Cops Playing Seal Team Six

October 14, 2011

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The ongoing war between America’s self-appointed heroes and the biker menace may have reached a new low of vileness and surreality during “Operation Simple Green” last week.

This episode from the domestic war on people who must be terrorists because they are not little puppies has all the elements of a great story. Unfortunately, no one will ever read that story because America has now become Vichy France. Which does not change the fact that even 15 years ago most Americans would have seen the raids as an absurd waste of taxes. Particularly during an “economic recovery” that now features worse numbers than the Great Depression.

What could have been accomplished by six detectives with cell phones and pool cars instead became an “operation” involving hundreds of militarized police, “news” releases, B-roll footage, invitation only press conferences, tables full of cuts and guns and a dozen, gloating, peacock politicians. The ATF, which has recently grown demure as a maiden, instigated and participated in the raids but chose to remain officially invisible. Eight days after the fact reporters still repeat the phrase “Operation Simple Green” as if it is the linguistic equivalent of “Gettysburg.”

Banal Cruelties

The banal cruelties of this stunt have gone unreported. No talking head or general assignment reporter has yet had the simple decency or common sense to wonder why houses must be wrecked when they are searched. The indisputable fact is that these searches are not actually searches for anything but rather a form of extra-judicial punishment, decreed by lawless police, and they are unconstitutional.

These punishments are always inflicted on whole families because that makes them hurt worse than simply cuffing Daddy up and pistol whipping him in some back room. At one home, during “Operation Simple Green,” the punishment was inflicted on a young boy who was made to stand in his front yard in his underwear and one sock while the police wrecked his life. A compassionate neighbor who tried to bring the kid a bathrobe was waved off by the police commandos. That was simply and maliciously done to exacerbate the boy’s punishment and of course the police had already prepared a quiver full of excuses for this cruelty: Because the bathrobe might conceal a gun and because the kid then might get into a shootout with the cops. The police always have their stories straight and in a country that pats down five-year-olds at airports what the cops did to that kid last week has become the new meaning of “freedom.”

War On Terror

But now, during the bleakest days of the “economic recovery,” someone might at least glance at the institutional greed evidenced by these raids. In the decades since George W. Bush declared “war on terror,” Congress has been passing out Easter baskets full of Krugerrands to police departments far and wide with instructions to use the money to buy cool toys. One of those cool toys deployed during “Operation Simple Green” in Santa Barbara was an 18,000 pound, $240,000, “Lenco Bearcat Special Purpose Vehicle.” (See photo above.) It was used to serve an indicia search warrant on the home of a 52-year-old Vago named Albert “Dragon Man” Perez.

Indicia searches are searches of the homes of motorcycle club members to find evidence that the search victim belongs to or may have once crossed paths with a motorcycle club – which is always something the police already know. Sometimes the indicia are patches but as often as not these indicators of affiliation are old calendars, souvenir tee-shirts, fading photos and other keepsakes. The searches are “general searches.” They are meant to punish and the warrants that allow them are unconstitutional, too. There has been no announcement yet, and there probably never will be, of the identity of the judge who issued this particular warrant. But he was probably a divorce judge and he was probably told the search was “exigent” because that is how these searches are usually arranged.

Look Kids War Heroes

Perez was not arrested because he had not actually done anything illegal. There was nothing illegal in his home but the man’s alleged guilt and any contraband he might have been suspected of possessing were not the point.

What the search of Perez’s home was really about was a chance for local police to fire up their armored car and drive around in it as if they were a mounted patrol in Fallujah. Santa Barbara bought this ridiculous vehicle with a “Homeland Security” grant and when the city won it local police chief Cam Sanchez said the machine was a “life-saving” tool and a “reminder that the city is protected.”

“Preventative medicine is always the best medicine” the chief said at the time. “If it happens, we’ll be ready.” The chief did not elaborate about what “it” might be. Last week his actions made it clear that “it” was the residence in Santa Barbara of some guy who had patched with the Vagos.


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21 Responses to “Cops Playing Seal Team Six”

  1. Junior Says:

    Shyster wrote: “Have you ever been rousted by the police? Ever been pulled over for no reason? Have you ever been patted down just because you look the way you do? If so, how many times have you filed a complaint against that cop? I know the answer. Never.”

    Well, Shyster you are a damn fool. So, how do you “KNOW” that I “NEVER” filed a complaint against the cop? You look rather foolish from where I stand.

    I was “rousted” as you say, back in 2004 by officer Jeffrey Hart of the Santee,SC police department. He commited a felony against me pursuant to SC code 17-13-50. I filed a complaint with the chief magistrate in Orangeburg county. I’m unsure if he was convicted but 10 days later Jeffrey Hart had been dismissed from the Santee police department and I’m guessing that his career as an LEO was tarnished or destroyed. There you have it shyster:verifiable facts.

