in some future, probably secret, court proceedings in some federal district somewhere in New York. Just as soon as all the lawyers finish their very long naps and wake up.

Let’s Meet Commanche

In the meantime, some of the imprisoned men may deserve the opportunity to shout, “Hello! Hello!” Consequently, this will be the first in a loose series of stories about Operation On The Road Again and its aftermath.

As good a place as any to start is with the lone Mongol in the case.

“I am Robert ‘Commanche One Percenter’ Santiago of the Mongols Motorcycle Club New York,” he says. Santiago wants the public at large to understand how the ATF “is using us as a meal ticket.”

“What did you do?”

“We went to a party and they made a federal case out of it,” he says. “Literally.”

The DiGirolomo Affidavit

The search warrant affidavit written by case agent Bryan DiGirolomo lists the principal presearch charges against Santiago.

“Robert Santiago, also known as ‘Comanche,’ is a member of another outlaw motorcycle club called the Mongols Outlaw Motorcycle Club,” the agent begins, “ and, in or about May 2010, Santiago was the president of the Mongols Upstate New York Chapter. According to the UC, members of the Pagans frequently gathered for meetings and/ or parties, and purchased, used, and distributed narcotics, including, among others, cocaine, crack cocaine, amphetamines, prescription medications, and marijuana, during those gatherings. The Pagans members sometimes purchased narcotics from the members of other outlaw motorcycle gangs, including the Mongols. During those meetings, the secretary/treasurer often collected money from other Pagans as their ‘membership dues” a portion of which were transferred to the Mother Club members.”

“Later that afternoon,” DiGirolomo eventually continues, “members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club arrived at Lahey’s residence, and the UC was introduced to “Comanche,” the president of the Mongols Upstate New York Chapter, who was later identified as Robert Santiago.

“Santiago arrived at Lahey’s residence with a woman who was carrying a bag . The woman was identified to the UC as Saniago’s ‘old lady’ (i.e., his girlfriend or wife). The UC also saw Santiago get out of his car carrying an object wrapped in what appeared to be a t-shirt. Santiago walked into the porch area of Lahey’s house and removed a shotgun with a shortened barrel from the t – shirt. Santiago showed Youmans the sawed-off shotgun. Santiago, Youmans, Lahey and the woman accompanying Santiago went into a bedroom in the house and closed the door. A short time later, Youmans and Lahey left the bedroom and Youmans approached the UC. Youmans told the UC that the eight-ball of cocaine would cost $150 and each 1-gram bag of cocaine would cost $50. The UC handed Youmans $250 in cash, and saw Youmans hand that money to Lahey. The UC subsequently observed Lahey hand an amount of cash to Santiago. Approximately 45 minutes later, Youmans asked the UC if Lahey had given the UC the cocaine, and the UC responded that Lahey had not. The UC then saw Youmans speak to Lahey. Within a few minutes, Lahey approached the UC and asked the UC to come to Lahey’s bedroom. As the UC and Lahey entered the bedroom, Santiago walked out of the bedroom. When the UC entered the bedroom, the UC saw a large quantity of a white powdery substance on a table in a bedroom, which, based on the UC’s training and experience, he/she believed to be cocaine. The woman who arrived with Santiago and another woman were seated at the table cutting and packaging the cocaine into small green plastic bags. At or about the same time, Lahey handed the UC four small green plastic bags and two smaller clear plastic bags that each contained a white powdery substance ‘that appeared to be cocaine.’”

Eventually, “After departing Lahey’s residence that evening, the UC gave the remaining bags containing the white powdery substance that he/she had purchased at the Pagans gathering to another ATF agent, who submitted it to a laboratory for testing. According to a report of the laboratory analysis of the substance obtained by the UC the substance tested positive for the presence of cocaine.”


The actual electronic recording that theoretically should substantiate the allegations against Santiago starts and stops. On the recording, the UC can be heard snorting the “white powdery substance” and praising its quality.

The entire distribution of the allegedly illicit substance was entirely within the confines of the party.

