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December 11, 2011

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During the last two months, two commenters have posted increasingly inflammatory remarks on this site.

One is a jackass who identifies himself as “just a question” or JAQ. JAQ, presents himself as someone who detests the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and aspires to be a Mongol. JAQ is opinionated about most disagreements between the Hells Angels, the Mongols and the Vagos. In a comment Sunday he implied that the author of this page is a pedophile.

The second commenter is a particularly strident Hells Angel in Southern Nevada. Sunday, that commenter demanded unequivocally that JAQ’s comments about the Angels be censored.


As a working hypothesis, I assume that JAQ is an ATF agent. The only other person who has ever accused me of being a pedophile is John Ciccone who posted here under the alias T-Dogg. I am guessing that is an ATF tactic. JAQ is not provably Ciccone in this case but this page thinks he is probably either John Ciccone or Darrin Kozlowski.

This page also suspects that the commenter, and email correspondent, who presents himself as a Nevada Angel and who posts here as “neverforget” may also be an undercover police officer or confidential informant. He identifies himself privately as someone who is actually a member of the HAMC. But, whether that Angel is the person who is commenting here is at least questionable. That Angel had an unresolved court case a year ago and for all I know he is now in jail and his identity has been assumed by a cop. For all I know the real Angel with that name has never heard of this site.

The whole drama where JAQ, with an IP address in Vegas, insults everybody and “neverforget,” with an IP address a few miles away insists over and over on a Sunday afternoon that I ban JAQ just smells too much like an ATF game for me to take either one of these guys seriously. I think they are both cops. They act like two cops in a tag team interrogation.

One Cop Or Two

I also think it is very possible that they are both the same cop. I let JAQ continue to post here because I wanted readers to see how cops try to sow dissent within motorcycle clubs and because I wanted to see where this game was going. Now you have seen and now I know.

The obvious point of this police game was to hijack the editorial content of this site, offend as many readers as possible and distract me.

This cop, or cops, probably succeeded and I am sorry about that. I apologize. The page has gone off track. He, or they, are really annoying. They screwed up my afternoon and I think everybody has learned as much from him, or them, as they are going to learn. I don’t care if it is censorship or not. Couldn’t care less. Goodbye JAQ. Goodbye neverforget.

I am sure they, or he, will be back soon.




34 Responses to “On Censorship”

  1. Junior Says:

    Rebel wrote: “how do you think, oh…I don’t know…John Ciccone, just to pick a name out of a hat at random, would do in prison?”

    I think he would do well in prison,,,he would have plently of time to perfect his *ick sucking skills, & hey we all know the best *ick sucker skates through prison and is everyones friend, and his time will “fly” too cuz, you know,…time flies when your having fun!

  2. Skully Says:

    Looks like I will never know if JAQ gets the RATZ MC started
    (no desrespect to any other Clubs with Rats in the name}

    JAQ reminded me of the old Columbo series you knew he was guilty in the begening. you just had to wait untill he hung himself

  3. El Jefe Says:

    Does this sound familiar?
    Ex-ICE agent convicted of obstruction, lying

    A former ICE agent has been convicted for telling Florida federal prosecutors a felon was a valuable organized crime informant in an effort to get leniency.
    A Los Angeles federal jury on Tuesday convicted 55-year-old Frank Johnston of obstruction and making false statements.

    Prosecutors say the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent tried to get Abdulahad Touma signed up as an informant and get him a favorable sentencing deal in exchange for a lucrative consulting job.

    Touma was convicted in Florida of purchasing untaxed cigarettes and he was facing 18 months in prison.

    Sentencing was delayed because Johnston falsely stated that Touma was an informant in two criminal investigations into immigrant smuggling and prostitution.

    Johnston faces 15 years in prison when he is sentenced on Jan. 23.

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear STREET VET,

    Thanks for your support. I appreciate it. I probably will not bother to invite “neverforget” to my birthday party but I do notsense that the guy is weak. My problem is that I cannot tell the difference between him and an ATF agent.

    Also, just so you know, it is common in some of the less pleasant prisons for guys to take a couple of asosiates along when they take a leak. That is what I have heard, anyway.

    But you do raise an interesting point about a society that exiles men to psychopathic societies in order to rehabilitate them. It seems to be one of the new and improved America’s most vital industries. So, just out of idle curiousity, hypothetically, how do you think, oh…I don’t know…John Ciccone, just to pick a name out of a hat at random, would do in prison?

    Do you think he would become famous for his funny pranks?

    your pal,


  5. Rashomon Says:

    @YYZ – seeing as you opened the door.

