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November 22, 2011

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The law in Nevada is now officially an ass. Two Vagos and a Hells Angel have been charged as “co-conspirators” in the “second-degree murder” of San Jose Hells Angel Jeffrey Pettigrew. Pettigrew was shot in a Sparks casino on September 23.

The Hells Angel is a man named Cesar Villagrana. Villagrana is also charged with carrying a concealed weapon and two counts of felony battery. He is alleged to have shot two Vagos named Leonard Ramirez and Diego Garcia.

The two Vagos who are charged with second degree murder are Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez, who is alleged to have actually shot Pettigrew, and Stuart Gary Rudnick. All three defendants are also charged with “conspiracy to engage in an affray” and “challenge to a fight resulting in death with the use of a deadly weapon.”

The prosecution’s theory of the case seems to be that all three men engaged in a pre-arranged duel. The preposterousness of that charge might also demonstrate that Washoe County District Attorney Richard A. “Dick” Gammick (photo above) and Assistant District Attorney John Helzer understand that their high-profile prosecution is full of holes.


What the charges imply, is that these individual men – not the two motorcycle clubs but these particular men – had a previously arranged agreement to meet on the Nugget casino floor and fight – just like in High Noon and many other Western movies. The facts undermine that theory.

According to the consensus of several conflicting accounts, the Vagos were surprised to see a dozen Hells Angels enter John Ascuaga’s Casino Resort. Several witnesses have said that the Vagos there that night were under the impression that most Hells Angels intended to stay out of Sparks in order to avoid potential arguments between members of the two clubs.

After the Angels entered the casino a fight did ensue. According to the indictment filed November 9, it began when Rudnick challenged Pettigrew. Friends of both men jumped in.

A fairly obvious argument is that Gonzalez believed he was defending Rudnick and Villagrana wanted to defend Pettigrew. Several witness have said that Villagrana was shouting “get down” as he brandished his gun. He did not ask anybody to stand still while he aimed.

The Legalities

Whatever happened, the deadly fight was provably not pre-arranged which immediately disproves the idea of a conspiracy to have a gun fight. The brawl was also provably spontaneous. And, if Pettigrew’s homicide happened in what the law calls the “heat of passion” the proper charge for Gonzalez is manslaughter not murder.

The accused men probably are guilty of misdemeanor affray, which in most jurisdictions is defined as a sudden quarrel. And at the same time all three of the indicted men might be able to raise the issue of self defense.

Gonzalez, who has already pled not guilty, is scheduled to go to trial January 17, 2012. It would set a speed record if he goes before a jury that fast.

The second-degree murder conspiracy charges look like a step in the plea bargaining dance and at this point the defendants seem to be on top even though the prosecutors are making more noise. It would be a shock if any of the Vagos or Hells Angels who were there that night actually testify. So, unless any of the defendants gave incriminating statements to the authorities, the main evidence in the case is the video recording of the brawl. And a good defense lawyer can probably interpret that to prove anything he wants it to prove.


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28 Responses to “The Sparks Mess”

  1. RVN69 Says:

    “just a question Says:
    November 26th, 2011 at 12:29 am
    I don’t have personal beef with the red and white. But, by that same token, don’t sit here and tell me you’re in a “real club” and yet sport an 81 support patch on your colors. If you are told how to exist as a club, then you aren’t a club at all. You are nothing more than an assembly of bitch ass mutherfuckers”

    Troll, I don’t wear a support patch. The only piece of cloth on my cut that is not from my club is a Memory patch for RoadRunner “Junior” a member of the Pagan’s M/C murdered in Delaware by a cop. That patch was given to me by a personal friend who is a member of that club. If you believe that a member of any 81 support club would wear that patch you are much more stupid than you already sound.

    I don’t talk shit about any other club no matter how much I may dislike them because of respect, something I couldn’t even explain to a shit stirring asshole like you. If I was to waste time shit talking someone on the internet it would be someone like that murdering motherfucker Capt William Brown of the Wilmington DE police department.

    My back to you.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Sohn,

    Right on Sparks. The truth will come out. I don’t know what the spin will look like.

    I am still trying to figure out how to write a book about the Burgess case. I am still pretty sure he was framed.


  3. TigGirl Says:

    RVN69, I like your description:

    “Troll…stirring shit…claiming higher authority” I keep thinking “agent provocateur”

    If you’ve ever been around one of those, it doesn’t take long to recognize one. Their comments & actions SCREAM it to you.

