Iron Order Stabbing

December 12, 2011

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A week ago, a Hells Angel Motorcycle Club patch holder named William “Spook” Sosebee was convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping, possession of a knife during a violent crime and first-degree assault and battery for stabbing a member of another motorcycle club. The victim is named Jim Moye and this happened in a bar in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Rock Hill is about 20 miles south Charlotte, North Carolina.

A member of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club named Timothy David Hill was found not guilty of similar charges. Sosebee was sentenced to 10 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

Moye obviously wandered into the wrong bar. It was a place called Wall Bangers and it is popular with Hells Angels and friends of that club. According to official documents, Sosebee walked over Moye, hit him in the head with the butt of a Bowie knife and told him to take off his cut. When Moye refused Sosebee stabbed Moye in the stomach. None of the men involved in the altercation are exactly juvenile delinquents. Sosebee and Moye are both 58. Hill is 45.

Moye refused to implicate Sosebee. He told police “it was a motorcycle thing.” Witnesses in the bar fingered Sosebee and Hill to police.

Iron Order

This particular patch pulling is noteworthy because Moye is a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. The Iron Order was founded in Kentucky in 2004 and has chapters in 42 states. The club wears a black-on-white three piece patch, accepts sworn peace officers as members and has developed a reputation as a cop club.

In an interview in 2010, the Los Angeles chapter President said, “Yes we do wear a three piece patch and our colors are black on white. The reason for our colors dates back to the start of the Iron Order. When the original eight members kicked around the idea of colors, and after trying to follow protocol with the existing MCs, the decision was made that the center patch, the Jughead (skull) only looked the best in black and white. So black on white it was. We are in every sense a traditional MC and follow all traditional protocols. We ride and we party and take care of our brothers. In fact, our brothers are put before our personal needs. We wear a California bottom rocker, as does each state’s chapter, as well as chapters outside the US. This only signifies the state we are from.”

The spokesman denied that any members of his chapter were police. “However, for future reference, we do not disclose any information about any brothers, period!” The club allows women to ride with them but not to patch. They don’t admit anyone who has ever been convicted of a felony. They do not tolerate marijuana use. They do not require members to own an American motorcycle. They claim to be “the largest independent motorcycle club in the world.” The club seems to exist almost completely apart from other motorcycle clubs but insists “we are a real motorcycle club.”

Something Is Happening Here

Both the Iron Order and the Sons of Anarchy may be pointing toward a new social phenomenon.

Last September, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “Authorities say that the soaring popularity of the Sons of Anarchy TV show – the most-watched in FX’s history – could be contributing to a disturbing trend: Weekend warriors, no longer content to simply ride together, are forming small motorcycle clubs and dabbling in the outlaw lifestyle.”

It is debatable whether the Inquirer knows what it is talking about but it is certain that the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has spent the last 30 years turning “the outlaw lifestyle” into a commodity. Sons of Anarchy is part of that commoditization. So is the merchandise, like ersatz colors, that the FX show promotes. And none of this probably disturbs anybody very much unless they work for Gangland or the ATF.

So Let’s Be Philosophical

But the patch pulling in South Carolina opens a Pandora’s box of fundamental questions like where did we come from, who are we and where are we going?

If the Iron Order is a real motorcycle club who is to say that the Sons of Anarchy is not? How long before some tipsy outlaw demands the surrender of the SAMCRO cut some fan bought on eBay? Or, how long before a representative of the show demands that the fan give it up because the cut is not “authorized merchandise?” What is the difference? And, will the television fan give up his “colors?”

Is there strange humor in this? Will it be funny when a couple of television actors put on their costumes and decide to take over a biker bar? Will it be funny when they get stabbed? Will Jax and Clay adhere to the code of biker omerta? And when this happens, will it be a publicity stunt for the television show? Will it be a fake stabbing or a real one? And, will their assailants end up going to prison? And if they do, will it still all be funny then?