    Cop: “We arrested this biker for beating the crap out of some poor man for no reason at all! What should we charge him with?”

    Desk Sergeant: “Impersonating an Officer.”

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Phuquehed,

    Yeah he was back for about a minute. This one was from San Jose.


  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rashomon,

    Yeah, Yevtuck. Email after email. HA this and HA that.


  8. Squirts Says:

    I am not one to blow tons of smoke up a person’s ass. I applaud your work and eagerly check out new articles on this site to read what is what from a REAL perspective. In this regard, you are top notch, in my opinion.
    Regarding attempts to discredit you and your work, or even threaten you personally, I would like to offer some words of encouragement. I’ve been working with “at risk” kids for 17 years now. Most are deep into the gang life. I learned a phrase many years ago which I was not familiar with and it came out of the mouth of a 12 year old kid and gang banger born into the life. The phrase is “The truth shall set you free”. I worked hard to “turn” that kid, but he ended up shot between the eyes and left shoeless in the street at 13. There is a funeral today for yet another one of “my” kids, murdered at 20.
    My point: TRUTH is something that many fear and will do whatever necessary to stop and TRUTH is something that often falls on deaf ears. On the other side of the coin, TRUTH is worth the threat of violence and being branded an outcast or shunned by your peers. If you can provide information and support for even one other person in this fucked up world by speaking TRUTH to them, then I believe you have succeeded in life. Keep speaking the TRUTH. It may fall on the deaf ears of some, and it may offend others, but someone, somewhere out there will see it for what it is and that person will benefit from your efforts. Respects to you and keep up the great work. P.S.>>> I’m clicking those adds! =)

  9. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    What is STREET VET’s/JAQ’s astrological sign? LEO, of course.

    YYZ Skinhead

  10. Rashomon Says:

    Next thing you know Mike Yevtuck will be here – and it used to be such a nice neighborhood.

  11. ruffrider Says:


  12. Philo Says:

    Ha! The gift that keeps on giving….

  13. observer Says:


  14. Phuquehed Says:

    STREET VET/JAQ, the abortion that lived, is back.

    It’s a shame there isn’t some kind of code word that pigs could hear that would make all the bad ones go out and test the warning on a plastic bag.

  15. jrnr Says:

    holy shit, that bacon smell is back!

  16. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Oy. The siege continues.

  17. STREET VET Says:

    This poster appears to be from San Jose.

    Neverforget is the type of guy that gets …insert stereotypical humiliation here…. Ive seen hells angels give …racial epithet…graphic depiction of stereotypical humiliation… in the pin.

  18. Swampy Says:

    Thank you for exposing those two soulless creeps and their modus operandi. Just like two little shit starting sissy PUNKS. With the highest regards and respect.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Squirts,

    Let me take this opportunity to say this. I have no problem with the HAMC and I hope they have no problem with me.

    I know “just a question” was a cop trying to start trouble. Maybe, in another couple of days or a week I could have nailed down whether the guy was John Ciccone, Darrin Kozlowski or somebody else and what he was doing, apparently, in Vegas where there are chapters of four one percenter motorcycle clubs. Events came to a head before I had the opportunity to do that.

    I know that there is an actual Hells Angel in Southern Nevada, and sometimes Arizona, who may or may not have posted here under the name “neverforget.” I am well aware that his passions include MMA. Thanks to friends of this site, I now know more about this guy than I expected to know. Thanks to them. I always appreciate information. I have no personal problem with this guy in Vegas/Pioche/Mesa. I don’t know him. I have never met him. I read that he now has a problem with me. Or maybe an ATF agent who keeps pretending to be him has a problem with me. I don’t know what difference it makes.

    Basically, on Sunday, two commenters using those two screen handles — “just a question” and “neverforget” — were trying to dictate to me what could and could not be said on this site. It still looks to me, after two days, like the two posters were working in concert with one another and I still think the most likely explanation is that the two of them were the exact same guy using multiple devices. And, it has long been a goal of certain ATF agents to dictate to me what can and cannot be said on this site.

    And, to answer a couple of comments that have been made to me offsite.

    Yeah I know I am a “civilian.” I think that’s the best thing about this site. I think I can do a better job when guys who might not talk to each other will talk to me. I think I can do a better job when I am not talking about a club brother. Personally, right now I could use some club brothers.

    Yeah, okay. I’m a punk. I don’t care.

    I don’t betray people here. I think I keep an awful lot of confidences and I think I do a pretty good job of protecting sources.

