Ablett Takes Stand

February 14, 2012

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The trial in San Francisco of Mongols Motorcycle Club member Christopher “Stoney” Ablett is about to conclude.

Ablett is charged with the racketeering murder of Hells Angels Frisco charter President Mark “Papa” Guardado outside a bar in San Francisco in September 2008. If convicted, Ablett faces life in prison. He could know his fate as early as tomorrow.

Motion For Dismissal

The prosecution concluded its case yesterday with the testimony of an FBI Agent named Jacob Millspaugh. Millspaugh knew nothing about the confrontation between Guardado and Ablett, but he did know that the Mongols are a racket.

Late yesterday, Ablett’s lead attorney Richard B. Mazer filed a 31 page motion asking the District Judge hearing the case, Richard Seeborg, to enter a verdict of not-guilty because the evidence offered by the prosecution “is legally insufficient for any rational juror to find Mr. Ablett guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Mazer wrote the judge that the government had not proven that the Mongols Motorcycle Club is a racketeering enterprise and that Ablett did not murder Guardado on the Mongols behalf. Specifically, Mazer argued that prosecutors had failed to prove: The Mongols affected interstate commerce; that the club engaged in racketeering activity; that Ablett committed murder; that he committed murder to maintain or increase his position in the “Mongols racket;” or that he did not act in self-defense.

Judge Seeborg has not yet ruled on the motion.

Ablett But Not Doc

But today, Valentine’s day, Seeborg did rule that former Mongols President Ruben “Doc” Cavazos will not be testifying on Ablett’s behalf. Seeborg did not mention Cavazos by name. He simply wrote:

“On February 10, 2012, defendant Christopher Ablett submitted an ex parte application for a subpoena requiring certain individuals to appear as witnesses at trial in the above-captioned case. The request, accompanying affidavit, and exhibit are attached as an Exhibit to this Order. (The exhibit was sealed.) The application must be denied because the information furnished by defendant does not suggest the subpoenaed individuals have any information that is relevant or necessary to his defense.”

So the principal defense witness became Ablett himself. The defendant took the stand this morning at 8:40 and told the jury his account of the night Guardado died for almost three hours. The prosecution began its cross examination after a 15 minute break and kept trying to poke holes in Ablett’s story until court adjourned for the day at 1:30.

Ablett will resume his ordeal by prosecutor tomorrow morning.


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80 Responses to “Ablett Takes Stand”

  1. JIM666 Says:

    good to hear Muck, condolences on the loss of your Brother

  2. Muck 1%er Says:

    Still upright and breathin Jim, so I assume I’m still doin ok. Hope things are good with you as well.

  3. Muck 1%er Says:

    Thank you Sled Tramp.

  4. sled tramp Says:

    Just heard so I’m late as usual…
    Deepest condolences to the Mongol Nation on the loss of your brother Rambler.

  5. Chiyo Says:

    I saw the guilty stuff at work in the Chron online. Posted I thought it was baloney and got dinged by an endless supply of dipshits and keyboard tough guys. I could give a damn.

    No rain, summer weather in February, ATF wins a bullshit case for three life sentences and people buy crap and go about their business like lemmings over the cliff. Maybe that Mayan calendar stuff is right. One thing for sure Sacramento is in northern California. Might not be on some people’s map but it sure as hell isn’t central or southern California.

    Divide and conquer stuff like that.

  6. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Jury came back at noon with a verdict, guilty on all counts.

  7. JIM666 Says:

    Been readin this for a bit, and just as other places Idiots have to start shit, Anyay just sayin howdy to Muck and RVN havnt seen ya in a while, hope yer both doin ok, Jim

  8. RVN69 Says:

    Point taken, no disrespect to the MMC or Chris Ablett intended. It’s too easy to forget that it isn’t our brother or loved one that is jammed up.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

  9. Junior Says:

    I was in a shitty mood earlier, i also think that asshole is pork too (or at least has a hidden agenda) but don’t let the pork get y’all all wound up. No disrespects intended toward anyone but damn let’s stay on point.

  10. sled tramp Says:

    Yeah junior,agreed.My apologies to MMC,sometimes these things create their own monster which is the ature of the beast.Will keep on threads in the future.

  11. Junior Says:

    Why don’t all of u just shut the fuck up. What does any of this shit have to do with ablett

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    guess who – “I will support the Club until my casket drops.”

    Which just can’t be soon enough…for the club and the rest of us.

  13. sled tramp Says:

    (big grin)…have a good evening officer.

  14. Show Me Says:

    No you crack me up keep hittin that keyboard as hard as you can… you proud patch holder you….

  15. RVN69 Says:

    KK Says:”You nevva forget that first piss”

    Oh Yeah, I stagger out to the piss tube in Division Rear at Zero bright thirty after R&R to take a piss. Stream starts suddenly “What the Fuck” runs thru my brain, feels like I am pissing kerosene and broken glass!!! First guy in my battalion to come back from Sydney with the clap!!! Least I was first at something.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

  16. The Who!!!!! Says:

    I can only say this, about all the shit talk…. Is stop!!!! feeding into it…..

  17. KK Says:

    ruffrider: “I’ll miss you Danny, like a dose of the clap” LOL

    Aw shit they were some good times back then , when a good ole shot of penicilin would take care of the clap. You nevva forget that first piss.

    I remember back in the service going to the medical office in the Philippines “Hey Doc I have a friend who thinks he may have the clap,”

    “Well Marine,” said the Navy Doc, “take him out and let’s have a
    look at him.”


