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December 7, 2011

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This article is here only so a police agent provocateur who has identified himself as “just a question” since November 11 and as “PAPA JUST FUCKED WITH THE WRONG BULL” since October 8 will have a place to comment without offending anyone else who stumbles in here.

The Aging Rebel believes that this trouble maker probably works for either Vegas Metro or the ATF. He is overtly racist and hostile to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. He claims to be a fan of the Mongols but some of his comments suggest otherwise.

For example, on November 10, he asked “Rebel, do you know if ablett is in Frisco jail? Because i want to put money on his books.” The Aging Rebel intentionally did not reply truthfully to that inquiry because Ablett’s council has requested that all donations be sent through them. At the time, I thought “just a question” was probably harmless. In hindsight I suspect he was trying to find out what I know and how readily I would brag about what I know.

His comments have become increasingly provocative. Multiple readers have asked that his comments be deleted. All his previous comments have now been withdrawn from general view.

Whoever this guy is, he can rant and rave and try to push buttons on this thread – the Just A Question Honeymoon Suite.

The Aging Rebel encourages just a question/ PAPA JUST FUCKED WITH THE WRONG BULL to continue to comment here. Because, you know, this intelligence gathering thing cuts both ways dude.


192 Responses to “The Just A Question Honeymoon Suite”

  1. Psycho Says:

    In my opinion, once you distinguish the color of your friend, it means you are a racist. You may not want to be one!
    He is your friend, period. Ask your black friend what they think of people who say ” I have a black friend”.
    And generally i dont believe people who say ” I will take a bullet for him”. I’m just sayin

    No disrespect intended

  2. bigblock Says:

    all these people talking about niggers , well here in Philadelphia PA the wheels of soul are by number the largest !% biker group here , I have been to many of their partys and they have always treated me very well , I have great respect for them , black or white a man is what is in side of him , I am white , but I have a friend who is black , and he is married to a white girl , and I am proud to call him my brother , and would take a bullet for him any time , give respect and you will get respect.

  3. bobbyshovel Says:

    Rebel, Ive got the last 2 Books, finished them. Some of the Very Best, but sad stuff Ive ever read. Very Important . I hope All MC Members can/will take the time to read them. We need to know to what lengths the powers that be will go to. And how far outside the law too. Rebel, I know this sounds lame, but you make me Proud.this stuff with jaq and the other, trolls etc. You are my Voice,the one guy putting this out. Nobody cares about Bike People getting screwed over. I hope someday the Major Motorcycle Clubs can parlay -because Together, there would be a Reckoning! Peace to you Rebel.
    Again as always Peace and Respect. Thanks, BobbyShovel

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Junior,

    It depends on the tools you use. Sometimes, some of the web sites will tell you that you are in the United States or they will give you the corporate headquarters for your service provider. You can buy much better tools. I get more information than I can use from multiple and redundant pieces of tracking software. The hard part is going through pages and pages of numbers.

    Happy New Year,


  5. Junior Says:

    Rebel: FYI, I ran ip “locate” on my IP and it came up with a location about 600 miles away from my actual location. Junior

  6. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    It’s quite clear what they’re up to in Missouri. They are trying to stop the wave of Green crashing through the midwest like the notorious Northshore surf.

    So in response to growth and expansion the Ciccone gangbangers are there looking to infiltrate, entrap, preparing to lie on warrant applications and spend more more tax dollars to once again make the attempt to stop freedom of association and Brotherhood in all Clubs.

    Merry Christmas Rebel

    Viva Los Vagos

  7. Philo Says:


    I can do that, just give me a bit. One more day in the work week and all that.


  8. Rebel Says:


    Yeah, I know the name of at least one of those guys in that unit. He tells a tale about an El Forastero support club going green. I am not sure this poster is a guy in that unit. Maybe, but they don’t strike me as pranksters. So, best guess, ATF. Not sure what they are up to.


  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Philo,

    You should email me and give me some tips sometime.


  10. Philo Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I mentioned this before, but for what it’s worth in repeat: IP’s are almost useless in tracking people without accompanying data that you don’t have, sans a friend who happens to work for that specific ISP . They just aren’t. I’m looking at my IP right now on and it’s no where remotely close to my geographic location.

    People posting from smart phones can be even hard to locate via IP. For example, most people who have a Blackberry and Verizon as a carrier show up out of the same IP block from Canada or New York, regardless of location. It only takes about ten seconds to change your IP to reflect pretty much anywhere, although your ISP will boot you from their network if you do that too much. proxies, public facing IP’s, routers, all have an effect.

    Stat-trackers can be useful in a real general sort of way. I used to dig mine when I kept up on Philo’s republic. But they still don’t reflect the kind of data that would be useful to a site operator in this situation.

