Ablett Trial Ends Week Two

February 3, 2012

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The last two days of the murder and racketeering trial of Christopher Ablett have been dominated by a fight at a peace rally in June 2008 and the testimony of an ATF undercover agent.

Ablett, a member of the Modesto chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club is accused of murdering Hells Angels Frisco charter President Mark Guardado on behalf of the “Mongols criminal enterprise” in September 2008. Ablett’s lawyers have argued that their client acted in self-defense.

Los Banos

Jurors heard testimony Wednesday about a fight between members of the Mongols and Hells Angels at a church sponsored “Stop the Violence” rally in a Los Banos, California Park about two months before Guardado.

Ten members of the Mongols and members of a motorcycle ministry named Swords Afire were invited by minister named Chris Castaneda to attend the event which included Christian rap and a car show. The Los Banos Mayor, a man named Tommy Jones was there when a small pack of Hells Angels arrived a few minutes later.

According to Castaneda the Angels walked toward the Mongols shouting insults. Another witness said the Mongols provoked the Angels with obscene gestures. A Hells Angel prospect fired “five or six” shots from a .40 caliber automatic pistol. All the shots missed. A Mongol stabbed the Angels prospect in the torso and leg. Another Mongol hit a Hells Angel with a motorcycle helmet and the combatants dispersed.

Police found the Angels prospect standing in a front yard a few blocks away holding a towel to his torso wound. He was airlifted to a hospital in Modesto where he was treated and released the same day.

Many of the Mongols involved in the fight were members of the Modesto chapter. Ablett is a member of the Modesto chapter. So jurors heard testimony about the brawl and were shown numerous photographic exhibits, including an aerial photo of the park for about 90 minutes Wednesday. The idea, presumably, was to demonstrate to jurors that the Modesto Mongols were at war with the Hells Angels and that Ablett was part of that war before he ever encountered Guardado.


Most of the last two days of the trial has featured the testimony of ATF Special Agent Darrin Koslowski (photo above). Kozlowski is renowned for his ability to lie. He lied his way through a lie detector test that former Mongols president Ruben “Doc” Cavazos ordered him to take because Cavazos thought the ATF Agent was untrustworthy. In court, Kozlowski promised to tell the truth.

Koxlowski was one of three federal policemen to patch into the Mongols Cypress Park chapter during the most recent government infiltration of that motorcycle club called Operation Black Rain. For more than 15 years he has been a sort of Forrest Gump of biker infiltrators. During that time he has pretended to be a Mongol, Vago, Warlock, Son of Silence and Outlaw. A former member of the Outlaws named Kevin P. “Spike” O’Neill has described Kozlowski as a “narcissistic psycho unleashed by his masters to wreak havoc on the public.”

Kozlowski took the stand at 12:30 Wednesday afternoon and testified for an hour. He resumed his testimony when court was called into session this morning and remained on the stand all day with numerous interruptions for conferences between the lawyers and the presiding judge.

The Honorable Richard Seeborg called it quits at 1:30 p.m. The trial resumes Monday morning.

The video below is on the prosecution’s exhibit list for the trial.


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16 Responses to “Ablett Trial Ends Week Two”

  1. Tony Says:

    Your all fags!!

  2. JAMES Says:

    Just keep informing us the people of what is going on as you are the voice for things MOTORCYCLE CLUBS would never know about, thanks for all you do, JAMES

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear James,

    Thanks for straightening me out. I ment no disrespect to Spike 1% by referring to him as a “former Outlaw,” or however I put it. All I was trying to emphasize was that he belonged to the AOA and then got locked up so he can’t go to church anymore.

    Yeah, I believe that Kozlowski never was a member and I am sorry if I gave that impression. He was involved in at least two investigations of the AOA, however. I know the guy has been involved in investigations of the Sundowners, the Angels, the Mongols, the Vagos, the Sons of Silence and the Warlocks at least twice. The last time I looked, practically all of the Virginia Warlocks investigation was sealed. I have a hunch that it also involved “intelligence gathering” on both the Outlaws and Pagans.

    Please keep straightening me out,

  4. JAMES Says:

    REBEL, I wish to clear up something you wrote, I am in contact with KEVIN “SPIKE1%er” O’NEILL who IS still an active member of the OUTLAWS M.C. although he is incarcerated, he still works very hard for his club doing legal issues and filing complaints against the GOV. from where he is, so you will know he is not a former member, #2 KOSLOWSKI never was a member of the OUTLAWS M.C. he just hung around like a vulture gathering information and never wore an OUTLAWS PATCH, I got this straight from SPIKE1%er as I forwarded this article to him so just to set the record straight, thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. Glenn S. Says:

    I’d say something, but I’m bogged down grappling with a decision as to whether or not to have a second cup of coffee, or to wake up my wife and fuck her. The grand master says I fuck like a stallion, so its not like I’m afraid of her. Still, the press would have a field day if she shows up in public with such a look of contented ecstacy on her face that every woman in town beats a path to my door. All this grappling is stressing me out, so I think I’ll just go for a ride before I go to work.

  6. anonymous Says:


    How has this week been going at the trial?

  7. Philo Says:

    I’m sorry, did this dude just brag about being a green belt? I haven’t heard anyone brag about karate belt color since about 8th grade or so…


  8. Rashomon Says:

    Go figure – I always assumed that grappling was more about jujitsu than karate but I guess if you’re grappling with decisions, it might be different.