    Just my personal thoughts based on personal observation.


  4. RVN69 Says:

    Not a problem.
    I think “just a question” is a troll, hiding behind his keyboard stirring shit while claiming a higher authority.

  5. bob Says:

    Damn.When in doubt,scroll up and read.Idiot just a [email protected] if you’d been perusing this blog for any length of time ,you might surmise that RVN69 could not sport such a support patch,for obvious reasons.

  6. sohn Says:

    I find it interesting that Just a Question says,”coming online shielded by [anonmity] sic” and then-comes “online shielded by [anonmity] sic”. He also says, “I’m not interested in a debate with you. I’m just trying to shine some light in the dark corner of this investigation”. I’m certain that Just a Question isn’t a cop or prosecutor but he talks just like one. He takes little quips from a radio conversation by people who arrive after the fact and adds his two cents and calls it “truth”. Not open to debate non the less. The truth will come out, Just like it did in Laughlin. It is all on video tape and everyone’s conjecture and assumption will only dilute the truth till then. One case in point, Caesar was (and is) a Hells Angel with a patch on tending to Jethro when the police arrived. That is one fact that already contradicts Just a Questions previous “truths”.
    And I do still talk to Dave Burgess; I also know his case inside and out and am certain of his innocence. I could of course have taken the governments point as not open to debate and the truth being shed into a dark corner like any other sheaple but I instead looked into it.
    It’s funny how anti government chest beaters tell how the government lies except when it suits their needs.

  7. Not Surprised Says:

    just a question.

    “The Difference between me and you, is that I got the balls to say it”.

    Dude, where in your little snow-globe world could you possibly ever consture coming online anonymously and doing what any 13 year old kid with internet acces can do; run your mouth…as having BALLS?

    I am nominating you as this month’s poster child for schizophrenia.

  8. Not Surprised Says:

    Alright, alright just a question. I got one for ya and I’ll let you use it in your next routine.

    Waht’s the worst thing about earting a vegetable?

    The damn wheelchair.

  9. Not Surprised Says:

    I am the mutherfucker that pulls the sheets back, and reveals the truth.

    Well. you at least could try stand upcomedy. Nothing else seems to be going right for ya…lol what a line.

  10. Not Surprised Says:

    just a question

    I am a bit hesitant to continue in this thread and give you the further attention you so desperately seem to crave.

    First off, you are a lying fuck when you say you do not mean to offend. That is exactly what you meant to do yet you lack the temerity to both be intentionally offensive and then stand behind what you say.

    Secondly, at best you are a light weight pseudo-intellectual with a propensity to like to hear yourself talk.

    Thirdly you are not worthy to lick the soles of Dave Burgess’s fucking shoes you piece of shit.

    My very strong suggestion to you is to move on before you truly get into something way over your grossly inflated head. It’s a small world after all.

  11. sohn Says:

    I’m sorry RVN69, I didnt relise you were quoting Just A Question.

  12. Not Surprised Says:


    Scroll up a few posts and read “just a question” His screen name is highlighted. I think that will clear things up.

  13. sohn Says:

    Not Surprised

    A direct quote from RVN69, “I feel that I should have compared the Hells Angel “cut”, to a discarded used condom.” There is no other way to read that!

  14. Not Surprised Says:


    Just to clarify, RVN69 did not say what you think he said. He put quotation marks around what “just a question” said and then called him down for it.

  15. sohn Says:

    First off, ass holes can assume all they want. No one knows if a patch was discarded for sure or not and what patch it was. So far on these posts, no one has gotten anything right. The rat Vago seems to have disproven what everyone has assumed here already! And you RVN69, maybe some day we can meet up and you can try calling my patch a used condom to my face you fucking lame piece of shit!

  16. Not Surprised Says:


    Your comments are on target as ususal. I don’t consider myself a huge fan of psychology, but a thought did occur to me today. In some sort of convoluted Freudian free-association dynamic, the choice of ” a soiled diaper” and “used condom” COULD be construed to have originated from someone with tendencies toward pedophilia. Just sayin……..

    Hope you ate your fill and had a good one.

  17. RVN69 Says:

    just a question Says:

    “I’m sorry if my “soiled diaper” comparison angered you, but it was either that or a “used condom”. Now in retrospect, I feel that I should have compared the Hells Angel “cut”, to a discarded used condom. And finally, I am not a supporter of the Vago’s”.