    So, why do you say you “KNOW” something when you don’t “KNOW”. O, I know something: You are a fool who doesn’t “KNOW” much at all.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shyster,

    Ooh, ooh, ooh! I have! I have! I was once cuffed for cursing at my leaking front tire in a gas station.


  3. Shyster Says:


    Have you ever been rousted by the police? Ever been pulled over for no reason? Have you ever been patted down just because you look the way you do? If so, how many times have you filed a complaint against that cop? I know the answer. Never. All of the above has happened to me many times and I am a lawyer with no criminal record.
    Unless and until Joe Citizen starts filing paper on the pigs then nothing will change.


  4. Junior Says:

    I’m not as green as I may have come across in the previous posts. I have spent years studying law and case law. I know how criminals in uniform operate. I have actually read the constitution more than once, and my posts aren’t intended to disrespect, but to educate and hopefully encourage you to organize and FTF. FTF, Junior.

  5. Junior Says:

    I have never been on the receiving end of a warrant. Hopefully, I never will be. If I ever am I will probably be killed but won’t be going to hell alone. The problem is the sheeple wont rise against something like general searches until it hits their pocket book. Apathy, lazinees, ignorance and fear are to blame, but it aint too damn hard to start a minutemen network that responds peacefully to criminals in uniforms conducting general searches. If groups of “law-abiding” people suddenly saw it necessary to organize into networks of minute-men and respond to criminal activities of police then it wouldn’t be long before the respective departments/agencies stopped their general/indicia searches. Apparently, some have been pushed around, but just not pused around long enough or far enough to organize and fight. FTF

  6. DocB Says:

    Dear Junior
    On this site look up previous articles on Russell Doza, James Hicks, and Marine Sargent Hale. They were all killed during the execution of indicia warrants. They were all killed before they had a chance to even SEE a warrant.
    This ain’t fuckin TV.

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Junior,

    Yeah, the warrrants are legal in a narrow sense. Some judge who knows nothing, is asked to sign a warrant at 5:30 a.m. under exigent circumstances. Probably, he is a bankruptcy judge or a divorce judge. Then Swat waves it in your face while you are face down and your kids are crying because some Delta Force motherfucker just lit up the family pet.

    The warrant actually serves two purposes. One, it is a way for cops to punish you for just being you, by making you endure the search. That is constiutionally illegal because it violates due process. Second, it is a way of making a general search. That is what looking for indicia or photos or an elephant in the refrigerator is really about. Making a general search which is also specifically forbidden by the constitution.

    The problem is, as I am sure you know, to get to the point where an appeals court can rule on the constitutionality of any search costs at least $150,000 and takes at least three years. So, the warrants always go unchallenged.

    I understand your point about how you have to protest or it becomes a defacto consent search. The closest I have seen anybody challenging this crap was in the Pagans case, Barbeito et al., in 2009.


  8. ruffrider Says:

    Sorry Junior. It don’t EVEN work like that. You don’t get to see the sneakie bastards comeing.

  9. RVN69 Says:

    No disrespect intended, but it doesn’t sound like you have ever been on the receiving end of a search warrant. When law enforcement considers you “Armed and Dangerous” and a member of a “Criminal Gang” they don’t politely knock on your door and discuss the legality of their warrant with you prior to service. Instead at 03:00hrs a couple of flash bangs get thrown thru your windows followed by guys in all black with automatic weapons who are just as likely to empty one into you and your family as arrest you. All that lawyer shit follows days later if you have survived.

    Honesta Mors, Turpi Vita Potior.

  10. Junior Says:

    Further to my point: If someone bangs on your door and says they have a warrant but can only show you a deficient document, tell them loudly and boldly (so your home camera system picks up every word) that the document is NOT a warrant because it does not contain all elements of a warrant, tell them boldly to leave your property immediately because they do not have a warrant and they do not have your consent. If they force their way into your home without your consent and without a warrant, then (i hate to say this) Kill them. You will have a better chance of your lawyer winning the case this way given you can prove they didn’t have your consent or a warrant.

  11. Junior Says:

    Rebel wrote: They are meant to punish and the warrants that allow them are unconstitutional, too.

    Rebel, the elements of a warrant are 1.) a signature (hand signed) by a judge who has taken and subscribed his oath of office as req’d by the State Constitution. 2.) a detailed description of exactly what the search is for. If the “warrant” allows a search of the refrigerator for an elephant (an impossibility) then it is not a warrant. If the document is not hand-signed by a judicial officer of the State, then the document is not a warrant. Be careful that you don’t refer to a defecient document as a warrant because by doing so you are acknowledging a defecient document AS a warrant and the courts will “procure” your consent to the search just by you calling it a “warrant”. Call it what it is: a defecient document. It goes something like this: If you do not stand up for your rights beligerently, then you are consenting to waiving your rights, this is how the courts see it.