The search revealed indicia that Santiago belonged to the Mongols but no drugs, drug paraphernalia, ledgers or other items listed in the warrant. In a shed behind Santiago’s home the raiding party found a sawed off shotgun with a broken handle, an unloaded .22 caliber revolver and five rounds of .22 caliber ammunition.

Santiago has been in jail ever since. He is charged with “Narcotics Distribution,” the “Possession and Use of Firearms in Furtherance of Narcotics Distribution,” and “Firearms Possession.”

He has not yet had a bail hearing.


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100 Responses to “The New York Mongol”

  1. KJL Says:

    My uncle Gary died in a motorcycle accident before I could meet him he once owned a tattoo shop in ronkonkoma ny called (house of tattoo ) my mom also worked at that shop
    I’m a civilian just hpoing to learn something (stand up) about him .
    Thanks and much respect to you all ! Especially you soldiers thank you for your service

  2. Insider Says:

    Here’s to the stand up guys who keep their mouths shut and take it on the chin when put to the test. To the rats, you should be ashamed and I hope you never rest easy a day in your life, ever again.

  3. Insider Says:

    It’s disgusting that anyone could ever rat, but, unfortunately it’s something that happens all too often. Good men that would’ve died for this person went down on his word so he could go home (which he is now.) Stand up guys are rare today. No matter how hard they act when they’re on top and free, the real character of a man will always come out eventually, and unfortunately, it typically is not the same as it is before they’re put to the test.

  4. Insider Says:

    If anyone knows anything real about this, they’ll know that the highest ranking member in the club named in the indictment, is the one who turned. Sometimes people can’t handle the thought of hard time.

  5. FNU LNU Says:

    John Doe…

    I don’t know why LE in Central Islip NY was so fascinated by what was going on in South Plainfield NJ, but hellboy went there in 2011, and 2012.

    He wasn’t the only one, either.

  6. John doe Says:

    Hey Jen u ever talk to Roadblock

  7. John doe Says:

    Hey FNU LNU what do u mean helkboy cooperated. Please tell me more. I was locked up with him and Roadblock. Please tell me more

  8. FNU LNU Says:

    Boston Bob Hamilton and Hellboy Deronde cooperated with the ATF. Hamilton was/is a CI.

  9. iceman (frmr)new york mongol Says:

    Comanche is finally FREE god bless brother i hope you are doing well
    These days brother wouldnt mind gettin up for a ride and flyin them colors with u with pride brother! Much LOVE AND RESPECT MFFM

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear JD,

    He is out.


  11. JD Says:

    Is there any update on this “case?”

  12. Greeneyez Says:

    @Kuete69 Much L&R goes out to You n the guys :)

  13. KUETE69 Says:

    Greeneyes you have friends in queens an LI

  14. jdogs Says:

    Can anyone tell me where j.r. is? I’m a really close friend that lost touch. Thanks

  15. GREENEYEZ Says:

    There is a story thats been published on this site . Seek n you shall find..

  16. bitch Says:

    First off i dont give a rats ass if you know who i am but you probably got that wrong to I dont think you get it There are 2 things that once your called it can ruin your life an it doesnt matter if its not true once your labeled that your screwed Im not on hear to fight with you truly i have better things to do to just like you but his life is allmessed up to begin with i just hate for someone i care for to get screwed more from people who say they have proof but dont show If im wrong which i really doubt i am i would like to know so wher is this proof thats all i want i nothing truly against you hope you oldman gets out to be with u and your family or whatever the case may be but i dont like when people call someone a rat until they have proof thats it by the way if u know me tell me who i am lets see how good ya are ;)

  17. GREENEYEZ Says:

    ALSO as for your lil comment about if anyone opened their mouth bout my ol man. No one woyld,you understand? I woulfnt sweat the BS cuz I know what it is. You,in other hands r in doubt cuz you keep on goin with a dead ass issue. There is a life out here n its beautiful,i dont have time for a chick like you

    BTW…..I KNOW WHO U R ;)

  18. GREENEYEZ Says:

    As of what they do when they JOIN a club,idk anythin bout that. I play my role. I dont get involved in this. You sure act like you know much more than you should. I only know bout the case,not bout what anyone does ok? Like I sid,have a good one!!

