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Fri, Oct 28, 2011

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Steve Martin “187” Tausan

Steve Martin “187” Tausan (above photo right in Red and White), the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Santa Cruz charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and a former member of the club’s San Jose charter died October 15, 2011 at the funeral for his close friend Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew.

Tausan was a complex, widely respected and fondly remembered man. He was a former Marine, a former professional boxer and a good father. Many of the most memorable stories about Tausan describe his paternal devotion and his general kindness to children. He once left a Hells Angels New Year’s Eve party early because he wanted to make sure his children were in bed by 10:30 p.m.

In addition to his club brothers, Tausan is survived by his mother Ramie Jean Tausan; his sisters Karan and Kathy; his niece Lynee; his fiancé; and his four children Stevie, Rowdy, Steve Jr. and Daisy Mae.

Tausan will be buried Saturday, October 29 in the same cemetery where he suffered his fatal wounds. The funeral is private and mourners may attend by invitation only.

Well wishers are encouraged to contribute to the care and support of Steve Tausan’s minor children. Checks should be made out to “Stevie Tausan, Trustee for the Tausan Family Trust” and should be mailed to Rebecca F. Weisman, Attorney at Law, 79 Devine Street, San Jose, CA 95110.

Steve Tausan died bravely. Many women will weep for him. He was 52.

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  1. RVN69 Says:

    Condolences to all who loved him.

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  2. troyez Says:

    You read my mind – thanks for the info and address. Keep the kids in your prayers – I feel for them, my dad died when I was small too.

  3. Gar Says:

    Interesting photo. Buffets breed unity.

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Gar,

    I ran that photo just so people who don’t know much about this subculture, like reporters in the mainstream press, might get some clue that the outlaw biker world is more complex than it is usually portrayed as being. There was so much noise in the press the last couple of days, even the fucking Huffington Post, about biker violence and the Starbucks War and all that horsehit. I thought the Huffington Post and the Chronicle and so on should see that photo.

    The Mongol next to Steve Tausan is a very widely respected guy who I happen to like quite a lot. I think everybody who knows the guy likes him including some ATF Agents. I have never mentioned his name here and out of respect to him and the Mongols I never will. The cafeteria line is at a bike show. It is a picture of two guys, side by side, who were just looking at motorcycles.

    My tiny, little contribution to try to encourage three or four days in a row of world peace. Not that it is any of my fucking business. But, sometimes I just gotta be me.


  5. Gar Says:


    Very cool, man! Thanks for sharing. Yeah, you’ll never see a headline in the mainstream media that reads “Local Bike Show A Success: Several Bike Clubs Gathered for Bikes and Brats; Law Enforcement Scampers to Justify Their Exorbitant Budget and Manpower Overkill.”

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    My condolences to his family and his brothers of the club. Keep the memories strong in you and it’ll be almost like he’s always still there with you.

  7. JAMES Says:

    On the photo, REBEL you are so correct, some were even conversing and getting along very well.



  9. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Careful, Rebel. Posting such pictures may facilitate thinking among the majority by reminding them that bikers are human and need to eat. Even Hells Angels and Mongols. They are all human. Like you and me.

    YYZ Skinhead

  10. ruffrider Says:

    Really! Bikers human? Ethel tell me it aint so.

  11. john c Says:

    widely respected guy? lil dave did you write that yourself…yeah i bet he has some fans in the ATF. thats funny lil doc i mean dave how did i get those 2 confused………….

  12. Rebel Says:

    Dear John C,

    I doubt that you are the obvious John C, although your location is much more concealed than the average crank.

    Let’s assume that you are John Ciccone. Let me give you a piece of advice. Get humble. Practice saying “Mistake’s were made,” over and over. There is a small and generally unimportant book coming out this month. I am finishing the final edit right now. That is where I will be until Monday. That little book will hardly be a best seller or anything like that. Frankly, I expect it to sell about 100 copies. Not much of a book. Not much more than a long version of the shit that appears here all the time. A portion has already appeared here, especially in the last six weeks. Nobody is gonna read it. Probably. But there is a slight chance that somebody might send a copy to Daryl Issa’s staff, or Cheryl Atkinsson at CBS or somebody like that. There are, maybe, two or three journalists with a sorta national voice that read some of what gets written here. Maybe one of them will buy a copy and find a lead for a story. So far, it has just been me looking at you. You understand?