  12. Blind Tom Says:

    What Philo said…

  13. Philo Says:

    “It would seem, my friend, that in a democracy, the people get the kind of government they deserve.”

    We all sat back and watched this happen. Going waaaaay back. Ruby Ridge, Waco, et all. Too many people in this country are fat and happy with the circus-circus. This freedom shit’s a distraction. Law enforcement fascists pulled they’re usually stunt? Well I’m sure those guys were bad guys, now shhhhhhhhh! Sons of Anarchy is coming back on. Don’t ya just love those bikers on t.v.?!? :/

    My advice: Start stockpiling beans and bullets folks, teach your kids how to hunt and fish. Cause this shit’s coming off the rails and when it happens it’ll be faster than you think.


  14. Phuquehed Says:

    BTW, that doesn’t mean *I’m* the cop about to retire. I’m not a cop, just a disabled biker venting about lame ass cops who pull shit like what’s been happening. I wrote it meaning it like a joke that there’s no ‘cops’ left, just pigs.

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    Yes, it’s sad that a little kid is treated like that. Yes, it’s sad that a home and family are destroyed like that. But, the worst saddness of it all, is that the pussy pigs doing all of it actually can’t think for themselves and see how overboard their actions are anymore and how so like jack-booted thugs they’ve become. All they are any more is grown up hitler jungen, with weapons of mass destruction at their fingertips and no idea what it means to be a *real* cop anymore. Ask one to think outside the box and you get a blank look.

    Stalin would be proud, along with mao and Pol pot, at how far along their storm troopers have come, here in what was once a great country. All three of their manifestos were auctioned off and our police forces won them and now use them as their training manuals.

    Fuck you, you filthy, pussbag, stinking shit-stain pigs who do this shit to families and have no care anymore about what it’s all supposed to really be about when you became a cop. There’s cops and there’s pigs…I think the only cop left is about to retire anyway.

  16. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Hey Magnet, well said, very well indeed. I think that’s my favorite post I’ve ever read. Roy

  17. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    Good writing Rebel. “Easter baskets full of Krugerrands…” I love it.

    It’s sad that police have transformed in the last thirty years from service-oriented agencies, to acting like occupation forces in a land where enemies and danger are perceived in every neighborhood and bathrobe.

    Shyster, 35 years ago three cops would have waited in an old Chevy until the focus of the investigation left the house. They would have then walked up to him, shown him the warrant, and then they all would have gone back inside together. The focus and his wife and kids would have sat at the kitchen table, pissed but safe, while two of the cops looked around.

    Now, the men in black blast the windows with knocker rounds, bang any room that an informant tells them might have a gun in it, knock the door off the hinges, stomp on everyone as they run through, flex cuff the lot of them, refuse to allow the women to get dressed, rip the boards off the walls, tear out the drywall and ceilings, and apparently, put little kids outside in their underwear.

    It all goes back to training. A quarter century ago, Officer Safety was more realistic. Officers were taught the dangers of stepping between a man and a woman during a domestic dispute, and they were taught how to box and ground fight.

    Now, officer safety training consists of constantly looking for the imaginary threat, and almost always responding to it with lethal force. Where officers used to look inside the car of a drunk for a concealed knife, now they look inside cars for copies of the Koran and Easy Rider.

    Sad state of affairs.

  18. Magnet Says:

    Oh my. Body armor, automatic weapons, snipers, helicopters, snappy lookin’ black outfits, and boatloads of other tactical shit borrowed from the military. I guess all that hardware is meant to intimidate anybody on the receiving end (apparently that includes five year old kids). Funny thing about intimidation though –I expect it works both ways. Sort of like tracers. All that hardware is supposed to project intimidation. But it also reflects intimidation. If the heroes-in-black had no fear, they wouldn’t need all that crap now would they? They’d only need a brain, a badge, a gun, and a set of balls. Just like in the old days. But that don’t seem to be the case anymore.

    PS – good to have you back Rebel.

  19. rollinnorth Says:

    Neither did Sheriff Andy and Barney.
    Good post, Rebel. The so-called reporters these days could learn a thing or two from you. But they’d rather just print press releases. Keep up the good work.

  20. Shyster Says:


    Yeah but the pigs look really cool when they play Seal Team Six. Hey I was just thinking … What did cops wear during raids 35 years ago? Cuz I never saw a cop wearing that Commando shit on Adam-12. Fucken Malloy and Reed didn’t need Kevlar and a Bearcat!



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