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  1. TakingNames Says:

    Damn…I come to you guys with legitimate questions and for suggestions and advice, and y’all are still more caught up in bickering amongst yourselves!!! smfh. Apparently writing that was a total waste of my time.

  2. WARTHOG Says:

    TakingNames Says:

    “Apparently writing that was a total waste of my time.”




  3. whitefxrp Says:

    nailed it

  4. One Eye Says:

    @Don TIC: If you are still reading this I once read in a really good book,”those who have ears, let him hear.” This is a forum so I guess you could paraphrase and say, “those who can read, let him comprehend.” Notwithstanding, in this world of PHers there is a protocol, whether you espouse it, abhor it or ignore it, it does exist. If you think that’s unfair and you should be able to wear whatever you want go buy yourself a blue bandana and a red one as well and wear them in South Central and tell them you’ve earned the right to wear them. I say wear whatever you want, but if it comes time to pay the piper cover the bill. If your convictions are that strong, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  5. JMacK Says:

    Jim, 2 comments for you.

    You nailed it. Again.

    You are a patient sonofagun.

    Much L&R

    To those that don’t like the answers to the questions you ask….you should probably find another way of life. Quit trying to insert your own realities when you don’t like what you are told. Most of the people that have answered here have been more than patient with the annoying questions. Accept it and move on. No one gives a shit if your feelings are hurt.


  6. Freeman Says:

    @ all the fucktards that came on here asking

    You got your answers, fuck off, take your ball and go home and play with it, or with your neighbor’s ball or with your dog’s we really don’t give a fuck, every time i hear (whiny lil voice) im leaving and not coming back, my immediate reaction is, could i have that in writing?

    Go play biker in your garage, by now i think you know where NOT to play dress up.

  7. John Deaux Says:

    I dunno what it is with these upcoming wannabes, they ask, you answer, they don’t like answer so they get pissed off, start calling names and go away mad. Ok fine done right ? Nooooo, some other wannabe comes in and asks they same damn question, it makes a man want to crack a bottle or 2 over their head and show them the bottom of the boot doesn’t it.
    Today’s instant gratification society has never had to knuckle down and really work for anything, like back when, you went buy your 1st Harley well they didn’t finance shit, cash or cashier check. You damn well knew you wanted it cause you worked your ass off for months to get it. Now the bike, shirts, helmet, leathers, etc is coverd in your note, no worries just make that note for 5-7 years and all’s good. I wonder how much that fucking helmet and shirt cost by the time your title comes ? As often as not the bike gets ridden for awhile then put in the garage until the little battle axe says it’s gotta go, then they think all that chrome crap from the motor company catalog increases the value. What a bunch of fools.
    Thanks I feel better now.

  8. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    Shit,,,,,,I just figgered this shit out These fuktards is the same cocksuckers who ain’t got issues with giving amnesty to illegals,,,,,,I’m so happy now,

    L&R to the deserving

  9. Paladin Says:

    I guess playing the “Vet. card” is like playing the “race card”. Both are based on the attitude of “You owe me, just ’cause”. The “just ’cause” part is the substitute for hard work, honor, respect, and integrity.

    The foregoing statement is based on an archaic system of values that obviously has no place in today’s “enlightened” society.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  10. Mike 184 Says:

    Thanks Jim that was badass. I will second it, We do what we want, how we want, when we want. Stop coming in wanting to be a part of it then when you see that it is hard, tiring, and something that you didn’t expect you try to change it to suite your lame, pussy asses.

    And cops please go find something else to do…. Maybe photography?!?!?! You sure seem good at doing that at any event that we show up to…..

  11. jrnr Says:


    Hell yes! Right the fuck on!! Every new whiny ass iron faggot that comes on here, please refer to Jim’s post and then FUCK OFF!