    So let me just throw this out there. If you are Ciccone, get your story together. I believe you are in every single chapter. There is even a chapter named Ciccone. And, to the best of my knowledge, every word about you is provably true. The ATF sure does make it hard to get at the truth. Brunwin the pussy? I know. The CIs on the floor of Rosa’s Cantina? I know. None of you fucking guys has been smart enough to just shut up for ten years. Ninety percent of this? All I had to do was read the public record. I know you are not ashamed of yourself. I am pretty sure you are proud of the job you do. But I suspect that anybody — except like Koz or Carr — who reads about you will feel ashamed for you. The ATF is looking for whipping boys, sir.

    Fair warning.

  13. Shyster Says:


    Check my e-mails to you.


  14. Patron Says:

    Like to know of mongols hang outs

  15. john c Says:

    wow was that just a pathetic ploy to plug your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ruffrider Says:

    john c

    Its a Black and White world


  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear John C,

    Yes! You have exposed me. I am a more selfish self-promoter than Hunter Thompson but not nearly so good a writer.

    Still, you might actually enjoy this book. You can see what is most transparent in your investigations and where you really had me stumped. For example, I want to put you in the surveillance room at Harrah’s but I took your word for it that you were outside. Where was Carr? Was he in the surveillance room or at the safe house? Did you ever read The Friends of Eddie Coyle? I am still interested in what you think of the Dave Foley character. Who knows. You might need a ghost for your book and I work really cheap.

    I don’t think I was particularly unfair to you. I say:

    “John Ciccone is the primary source, either directly or at some remove, for virtually everything every cop and every crime reporter knows about motorcycle outlaws.”

    “…he lies as other men breathe. He lies easily and convincingly to grand juries, judges, informants and to the men he arrests. Lies pour over Ciccone’s lips and out of his fingertips. Police lie continually to the people but it is a crime to lie to a policeman. Ciccone may not know when he lies. He may simply believe what he hears himself say. ” And, I say:

    “Professional policemen do not see the world other men see. When John Ciccone looks at the motorcycle outlaw frontier he becomes a man studying Jackson Pollock’s Full Fathom Five. He stares intently into its mottled green depths. He misses some things. He sees other things most men would miss. He takes it all in. A smile widens over his little goatee. He washes his hands with air. Then, like a good policeman, he can’t resist the impulse to grab some solvent and a putty knife and clean up all that spilled paint.”

    Now really dude, I don’t know how you can object to any of that. I never called you a child molester, which you called me. I just tried to to tell the truth and I tried to portray you as sympathetically and honestly as I could.

    I know you laughed at Doc when he copped that plea, by the way. Enjoy Out Bad. Now I have to go check a couple of last facts about the Hitman Martin murder. You should be able to buy a copy sometime next week or the beginning of the week after. Probably next week. I will put up a notice. I don’t think it really poses that big a threat to your career. I don’t expect to sell many copies. It is just something that will be out there and maybe Torres or somebody will read it. So you should probably buckle up your web gear, is all I was trying to tell you.


  18. RVN69 Says:

    ruffrider Says:
    November 7th, 2011 at 11:56 pm
    john c

    Its a Black and White world


    No disrespect meant ruffrider, but I would say it’s a Black&Red, Black&White, Green&Red, Red&Gold, Red&Black, Gold&Red, Red&White world and nothing the BATfuckenF can do will ever change that!

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  19. neverforget Says:

    Check it out for all you stupid motherfuckers that watch S.O.A. and beat off like the queers you are. Don’t come on a thread in remembrance of a great man and put that black and white support bullshit on here unless you got the balls to do it in person!!!
    Keep playin with the devil dumb-ass and hell will be waiting for you.
    Get the point ruffrider?

  20. neverforget Says:

    Check it out for all you stupid motherfuckers that watch S.O.A. and beat off like the queers you are. Don’t come on a thread in remembrance of a great man and put that black and white support bullshit on here unless you got the balls to do it in person!!!
    Keep playin with the devil dumb-ass and hell will be waiting for you.

  21. neverforget Says:

    And yes bitch I am that mans club brother before anyone thinks there funny and asks a stupid question , Rebel I suggest you watch what some so called men write on your site.

