DeWayne Lee Albin

October 30, 2008

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DeWayne Lee Albin, who founded the Farmington, NM chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) has died. He was 81.

For many years, Albin was recognizable to bikers in the Southwest. The chapter he founded now has approximately 150 members.

The CMA is not a three-piece-patch club but it is highly visible in the outlaw world. Most CMA patch holders seem to be slightly goofy, sincere and harmless brothers in the wind. Typically, they are the guys who walk up to you at a run while you are watching the wet-tee shirt contest and fearlessly ask you if you “have heard of Jesus.”


The CMA was founded in the Spring of 1975 in Arkansas by a devout man named Herb Shreve. Shreve had become alienated from his son so he bought two motorcycles and took the boy for a ride across the country.

The ride worked, Shreve credited the Lord for the reconciliation and, like many who have been lost and then were found, got an itch to share his faith with others he met on the road.

Albin was one of those.

Albin Remembered

“He just had a personality that would grow on anybody and as you got to know him, he’d never change,” Jerry Smiley, the current Farmington chapter President of the CMA told the Farmington Daily Times. “The whole biking community was his extended family.”

“DeWayne was a man of God. He lived it every day,” his widow, Mary Jo Albin, told the paper. “DeWayne did love people … he loved them all.”

DeWayne Lee Albin died of complications after he was involved in a truck accident earlier this month. He died in bed with people who loved him by his side. When he was buried, his motorcycle was parked beside his casket.

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  1. Will Says:

    DeWane Lee Albin was a fun, funny, good man. Once you met him, you NEVER forgot him, whether you were CMA or not. He is so missed by his family and his brothers.

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