January 21, 2012

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In a story published January 19 titled “Sparks Shenanigans” this page reported that Nevada District Attorney Karl Hall: “ still refuses to name the Vago who gave extensive grand jury testimony that led to the indictment that charged all three defendants with conspiracy to commit murder. Hall described the man as in fear for his life and enrolled in the U.S. Marshal’s Witness Security Program. The Aging Rebel has previously stated that the witness “was probably Jacob Cancelli.” Cancelli was a long time friend (but not a member) of the Vagos who was convicted of fraud in 2009.”

The Aging Rebel now believes that Jacob Cancelli was a patch holding Vago and the acting President of the South Coast Riviera chapter of the Vagos Motorcycle Club at the time of the Sparks fight between Vagos and Hells Angels and during the subsequent “Simple Green” raids.

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7 Responses to “CORRECTION”

  1. IrishDragon Says:


    Thanks for the info. I’m gonna get some anyways.


    I would definitely get a couple of those T’s.


  2. observer Says:

    Dropped in on this site a while back, in reference to something on here somewhere. It’s about more than the cool Rebel T’s. Maybe they can print up a batch of “Rebel’s 24 Hour Topless Breakfast Truck Stop and Motorcylcle Salvage” gear…

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear Irish Dragon,

    Friend or Foe? Never heard of them. There is a guy who comments here who was selling some tee shirts with Aging Rebel on them and at my request he donated any profits to Brothers Behind Bars. I don’t think he made any profits but he gave them some money anyway.


  4. IrishDragon Says:


    I wish more journalist had even a small amount of the integrity that you have. Keep up the great work.

    P.s. Do you get a cut from the clothing sold on Friend or Foe? If so I’m gonna have to get some.


  5. Proud White Infidel Says:

    Jake – Look at all the pain and suffering you have caused. The lives you have fucked up. The countless millions of taxpayer dollars spent. For what? So you could cut some deal to save your fat ass bacon. You fucking fat rat piece of shit. I hope you rot, you cocksucker motherfucker. You will never be foregiven.

  6. Sikofit Says:

    He was already a rat when he was brought in to the Vagos Mc and people had paperwork on him from his trial back east and many people stating he was no good but its all about who you know to get the free pass…

  7. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Save your ass and run away you lying, thieving fat coward!

    As I said already!

    What a fucking RAT… Right or wrong you never become a snitch fuck! I can not begin to verbalize the sickness I feel or the pain in my heart to see this shit.

    I’m still truly embarrassed of and disappointed in the individuals actions mentioned above.

    There is no excuse you RAT!


    Viva Los Vagos

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