    W D C C

  12. Hound Says:

    IO is all over and they usually hide in the shadows. 2 or 3 might show up at a charity; they park in the back, stay away from everyone else, and if you didn’t see their bright white, with no grime, colors shining in the sun (I think they dry-clean their “cuts”) you wouldn’t even know they where there… as a matter of fact, they may have celebrated a new charter again since the old charter in my area split in two; if you can’t keep your own club together, then how how do you preach “brotherhood”??????

    They don’t prospect, they probate… and even that’s a joke. Just like the Sons of Armageddon, if you’ve got the cash, you get the patch. Revolving-Door membership is not a Brotherhood.

  13. Staggfury Says:

    No one is “dabbling” in the outlaw lifestyle . The direction of government both federal and local , the continual promotion of class warfare and an insidious subterfuge of “us and them” mentality has turned those who were the average , hard working middle class Americans into what is effectively (statutory and political) outlaws . They are doing what oppressed people of FREE MINDS do . They are banding together . There have been 1 percenters since the sixties . There have been 3 percenters since 4/19/1775 .
    So be it .

  14. Frederick Holland Says:

    I have read this entire thread.
    57 years old.
    As I kid of 15-16 I both gave and “earned ” respect from Huns, DD’s, and distributed some less than legal stuff for HA’s.
    And not name dropping but just qualifying some of the stuff I was doing as a parentless kid in the 70’s. Not even that tough. Just smart enough to show real respect to the right people and stupid enough to show no fear to the wrong ones.

    After that I built my own bikes and rode solo for years.
    My childhood friends joined support clubs and had cuts stopped by rivals.

    I have seen so called Brothers f other Brothers when real s hit the fan.
    One thing to get you ass kicked, another to spend your life in jail when your Brother fs your GF
    In theses days a couple of Crips or Bloods with automatic weapons will make any MC think the LEO’ s are friends. Same thing with the Mafia. Any 13 year old Jamaican in a posse will stare down a Cadilac full of dark sunglasses.
    Face it. Old men kicking ass in 2014 is a lame as the TV shows making millions of the “lifestyle”
    And loud pipes mean sh*t when the deaf Q-Tip rear ends you and everyone one cheers.

    Anyone who talks about posers is one.
    And the fact is, just because you kicked ass or killed someone in 1960 because he was wearing different colors makes you no different than a gang banger popping an innocent child protecting your turf. Fact is, whether you are a biker, cop, priest , politician or teacher, a certain % are child molesters, scumbags, thirds, liars and losers.
    A real man picks his mountain to die on.
    Technology will eventually eliminate all that the majority seems is socially unacceptable.
    And really, acting like the idiots in the Mel Gibson movies, no matter what your simple minds believe, does not make you “special” in any normal mind.
    Grow up Neanderthals. Cro-Magnon will make your warrior ways extinct

    Flame away. My only post. After reading this entire thread, I still believe what I have all these years. Building custom bikes is way more fun than hanging out with most of the people who ride them because of their ridiculous belief that two wheels somehow make them powerful.
    A real man stands alone, hyenas hunt in packs and prey on they weak.
    I dare any MC to tell our boys who make real commitments to protecting our American lifestyle to take off their colors.
    No different than inner city gangs. Just dumber.
    Except for the Prez collecting from the Franchises.
    Just like McDonalds. Lol

    With all respect, questioning your beliefs is done with utmost respect.
    Isn’t that how you sort the good Prospects from the bad?

  15. Frederick Holland Says:

    I apologize for the typos. I am better at setting points on the roadside with a matchbook cover than thumb typing on an IPhone.

    May you live to see more sunsets from a distance with your face in the wind than asphalt up close with your nose in the pavement.
    Live to ride and ride to live.

  16. Iron on wheels Says:

    that iron order pis ant should have got more than just a prick in the gut. those people who like to point out who done it, should find a new lifestyle. they’ll live longer.

  17. Iron on wheels Says:

    that iron order pis ant should have got a new neck-tie. those people who like to point out who done it, should find a new lifestyle and keep there comments to themselves.

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