    I think it’s helpful to keep in mind that IP’s only represent a logical “address” in a network, unlike a MAC address that is unique to an individual device, and can be traced to a “fairly” accurate geographic location. I say “fairly” because if it’s a wireless device all you’ll get is the geographic location of the nearest AP that’s grabbing the signal.

    Hope this info helps.


  11. Shyster Says:

    Denny Crane,

    I’m not a public defender but I was for some years. I’ve been in private practice for almost 8 years now exclusively practicing criminal defense. And the only “shit I talked regarding someone’s family” was towards JAQ and the fact that I told him not in so many words to fuck his mom. I mean after all he’s a pig.

    So if you’re a pig too then follow the directions above.


  12. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    It just registered in my peanut sized brain what this means, yeah I know I’m slow.

    “Now why would a fictitious lawyer, portrayed by William Shatner, who has an IP address in Kansas City, Missouri, take shots at someone I can only assume is a lawyer in Los Angeles? Counsellor!? Have you no professional courtesy?!”

    The midwest is experiencing a influx of Green Meanies, it’s known the Missouri gang unit is on the hunt for motorcycle Club members after some incidents in resent memory.

    So it would make logical sense for the likes of Koz and the other Ciccone gangbangers to be hanging out the in the Kansas City and Springfield area.

    Viva Los Vagos

  13. Rashomon Says:

    “Denny Crane” is pretty close to being an anagram for “narc deny” What does it all mean???? LOL – sorry. I’ll put the beer down now.

    At least he signed his email “Fucking Blowhard” – self realization is the first step towards cure they say.

  14. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Dick Crank,

    Did you read a previous post and decide it might be a great shot at stirring up shit?

    This thread has gone to the limp dick village idiots.

    Viva Los Vagos

  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear Denny Crane

    Boy the level of discourse around here is really going downhill!

    Now why would a fictitious lawyer, portrayed by William Shatner, who has an IP address in Kansas City, Missouri, take shots at someone I can only assume is a lawyer in Los Angeles? Counsellor!? Have you no professional courtesy?!

    For that matter, assuming Shyster is a lawyer — perhaps he even does criminal defense, who would know — when exactly did he “talk shit about peoples families?” And, how would another lawyer in Kansas City know about him? And how did you ever earn a law degree? You spell like an ATF agent.

    I guess I will run this comment until Shyster or somebody else asks me to take it down.

    Really, Kozconey. Did Out Bad piss you off that much? Did you write a scathing review on Amazon yet? Did I actually write a dangerous book, after all? You know, Cicclownsky, you might not want to encourage me so much.

    Is this like a full time job for some ATF analyst now? That would be so cool. Or is this like the merry pranksters of the IOMGIA. If you are IOMGIA let me hear you rap. C’mon. Rap something, next time. Give me something that rhymes with “Not smart enough for the FBI.”

    Your email hasn’t bounced back yet. Hmmm.


  16. Denny Crane Says:

    Shyster you like to talk shit about peoples families?you third tier toilet work as a pd, because no one will hire you.

  17. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Thanks Vago. I really got carried away in my role as JAQ’s sophomoric#1 fan.My apology should have also included Lawyered Up. I am not cut from JAQ’s cloth at all, in reality.For my own reasons I took mirth from his antics, although they were way out there.Everyone has been gracious to me here, as I inadvertently stepped on my dick( I wish) a couple months ago.I really did try to delete it, as I knew I was getting too far in to that role. There really was no true disagreement.
    I am actually a straight up cat, but since I deviated from that in order to stoke JAQ, I must reap what I sowed.Thanks to you guys for the reprieve. Roy

  18. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    Tough skin? I thought all sharks with a suit had tough skin… And a Merry Christmas to you as well.

    Viva Los Vagos

  19. Shyster Says:

    AVAGO, Rebel and Roy,

    It’s all good gents. I didn’t read anything into Roy’s post. I got a thick skin. I wish a great Christmas to everyone who reads and contributes here.


  20. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Roy Buchanan Says:
    December 11th, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    “Shyster, do you and Lawyered Up have some sort of symbiotic relationship as your names imply? Attorney/client? Fuck yo momma? Fuck yo bitch? Good God man, what would the bar association think? You two are parroting each other with this straight outta’ Compton verbiage. It seems you guys are transposing a misguided,latent Oedipus complex onto JAQ. I have it on good authority from a very notorious 1% that family members are off limits. With malice aforethought,hypocrite, Roy”


    Agree to disagree and move on. Respect is key even on this site we are permitted to play on.

    As info the two gentlemen you wrote about happen to have ties within my Family please treat them with the level of respect you wish to receive.

    Have a Merry Christmas

    Viva Los Vagos

  21. college professor/biker Says:


    so true!