  18. sled tramp Says:

    Show Me-
    You guys crack me up…..I realize eighth grade was the best twelve years of your lives and the academy standards were low but seriously, put at least a little effort into it OK? BTW, do you guys do children’s parties?

  19. Show Me Says:

    See a-lot of woof tickets all you big self-proclaimed dominate club members.
    I hope you all run as fast as you do your mouths. . no respect . AFFA…. anytime cyber warriors

  20. ruffrider Says:

    I’ll miss you Danny, like a dose of the clap.

  21. bob Says:

    sounds like the shit-stirrer spent time in the D.C.Metro area in the late-Seventies.R.B and the S.C. Band was a popular band from that era,although those not familiar with that music scene might find that band name matches well with Gay Bay shit-stirrer.

  22. Abraham Iker Says:

    Maybe Danny can take is time away from this site to go clean the sand out of his vagina.

  23. Danny Gatton Says:

    My comments about Detective Lynch and Lieutenant Guardado, both SFPD, are accurate, sorry you don’t like it. Maybe you root for the blue team? Bob,should I call them all Root Boy Slim? Maybe they’ll join the Sex Change Band? I don’t think anyone but Bob is going to really understand the meaning of those last two sentences. I can just imagine the reactions based on some of the key words, eh Bob? Well, you are more hip than the others Bob, we’ll see how you do with this last one.
    Glenn, you’re good, I am just too angry to remain.Fuck dem niggas. RVN, I hope that did not mean “I done been rv’in cross da states since 1969.” Mick 1% good luck to your bro, verdict will be in this week. Shyster, you must be friends with Sled Tramp with your insulting airs. You just might start picking up a lot of parking tickets soon. Take care everyone, disappearing in three seconds, 2,1,Gone Danny and the Fat Boys

  24. bob Says:

    “Gatton”,at least change your nom de plume.I doubt that the late Danny Gatton would appreciate this shit-stirring associated with his name.

  25. guess who Says:

    “Guess Who” is a troll who has posted here under multiple personas. He is undoubtedly a cop and probably a federal cop. He vehemently loves some clubs and hates others. His comments are screened before they post. This guy is attempting to stir up trouble and discredit this site’s free speech policy. I personally am interested in law enforcement disinformation campaigns so I don’t discourage him more than I do. He infuriates some Angels. If he bothers you let me know. Rebel


    Ive shown you nothing but respect. Even when you wish me death, I have not responded with a witty comment. I may have disrespected Sled Tramp in the past, but have recognized the error, and apologized. I have never disrespected Muck, and I never will. I love the Mongols Motorcycle Club. I will support the Club until my casket drops.

  26. guess who Says:

    “Guess Who” is a troll who has posted here under multiple personas. He is undoubtedly a cop and probably a federal cop. He vehemently loves some clubs and hates others. His comments are screened before they post. This guy is attempting to stir up trouble and discredit this site’s free speech policy. I personally am interested in law enforcement disinformation campaigns so I don’t discourage him more than I do. He infuriates some Angels. If he bothers you let me know. Rebel

    Danny you little bitch,I’m not a cop. I had a feeling that you might be a bayrider. You must be disgruntled, if you’re looking to become a Mongol. I don’t blame you. You thought you would be a Hells Angel by now. But, your not the only one huh? They can’t make you all HA. I think,I might know who you are. Do you still live on the top of the hill?You must feel like an ass delivering all that meth to that bar across from Walgreens. I think the bar was closed recently.

  27. Shyster Says:

    Officer Gatton,

    Please go somewhere else. You’re transparent and lame.


  28. Glenn S. Says:

    Rollinnorth, you are right.

  29. Danny Gatton Says:

    Dear Glenn, @ your last sentence, you already did that indirectly when you extended your condolences the first time. Since you know it all, why pretend to not know? You already know that Papa’s son was at the crime scene.Do you watch SOA? Remember the sexy thin broad bitch detective? Wasn’t her name Det. Lynch? Well, truth is equal to fiction. (Guess who) answered the door when Det.Kelly Lynch(female) of the SFPD went to the house to interview Papa’s son? Uncle Jose Guardado, Lieutenant SFPD, Papa’s brother, butt you knew dat. Outranking the detective, he told her to take a hike, the kid has nothing to say. It’s a matter of public record in her testimony. You already extended condolences to the SFPD for the loss of their lieutenant’s brother. Hoooah! Danny

  30. Glenn S. Says:

    I don’t find it difficult to be neutral here, since the real enemy of all Free Men increases his power and influence every day that the citizens continue to vote their fears.

    Think I might just head over to the correctional officers’ website, wonder out loud why any self-respecting white man could stomach the results of years of affirmative action resulting in almost every white shirt in the departments of corruption having been born and raised in the hood to a crack whore and her anonymous trick. Then maybe I’ll visit the police support website and comment on the occasional prosecutor’s efforts to indict corrupt cops, and likewise wonder aloud how the cops like it when their brave efforts to keep the streets safe are undermined by armchair warriors aspiring to political power. (Sarcasm intended). Then I’ll go off on a tangent to change the subject, perhaps musing about San Francisco cops playing the skin flute while ATF continues to arm the Mexican drug cartels to more efficiently kill border patrol agents. Dumbass feds. How do you know when the ATF is working overtime? Answer: Another border patrol agent bites the dust.

    Maybe I can stir up a bunch of shit when somebody expresses condolances to the loved ones of a dead pig.

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