Watso And Dead Man Testify

January 30, 2012

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Much of the government’s case against Christopher Ablett during the last two days has focused on the testimony of two friends – one alive and one dead. Federal prosecutors are trying Ablett for racketeering and the murder of Frisco Hells Angels President Mark Guardado in September 2008.

The dead witness was a motorcycle mechanic named George Jimenez. Jimenez also participated in an unsuccessful, 2010, reality television show called “The Prospect” “about a group of bikers who are competing amongst each other to join a motorcycle club. As prospects they have to prove to them selves and to the club that they are worth it.” Jimenez played the “Vice-President of the Raging Raptors MC.”

Jimenez spotted Ablett lingering outside the Dirty Thieves bar the night Guardado died. He helped Ablett pick up his motorcycle after a minor crash caused the bike’s fuel supply to shut off. And, he kept Ablett near the bar by not telling him how to turn the gas back on.

Jimenez gave several statements about that night to authorities and a federal grand jury and transcripts of those statements were read to jurors both Friday and Monday.


Jimenez knew some real bikers, as well as imaginary ones so the night Guardado died he called his friend Samuel Thunder Sun Watso (photo above.) Watso’s father, who goes only by watso (it is an Algonquin Wabanaki name and he spells it all lower case) is the owner of Axis 101, a motorcycle shop in South San Francisco.

Samuel Watso is young enough to have left few tracks in life. He usually refers to himself as either Thunder Watso or Thunder S. Watso. He has been a member of a rock band and he states his current occupation as “bouncer.” Watso testified Friday that he called Mark Guardado and said “There are Mongols down on Treat. You better watch yourself.” That call brought Guardado to Ablett.

Watso was accompanied by a lawyer when he testified. He denied witnessing the fight and explained that he was at another bar three blocks away on 24th Street when the fight occurred. Phone records indicated that Watso and Jimenez had at least five conversations within eight minutes before Ablett and Guardado fought.

The Gun

The government still doesn’t have the gun that killed Guardado. So last week they began to introduce evidence that demonstrates that Ablett may have owned that gun. That evidence includes: “One fired copper bullet jacket and six apparent lead bullet fragments;” “Ammunition Analysis Report and Notes;” “Receipt from Wal-Mart for .357 magnum ammunition and Winchester 38;” “Winchester 38 special ammunition;” and a “Handgun holster.”

The firearms evidence was seized from the home Ablett shared with his parents and from his motorcycle

The Confidential Informant

Monday, Judge Richard Seeborg also refused to disclose “the identity of a confidential informant” who had discussed Guardado’s death with FBI Agents in the days after the murder. Ablett’s lawyers thought the man might have information that would prove their client innocent.

Seeborg interviewed the informant behind closed doors last Friday. Seeborg “determined, on the basis of the examination, thatno further disclosure is required.” Then he directed that the “record of that hearing…be filed under seal.”


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25 Responses to “Watso And Dead Man Testify”

  1. x watso Says:


    At a suggestion, I just recently reviewed this article and comments. I’m not sure who authored the comments with the pen name “watso”. Maybe someone from my family or a well meaning (or not) individual.

    The tone, language, and overall feeling of the comments by “watso” was not me. I wish no harm to anyone – race, religion, sexual preferance, etc., and veiled threats seem an invitation to a bad party for anyone.

    Thunder Sun Watso is my son.

    As far as the disconcerting comments pointed towards me, I find it extremely comfortable sitting here writing, as I’m sure you experience the same in your home. Doesn’t take much.

    For the well wishers, Thank You.


  2. watso Says:

    Hey FXDX is that the best you can come up with I promise you and whatever set you claim ain’t shit

  3. FXDX Says:

    Hey watso, fuck you and your retarded ass family too.

  4. watso Says:

    Hey all you little faggots out there talking shit this is my family you’re talking about all your little retarded ass comments should’ve stopped a long time ago you obviously haven’t done any research on who the fuck we are

  5. My2cents Says:

    If you are a supporter or work at a bar that supports a certain club, its sort of an unspoken obligation / expectation that if a member of a rival club walks through the door to let someone know asap. Im sure he did claim to be down the street. Obviously in Thunder & Papa’s situation it was an extreme case of Damned if you do, damned if you dont. He is a young kid,definatley not a tough guy. I am assuming that he thought he was doing what was expected of him, as far as making the call to his closest local member when an enemy walked through the door. So I am almost positive Thunders intentions were not malicious there.

