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February 4, 2012

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The great wheel of tragedy turned again yesterday. A 64-year-old Hells Angel named Thomas Heath was sentenced to prison. It will be his second trip to the penitentiary and although he plans to appeal it is unlikely that he will ever be released.

Heath’s biography is Faulknerian. “It’s all now you see,” the greatest American tragedian wrote in Intruder in the Dust. “Yesterday won’t be over until tomorrow and tomorrow began ten thousand years ago.” Even people who have never read Faulkner know his most famous line: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

Faulkner was writing about Thomas Heath.

The Frame Up

As a 29-year-old Hells Angels prospect in September, 1977 Heath walked into a motorcycle shop called the Frame-Up at 5015 North Figueroa Street in Highland Park, California with a tire. The shop was owned by two Mongols and Heath left the tire to be repaired. There was a bomb inside. It killed two people when it exploded. One of them was a 22-year-old Mongol named Henry Jimenez. The other was a 15-year-old boy named Raymond Hernandez.

It was one of four attacks by members of the Hells Angels on members of the Mongols that season.

Less than three weeks before the tire bombing the Secretary/Treasurer of the San Diego chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, Emerson “Redbeard” Morris, and a Mongol named Raymond “Jingles” Smith, who was the Sergeant at Arms of the same chapter, were shot off their motorcycles on the Golden State Freeway in San Diego County. Los Angeles and San Diego newspapers called it “The Labor Day Murders.” Every member of the San Diego charter of the Hells Angels was eventually arrested as a result of the murders of Morris and Smith.

At the viewing for those two dead men a mourner left a white, 1962 Rambler and a bouquet of red and white carnations behind as he walked away. The car exploded moments later and two Mongols and the father of a Mongol were seriously injured. After the fight between Mongols and Hells Angels in Harrah’s casino in April 2002 someone sent red and white flowers to the hospital room of then Mongols President Roger Pinney. The flowers were probably a sour gift from an ATF Agent but whoever sent them clearly intended to remind members of both clubs that the past is “not even the past.”

Days after the Frame-Up bombing, a van belonging to the President of the Mongols San Fernando Valley chapter exploded at 6:30 a.m. when the Mongol opened his van door.

Heath who, with George Christie, was one of the two original members of the Ventura charter of the HAMC was convicted of two counts of second degree murder in 1994 as a result of the Frame-Up bombing. And, for killing those two people he was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Domestic Violence

Heath was already locked up at the time. He was sent to prison in 1992 after he was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and “dissuading a witness by threats” following an ugly, violent argument with his then wife.

The most recent charges against Heath also stem from domestic violence. Heath was living with a woman in Ventura in November 2010. The woman told him to move out and when he refused, as is now the custom in America, she called the police. She said he threatened to kill her and her adult son. Allegedly, Heath specifically threatened to tell his Hells Angels club brothers that the woman was “a rat.”

The cops who responded to the scene said they heard Heath threaten the woman again. The same police also stated that Heath told them he had killed people before and that “when he wants to kill someone, he doesn’t threaten them, he just kills them.”

As a result, Heath was convicted last December of “threatening a witness” and “street terrorism.”

At his sentencing Friday, Heath’s defender Adam Pearlman asked Ventura County Superior Judge David Hirsch to consider Heath’s “age and health” when pronouncing the sentence. Prosecutor Tate McCallister asked the judge to consider the tire bombing of the Frame-Up. “We shouldn’t be engaging in arithmetic to gauge his life expectancy,” McCallister said.

Judge Hirsch sentenced Heath to 35 years to life.

This is a corrected version of a story originally published on February 4, 2012.  The original story identified Emerson “Redbeard” Morris as the “National President of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.


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23 Responses to “Thomas Heath Sentenced”

  1. Jerry Jeffreys Says:

    Not saying Tom is and Angel over his 73 years on earth but getting jammed up in the Ventura legal system is no joke when they have you on a pocket knife offense it can role just the a concealed fully auto AK its just they way this place works its not right nor is it fair.. and for the record my Brother OB has passed away.. Tom might never see the streets again but he is paying the price for his actions and hate him or love him everyone knew what and who he was so I only feel sorry for the dogs as they were the only ones that had no choice everyone else had a chance if you had family members in harms way that’s on you!! if your in the game there is no outs until your out and retirement wow classic..

  2. Bryan L Smith Says:

    I am Ray’s son Bryan Smith. I want to know my family. I just found this by searching for his name online (something I’ve done from time to time) I can see there have been replies on here from relatives of mine and have wondered for many years if I had family members out there from his side.

  3. Jerry Says:

    James: contact me. I am Ray and Bob’s little brother.

  4. James Says:

    I am the husband of Jingles niece. She just discovered this side of her family as it was unknown to her, her whole life. If anyone has information about Jingles brother Bob who is now in prison, such as if he had other children, who his parents are, or anything like that, please help her find her family.

  5. Raymond Penalver Robles Says:

    My name is Raymond “Mony” Robles. I was an owner of the Frame Up motorcycle shop on the day Thomas Heath handed me the motorcycle wheel bomb which killed my cousin, Henry Joe Jemenez the 4th, and Little Ray Hernandez. Tired of others writing parts of my story in books by others, and seeing my likeness on TV shows (Gangland) with no authorization from me, I wrote the book titled “Frame Up 1977” now on sale. You can read the facts about the bombing from my word. I survived. Thomas Heath, OB, and the bomb makers should rot in hell. I did see OB guarding Sonny Barger at the Edgewater in Laughlin in 2002. He left his post and hid from me, leaving Sonny Barger unguarded. COWARD.
    I am a retired member of The Mongols MC and still wear my patch.