  22. sled tramp Says:

    Strap hangers abound.The electric butter knife will shine forever.
    “De oppresso libre”

  23. college professor/biker Says:

    Well, I must say this is fun reading… for the most part…

    That being said… I spent 20 years in the U.S. Army Special Forces (and I will provide verification of that to Rebel if anyone cares to dispute that claim)… the one thing that always drove me nuts was when soldiers would begin to tell me their personal sob story as to why they were going to be a Green Beret but didn’t, but they got hurt, bad timing, it was cold, they wanted to but mommy wouldn’t let them, etc…. honestly, I don’t care what you were “going” to do and the associated sob story of your failure to complete the task at hand and walk across that stage knowing you were the cream of the crop… you failed, you never went, you are not a Green Beret…I am…

    Similarly, JAQ has made a lot of noise about supporting a certain MC, and becoming one…someday… DUDE… MAN UP AND DO IT OR SHUT UP AND MOVE ON…

    Same thing applies to the MC world, just like the SF world… I don’t care much for excuses and “I’m going to, someday” statements… Stand up and put the Prospect Rag on and prove to us that you are willing and able, or quit talking about it… you are not a Patch Holder in an MC… and trust me… your gushing little school girl comments of support really make you look pathetic… I have many slick back friends who do not want to be in a club, I respect that much more than empty statements of future events… plus dude… you have to actually make it as a prospect and get voted in… talk is cheap…

    I have been to war many times and killed many times… it really puts things into perspective and reduces one’s tolerance for Bull Shit….

  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear Roy Buchanan,

    I can’t speak for Shyster but I have a hunch he is a reasonable man. Lots of people have been excited around here lately. As long as now actual gunshots or stabbings occur as a result of things that get said here, I am satisfied.


  25. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Rebel, as you wish, Patron. You’re right.
    Shyster, you let me off easy. Thankyou. I’ll be honest with you; I attempted to delete that post using Rebel’s new gadget. I have successfully edited out sentences before, but the delete feature did not work. When you try to delete a post, the gadget asks you to explain in writing why you are doing this. I wrote “Maybe it’s best to drop out of this thread.” Next thing I know, it’s up there posted anyway. You seem like a genuine guy, so I apologize to you for getting sucked so far into the horseplay. This thing with JAQ has certainly gotten very intriguing. Sorry,and thanks. Roy B.

  26. sherides Says:


    Sorry that you had to deal with “ATF Crap” on Sunday. That certainly was rude of them!

    Thanks for all that you do to inform and educate regarding the reality of the ATF and what those fools are capable of.

  27. Shyster Says:


    That was a great post.


    I know I gotta stop cussing. I once called a Judge a fucken Nazi under my breath as I was storming out of court when he didnt let me call witnesses at a motion to suppress (the Judge is black, is an ex-cop, and sits in The SouthWest District of Los Angeles County). My client said the Judge heard what I said but was so taken aback he didnt know what to do. i was already in the fucken elevator on my way out of court. I held the motion until after the prelim and won it in trial court! $14,000.00 cash, weed and rock cocaine suppressed. Fuck that Pig Judge …. Ooops.


  28. Philo Says:


    Ahhhhhhhh Gotcha. Good catch man! LOL I’ve seen similar things like that happen on the interwebz during “flamewars”. lol IP’s are not physical locations, but extended email headers can be very informative ;}

    Humorous story about internet ‘identities’..

    I used to hang out over at’s chat room, cause I like to watch tv online while I work. There was a moderator there named, “Suzy”. She was there for like a year at least, probably longer. She would always answer the call for a mod and even walked people through software downloads. Except, “She” wasn’t a moderator. I found that out when a friend of mine started working for them. Why never jumped in their chatroom and shut “Suzy” down I’ll never know. Hell, for all I know “Suzy” was a big, fat, greasy pedophile. Or maybe a closet homosexual ATF agent. Either way, you never know who you’re talking to..

    Give em no quarter Rebel!


  29. Philo Says:


    Ahhhhhhhh Gotcha. Good catch man! LOL I’ve seen similar things like that happen on the interwebz during “flamewars”. lol IP’s are not physical locations, but extended email headers can be very informative ;}

    Give em no quarter Rebel!


  30. Rebel Says:

    Dear Neverforget,

    You know dude, there are still unresolved issues around your multiple email adresses and your explanation about your multiple email addresses that degrade your credibility. Also, you claimed to have gotten an email from me that came back as undeliverable. Also, how come Just A Question answers when I ask you a question? Also, you really sound like Darrin Kozlowski when he is in his “make my head explode” persona.

