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December 2, 2011

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This page is forwarding a message from Dave Burgess who is a member of the HAMC. Not everybody loves the HAMC. The Aging Rebel is neutral but does have an ongoing interest in Burgess’ case. If you share that interest, continue to read. If you don’t please feel free to forward similar requests from members of other clubs to this page. We will run them.



NOVEMBER 29, 2011

Hi all,

I hope all is going well with all of you this Holiday Season.. Here at FCI Bastrop we have a Christmas competition for the best Christmas decorated housing unit. This year, in “AUSTIN” unit out in the main area of our unit we have build a huge fake fireplace and put up a Christmas tree and a sled with Santa & reindeer. What I would like from each of you is a Christmas card that says inside, “Merry Christmas to ALL THE GUYS IN AUSTIN UNIT.” I will put all the cards up on the wall behind the fireplace. Last year I did it with a lot of the Christmas cards that were sent to me. This year I would like to do the same thing. A lot of the guys do not get any Christmas cards and I just want to make their Christmas a little better this year. (By the way, we won first place last year and got to go to Christmas dinner first!)

Send the cards to:



PO BOX 1010


Have a good week, With Love & Respect, David Burgess


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61 Responses to “Burgess HA Christmas”

  1. big pail Says:

    hey rebel im from texas love what your doing fuck those pigs ! support your local bandido

  2. shovelNY Says:

    interesting recent supreme court decision regarding electronic searches,could be helpful to more than a few peoples appeals.
    here’s the link:

  3. Austin Says:

    Cards are on the way! Thanks SVD for your good idea – & Rebel for acting on it – It’s kind of fun to watch all the fallout & read the reactions = “Let’s play “You don’t know JAQ” fun for all the family” and I continually learn amazing new things – one of the reasons I come here… but this guy essentially hijacks every thread he comments in, and like the fabricating little girls ends up with all the attention, and redirects away from the subject at hand. Nice solution – create his own little sandbox.


    To Desert H-D!
    Yes sent a card to Dave and all of the Unit last week….
    Have a good weekend!

  5. "-0" Says:

    Yeah, thats what I meant. I just have not seen it before. I love this site, Keep up the good work.

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear “O”,

    You lost me. What did I do this time? Oh, right. I got you know. I installed a new widget that allows me to move comments around. One of the features of that widget is everybody gets a “brief time,” I guess it is five minutes, to edit his own comment.

    Right? Is that what you mean?

    If it is something else, let me know.


  7. Be Tempted Says:

    To DesertH-D and Gar –

    I mailed mine off yesterday.


  8. "-0" Says:

    Rebel, Is that just for me? or does everyone get the 5 minute “re-read, re-tract” option?

  9. "-0" Says:

    It may just be one MFers opinion, but I hope JAQ posts more..I like reading the fallout…Better than sons of anarchy.

  10. DesertH-D Says:

    Since JaQ-off has been suitably dispatched… Is anyone sending Dave some cards for the guys on his unit? While it can be entertaining, it’s sometimes baffling how astray these threads can go just from the asinine ramblings of one jerk-off. (Or JaQ-off, in this case… Whatever, an asshole by any other name still smells of shit.)

  11. troyez Says:

    I like this cage you’ve built for JAQ, he seems to like it in there, see how he’s gathering up his nuts in the corner?
    Maybe you could call it the “habitrail,” since he’s always gnawing everyone’s last nerve.

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