  22. ruffrider Says:


    apologies. That should not have been posted on this thread. I’m sure he was a good man. I got carried away with the john c posts. I aint no bitch and I dont watch soa.


    Your right. I just live in my own little world.

  23. Not Surprised Says:

    Rebel I suggest you watch what some so called men write on your site.

    Neverforget, you’re way out of line with this comment.

  24. NeverForget Says:

    I am way out of line?…… FUCK YOU hows that little better now?

  25. sled tramp Says:

    “I haven’t read anything intelligent written by RVN69, so I don’t keep up with his ideas. I skim through them.”
    “RVN69, I’m sorry for your loss. Much Respect to the Pagans MC.”

    DUDE, share….

  26. sled tramp Says:

    just a question,
    It seems fairly obvious you’re not a biker or very recent to the saddle.A little advice you don’t need to heed…
    If you wear support gear,you can easily become a target for those that oppose your sense of fashion.Them’s the rules amigo.If you want to be a Mongol-it’s kinda obvious -meet some,attend events,(you might not want to be yourself in your case),show some mettle and proceed from there.You have said to a poster “Grow a set”.Well, anyone can buy a T-shirt.Run his mouth.Be a street corner badass.We had 6 Prospects last June.We patched the only one left this month.Before you go all over here disrespecting people,actually walk in the footsteps of a number of posters on this site.You’re not in a club,you’re not a hangaround or Prospect and for someone who constantly talks shit about keyboard commandos,you IS one.
    RVN69 is a Patch holder.I know the man.Through service and being a member of a national club, he has gained my respect.Not my disrespect of a shit stirrin’ wannabe like you pal.
    BTW, guys like you never make Patch.We weed ‘em out fassssssst…..

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear just a question,

    I am confused about which Hells Angel lied to whom about what.

    I have always said this and I believe this to be true — the most polite men I have ever met belong to major motorcycle clubs which includes both the Mongols and the Angels. Depending on the time and place, it can be rude to flaunt Mongols indicia in front of Angels and vice versa. I once saw a couple of Vagos tell a guy to take off his ABATE tee shirt. I have seen a lot of tee shirts burned and not just club shirts — shirts from bike shops that do crappy work and things like that

    Just be yourself. I think you need to be a man in this subculture and part of that means you need to understand that you, individually, are not the baddest man on earth. Everybody who has ever had a bad crash gets that. Sometimes you are going to get roughed up a little by somebody. Just, deal with it. Memorize these phrases: “All due respect, no offense intended;” “Excuse me;” “Can I buy you a drink;” “Bartender, please serve these gentlemen the adult beverage of their choice on me;” and finally, “Sure, no problem, it is just a tee shirt.”

    The Angels sell a lot more support gear than other clubs. They sell them to civilians and some civilians run into the wrong outlaw on the wrong day, I suppose. Mostly people buy that stuff because they think it looks cool. They wear it in their backyards and around the house.

    Whenever you join any major club, particularly the Mongols or the Angels, you inherit a lot of baggage from back in the day. If you like the Mongols in general, if you have some friends who are Mongols and you want to demonstrate your support throw them a couple of dollars and buy some gear. If you want to hang around buy a black and white flannel.

    I don’t know if you will be attacked by Angels if you are walking down Embarcadero with a Mongols support shirt on because I have never seen you walk. If you are worried get yourself a Buck knife and learn to open it with one hand. Remember, once you pull that knife you have to use it. You can’t just wave it at some Angel or some Mongol and expect them to back down from you. Or you can just learn to get along.

    Does that answer your question?


  28. observer Says:

    just a question guy is a total troll, laughing his ass off somewhere. In my opinion he’s getting way too much pull here, and should just be ignored. That said, the undue respect afforded this person only serves to validate the actual honor of those he seeks to denigrate.

  29. Rashomon Says:

    @observer – I suspect the correct retort to our trolling friend is “when we want shit from you, we’ll come over and squeeze your fucking head” – that’s always been a personal favorite of mine.

  30. Not Surprised Says:

    just a question…

    Thanks for clearing up that you are not a member of a 1% club nor do you represent one. I am sure I’m not the only one here who was totally stumped until you came right out and said it………….

    Dude, you have got to be the flakiest, stupidest troll I’ve ever seen post here……..