    Although, i didnt know until I read this article that he was involved at all, especially a witness in this case, thats disappointing. Im sure it was a huge disappointment to his family and especially his father who have been well known and respected in this area for a long time.

    I like your site Rebel, Its been some interesting reading.

  6. Street Monster Says:

    That guy is a door man at Hemlock. He’s there most days of the week. Someone should TCB down there so he can join his “good” friends Mark Guardado and George Jimenez. LOL

  7. Danny Gatton Says:

    Come on man, Ratso has said it was out of concern, but he had several calls with Jiminez. Get real. He knew for sure that this guy was alone with two small women. He also thought he had a pretty good physical description of this lone man, and based on that, he was positive that tough guy Mark would blast right through him. In the event that the unthinkable could occur, then plan b would be implemented and the Mongol would be left dead. As that great American icon Gomer Pyle said,” Surprise, surprise, Surprise.” Ratfuck also claims that he remained a couple of blocks away at a different bar. REALLY?????After The Big CALL?? IS THERE EVEN ONE reader out there who is stupid enough to buy that line of dogshit?? And this coming from the puke who showed up with a lawyer AS A WITNESS???!!!!Sorry guys, his motive was to see the Mongol get mangled and gain points for setting it up.It’s just too bad that he gets to skirt and flirt around the city while Papa lies in the ground and Chris rotted in jail for 40 months. This whole thing is Ratso’s fault, and he walks away without a scratch. Unbelievable. DG

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear OneEye,

    I don’t what Watso’s motive was. I think he was a young guy who knew a lot of Hells Angels and really liked and admired them. So, he was trying to alert his friends to whatever danger it was when a Mongol was trying to find female companionship in a bar near the Frisco clubhouse.

    I have said this before. I understand the fight, the death and the trial to all be tragic terms. I don’t know what “true crime” writers would make of it. Maybe Julian Sher will write a book.


  9. OneEye Says:

    @ Glenn S
    “To be fair, do we know whether Watso’s motives were to suck up or were rooted in genuine concern for a friend?”

    All due respect if he was seriously concerned for his friend he would have instructed Jimenez to show Ablett how to start his bike, unless Jimenez didn’t disclose the part that Ablett was LEAVING when he dropped his bike and couldn’t restart it. Had that not occured he would have been gone and the confrontation wouldn’t have happend. I would never consider sending a friend into a burning building “rooted in genuine concern.”

  10. Danny Gatton Says:

    Dear Mr. Guess Who, you are a man of truth. I have also seen the pictured man trying to pick up strange men in public restrooms on several different occasions. He was doing this same gay voyeurism at the Cow Palace twice, and also at the Market Street Cinema, a couple of years apart. I would think that at some point his luck would run out. Danny

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    @very mad – STFU, you moronic pig. Only pigs and ignorant citizens call clubs “gangs” and since you act like you know more about “gangs” than the average citizen, that makes you more than likely an ass-sucking pig. So, go test the warning on a trash bag you loser PoS.

  12. Glenn S. Says:

    To be fair, do we know whether Watso’s motives were to suck up or were rooted in genuine concern for a friend? I mean, if I heard that a friend’s serious enemy was at a bar right down the street from his house, I might give him a holler, lest he stop in for a beer unawares. Watso’s testimony sounds like the least that cound be offered to avoid contempt charges, and, on the surface, doesn’t sound like it could do any harm to Ablett or the memory of the deceased. Just sayin’.

    The jury’s verdict will likely depend on who can best articulate motives and intentions. Since nobody can read minds,the prosecution is obviously trying to spin this into an ambush by Ablett. If I were the defense attorney, I’d be characterizing Ciccone, et al, as overzealous rougue federal agents on a mission to enforce their own agenda by making up a set of “facts” to suit their purpose. From what I’ve read, it sounds like there are plenty of instances where this could be illustrated, and the other LEOs would natually be tarred by the same brush since Ciccone is obviously the puppet master. That might go a long way towards reversing citizens’ natural tendency to go with the LEO team if all else is more or less equal.

