Cops Still Seeking Steve Ruiz

December 20, 2011

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A San Jose Police Department press officer named Jose Garcia announced yesterday that fugitive Hells Angel Steve Ruiz has been sighted in San Jose and that Ruiz is hiding in either San Jose, Campbell, Fremont or Gilroy, California. “We believe he’s in any one of those cities,” the police spokesman said.

Garcia stated there is “credible evidence” that Ruiz is in the San Jose area but refused to explain what that evidence is or why he thinks it is credible. In October, credible evidence led police to believe they had trapped Ruiz in a house in Stockton, California.

Previous Credible Evidence

Acting on that evidence but without bothering to get a search warrant, 30 police special warfare operators in two armored vehicles surrounded a home belonging to a woman named Joann Rice. After Rice’s adult daughter answered the door she told police that Ruiz wasn’t there and invited them to look for themselves. Instead, the combat cops took a more dramatic course. They detained the woman and her children for more than four hours and besieged the home before smashing all the windows, puncturing some of the walls, filling the house with teargas and ruining most of Rice’s furnishings. The daughter spent most of the day in a jail cell. She was slightly acquainted with Ruiz.

The siege began shortly after dawn and lasted 12 hours. Police seem to believe Ruiz used his powers of invisibility to escape.

Joann Rice offered a more credible explanation. “He wasn’t here, he was never here and he wasn’t in the house,” she told Sacramento television station KOVR. “I feel like a war was taken on here, and we lost.”

Ruiz Charges

Ruiz is a suspect in the October 15 shooting death of another Hells Angels named Steve Tausan. Both men were attending the funeral of Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew who was shot and killed in Sparks, Nevada on September 23. The Aging Rebel believes that Ruiz is no longer a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Immediately after the funeral, police thought that Ruiz had been murdered by one or more of the 3,000 mourners at the funeral and that his body had been concealed in Pettigrew’s coffin. Pettigrew was exhumed but Ruiz wasn’t in the grave with him.

Police have previously stated that Ruiz is on the run with a woman named Christel Renee Trujillo.  (Both are picutred above.) Police have said the two may be travelling in a gold or pewter Chevrolet Suburban. Police have also said that they believe Ruiz may be in New York or Arizona. Yesterday’s announcement did not mention Ruiz’ female companion or the car.

“We want this to come to a safe resolution,” Garcia announced. “We ask that Steve Ruiz surrender himself.”


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7 Responses to “Cops Still Seeking Steve Ruiz”

  1. stroker Says:

    Rebel? Anyone know the latest on Mr. Ruiz? He was apprehended as I recall. ??

  2. Viking 1%er Says:

    Come on now stop insulting them we all know they REALLY are smarter than that I mean come on frog turds and pet rocks maybe bad but they ain’t THAT bad. They are atleast 5 IQ points above the pigs

  3. TigGirl Says:

    “common sense of a frog turd” <—- my new favorite saying.

  4. DirtyBruin Says:

    rollinnorth: Sad to say, but you’re probably righter than we’ll ever know. We need a lot more check and balance on this kind of bullshit; they’re looking for a PERSON, so what sense does it make to rip up the walls?! How about we say the cops are on the hook for replacing/repairing everything they damage – plus some cash for stress and suffering – on any occasion like this where they find absolutely fuck all? Might restrain them a bit and make them be a little more careful about who they do this crap to. (Oh, and how about a significant amount of that cash comes out of the pocket of the dingleberry who approved the crash ‘n smash on lame “evidence” just to drive the point home?)

    I know money can’t make up for something like this, but short of making the cops repair everything themselves, I can’t think of any other way to deter this kind of crap.

  5. rollinnorth Says:

    Who are they kidding. If he turned himself in, they wouldn’t get to tear up another house and terrorize more innocent civilians.

  6. RVN69 Says:

    Come on now don’t sugarcoat it, tell us how you really feel.

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Maybe he’s in a hidey-hole in Big Sandy, TN? No, wait, I think a raghead pig press officer in Bumfuck, Egypt said he saw him over there. I might have heard that wrong and it was that he was actually holed up with the new dali lama in India somewhere.

    Fucking useless pigs…say they know where they *think* he is, do nothing about it, try to sound as if they’re being humane by asking that he turn himself in and all the while expecting the public to *NOT* think they’re a bunch of third grade dropouts with the common sense of a frog turd and the intelligence of a pet rock.

    Fucking morons one and all of them.

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