  31. 10Gauge Says:

    Just a question,

    You are too stupid to be ashamed. You have no fuckin clue.

  32. observer Says:

    If this guy is any indication of the general quality of those aspiring to membership in clubs, recruiting must be an almost demoralizing ordeal. I don’t know that there really is recruiting, actually, probably just a selection among the crowd that presses forward to join. But if it means even being around someone like this long enough to check him out, which I’m guessing in his case would just be a minute or two, it’s a pretty disturbing task indeed.

  33. DocB Says:

    Dear just a question
    Dude ……… are you a blond

  34. DocB Says:

    No disrespect to any blond with a brain

  35. "-0 " Says:

    @Rebel, Thanks for your last post. That was “class”

    @Just a question, may all of your wishes come true. It may make you a better man.

    @neverforget, wow.. Its attitudes like yours that are causing all of the problems. I almost never post here, I read everyday though. So go ahead and tell me to “F-off” Ill laugh and get on with my day..

  36. Magnet Says:

    “…once you pull that knife you have to use it. You can’t just wave it at some Angel or some Mongol and expect them to back down…”

    Thank you Mr. Rebel for that casually spoken but perfectly clear reminder that the rules in the MC world are different. Those who would come here (myself included) to learn something about this world would probably do well to keep that in mind. Such a reminder should not even be necessary seeing as how it appears under an article about the late Mr. Tausan. Unfortunately, I find it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the details of what goes on here (the articles, the comments, the spirited exchange of views, hell – even the cheese whiz) – and so I lose sight of the big picture now and then. Your comment was not only helpful but necessary. It put things back in perspective.

    Regards & respects,


  37. Muck 1%er Says:

    just a question

    While I can appreciate your loyalty and your goal/dream, I have to say…you have a long way to go.
    One of the very first things a hang around then prospect has to learn is…when to keep his mouth shut, listen and learn. Unless I am missing something, this is something you seem to need a serious education about before you even put on support gear. People who talk too much about how bad they are, or what they will do when put in a certain…shall we say…disastrous situation, are actually an embarrassment to the club whos support gear they are wearing. This behavior also not a medically sound action for the supporter when that club finds out.
    If I were in your position (and I have been) I would as of now, cease the internet bragging and name dropping. I would then go find a real patchholder and ask permission to learn from someone who has walked the walk and lives the life every day. I would ask politely and humbly I might add.
    Btw…in regards to that real patchholder remark you made to Sled Tramp, I personally have had long, serious conversations with that man and some men that I call Brothers know him personally. He is as real as you wanna get and his club is well respected. I am not trying to “stick up for him” as he is well capable of doing that for himself. I am merely giving you an example of how foolish you sound when you speak of people and things which you obviously know nothing about.
    I hope for your sake that you read this and view it as constructive critisizm instead of thinking that I am just some shit talkin fool who read a book somewhere. I have been living this life for many, many years. I have missing teeth, had broken bones and shed my blood for the right to wear the patch of my choosing. It would do you well to listen to the advice of the men who are speaking to you on this board. It is a much easier way to learn about how to conduct yourself, than the alternative.
    Good luck to you. You will need it.

    Muck 1%er
    Mongols mc

  38. Muck 1%er Says:


    In regards to my comment about being someone who “read a book.)

    I actually sat in a courtroom a while back and listen to a cop list his qualifications to be a “gang expert,” as having read…Under and Alone, No Angel and Docs so called book. As well as having a subscription to “Thunder Press. LMFAO in disbelief.
    Even more disgusting was the fact that the judge accepted that statement as a valid qualification.

  39. troyez Says:

    This “just a question” character is acting like a troll, and may be worse, a(n) LEO troll? He reminds me of that jarhed character who was on here about a year back; he insulted several people, yanked chains, and shot off his mouth like a champ. The more I read, the more I think it’s him. There was another guy too, can’t remember what he called himself, who acted the same way.
    Who ever it is, its a shame someone feels he needs to get on here to thump his chest, call people out, and act like a fool. Especially on a thread Rebel put up to commemorate a man who was gunned down at his brother’s funeral!
    If I was “just a question,” I’d re-read sled tramp’s posts here and take them to heart.

  40. sled tramp Says:

    Thank you for your kindness.And damn, I still owe you a beer don’t I…..