    “I think given the facts and the background information, we can assume that the two cowards which dumped their jackets were Hells Angels.”

    Just a Question,
    The Vast majority of the people who come on here understand how clubs operate, or are actual members of some of the clubs mentioned. They post here with maturity, honor and respect, even when posting about a club they may be in conflict with. You seem just to be a shit stirring asshole who comes on here posts some inflammatory shit then sits back to see what happens. You got a beef with the Red&White, take it to them.

  18. Not Surprised Says:

    just a question, you can perform mental gymnastics and go down rabbit holes all you like. Your entire assumption is predicated on a few seconds of LEO transmissions and an enormoous amount of imagination.

    You have not angered me by the way. Anger is too precious a commodity to expend spuriously. Your above explanation that an unscruplous LEO is now has a Hells Angels cut is based on exactly what? That is my point.

    In reality I believe you are just some bored fuck who gets a charge out of coming online shielded by anonmity, and being able to use the words “Hells Angels” and “coward” in the same sentence.

  19. any time Says:

    I agree not surprised my bad.full retraction

  20. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Shitty news on Thanksgiving:

    All I can say is that if a 27 year member of my Club is snitching I’m disgusted and heart broke. Right or wrong you stand by your Brother and deal with him later, you don’t become a whale turd. I have been around awhile and I can say there are very few members left with that many years in so its not hard to figure out. What I am trying to process is, why? What was his motivation to finger people?

    I said it before this mess has created everlasting issues on both sides of this conflict.

    Viva Los Vagos

  21. Not Surprised Says:

    any time:

    I read this earlier today. I will correct you on one thing:

    It is not a THEM or THEY (as in Vagos MC), it is ONE guy ok?

    And I am pretty sure his actions have not come as a surprise to his former club brothers.

    Look if you support a club SUPPORT that club, but let me assure you that disrespecting an alleged rival of the club you claim to support, is no support at all…………

  22. rookery Says:

    Trust this dude cheerfully dropping his brothers in it to the Grand jury there stateside is an now a ex member of said MC club…… and if not why not……….

  23. any time Says:

    Wow they are telling on each other thats what they do not surprised

  24. Not Surprised Says:

    Dear just a question:

    Thanks for ammending your links. I have listened to all the broadcasts and personally find your rendition to be grossly mistated.

    1. at 1:22 the officer indicates he has detained “two white males in white t-shirts and blue jeans” and states “possibly related.”

    The officer then states “we located some stuff that they dumped off. IT IS A PATCHED JACKET.” Then he gives his position.

    1.At no time does he use the word “jackets”, plural. You are simply incorrect. It is safe to assume that many were wearing a “patched jacket” whether members of a 1% club or not since there was a massive gathering of numerus motorcycle enthusiasts at this event.

    3. It is safe to assume that LEO in this vicinity for numerous reasons, are more than passing familiar with the tattoos and indicia of all major 1% clubs.

    It is further safe to assume that even without a “patched jacket”, it would be difficult to disguise the fact that these two white males were (as you say) Hells Angels, if in fact they were.

    Though we do not have an audio record of the event mentioned coming to fruition and the two unkown white males being identified on air, I find the lapses in your logic and the misequencing of the event as you related it to be not even worthy of a High School debate class.

    I do not know you. I find your commentary highly incendiary and more than a bit biased, especially the mention of “soiled diapers.”

  25. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Just a question Says: Quote:

    “I find them very interesting. In particular, on recording ’2′ at about minute 1:39 an officer claims to have found a pair of patched jackets which turn out to belong to two white males. While this is going on, Vago’s are rushing to the casino, and the ones that are already there are forming groups( this is according to the police, which clearly identify “Vagos”).Also, according to the police the only “HA” in the casino is dead. From this we can conclude that Vagos are going to the Casino and Hells Angels are trying to get away from it. Since, this is the case It is more than likely, that the two white males which were stopped by police are Hells Angel’s.

    If this is true, then Hells Angels are discarding their colors like a soiled diaper. I think it can even be assumed that they put their “cuts” in the garbage can.”

    Wow… The things that make you go hmmmmm ???

    Know I could not listen to the recordings so I have not a clue what’s on them.

    As to Lawyer’d Up comments,

    Where do I send the payment?

    Viva Los Vagos

  26. Lawyer'd Up Says:

    I hear one of those charged has a kick ass lawyer!


  27. Not Surprised Says:

    neither of the above links goes to anything other than Justin Biber and some other bullshit.

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