  9. guess who Says:

    This poster is a troll who enjoys starting trouble. Please don’t take him too seriously.

    Before the trial, I grappled with the decision with whether or not, to attend. But, after taking into account the pro’s and con’s, I declined to go. My personal safety was not a factor. I hold a green belt in Karate, and have been told by a GrandMaster that I fight like a black belt. The last thing the defense needs, is a news report involving a hells angel catching a roundhouse kick to the face.

    As the trial comes close to the end, I feel that it is now when ablett and his family need us the most.The real victims are ablett’s children. We should each do what we can to help.

  10. Austin Says:

    @Glenn S. re; “I’ll share those opinions here, probably until y’all get sick of hearing them and Rebel bans me”

    Just don’t see that in your future. Yours is a welcome voice.

  11. Glenn S. Says:

    Well, Kobe Bryant’s “victim” was probably crazy as a shithouse rat. I’ve known some crazy women over the years, and they all have one thing in common: They’ve been raped, according to them, often many times. (Advice to the younger men who might be reading this: If you meet a woman, and she tells you all about her past sexual encounters, and every other one, according to her, was rape, stay lands away from that bitch.) The penitentiary is full of men who were convicted of rape based solely on the word of the accuser. And if the defendant poses reasonable questions about the character of the so-called victim (i.e. How many times have you made similar accusations? Do you have Borderline Personality Disorder?), the victims’ rights advocates start coming out of the woodwork.

    So Kobe was able to match the resources of the persecution. And, as I recall, his lawyer dared ask the question: “Is the accuser crazy?” And, as I recall, the victims’ advocates cried foul and several hearing$ were held to determine whether or not the question could be asked. In the end, as I recall, Kobe threw a shitpot of money at the accuser to make her go away and the media claimed he bought the process. The question that never gets asked, in mainstream America, is whether or not, in today’s USA, an innocent defendant has to buy exonoration to get it.

  12. Shyster Says:

    Glenn S,

    The only recent media case that I can say for sure that the defendant literally out bank rolled the State and thereby forced them to dismiss was Colorado v. Kobe Bryant. I spoke to his lawyer at a Seminar in San Francisco who told me that she filed so many pleadings in that case that the State literally threw in the towel. The facts of the case were helpful of course but the wealth of the defendant won that case. We should all be so “fortune”ate.


  13. Doc Jones Says:

    Ablett brings back memories of my past court cases. I remember when I was going to court in the 70’s for a 187. I ended up getting an involuntary manslaughter. A good friend of mine “Lurch” who recently died told me what to expect and described the emotions that I would experience. I feel for Ablett and what he is going through. It’s a shame that good people are getting killed and locked up. There has to be a better way.

    Doc Jones

  14. Glenn S. Says:

    Or the commonly held meaning of certain terms have changed. Take “freedom”, for example. It used to mean I do whatever I like as long as it does not directly harm someone else, and I don’t concern myself when others do the same, even if I don’t particularly like what they are doing. Now it means a lot of other things, and individual freedom is not one of them in the popular culture. Nor is the freedom of like minded people to band together one of them either.

    There has never been a such thing as a fair trial in the history of man. Governments, kings, religions, etc. have always been able to devote more resourses to convicting and punishing than the individual has to defend himself. Its a goddamn shame, but the Free Man today can only cheer the victories in contests that would be slam dunks, if reason and logic were the only considerations. This one appears to be a slam dunk, unless Rebel has left out a lot of facts in his reporting, and I don’t believe he has. Here you have absolutely no evidence that this case is not self-defense. Just theory and spin, which might or might not be true. There is evidence that totally disputes any theory that the defendant was at the bar in furtherance of anything other than pussy. There is evidence that he made every effort to leave with the pussy. Yet the best odds I can objectively give him are 50-50.

    If he beats this, I hope that those women give him a night he’ll never forget.

    Incidentally, none of my comments are meant to be taken as anything but neutral regarding any possible disagreements between motorcycle clubs. I have an opinion, but I will keep it to myself here. I also have very strong opinions regarding the government vs. bikers, and the government vs. motorcycle clubs. I’ll share those opinions here, probably until y’all get sick of hearing them and Rebel bans me.

  15. RVN69 Says:

    I think we have established beyond a reasonable doubt that the verbage “Fair Trial” does not exist in the Federal Law Enforcement lexicon.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

  16. Glenn S. Says:

    Someone might reasonably ask: “Hey, I thought this was America! I thought we have a right to associate with whom we choose, and not to be held accountable for the actions of others? What’s all this shit about something else that happened with other people in another place at another time than this killing the guy is on trial for? Do they do the Shriners like this? If some Shriner gets drunk on the way home from a Shriners convention and runs over some kid playing in the street, do the other Shriners accused of similar shit have to not only defend against accusations against them, but against that situation as well, as if all the Shriners get together and plan the next instance of vehicular homicide? And just look at those cops! They sound like they’re plotting and scheming to convince the Shriners to get drunk before driving around the grade school about 3 in the afternoon. What the FUCK? Oh, you say there’s this law called RICO? Sounds like something the Gestapo might have come up with. Surely, no American jury would ever co-sign this bullshit.

    In a more perfect world.

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