  41. rollinnorth Says:

    Well said, gentlemen. This troll doesn’t deserve the education, but, hey, ’tis the season. Maybe it will smarten up before stepping out into the world and getting seriously hurt. Stay strong.

  42. Not Surprised Says:

    just a question, you’ve been treated with patience and respect which says nothing about you by the way, and everything about those who have given you the benefit of the doubt.

    Personally I think you’re just some silly little fuck.

    Best line of the day though:

    “People who talk too much about how bad they are, or what they will do when put in a certain…shall we say…disastrous situation, are actually an embarrassment to the club whos support gear they are wearing. This behavior also not a medically sound action for the supporter when that club finds out.”

  43. Not Surprised Says:

    just a question said:

    I don’t claim to be “bad”, but I do have a lot of heart.

    No you don’t. All you have is a fucking big mouth and maybe a few episodes of Gangland and some books under your belt.

    Now you claim Rebel will vouch for you?

  44. Not Surprised Says:

    just a question, this is the last time I am talking toyou. You very much are a troll because after what has been said to you, not the least by a memeber of the club you claim to support, the FIRST fucking thing out of your mouth would be an apology.

  45. observer Says:

    jaq(ie?) appears to have completely taken over this site! Props to you, foul-mouthed poseur. I think you said it best yourself:”I’m the guy that doesn’t give a fuck, and will piss and even take a shit on your front lawn if I feel like it.” I mean, that’s just the sort of thing that is almost impossible for anyone to ignore. But it doesn’t make you any sort of a man however, and even less of a human being. In fact, basically you’ve become just more of that stuff out there on the lawn.

  46. tango666 Says:

    ‘just a question’,

    long time reader first time poster to this literary soiree we call the ‘AgingRebel’ (Rebel thank you for the service you provide, much appreciated), hello to all.

    ‘just a question’ with this post I am in no way attempting to marginalize your perspective and am simply providing my own empirical view of your participation is this thread.

    the world is comprised of many sub-cultures each of which has its own corpus of tenants that serve as the foundation for what is tolerated and what is not. the prudent man will develop a firm understanding of those tenants before entering into another sub-culture (example: taking one of George’s seminars before embarking on a state paid holiday at one of the nation’s finer institutions of incarceration). from what I have observed on this thread is that the fine patrons of this site have repeatedly, with great restraint and patience, attempted to provide you with tidbits of wisdom as it applies to said ‘MC’ sub-culture. your responses have vacillated between extreme disrespect to pure unadulterated defensiveness. it is your right to wear what you want, but make no mistake about it, once you put on support gear, in said ‘MC’ sub-culture, you have made a statement. it is extremely important that you understand that. you may not be a congressman or senator but you certainly are a lobbyist. so if your travels take you to a bar say in the dog patch and you are are asked to remove said support gear (and that is the best case scenario) it will clearly be in your best interest to do so. the point I am trying reinforce here is that said ‘MC’ sub-culture has developed a set of tenants (at great expense and sacrifice) for the better part of a half century and quite frankly if you want to ‘lobby’ you should be cognizant of and respect those tenants.

    I apologize for the long litany and promise not to post for another couple of years.

  47. puterindabasketchief Says:

    It’s nice to see “question” is taking Muck 1%er’s excellent advice.

    Here’s some more:

    When you find yourself in a hole, it’s best to quit digging.

  48. Rebel Says:

    Dear tango666,

    Thank you for reading. Thank you for posting. Please talk more.


  49. RVN69 Says:

    Muck 1%er
    Damn, then I must be an expert in police operations, I used to watch Dragnet!

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  50. Muck 1%er Says:

    Damn right RVN69. Me too. So I guess that makes us the OG experts. Lmao

  51. DocB Says:

    Dear just a question

    It’s also considered bad form to bring a mans daughter and grandchild into the discussion on this form.

  52. Rebel Says:

    Dear just a question,

    Please tone your shit down.