    I think that, too often, defense attorneys are concerned that attacking LEO might alienate juries. But Ciccone has left so many tracks that impeaching him sounds like an ass kicking contest with a paraplegic. I’d have to subpeona “Mr. Ego” Dobyns, just let him ramble on for awhile from the witness stand, as an example of a soldier in the War on Bikers.

    Just playing armchair defense attorney.

  13. Paul Says:

    Some comments posted here, as we know can be from cops or average readers.

    Assuming “rollinnorth” is not a cop, he/she should consider comments made in public forums, before a case is judified, can reflect poorly on Chris, sentencing or future parole, IF he is found guilty…and possibly in future cases.

    If you are a cop, this was intentional. If you are a well wisher, put thought before words or actions – you may be inadvertently doing a dis-sevice to your friends, which is fool-ish.

  14. rollinnorth Says:

    Let’s hope you are never in the mood to play that, Rebel. Your work is too important. Let very mad crawl back under its rock.

  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear very mad.

    Don’t have the faintest idea what you are talking about. Don’t know shit about “gangs.” Thunder Watso talked to a grand jury. His dad owns a bike shop and is fairly well known in the Bay Area motorcycling community. As far as his Dad goes, I don;’t think the man did a thing except have a son named Thunder and possibly employ a motorcycle mechanic named George Jimenez. He also talked to a grand jury. Thunder testified at Ablett’s trial. Jimenez’ statements were read into evidence at the trial.

    What exactly would you like me to say, dude? Usually, when somebody tells me I am “Saying seriously fucked up shit” it means they are trying to bully me into staying quiet because I am embarrassing them. Why are you embarrassed?

    I am not in the mood to play “Shut up Rebel” today.


  16. very mad Says:

    You are kidding… Saying seriously fucked up shit, making connections with businesses and gangs , and running your mouth about shit that will never effect you is risky. Man up post all your info too. See if you don’t find out how your fact finding might be heald accountable.

  17. Philo Says:

    Be careful you don’t accidently post the tr0llz ip info, or you know, inadvertently send it in an email. Could cause that phag a lot of grief



  18. monkey Says:

    sounds like i know why i live in the hills now

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear guess who,

    Thanks for sharing your treasured recollection.


  20. Helipilotguy Says:

    By the way Rebel. Great site! All the best guys! No matter what color you fly.

  21. guess who Says:

    Guess who is one of many personas used by a troll who comments here. He is probably a federal cop but he may be just another supermodel off her meds. (Which is my ideal woman, by the way.) Don’t take him too seriously. I don’t, but that is apparently at my peril. If he tries to start a war and I miss it because I am busy writing about WHY YOU NEED A PAYDAY LOAN TODAY somebody please email me. Rebel

    In San Mateo County there’s a rest area with a giant statue of a monk pointing. A couple of years ago,I stopped by because I had to take a leak. There was a man in there that looked like the gentleman in the photo.He was just standing in the middle of the restroom. when I started taking a leak, he tried to look over my shoulder. I asked him if he had a problem. He replied no. I zipped up and left, and he remained there. It was an odd moment. Seeing his photo brought back this strange memory.

  22. Philo Says:

    “Seeborg interviewed the informant behind closed doors last Friday. Seeborg “determined, on the basis of the examination, thatno further disclosure is required.” Then he directed that the “record of that hearing…be filed under seal.”

    Gee, and here I thought you had a right to face your accusers in open court…


  23. Helipilotguy Says:

    What I can’t understand is, If these two twats where so upset that a Mongol was in their hood why did they not ask them to leave. Just let it be if it doesn’t concern you.

    Sad but there are no winners no matter the outcome.

  24. rollinnorth Says:

    Samuel Watso can spend the rest of his days looking over his shoulder. Pity the fool!

    Respect to those who deserve it.

  25. RVN69 Says:

    If both these people had just minded there own business, then one man would still be alive and another would not be facing life in prison. This is a perfect example of NUNYA.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

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