    Stop trying to bully me. I don’t know you. You have never confided in me, given me any information, straightened me out, sent me amusing emails, bought me a drink, offered me a free t-shirt, wished me luck or said thank you or please to me. I have never shaken your hand. I have no idea what you look like. All I know is you like to go woof, woof, woof.

    Really, pal. I respect the patch. Who doesn’t? You, not so much.

    I am so sick of the ATF. Pray Out Bad is a huge flop, okay? As a rule, I don’t cooperate with cops. But let me give you fair warning, okay? If the FBI wants to chat with me sometime about what I know about “Ciccone’s gang,” I intend to sing like a fucking bird.

    Okay big balls? Qui es mus macho?

    Come get me. I’m little and old. I must be easy.


  31. RVN69 Says:

    I believe your books, and the information that you have but haven’t yet released have touched a nerve with a certain group of people. Given the references to pedophilia, I would be very careful of my computer. Wouldn’t want them to pull a Burgess on you.

    Potius Mori Quan Foedare

  32. Rebel Says:

    Dear Just A Question,

    And, the obvious candidates for your actual identity are John Ciccone, Darrin Kozlowski, John Carr, the TJs or that piece of work Chris Cervantes. I am sure whoever you are, you smell like fried pork.


  33. Rebel Says:

    Dear Special Agent Just A Question,

    For the record, for anyone who surfs in here in 2020, Dave Burgess was never accused let alone convicted of pedophilia. Also I have not a child molester. The only other person in my life who has ever accused me of that was John Ciccone. Now you.

    I am sympathetic toward Burgess because he was framed by shitbirds like you.


  34. ironrider Says:

    Everybody knows that people only sign up for atf because they couldn’t cut the mustard for fbi or even dea (and that’s a fucking low bar to jump). If the jaq-ass is actually atf, I hope his zoo keeper sees this shit and puts him on probation. It’s bad enough that atf wastes our money–the salary that comes for our taxes–by running guns to Mexico and manufacturing cases against clubs. But really, are they using our tax payments to troll on internet forums!?

  35. rollinnorth Says:

    Sorry to hear about the hassles. At first, I wondered why you didn’t just block JAQ, but as you’ve explained, by letting the troll(s) go on and on, we all learned something. The tactics used here are just what ATF, and other LEOs, do in the streets. Stir it up to justify their existence.
    Hang in there. Respects.

  36. observer Says:

    just my under-informed one and a half cents’worth: I tripped over JAQ’s post to Roy:

    “Roy, thank you. Great minds think alike.

    The only reason, I’m stuck here is because the Hells Angels have probably sent Rebel several emails with the subject line “YOU TAKE CARE OF JAQ OR WE TAKE CARE OF YOU.”

    That was shortly followed by Rebel’s telling captioning of JAQ’s “lawyer letter” post, wherein Rebel seemingly acknowledged being in receipt of the very message to which JAQ was referring.

    That little exchange seemed to tie the knot between J and NF.

  37. Rebel Says:

    Dear Philo,

    “Lawyers letter for what.”

    What it was, in the briefest possible version, was that I was having an email conversation, or confrontation, with “neverforget” and “just a question” replied to that conversation in a comment on this page. Interesting coincidence, huh?

    What I was telling “neverforget” was that I had no way to tell that he was who he appeared to be. I told him his email account might have been hijacked or his phone might have been cloned or, for all I knew, he might have been an imposter.

    There was a lot more to this long, strange day than that. But, that is the reason for the strange comment about the lawyer’s letter. I can’t prove it in a court of law, but I think it was one ATF agent with at least two personas trying to bully me around.


  38. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shyster,

    Yeah I was looking for you before my email started blowing up.


  39. Rebel Says:

    Dear Roy Buchanan,

    You should tone it down this week. JAQ is an ATF agent and I have kind of had enough harrassment. And, it is only Monday.


  40. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Shyster, do you and Lawyered Up have some sort of symbiotic relationship as your names imply? Attorney/client? Fuck yo momma? Fuck yo bitch? Good God man, what would the bar association think? You two are parroting each other with this straight outta’ Compton verbiage. It seems you guys are transposing a misguided,latent Oedipus complex onto JAQ. I have it on good authority from a very notorious 1% that family members are off limits. With malice aforethought,hypocrite, Roy

  41. Rebel Says:

    Dear neverforget,



  42. Shyster Says:


    This blog is Rebels. He holds the aces. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing and a most sacred right recognized by the Framers of our Great Constitution. JAQ is a dick. He is most likely a cop or cops. I don’t for a second believe Rebel allows this cock monger JAQ to post so Rebel can get more readers. I think Rebel can give a fuck if he has no readers.

    Rebel, you are respected man. The things you have exposed make me proud as an American.

    Like Tony Montana said after he was shaken down by that filthy whore pig in Scarface – “keep up the bad work Mel”


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