  19. GREENEYEZ Says:

    I already backed my statement up. Open ur eyes. Have a good one

  20. Bitch Says:

    Greenezez I never said that joining a club makes you a criminal but when you join one you know your not joining to all get together and pick flowers come on its common sense It is supposed to be riding together and i feel that most the clubs these days forget what its supposed to be about but whatever I am intrested in seeing this paper that you have sinceyour so quick to open your mouth about who you think is a rat hey if i open my mouth about saying your oldman was a rat would you want the proof to back it up I think your blowing hot air and got nothing All im saying if you cant back up what you say why open your piehole

  21. Jenn Says:

    Thank you! I think I found him!

  22. Jenn Says:

    Sorry, I noticed in one of the past blogs someone talks specifically about my friend. Am I allowed to post my email on here in hopes I can get him to reach out to me?

  23. Jenn Says:

    Thank you for you response! I will try that. I didn’t think they would send him out of NY. He gave the toast at my wedding reception when I married my ex idiot. I miss him so much and don’t truly believe all the charges that were brought against him. I can’t find any info on how long he was sentenced to.

  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jenn,

    Unfortunately, there are lots of Roadblocks. There is a Jason Blair at FCI Gilmer in West Virginia.


  25. Jenn Says:

    Please if someone can help me I’ve been looking for him for awhile now. To show I’m legit if anyone on this site speaks to Roadblock mention lady heroin to him! That’s what he used to say about me. He used to say my eyes were addicting! I knew him on a different level and I miss my friend! I want to know how he is and how his brothers are!!

  26. Jenn Says:

    My name is Jenn and I was wondering how can I find out were Jason (roadblock) Blair? I’ve looked to see what prison he was sent to. He was a very good friend of mine and I lost touch with him right before he was arrested. I spoke with his ex old lady but they were done before he was sentenced. Please if anyone can help I would be grateful!!

  27. GREENEYEZ Says:

    @Bitch… Jpining a club does NOT make anyone into a criminal. These men did nothing wrong and they dont deserve to be sitting behind bars . God speed on their return to their families . Have a good life ladies :)

  28. GREENEYEZ Says:

    And I have something to say to you,GO FUCK YOURSELF .Now take that back to ur boss…
    All this shit will come to light whenthe guys get out of jail. I aint gotta prove shit to you. Now go fuck yourself. Not commenting any more shit on this,fb account? Hahaha u aint worth my fucken breath. End of discussion. Im not one who is sweating at night,my loyalty is RIGHT!

    Deuces hahaha

  29. ButterflyBitch Says:

    Now Hear This Greeneyez…The one you accuse of being a rat personally says to post your paper proof online. If you can’t post it here make a page on FaceBook and upload it under documents. Hope that’s not to complicated for your little narrow mind. I can’t believe people are falling for the devide and conquer the feds use so well.Obviously YOU have.So put your paper where your big piehole is and post it for everyone to see.The Feds are very good at playing the BS card to get what they want and the first step is to get people at each others throats. Sorry you are so simple-minded that you fell for it. Now POST WHAT YOU PREACH and then we will see. Remember in the Alphabet World things can be arranged and you have eating some bull that has made me turn vegatarien. Have a Day.Post the page or group you create for us to see.We can’t go by your word alone.You understand don’t you?ButterflyBitch from Hell

  30. GREENEYEZ Says:

    Like I said,we said what we wanted to.
    And Dizzy,,,,i know. ;)

  31. GREENEYEZ Says:

    Yea thats correct. Good enough.