  6. RaymondPenalver Robles Says:

    My name is Raymond Mony Robles.I received the tire bomb from Thomas Heath.that killed Henry J Jemenez And little Ray Hernandez. I wrote the book titled Frame Up 1977 on sale at on gangland with no authorization from me and after many have told parts of my story.Now you ca read my side.I am a retired member of the Mongols motorcycle club. Socal and San Gabriel chapters and still wear my original club patches.

  7. Walter Says:

    It happened that I was in the shop only minutes before the explosion. I knew those fellas. They were good guys. I suppose I missed the main event by maybe an hour. I had been under the impression that the “gadget” was hidden in an oil drum, one of two which made a table with a sheet of plywood atop them, just inside the big door. The tire version is logical though…

    The kid was liked by all the people he met – and they were friendly young men.

    On the other side of town within a few weeks there was a arson at a bar I liked, and murders at another bar nearby.

    Agents of cop shop it is known foment these biker disagreements…laying the blame elsewhere is deceptive.

    Bikers no longer exhibit the high quality we expect from outlaws, do they?

  8. Norma Garza Says:

    My husband was the 22 year old killed at the frame up in 1977. He was not a mongol, simply the cousin of one. He was a great man and a father to our two children. 3 and 1 1/2 when their father was murdered. A truly innocent victim along with the 1t yr old that was blown to bits by these evil people

  9. Sara Nicks Says:

    Tom Heath spent his days beating his women and his dogs…H A or not, another low life is put away, hopefully for good.

  10. truth Says:

    this guy is scum!!!I hope he gets what he truly deserves…And eye for and eye!!!George your a douche bag too….You fucking has been!!!

  11. steve winkle ventura Says:

    now that the appellate court has reached it’s unpublished opinion on tommy’s appeal. which clearly show’s that what he was charged with and why he was charged with it has been reversed by the court they are sentencing him to 35-life because he was arrested for what he didn’t do and was convicted for what he was arrested for which was a big fat nothing!!!

  12. Bill Says:

    judi stander oli grey: your phrase: “… blows up in your already up to your neck in it face…”is to me a true pearl of efficient and poetic compression of thoughts into words. It’s a great conversational device, slamming ideas together and letting them come out as they will, charging straight forward with thoughts so fast the words barely keep up, spontaneous and without pretense, art, in other words. There’s a lot of great writing here, and this little bit of yours is part of that. If you write anything, anywhere else, I’d sure like to read some of it. Thanks

  13. nelly Says:

    The guy is an idiot, psychopath. He happened to use that ‘I’ll tell them you’re a rat bit’ on more than a few people. Jealous punk who used to spend his days kicking his dogs and playing scratchers.

    Seriously. Of course the HA are going to revere an idgit like him.

  14. Sieg Says:

    That’s a planned tragedy. The Oligarchs want nothing more or less than to keep solid White men killing each other. Someday maybe enough Brothers will figure that out, then we can start taking our Nation back.

    5 TO 1

  15. judy staderoli grey Says:

    Many angels have no fucking choice in certain matters. Do or they say…it all goes good And you are living the free bad ass lifestyle until one day it all blows up in your already up to your neck in it face….no choice…..then your ass is behind bars for life, your name and your familys name Turned to Shit!! Its a tragic end to a members life…give some sympathy where it is deserved!

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Frank,

    I called it a tragedy because the bombing at the Frame Up was a tragedy. All the bombings and the machine gunning were a tragedy. And, I think this guy’s life was also tragic. Almost 40 years after the bombing at the motorcycle shop, this guy still lives in that tragedy’s shadow. I certainly don’t mean any disrespect to his victims.


  17. Frank Says:


  18. Shyster Says:


    I watched this dude go away for 25 to life for a bullet (one fucken round as in one 9mm fucken round) and less than a pound of weed last month.

    It’s fucked. I know this.


  19. DocB Says:

    “Ventura County is no joke on strike cases. They are one of the toughest counties in California.”

    OK but 35 to life for a beef with your old lady? WTF

  20. Cajun Says:


    Thanks. I looked it up. After reading it, I can see how this would be used by a prosecutor. My concern is using the term “street terrorism” makes it sound like the court/government has diluted terrorism from a massive act like 9-11, to a street level local crime that would essentially cover any crime they wanted to cover with it. So, a disagreement ending in a shooting between two drunk guys in a bar, could then be considered “street terrorism” because it essentially undermines the peace and security of a given area.
    Thanks for the info,

  21. Shyster Says:


    I think he meant there was a gang allegation attached to the underlying crime(s). Run a search on California Penal Code section 186.22(b).


  22. Cajun Says:


    Can you expand on “street terrorism”? It’s the first time I’ve seen that term and I’m curious if it’s a federal or state term? Is it new? Is there anything legal associated with it?

    Thanks for all you do,

  23. Shyster Says:

    Ventura County is no joke on strike cases. They are one of the toughest counties in California.


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