    If it quacks it’s a duck. If it sounds like a cop, and it treats me the way cops treat me, and there is no reasoning with it, I am going to operate on the assumption that it is a hostile cop trying to take over this site.

    I don’t sit here all day everyday and type out this site. Sometimes I have to type out other shit to make a living. Sometimes, amazing though it may seem, I just like to go for a ride on a motorcycle. Sometimes I like to go for a ride in a pack of other motorcycles. Sometimes I just like to have a beer with some guys. So sue me. I am not eagerly awaiting your next email telling me what I am going to do and how fast I am supposed to do it. And, I am biting my tongue here. Cops act like that.

    I am pretty sure that the record here will indicate where I stand on the Burgess case. I don’t think Burgess’ cause is hurt when lunatics come on here and spout obvious lies about him. The more cop crap that gets out into the open the easier it is to refute. I usually respond to all of those ravings in a timely manner.

    Finally, anybody who doesn’t like what gets said here doesn’t have to read what gets said here. If you think what gets said here is interesting, please click the ads. It is about as simple as that. Sooner or later I offend everybody. It can’t be helped.


  20. K Says:

    Like Philo I got some good chuckles outta that shite. Hahaha Rebel shot informants, not drugs! Now you’re back in the wind Reb!

  21. troyez Says:

    I was thinking the same thing about S.1867 – about how, if signed by Obama, gov’t agencies could name individuals and organizations as “terrorists,” and they would be gone.
    Scary, 1984-type stuff.

    For folks out of the loop on this:

    ***If you haven’t heard about this bill, it is controversial and has flown under the national radar, and it has some startling wording concerning just what constitutes an enemy combatant and who can be detained (indefinitely) by the US Government. ***

    Here’s the section that has everyone up in arms (Section 1032 – some say it can mean “any” US citizen):

    Sen. Rand Paul responds:

    Glenn Beck discusses the bill with Tea Party Congressman Allen West:

    “A False Alarm over S. 1867” – article I found on a Montana newspaper’s editorial section:

    Sorry to take up so much space here but I think this topic is important and falls into the realm of “censorship.” Thanks to Glenn S. for bringing this to light.


  22. Squirts Says:

    Interesting developments, of late. Rebel, assuming you are correct and both JAQ and AZAngel are LEO (which seems to be the case), I am left to wonder what their objective is/was. I would go a little bit further in my summation that “Thing One” and “Thing Two” were here to foment discontent. Given the sensitive nature of recent events out West, I would not be surprised to learn that the true objective behind this little incursion was a fishing expedition in hope of “grooming” a person here or there which may be able to fill in some holes and do some work for them. LEO are notoriously lazy, IMO. As a group, they would rather groom some yutz to do their dirty work and then take kudos once their case is made. The old adage “Loose lips sinks ships” comes to mind and this is a good opportunity to remind everyone once again to be wary of getting too chummy with someone on the net. Respects and great work as usual. Squirts

  23. Philo Says:


    I don’t want your apology, as none is needed. I got a lot of chuckles out of the whole thing, as I’m sure most other did. Fuck them fuckin fuckers.


  24. DocB Says:

    This guy had a pretty good run here in cyberspace. In a bar or on a street corner, disrespect of this magnatude is dealt with very quickly. “Talk shit get hit.” In real life the last 98 percent of his conversation would never have taken place.

  25. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Good move nr.2

  26. 10Gauge Says:

    I agree…Officer JAQ may or may not be ATF however his actions and his motives are the same…CREATE MORE CONFLICT…In fact, He does not speak of anything productive and spends his time here showing us glimpses of his sexually deranged and devicive thought process…spewing his prejudice behind the guise of some half-baked, bogus, pseudo philosophy. Nothing he has ever said here has been of any value or can be construed to be a positive contribution. whether he is a derranged piggy or an insignificant, loud-mouthed supporter…A misguided asshole is a misguided asshole. He will not be missed

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear SVD,

    Always good to hear from you. The ATF has been around here for a long time. “Just a question” was pretty easy to spot. I am slow so it took me some time to see what game he, under multiple personalities, was trying to run on me.

    Even though Out Bad might be not be a particular commercial success, it appears to have really pissed off some people in the ATF.

    This whole JAQ episode wasn’t just me being tolerant of weird, rude, extreme views although it started like that. When it became clear to me that JAQ was an ATF agent I also wanted to see where it was going. The ATF is very cynical about trying to manipulate and bully people, including me. These same sorts of mind games characterized Black Rain and to a lesser extent Black Biscuit. What I totally overlooked until yesterday was that one ATF agent with, probably, three Androids and a laptop was presenting himself as multiple posters who were both arguing with each other — through me — and also calling each other’s shots.