  32. bitch Says:

    Regardless of it all theses men are grown men and knew what they were getting into when they joined a club Its so stupid that when they get caught doing something there not supposed to be doing someone ends up being called a rat in the end which at times are true but it all comes down to this if u didnt put yourself in the situation then there wont be a situation and as much as i care about tracy it goes for him to even if him or any other guys didnt do anything wrong they still know what could happen I think people need to stop pointing fingers an take responsibility for there own actions

  33. DizzyD Says:

    GREENEYEZ…I love you BabyGirl
    Don’t let what this dum bitch is saying, bother you so much. You already know the truth………..

  34. GREENEYEZ Says:

    Yea hes sitting in jail. I know that. I already said what I had to. You have your story n I wont knock you for believing it. I have mine and I NEVER said atf tells the truth. I guess papers,or physical proof,truth will come to light one day. I really dont care,at the end of the day im not the one having this issue. And if its true what u r saying,then he has a great law suit against the govt. I wont go any further with this. Its really not this important to me. I hope what I have n what they claim is untrue……have a good one. Wont be going back n forth bout a dude I simply dont care about.


  35. bitch Says:

    Whos the stupid one here you have papers lol yeah cause that proves everything i bet you believe that the goverment FBI and all them tell the truth at all times Papers dont prove shit especialy when you have the power to write whatever the fuck you want I have physical proof that hes sitting in jail Call me i liar i dont fucking care Ive seen him there If you dont care like you pointed out why the fuck are your panties so up in a bunch

  36. GREENEYEZ Says:

    Sentenced or not….hes a rat.
    End of story

  37. GREENEYEZ Says:

    Didnt say hes in pc now….i know before he was sentenced,he was beeing PROTECTED BY the Alphabet motherfuckers. I have nothing else to say to you. You abviously have no idea of what you are talking about. Everyone knows what’s up…everyone. I don’t even know who u r and I simply don’t care. I know what I know is the same thing as everyone knows. As far as me knowing him…I sure do. And I care less about him. Most of the guys will be coming home bout that for a happy ending,eh?? :-)

  38. GREENEYEZ Says:

    Ask tracy if he remembers which document he signed on nov 17th 2010 at approximately 1940hrs….its one of the documents he signed. Hahahhahaaaaa now if I cld post a pic here I would…..

  39. GREENEYEZ Says:


  40. GREENEYEZ Says:

    Also as you say he isnt a rat,then tell me whywaasnt he present on any of the scheduled court dates then when everyone named in the same indictmentwas? Hmmmmmm

  41. GREENEYEZ Says:

    Also as you say he isnt a rat,then tell me whywaasnt he present on any of the scheduled court dates then when everyone named in the same indictment was? Hmmmmmm sounds pre

  42. GREENEYEZ Says:

    I dont visit rats…i visit true bros whom stuck with other brothers…

    Its called LOYALTY!!! Not DISHONESTY!!!!

  43. GREENEYEZ Says:

    Oh,he isnt? Ok,well then ill just mail Rebel PAPERWORK I obtained from ***……and we shall see who got their story straight!
    I dont know where the feds placed him now,but I KNOW what I have in a folder.

    Now go back to where you came from because no one,NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT UR OPINION. Words can be spoken,u need this thing called PROOF,WHICH I HAVE….

  44. bitch Says:

    Hey greenezes if you want you can come visit Tracy Lahey with me in PRISON not protective custody Get your story straight before you call someone a rat

  45. bitch Says:

    Hey greeeneyzes do you even know Tracy Lahey personally because i do and i aften visit him in THE BIG HOUSE not protective custady how about get your facts straight before you open you stupid pie hole n spread bullshit Tracey Lahey is not a rat

  46. Tracy w Says:

    Not offended at all, i had no clue, i really can’t get over it

  47. Tracy w Says:

    Yeah, i just found out…thats fucked…

  48. GREENEYEZ Says:


  49. GREENEYEZ Says:


  50. Tracy w Says:

    If ANYONE can tell me where to write to tracy, i would greatly appreciate it, we were in contact while he was in queens pdf but then he was moved and i lost his new address…i miss him like crazy and if anyone can help, i’d really appreciate it

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