  53. neverforget Says:

    Just a question heres my question how big of a faggot are you? If your around the bay then sooner or later you will get a much needed education

  54. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Hey Tango, I believe you mean tenet, not tenant.
    To everyone, while I must say Never Forget is making me nervous with his demeanor, I totally agree with his premise that this thread was dedicated to Mr.187. All this sideshow stuff, particularly the black and white shit should have gone in to the Dialogical Saloon for a beauty of a punch up.
    @ Just A Question, dude, you are off the hook. Doc B. is probably right in his sense of protocol, but you did practice a degree of anonymity,so I congratulate you. You made me literally laugh out loud with your nigger baby quip, and that’s real hard to do. Dat shitz priceless. Let us know ,in some way, when you plan to wear that gear in the City, as I would like to watch this unfold. Roy

  55. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    I have to say that I didn’t find JAQ’s casual racism,–in the last instance aimed at an infant–someone’s grandchild no less–to be any funnier than the rest of his act. I did find it in keeping with the “character” that he has displayed here, though.

    Actually, his posts are so incredibly over the top that I find it hard to believe they’re real. I’m almost hoping he’s a troll because I wouldn’t want anyone to have to struggle through real life with that bad a case of “just doesn’t get it”.


  56. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Roy Buchanan:

    I was thinking the same thing, that this is a memorial page to a man whose children were forced to watch their father die at a funeral for his club Brother. I hope none of his people who may see this page read as far as where the troll or trolls started defacing the memorial.

    YYZ Skinhead

  57. Rebel Says:

    Dear just a question,

    I believe I asked you politely to please take it down a notch. That’s strike two.

    Are you Jay Dobyns?


  58. Not Surprised Says:

    I have a strong supsicion that just a question is on at least strike two with other entitites lol………

  59. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Rebel, are we allowed to transfer strikes to save a floundering poster? I guess I am more fucked up than I thought, as I am starting to like that guy. He is wildly entertaining.

  60. TigGirl Says:

    I would like to humbly request that the off topic posts here be moved to a different thread. In asking this, I mean no disrespect to any of the people who have replied to the JAQ entity.

    My reasoning is simple. I looked back at where I was emotionally after my Ol man died & thought about Mr Tausan’s family & close friends. From my own experience, I would say they are just now beginning their grief. Finding a memorial page for their loved one filled with anything but his memorial adds pain to what is already so unbearable that I can’t adequately describe it.

    Thank you for considering my request.
    With Respect,

  61. Rebel Says:

    Dear TigGirl,

    We’ll see. Maybe I will put up another post or something.


  62. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    I want to second TigGirl’s motion.

  63. bob Says:

    maybe j.a.q.-off should get a Facebook page as Mr. Yevtuck has done.

  64. rollinnorth Says:

    Show respect, get treated with respect; act like an a$$h*le get treated…
    Enough already!

  65. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Square Verbose Doc:

    What you said (both posts).

    YYZ Skinhead

  66. camaraonthewall Says:

    steve tausan, was he an informant for ATF agent Carr ?
    agent carr has he ever been to san jose ,has he ever been to mr tausans house? has agent carr ever conducted to raid at mr tausan”s house. and who is this Tony Alves local conviected cocaine dealer is he also an ATF informant ? do some ATF agents also like tony and the late MR 187 ?

  67. calexpat Says:

    Rebel, etal…

    seems that the Gilroy PD has decided in it’s infinitesimal wisdom to shut down/cancel a scheduled benefit for the Tausan family that was aimed at ensuring his children had a “merry” christmas…

    just thought some here might like to know.



  68. OC MONGOLS Rebel Rouser Says:

    Steve was a fuckin Informant !! Fuck that puto ! Fuck the 81 charlies angels ! MONGOLS FOREVER !!!

  69. Rebel Says:

    Dear OC MONGOLS Rebel Rouser,

    I am pretty sure Steve Tausan was never an informant. I guess it is theoretically possible but the idea is farfetched.


  70. rollinnorth Says:

    Is the JAQ back?

  71. JIM666 Says:

  72. bill mcgillacutty Says:

    Steve Tausen was a fucken coward who was scarred shitless when the Mongols started getting big in San Jose.He always picked on the weak and used his club affiliation to fuck people over.His buddy Jethro was the same.Now they are both pushing up daisys.What about the drunk guy he beat to death at the Pink Poodle? Kevin Sullivan. What about his family and the hurt Steve did to them.As far as that pic is concerned with the Mongols.Steve went their to try and talk peace with the Mongols.Fuck the 81 and their bullying of the mexicano rider.The next 81 bully will die the same.

  73. rollinnorth Says:

    The trolls, the trolls… they’re baaaaaack!

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