Doc Cavazos Talks

November 4, 2011

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Ruben “Doc” Cavazos, the former President of the Mongols Motorcycle Club is eager to tell his side of the events which led to a massive federal racketeering case against his former club.

Cavazos complains that he has been prevented from talking for the last three years by Assistant United States Attorney Christopher Brunwin and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Agent John Ciccone. Ciccone supervised the Mongols investigation, which was later given the public relations title “Operation Black Rain.” Brunwin prosecuted the case.

Cavazos confirmed that he was sentenced to 14 years in prison en camera by Federal District Judge Otis D Wright, II at 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 8. En camera proceedings are secret court sessions held in a metaphorical “closet.” His son, Ruben “Lil Rubes” Cavazos was sentenced to 51 months imprisonment during the same secret proceeding. Cavazos characterized Wright as “an asshole.”

Getting The Story

Cavazos is currently incarcerated in a federal facility within 120 miles of Los Angeles. For practical reasons, The Aging Rebel has made the editorial decision not to name the facility. The Aging Rebel will also not disclose the means or methods used to conduct the interview except to say that it was clandestine, it was legal and it was carried out through multiple intermediaries. The conversation began, after Greg Risling of The Associated Press reported Doc’s sentence on September 14.

Cavazos has simultaneously been attempting to speak to Los Angeles Times reporter Victoria Kim. Kim, according to Cavazos, has been denied access to him by both the U.S. Marshall’s Service and by Brunwin.

Never Gave Anybody Up

Cavazos asserts that he was intimidated into signing a plea and sentencing agreement and agreeing to forfeit the Mongols collective membership mark by Special Agent Ciccone. According to Cavazos, Ciccone came to his cell and said he would “hang” his son if Cavazos refused to cooperate. Cavazos believes a video tape exists of that confrontation.

Cavazos also insists that he was sentenced to 14 years because he refused to cooperate with prosecutors after his son secured his plea deal. He believes his sentence would have been much lighter if he had cooperated.

Cavazos states he never substantially cooperated with authorities. He characterized the secrecy surrounding multiple plea deals in the case as a “sham” that was intended to intimidate other defendants in the case by making it appear he was cooperating. The former President said he “never gave anybody up.” Cavazos believes that if the defendants had “stuck together” they could have won the case.

According to Cavazos, he anticipated the roundup of Mongols in October 2008 by several weeks because he believed “they had divided us in two.”

Cavazos said he trademarked the name Mongols after San Diego chapter President Mike Munz trademarked the motto “Honor Few, Fear None.” The former Mongols President also blamed Munz for patching three ATF undercover agents into the club. The three agents were Gregory Giaoni, Paul D’Angelo and Darrin Kozlowski. According to Cavazos, Munz wanted to patch in the three federal policemen and administered lie detector tests to the three in San Diego in order to justify that decision. Cavazos said they were the only three Mongols patched in during his term as President who were administered lie detector tests.


Cavazos denied two assertions that have been reported by The Aging Rebel. According to Cavazos, he was never called “Disco Bunny” in the Avenues Street clique and he never used drugs.

Cavazos is segregated from other prisoners and he believes the segregation is intended to keep him from talking to reporters. He denies being in danger from the so-called Mexican Mafia. the Mongols or the Hells Angels. Cavazos believes that if he was allowed to talk he would be able to discredit many of the accusations made in the case named for him, US v. Cavazos et al.

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