    I am still very surprised that the ATF has so much time to waste that they would bother with me. The email stuff was fairly urgent and intense.

    There is another guy posting on here by the way, who may be the same ATF agent or who may be Chris Cervantes.

    I will tell you the thing that really threw me. It was the context. I was standing on skid row in Los Angeles staring at a guy dressed in a trench coat with no pants talking to himself in tongues. And, I am always writing in my head. And, I thought, you know, I really should do a piece about how all this money gets spent on investigating motorcycle clubs while tragedies like this wretch in this street are totally ignored. I looked back over my shoulder and there was a surveillance camera, and I thought gee, I wonder who is watching me. Then, in a second, I started getting emails. Very weird. Really got the feeling that a big government agency had me in its sights. If that was the case, there should be a law against it.

    Now to apologize to some guys i bailed on yesterday and then maybe try to do a little journalism.


  28. Glenn S. Says:

    Its not censorship. Whoever these people are, or person is, is free to come up with his own website (the aging sturmbannfuhrer) and spew forth ad nauseam. Just because somebody is free to shit on the carpet doesn’t make them free to shit on MY carpet. I can ban them from my home and you can ban them from your site.

    To digress a little, I’m surprised you haven’t weighed in on the fact that, soon, framing Hells Angels for child molesting will be a quaint footnote in the history of the land of the free. The US senate has overwhelmingly passed legislation allowing the government to indefinately detain, without trial, anyone (including Americans arrested in America) it accuses of anything it can call “terrorism” and anyone it deems supportive of anyone it accuses of being a terrorist. If history is any indicator, the definition of “terrorist” and “supporter” will broaden to include anyone who is not an obedient little sheep. This legislation is buried inside the most recent defense appropriations act and the mainstream media (with minor exceptions) has declined to report this. A garden variety idiot such as myself might be forgiven for thinking this should be the tipping point where workaday Americans tell the politicians: “Enough, motherfuckers! Stop fucking with my Bill of Rights!” But noooo. Still, even the few media outlets (Forbes, for one) that report this are NOT heading the stories with: “The politicians are adding another tool for the soldiers in the War on Terror.”

    I’d be curious to hear your take on the subject, Rebel.

  29. jrnr Says:

    Good riddance to both of you fucktards.

    Rebel, thanks for everything you do. Absolutely the right decision!


  30. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Rebel:

    I’d hoped that as someone else suggested, isolation would result in shunning. It didn’t. My bad.

    I did find it curious that JAQ and NF appeared at about the same time, and just as your book came out. Coincidence? Doubt it.

    As RVN69 said so well, your page, your rules. Free speech in a private space is ultimately at the discretion of the host; this is not the only venue in which to speak, so no one is being deprived of some constitutional right. I’d fight for the right of someone to yell out “WalDonalds sucks” or even “SVD is an NPR listener” (he is) in the public square, but I wouldn’t permit them to write it on my living room wall or chant it during a seminar I was giving.

    It is desirable that in this space, speech be pretty free and open and I don’t think anyone can deny that is has been or doubt that it will be. But no one in their right mind could expect you to tolerate the hijacking and subversion of your blog–especially as we know you’ve sacrificed a lot to put it out. When one obstreperous voice rises to drown out all other discussion, meaningful dialog is so compromised that no one really has freedom of speech.

    For similar reasons, the idea of censorship becomes nonsense when the “censored” party is not speaking or writing in good faith.

    You went out of your way to be fair, but ultimately did what had to be done. You did the right thing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    With Enduring Respect,


  31. Rashomon Says:

    Good move Rebel – it was funny for a while but now it’s just plain stupid. The whole episode did bring to mind part of an article by James Altucher – just substitute the word boss for cop (as an aside, no disrespect intended towards dogs – I like my dog more than most people that I know).

    “Remember BAD BOSSES ARE DOGS and needed to be treated that way.

    Here’s very important advice on dealing with a DOG that happens to be your BOSS.

    A) never kiss ass – then your DOG knows he can keep stretching the boundaries until you’re on the leash and not him. Never stop by his office just to chat. Never do any brown-nosing. This is the rule from “How to Deal with Crappy People”. If your boss is a crappy person then you want to engage as little as possible. Only work stuff. Never joking around. Never anything that builds a meaningful dialogue that he will twist later. Don’t make friends with an animal. This is not every boss. Just crappy bosses.”

  32. RVN69 Says:

    Your Page, Your Rules. Fuck em.

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